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Never Faded || Jikook

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*After the Hong Kong concert (22rd March 2019)

Jimin was mad at Jungkook for some unknown reason. "Jiminah why aren't you talking to me," his boyfriend whined as they walked into their shared hotel room together.


No reply.


Jungkook slipped his hands around Jimin and wrapped it around his waist like a snake while slowly pulling the elder towards his embrace as he buried his face into the crook of his neck. "Babe, you need to talk so I can reflect on my mistake, if I've done any." 


The elder removed himself from Jungkook's clasp and continued to walk towards the dressing table. He looked at himself as he removed his earings one by one. He knew he was exhausted after the long concert. He knew the younger was exhausted after the long concert too. All he wanted was to come home and rest himself under the maknae's warmth. But he couldn't. 


He couldn't settle after what he saw. He knew it was not real but he felt so unsettled. 




Jimin's phone beeped with a notification and before he could reach it, Jungkook picked it up and dropped himself on the bed making himself comfortable. Jungkook had access to Jimin's new iPhone. Obviously. He opened the message as he was just curious on what it could be. 


There were fans all over Twitter going wild about him carrying Taehyung. They even made it trend so it won't go unnoticed. 

He now knew the reason what made his boyfriend to get the mood he was in. He got himself up from the bed and walked to his hyung as he once again rested his chin on his shoulder. 


"Babe, out of everyone, you should know the reason behind that. You knew army needed that fanservice." he remarked. "You were there with me when the manager warned us not to go out of control on stage like we did yesterday." 


Jimin remained silent. 


Jungkook was more than exhausted today. He knew talking now is not going to work at all. He wanted the elder to realise the most obvious fact. 


"Babe, you should understand that we are idols and we have images we need to maintain," he continued. "Yes, I carried Tae and you know why I did that! You read the tweets. They were overflooding. You gave me the permission to do that too! JIMI-" 


Jungkook stopped when he realised that his voice had gradually increased. He clicked his tongue, threw the elder's phone on the bed with a heavy sigh and slammed the bathroom door as he left.


Jimin knew its not Jungkook's mistake. He needs to give in. He just wanted to hug and cuddle with his boyfriend. But the tweets were unsettling. It made him feel insecure. 


"What if when we come out officially and everyone rejects us. Taekook was adding more reason for the rejection. He didn't have to be that touchy", Jimin mumbled to himself with a pout as he layed down on the pillow and tears, uncertain ones, streaked across his face and the world around him faded as he drifted to his peaceful dreamland.


The bathroom door opened which knocked Jimin out of his peaceful sleep. He quickly got up and grabbed his towel as he rushed into the steam filled chamber. 


"I've filled the tub with warm water. Soak yourself for a while so your soreness could reduce," the younger said with a tone so apologetic as Jimin walked past him.


After changing clothes and blow drying his hair, Jungkook walked to his pillow and saw a wet patch on the elder's pillow. He immediately knew they were tears. Jimin was crying.


It hurt him. He knew his boyfriend was a sensitive little thing and he's cried as Jungkook took a shower. Even though he wanted to just sleep, he tried staying awake till his prince walked out so they could talk it out and cuddle back to sleep like he had it planned in his mind.


The the warm bath after a nap was enough to charge Jimin and lift him up from the depreciating mood he had fallen. He lotioned his smooth skin and wrapped himself with the towel as he walked out of the shower. 


He saw the younger sleeping peacefully.


His baby. 


He felt guilty for treating him so coldly. Jimin was slipping into the shirt of his Cooky pajama which was too oversized on him when he felt someone's warm breath hit his cold earlobe.


He shivered. Goosebumps visibly protruding on his pale skin. 


"Jungk- ngh" he moaned as the younger sucked on his nape. 


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. I keep on making you feel insecure." his boyfriend whispered into his ear as he grazed his fingers over the skin of the older. 


Jimin turned to face Jungkook as he locked his arm around the younger's neck and pulled him into a kiss. 


It didn't start slow. They maknae immediately placed his hands on the soft yet cold bums of his boyfriend as he kneaded it like dough. Jimin on the other hand pulled the maknae deeper into the kiss as he brushed his fingers over the veins on the younger's neck. 


"Jim- I'm sorr-" Jungkook tried to get his words out. But the other didn't let him. 


"It's not your fault. It's just the tiredness and the overloading shit posts got to me", Jimin whispered as he untangled his hands from his boyfriend's neck and guided them towards the now full blown tent of his boyfriend.  


He guided the younger as he gently pushed his boyfriend onto the bed and massaged the hard on as he used his other hand to pull his top just slightly enough to reveal his heavily perked right nipple. 


He bit the corner of his pajama shirt as his Tee muffled the smirk "Kookie, are you tired or shall we continue?"


Exhaustion? What's that? 


The length inside Jungkook's pants were now demanding for freedom. And selfcontrol was nonexistent after all the teasing Jimin was doing. 


Jungkook toppled Jimin over as he made his way in between the rock hard thighs of the elder. He glided his hand across the sides of the smooth skin as he held the puffy flesh of his boyfriend and helped Jimin raise his ass slightly above so he could land himself a place. 


"Is the washing machine ready for me to load and fill it up," the younger smirked at the moaning mess, his boyfriend. Clearly knowing that it was a reference only they could understand. 


He pulled the ass cheeks apart as he placed his member on the hole entrance and thrusted himself up too quick forgetting to prepare the elder, to which Jimin let out a yelp as he quickly covered it up with his own palms. 


"Hyun-nnnnghhh, ang!", Jungkook moaned, not being able to finish his cocky remark. "Woah, di- did you play with you-yourself while you were showering?" 


"I- ngh, prepared. I thought to make it up for the m-mista-ngh." Jimin confessed as the younger thrusted in deep again leaving no room for the elder to finish his reason. 


The younger started moving faster. Thrusting in and out as if there was no tomorrow. Penerating slowly into the gaping hole as he placed his lips over the elder's trying to quieten the moans.


Rocking in and out, screaming, Jimin trying to hold the moans in while others were sleeping, all were a kink that the maknae loved to see. He kept thrusting in harder as he saw his hyungs tears trickle down his cheek. 


"-kookah! I'm very close!" Jimin whispered. "Don't move faster!" he moaned to which the younger payed no ear as he plunged in pressing the already gaping and sensitive prostate to which the elder came without a warning. 


Tightening his walls around the younger's member, sucking every last airy space inside him. 


"Hyu- let me pull ou- ang!", the younger could no longer hold himself as he filled his boyfriend's vacuum to the rim and watched it overflow. 


They both breathed heavily. Desperately gasping for the oxygen that they had forgotten to take in. 


"I love you, Jiminah. And it's only you." 


Those were the last words Jungkook whispered that day and they were the last few words Jimin heard before the couple drifted into their sleep giving in to the exhaustion.


*The next day : During HK concert (23rd March 2019) 


"The world needs to know and my precious world needs to know too" the younger whispered more to himself than to the elder by his side, so determined to make his boyfriend feel loved and ARMY to go wild over the couple as he ignored his managers words and began showering his boyfriend with the small touches and sweet glances he deserved.