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took too many hits off this memory (i need to come down)

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“So my ex-girlfriend caught me masturbating to her friend’s Facebook page...”

Eddie rolled his eyes, scoffing, but he didn’t turn the radio off. It wasn’t to say that Eddie was obsessed with this guy. Eddie wasn’t the type to follow celebrities or even really care, and this guy... he wasn’t even a real celebrity. He was just some random guy who does stand up on cable television. He wasn’t even that funny, he was vulgar and sometimes it seemed like even he didn’t enjoy his own jokes. Something about the guy called to Eddie, drew him in and he couldn’t help himself from watching every time his trashy show came on the TV.

Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier. Whenever somebody asked him, he didn’t have an answer to why he liked him so much. Nothing about his act was Eddie’s style, or something he’d enjoy. Outside of Eddie, his own girlfriend was the only person who knew that Eddie watched the show- and she expressed her displeasure about it every time.

Oh, Eddie bear, you shouldn’t watch such things! The language is just terrible, the jokes aren’t funny! We should watch something much better, this isn’t a good show, Eddie, Eddie can we please put on something else? I hate this show!

Eddie sometimes thought that Myra hated it so much because Eddie loved it, and she feared that. Truthfully, her hatred of it only served to make Eddie want to watch it more. And somehow, it became a thing for him. Watching this terrible comedy show, seeing if it would ever get a laugh out of him. And sometimes... sometimes it did. Sometimes the Trashmouthed comedian would hit a joke just right, and Eddie wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. The kind of laugh that put an ache in his chest, a kind of laughter that he didn’t think he’d felt anywhere before. At least not in a very long time. The laughter itself was familiar in a sense, but Eddie wasn’t sure where he’d laughed like that before. Certainly not any time in his memory.

Myra was waiting in Eddie’s apartment when he got home. They’d been together less than a year- nine months, Eddie told himself. Nine months together- but Myra had spent most of her time in Eddie’s apartment since they’d begun dating. She’d even started dropping hints that she thought that they should move in together officially- all things that Eddie had attempted to dodge that conversation whenever it had come up.

Nine months was too soon to think about moving in together. Way too soon.

“Hey, Myra.” Eddie tossed his car keys onto the table. Eddie’s apartment was small, the perfect size he needed for himself. A bedroom, a bathroom and joined living room/kitchen. There was a laundry room downstairs and the laundry card was included with rent. His bedroom even had a window, even if it was just the view of a back alley and garbage bins. “How was your day?”

Because Eddie asked her about her day, even when Eddie knew she sat around his apartment all day doing nothing. In the last nine months, Myra had worked less and less until Eddie couldn’t remember the last time she’d worked. Couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen her leave the apartment that wasn’t with him.

“You’re late.” Myra replied, and Eddie cringed. He turned around, preparing himself for the wide, puppy eyed look his girlfriend would be giving him. Sure enough, she was putting on the full show right down to the trembling bottom lip. “You said you would be home at 4:30.”

It was only 4:45, but Eddie knew better than to argue. “I know, honey, I’m so sorry. My last charge went late, they had a big route. I had to drive around nearly the whole city,  then back again. I thought I’d be home by 4:30 this morning, but things came up. I’m sorry.”

“What if I had prepared a dinner for you, Eddie?” Myra asked. “It would’ve been sitting here, getting cold!”

Myra had never made Eddie dinner once in their entire relationship. She always insisted that Eddie take her out for dinner or otherwise Eddie cooked. Which meant they went out for dinner a lot, because Eddie’s cooking skills had peaked at grilled cheese and assorted boxed pastas. 

“Why would have had dinner at 4:30, Myra?” Eddie asked tiredly, running fingers through his hair. By the end of the day, his curls were always coming through. He tried to never draw attention to it because he knew Myra hated the curls- hated them the same way his mother had hated them while he was growing up. Hated how they made him look messy, anything else than perfectly put together.

Eddie didn’t always hate his curls, but he supposed it was easier to put them away and keep people happy rather than constantly fight against them. Everytime Eddie looked in the mirror before gelling his curls away, he got the oddest tug in his stomach. Some sort of vague memory that his brain couldn't touch. Then he’d slick the curls away, and the feelings would leave with them.

“Edward.” Myra said in that ugly, reprimanding tone that reminded Eddie so much of his mother that it made the hairs on his arms stand on end. “Don’t mess up your hair like that! It already looks so dirty when you get home. Take a shower and we can go out for dinner.”

“So, if you didn’t have dinner waiting then what are being you so pissy about?”

The words tumbled out of Eddie’s mouth before they’d touched his brain. His mouth just pushed them out without a single thought. Absolutely no regard for his self preservation, it almost felt like he wasn’t Eddie at all. But maybe he was. Maybe he was more Eddie than he’d been in a long time.

“You can’t talk to me like that! Eddie!” Myra burst into loud, messy sobs but Eddie saw then that not a single tear was dripping down her face. “You’re supposed to love me! You don’t talk to people you love like that!”

What about how you talk to me everyday? Eddie didn’t let the words leave his mouth this time, but it really fought against him. In his fight not to say the horrible thing, he said what was probably a much worse thing. “When did I say I loved you?”

The words dropped into the room but didn’t explode. The couple stood on either side of the room, just staring at one another. Eddie was half holding his breath, readying himself for the break down. It wouldn’t be the first time that Eddie had said something that set Myra off with a little thing he said- and this was a much, much worse thing.

When a single tear began to slip down Myra’s cheek, Eddie clenched his jaw and readied himself for the absolute worst.

“Eddie, how could say something like that to me?” Myra sobbed loudly, placing her hands over her eyes. Which was safe for them both, since Eddie immediately rolled his eyes at her voice. “How could you say that? Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you can be so mean!”

“I wasn’t tired until I got home.” Eddie snapped. “So, maybe I should just go back out!”

Myra’s nostrils flared, and her fists clenched. Eddie backed up slightly, but clenched his jaw all the same. “Eddie. Go take a shower and we will go out for dinner. Then we can come home and go to bed, and we’ll both feel better in the morning.”

“I never feel better in the morning!” Eddie shouted. “It’s never better.”

The silence rang between for them a long time, Eddie’s chest heaving. Myra glowered deeply at him. “You’ve been listening to that disgusting comedian again, haven’t you? You always get like this after you’ve listened to him!”

Eddie stalled, the words clicking around inside his brain. Almost turning into a full thought. Almost, almost, almost. Why did Eddie feel like his whole life had been one big almost? His chest began to get very tight, and he found himself reaching for the inhaler in his pocket but he froze. Eddie didn’t need an inhaler, he just needed to get out of this building.

“I have to go.” Eddie said sharply, stumbling towards the door. He could hear Myra crying after him. “I have to go. I’m sorry. I can’t do this, I have to go.”

Myra followed him to the door of the apartment, but didn’t go any further. As Eddie knew she wouldn’t. Maybe it wasn’t exactly winning any argument, running away like that, but Eddie knew well enough that Myra would never chase him down. 

Eddie ran all the way down the 15 flights of stairs to get from his apartment to the ground, and then made it all the way to his car before he realized that he’d left his car keys on the kitchen table.

Groaning, Eddie ran his fingers through the already messed up curls. It wasn’t the smartest idea to go wandering around the streets of New York when the sun was starting to set, but there was no way in hell Eddie was going back up into that apartment with his tail between his legs. Sure, it was his and he logically could just kick her out but something about going back in the first place just felt too much like admitted defeat. She wasn’t going to win this time.

Stuffing his hands into his back pockets, Eddie started his slow walk down the streets. He had no destination in mind, no plan at all. No destination, and nothing to be sure of when he got home either. Except that when he got there, Myra would be sitting up waiting for him.

So Eddie walked. He walked and he walked until he something finally caught his eye. A bright sign, pink and yellow. It certainly wasn’t the first light that Eddie had seen on his walk, there had been more and more as the sky had gotten dark. Hundreds of colourful signs, none meaning anything. But this one... this one brought Eddie to a pause.

It was a bar, which hadn’t been Eddie’s scene since college. He supposed he’d spent more of his first year of college in the campus bars than in any of his classes. It had many been the time of his life, freshly free from his mother and spending his nights with his tongue down the throats of random, different-

Eddie cringed, the back of his head almost started to ache. Like his whole brain was trying to claw its way free from his skull while he stared at this stupid, bright bar sign. He shouldn’t go in, logic told him.

Maybe Eddie Kaspbrak was fucking tired of logic, though.  

The music in the bar was fucking horrible, that was the first thing Eddie noticed when he got inside. The next thing, of course, was the smell of sweat with a hint of sex, but that was to be expected. Eddie knew that smell, it was an old friend. Disgusting as it was, it was comforting. Freeing.

Eddie waved through the crowds of people towards the bar and sat down, pleasantly surprised when he found the stools twirled under his ass. Giggling to himself, Eddie turned the chair back around to the pretty bartender, who was watching him with a smile.

“Well there, sweetie.” She laughed. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing to walk through those doors all night. You better keep an eye on yourself, cutie, because they’re gonna be coming at you like flies to honey.”

Eddie chuckled a little awkwardly, ordering his drink. Vodka cranberry, something he hadn’t touched in almost five years. Now whenever Eddie indulged in any sort of drinking, it was a soft blush wine with his dinner.  His mother had never approved of alcohol in the house growing up, and while Myra was a fan of wine herself, she was always quick to pass judgement on Eddie after more than glass.

Alcohol is bad for your health, Eddie bear! It will react poorly with your medication! You’re not supposed to drink when you’re taking medicine!

But Eddie was always taking medicine, he was sure he had been his whole life. Alcohol had never bothered it before, he doubted it was going to start now. Turning away, sipping his drink through the little black straw, Eddie finally got a look at the place around him. He couldn’t help himself from rolling his eyes. Of course this is where his feet would take him.

Girls up on one another, men kissing each other in corners. Eddie swallowed roughly, thinking on how his stomach should be turning but instead was it was flaring up with heat. He sipped a little more dedicatedly, thinking to himself about how he should be leaving. This isn’t where he was supposed to be because he wasn’t... he wasn’t...

“I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

Eddie’s heart pretty much fell out of his ass at the voice in his ear. He let out a small squeak and nearly ended up falling out of his bar stool. The man... oh god, the man... looked startled, reaching out quickly to help Eddie settle back in his seat.

“Oh, fuck, I’m sorry, dude.” He laughed, running his hands through his hair. It was slightly greasy looking, and there was some sort of dark stain on his yellow shirt. It was gross and Eddie’s entire body felt overly hot.

“You’re.... you’re Richie Tozier.” Eddie gasped.

Richie Tozier’s eyes widened and he broke into a huge smile. “So we did know each other! I thought you looked fucking familiar-”

“No, no, we’ve never met.” Eddie quickly corrected him. “I just... I watch your show. That’s all. You don’t know me.”

Richie suddenly leaned away, eyes wide. “I’ve been coming to this bar once a month for nearly two years, and I’ve never been recognized before. Gay people.... don’t watch my shit, I don’t think. Or if they do, they don’t say anything because they don’t wanna talk to the not-funny guy.”

Eddie snorted.

Richie narrowed his eyes. “You know, if you watch my show that probably means you’ve got bad taste. I should probably leave right now.”

“You’re criticizing my taste for watching your shows, but they’re literally your shows.”

“I don’t write my own jokes.” Richie snickered, signalling to the bartender for a refill of his drink.

“I knew it! I fucking knew it!” Eddie cheered, pushing the straw away from his cup and chugging the rest of the drink. The bartender placed a new drink in front of them both, Richie nodding at her with a smile.

Richie laughed, and it felt like it tickled something at the back of Eddie’s mind.

“It’s sort of like a game.” Eddie suddenly felt overwhelming bold. “When I... When I watch your show. I would try to figure out what was you, and what was written for you. I think I did pretty well, especially now that I know you actually don’t write your own stuff.”

Richie chuckled, but he continued to give Eddie a slightly confused look. “I thought you said you didn’t know me? How could you tell I didn’t write my own stuff?”

Eddie felt himself blush and prayed it wasn’t noticeable under the darkness of the bar. “I don’t know, but I feel like I could just tell. When you were being yourself, and when you were being somebody you were pretending to be.”

Richie looked like he been clubbed over the back of the head, and Eddie frowned. Silence fell over them for a moment, conversation replaced with the mulling sounds from the bar behind them.

“Uhm,” Eddie cleared his throat awkwardly. He leaned in towards Richie, then quickly leaned away again. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, that's just...” Richie smiled with a look of disconnect. “Just reminded me of ... something.”

Eddie nodded as he picked up his drink and began to sip at it again. “So you said you come here once a month? I’ve never heard anything about you being gay.”

Richie scratched at his cheek as he chuckled. “Well, like I said... I don’t really get recognized here, because nobody here really knows anything about my show. So, this is a safe place for me. I can be whatever I want here.”

Eddie felt a weird mixture of discomfort and familiarity settle in his chest, and he nodded. “I guess you can’t really come out when all the jokes they make for you are about fucking women.”

Richie nodded, then shrugged a little bit. He tossed back his entire drink in one go. “That’s always been my thing. As a kid, before I told anybody, I made jokes about fucking women. I was balls deep in a chick from the age of eleven, if my stories are to be believed.”

Eddie laughed. “Yeah, I get that. It’s probably not easy to be out when you’re trying to be a big hot shot. Not that it’s working for you.”

“Hey.” Richie pointed at Eddie and waggled his eyebrows. “You can’t even talk, cutie. You knew who I was.”

Eddie groaned loudly as he twisted in his chair again. “Don’t call me cute.”

“I didn’t call you cute.” Richie said. “I called you cutie. There’s a very distinct difference.”

The beat of the music suddenly changed from something borderline country and annoying to something with a slicker beat, something that pulsed right in Eddie’s stomach. He shifted closer to Richie, his hand touching Richie’s where it was wrapped around his glass. “What’s the difference then?”

Richie blinked at him, his mouth opened slightly before he smirked. He leaned into Eddie’s space, facing inches apart. “The difference is you aren’t just cute- you’re fucking hot.”

Eddie gasped, his hands shook as he pushed forward. He cupped the back of Richie’s hair, tugged his face forward and kissed him harshly. He felt Richie gasp against his mouth, his hands came down and gripped Eddie’s thighs.

“Shit.” Richie mumbled against Eddie’s mouth as he squeezed Eddie’s thighs. “Who are you?” 

“I’m the guy who’s about to make your night a fuck ton of a lot more interesting.” Eddie said as he yanked Richie back in for a rougher kiss. He pushed himself forward until he was out of his stool, standing above Richie and forcing his head back to kiss deeper.

Eddie had nearly climbed into Richie’s lap right there at the bar when Richie let out a rough laugh. “I’m as interested in exhibitionism as the next guy, but I think this might be a little much. I’m not looking to get arrested.”

Eddie let out a soft sigh and he dug his nails into Richie’s hair. He gave it a sharp, testing tug and Richie groaned. “Then take me somewhere else, Richie.”

Richie jumped to his feet, his chest collided with Eddie’s and nearly made him fall back into his seat. Richie’s hand gripped tight at Eddie’s and the next thing he knew, he was tugged through the crowds of drunk strangers and shoved into a bar bathroom stall.

“Fuck.” Eddie whimpered when Richie’s lips immediately connected to Eddie’s neck, hands pressed against the stall on either side of Eddie’s head. Eddie melted into him, hands curled tight in Richie’s hair , pushing his knees up to cage Richie in as much as he could without being wrapped around him completely.

Eddie felt Richie’s hard cock pressed against him through both their jeans and Eddie couldn’t hold back the moan that tumbled out from his lips. Richie grunted against him, his hips rolled forward and Eddie’s head smacked against the wall.

“Jesus fucking Christ.... Richie...” Eddie whimpered as he pulled on the curls. There was something inside of him that told him what he needed to do, it was such a natural process. His body knew Richie, what Richie wanted. He was too caught up in his own feelings to give it a second thought as he rubbed himself down against Richie’s leg. 

“I don’t normally do this,” Eddie babbled. Richie let out a soft moan against Eddie’s neck, then tug his teeth into the skin. Eddie cried out, eyes closed tight. He shook his head against and moaned. “I… I don’t do this.. I don’t… You… I….”

“It’s okay,” Richie said. A hand made its way up Eddie’s shirt, blunt nails ran down his sides. Eddie gave a full body shudder.

“Shit, I-” Eddie was already further gone than he had ever been on the rare occasions that he and Myra had had sex. This was leagues different, something Eddie hadn’t felt in so long he couldn’t remember the last time it had happened for him. Sure as hell not like this.

“This is so good, you’re so good, why is this so good…” Eddie openly whimpered against Richie’s ear, prompting Richie’s nails to dig into his skin deeper. Eddie let out a small, almost pitiful whine at the bite of pain.

Richie’s hand pressed against Eddie’s cheek, pressing his finger tips into the skin. “Shhh…” Richie whispered before sucking a small mark against Eddie’s collar bone. “You’re being too loud. Do you want somebody to hear you?”

Eddie moaned.

He felt Richie’s teeth graze against his skin before a huff of breath that could only be a laugh ghosted over him. “You do, don’t you? Got a kink there? Wanna get caught? Want people to see you like this?”

Eddie bucked against Richie, back arched and eyes squeezed shut. “You’re not fucking me in a bathroom stall. There’s too many fucking germs. I’m not getting some nasty diseases for a little dick.”

“Trust me, baby. It’s not little.” Richie whispered.

Eddie groaned, very much not out of pleasure and Richie pulled back. His brow was furrowed and a ghost of a smile sat on his face. He ran his tongue along his bottom lip, and Eddie’s breath caught.

“So, what do you want to do?” Richie asked, hips pulsing up against Eddie’s.

Eddie choked out a moan. “You got an apartment?”

“I got a hotel room.” Richie said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“That fucking works.”


The cab ride back to Richie’s hotel room was oddly PG. Eddie could feel the nerves coming off of him, the risk of being seen, the risk of somebody knowing. Eddie supposed that he should have felt the same- the amount of people in this city that knew him, that had no idea about who he was, what he wanted- the risk was huge. But something about this- something about Richie fucking Tozier- took away any of the nerves he knew he should have been been feeling.

Eddie reached out and squeezed at Richie’s hand. Richie turned him and smiled. He gave him a short nod as they exited the cab, immediately dropping hands. They moved quickly through the hotel lobby and kept their distance from one another until Richie unlocked his room and they slipped inside.

Eddie was on him in a second. He backed Richie up against the door and yanked his shirt from his body. Eddie dropped forward, fingers pushed under Richie’s waist band, while he dropped open mouthed kisses all over his chest. 

Richie moaned and pushed his hand into Eddie’s hair. Not pulling like Eddie had done earlier, but softly pushing the flop of hair out of Eddie’s face.

God,” Richie sighed, the veins in his neck tensing out as Eddie sucked at the skin of his chest. “I fucking love those curls, god damn.”

Eddie’s heart stuttered, and his hips followed the motion. His hands rushed out and he yanked Richie’s jeans open and shoved them down his legs. Eddie’s breath hitched at the sight of Richie’s cock through some questionably patterned underwear, and he ducked forward to mouth at it through the fabric.

Richie tossed his head backwards, the smacking noise it made against the door ringing through the empty hotel room. Eddie chuckled against Richie’s cock then pressed his tongue against covered head. 

“Can you…” Richie moaned as he stuffed his hand against his mouth. He dropped his hand and rested both in Eddie’s hair. “ Please.”

Eddie froze, hands half-way pulling Richie free. He looked up at him through his lashes, and grinned. “It’s Eddie. By the way.”

Richie laughed and rubbed his fingers against Eddie’s scalp. Eddie hummed, eyes closed lightly. “ Fuck. Thank you, I really didn’t wanna fucking ask you that now.”

Eddie reached into Richie’s underwear, and pulled his cock free. He couldn’t help the small moan that escaped him at the sight, and he refused to glance up and look at the smirk that he knew was on Richie’s face, 

Richie made his amusement clear either way, of course. “See something you like?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Eddie said seriously. “Or you can take care of this yourself.”

One of Richie’s hands dropped from Eddie’s hair to wrap around his own cock. He slowly stroked himself, stopping as he reached where Eddie’s hand was still wrapped around him. Eddie felt a weak noise get punched out of him as he watched Richie tease himself in his face.

“Is that what you want me to do?” Richie asked him in a low voice. 

Eddie exhaled heavily before batting Richie’s hand away. He rested Richie’s cock in his open mouth and rubbed his tongue against the sensitive head. Richie’s exhale was long and shaky as his hands came down and rested on Eddie’s shoulders. 

“Fuck, Eddie. Please.” Richie said, hands tensed into Eddie’s shoulders. 

Eddie took as much of Richie’s length into his mouth as he could manage in one go, almost impressed by how much he was able to fit. He’d known going into this that, of course, it wasn’t his first time with a dick in his mouth but he’d assumed that it would be slow moving for him. And yet… he rocked back into it like he was born to be doing it. 

Holy shit… Eds….”

Something about that unexpected nickname spilling from Richie’s mouth broke some sort of dam inside Eddie that he hadn’t noticed was holding him back. Eddie took a deep breath and swallowed Richie down, feeling his cock pressed against the back of his throat for a moment. He brought his hand up and cupped Richie’s balls, not quite a massage but a tease at the potential.

Richie whimpered- actually whimpered- as he gave shallow thrusts into Eddie’s mouth. He began to let out a steady stream of whispered curses, hands gripped tight on Eddie’s shoulders.

“Oh, fuck, Eddie…” Richie groaned. “If you don’t stop this is going to be over way too fucking quick, Eddie… Eds, fuck…..” 

Eddie sighed happily and he leaned backward, stripping Richie’s cock in front of his face. Richie stared down at Eddie, mouth hung open and pupils so dilated Eddie couldn’t tell where the brown began anymore. 

“I’m gonna cum….” Richie almost coughed out as he took his cock from Eddie’s grip. He rested against the door as he caught his breath. Eddie felt like his body was on fire as he ripped his own jeans open and shoved his hand inside. As he palmed at his aching cock, he dropped forward and rested his head against Richie’s shin. He mouthed at Richie’s clothed leg as he rocked into his own hand. 

He was suddenly on his back as Richie dropped to his knees above him. He pulled Eddie’s hands out of his pants before he crawled forward and straddled Eddie’s hips. Eddie stared up at him, more than a little dazed. He couldn’t imagine how wrecked he must have looked in that moment, laid out on Richie’s hotel room floor, clothed hard on pushed through the opening of his jeans and shirt riding up to expose his stomach. 

Richie’s eyes raked over Eddie, mouth open and eyes blown wide. He rubbed his hands up Eddie’s chest, caught the hem of his shirt and pulled it over Eddie’s head. He let out a small moan as he looked over Eddie’s bare torso, hands rested on the heated skin. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Eds.” 

Eddie’s eyes rolled back in his head as Richie began to map out Eddie’s chest with his lips. He lapped against Eddie’s nipple. He sucked it into his mouth as he began to rut his hips upwards against Eddie’s. 

Eddie moaned and grabbed at Richie’s back. “Holy shit, fucking hell… Why are we on the floor? Is your act so bad you can’t afford a hotel room with a fucking bed?”

Richie pulled back, sat perfectly on top of Eddie’s throbbing cock. “Do you always complain this much?”

Eddie shrugged one shoulder. “Yeah. Pretty much.” 

Richie laughed as he leaned down to kiss him. He cupped Eddie’s cheeks with both hands while he kissed him almost too slowly and sweetly for what Eddie felt like this was. Eddie shoved at Richie’s chest, kissed his neck once gently then smiled up at him. “Bed, please.”

“You say please… yet it still sounds like a demand.” Richie said with a smirk while he grabbed Eddie underneath his thighs and scooped him up. Eddie’s arm wrapped around Richie’s neck, face pressed against Richie’s neck to hide his smile. 

Richie tossed Eddie onto the bed and he pushed himself backwards against the pillows as he watched Richie rip his jeans and underwear off. His cock slapped up against his stomach but Eddie barely had a moment to be shook before Richie dropped down onto the bed and crawled over him. 

Richie shoved at Eddie’s underwear, breathing heavily in Eddie’s ears as he freed him. They pressed together, bare skin everywhere and for a moment Eddie thought…. Have we done this before? 

Richie pulled back with a long blink, mouth open as though he were going to speak. Going to mention the feeling that had rocked through them both. The recognition. 

Eddie didn’t want to talk about it. He grabbed Richie by the neck and yanked him back down, kissing him hard and fast. It took Richie less than a second to get back into it, kissing Eddie in an almost frantic fashion. Eddie tugged at Richie’s curls as Richie rocked their bare cocks together.

“Fuck, please….” Eddie moaned and wrapped his legs around Richie’s waist. He held him close, arms tight around Richie’s shoulders. Eddie shook around him while Richie pressed feather light kisses to his neck, where Eddie already knew there were bruises. 

“Hey, listen…” Richie whispered in his ear. “We don’t have to do anything. I’m not one of those gross celebrity assholes… you can leave right now if that’s what you want.” 

Eddie rubbed his thumb along Richie’s jaw. “I don’t want to be anywhere else.” 

Richie rocked softly against Eddie, their dicks sliding together, smooth with precum. Eddie whimpered, practically clawing at Richie’s back. He wondered for a fleeting moment if he was leaving scratches but pushed the thought away when Richie’s cock pressed against his just perfectly. 

“Richie… Richie, I want you to fuck me.” Eddie cried out. “Do you have lube? A condom?”

“No, Eddie.” Richie deadpanned. “I went to a gay bar with absolutely no lube or condoms in my posession. I like living on the edge.” 

Eddie chuckled and he dropped his head forward to rest on Richie’s chest. “Alright, alright, asshole. Just wanted to be sure. I haven’t… I haven’t done anything like this in a really long time.”

“What, are you like a virgin?” Richie chuckled, then immediately sobered. “Uh, that’s cool if you are. We can go slow…. Or we can just not, I mean, we don’t have to.”

“I’m not a fucking virgin!” Eddie snapped. “I lost my virginity when I was…” Eddie trailed off, frowning, unable to remember his first time. He’d been young, high school, he knew that but everything else, everything about it was blank. Just… gone. “I’m not a virgin.”

Richie leaned in, kissing him softly. Eddie ignored the butterflies he felt as Richie pulled away. “I’m going to get everything we need... If you’re sure.”

Eddie grabbed Richie face and pulled him down, nose touching but lips not. “Stop fucking asking me if I’m sure.”

“Consent is key, Eds.”

Why does he keep calling me that? Eddie thought as he watched Richie jump from the end of the bed and ruffle through his suitcase on the floor. And why do I feel like it’s important?

Richie launched himself back onto the bed, on his knees, his cock bobbing up and slapping him the stomach as he bounced. Eddie pressed his lips together to keep from laughing but Richie was already giggling as he crawled back over Eddie’s body.

“I’m sorry,” he laughed. “That was probably so not sexy at all.”

Eddie looped his arms around Richie’s shoulders. “It wasn’t.” Eddie pulled Richie down on top of him, kissing him slowly once. “But that’s okay. I’ll let you fuck me anyway.” 

“Somebody must be gagging for it…” Richie sighed and squeezed the weight on Eddie’s hips. “How long has it been since you got a good dickin’?”

“I don’t know…” Eddie said honestly, head tilted back as Richie started stroking his cock slowly. “I… I fooled around in college, and there was.. Fuck… I think there was somebody important in high school but… I.. I had a girlfriend…”

Richie slowed his hand and looked slightly at Eddie. “Are you bi?”

Eddie closed his eyes, licked his lips. “No.” He said firmly. “I’m not. I never have been.” 

Richie gave Eddie a sad smile before he slid down Eddie’s body, occasionally pressing a kiss to the skin as he moved down. He pushed Eddie’s thighs apart, and leaned in to suck a mark where Eddie’s thighs met his ass. Eddie shook, let out a whimper. “Please…” 

Richie popped the bottle of lube opened and looked up at Eddie through his lashes. “Are you sure about this? Because it could be uncomfy… especially if you haven’t done this in a while and-”

Richie.” Eddie sighed in frustration. “Just stick your fingers in me! This isn’t my first rodeo!” 

Richie looked up at him for a moment before he raised his brow and chuckled. “Well, yeehaw.”

“Oh my God, never fucking mind. Do not fucking touch me.” Eddie cried as he kicked Richie lightly in the side of the head with his socked foot. Richie laughed, biting at Eddie’s calf. Eddie let out a loud shriek of a giggle, feet kicking at Richie’s face. “Go away you dirty kinky cowboy!!”

Richie flopped down on top of Eddie, chest to chest, and Eddie sighed. His arms wrapped around Richie’s back as he held Richie to him despite his own protests. 

Richie kissed Eddie’s cheek. “We’re backtracking. I’m officially further away from having my fingers in your ass.” 

Eddie grabbed Richie’s face and yanked him down, pressing his fingers against Richie’s jaw and forced his mouth open. He kissed him, hard and messy. It was all teeth and tongue and fucking spit… it should have been disgusting, but Eddie’s heart was almost yearning for something. For more. For exactly this always. 

Their hips were rocking together again, and Eddie felt his orgasm building way too quick. Eddie dug his nails into the back of Richie’s neck and pulled away, panting. “Okay, you need to fuck me because I’m literally going to cum and you haven’t done shit to earn it.”

He expected Richie to laugh, but Richie just cocked a brow. He dove down Eddie’s body, and licked slowly up the length of Eddie’s cock. It twitched for attention as Richie pulled back, but Eddie only barely had the chance to slap a hand over his mouth to smother his whining as Richie began to mouth at his balls. 

“Fuck……” Eddie moaned loudly and deeply as Richie began to rub his fingers over Eddie’s hole. Eddie’s thighs shook on either side of Richie’s head, and his stomach half-caved in with the weight of his breathing. “It’s like you… it’s like you know…”

Richie chuckled against Eddie’s skin before he pressed soft kisses to Eddie’s leaking cock, slowly working Eddie open with one finger. Eddie let out small, broken moans that grew louder and higher as Richie added a second finger and scissored them apart. 

Richie sucked kisses to Eddie’s stomach, around his cock but he never put his mouth where Eddie longed for it. Eddie rolled his hips down onto Richie’s hand, letting out a deep groan from the back of his throat when Richie finally jabbed three fingers into him. 

“Rich, come on, fuck me.” Eddie grabbed at Richie’s hair, tugged upwards. Richie hissed and bit down on Eddie’s hip. “ Fuck me.” 

“I’ll fuck you when you’re ready.” Richie growled. He grabbed the bottle of lube from beside him and squeezed out what seemed like entirely too much lube into his free hand. Eddie cringed as Richie brought the hand closer to him, but he moaned as Richie rubbed it around his still pulsing fingers.

“Richie, I’m fucking serious…” Eddie whimpered as rode Richie’s fingers for all they were worth. The heat in his stomach was almost unbearable, threatened to swallow him up and cause him to burst into flames. “If you don’t fuck me right now, I could realistically die.”

Richie looked up, one brow raised. “What a way to go though….”

“Get your dick in me.” Eddie cried as he rolled his hips down frantically. Richie let out a soft little chuckle as he pulled his fingers free too quickly. Eddie choked out a moan at the sudden loss. He slapped his hands over his face, palms dug into his eyes until he saw stars. He felt Richie’s hands wrap around his wrists and pull them away. He frowned at down at Eddie, eyes soft. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Eddie nodded. He gave Richie a weak smile, and wrapped his legs around Richie’s waist. Pulled him in close, right on top of him. He bit at Richie’s bottom lip, gave it a tug. “I’ll be great if you fuck me good.”

“Oh, trust me, Eds.” Richie chuckled. He grabbed the condom he’d rested beside them, ripped it open with his teeth, and slid it on slowly. Eddie felt his mouth water at the sight of him. He didn’t know he was making small whining noises, but Richie grinned at the sound. 

He leaned back over Eddie’s body and rubbed the head of his cock against Eddie’s hole. When they both moaned, Eddie reached up and cupped the back of Richie’s head. He pressed their foreheads together. A broken, choked moan was pulled from Eddie’s throat as Richie finally bottomed out. Eddie clutched at the back of Richie’s neck. “Fuck….”

“Fuck is right.” Richie said, voice hoarse and half-broken. He rubbed his thumb under Eddie’s eye and watched them flutter shut. “You’re so beautiful, Eds.”

 Eddie rocked down on Richie’s cock to draw out a rough moan. He gasped, and pushed down again. Richie whimpered against Eddie, then caught his lips in a rough kiss. Eddie panted against him as Richie began to rock his hips into him. He went slow, dragging himself out of Eddie to push back in slowly. 

Eddie moaned and whined, kissing Richie back whenever he had a mind to do so. Eddie didn’t have much of a mind to do anything, anymore. His moved frantically, grabbed at Richie wherever he could. Tugged his hair, ran his nails down his back. Richie’s hips thrusted just that little bit rougher as Eddie’s nails broke through his skin.

“Please…. Please, faster.” Eddie curled his body up in the sort of over exposed position that he hated the idea of. He held Richie tightly against his body, his arms around Richie’s neck, legs tight around his waist. He could feel Richie mouthing anywhere he could reach on Eddie’s shoulders and neck. Not even kissing, just a frantic wet mouth meeting his skin over and over. “ Please.”

Richie pulled out slowly and snapped his hips back in hard. The walls broke down then as Richie fucked into Eddie hard and fast. Eddie threw his head back, Richie immediately latching onto his neck with lips and teeth. Eddie squeezed his eyes shut, letting the feeling of Richie become his everything. 

“Yes…” Eddie moaned out as Richie’s cock jabbed against his spot. Eddie rolled his hips up, letting his cock rub against Richie’s stomach. “Yes… yess… yes.”

Richie spewed words into his ears but Eddie couldn’t make sense of them, completely overwhelmed by the feeling of Richie fucking against his prostate. “Oh, shit!” Eddie cried as his whole body tensed then relief waved over him. He shook as he came between them, all over his and Richie’s chests. 

“Oh my God, Eddie.” Richie moaned, completely lost in the feeling of how Eddie clenched around him and shook underneath him. In only took a few more quick thrusts before Richie was tossed over the edge and collapsing against Eddie’s sticky chest. 

Richie pushed Eddie’s sweaty bangs from his face as they lay together on the bed to catch their breath. Eddie blinked up at Richie and gave him a slow smile. 

“Thanks. That was decent.” 

Richie coughed, then burst out into laughter. “You’re a little fucking spit fire, aren’t you, Eds?”

Eddie leaned forward and nipped at Richie’s bottom lip. He tugged on it until it ripped from his teeth and slapped back against Richie’s mouth. Richie laughed and gave Eddie’s thigh as squeeze.

Eddie hummed happily. “I should probably get going.” He said. He sat up and winced at the sticky, disgusting feeling of his own body. 

Richie pouted as he wrapped his arms around Eddie’s waist and pulled him back to the bed, on top of him this time. “Don’t go. Stay. We can order room service… watch bad hotel television…” Richie pressed his lips against Eddie’s ear to send a shiver down his spine. “Take a shower.”

 “Do you normally keep your one night stands in your room overnight?” Eddie challenged with a raise of his brow. 

Richie’s face dropped slightly. “No but I…” He cleared his throat, and loosened his grip on Eddie’s hips. “Sorry. Forget it. You can go, I’ll call you a cab if you..”

Eddie’s heart clenched and hugged Richie to him. “Shut up, of course I’ll stay. But I’m showering alone. I want to actually get clean.”

Richie beamed at him. “That’s fine. We’ll just shower together in the morning then.”

“In your fucking dreams, Tozier.”

Chapter Text

Eddie had to duck at the last moment to avoid hitting his head on the roof. (The ground? The roof? Whatever.) It seemed that Eddie had grown a lot more than he’d given himself credit for since the last time he’d been in here. It gave him a little thrill of pride- so much so that he almost forgot what he was doing down here after all these years.

Richie Tozier was laying in the hammock, a comic book held close to his face, though Eddie doubted he could read it in the near darkness underground. If Eddie had trouble not hitting his head as he’d come into the clubhouse, he supposed Richie must have had to fold himself in half to get down here. Being fifteen hadn’t been the best year for Richie; he’d shot up nearly a foot all in limbs, filling out absolutely nowhere else. Braces on his teeth, giant glasses taking up most of his face that clung stubbornly to his baby fat.

Eddie still thought he was pretty fucking cute, and he hated that fact about himself.

“What are you doing down here?” Eddie asked as he stepped further into their old hang out. “We haven’t been here since-”

-Ben Hanscom had moved away. Eddie knew he didn’t need to say it because Richie understood as well as he did. The last day they’d all come down here had been the day Ben moved away from Derry. After the summer of 1989, they’d come down here less and less but after Ben left it simply hadn’t felt right to be down here hanging out.

“I thought it would be the last place anyone would look for me,” Richie replied as he lowered the comic book and glared at Eddie. “I come here sometimes to be alone.”

Eddie cleared his throat awkwardly. He took a step closer, hands clenched at his side. “It was the last place I looked for you,” he admitted. “I checked the Quarry, the arcade...”

“Why were you looking?”

Eddie frowned. “I... We heard about what happened. With Jennifer and those stupid jocks.” Eddie stood at the end of the hammock and took in a deep breath before climbing in. He felt Richie stiffen beside him. “I’m so sorry, Rich. That was a terrible trick.”

Richie shrugged one shoulder, Eddie able to feel both their bodies move as the hammock swung. They had never really fit in this stupid thing and Eddie wasn’t sure why they’d ever started doing this. Though, deep down, he supposed he knew well enough.

“It’s alright, Eds,” Richie said quietly, “I don’t know what I expected. Nobody wants to go out with the local queer boy.”

Eddie sighed, letting his head drop against Richie’s shoulder and he seemed to sag under Eddie’s soft touch. Eddie—much like everybody else in Derry—had heard about the events at the arcade back in 1989. Just another thing that made life difficult for Richie—something Eddie had always kept himself away from. He never brought anything up or spoke about it. Best friend or not, Eddie just wasn’t comfortable talking about it.

“Oh, don’t worry, Eds,” Richie laughed and caused the hammock to give a soft swing, “I know you don’t want to talk about that kind of stuff. Nobody ever does. That’s why I come down here.”

Eddie scooted closer to Richie and wrapped his arms around Richie’s middle, head rested on Richie’s shoulder. He was able to feel Richie breathing quicken which made his own spike. “I’m sorry, Richie. I know you need somebody, I just-”

“It’s okay,” Richie broke out a deep, terrible British accent, “Don’t worry about it, mate. Everything is just fancy.”

“I don’t think you’re using those words right.” Eddie pressed his palm against Richie’s cheek and pulled Richie down to look at him, able to see Richie surprisingly well in the dark underground. It was like the world didn’t exist outside of them. 

“I don’t ever use words right.”

Eddie choked out a laugh and gave Richie’s cheek a pat. He swallowed roughly, thinking of Richie surrounded by those bullies, running for his life from them with their terrible words in his head. Eddie’s heart clenched. He leaned in, he—

He woke up.

Eddie stirred in a big, spacious bed. He stretched his arm out, feeling the cold touch of the soft sheets as the lights were hitting his eyes all wrong.

“I know I promised.” He could hear a low, thick voice whisper from across the room. “I’m sorry, I really meant to... not. But you should see this guy, Auds, okay? He’s like every single one of my fantasies come true in one tiny, feisty little twink.”

Last night rushed back to Eddie suddenly and pushed all lingering memories of his weird dream from his mind. He smiled into the pillow and clenched his fist into the sheets. He was going to face a lot of consequences for his actions last night, but he somehow couldn’t stop the feeling of butterflies in his stomach.

“I know I’m putting my career in danger, but I don’t think he’s going to tell anybody.” Richie continued to whisper into his cell phone. Eddie raised his head slightly to peak at him and his breath caught in his throat at the sight of the larger man standing in only his underwear.

Even with his eyes half opened, Eddie could make out the scratches down Richie’s back. It made something hot and passionate bubble up in his stomach, until he realized that if Richie bore marks then Eddie would most likely be covered in them as well. Absolutely covered in a way that he would never have allowed another person do to him before. There was no hiding this, no going back now.

Eddie was gay. Very, very gay and Richie Tozier’s wide shoulders and scratched up back was a deep, arousing reminder of that fact. Eddie rolled over and flopped onto his face, prickles of arousal at the base of his spine which caused him to roll his hips against the mattress.

“I know you won’t believe me.” Richie’s voice lowered even more and now Eddie had to strain to hear him. “I think this is different. Really different. I’ve never... I don’t know, something just feels different. It’s like I know him, Audra.”

Eddie rolled back over onto his side and ran a hand across his stomach. Goosebumps rose up all over his skin, and Eddie bit his bottom lip. It was like something inside of him was reacting to this stupid, not funny comedian being in the same room.

Sure, he was a little sore but his heart raced and his palms were sticky, and his stomach was done up in knots at the sound of Richie’s scratchy voice.

“Yes, I know.” Richie continued to whisper. “I promise I’ll be careful. Yes, I know I’m an idiot. I love you too, call you later.”

Richie turned around, and scratched at his hair. He paused and grinned at the sight of Eddie laid out across his bed. Richie let out a low whistle and bit down on his bottom lip. “Well, well...” He clucked his tongue. “I must have died and gone to heaven to have such a hot piece of ass in my bed.”

Eddie rolled his hips and made sure the blankets dipped down to reveal his cock and hips. He grinned at how Richie’s face seemed to darken. “You are a lucky bastard. But I should probably get going now.”

Richie dropped onto the bed and tackled Eddie into the mattress, arms around his waist and face pressed into Eddie’s chest. “You’re not going anywhere. I could just eat you up. Swallow you whole.”

Eddie sighed shakily and rutted his hips upwards against Richie’s body. He felt himself begin to harden almost embarrassingly quickly. “You promise?” He whispered into Richie’s ear.

Richie groaned and trailed his hand down Eddie’s chest and stomach. The muscles twitched under Richie’s touch. “Twice in twelve hours? You sure about that, Eds...” Richie nipped little bites into Eddie’s pecks. “It’s a little ambitious.”

Eddie ran his fingers through Richie’s messy hair. It seemed almost curlier than it had the night before, and Eddie could only imagine what his was like now. Richie’s sharp bites began to turn into light kisses and Eddie grinned. He tugged on Richie’s curls and laughed at the rough groan he gave.

“What?” Eddie asked. “Aren’t you up for a challenge, Tozier?”

Richie’s gaze jerked up to look at Eddie and his eyes flashed. Before Eddie could so much as blink in reaction, Richie had dragged his teeth down his torso and taken Eddie’s cock into his mouth.

Eddie let out what was almost a squeak as his cock twitched and hardened completely as Richie’s mouth moved around him. 

Eddie Kaspbrak had gotten blow jobs before. It was Myra’s go-to foreplay to get Eddie going, but nothing had ever compared to this.

Eddie bent his knees up, felt Richie’s hands slide along the back of Eddie’s thighs. He hitched Eddie’s legs over his shoulders, and worked at Eddie with his mouth until his body was trembling around Richie.

“Fuck, fuck, holy shit, fuck...” Eddie moaned. “You should change your act. Just get rid of all that shitty comedy and just - fuck - do this instead.”

Richie pulled off Eddie’s cock with a wet pop, a trail of spit connecting his mouth to Eddie. “Are you saying I should be a prostitute?”

Eddie leaned back and frowned up at the ceiling. “I guess so... Is that something you would be interested in?”

Richie cocked his brow and licked up the length of Eddie’s cock. “Is it something you think I’d be good at?” He asked as he stroked Eddie slowly and held his cock inches from his mouth.

Eddie whined and squeezed his eyes shut. “I just fucking said that didn’t I? Now I’m not so sure. Maybe if you shut the fuck up and make me come, we’d see how good you are.”

Richie laughed—fucking laughed— and sped up his hand to an almost painful pace. “Oh, I’m sorry? Have I not treated you well? Left you feeling a little unsatisfied baby?”

Eddie whined, thoughts stuck on how Richie had pressed him into the mattress last night and fucked him until he’d melted into nothing. He bucked up into Richie’s fist. “I’m going to come. I’m going to come.”

“Already?” Richie teased. He slowed his hand and loosened his grip. He dropped Eddie’s cock and let it slam wetly against Eddie’s stomach. “Why I’ve barely done anything. Are you that sensitive?”

Richie ran his fingers over Eddie’s thighs to tease the skin andEddie withered on the bed. Was he that sensitive? No, normally not. Normally Eddie would argue that he was very much not sensitive, usually struggling to give into any sort of pleasure. He was certain he could get Myra to finish two or three times before he’d get anywhere close, but Richie had him so close to coming with only a couple minutes of a blowjob.

“Please...” He cried as he tossed his arm over his eyes. “Don’t stop you stupid, fucking bad comedian fuck.”

Richie snorted with laughter as he leaned back on his knees. Eddie lowered his arm to get a look at Richie’s cock where it strained in his underwear. He knew it wouldn’t be smart to try to take it again just now, but he couldn’t help how his mouth watered.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Richie asked him as he pushed his hair away from his face and gave Eddie a huge grin.

Eddie blinked up at him. “Is this like.. an innuendo? You don’t need to hit on me, I’m already in your bed.” 

Richie choked out a small laugh. “You know not everything I say is sexual. I’m just hungry, man.”

“Oh... oh.” Eddie flushed right up to the roots of his hair. “Pancakes sound good. With... with little breakfast sausages?”

“Those are the best kind of sausages.” Richie said enthusiastically. He bounced forward, pressed a soft kiss to Eddie’s cheek and tumbled off the bed. As he rushed over to the phone and Eddie flopped back onto the bed, smiling.

His cock was still hard, but he didn’t find himself too concerned with it. He was, however, suddenly stricken with a weird sense of panic. Eddie searched frantically with his eyes until he managed to locate sight of his pants. He scrambled over to them and yanked his cell phone out of his back pocket.

37 missed calls from Myra.

Eddie felt sick as he looked down at his chest and stomach, red and purple bruises covering his skin. He knew his neck and shoulders would only be worse. His chest felt tight and uncomfortable, and his stomach churned in the most terrible of ways.

Richie came back over, a big smile on his face. “I order extra sausages, just in case-”

“I have to go.” Eddie said quickly as he jumped into his pants. He grabbed a shirt off the floor and threw it on over his hickey covered body. 

“But I-” Richie’s shoulder dropped. His face seemed to crumble, and Eddie’s heart fell into his stomach.

Eddie wheezed and clutched the collar of his shirt. “I’m sorry, I have to go, I have to talk to my girlfriend.”

“Your what?”

Eddie froze up like a deer in headlights. His hands shook at his sides and he was pretty sure his breathing was dangerously fast now. “I’m breaking up with her, I’m breaking up with her, I’m-”

Richie pressed his lips together and turned away. “You were right. You should go.”

Eddie let out a broken whimper, grabbed his jacket from the floor and booked it from the hotel room without giving Richie a second glance.


Eddie was beyond sore by the time he got back to his apartment that he practically limped up the stairs. He was hopelessly praying that after almost forty missed calls to Eddie, she would have gotten some sort of hint to leave. That this joke of a relationship was over, if it had ever truly begun. He prayed that she accepted that on her own, without Eddie having to say a word to her.

Eddie knew better than that, of course. He knew without a single doubt that when he opened his front door, Myra would still be sitting on that couch as though she hadn’t moved a muscle since he’d walked out the afternoon before. 

“EDDIE! EDDIE BEAR!” Myra scrambled to her feet and rushed over to him. She grabbed his arms and yanked him down to the couch. “Look at you! You’re so pale and sickly, Eddie! You should know better. Where did you get that horrific shirt, it’s hideous! And look at this-” Myra touched the marks on Eddie’s necks softly. “You’ve broken out in a rash, Eddie Bear. We need to see a doctor about this!!”

Eddie closed his eyes and shook his head. “Myra, it’s not a rash. You know what they are.”

Myra leaned back away from him, her eyes wide and rapidly filling up with tears. “Oh, Eddie... why are you trying to hurt me? You’re hurting me so bad, stop hurting me!”

“I’m not trying to hurt you, Myra.” Eddie said as he took hold of her hands. “I’m done trying to do things. Trying to be happy... trying to be straight.”

Myra jerked her hands back, eyes now tearless and almost wild. “What are you saying, Eddie? Don’t say things like that. Awful things.”

Eddie sighed. “I’m not just saying things, alright? Last night, after we fought, I went to the bar and I went back to a mans house and we had sex. This- us- is over. I’m gay.”

Myra stood up while shaking her head. “No. No, Eddie. You can’t do this to me. You’ve done this before, this...experimenting. We all know the stories about you in college and this will pass just like that did. And then you’ll need me, Eddie. You need somebody to take care of you.”

Eddie shook his head and stood to attempt to calm her. “Myra this is over. I don’t need you. I don’t want to be with you. I’m gay. I’m gay. You’ll find somebody someday who will want to be with you. That person isn’t me.”

Myra turned around and smacked Eddie on the cheek. It wasn’t a hard hit by any means, but it was jarring and forced Eddie to take several steps back. Eddie gaped at her, eyes wide as he pressed his hand to his tingling cheek. 

“Oh my God, Eddie, baby, I am so sor-”

“Get out.”

Myra burst into loud, messy tears but Eddie kept his composure. Grim-faced and silent, he watched Myra pick up her purse and coat from the living room and rush towards the front door. She sobbed the whole way out and Eddie felt almost scared of himself at how little he cared about her tears.

As soon as the door slammed shut behind her, Eddie turned and moved through his apartment. He grabbed every single thing he could find that he believed belonged to his now ex-girlfriend and tossed them into a black garbage bag. He put the garbage bag by the front door and flopped himself onto the couch angrily.

He fished his phone out of his pocket, and stared in surprise at the notification in the middle of his lock screen.

Trashmouth Tozier started following you!

Eddie’s hands shook as he went to click on the profile but, before he got the chance,  a work alert triggered on his phone. Eddie’s head throbbed at the thought of having to drive anywhere today, after everything that had happened. But he supposed he would be better off working than sitting at home dwelling on everything.

It was a simple job. Pick somebody up and take them to the airport. Hopefully the person wouldn’t even try to converse with him. He parked his car in front of the stupid hotel he’d just stumbled his ass out of—because the universe wouldn’t give him a break today—and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel as he waited.

The back seat of the car opened andEddie’s stomach broke into somersaults as he caught sight of the passenger as they slipped in.

Richie looked up from his phone and made eye contact with Eddie in the rear view mirror. “Oh.” Richie said, voice cold and broken. Eddie bit his lip. “Your girlfriend lets you drive men who fucked you senseless to the airport the next day?”

Eddie cleared his throat. “Not my girlfriend anymore.“

“Oh,” Richie chuckled. “She didn’t like being cheated on?”

“No.” Eddie replied. “I realized I don’t like women and I’m actually gay as fuck.”

Richie let out a laugh that sounded almost genuine. “Well, good for you, man.”

Eddie pulled out of the parking lot and wondered if he should turn on the radio. He did with every other passenger he had, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Eddie cleared his throat, still awkwardly tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. “How did you find me on Twitter?”

Richie coughed loudly, and Eddie could see the slight flush in his cheeks. “I just... searched you.”

“But I never told you my last name.”

Richie frowned, his hands went still on his phone. He looked up slowly at Eddie, brow furrowed. Eddie’s heart beat loudly in his ears. “I...” Richie cleared his throat. “I guessed.”

“You guessed?” Eddie challenged. “You guessed that my last name was Kaspbrak?”

“Well maybe you told me.” Richie shrugged. He turned back to his phone.

“I definitely didn’t.” Eddie grumbled. “Are you some sort of freaky stalker? Should I be scared?”

“Yes, Eddie.” Richie said coldly. “This has actually been a big plan to murder you. I’m about to pull over and murder you- oh wait, you’re the one driving!”

“Uh, excuse me!” Eddie cried. “Crimes against drivers like cab drivers and limo drivers are not to be joked about, asshole! Did you know that being a cab driver is one of the most dangerous jobs in New York City? Three to five cab drivers are killed per year, and thats not even counting how many commit suicide and-”

“Okay, calm down, bucko!” Richie said from the back seat. “Relax. You’re a little neurotic, aren’t you?”

“Don’t fucking call me neurotic, dickwad!“ Eddie snapped and nearly missed his turn off for the airport. “I’ve had a long fucking day, okay? I don’t need your small dick attitude and your dead cab driver jokes!”

Small dick attitude?” Richie gasped as Eddie pulled their car to a stop at the drop off. “I’m hurt, Eds. You know perfectly well that it isn’t small, you were pretty enthusiastic last-”

“Shut up!” Eddie cried, face burning. “Go catch your stupid fucking plane.” 

Richie frowned and yanked open the back seat door. He nearly fell out then slammed it shut. Eddie was about to gas it out of there when the passenger seat door opened and Richie dropped to sit beside him.

“Listen, Kaspbrak-”

“I’m not comfortable with you calling me that.” Eddie said. “I never told you that was my name and I’m not sure how you came across this information but I think it’s creepy and not at all-”

“Shut up.” Richie hissed as he grabbed Eddie’s face in his hands. “First of all, you don’t get to be pissed at me when you’re the one who fucked me while you had a girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry.” Eddie deflated visibly.

Richie shrugged. “Whatever. I’m over it.” He ran his thumb along Eddie’s jawline. “There’s obviously something here. Between us. This is real, and weird as fuck because I don’t even know you but I’m pretty sure that I do.”

Eddie sighed and squeezed his eyes shut. “What do you want me to do, Richie?”

“Ditch this car.” Richie said firmly. “Come to L.A with me.”

“You’re fucking crazy.” Eddie said breathlessly. He could hear his heart beat in his ears. “I don’t even fucking know you! I met you last night and we fucked and... I broke up with my girlfriend this morning! I have a job and apartment and I-”

“Okay, okay.” Richie dropped his hands from Eddie’s cheeks. “You have access to my Twitter DM’s. If you ever wanna get together, hit me up.”

Eddie’s mouth dropped, but he couldn’t make words come out before Richie had ducked out of the car. He sat wordlessly in the front seat while Richie got his things out of the truck and disappeared into the airport without looking back. Eddie kept sitting there until the cars behind him began to honk and he finally pulled out of the parking lot and drove back to his empty apartment to see what leftovers were stuck in his fridge.