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Caught on Film

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You never should have offered to go out for coffee with a stranger.

Giorno had always warned you that you were too open, too kind, too naive for being his sister. Perhaps, in a way, he was right, considering the situation you find yourself currently in. How you wished, ever since that cloth had been placed over your mouth and you’d woken up, bound and kneeling by the feet of Risotto Nero, that for once you’d heeded your brothers’ warnings, and stayed out of his business. 

Your mother used to say you were too much like her when she was younger.

It had started one sunny afternoon when you’d been wandering around Naples, shopping basket on your arm filled with the fresh produce you’d bought from the local street market. You hadn’t meant to stumble into the tall, broad man dressed in monochrome colours, and at the time you’d apologised thoroughly for your mistake. When he’d brushed off your apologies, and you’d gotten a better look at his face, something in you had told you to reach out and offer him some friendly company. Though he’d been stoic, there was a sadness to his eyes that you couldn’t ignore, and so, you’d invited him to sit with you and enjoy a coffee together.

After introducing yourselves, and once the coffee had been drunk, the two of you talked for what seemed like hours. Risotto, you found, was charming, and kind, in a silent kind of manner, that set you at ease and made you disregard any of your brother’s worries. When you’d kept bumping into each other, you’d figured out that the two of you just happened to live or work in the same area, and just went with it. You and Risotto had begun a somewhat odd friendship, where the two of you would meet by chance and spend hours together, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

It came as a surprise to you, then, when Risotto had one day turned to you and stated his romantic interest. It had hurt, to reject him - even gently and kindly as you had - as the stricken and hurt look that flittered over his face briefly before he’d closed himself off emotionally filled you with guilt. You hadn’t seen him for weeks, almost a month after, and you’d worried so that he’d somehow gotten himself into trouble, or he hadn’t wanted to continue any sort of friendship with you after.

So when you’d bumped into each other once again, weeks later, you’d been all too enthusiastic to spend time with him again, as friends, walking down the streets and into the darkened alleys of Naples together. You’d felt safe and comfortable with Risotto, sure that he’d simply needed some time to come to terms with your rejection of his feelings and that now he was fine. That had been a costly mistake, you realised, when two arms had wrapped around you from behind in one of the more hidden alleys, one holding you against a strong body, the other bringing a cloth smelling strangely sweet up to your nose. You’d let out a terrified, muffled scream, your instincts briefly summoning your stand Thunderstruck, as your (E/C) eyes roamed up to meet Risotto. The last thing you saw before slipping into unconsciousness, was impassive red and black eyes, Risotto’s mouth moving in words you couldn’t hear due to the ringing in your ears.

When you’d woken up again, finding yourself tied and gagged, your first thought had been to call out Thunderstruck, watching as the vapour steamed out of you and into a semi-solid humanoid body, it’s foggy eyes studying the area you were in before turning to you. Before you’d been able to summon some kind of storm, a heavily booted foot crashed painfully into your back, causing you to lose concentration and for Thunderstruck to dissipate back into mist. You’d gasped, your head lifting to try and turn, only for a strong hand to turn your face forwards and up.

Your (E/C) eyes widened and you stared up in growing horror at Risotto, seated before you with one leg casually slung over the other, his full attention on your bound form. His gaze felt heavy, and there was something sinister and dark swimming in those red and black eyes, the sight of it sending a discomforted shiver up your spine. As you tried to recover from the hit to your back, you became aware of movement and voices from behind you, but the hand holding your face forward prevented you from looking back at what was happening till an unfamiliar voice spoke directly to Risotto, his gaze flickering up from yours to the person behind you, “Everything’s set up, Capo.”

“Good,” Risotto’s deep voice filled the room and you squirmed as the hand holding your face forwards let go of you, but you were too afraid to look behind yourself to see who and what stood there, “you can leave us now. I can handle it from here.”

There were several murmurs of assent and you heard the door click shut behind whoever left. Now, you and Risotto were the only two left in the room, the silence between the two of you felt oppressive, and you couldn’t help but quiver, “Risotto? What’s happening, where am I?”

He continued to sit there quietly before he moved to stand and walk over to you. As he reached out to touch you, you flinched and leaned away from him warily, causing him to pause for a moment before he reached out to cup your cheek. You couldn’t stop yourself from relaxing into Risotto’s touch, before wincing as something cold and hard dug into the soft skin of your cheek, a soft drip of sticky blood trailing down your skin. You tried to move away from him in shock, but his other hand came up to hold your head in place as he brought his lips down to slant possessively over yours. You gasped in surprise, and Risotto took advantage of your open mouth to deepen the kiss, tongue swiping into your mouth, swallowing your frightened whimper when you tasted something sweet and thick passing from his mouth into yours, forcing you to swallow whatever it was. 

You tried to break the kiss, but that only seemed to make him pull you more firmly against him, tasting you thoroughly before pulling away to let you breathe. You panted lightly, staring at him as you felt hot flashes run through you, sweat began to bead on your forehead, “Wh-what… What did you do?” You asked woozily as he stood back up, forcing you to shaky feet before turning you around and walking you back till he could bend you over the desk that was located behind you.

You barely caught sight of the camera equipment, little red lights blinking ominously and if you were in the present state of mind, you would have freaked out. Whatever Risotto had given you made everything hazy and warm with desire and you whined as his hands wandered over your body as he finally spoke to you, “You know, you’re quite unaware of your surroundings,” he hummed and you tried to concentrate on what he was saying, “I would have thought that the Giorno Giovanna’s sister would have paid more attention to the people around her, though I can’t deny I’m not happy your unaware and trusting nature made it easier to keep an eye on you.”

You had no idea what to say, but a sick, guilty feeling bloomed in the pit of your stomach, even as it was swallowed by the building lust inside you. You felt him rip your clothing off of you and shivered, your eyes glued to the reflection of yourself in the camera, bent over the table, Risotto behind you, trailing his hands over your body almost reverently, “I’ve been watching you since that first time we met. You’re so attached to your patterns, it was so easy to follow you around and ‘bump’ into you. I’m surprised you never noticed…” he purred, cupping your breasts and tugging at your nipples, chuckling darkly at the moan that left you, “I admit, I grew attached. You’re so kind, so beautiful… and now all mine.”

You arched into him with a gasp as his hips ground against your own, a loud whine escaping your throat at the feeling of Risotto’s cock rubbing against your quickly slickening folds. You could feel he was big, a shudder trailing up your body when he bent over you to suck and bite at your shoulders, murmuring heated words into your ear as he did so. You felt almost ashamed of how wet you were growing, the damp spot on your pants growing wetter and wetter with each press of Risotto’s body against yours. 

The next few minutes were a blur to you, but you came back to yourself at the painful, yet slick stretching of your pussy as Risotto pressed into you firmly. You couldn’t clearly remember if he’d stretched you, but that didn’t matter as you gasped painfully, whimpering as your nails dug into your own hands and breaking the skin. It was too much, too long, too thick, but you still stretched around his cock as it speared into you. Without giving you the time to adjust to his thickness, Risotto set a smooth, languid pace as a groan left him. You whined at the sensation, squirming to try and get away from his thrusting, but Risotto simply held you down with his superior strength. 

The steady rocking of his hips, the soft, wet slaps of his heavy balls against your clit, the way he ground into your tight pussy on every inwards thrust soon had you relaxing fully, the pleasure overwhelming the uncomfortable pain of before. You heard and felt Risotto muttering something just above you, but couldn’t be too bothered to focus on what he was saying as the steady motions he made began to cause a steady, sharp buildup in the pit of your stomach. You were painting and whining at the sensations, shivering at Risotto’s deep, breathless chuckle, which became so much smugger when the slightest increase of force and speed to his steady thrusts caused you to reach the peak of your orgasm. Your cunt tightened like a vice and he gritted his teeth against the hot flash of pleasure that bolted through him, fucking you steadily through your orgasm, the soft wet sounds of his cock moving through your pussy becoming slicker as your release coated his balls and the tops of his thighs.

You moaned hotly, moving back against him as much as you could, still tied up and helpless to either increase the pace that Risotto took while fucking into you or stop him from continuing. After your first orgasm loosened your muscles, Risotto pulled your upper body up by your arms, having you leaning against his chest as he continued to thrust deeply inside your wet cunt. You clenched around him in a slight panic and he groaned something out, holding you tightly to his chest, putting you on display in front of the cameras that were recording everything he was doing to you. 

With the new position, you felt Risotto’s cock reach even deeper into you, the uncovered head rubbing tantalisingly against what you believed to be your cervix, threatening the unprotected entrance to your womb with his potent seed. If your brain wasn’t so fuzzy from your orgasm and what he’d given you earlier, you would have been begging him to pull out of you, but all you could do at the moment was moan his name, begging him loudly for more, to go faster, harder, deeper. Risotto smirked, his eyes glaring heatedly into the cameras, knowing that Buccellati’s gang would be watching the other side of the feed, his lips, tongue and teeth working on marking your neck and shoulders up with bruises and bite marks. 

You whined loudly, arching into the furious tempo of Risotto’s thrusts, hovering over the brink of a second orgasm, your eyes rolled to the back of your head and face slack with pleasure. You could now more clearly hear Risotto’s words, and your pussy clenched his cock tightly once you properly understood what he was saying, “Mine, mine, you belong to me. Look at how well you’re taking my cock, helpless and needy, all mine, you need me, you need me, I can feel how much you need me,” he groaned, holding tightly to your hips as he thrust harshly into you, bouncing you on his cock with his superior strength, “Gonna put a baby in you, make you mine, mine, mine, you’ll never be able to leave me,” He growled into your ear, sending you babbling desperately in agreement, his thrusts slowing considerably, but becoming more powerful, grinding into you more firmly as his orgasm began to reach its peak. He snarled, turning your face to his own forcefully, staring into your (E/C) eyes with an unnerving intensity that caused you to tighten around him again, “Tell me you love me, troia . Go on and let your team know who you belong to, who’s cock owns you, who’s baby you’re going to carry.”

You whimpered, before moaning loudly as one of his hands moved down to tap sharply against your clit, followed soon by his thick, hard thumb rubbing hard circles into the bundle of nerves, “Yours, ‘m yours, love you, love you, Risotto, please, please, I’m so close, need to cum-!”

“Cum for me, troia ,” Risotto growled, a well-timed thrust into your dripping pussy and harsh rub of your clit sending you over the edge a second time as you wailed in pleasure, back arched almost painfully as your inner muscles fluttered tightly around his cock, milking him encouragingly. Risotto groaned, buried himself as deep inside you as he could go and came inside you, filling you up with his hot seed. You moaned softly at the feeling, relaxing into his hold, fucked out and tired. You didn’t fight him when he turned your face to his and kissed you deeply, your arms falling limply by your sides when something cold and metallic cut the ropes that had tied you up. 

Risotto pulled away from the kiss and your head swam dizzily, unable to make out what he was saying as he spoke to the camera’s still filming you, cock plugging his cum up deep inside you. Exhausted, you shut your eyes and fell asleep.

The crying of a baby woke you up early in the morning and you grumbled softly, rolling over in bed to stumble over to the crib in your room. You yawned tiredly, hovering over the crib to look down at the small child looked up at you. A soft smile stretched your lips and you reached in, pulling your daughter up and into your arms with a soft coo. Sniffling softly, your daughter snuggled sleepily into your hold as you fumbled clumsily with the shirt you’d worn to bed before you managed to uncover one of your full breasts, bringing her up so she could suckle at you for her breakfast.

Carefully, you manoeuvred yourself back to the bed to sit down and leaned against the headboard, watching your little girl nurse from you hungrily. You thought back to the past year and sighed softly; it had been a difficult year, but Giorno’s Passione faction had somehow managed to defeat the previous boss with minimal losses thanks to the alliance they’d created with La Squadra. Your pregnancy had been difficult and fraught with stress, worried over your brother as he faced the most powerful opponent he’d ever had to deal with, while also having to deal with the… father of your child daily after - after what had happened. Turning your attention back to your daughter, you couldn’t feel regret for her existence and smiled softly at her as she fed on, unaware of the strife her creation had caused you for the past year since the day of her conception.

Glancing to your side, you flinched in surprise at the sight of lazy red and black eyes watching you and your daughter, something soft but unreadable in Risotto’s eyes as he shifted up in the bed to lean into you, curling up closely against you and you grit your teeth and force yourself to stay still, the unspoken threat agreement looming between the both of you. After you’d regained your senses from that evening, you’d felt a deep and unsettling sense of betrayal and fear for Risotto. Though you’d at first avoided and fought him during Giorno’s uneasy alliance with La Squadra, when you’d found out about your pregnancy as a result of that night, you’d been forced to deal with Risotto and his insistence on being a part of your daughter’s life. When you’d first denied him, he’d tried to reason with you, but you wouldn’t even speak to him, let alone be in the same room as him for more than five minutes. 

So he’d changed tactics. He’d cornered you and threatened you. He had connections, far greater ones than Giorno would ever have, and he could make sure that once your daughter was born, he’d gain sole custody of her, and you would never see her again. So you’d swallowed your pride and bit the bullet, agreeing to regular visitation, which gradually changed to co-parenting, and on and on until eventually, you’d been forced to live with him in a quasi-domestic setting, all for the sake of your daughter.

As Risotto wrapped a lazy arm around your shoulders, kissing the side of your head, you wondered desperately if you’d ever be freed of him. Glancing down at the sleepy face of your daughter, your heart sunk with the knowledge that you never would be.