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catch me (i wont fall)

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It was the beginning of her senior year when she was transferred to Purgatory High, Nicole was sent to live with her Uncle Nedley. It was too many instances of her parents being neglectful, caught in the ‘spirit’ of the world. In fact, it was to an extent that they didn’t care if she went to school. For her first couple years of that attitude Nicole didn’t go most days, and didn’t care too. Until one day, she was caught behind a church smoking stolen cigarettes with no future, no plans, and no background, that she revolutionized. It wasn’t the cigarettes that did her in though, it was the acid she stole from her parents. She was sick for days, from her body not handling it well. Of course, her parents would call it a revelation.


Nicole didn’t care much for it at all. In fact, once the world stopped spinning from the acid, and her stomach stopped churning- she picked herself up from the ground and stomped back home and packed her bag. It wasn’t much of a conversation for her to move in with her Uncle who lived a few hours away from the city in the small town of Purgatory. Nedley didn’t mind, fortunately, she thinks he is lonely. He probably is.


Anyways, that’s how she found herself settled in front of Purgatory High, backpack loosely strung across her chest. Truly the biggest difference, is the size- and the worn down buildings. When she was registered, the receptionists cheerily let her know that the graduating senior class was the highest it had ever been at 56. 56.


It didn’t take much to find her first period, being that it was one large building, and the halls mostly separated by grade. Nicole’s first period was advanced chemistry, and was seated by a boy clearly uninterested in knowing her. He already had his book flipped open, with his headphones in muttering as he scanned the pages. The boy was scrawny, honestly. Even with the heavy coat he wore, his stature was small. His hair wildly unkempt, and overall kinda nerdy.


Nicole flopped her back pack on the desk as she sat down next to him at their shared table, at this he peered up. He quickly pulled out his headphones with a big grin, and stuck out his hand. “Hi! You must be knew, I’m Jeremy!” 


She merely raised an eyebrow at his offered hand, “Nicole.” 


Jeremy pulled his hand back, embarrassed. “Right, handshakes are weird.” 


Nicole laughed, “are they?” 


His anxiety seemed to melt at that, “I have no idea.” 


“Okay class, this is advanced chemistry, no this isn’t Hogwarts, and no I don’t know how to make a bomb…”


If Nicole thought that would be the weirdest class, she was severely underestimated Purgatory High. By far the weirdest class she had was her 3rd period before lunch, with Ms.Earp, the health teacher. The woman was late to class, first of all, they were all seated in their desks, thoroughly confused when the bell rang for class to start and the instructor was nowhere to be found. After about 10 minutes, a bottle clanked behind a desk with a muffled groan.


“Ugh, fuck.” A woman’s voice mumbled behind the desk.


The class stilled at that, and Nicole peered at the desk, leaning over to the side and caught a glimpse of a boot. What the fuck? The boot shifted over unsteadily, scuffing against the ground as the owner of it tried to get footing to stand up. Hands grasped at the desk, as the woman pulled up. She was a young woman, in a leather jacket, and jeans. Once up she leaned against the desk, and looked up. “Uhh, I meant frick?” 


A laugh burst from Nicole, and the woman merely peered over with a grin, before bringing her hands out in a bowing motion. “I’m Wynonna, and I will be your health teacher for this semester.”


The class whooped at that. After Wynonna’s scene, to Nicole’s relief the class went rather normally with a syllabus being passed out, and after that she merely slumped behind the desk and encouraged everyone to get to know each other until the bell rang. 


Behind her a group of jocks fussed behind her, scooting there desks around and laughing viciously, in the midst of the blocks of testosterone filled boys, a guy sat in the middle. He had some tattoos spanning his forearms, and had gelled back hair, and most disgustingly was meeting her gaze with a salacious smirk. Nicole felt the edges of her lips grimace at that, as she caught her eyes and gave her a slow once over. Her stomach turned, and looked away. If only he knew pal, she would rather kiss a rake than touch a gelled strand of his clearly unwashed hair. She could literally smell the axebody-spray from her desk a couple feet away.


“Hey are you going to try out for a male cheerleader, they have a sign up sheet, so they can try to make it to nationals this year.” A boy beside him asked, leaning forward in his desk.


“No, that shit is for fags.” Axe body-spray spat, crossing his arms.


Nicole crunched the syllabus in her hand at the term, as she eavesdropped. If only his axe body spray could cover his bigotry. 


“I'm just saying, bro. Lifting all those girls, get some mid air action, with those skirts.” 


Axe body-spray smirked at that, “I don’t need to be a fag-leader to get some action, besides sometimes Waverly wears the skirt during.”


The minute that came out his mouth, there was a shuffle at the front desk as Wynonna leaned forward. Wynonna’s mouth quirked down, clearly mad and disgusted. She opened her mouth for a moment, after a second, she closed it again before shaking her head. 


Nicole’s brow furrowed as she watched the change in Wynonna as she leaned back down into her desk. 


The boys laughed behind her again, all nudging the boy. “Champ, bro. I can’t get Chrissy to even do it with the lights on.”


Ah, Champ. Fitting for a boy who coats himself in body spray, and shitty flash tattoos. Nicole’s mind couldn’t help but wonder and poke viciously at the boy group behind her. In nature Nicole really doesn’t try to be vindictive, she wants to like people and be nice. In all honesty, she really just blames it on the teen hormones. Or maybe it’s just on the fact that, the guys behind her are just assholes.


“Nah, man. Waverly is a freak.” Champ boasted, puffing his chest out.


At that, the boys cracked up again. Nicole wanted nothing more put her head through the desk of maybe even test out how much pressure it would take to put a pencil through her hand. Honestly, Wynonna would probably let her. 


At the reminder of the teacher, Nicole looked up again and it seems like she wasn’t the only one eavesdropping. Wynonna’s face seemed to only get a deeper grimace as time went on, her own hand on the desk was curled. The ongoing war on her face looks to be lost, as she opened her to address the boys in the back of the room.


The bell rang.


As the class shuffled out, Wynonna stood up. “Don’t forget there is a sign up sheet for cheerleading, boys and girls this year. Don’t be a chicken shi- shirt. Don’t be a chicken shirt.” She called out, stumbling over the last sentence and picking up the sign up sheet from her desk and waving it at everyone leaving. She caught Nicole’s eye as she was walking by her desk, Wynonna inclined her head, raising her eyebrows at Nicole as she inched the paper toward her.


Nicole do cheerleading? Yeah right. Not only was she almost 6 foot, but she had the body of a teenage boy, and not to mention she enjoyed watching the cheerleaders, more than actually doing it. And that’s totally in a gay way, not just enjoying the art thing. As Nicole walked by she merely shook her head, and walked out.


The lunchroom wasn’t far off, merely down the stairs. If the school was small, the cafeteria itself was more like the gym, that was multi-purposed into the cafeteria. A couple different sets of tables, and 2 vending machines, truly the shining beacon for Purgatory High. Nicole ended up sending on the edge of the cafeteria with her brown bag in hand. Nedley in preparation for school had gotten a plethora of ‘lunch’ items. Nicole’s heart couldn’t help but warm up in appreciation at the sentiment, even though he got the most randomized lunch items she had ever seen. He got baloney, and cheese, and jam, with no bread. Nicole managed to make a rolled up cheese and baloney thing, with a little bag of pretzels, and a V8..?


Nicole only got a part way through her baloney and cheese roll, before a pair sat down at her table. Immediately she recognized the familiar face or Jeremy, and a random boy beside him. “Hey Nicole!” He greeted cheerily, putting his tray down, and discarding his backpack.


The boy beside him sat down with his own lunch bag and smiled at her. Jeremy was already picking at his plate and shoving fries into his mouth, before he realized the lack of introductions. 


“This is Robin.” He said through a mouth full of french fries.


Robin had the decency to look embarrassed for him, and nodded at her. “So you are new, here?”




Robin took the silence after that to berate Jeremy as he coughed heavily as he choked on a french fry. “Babe can you please be more careful, and eat like a normal person?” Robin sighed, silently handing over his water bottle for Jeremy to drink.


Nicole’s eyebrows rose at this. Babe? Her mind ran at that, for such a small town she hadn’t anticipated to fellow gays here. 


Despite Jeremy choking he seemed to catch on to this. “I was assuming you were okay with that considering..” He began unsurely, looking over at Robin to who looked away, “because you’re a lesbian?” Jeremy coughed out, shoving more french fries in his mouth.


The pretzel in Nicole’s hand snapped, she didn’t anticipate to be called out so fast. To be fair, she supposed, she couldn’t even attempt to act offended by the way she dressed and acted. The mountain hiking boots with jeans and a sweatshirt didn’t help her case. She let the pretzel fall from her hand, before clearing her throat. “Uh, yeah.”


The tension around the table dissipated immediately, like poking a hole in a balloon.


“Phew.” Jeremy breathed, “could you imagine if we got that wrong?”

Robin laughed at that, and set his hand over Jeremy’s on the table. “Honey, how could we be wrong with those boots she’s wearing?”


“Hey!” Indignation rose in Nicole, she loved her boots. They were good boots!


Her rage was cut short, at the static of a microphone cutting through the cafeteria. Nicole turned around at the noise, and was met with a full group of cheerleaders standing on the stage, and a smaller girl holding the microphone. The woman tapped it again, before bringing it to her lips.


“Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is having a good first day, and to make sure it stays this way. We have set up a demonstration by the cheerleading squad.If any of you didn’t know, this year we are welcoming male-cheerleaders, or really anyone who wants to join in on the fun!” The woman giggled, smiling prettily at the crowd. She twirled her hair nervously as she held the microphone before continuing. Wow, she was beautiful. 


“Anyways, we hope you enjoy and go Revenants!” 


The woman handed the microphone off to an attendee off to the side, before the cheerleaders started to get into formation. They all closed off into one single file line before the music started. As soon as the pop rang through the speakers, they began to bump their hips and and step forward. They picked up the pom-poms, before snapping their arms in one direction and then the other, before making a full turn around. Most importantly the girl at the front, who was speaking in the microphone, once turned around caught Nicole’s eye. The minute the girl smiled at her as popped her hip to one side as she danced to the music, Nicole’s gay heart couldn’t help but swoon. 


It seemed like every time Nicole thought she could look away, or the woman turned around, she managed to make eye contact again in smile. All Nicole could do in response is dig her nails into her jeans, and wonder if she is having a heart attack. Between such a beautiful girl dancing in such a short skirt, and looking at her at the same time, Nicole was a goner. It didn’t help that between her overwhelming smile, and mischievous eyes, but her long brown hair that was as much as part of the dance as her body.


God, Nicole was so gay.


And her gay heart was broken with the song ended with a fancy flourish of pom-poms. As everyone clapped around her, Nicole could only open her mouth and close it. The woman was smiling so shyly at the applause, looking around the crowd and catching Nicole’s eye for a moment more. 


If Nicole thought that would break her gay heart, then surely it was ran over when Nicole smiled back at the woman when there gazes caught again- and was ultimately broken by a man grabbing her by the waist and kissing her firmly on the lips. Vroom. A truck right over her pathetic heart. God, Nicole she smiled at you during a dance, stop being a U-haul lesbian. 


She couldn’t help berate herself as she looked away for a moment, and looked back again and recognized the man. 




Nicole’s mouth curled in disgust. It’s not only the fact that such a pretty girl like her was taken, but was taken by such a douche bag. That must be Waverly, her mind remembers from class early. In the same instance her mind sighs longingly. Waverly.


Beside her Jeremy was still clapping lightly. Robin could only sigh, and Nicole? Well she could only agree.


The mentality stuck until she got home. In an ironic tell of fate as she was met with Nedley’s cat, Calamity-Jane. Her hand run absentmindedly through her fur, as she went to her room. It was mostly empty, but ultimately it was hers. She had a room with her parents, but it never really felt like a room, because her parents were never home, and even when they were, they never really paid attention to her. At that rate her bedroom felt like a prison, and she herself held her own key. Ultimately Nicole knew at some point she outgrew that when she began sneaking out, which wasn’t even really sneaking out, because her parents didn’t care. At that rate she could walk out the door, at midnight and there wouldn’t be any fuss.


Nicole sighed as she laid down, Calamity-Jane beside her. Her mind ran through the days events, a win she supposes at making 2 friends. Her classes were fine, she really wasn’t that behind. Although, Nicole isn’t sure how she should feel about Ms.Earp’s class, especially about the troubling feeling that the teacher probably passed out drunk behind the desk. And the fact that everyone casually seemed to know that, but no one cared. Then there was Champ.


Fuck Champ, her mind decides.


Fuck Waverly, her mind hopes.


No, you useless lesbian.


God, Nicole. All she did was smile at you while she was performing. She wiped her hand frustratedly over her face as she thought about Waverly. She was so beautiful, and the way she smiled so happily, and genuinely. She was like her own walking sunshine, and Nicole couldn’t help but be pulled in. I mean, who could blame her for wanting to be around something that radiated so brightly.. And for that to be near such a shit bag. 


Nicole groaned again. 


She was going to get through this year without embarrassing herself, and then she was going to get the hell out of this town and do something with her life. Nicole couldn’t help but berate herself and her heart. You just saw her. You haven’t even met her, you creep. You are going to ignore Waverly, and the body axe aisle.


Nicole groaned again before sitting up, she peered over at the Stetson hat on her dresser with a thoughtful glance. What if she did talk to Waverly? Just so she can meet her and prove to her useless gay heart that it isn’t something to pursue, and she couldn’t be all that special. 


“A gay plan.” She agrees, mindlessly.




“A great plan, I meant damnit!” Nicole berates herself, running her hand through her hair. As she looks over again, her eyes catch over the stack of cards lying on the desk. She is up and over to the desk in an instant, flipping one over in her hand.


It was from a graphic design project she did a couple months ago, and she was so proud that she kept them. They were business cards of a profession of her choice, and she thought if she kept them, that she felt closer to getting there. The cards themselves weren’t anything distinct by any means, just her name, and other information. Nicole’s mind was made up. She would give one to Waverly and walk away, she would say hi and give her one, and it would be a joke. They would laugh, Waverly would say something to reveal her true nature, and then Nicole could get on with her gay life. 


Nicole’s thumb traced over the card.

                      Nicole Rayleigh Haught

                             Deputy Sheriff

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Nicole is a big fat liar, and she knows it too. That first night of school, she built herself up to make an introduction to Waverly and come that morning she didn’t go through with it. She managed to remember her graphic design card, and pocketed it, but forgot her stetson hat. When she got to school that day and saw Waverly in the halls briefly, Nicole nervously chalked it up to that she couldn’t introduce herself without the hat. That somehow the two were related. She knew she was chickening out, but every time she passed Waverly, her heart stuttered in her chest, palms sweaty, and ultimately would turn and walk the other way. Luckily, they don’t share any classes together since she is a senior and Waverly is only a junior. Because Nicole imagines she would walk right out of her class because of her stupid big gay heart.


It was two weeks Nicole managed to dodge Waverly in the halls, and even sometimes at lunch when Waverly would stop by her table she sits at with Jeremy and Robin, to say hello to the boys. The minute she saw Waverly heading over, she would swing her back pack over her shoulder and be gone, her bagged lunch forgotten. The first time it happened, Nicole heard the boys confusion at her abrupt departure. Even later, Jeremy tried to investigate, assuming that Nicole just didn’t like her. Of course, when asked, Nicole couldn’t get the words out of her mouth, and merely made a half grunted noise, to which Jeremy took as an affirmative. The thought of it makes her heart hurt, because of it being the exact opposite. The fact that her crush on Waverly is so overwhelming that she merely just leaves, not being able to trust herself in a conversation with Waverly. Nonetheless with people who around, especially Jeremy and Robin, who would call her out.


Unfortunately, Nicole’s streak of avoiding Waverly didn’t last. It was the day before, on a Thursday that Ms.Earp let the class know that on Fridays class would be held in the gymnasium from now on. Something along the lines of a health class being insufficient without having some physical activity, and to bring some shorts. Thus how Nicole found herself that Friday, uncomfortably in gym shorts with the rest of the class. Upon arrival, it seems that they would ultimately be sharing the gym with the practicing cheerleaders. Once Nicole registered this, she could feel the world ending around her. It wasn’t just her worst nightmare, it was the worst gay nightmare. Especially when she caught sight of Waverly in her uniform when Wynonna began leading them through the stretches. 


Between each stretch Nicole would find herself looking back again at the cheerleaders, more importantly Waverly, more times than she could count. At times, she would be off track with the sets of stretches because of her, to the point that Robin took notice beside her, and would bump her with his shoulder and give her a look. And by the time they were doing laps around the gym, Robin especially took notice. 


“Cheerleaders, huh? That's your thing.” Robin whispers conspiratorially, jogging beside her with a grin.


Nicole internally groans. She can’t even blame him, especially with her obvious staring. She’s grateful that he didn’t quite pick up on which cheerleader he was staring at. 


“Uh, not really.” I mean, she was being honest. It wasn’t the whole squad she was looking at, just the one. Waverly.


The look Robin gave her, was unimpressed. 

“Okay. So are we going to ignore the fact that you did jumping jacks for 2 minutes before you realized we were doing sit ups?” He laughs, looking back at the cheerleaders himself.


Nicole's cheeks burned. She hoped it wouldn’t be to obvious since they were running, and hoping a natural blush was already on her face. God can you be any more obvious Nicole?


“So which one do you like? Chrissy? Paige? Ooh, all of them?” He questioned, listing more names as Nicole’s face grew more horrified.


“None of them!” Nicole began, “I am just merely interested in the sport..” She trailed off, attempting to be more assured than her tone.


“Uh huh.” 


“I am!”


“Okay.” He relented, but clearly not convinced.


Clearly embarrassed from the talk and being found out, Nicole steered herself away from the track, “I have to use the bathroom.”


The bell rang as she ran off to the bathroom.


“You better hurry so you aren’t late to class!” Robin called out behind her.


Like Nicole cared enough on being late to class, her cheeks still burned as she walked away from Robin and towards the bathroom. She couldn’t help but berate herself once she opened the door, and went to the sink. Immediately splashing her face with water. God, why did she have to be so obvious? What was she thinking by blatantly staring at Waverly? She just couldn’t help herself, she was mesmerized the first day by her performance, and a chance to see it again? She couldn’t pass that up. Even though Nicole went out of her way to avoid Waverly, but having her in the same room as Nicole was like an oasis in the desert. She desperately wanted to soak in her presence, even if it was on the other side of the gym. Even through Wynonna’s voice carrying over with instructions, she still managed to hear Waverly giggle sometimes, or pick out her voice in the chants. 


Although, she was definitely guilty for not only just wanting to look and be in Waverly's presence. Nicole grew hot thinking about Waverly in that cheer outfit. Long tan toned legs that seemed to go on for miles, Nicole's mouth grew heavy thinking about it. Especially when Waverly was doing jumps and spinning around, and the edge of her skirt would pull up from the force. Stop. Nicole halted her train of thought, she has a boyfriend. Not to mention Waverly would not appreciate you staring at her like a piece of meat. Nicole’s brain spun at the equal war in her head between wanting to respect Waverly, and wanting to be gay. She wanted to hold her hand, and wanted to see Waverly smile so prettily at her. Nicole’s heart lurched at the thought of Waverly’s smile, and she grasped harder at the edge of the sink.


She sighed. Stop being a useless lesbian, Nicole.


That was met with a scuffle in a stall behind her, and a feminine grown. Nicole spun around at this, shocked from thinking she was the only one in the bathroom. At the sound of Nicole’s steps from turning around, the woman groaned again before calling out. “Is someone out there?”


She recognized that voice. Waverly.


Nicole’s first instinct was to get the fuck out of there. She could walk the few steps to the door and be out of there in an instance, and continue her avoidance of Waverly. Just a few steps, Nicole- and then you’re out.


“Hello?” Waverly called again, scuffling around behind the door. 


Like a dog being beckoned, Nicole’s gay heart could only follow. Nicole found herself instead of walking the few steps to the door, she was walking those steps to the stall that Waverly was in. She peered down at the feet, and saw them spin around again.


 “Uh, yeah. What do you need?” Nicole answered.


A groan, and the sound of tearing fabric.



“Um?” Nicole called out uncertainty, getting closer to the door.


“I am kind of stuck, could you help me?” Waverly asked in a small voice behind the door.


Nicole couldn’t help but swoon a little bit. Then at the same time, raise with joy. Yes, she could help Waverly- 






“But, uh- you have to open the door?”


“Oh, right.” Waverly giggled. 


There was a brief moment that Nicole got of confidence before it was all torn down with the door being unlocked and swung open. Waverly stood there, half way out of her cheer uniform, with her skirt still on, but top caught over her head. Nicole could feel herself having a stroke. She has never had a stroke before, but she is sure this is it. Here she is being useless per usual, with Waverly in front of her bare midriff showing, and her partial bra, and Nicole can’t get her brain to function. It’s like a ping pong ball between looking at the exposed skin, and then shutting down again.


“Help me?” Waverly reminded.


“Oh, right.” Nicole stumbled, bridging the distance between them and unsuredly running her hands over the fabric and attempting to wrangle Waverly out of her shirt.


Once it was seen that she wouldn’t be able to get the shirt back over Waverly’s head, she realized she would have to just completely take the shirt off. Come on you useless lesbian, you can do this, Nicole’s mind encourages as she shuffles her hand foward and helps Waverly take her shirt off.


Waverly sighs dramatically as she whips it the rest of the way off with a dramatic flourish, before smiling shyly. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Nicole chokes out. Ultimately proud of herself for responding in a reasonable time with Waverly smiling at her.


“Thank goodness you were here!” Waverly says, turning back around to retrieve her other shirt and pulling it on.




“Oh my goodness, I didn’t even ask for your name!” Waverly blurts out.


Its now or never, Haught.


Nicole reaches in her pocket for the worn down graphic design card she kept in her pocket, in case she ever got the nerve to do it. She fiddles with it for a moment before handing to Waverly. Which was met with a look of confusion until she read it, to which the confusion quickly melted into a big grin. She looked back up at Nicole, before putting her hand out.


“Nice to meet you Officer Haught.” Waverly giggles, and Nicole can’t help but return the handshake.


Nicole's hand totally encompassed Waverly’s dainty-er one with ease, “You’re Waverly right?”


“Yup, Waverly Earp!” She answers, pulling her hand back.


“Earp?” Nicole couldn’t help but choke out in surprise. She was related to Wynonna? 


The surprise on her face Waverly matched with a secret smile of her own. “Yeah, Wynonna is my sister.”

Nicole opened her mouth, and closed it.


“Oh, I am just..” Nicole trailed off.


“Surprised?” Waverly asked knowingly, grabbing her bag from the stall and walking past Nicole who was still started.


“I’ll see you later, Haught!” Waverly called out as she left.


And Nicole? Well she was just gay.

Nicole didn’t manage to see Waverly again until that next Friday afternoon at lunch. The time between that Nicole managed to steal glances of Waverly in the halls between periods, hopefully. She felt more invigorated to bump into Waverly now that she had introduced herself to her. Not only did she manage it, but Waverly laughed- and enjoyed the graphic design card. Nicole could feel her own lips quirking up at the thought of the happiness filling Waverly’s face as she read the crumpled card Nicole gave her. Initially the day after, Nicole had geared up in anticipation to bump into Waverly, and she even practiced in her head in advance- but it never happened. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed.


That disappointment didn’t last long, Waverly made her way over on Friday and it took everything for Nicole to leap away from the table as she typically did. This time however to both Jeremy and Robin’s belief, she stayed. Nicole tried to make herself out to be as calm as possible, pretending to pick at her food as Waverly strolled up. Nicole could hear the blood rushing through her ears as felt the table give under from the weight of Waverly sitting down with them. 


“Hey, girl- how are you?” Jeremy greeted.


“Hey guys!”


Come on Nicole, you can’t just sit there and look down at your food. Waverly probably already thinks you’re weird, don’t fan the flame. Just look up, smile, say hello, and then you can leave. You can get your Waverly fix, and then be off. You got this, Haught. Nicole brought her head up, and was met with Waverly looking directly at her with a small smile.


“So you’re the mysterious woman who leaves her lunch here, Officer Haught!” Waverly declares, pointing an accusatory finger at Nicole, but smiling the whole time.




Robin beside them, gave her a look. “Officer Haught?”


Waverly laughed with glee, shuffling her back pack beside her and reaching into a few pockets before pulling out something with a flourish. Nicole quirked her brow, until she recognized the crumbled card in her hand. Oh no. Oh no. She could feel heat already rushing to her cheeks. But at the same time, could feel her heart swooning as she realized- that Waverly kept the card. After not seeing her for the last couple days, she figured it would end up in the trash. Not that she would keep it in her backpack no less. Looking even more crumpled than before, as if it had been held longer and fussed with.


Waverly handed off the card to Jeremy, who read it with raised eyebrows. Robin leaned over his shoulder to also look at the crumpled card, and looked beyond it at Nicole with another pointed look with a grin. “Nicole gave me this cute card after she helped me take off my shirt.” Waverly informed them, taking the card back.


It was like dropping a bomb.


“What?” Both Jeremy and Robin choked out, clearly surprised.


Please, please let the world swallow me whole, Nicole begged.


Even Waverly managed to look embarrassed at that one, and even through Nicole’s strife she couldn’t help but appreciate the blush rising on Waverly’s cheeks. She even look startled at her own sentence.


“She got her shirt caught on her head.” Nicole elaborated through burning cheeks, distracting herself away from the commotion for a minute and shoving a few pretzels in her mouth.


After that the conversation went easily. Nicole mostly just watched the trio talk amongst themselves, about mundane things, like the shared classes that Robin and her shared. At some points of the conversation Nicole could catch Waverly’s eye for a minute, and Waverly would flash her a smile. Each time, Nicole would look back down and try to slow her heart down- and the equally gay thoughts. Waverly was just so beautiful, and so happy. The pull to her was so inevitable that Nicole had to power through it by just keep shoving her mouth full of pretzels so she couldn’t participate in the conversation. 


Honestly, Nicole hadn’t eaten more pretzels in her life. A bad choice on her part to grab the full bag of pretzels because she was running late this morning and didn’t have time to pack a lunch. On the bright side, Nedley did get the hang of buying full lunch materials. She was proud of him, he managed to get bread this week for sandwiches and drinks for lunch that wasn’t an Ensure or a V8. Besides that though, she had nearly went through the full bag of pretzels as they talked. Nicole is pretty sure she could feel the salt from the pretzels giving her high cholesterol, but she kept putting more handfuls into her mouth.


“Hungry today, Nicole?” Robin jokes, watching her put more pretzels in her mouth. 


At that, the three of them turned to look at her, and all she could do was chew and blush. Damn you, Robin.


She merely nodded in response. 


Waverly laughed at that, before standing up and picking up her bag. “I will you see you guys later.” 


She turned to Nicole specifically, “And I will see you next period!” Waverly chirped, before walking off with a wave.


Jeremy snatched the bag of pretzels away from Nicole, and honestly she let him. She could feel a stomach ache brewing from all the pretzels she ate in such a short span of time. Robin looked at her, as if he wanted to say something. Nicole averted her gaze at that. She would not initiate that conversation.


“I am going to head to gym.” Nicole choked out, grabbing her bag and walking off.


Behind her she heard them fuss, before a “Nicole, this is the gym?” Jeremy yelled out behind her, thoroughly confused.




“Okay guys, before we start- I am assigning you guys a major assignment today.” Ms.Earp announces, tapping at her clipboard with her pin.


The class groans, and Wynonna’s grin grows wider.


“So, Mr.Holliday and I were reviewing the team numbers today- and realized that we don’t have the numbers to fulfill most of the teams for Purgatory High. That means, you guys aren’t being active in Revenant culture, and some statistics out there I am sure, that proves that you guys aren’t having a full balanced health .” Wynonna explains, pulling out some sign up sheets off of her clipboard and passing some sheets around to be passed off.


“So, I am requiring you to try out for one team. Just one. You will try out, and have the coach sign off on it. Also this is 40% of your grade this semester, so unless you want to fail, you better try out.” Wynonna finishes, which is met with an uproar from the class, and honestly for the first time, Nicole agrees with it.


This is truly her worst nightmare, she didn’t really do sports. While trying out didn’t mean you had to do a sport, but the fact that she would have to engage with some sort of coach, and perform in them- jesus. While she is tall, and lanky. Nicole knows she is kind of clumsy because of her limbs are so long. And there weren't many sports teams, other than football, soccer, for the season. Why couldn’t she try out for chess club or something? Maybe a gay club, like an GSA? She could definitely do a club like that.


Behind her she could her Champ grumbling. “What about those of us who are already in a sport?” He brags, puffing out his chest. The surrounding jocks around him agreeing.


Wynonna looked over at him for a moment, “try out for a different one, maybe soccer?” She tries faux-innocently.


“Soccer is for pussies, Ms. Earp!”




“Champ, why don’t you go ahead and give me 15 laps.” Ms. Earp, grits out.


“What? I am not-”


She cuts him off, “I am sorry? Did you think that was a choice? 15 laps, now.” She growls, brandishing her clipboard at him.


Oh shit. Nicole’s mind whoops. Mostly in pleasure at seeing Champ have to be put in his place. A newfound appreciation of Wynonna is had, honestly. It was like Christmas came early, to be honest. Most days she had to hear Champ behind her being an ass in class, and each time Wynonna takes an effort to overlook him. Today though, it didn’t take much for her to snap for the very first time. Which the class itself seems to take notice of, as they watch Champ go off around the track to start running laps. Wow.


“Robin, go ahead and lead the class through the stretches and then do 2 laps.” Ms.Earp instructs, looking off behind them.


Nicole turns around for a brief moment, seeing the cheerleaders behind them doing their own stretches. Although most importantly, seeing Waverly looking back over at them with an embarrassed face. Suddenly, it all clicked. Waverly seeing her boyfriend being punished by her sister, must be something.


The rest of the time went off without a hitch, after Champ went off to do laps. He ended up spending most of the class running them. Stretches went fast, and it was left with most of the rest of the time running the laps. Each time she went around the edge were the cheerleaders were practicing a pyramid, giving Waverly a small smile. It seemed like the longer it went on, the more unsteady the pyramid got, as Wynonna directed them to shift themselves within it to make it more sturdy.


By the time that Nicole came around again, she was exhausted on her last lap. She wasn’t the most fit person by any means, she was grateful that her metabolism allowed her to eat like she did and do bare minimum exercise. As she rounded the corner, she watched Waverly at the top of the pyramid, jerk to the side, before straightening herself out again and waving at Nicole as she got closer to the cheerleaders. The moment of distraction of Nicole waving back at Waverly, in which she got more excited was all it took.


Waverly shifted to the side, as she waved more excitedly, which turned out to be a big mistake and she tipped back unsteadily as the girl beneath her crumpled under her weight. It was almost in slow motion to Nicole, as the base beneath her stumbled into the other girl. In that moment, Waverly's foundation underneath fell out, she fell forward- and Nicole in a brief moment of panic jolted forward as she watched the pyramid fell.


Nicole managed to stride fast enough in time, paired with her long limbs to catch Waverly as she fell of the pyramid. In the moment of panic, it’s just Nicole’s gay luck, that she caught Waverly bridal style. As when Waverly went to fall, she immediately resumed a position that would be for her to be able to be caught. And well it worked. Waverly wasn’t heavy by any means, but with the adrenaline rushing through her veins at watching the disaster happen, she didn’t notice Waverly loop her hand behind Nicole’s neck as she was caught.


“Nice catch!” Waverly breathed out, tightening her hold around Nicole’s neck as she looked up at her.


And Nicole? She shut down. Her body and mind finally catching up to the fact that she was holding Waverly. She was so small in her arms, and this close to her she could smell her perfume. God, Nicole is sure her gay heart just stopped.


“Uh yeah.” Nicole mumbled, leaning her weight to her other arm to let Waverly down to the ground to stand on her own.


And the moment was ruined, with her being shoved out of the way by the body-axe aisle, them self. Champ shoved her out of the way as he ran over, and engulfed Waverly in a rough hug.

“Are you okay baby?” He murmured, sliding his hands over her rather inappropriately for the amount of people watching them.


Nicole felt her lip curl at the scene, but it smoothed into a small smile. As she caught a look at Waverly’s annoyed face over Champ’s shoulder. The smile only got wider, as she watched Waverly detach herself from her, before turning back to Nicole and grabbing her hand.


“Thank you so much for catching me, I don’t even want to think about how much that would have hurt for me to hit the floor.” Waverly thanked her genuinely, squeezing Nicole’s hand as she thanked her.


Eat that, Champ. 


“Yeah, thanks so much for catching my girlfriend .” Champ added, wrapping his arm around Waverly. 


“You know, you should try out for the male cheerleader position, the lack of hesitation you had to catch me was incredible, and you didn’t even stumble under my weight.” Waverly gushed.


“She has a point, Haught.” Wynonna said behind them, observing the scene. 


Uh, hell no. What was worse than a sport, would be doing a sport that involves her catching and holding pretty girls, especially ones like Waverly. She is pretty sure she would have a stroke the first day of practice and would proceed to make an absolute fool out of herself. Yeah, absolutely not, she would not try out. 


Waverly pulled at her hand harder, batting her eyelashes at Nicole, with the biggest puppy dog face she has ever seen. “Please?” Waverly begged.


Damn those eyes.


“Uh babe, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Champ intervened, clearly looking displeased at the development of this.


And that, that’s what did her in. She would bury herself into gay trouble, not only because Waverly said please, but because now she knows it would piss Champ off. She could suffer for that, honestly. The sick pleasure she would get of knowing that it would make him mad, yup. Especially with the bonus of being close to Waverly? Be still gay heart, we are going in.


“Uh, sure.” Nicole said, digging her own grave knowingly.


“Yay!” Waverly cheered, breaking out of Champs slung arm to give Nicole a hug.


Nicole’s heart wheezed at the contact, oh god- she was so fucked.


Waverly pulled back after a moment. “Okay, tryouts will be tomorrow after school, and I will see you then!”


So much for staying away from Waverly, you useless lesbian, Nicole groaned to herself.


Chapter Text

It was safe to say, Nicole was not ready. Being that it was Saturday and there was no school, she found herself alone outside the gym practically having a stroke. What was she thinking? She got caught up in Waverly's smile and wanting to piss Champ off. Nicole rode that high for a better part of the day, until she got home and realized that she now actually had to go through with it. Which, god damn it. Not only is she not physically fit, but she is rather uncoordinated. So not only was she going to embarrass herself, but she was going to completely embarrass herself in front of Waverly. Because not only did she not have a chance because for starters, she didn’t think the head cheerleader would be gay, let alone bisexual. Especially when she had a jock boyfriend, and Nicole was, well Nicole. 


She knew she wasn’t ugly or anything, but she mostly resembled a teenage boy with her stature. Maybe she could lift some weights and get defined? Other than that, her face was okay, and she had good hair. If they were into redheads at least. Most of the time her braid was in good order, well sometimes. Her clothes? Well, it outed her. I mean, to be fair she enjoyed khaki shorts and hiking boots. She loved the outdoors. Regardless, of all that- it led her right outside the gym door, and honestly she wonders for the last time if she could just leave as she opened the door. 


Immediately she was met with the sight of Waverly talking to the coach, that was.. Wynonna? Nicole doesn’t know how this piece of information slipped from her knowledge. Although that explains why she was so insistent on people joining the cheer squad. 


The door slammed behind her, to which she cringed.

The whole room turned around to look at her. Great.


“Nicole you made it!” Waverly cheered from across the room, and made her way towards Nicole.


Oh no. Nonono- Nicole was not ready for this at all. She could hear the blood rushing through her ears as Waverly got closer and wrapped Nicole in a hug. Nicole wheezed. While Waverly was a good amount shorter than her, Nicole’s arms came around to her shoulders in a weak attempt to hug her back. Nicole applauded herself silently as she managed a normal response while freaking the fuck out. 


Waverly pulled back and smiled brightly at Nicole. “You made it!”


“Yeah.” Nicole mumbled, still brain dead from the physical contact.


“Great!” Waverly chirped, dragging Nicole over to where the other cheerleaders and Wynonna stood. 

Nicole felt her nerves pick up as she was brought over to the cheerleaders, but felt oddly comforted with Waverly’s hand in hers. Which, Nicole doesn’t want to linger on right now, with their hands intertwined. She just wants to stomp on her gay heart, right now. That is practically declaring her love at a simple hand hold. Stop being gay!


“Hey, Haught.” Wynonna greeted, as she looked down at her clipboard, before instructing the other cheerleaders to lead through some stretches while they did the try out.


Nicole couldn’t help but thank some entity for the fact that they wouldn’t all be standing around and watching her try out. 


“So it’s just going to be me and you doing some basic lifts, because you didn’t have time to learn a routine, okay?” Waverly asked hesitantly, taking notice of how nervous Nicole seemed.


Nicole could only nod, taken back at Waverly’s consideration. She might of swooned, at Waverly's soft voice- she did, dammit.

“Okay, so first things first. You are going to act as a base, Haught. This typically means you are going to be supporting a flyers weight, which is Waverly. Although, because pyramid and things requiring a minimum of 4 bases, we are going to stick to 1 base and 1 flyer for simpler tricks that aren't as dangerous. We are going to start out with a basic lift. Waverly go ahead and show Nicole.” Wynonna instructed, flipping through her clipboard as another woman came up to Wynonna with blonde hair.


Nicole would of taken more time to investigate the pair in front of her, but before she could get a chance to Waverly was in front of her speaking. 


“Okay, lifts are pretty easy. You are just going to bring me up to about to your chest level and then set me back down.” Waverly rambled, before turning around and grabbing Nicole's wrists and setting them on her waist.


Nicole’s brain desperately tried to catch up, as Waverly instructed to her further. “Okay, so you are just going to make sure to lift with your legs and get a good grip on my waist and lift up.” 


Nicole was grateful that Waverly's face was turned away from her, and that ultimately was blushing at the back of her head. Although from this position Nicole couldn’t help but admire Waverly’s full luscious hair- and her small frame. Nicole couldn’t help but drag her admiration further down. She was an ass woman, okay? And it was a good ass.


“Are you ready?”

“Yup!” Nicole choked out, feeling caught even though Waverly was turned the other way. 


It was pretty simple, Waverly wasn’t all that heavy, and so the lift went with easy. They ended up doing that a few more times, to which earned Nicole a few giggles. As they might of gotten out of hand and she lifted Waverly much farther than she should, and even Nicole herself laughed along as Waverly kicked out her feet. After that, they did a few more different types of lifts, and even a couple different cheer/dance moves so that they could be in rhythm with each other. Every time she was spun around and caught joyous face, she could feel herself getting further and further entrapped into Waverly’s thrall, whether she knew it or not.


Honestly? Nicole kind of even forgot she was in a room full of people, while she was messing around with Waverly. They were still doing what they needed to do, but maybe not the most professionally. Nicole wouldn’t consider herself a silly person, but she couldn’t help being one with Waverly. She just managed to pull out all the silliness in her, as well as happiness. It was super lame and she knew it too. Harboring such a dangerous crush on a woman who was kind to her. Although, she knew she wouldn’t be inappropriate about it, but it still didn’t stop her heart from yearning as she laughed with Waverly as she did a ridiculous dance.


“I knew you were special, Nicole.”

Nicole laughing, cutting short as she blushed. “What do you mean?” Nicole asked, as the bubble they had together was popped.


“You seemed sort of aloof, all the time. I knew that wasn’t true when you gave me your business card.” Waverly giggled, encouraging to Nicole to lift her up again and pivot to the side.


“Did I?”


“I mean, to be fair, you ran from your table every time I came around.” Waverly pointed out, well more like called her out.


Nicole was pretty sure she was going to pass out with all the times she had blushed today, and right now was no exception. Waverly went to turn around, probably to confront her. But with Nicole’s blush so inflamed on her cheeks, she picked her up again and pivoted her to the other side as Waverly wiggled against her with a “hey!”.


“I didn’t run away, I just had things to do!” Nicole defended, lamely. Letting Waverly out of her grip, so she could turn around.


“Things to do, huh? And they only needed to be done when I came around.” Waverly mocked playfully, jabbing a finger at Nicole.


Nicole opened her mouth, tongue heavy in her mouth as she desperately tried to think of an excuse.


“Is this our new base you said you found?” A woman said beside them, standing with a grumpy looking Wynonna. 


“Yeah, Lucado. This is Nicole, she is a new senior here, and she has the upper strength and stature to be a main base.” Wynonna growled out, motioning to Nicole.


Nicole’s confusion rose, as she looked between the women who were equally annoyed with each other. She caught Waverly’s eye, who smiled secretly at her. The woman, Lucado, gave her a once over for a moment before nodding. Lucado took another look at the clipboard in front of her before passing it back to Wynonna.


“She’ll do. Although you still need 2 more bases, Wynonna.” 


And that was that of Lucado, she walked off and left Wynonna in front of the two of them. Nicole glanced at Wynonna’s face, which was twisted in anger. She breathed for a moment before snapping a paper out of her clipboard and handing it to Nicole.


“You’re in, just make sure to go home and get this signed by your parents, and get a physical done and we will see you next week.” Wynonna explained, before shuffling off.


Waverly cheered beside her.






Nedley's eyebrows rose at the paper he inspected before him. It was honestly the most emotion she had ever seen on his face. She watched his eyebrows continue to rise on his face, as he finished reading the cheerleading sign up paper in front of him. She couldn’t blame him to be fair, she didn’t expect this from herself either, and is honestly surprised as well. And she couldn’t just be like, don’t worry I am surprised too. That she couldn’t just outwardly say that she is just doing this for a cute girl, because she doesn’t think he knows she is gay. Which Nicole doesn’t think he would mind, but at the end of the day she just wants to avoid that awkward conversation with him. Although she does have an inkling Nedley does know just because she might emanate it in waves. She just wishes it was big dick energy.


“So, uh cheerleading, huh?” Nedley chokes out, before grabbing a pen and scribbling his signature.



“I didn’t know you liked cheerleading.” He continued, handing the paper back to her.


“I didn’t either.” She answered, honestly. 


“Well, huh.” Nedley mumbled as Nicole took a seat beside him. He was still in his police uniform from the day.


“You’re telling me, but I figure I might as well as get involved.” Nicole explained, looking over as Nedley took off his hat and started picking off his gun belt and badge.


He grunted at that.


“So uh-”


He cut her off, as his belt thumped on the table. “No, I have heard from your parents.” He sighed, patting her hand awkwardly in sympathy.


Nicole would've guessed that, but it still hurt anyways. She knew there was going to be no fuss for her to move in with Nedley, but she thought at the least the would miss her, and try to contact her. She has been with Nedley for a month now, and nothing. No phone call, no letter, no attempt at contact. Nicole could feel her eyes water for a moment, but squeezed her eyes shut to stop it from falling. 




Nedley at this grabbed her hand and squeezed for a moment, in his attempt at comfort. She did really appreciate him, she remembers before she moved in that her entire life that he had gone out of his way to spend time with her. Nedley used to take her fishing, both of them settled in a small canoe, with a fishing pole that was twice her size, as they sat in silence and drank Cokes and ate baloney sandwiches. Those were one of her fondest memories as a child, the small times she would spend with him, rather that be spending the night, going hunting (which was more sitting in the bushes than actually shooting anything). In some ways, he felt more like her parent than her actual parents ever did. Her parents always seemed so enamored with something else that they didn’t spare the time for her. While Nedley, he tried to do things to spend time with her, even when that was his only free time. Nicole couldn’t help the roll of affection that went through her as she glanced over at Nedley that was sipping his whiskey as he read the newspaper.


He piped up after a moment, “Why don’t we go out to Shorty’s for dinner tonight so celebrate?” 


Nicole smiled at that. Truly this man, was the best thing she had in her life. Although, in the month she has been in Purgatory, she hasn’t taken much time to go out into the town and see what’s there. The most she has been to was the general store, and the high school. Nicole supposes that she should get out to the town, and familiarize herself with it. That way she could get a job as well, so she isn’t just mooching off of Nedley. She knows he wouldn’t mind, but she would. Besides, she needs to start setting herself up to move on with her life, because it’s her senior year.


“Sure, I’ll go get my jacket.” Nicole agrees.


Like everything in this town, the wild west theme applies to Shorty’s. At first, Nicole wasn’t too impressed with the infrastructure and the scenery especially coming from a big city. Now looking up at Shorty's, it’s almost familiar. Something about the chipped paint on the wood, and the creaky panels, it felt more homey. She followed Nedley up the stairs, and into the building.. Which turned out to be a bar? She felt confused, as she looked at the bar, and some of the drunkards wobbling on their stools.


“They serve good food here.” Nedley said, as he brought them around the bar to a table.


Nicole nodded as she sat down, and looked around. Nedley shuffled across from her laying his hat on the table as a patron recognized him and waved. The bartender passed by, and set him a whiskey on a table before patting him on the shoulder.


“Hey Sheriff, Waverly will be by to take your order in a minute.” The woman greeted, inclining her head at Nicole in a fashion of what would you like to drink?


“Just a water is fine.” 


“Thanks, Rosita.” Nedley gruffed, taking a sip of his whiskey as she walked off.


It took a moment before it hit. Waverly? Oh god, she is the waitress here? Of course she would be in this small town. Don’t let your gay show, Nicole. Especially in front of Nedley, you useless lesbian.


As if the universe could respond, Waverly was at their table in an instant with Nicole’s water, and was setting it on the table. 


“Hey, Nicole!” Waverly greeted, setting their menus on the table.




God damnit, Nicole.


“Hi Sheriff, how are you?” Waverly asked, turning to Nedley with a smile. 


Nedley smiled back, well as much as Nedley could smile. “I’am good, how is your aunt?”


“Gus is doing well, she wanted me to tell you the next time she saw you, that the new patrols are working out.” Waverly said, looking back at the both of them.


Nedley grunted at that before passing his menu back to Waverly, “I’ll just get the cheeseburger with fries.”


Waverly whipped out her notepad in an instant while taking the menu, before turning her attention to Nicole. “For you?”


Shit. Nicole wasn’t prepared, she was too busy gawking at Waverly in her Shorty uniform. Which was entirely unfair, why do all of her outfits have to always show the full expanse of her legs, and a portion of her midriff? At this rate, the world just likes dooming Nicole.

“I’ll just get the same.” Nicole coughed out, shoving the menu a little too forcefully into Waverly’s hand.

There was a knowingly twinkle in Waverly's eye as she walked off with their menus.


“That’s good that you are making friends.” Nedley piped up beside her.






“I was worried about how well you would mesh here, especially coming from the city.” He murmured, taking a deep sip from his glass.


“Me too.” She answered honestly. 


Nicole wasn’t too sure on how well things would work out once she moved to Purgatory. She took that risk knowingly, hoping for a better situation which Nedley. It wouldn’t of been too terrible to not have friends, but she is glad she has some. Nicole supposes that Waverly is her friend, despite her heart desperately raging against that. Besides that she still has Robin and Jeremy. She does have a pretty good life here now. Nedley cares about her, she has friends, she goes to all of her classes, and now she is even involved in a sport. While she doesn’t really want to be apart of it, she is almost glad that she is in it. Even though she is pretty sure she is going to have a gay stroke by the end of the season.


“Thank you for letting me move in with you.” Nicole murmured earnestly, looking up at Nedley who was surveying the bar.


The minute it was out of her mouth, he jerked towards her in surprise.


“Of course, you are always welcome.” He answered firmly.


His firm response filled her with a rush of affection. He smiled at her, which he returned. The moment was nice, until he immediately when he cleared his throat and awkwardly looked away. Nicole couldn’t help but laugh out loud, of course Nedley would make the moment and break it instantaneously


“Here you guys are!” Waverly chirped, appearing at their table with plates in hand. She set them down with a flourish.


“Thanks.” Nicole said, shuffling awkwardly in her seat.


“Is there anything else I can get for you-” Waverly was cut short from a loud clash behind her.


The two men at the bar shuffled, as they pushed at each other. In an instant the other one was on the ground, as the other punched him in the face. It sounded through the bar with a crunch, and was following the man down as he getting punching him. The man underneath him, guarded his face and kicked out, and struck the man in the stomach.

Waverly screamed at the commotion and Nedley was up in a moment and over there in an instant to break up the fight. Rosita behind the bar, was cursing profanities at the pair. Everyone else in the parlor didn’t seem impressed with the commotion, as if they were used to it. As the pair rolled on the floor in a vicious brawl. Nedley approach them with his taser and in a quick motion, and hollered.


“If you two don’t quit, you both will be leaving here flopping like a fish!” 


And, nothing changed. Nicole watched as Nedley brought down the taser in a smooth motion and tazed both of them in a matter of seconds. Immediately the brawl was over, and they laid sprawled on the floor jerking unsteadily and groaning in pain. Nedley merely sighed at the both of them before taking two different sets of handcuffs and applying them to each encumbered man.


“This is the second time this month, Xaiver, and the 5th time for you Doc. I let it go last time, but you guys are going to the station this time to sleep off the alcohol.” Nedley grunted as he hauled both men up.


The both of them had the decency to look embarrassed as the whole bar watched them get arrested. Honestly, Nicole didn’t know what to think watching two full grown men being scolded like children by Nedley. She couldn’t blame them, especially with one looking like they came from the Wild West, and the other like a G.I. Joe. 


“They are probably fighting over Wynonna again.” Waverly grumbled beside her.


Nicole looked over with a confused face, Waverly only responded by sitting heavily in Nedley’s abandoned seat and shaking her head. 


“I’ll be back in a few, I just have to drop these guys off at the station!” Nedley yelled, leading the two men out the door.


“Do you think he will mind?” Waverly asked, motioning to Nedley’s food.

Nicole didn’t and with any excuse for Waverly to spend more time with Nicole. The fries would just have to take the sacrifice, sorry Nedley. Nicole shook her head, as she took a sip of her water.


Waverly didn’t waste any time before eating some fries. Nicole couldn’t help but smile. Something about such a small woman with such a small frame, shoving fries in her mouth, made Nicole laugh. Although, Nicole figures she would like anything Waverly does.


“Are you excited for cheer?” Waverly asks in between bites of fries.


“Uh, I guess.” Nicole answers, taking a bite of her own burger. Trying to be as careful as possible. She wanted to give a good impression to Waverly, and that does not include ketchup being all over her mouth from a cheeseburger.


“You shouldn’t be worried. You will do fine.” Waverly dismisses, motioning for Nicole's water with a raised brow.


She wants a drink of my water? Nicole nods hastily, while chewing.


Waverly smiles gratefully before reaching over and taking a drink of Nicole’s water before answering. “Yeah I think you’re going to do great, especially with the amount of upper strength you have, and you’re really tall.” Waverly almost says flirtatiously .


Excuse me? Nicole chokes on her bite for a moment at the tone of Waverly's voice. Nicole must be going delusional. Thats it, she is just projecting her gay on the conversation. Like Waverly would be flirting with her, that’s insane. Nicole decides she is just going to skip over that comment, even though she desperately wants to flirt back. Although, if she does- and it doesn’t take, she will throw her gay ass off a cliff, and she doesn’t want that to be her plan on a Saturday night.


“I am just worried of being behind, since I am new to the sport and all.” Nicole elaborates, leaning back in her chair.


Waverly keeps munching on her fries, with a thoughtful face. “If you wan’t, I could help you. We could have seperate practices.” She begins, chewing some more, “that would be super fun!”


Uh, that would not be super fun. Actually, that would overload Nicole’s gay system. 


Waverly seems to grasp her hesitance, but pushes forwards anyways. “Come on, Nicole! It would be fun, and you could get extra practice and we could hang out!” Waverly cajoles, grabbing her water out of her hand to take a drink.


Nicole’s brain is fried. She’s dead and gone, and she should of planned on taking that Saturday night to throw herself off of a cliff. Nicole is going to have to take control of the situation and provide herself some distance from Waverly, so she can control her gay self. Come on, Nicole you can do it just say no.




“Sure, sounds gay.” Nicole chokes out. 


The minute its out, she is sure she is going to throw herself off a cliff. 


Abort! Nicole you fucking idiot.


“I mean, sounds great.” Nicole repeats, stumbling through the sentence. She is going to have a heart attack for sure. This is it for her.


Waverly only laughs in response, before putting her hand over Nicole's, and standing up. She takes a moment before patting around her waitress apron before brandishing her pen and scribbling something on Nicole’s hand. Waverly finishes in a moment before putting Nicole’s hand down, and then scampering away with a “Bye, Nicole!”


Nicole’s mouth falls open as she looks at the numbers scribbled on her hand. Waverly's phone number. Oh my god. Was she flirting?


Nedley huffs beside her. “Hey are you ready to go?” 




“Hey, who ate my food?” He grumbles, looking down at his plate.

Chapter Text

The drive home with Nedley was anxious at best, for her part she was practically vibrating in her seat. The hand with Waverly’s phone number tucked beside the door, while Nedley grumbled beside her about the two men he took to the station. If Nicole was attentively listening, she would know which was which, and the exploits they have had over the month. Although, to be honest, she didn’t care at all. With the sharpie sprawled on her hand, and her heart in her stomach with anticipation she truly wonders if Waverly was flirting. It was the fact that she came and sat at the table with Waverly, and ate with her. Does that mean it was a date , her heart flutters. No, it wasn’t a date and you know it Nicole. The minute she dismissed the thought, her mind reminds her of the shared drink.


Friends share drinks right? But there was something meaningful about drinking after Waverly, especially sharing the same straw. And then comment of her stature, and her giving Nicole her phone number. If she thought her gay panic was bad before, with all this new development- she is practically falling apart at the seams. Her mind can’t help but wonder if it was an actual date, that Waverly in a beautiful dress- and she could pull out her chair, and give her a freshly picked flowers. That maybe afterwards she could walk Waverly to her door, and give her a sweet kiss. Nicole could feel her cheeks heating up, and looking over at a grumbling Nedley, as if he could hear her thoughts. The minute the car is parked, she is up and out of the car in an instant and running inside with a brief yell.


“Thanks for dinner, I am super tired- Goodnight!” Nicole sputters, jogging off.


The instant she was in her room, she immediately went to scribble on her hand in eager anticipation before she remembered her error.


She doesn’t fucking have a phone.


Her dumb gay luck.




“Sooo.” Jeremy drags out beside her, with a devilish grin.


“No.” Nicole responds immediately.


“What? Come on!” He grumbles, elbowing her as he looked purposefully away from him as they were supposed to be working on their assignment. 


After Nicole’s shitty weekend, she didn’t want to come back Monday morning to be met immediately with Jeremy’s pestering. She loved him, but right now- she was built up so tightly, that she doesn't trust herself at being prodded. Nicole was honestly really annoyed that she couldn’t text Waverly. Then she didn’t help herself by thinking of Waverly assuming that she didn’t want to text her. Which, honestly, she really did. She was almost tempted to walk down stairs and borrow Nedley’s phone. Almost. Until she thought about what kind of flip phone he had, and if Waverly texted him when she wasn’t around- it was overall just a bad situation she didn’t want to deal with. For sure one thing was apparent from this weekend- she needed a job. While her heart was mostly encouraged on the prospect to text Waverly, but she knew she needed one anyways to get a car and the works.


Although, she didn’t have a clue on what job to get considering the towns population is maybe at the max 500, with only a handful of business. She wonders on what kind of jobs would be around, and even if she would want to get one of them. Nicole briefly considered getting a job out of town, until she realized she had no transportation. Gay blocked by a lack of phone, she couldn’t believe it. Is it considered blocked if she was crushing on a straight girl? Ugh.


“So, I hear you made the cheer team.” Jeremy says, breaking the peace around, like a sledge hammer breaking glass.


God fucking dammit, Jeremy.


Before you could consider an actual reply, you shushed him immediately before looking around the classroom. Which, was no use because they were actually doing their assignment, as they should be doing. Jeremy raised his eyebrows at this, clearly confused.


“You do realize that it’s not a secret right? Because you have to perform in front of people.” He points out, tapping his pencil mindlessly on the desk as he turns back to the paper for a moment.


“I know.”


“I see that Waverly got to you, she is really insistent- and scary when she wants to be.” Jeremy laughs.


The only scary part about Waverly, is how scary gay she makes Nicole. Although, she is grateful that Jeremy’s flippant behavior lets Nicole go undetected under Waverly’s influence. Nicole wonders on her outward gay, if it’s acceptable. She almost laughs at herself at the outrageous-ness of that thought. Like there could be anything more forward than her khaki shorts.


Apparently that was false. The most forward thing in this world by far is Waverly Earp. There was no respite for Nicole, as she hadn’t seen Waverly all day and thought she was off the hook- right up until she sat at her lunch table with Jeremy and Robin and was met with an irritable Waverly. The minute she got sight of the turned corners of her lips, she considered fleeing, as she looked over beside her and saw Robin’s equally confused face. Uh oh.


“You!” Waverly barked, planting a rather firm finger on Nicole’s sternum.


Gay. Gay. Gay.


“Why didn’t you text me?” She continued angrily, prodding her finger again at Nicole’s sternum, almost painfully.


While Nicole’s gay mind tried to catch up, she looked over at the pair beside them, who quickly looked away at the scene. Cowards!


“Uh..” Nicole began uselessly, desperately willing her dumb gay head to work.




“I, uh- don’t have a phone.” Nicole murmurs, almost embarrassed. What kind of teenager doesn’t have a phone?


At that, a portion of Waverly's frustration melts from her face at that. “Wait, really?”


“Yeah, I just moved down here with Nedley, and haven’t gotten around to getting a job so I can get a phone.” Nicole explains, scratching nervously at the back of her neck. She looks over and sees that Jeremy and Robin are clearly now paying attention to the conversation. Damn.


Waverly looks at her for a moment in sympathy. “That’s okay, we can fix that!” Waverly decides, smiling toothily at Nicole. 


“We can?” Nicole chokes out, confused. We?


“Yup! You can be a trainee at the Sheriff's station, and you’re in luck because your uncle is the Sheriff.” Waverly says, picking a fry off of Jeremys plate, which is met with a glare from him.


“Uh, how do you know that?” 


“Champ is a trainee there, he gets paid to file some paperwork, and watch the people in the cells. In this state, technically you can apply to be a deputy at 18.” Waverly adds, through a mouth full of fries.


Champ? Oh hell no. There was not enough money in the world. 


“No, I am go-” Nicole began, to which she was cut off by Robin.


“She’ll do it!” Robin intervened, looking at Nicole with a long stare. 




“Great! See you at practice!” Waverly said, before going off towards Champ.


Ugh. Fuck Champ. 




Nicole's whirls on Robin. “Why did you do that?” She growls, outraged. 


“Because you have a crush on Waverly.” Robin shrugged, sipping his drink.


Nicole’s mouth dropped open, because snapping shut. “I do not!” She defends.


Robin sighs at this, “are we really going to do this, Nicole?”


“Yes, because I don’t like Waverly!” Nicole growls, rubbing frustratedly at her face.


Lie, lie, lie.


“You know she is bisexual, right?” Jeremy points out, nonplussed at the two arguing, and popping some more food in his mouth.


Nicole feels like she has been punched in the gut at this information. She also couldn’t help the flutter in her stomach in equal measure. Hope. Stop, stop, you useless lesbian. Just because she could like a girl, doesn’t mean she would like you- and she has a boyfriend. Ugh. What a despicable one she had. Nicole briefly wonders if she could be happy with Waverly having a boyfriend, if he was a good guy. She is unsure if she could hold herself to that standard. 


“She has a boyfriend.” Nicole grits out, wanting the conversation to end. 


“Oh she does?” Robin mocks, leaning over closer to Nicole with his chin in his hand.




Robin quirks an eyebrow for a moment before raising his hands in defeat. “Fine, I’ll drop it. Just know that I think she could do better than Champ, and I think she knows that too.” 




And that’s the sentence that rolled around in Nicole’s mind all the way till cheerleading practice. Damn you, Robin. Despite Nicole being hopeful at the new development at Waverly’s sexuality, she couldn’t help but be irritated at it as well. The knowledge that Waverly was straight was what kept her crush on a leash, and kept Nicole from turning it into an infatuation at the thought that there could be a possibility that Waverly could like Nicole back. Which is also really taken out with a sledge-hammer when she remembers Champ. While it would seem that Nicole would nothing with the new development, she would- actually. Despite her wallflower nature, she does go for what she wants. But, not when what she wants has a boyfriend, because Nicole just isn’t like that. 


If Waverly was single, it might of been a different story- but Nicole has to accept the facts that she isn’t. Until she was single, Waverly was off limits. Nicole was going to try to rein herself in, because at the fact that there could be some returned feelings, and she can’t do that. Not that she would assume that Waverly would like her or anything, but she doesn’t want to lead herself on. As much as her gay heart tries to do that, she is putting her foot down and if she is going to be in this cheer squad and so near Waverly all the time. She is in charge.


What a fucking lie. Nicole ate those words, the minute she walked into the gym and was greeted with Waverly in a new uniform.


Fuck me. Fuck her.


Waverly smiled immediately at Nicole’s presence, and skipped over.


“Uh, where is everyone else?” Nicole says, clearly confused as she looks around at the empty gym.


“Oh, they had their first away game to cheer for, so I stayed back so we could get you up to speed.” Waverly waves off, fidgeting with her new uniform. 


She stayed back for her? Her heart wobbles. She stayed to train you, stop!


“Oh, okay. You’re uniform looks nice.” Nicole stutters out, trying to look appropriately at Waverly.


Which she was only human, okay. Those legs, and that ass- The winter version of the uniform, saved Nicole's life, by being a turtle neck. Truly if it wasn’t and Nicole had to deal with all 3, she would have been dead on the ground. Which would've been embarrassing, and poor Waverly would of been freaked out. Mouth to mouth ? Her mind hopes. Actually, that’s a lie, her whole being hopes. 


The smile Waverly flashes her at the compliment, killed her instead. An unseen strike on Nicole’s being, and god what a way to go. Waverly’s face flushed as well.  Is that a blush? Holy shit. Officer Gay, go in there! Nicole is goddamn it, she isn’t righteous. She is just a horny gay teen, and she doesn’t have the restraint to be anything else. With Waverly smiling at her in that uniform, she truly can’t be blamed. 


“Thanks.” Waverly murmurs shyly.


“You’re welcome.” Nicole can’t help but say so genuinely. Because, god damn, it looks good. And anything that makes Waverly smile like that a blush, truly is her pleasure.


“Oh! You have one too by the way.” Waverly remembers, dragging Nicole to the office.


Please don’t be a skirt. Please don’t be a skirt, please don't be a skirt. Nicole’s mind chants, as she is willingly tugged along behind Waverly.


It wasn’t a skirt, thank god. The pile of fabric was shoved in her hands by Waverly before being rushed off to change in an instant. Luckily, it was just some long sports pants with a stripe on the side, and just a regular top to match the colors with the cheerleaders. Which was truly a blessing in itself, Nicole couldn’t imagine a giant like her wearing a skirt, and then trying to toss Waverly around. Yikes, yikes, yikes.


Once she was out with her new uniform, Waverly smiled so innocently, before she put her to work. Honestly, Nicole had never worked so hard in her life. She has never been so grateful for Wynonna who only had them do a couple laps, and some stretches- not a full mile and some crazy yoga stances like Waverly made her do. Although, to be fair, Waverly could of said for her to stab herself in the leg and Nicole would smile at her before she did it. Because, she knows she is useless, okay? She knows.


Honestly, the practice wasn’t too eventful. What was eventful was Waverly dragging her off to Shorty's for dinner, insistent it was a “celebration” at Nicole’s first day of practice with her uniform. They didn’t eat in the diner part, per say- Waverly put in an order before she dragged Nicole upstairs to a separate part of the bar, while she went down to check on their food before coming back. Which, not only was Nicole confused at the fact of being brought to a small room above Shorty’s that looked like it was decorated by Waverly, but on wondering on how her plan of going home to take a nap- had suddenly spiraled to this degree.


“Your dinner! I got you extra pickles for your burger by the way.” Waverly chirps, laying a to go box on bed Nicole was sitting on uncomfortably.


“Thanks.” Nicole said, knowingly damn well she hated pickles. 


Waverly took a seat beside her, and popped her own to-go box open. 


“So, how do you like Purgatory?” Waverly questioned, fork full of food.


“It’s pretty good, a definite change from the big city.” Nicole says, trying to tastefully eat her burger, and also avoid the extra pickles on the box. Which was a waste anyways, her burger was chock full of them. She couldn’t take them out though, or Waverly would know. And Nicole doesn’t want that at all, she wants to bask into Waverly's thoughtful deed, even if it was wrong. 


“I can imagine- although, I have to ask. It’s just been on my mind, why did you agree to join the team? Not to be rude or anything, but you don’t seem all that athletic or even inclined to cheerleading.” Waverly rambled nervously, and after she finished her question, shoveled more food into her mouth. 


God dammit, Waverly stop calling me out. Nicole tries to be irritated at the call out, she really does. Especially with it not being the first time, but she can’t. She appreciates Waverly’s boldness, even when she is unsure. The question itself, draws Nicole further to her. Just because she did notice, Nicole. She noticed that she wasn’t all that involved, and even though Waverly really wants Nicole there, she still checked in. Damn, her gay heart.


Nicole herself took another big bite of her burger, to stall the question. Her mind tried to weigh the options of what she could say as she chewed. Although, after being called out often from Waverly, does she want to lie and be followed up with another call out? Nicole doesn’t believe that Waverly would swallow down a lie that Nicole told her, that much is clear. In that moment, Nicole grudgingly knows that she has to tell the truth, but to be fair she really doesn’t want to lie to Waverly either. She knows they aren’t in a relationship, but she doesn’t want to build what they have on lies, anyways. 


“Because you asked me.” Nicole shrugs, trying to play it off less than what it is.


Waverly stopped beside her, and stops fussing with her food to look at Nicole. Nicole looks unknowingly back, and with the way Waverly looks at her, it’s almost heavy in a way that Nicole doesn’t know. 


“You joined a sport you’re not interested in, just because I asked?” Waverly said in awe, continuing to stare at Nicole.


Nicole wiggled underneath the heavy gaze, she wanted to lean into it, but honestly she didn’t know what the hell was going on.


“Of course.” 


Waverly set her to go box beside her. “Why?”


“You just seemed really set on the notion, and you were really excited, and so happy and I couldn’t have imagined saying no.” Nicole reveals, scratching nervously at the back of her neck at being so open. What are you doing a Nicole?


And Waverly, her big moon-y eyes seemed to increase a tenth fold, and for a moment, Waverly leans forward.


Oh my god is going to kiss me? Nicole’s mind screams. The other part of her that is not freaking out, is chanting yes, yes, yes!


Waverly as she inclined forward, is still heavily looking into Nicole’s eyes. In the moment, so starstruck that Nicole finally catches on and can only meet her eyes with the same heaviness now that she can place the look. Nicole can’t help but lean forward herself, feeling the pull herself. She could hear her heart thudding in her eyes as she looked at Waverly and inched forward, in preparation to kiss her. Waverly’s hand was on the back of her neck, and Nicole knew for sure she wasn’t dreaming, she was going to kiss Waverly. She could smell her lip gloss, and knew in the next moment she was going to feel it.

Nicole pursed her lips, preparing her gay ass to be destroyed.


A jiggle at the door handle broke it instead. “Waverly, baby- are you in there?”


Oh shit. Nicole jerked out of Waverly’s grasp, horrified. That’s all the relief Nicole got before Champ opened the door with a confused look at the two women before him. That’s all that Nicole needed, to-go box forgotten on her lap, Nicole was up and shoving past Champ in a moment. She needed to get the fuck out of there, and get the image of almost kissing Waverly out of her head.


As she was hastily making her way down the stairs, she couldn’t help but berate herself for letting that happen. She has a boyfriend. Who almost caught you. Her mind couldn’t even process the fact that it now confirmed that Waverly liked her back, because frankly Nicole was shitting her pants at the prospect of almost kissing Waverly and being caught by her boyfriend. In another universe where she didn’t have a boyfriend, Nicole would of been upstairs kissing the life out of Waverly. She would smeared the lip gloss from her lips, and would of whispered sticky sweat assurances in Waverly's ear.  She would finally of felt the curves the cheerleading outfit emphasized-




“Nicole!” Waverly called out behind her desperately.



Nope, Nicole was gone. She pushed open the doors to Shorty and ran, and ran.