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You couldn’t resist. The woman wearing designer clothes that you had seen in magazines held her phone up to her ear, showing off what must be an eighty-dollar nail job. Yes, exactly your “type”.

You watched her passionately “speaking” to some poor soul end on the other line- not really listening because your eyes were on the prize.

Her purse.

She had put it down on a public bench, teasingly close to the alleyway you were peering from. It was nighttime. Perfect. An easy score that would keep you fed for days. Or so you thought.


You were supposed to be laying low, but your stomach and thinly layered clothes were beginning to protest. Making ends meet off of stealing from the wealthy: purses, shopping bags, etc. (Even those ridiculous fancy feathered hats! You would pluck them right off of their heads.) settled alright with your conscience. And they were petty crimes too; not smashing streets or bank robberies. Not enough to attract a lot of attention from heroes, right?

Everything went perfectly up until a couple weeks ago. Your quirk was perfectly suited for guerilla tactics. You could make yourself and anything you happened to exclusively touch that isn’t alive (like your clothes and loot) turn translucent. All that would appear to onlookers was your shadow.

But there’s barely any shadows at night… only from artificial light. There’s a time limit on how long you can remain “hidden” of course, but you’re fast and never seem to need the full time. Besides, no one has seen your face and you only work at night.

You have earned the nickname “Nightshade.  Most people who are stolen from, or are “lucky enough” to see your shadow, as you make your escape, think they are hallucinating as their belongings disappear into thin air, and “demon-like figures” appear on the walls.

But it turns out stealing from the rich isn’t a great idea in today’s ever-corrupt society.

It was a one-two punch.

Some influential wealthy people began to become paranoid over tales of you, and whined to some big-time hero agencies. You’ve even heard they left some “incentives” for your capture.

Secondly, you were once you were careless and released your quirk while a hero had been silently tailing you. Thankfully you were as paranoid as ever and wearing all black, including a hood, and a scarf wrapped the lower part of your face. So, all anyone really saw from that picture he stole is your intense (e/c) eyes and the fact that you’re an average sized woman.

But that picture had gained you some major publicity, as they now had a lead on “Nightshade”. And they realized your quirk and just how powerful it made you. You could be a true villain instead of just a pretty good pickpocket. But you didn’t hate the world that much to lose all of your morals.

You’ve been forced into laying low- but money is running out. You have to pay rent for your dingy studio apartment and pay for things like casual clothes and makeup so you can be presentable and pass as a normal person with a job during the day (when you weren’t sleeping, that is).

-To the Present-

You decided today was finally your day to go out again, and man were you lucky that you caught a sucker in the first five minutes of your prowl.

She turned her back to you and-


The purse was gone and you were translucent, and almost two streets away! You kept running- you wouldn’t run back home immediately in case someone was trailing you again and-

Suddenly you could SEE YOUR FEET!

Oh no-oh f*cking shit-


You were on the ground with something wrapped around your left ankle and the purse knocked out of your hands. You scrambled to your feet; simultaneously trying to turn translucent again, while grabbing your hidden switchblade and to try to cut off what you could now see, in the dim light of the alleyway, was thick grey fabric attached to something hidden in darkness.

Before you could try either, a man with swept back black hair, goggles, and what could have been a grey scarf (except some of it was wrapped around your ankle), stepped around the corner.

ERASER HEAD … I got caught by him, of all heroes!?

There was no mistaking it. It was the pro quirk-eraser. You knew he had made his debut spectacularly as a pro, with such a simple, yet powerful quirk mixed with excellent combat skills. You heard he had then gone straight into teaching and worked as a hero during his free time.

You had always had a good amount of respect for heroes like Eraser Head who actually stopped villains for the sake of good. It was the cooperate pros that pissed you off-and who you thought would come after you- a petty criminal.

He couldn’t have sold out to the cooperates… no…

Shota Aizawa… that was his name. And he’s famous for catching the worst of the worst… why the hell else would he go after someone like me?

“Better put that down before you hurt yourself.” Eraser Head casually flicked the fabric and it went towards your arm. With another fluid movement, your head slammed against the back of the brick wall, and your wrists were wrapped and above your head. All before you even heard your knife clatter against the ground.

Your head hurt. Screw it, so did the rest of your body. You were reeling in panic and cursed yourself for putting all your training into stealth and none into combat. Well, you never thought you’d get caught, let alone by a pro hero!

This is it… isn’t it?

Your head hung low, and you could make out the blurry black clothed man coming to stand right in front of you. You realized you were panting from the exertion and your anxiety.

“So… you’re the infamous… what do they call you? Nightshade…” he accused. It wasn’t a question.

You didn’t bother to pick up your head or answer, you were screwed anyway. Even if you could use your quirk, you were still trapped and completely out of your league.

“No answer, huh?” You heard bootsteps come closer and a hand cupped your chin, turning your face to meet Aizawa’s blazing red eyes. You stared and wondered why he had taken off his goggles. The intensity of his eyes was simultaneously amazing and terrifying. But the more you stared, the more you leaned towards amazing. As you watched his eyes move, you realized your scarf had fallen to your neck and your hood had gotten pushed back from when you got your ass kicked in the “fight”. Now, features completely exposed, you began to shake and struggle against your binds in reflex. His eyes lingered on your tattered black clothes, and when they met yours again, they seemed… softer?

“I think I overdid it… sorry about that” you barely heard him say.

The great Eraser Head took a handkerchief from his jacket and used it to wipe the blood (that you hadn’t even realized was trickling from your nose down to the ground) off of your face. It must’ve happened when you’d tripped earlier.

You made a strangled noise from the surprise and of him just touching you in a strangely intimate way in general.

What the hell? Isn’t he supposed to beat me up more and give me some speech about how I’m a disgrace to society like all heroes like to spout? Why is he apologizing and holding this weird look? Also why did I take notice of exactly how his hands felt? He just nearly killed me!

“…They had your quirk listed as ‘highly dangerous’” he muttered, “I expected you to put up more of a fight… but it looks like you are just a mid-class thief” he continued as he took a glance at the purse laying forgotten on the ground.

“Gee… thanks….” you barely sputtered out before tears started to trickle down your face. Your fear and confusion got the best of you. You didn’t care that you were making a weakling out of yourself in front of a hero. What does he want!? Why is he toying with me? Just bring me to the police to rot in jail already!

W-wait… don’t…” Izowa stuttered. You feel both of his hands on your face, thumbs wiping away the tears streaming from your closed eyes. You feel a soft pair of lips press lightly on your own. You head spins even more than you think physically possible at this point, and yet, you notice his light stubble and long locks brushing against your cheeks.

He pulled back abruptly, eyes wide, ending the kiss and the contact, seemingly startled by what he had just done. You were busy freaking out because you knew you were blushing and how could this day get any weirder!?

Normally if a stranger had tried to kiss you, you would be disgusted. But… well… there’s a reason you know so much about Erasure Head.

“I’m not going to hurt you anymore. You don’t have to be afraid of me.” You raised your gaze to look him in the eyes again, which had lost all sharpness but were still completely serious. You had stopped crying for some reason.

Aizawa moved even closer and whispered in your ear, as you shivered,“I’m not even going to take you to the station, okay? But I am going to bring you somewhere else. So, you better not try to run away on me, alright?”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. After all you weren’t really processing anything after a maybe-kind-of-attractive pro hero had just kissed you.

I’m not going to jail!? That’s impossible! There has to be a catch…

“W-where are you going to t-take me then?” you asked after you were able to catch your breath.

Eraser Head loosened his grip on your wrists so you were still bound but more comfortable, and were able to move your arms down from above your head to in front of you. The raven-haired man gently pulled you from the wall and took ahold of you, just above the elbow as he began to walk, and you had no choice but to follow.

“My apartment.”


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Your eyes opened gradually to stare at something white, and you began to feel cold and warm at the same time. Your body was aching, but laying flat on something soft…

After going in and out for a few minutes, you came to. You took in your situation: still in your black thief outfit, warm and soft from laying on a gray couch with a blanket over you, your head on a pillow. The cold was from an ice pack placed underneath your head.

Okay, I have no idea where I am- I have to keep calm.

First, injury assessment…my body feels like crap. Specifics. My head is pounding… you do a quick scan and flex your muscles a tiny bit… there’s some cuts and bruises on my wrists and I feel them hurting, and Owww! my left ankle might be sprained… there’s even a wrap on it.

I’m still wearing my “Nightshade” clothes from before, from what I can see under the blanket. It’s bright in here. Wait is that… sunlight streaming across the floor-

“Look who decided to wake up…”

“Eep!” You half jumped, startled, then muttered a string of curses for the flash of pain that moving so quickly caused you.

“Your vocabulary is very broad compared to last night” The voice you immediately recognized as Eraser Head commented in a bored tone. But you still couldn’t see him!

You looked in the direction of his voice and suddenly the man that must be him walked around the kitchen bar (there were stools at it so that’s what you guessed it was), past the dining room, and into where you realized you were- a living room.

The events of the night before flashed through your mind and you realized something horrible- I’m in HIS living room!

Aizawa came to stand in front of you. He looked so different than the night before. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and he was wearing tan slacks and a simple, black V-neck that complimented his body more than you thought possible for such a plain piece of clothing. The only sign of the pro-hero was his sharp jet-black eyes, with a scar under the right one. He even looked exhausted.

But he was holding a plate of food that smelled delicious enough to cause you to tear your eyes away from his abs and gaze and it longingly.

“I may have given you a concussion since you passed out last night, but I can’t exactly take you to Recovery Girl or the hospital- that would draw too much attention.” he half muttered with a pensive look, “Besides,” he seemed to catch your food-staring trance, “you look like you need to eat anyway.”

“Where am I?” You wanted to re-confirm that you didn’t just hit your head a little too hard.

“I told you before… my apartment... And don’t even try to use your quirk to run off. It’s breaking daylight, all the lights are on, and you’re not going to outrun me… with or without those injuries.”

Wow his bedside manners suck, you think as you grit your teeth, knowing he’s right.

To your surprise, Aizawa sighs, putting down the plate, and then takes your shoulders with his large hands to slowly move you into a sitting position on the couch. One of his hands then catches below your left knee to prop your injured foot up on the coffee table, on to one of the only spots that isn’t covered by books. Your pride flinches at being manhandled by someone twice within twenty-four hours (especially now that you’re helpless and a fucking captive). He picks up the plate of food and waits for you to take it. You’re starving so why the hell not? He would have just killed you on the spot before- or now- why go through the trouble of poisoning you? You take it and the silverware from him.

I’m his prisoner, but… why isn’t he treating me like one? The memory of his lips on yours flashes before your eyes, and suddenly your stomach isn’t growling, but feels a bit full of butterflies.

You clear your throat and lock eyes with the pro hero who ruined your career, chose to hide you from police, and is now nursing you back to health from the own wounds he inflicted…

“Why am I here?”

Aizawa tilts his head and holds eye contact with you long enough for you to notice that he has really nice, long eyelashes.

Unceremoniously, his eyes go bored and he turns to walk away from you, “there’s a bathroom with a shower down the hall on your right. You might need one” he deadpans as he leaves you to your breakfast.

“It’s not my fault my shower has been broken for two days and my shitty landlord hasn’t fixed it yet!” you retort, finally letting out your frustration over this situation.

No response.


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“But seriously, aren’t you supposed to be a teacher a U.A.? Shouldn’t you be, like, teaching?”

You had, begrudgingly, taken Aizawa up on his offer to take a shower, since you did need one. You cursed yourself because he used that as a chance to get you some clothes to change into. Surprisingly, his taste in women’s clothing was decent and he was observant of your size. Right now, you were wearing a green sweater and black leggings.

You were half-surprised he didn’t pull something perverted like buy you crop tops and miniskirts, after the whole “kiss” incident. Which by the way, has not been brought up at all!

Anyway, you could have done some serious snooping while he was out. As of right now, you’d only been in his open concept main room, which was pretty cozy, actually. The kitchen had clearly been renovated and the furniture was modern, but there was crown molding, wainscoting, overstuffed bookcases, and shelves full of interesting and exotic weapons (locked, of course). Now that you think about it, he was carrying a knife on him at the time…

A normal person may have found this disturbing, but you had a thing for fancy blades. Your switchblade was Italian, an antique made from animal horn and high-quality steel. The person you bought it from had no idea what they were selling. (Hey, don’t look at me like that! I don’t steal everything I own!).

You were back on the couch, feeling a little better from some pain meds Aizawa (you found it hard to call him Eraser Head now, after seeing him look so… normal) gave you finally kicked in.

He looked up from the book he was reading, “I called and said I wasn’t coming in. The little brats won’t die from one day with a substitute teacher. They know better than to slack off on their training.”

“So… you basically took the day off to babysit me. Make sure I don’t run away, huh?” You gave him a slight glare.

“Yes, and yes. I had no idea when you’d wake up and you can’t take care of yourself right now. If you want to call that babysitting… than that’s fine by me.”

You were scared of pushing him too hard; he had all of the power in this situation after all. He could decide to drag your sorry ass down to the station (like he should have in the beginning), hurt you more (although that seemed unlikely with how ‘nicely’ he has been treating you so far), or… your throat went dry. That damn kiss. Did he find you sexually attractive? What did he plan on doing with you once you got better? He has a reason for keeping you here… and he’s a man after all… Your mind didn’t want to go there. You tried to rationalize your way out of it. He only kissed me once I was upset and he didn’t take advantage of me there on the spot like he could have…

You needed to know. The stubborn bitch inside of you, the one who did what she wanted ever since her parents died, was done playing nice-nice!

You shut your own book (that you had been attempting to read) so hard that it made Aizawa glance up and cock an eyebrow.

“Why didn’t you turn me in? Hell, why did you catch me in the first place!? I’m not a major villain and now you’re wasting your time sitting here probably breaking some harboring a criminal law or something!”

Your fierce gaze and sudden outburst made Aizawa’s eyes widen for a bit. Then, to your fury, his expression turned softer and his mouth curved into a smirk. He tossed his book away carelessly and walked the few steps between you both. He loomed over you, one hand pressing into the couch on each side of your head. You swallowed but maintained your steadfast eye contact, as his black irises dilated and turned serious again.

“I’ve been very rude… I haven’t asked you your name, have I?”

Your eyes narrowed, “And why would I tell you?”

“I’ll answer your questions… or would you rather just have me refer to you as ‘Kitten’ since you’re so harmless and cute, hmm?”

You knew he was just trying to provoke you, but it worked anyway, “It’s Belladonna” you hissed, much like the cat he was comparing you to, unfortunately.

He got too close! “Belladonna… lovely… what a fitting name…” Aizawa whispered right into your ear, sending involuntary shivers down your spine. You wanted to bang your head against a wall knowing that they weren’t caused solely by fear.

“Belladonna, you remind me of someone I once knew…”

He pulled back to face you again and smiled, seemingly happy with the reaction he got from you.

“To be honest, I’m fascinated with you. A villain that’s invisible? Or causes hallucinations? Or maybe even wipes memories… When I saw that picture of you, your eyes looked so tenacious- almost like a hero. I wanted to stare at them all day and catch you myself, just to see the rest of that face. Yet a petty thief! You were an enigma. No one knew your real quirk until I exposed it. And no, I actually wasn’t seeking you out… you were just unlucky and ran right in front of one of my scouting positions… under a streetlight… a shadow with no person attached to it. And then I saw the woman with the black scarf, and knew it was you, Nightshade.”

You stared, wide-eyed, your only cohesive thought was that a pro hero you had a crush on had basically obsessed over you. I think… I’m going to faint…

“As for why I brought you home with me…”

Did he make that sound suggestive on purpose!? Mixed freaking signals here man, come on!

 “…You remind me of someone I knew. Aaaand I didn’t want to let that quirk of yours go to waste. Though I did put you out of commission for a while, haven’t I? I’ve noticed you haven’t even tried to use it… I’m guessing the concussion got to you?”

Well that was one hell of a response I wasn’t expecting.

“Y-yes my head hurts too much for me to focus… but… what do you mean about my quirk? It’s not like I can walk into a hero agency! People will figure out enough about my quirk to piece together who I am!” you scoffed and turned away.

Your “captor” took your chin in his hand, sending electricity outwards from where his fingertips touched you. You were facing him once again.

“You must know that there is corruption in our world, especially within us heroes. Hell, you’re experiencing it right now! And within that corruption comes a small window for redemption... Belladonna I-“

*ping ping*

A very specific sounding ringtone rang out. Aizawa muttered something under his breath and sighed, turning to look at the glowing phone he had left on the armchair.

The ringing stopped and its owner turned to look at you again, piercing into your own eyes, mouth in a straight line. In a second he had removed his hands, climbed onto the couch, and pushed your shoulder back so your head was against the pillow. He got dangerously close to your face again, enough so that you could smell his minty breath. He held you down with one arm (it’s not like you could overpower this man anyway!) and stroked your cheek with his other hand, like back in the alleyway.

“If you dare try to leave, I will never stop hunting you down, until I find you and drag you back here. You got that Belladonna?” he whispered, but with enough intensity behind each word that he might as well be screaming.

You didn’t trust yourself to speak, so you managed a small nod, even in your position.

Then he did something else he did in the alleyway.

You saw him close his eyes and you closed yours in return as he kissed you, more forcefully this time. Your mind didn’t complain and you didn’t try to move away. You kissed him back. So, it didn’t surprise you when you eagerly accepted the press of his tongue into your mouth. He tasted like peppermint and managed to explore every inch of your mouth in what felt like eternity, but was just a few seconds. He ended the kiss and you were gasping for breath between the lack of air from the kiss and adrenaline. He gave you a genuine smile that reached his eyes, and with one last stroke with his thumb, he carefully removed himself from on top of you.

Without a word he dashed down a hallway, to what must be his bedroom, and returned a half a minute later in his full hero outfit.

He dashed to the front door, but before opening it, he turned, “remember what I said Bell”, then he was gone into the sunset and you were alone.


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-Aizawa’s/ Third Person POV-

U.A. Teachers’ Lounge

“*Sigh* I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I need advice... So, I have this problem…”


“No! My students are fine! Would you just shut up and listen!? I’m asking you as a friend! Not as a coworker!” I can tell I’ve made a terrible mistake already…


“Would you quiet down Yamada! Do you want the whole school to hear!?”


“Well, she knows who I am. Eraser Head, I mean. I’ve only known her for a couple days but I feel like… I’m coming on too strong…” Aizawa leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath.

“…Basically, I’m worried that she’s afraid of me because I’m a pro hero and that’s the only reason she’s accepting my advances... I don’t want to force myself into a one-sided relationship that I don’t even know… know is a good idea.”


“Aizawa! Yamada! I’ve been MAKING coffee and have been listening to this entire conversation!!!” All Might pops around the corner with his typical huge grin and a thumbs up.

“Well there goes confidentiality” Aizawa mutters. All Might took the open seat across from the already seated pair.

 “We need more details on this woman Aizawa. Is She a hero too, but not pro? Is that how you met her? How far along is your relationship? Are you dating yet? Give us the good stuff!!!”

Well those questions were almost creepily accurate… Aizawa submitted to his fate. He did come for advice, after all. I Just need to be careful with what I say… how much of it is true…

“She uhh, lives in my apartment complex so I see her all the time… by chance. I met her… when I ran into her on my way out to patrol one night. She’s not a hero but she could be. I’m actually curious why she isn’t. It’s only been a couple days, since, yeah… and… and we’ve kissed twice… well I kissed her twice…”

“Way to go buddy!” “ALRIGHT!” All Might and Yamada cheer simultaneously.

Great… they’re too excited to notice me lying through my teeth. Just got to keep that up…

“I think, what you need my friend, is to ask her out on a date! It doesn’t seem like you know much about her and that’s a problem you need to fix! Plus! it will make your intentions of romance clear as day!” All Might bellowed in his famous baritone voice.

Present Mic was about to chime in in agreement when a feminine voice drifted in through from god-knows-where.

Midnight had sauntered her way into your view.

Where are all of these people coming from!? The faculty lounge isn’t that large! I’m exhausted from spending all night tracking and taking down a powerful villain with a speed quirk, but my perception should still be higher than zero percent… I’m pathetic for letting this get to me so much...

“As a lady”, she purred, walking closer to join the conversation, “I also think this is a good plan. If she decides to reject you, she will feel much more comfortable doing it at a public place like a restaurant or park. More than if she’s alone with you, right? Since you’re worried that she thinks you might retaliate?”

In the end, pretty much half of the teaching staff at U.A. knew Eraser Head had a crush (ugh like I’m in high school) on someone, and agreed that a date was a good next step.

How am I supposed to take a woman who I have locked in my apartment on a date? And she’s still a wildcard- despite returning the kiss from the other night.  Aizawa smiled at the memory of securing something from you that wasn’t snarky, but actually… affectionate. He was terrified of you hating him, but he would keep that to himself. He huffed in contemplation as he packed his bag to walk home for the day.

I guess some fresh air would do her good…

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You’re able to hobble around, as long as you don’t put too much pressure on your injured ankle, and use the walls and furniture every once in a while, for support.

You find that Aizawa had a guest bedroom, two actually. But one had been converted into a pseudo-office with all sorts of equipment you’d never seen before, multiple monitors, maps covered with push-pins and scribbles, and papers and binders everywhere. This must be how he determines where to patrol or tracks them in some way. You don’t touch anything.

The door to what must be Aizawa’s room is locked, of course.

When you’re hungry you explore the kitchen and find some leftovers in the fridge to eat before you start to feel tired. Making your way to the guest room, I guess my room now, you wonder when Aizawa will be back. I guess it doesn’t matter. You didn’t take his warning lightly.

The bedroom was minimalist but still fancy-looking like the rest of the apartment. From your mental calculation of the floorplan of the apartment, you determine that Aizawa must have his own bathroom, meaning the one in the hallway right outside your door was all yours. Being a teacher at the top hero school in the country must pay pretty well.

You find the clothes Aizawa had gotten you already hanging in the closet, and thankfully, your black one piece, sweatshirt, and scarf. You scramble to search your pockets and ah-ha! There were your pills. He didn’t bother to go through my pockets… idiot. You carried them with you at all times, even when out to “hunt”. They were your lifeline- and thankfully you had almost a full bottle left.

After your pill was taken you climb into bed, pretty sure that the sheets are silk, although you wouldn’t know what silk felt like… Except maybe you had worn silk the few times you were curious enough to try on some of the extravagant clothes that you stole in your size. Even when you still had a family, silk was not something affordable. But that wasn’t something to think about now.

Even though you hadn’t done anything but sit around all day, the exhaustion from your injuries and stress made you fall into a deep slumber.


-Two Days Later-

The two of you had gotten into somewhat of an agreement, and a routine.

“Here, you look like someone who plays video games” Aizawa had produced a console and a TV remote seemingly from out of nowhere and placed them on the couch.

“You are also welcome to any of the books in the house, just not anything I have bookmarked, alright? Oh, and I don’t want you messing with anything in my office. Agreed?”

You were so stunned that you actually agreed and said thank you. You got a typical bored look in return.

He would leave for class in the morning and either go straight to patrol or come home and leave around the time you went to bed. You made small talk. Sometimes you caught him staring at you with either a curious or intense gaze. He would immediately and casually avert his eyes.

The only hostility was whenever he would leave at night, he would repeat those same words that gave you goosebumps. “Remember what I said Bell…”

Besides stopping you from falling a couple times, when you were overconfident in your ability to walk, “Careful there… you’re not healed yet”, he made no attempt to touch you again. A part of you was relieved (that night on the couch was intense!), but a growing part was frustrated at his seemingly random treatment of you and mixed signals. So much so that you began deliberately casually testing him to see how he would react. As the week went on, you brushed against his fingers when he would hand you something, walk a little too close to him… you even got daring and sat on the same couch as him one night when you were both reading.

You got looks from him that ranged from nothing to mild disbelief to something you couldn’t interpret besides maybe a hint of… nervousness?

Your efforts to “provoke” him were drastically rewarded early on Saturday.

“Belladonna, would you like to get some fresh air?”

Your head snapped from your video game screen, not even bothering to press pause, and your mouth dropped open.


“With me, of course.”

You paused your game to turn the music off and you stood up.


That was the first time you spoke his name, and it sure did affect him. He turns to the side to hide a creeping pink that you could see through his messy hair, and seemed to find the wall particularly interesting as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

“I figured you may be starting to feel restless being stuck in here all week. And your ankle is healed enough that you can walk without pain with the help of a brace, right?”

You nodded but then realized he wasn’t looking at you, “Yes! I’d love to go outside! Can we go now?”, you replied giddily.

“Yes, but remember what I told you. And I don’t know if you can use your quirk again just yet but don’t even try it. As of right now I’m the only one who knows you’re Nightshade. But if you try any funny business, I won’t be able to protect you from the other heroes… got it?”

Huh? Protect me? It registered somewhere in your mind that you were thanking this man for a basic human right that that he himself had taken from you- but you were too excited to care.

“Yep, let’s go!!!”

Chapter Text

Aizawa was in, I guess one could call, “disguise mode”. He had his signature messy hair pulled back again, was clean shaven, and wore another one of his black outfits; but this time a white shirt, black jacket and ripped form-fitting jeans. He had wrapped his fabric up to look like a gray scarf and not at all like a weapon. His eye drops, goggles, and knife were hidden somewhere in his pockets- you don’t know where or how. He must be an expert at disguising himself by now. He’s got to go grocery shopping and stuff, like a normal person, right?

You had opened a window to get a sense of the temperature. You never went hunting with your phone- in the slight chance that you would drop it- so you didn’t have a weather app. And you were too impatient to wait for the weather news to come on. You put on something you thought was appropriate and cute and met Aizawa at the front door. When he opened it and you looked out, you were almost blinded by the sun’s intensity- having spent about five days without direct sunlight.

There was a balcony area close by (probably what Aizawa uses to jump to the next building, so he keeps his identity hidden), and you made your way to the elevator, down through the lobby, and outside.

“You stay by me at all times, got that?”

“Yeah, I know, but where are we going?”

“To get breakfast.”

You totally didn’t realize that Aizawa hadn’t made breakfast that morning like he always had. In fact, he had been cooking all your food, even leaving you lunch for when he was at work. You thought about trying to cook your own meals a couple times when he was dead asleep or on patrol, but the state-of-the-art appliances were way more complicated looking than your basic kitchenette. Who were you to complain if he wanted to cook for you anyway?

You walk a couple blocks, getting distracted by the sights and smells of the city. Even the scent of gasoline and the occasional cigarette smoker doesn’t bother you. You think you’ve been in this part of the city before, but you feel like a tourist.

After bumping into a few people and almost walking into the middle of the road a couple times, your “chaperone” takes your arm in his without a word- linking your elbows. You don’t mind. Having someone pull you in the right direction while your head spun one-eighties was actually quite helpful; even though he was practically dragging you through the street in your trance.

You don’t remember how many blocks you walked, at some point Aizawa pulled you to a stop in front of a charming looking café. You got a table for two right next to the window. You alternated between staring out the window and at the man in front of you. He looked at home in cozy, casual café- just a pro hero going out to relax. He’s probably a regular customer. But something didn’t settle right with you. He had been unusually quiet, even for him. When you got your menus, he used his usual monotone, “order anything you’d like.”

You found something that sounded delicious and (wait they have that here!), ordered your favorite drink.

Once the waitress was gone, you decided to say something about your observation.


You immediately got his full attention. There were still dark circles under his eyes but not the usual purple ones. He had not gone on patrol the night before, you recalled. He must have been able to catch up on sleep for once.

“Are you okay? You seem kind of… off. Not to put a damper on the day, but you’ve been acting strange for a while, to be completely honest... And you do know I’m not going to try to run away on you today or anything, right?”

That was true, you still couldn’t use your quirk yet, and you needed Aizawa to trust you.

The raven-haired man across from you blinked before looking out the window and rubbing the back of his neck.

“You’re right Belladonna, my mind has been somewhere else, I’m sorry. Something has been troubling me recently, unfortunately. Although, I can’t talk about it.”

Did Aizawa just apologize!? That’s a leap.

“Well let’s take your mind off of it then, hmm? You know… for someone who said they were fascinated by me, you’ve barely asked me anything about myself. Aren’t you curious?”

Aizawa looked shocked before he quickly composed himself to put on his classic half-smile, half-smirk.

“Actually, I am, if you’re offering. And this café is pretty empty and we’re in the corner… so I guess now is as good as a time as ever…”

“Here’s one lavender latte and one black coffee. Your food will be out soon!” The cheerful waitress put your drinks down and left you alone. Simultaneously, the both of you leaned in closer.

You take a sip of your drink and hum lightly.

“I’m changing my first question… what is that that you are drinking and why do you look so peaceful right now?”

You giggle for a second, the coffee high getting to you.

“Didn’t you hear the waitress? And this is my favorite drink! Espresso coffee, like cappuccinos, were one of the only things I let myself splurge on, since I like them so much. I haven’t had one in forever! If you’ve been stalking my “profile” like you implied, you can probably figure out why. I hadn’t been very “active” in a while, and these are expensive. And sorry, the coffee you make back at your place is okay, but no replacement.”

You laugh a bit again. There’s a bit of pink on Aizawa’s cheeks and he tries to hide I, which just makes you smile in triumph. Breaking his façade is no easy task, after all.

Is this what going on a date feels like? Laughing and telling each other about yourself, both the good and the problems? And damn, who would have thought Aizawa looked so good when he (barely even) tried? I wonder what he would look like in a suit…

You let your mind wander into weird directions that it probably shouldn’t go in. You’ve had your fair share of hookups- you have your own needs that have to be fulfilled- but you’ve never had the trust in others, or interest required to date.

“Well, you should have told me if my coffee sucks… we can change that.” He rested his cheek on his palm.

“My real first question was, why aren’t you a hero with a quirk like yours?... And you know what I mean by this right?”

You mean, why am I a “villain”? Why did you catch me a week ago? Shit, I should have known this was coming!

Your expression went pained for a second and Aizawa remorseful, and opened his mouth, as if he were about to take the question back. You composed yourself and made a gesture to indicate that you were fine. You take a deep breath… and look anywhere but at him.

“My parents died when I was a teenager. They were my only family... One day they went out shopping and I stayed home.” You swallowed, “I remember turning on the news to see that a hero- villain showdown had just occurred in my district. The pro heroes had won, of course. There was a brief mention of casualties at the end, right before I switched channels. I didn’t think much of it. Time went by and I called my parents to wonder why they weren’t home yet, but got no answer… Later I heard a knock on my door from a representative of a pro hero company. It turns out some of the casualties were actually caused by heroes- human error- poor judgement, whatever. My parents were dead and it was their fault… Though I’ll never know which heroes. I guess it doesn’t matter.”

You took a sip from your coffee but didn’t really taste it. You continued with your story without looking up.

“The hero company asked me to sign paperwork… that I wouldn’t talk about the incident in exchange for pretty much “gag money”. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I was young and alone and didn’t have a lawyer, so I signed the papers. It was technically an accident, so a lawsuit most likely wouldn’t gotten me anywhere, anyway. Especially against cooperate lawyers and adored pro heroes… My family didn’t have much so I needed the money. I fought to have sole custody over myself so I wouldn’t be put in the foster care system. There was no way I was going to get adopted at my age and I would rather have my independence... So, I needed to make the money I had last. To do that I turned to using my quirk to steal. I guess you could call it supplementary income. That’s when my dreams of becoming a hero died for the final time. I hated cooperate pro heroes and the world… and myself sometimes.”

You smiled weakly as you stared into your coffee.

“I didn’t get a scholarship into college, so I didn’t go. All of the other kids had tutors and their parents to help them study. I wanted to learn and did my best, but I was still an emotional wreck and struggling to survive. I couldn’t afford college without a scholarship… so I needed work. I guess I decided a life of crime was what I was destined to do. Hell, I was great at it! Better than anything else I had tried in my life... until I got unlucky one day.”

You kept your weak smile and finally looked up at Aizawa. There was a mixture of shock, horror, and what looked like pity across his face. He was stiff and his hands were in fists and shaking slightly. His black eyes stared at yours, unblinking, before he slowly reached halfway across the small table, laying his open palm next to your partially hand that had a vice grip on your coffee cup. You relaxed it and cautiously took his hand, and he wrapped his fingers around yours. His hands were bony with long finger, yet surprisingly smooth. This made since because you remembered he normally didn’t use his hands for fighting.

“No one should have to go through that… the world of heroes is corrupt and I wish I could apologize for all of their sins, and everyone they’ve hurt. But unfortunately, I can only apologize for the mistakes I’ve madw. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done that’s made you suffer, Bell… can I call you that?”

You nodded, wondering why he suddenly asked permission now after calling you that nearly every day with his warning.

He ran his thumb across your knuckles and the back of your hand. You wondered when the last time someone gave you purely comfort, not just physical affection was.

You couldn’t remember.

“You didn’t deserve that; you don’t deserve this either, Bell”

Much to your surprise, Aizawa brings your hand towards him, and leaning over the table, he places a kiss on the back of it, with the same lips he’s kissed you with twice before.

You somehow know that his words are true.

And you know that scarlet was blooming in your cheeks.

Chapter Text

You spent the rest of your time at the café eating and finding out a bit more about Aizawa, since he seemed to be terrified of asking you anything else after the last question.

As you suspected, his scar was part of the aftermath of the USJ incident. Some information was leaked about the incident on the net, including that Eraser Head had fought dozens of villains at the same time. You had paid attention to the U.A. tournament, since it’s always good to know who’s up and coming in the hero world. Knowing who’s the strongest and their quirks- that’s how you figure out how to avoid them.

You asked Aizawa if the rumors were true, and he surprisingly divulged that they were. You had seen how messed up he looked from the announcers’ booth, but after feeling the man’s power firsthand, it was hard to believe that there was someone that could best him- even if there were dozens! This sent a shiver down your spine. It was every person for themselves in the criminal world, after all. You being one didn’t give you any special privileges.

You also got out of him that he liked cats! And that he sometimes wished he had one. He had once found some kittens out in the rain, but took them all to an animal shelter instead of keeping one. He said it wouldn’t be fair to the animal, since he would be hardly around to take care of it.

The more you thought about it, the more you likened the dark-haired man to a cat. He would be a long haired, black one, with mystical looking yellow eyes, no doubt. He would be unpredictable in behavior, only want affection on his own terms, take lots of naps, and be half-nocturnal, causing all sorts of mischief in the night. Yes, Aizawa was most certainly a cat. And you were a cat-type person.

After wandering through the streets a bit and eating lunch, the two of you ended up in a shopping district near a large park that you recognized.

Suddenly, Aizawa’s phone started going off. He glanced at the Caller ID, then at you.

“I have to take this call. Would you mind… giving me a little privacy? There are some stores around here, why don’t you tell me where you’re going and I’ll meet you there when I’m done.”

Wow this call must be important, that he’s giving me some space.

You pointed at a boutique and he nodded and then picked up the phone, walking into the nearby alleyway to take his call.

The clothing store ending up being a little bit more stylish (aka expensive), than you thought. But Aizawa had surprisingly given you some money to spend as you looked at some previous stores during your walk. Perhaps he was still a bit guilty about your confession at the coffee shop. You browsed the racks with a certain curiosity, as you never bought anything that wasn’t from a thrift store or on clearance. Man, there was some crazy-looking stuff in here! Is this what “stylish” people wore? You suddenly felt underdressed and a bit self-conscious. Looking around, thankfully you were alone in the store, besides a bored looking cashier who was playing on their iPhone. You picked out a few items and went to the dressing room. Settled on what you would buy, walked out, and immediately dropped your chosen clothes on the floor and stared, wide-eyed.

The cashier was on the floor, bleeding. Standing in front of the counter was a man with the biggest biceps you had ever seen. He was wearing a mask and some type of studded gloves. He was stuffing wads of cash into his pockets.

The sound of hangers clattering to the floor snapped caused this monster of man to snap his gaze in your direction. Oh, shit! I really fucked up! I should’ve stayed quiet and hidden until he left!!!

He leered at you with a malicious grin, “Now, what do we have here? A little mouse hiding in the corner…” He tossed one of the clothing racks standing between the two of you into the wall like it was a toothpick!

This guy must have some variation of a super strength quirk… at least in his arms. Okay… I’m cornered directly across from the door and he’s standing right by it, so I have to get him to one side… and then feint and run around him to the door!

He was close now and you dodged another flying rack by diving to the left. This would be a piece of cake with my quirk but I don’t even know if I could summon it! Even if I did it would totally give me away! You were frustrated and scared. Aizawa… he’s still on that phone call- he probably can’t hear! And I don’t have a phone to call for help! You would’ve easily been able to outrun this tank of a man any other day, but your ankle was still injured and unreliable.

Your next dodge missed. An entire display fell on top of you, pinning you to the floor.

Damn… that’s going to hurt tomorrow… If I live to see it.

The mountain of a man sauntered over, triumph and a smirk plastered on his face. You were pinned facing him, so you had no choice but to watch in horror as he approached.

“You’re pretty, aren’t you girlie? You’ll make a great hostage! Hmmm… I might even keep you for myself…” he broke out in boisterous laughter, as though the idea of keeping you as some sort of sex slave was freaking hilarious.

No! Not again! And he’s not Aizawa, he would hurt me, he would… wait… Aizawa… I have to try!


Your voice began to crack from your screaming and the tears that were about to fall from your face.

Your new captor lifted the display off of you, only to grab ahold of the front of your shirt and loom over you.

“You know, little mouse, I don’t take lightly to woman screaming another man’s name while in my presence” he growled and gripped your shirt tighter.

You squeeze your eyes shut to brace for impact, “AIZAWA”-

“NO ONE TOUCHES HER, YOU SCUM!” Fabric wraps itself around your torso, firm but not constricting, and you see a flash of Aizawa, and his face is livid. The strands of hair that missed being tied back are flying around his face, his teeth were clenched, and his eyes were two red razors piercing the burglar’s skull. If looks could kill, this villain would be dead already. You landed on your gently on your butt, right behind Eraser Head and practically in the doorway. You were too stunned to move and run away like a normal person.

“No one but me.”

“Hey! what the- “, two bands shoot out from around Aizawa’s neck and wrap the guy like a mummy. He slams the bicep man against the walls of the store effortlessly, until he’s unconscious. All without moving a muscle or blinking. Aizawa really had been going easy on me.

When he turns around, his expression has done a one-eighty. He looks at you, shaking on the ground, with tears in your eyes.

“You called me… I’m so sorry… I didn’t keep up my promise to protect you…” Aizawa scoops you up off of the doorway, where a crowd has started to gather around at a “safe” distance. No doubt someone has called the cops and paramedics. The crowd parts for you and Eraser Head, although there’s whispers and stares of who you both are. You remember Aizawa isn’t in his normal costume and everyone else still thinks you’re a nobody.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here. You don’t need the police interrogation. It will only bring more attention” Aizawa continues to carry you and practically leaps to the nearby park to get away from the prying eyes.

You wrap your arms around his neck tightly and nuzzle your head against his chest, taking in the scent of fresh laundry. He smells nice. Realization strikes that he must have carried you back to his apartment like this after he first defeated you, and you passed out. That feels like months ago now.

You’ve been returned to your original captor, yet for some reason you feel safe and cared about. You look up and his expression is just like when he caught you that night and you cried: soft and somewhat remorseful.

Aizawa looks around to make sure you are alone, and walks down a long trail to a bench hidden from the rest of the park by plenty of trees and overgrown foliage.

The hero tries to set you down but you maintain your grip on his neck, so he settles for sitting down with you on his lap- wrapping one arm around you and stroking your hair with the other hand.

You can’t take it anymore, and burst into tears, burying your face in the cat-like man’s shoulder

“I know that must have been scary for you... not being able to use your quirk… being physically overpowered…” he murmurs, and other soothing words into your ear. “Belladonna, do you understand now one of the reasons I have to be here to protect you?”

You don’t know what the other reasons are, or fully understand why he even cares about you. His original explanation had been cryptic, somewhat vague, and lacking critical pieces. But you nod into his chest anyway, because his hand in your hair feels good and you don’t want him to stop.

Then he asks you something unexpected,

He pauses and looks at you, “Do you hate me, Bell?” he inquires softly. You pick your head up in surprise to meet his apprehensive eyes.

“N-no of c-course not…” you respond honestly, between sniffles. “A-and I never thanked you earlier for saving me.”

You see his eyes light up and a small smile beginning to grow on his lips. “I’m glad to hear that… and of course, I’ll always be here to save you.”

You wipe the tears from your ears and realize the sun is starting to set. Besides the recent “incident” you realize you had a lot of fun today with Aizawa. More fun than you’ve had in a long time, and with a person you knew.

“Thanks for the day Aizawa, I had fun”

Almost before you know what you’re doing, you kiss him on the cheek.

He sighs contently and places one of his large hands on your cheek,

“Call me Shouta, Bell.”

You smile, “Thank you for the day Shouta…”

Like the first time you called him by his name this morning (which in itself feels like days ago), a switch seemed to flick inside of him. He closes the gap and passionately kisses you. You close your eyes and feel the warmth of his lips and hot breath, contrasting against the brisk wind that has started to blow. You decide to explore your curiosities and, in the very little space between your bodies. run a hand over Shouta’s toned chest and abs. He seems to like this because he bites your lower lip, and immediately your tongues are interwoven in an ever-changing pattern of dominance. Your kisses switch between chaste and quick, and passionate and demanding, full of tongue. You had to keep pausing to catch your breath, and Shouta would use this opportunity to kiss and nibble at the exposed parts of your neck and collarbone. One such spot made you shiver and moan louder than your previous whimpers. You could feel Shouta smile into your skin before he licked and sucked on that spot until you let out his name in a gasp. You knew you would be covered in hickeys by morning, and that that’s what he wanted.

He had entangled one hand in your hair, pulling your head back to plant kisses along your jugular. You didn’t protest- an ultimate sign of trust- or to move your head to the side for better access to your neck. His other hand had slid up your shirt to rub your back, making you quiver at the skin-on-skin contact- even though it wasn’t an inherently sexually gesture.

Eventually it turns to twilight and you can feel Shouta is harder than what is decent in a public space. It gave you a little more satisfaction than it should have to know that you turned him on so much, but this had to end eventually.

You broke a kiss and leaned your head back into his shoulder.

“It’s getting dark out Shouta, I don’t think we should continue this here”, you all but panted.

“You’re right kitten… we should go home. It’s been a long day”, he purred into your ear.

Kitten. He’s called me that before… the first time he threatened me not to leave. You remembered talking about cats earlier. Does he see me as just a pet? I’m actually more like a dog. I’m not allowed outside until he takes me out, and even than I’m on a leash.

You push these ideas thoughts aside. You didn’t really want to think about them right now. Not after you could still taste him on your lips, and the man you now called by his given name had taken your hand to guide you back to his place.


-Aizawa’s POV-

Seeing another man touch you made him to murder the sorry piece of garbage on the spot. But that wasn’t what heroes did. He wondered if he could deem it an accident, as he slammed the man around mercilessly. You were the only witness after all at the time- the employee was still out cold. But a killing would force an investigation, and that’s the last thing he needed.

You were his. You were his treasure. He had caught you out of pure luck. It had to be fate. You were going to kiss her, kiss the pain away. But you hadn’t expected the kiss to go so far. Her lips were sweet like nectar, imitating what you thought the light purple, star shaped, flower pin in her hair would probably taste like. She had worn that pin when you first found her, though it was covered by the hood. It must mean something to her that she would wear it even while out to steal. Today was the first time she had worn it since then.

Completely encircling her with your arms, you kept wanting to pull her in as tight as you could and never let go. The sounds you made when he found your sweet spot were so provocative, they should be illegal- and you burned them into your memory.

For a moment, Azalea’s face had flashed behind your closed eyes, and you broke a kiss, pretending to be out of breath, before you regained your composure- (she’s gone now)- and kept kissing the little kitten who was sweet enough to indulge you.

When it got dark, you were presently surprised to hear that Belladonna thought you should go home. She didn’t give any indication of being able to use her quirk yet. But then again, why would she? But if she could, night was a dangerous time for her to be out. You held her hand partially because you wanted to, as well as to crush any plans she might have of sneaking off.

You loved her. She meant everything to you. Yu had to pop the question. It would be normal to hate someone who took your freedom away. Your heart had been pounding, as you tried to keep the desperation out of your voice. You were so pleased with her answer at the time and the kissing, but of course your brain had to spin in circles when it came to Belladonna. You could see the sincerity in her bright, slightly tear-stained eyes but… that didn’t mean she liked you. In either meaning of the word. Making out in the park could have just been an abrupt symptom of what the media calls savior syndrome. It’s common for people to fawn over or claim they fell in love with heroes that had saved them.

I love her. I have a few days… maybe even a week or two, depending on how adamant the government is about this… to get her to love me back.

The phone call from earlier played back in his ears as he looked down at you smiling and looking around, and he couldn’t help but smile himself.

He’d take you out the next chance he got.

Hopefully tomorrow…

Chapter Text

-The Next Day-

 “Hey, um Shouta?” you mumbled you asked between bites of your omelette.

“Hmm?” He looked up with lazy eyes. He was only on his first cup of coffee instead of his usual third by this time in the morning, so you assume he must have slept well again last night. Years of damage aren’t exactly going to be fixed in two days though…

“My rent is due tomorrow… aaaannd last month’s rent.”

Aizawa stared at you for a full few seconds before facepalming and letting out something between a tired sigh and an annoyed groan. He took the last sip of his coffee and cleared off the table.

“Let’s go pay your debts.” He had the same level of enthusiasm as if you had just told him he was going to have to personally conduct a therapy session with every student in Class 1-A.

On the other hand, you were very excited.



“Now you get to see how the other half lives”, you tease as you step into your apartment for the first time in a week. Man did you miss your little hovel.

“Yeah… remember I wasn’t always a pro hero”, he retorted, almost wistfully. “…Hey where’s your landlord?”

“Room 203”, you answer, as you waste no time stuffing your clothes, makeup, and other personal items into a duffel bag and a backpack. Finally, your cellphone and charger! Also, there was no way you were asking to Aizawa escort you to go shopping for “feminine hygiene products”, and thankfully you had plenty in stock.

“Alright, you pack your stuff and I’ll meet you back here”, he stated and left. Hmm no threats this time either.

He was true to his word, and when you were done packing, he was back at your doorstep.

“You don’t have to worry about being evicted, I paid your rent. And to be honest, your landlord is kind of an ass.

“Thank you! So it isn’t just me!”, you yelled. He chuckled.

Wait if he paid this month’s rent, does that mean he plans on letting me go sometime soon? He wouldn’t do such a thing if he was planning on keeping me hostage forever…

But what would you do then? You could never go back to stealing. Get a shitty minimum wage job is more like it. The thought filled you with dread. Maybe being supported by Shouta isn’t such a bad choice after all.

Your thought processed and you coughed in surprise, even though you didn’t say the words aloud. The man who volunteered to carry your duffel bag looked at you and raised an eyebrow. You waived him off that you were fine.

God, has what little self- respect do I have left? Do I have freaking Stockholm Syndrome or something?



You don’t exactly remember how you got there, but you were sitting on the dining room table, knees open on each side of Aizawa Shouta as you kissed passionately. Half graded papers were strewn across the table and floor. Something about you pestering him that he needed a break from grading…

“Do you want to take this to my bedroom?” he breathed softly, eyes blacker than usual with lust and a pleading look you know the rest of the world doesn’t see.

“Yes”, you answered without hesitation. You kissed again before he assisted you off the table and took your hand to guide you… as if you didn’t already know were the locked door led!

His room was messier than the rest of the house. But thankfully for someone who could sleep anytime, anywhere, in a neon yellow sleeping bag, he had a queen-sized bed. While you processed his room, Shouta seized the opportunity, spinning around to press your shoulders against the door, bringing his knee up in between your legs.

“I warned you, kitten. Try to escape now while you still can”, he said provocatively, his voice taking on a husky tone.

“Do your worst”, you whispered back against his lips.

He took your lips ravenously, with the ferocity he had oh so many days ago on the couch. He bit your lip and nearly stuck his tongue down your throat. You nudged his knee with your own, and he seemed to get the idea. He withdrew it, and instead you wrapped a leg around his waist, pulling the two of you closer. The dark-haired man took a handful of your ass before grabbing your thigh to support you. Then he grabbed your other thigh and hoisted you up against the door so that you were face to face. You clung to his one of his shoulders for support, using the other hand to trace patterns on his neck and upper chest, mimicking the intimacy and trust required that had allowed him to kiss your throat the day before. His eyes widened behind the loose hairs that had come out of his bun, but he didn’t try to stop you. You kissed his cheek and leaned down, planting kisses as you continued. When you bit him closer to the shoulder he swore between gritted teeth. You felt triumphant. He deserves a bit of his own medicine.

“You’re going to be the end of me Bell” he hissed. Though the anger didn’t reach his eyes. You bit down again and he ground his hips against yours, making you slide against the door. You became keenly aware of the bulge in his tight pants.

You both seemed to become aware that you were almost completely dressed at the same time. 

Shouta carried you and you fell onto his bed. He tossed his shirt off and you admired his hardened muscle, before his pants and socks came off just as quickly. I guess being a hero taught him to change fast. You had only half taken off your skirt. His arousal was extremely apparent by now and you stared.

“Let me help you with that.”

Shouta pulled your skirt off before being a bit gentler with your shirt, as to not hurt you pulling it off. You were sitting upright, and the very sexy man in front of you bent down to kiss you again as a distraction, while he looped his arms behind you and unclasped your bra- throwing it across the room.

He pulled back to stare with his dark, midnight eyes that now seemed to sparkle while looking you up and down. At first you felt extremely exposed for some reason, even though you’d slept with strangers before… but… maybe that’s why. You had feelings for him, no matter how much you tried to deny it sometimes. So you cared what he thought of you.

Instead of being bashful, you decide to put on what you hope is a seductive look, and smile.

“What’s wrong my hero? Are you going to keep a lady waiting?”

Your “hero” pounced on the bed.

“So, kitten’s got claws, eh?” To your surprise he flips you around so that you’re both standing on your knees and backs together. He digs one hand into your hip, and another cups your breast.

“Time to break your scratching habit…” He breathes into your ear and nips it. His one hand flicks and teases at your nipple, a sensitive area for you. You moan. Shouta switches to leaving love bites on your neck, and the hand that’s currently massaging your hip drifts lower… under he’s running a finger in between your legs. You yelp and he laughs lightly.

He then pushes your panties aside and brushes his fingers across your slit.

“I want you to beg for it kitten.” he purrs into you ear. In a different tone he says, “…I need to know that you want this.”

You’re not used to this. You don’t know what else to do. So, you do as he says.

“Please Shouta! I want you! I want you to touch me so badly. I want you inside of me! Please!” It was true, you were extremely desperate for the intimacy, and he probably noticed now that your body was craving it too.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” He starts out by pushing a single finger inside of you, then a few more join. He massages inside of you while his thumb simultaneously rubs your clit. You moan shamelessly at all the ways he’s touching you now. You think you hear him groan “you’re perfect”, but you’re on the edge. You’re overstimulated from the three, really four points of touch and when he grazes your G-spot, you come- screaming his name, while electricity courses from your core, down your legs, and even into your fingertips.

“Ah… Bell…” the man who just made you have one of the best orgasms in your life, wraps his arms around you and nuzzles your neck as you recover.

After you’ve recovered, he lays you down on your back, with your head on the pillows, and adjusts himself between your legs. Shouta smiles at you devilishly, the black hair framing his face just adding to the effect.

“So, kitten, are you ready? Do you want to do this with me?”

You took in the gorgeous man in front of you: sharp features, dark eyes, and muscles rippling under his skin. Just over a week ago, this would be something out of your wildest fantasy. Something made you reach up and tenderly run your fingers over the scar underneath his eye.

“I want you, Shouta…” you say confidently.

He smiles and reaches into the nightstand, to pull out what looks like lubricant.

“I don’t want to look cocky, but the way you looked at me before makes me think we might need this.”

He pours some into his hand before stroking himself and then discarding the tube somewhere on the floor.

He kissed you one more time before pressing himself against your entrance. He enters you slowly; causing you to simultaneously moan. You feel tight but thanks to the lube and your orgasm before, it doesn’t hurt. You wrap your arms around his neck and grind your hips to indicate you’re not in pain and ready to go. You kiss while he goes slow at first, though you can tell he’s using a good amount of self-control.

“I want more, darling”, you say with a sultry voice, hoping you don’t scare him with you language. Instead you seemed to do the opposite

“Of course, kitten~”

Shouta grabs your hips for better leverage and thrusts hard enough to make you cry out in pleasure, and fast enough that you start to feel your legs shake from repeated grazing against your G-spot. You’ve never come from that type of stimulation before, but your new “hero” stirred up all new things inside of you, physically and emotionally.

“H-hey Bell, are you on birth control?” Shouta asks, panting.

“I- you don’t have to worry”, you answer.

Your focus comes back and you come again, whimpering and shaking as you rake your nails into the back of Aizawa’s shoulders.

This seems to send him to his limit, because his thrusts become erratic and he grips you even harder.

“Ah… Belladonna…” he groans in ectasy, as you feel hot cum fill you. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it.

You both breathe heavily, looking at each other.

Eventually Shouta pulls out of you, leaving liquid to run down your thighs and onto the bed. He seemed entranced by it before, thankfully, pulling a towel off the ground for you to use to clean yourself off.

You then curled up against each other, close, and Shouta pulled the covers over you. He pecks you on the lips and then the forehead before wrapping himself around you.

“Goodnight Bell.” His skin is soft and he smells nice, and you’re exhausted. You feel safe.

“Goodnight Shouta…” you manage to breathe out.

Amazing, you fell asleep as fast as the Aizawa Shouta.

Chapter Text


You wake up to someone softly stroking your hair and saying your name. Your eyes open to see Shouta on his side looking at you. A smile graces his lips when he sees that you’re looking back at him. His long hair had come undone, and it was draping across his face, and bare shoulders and chest. And another good night of sleep had made his eyes look, almost, energetic, for the first time that you have seen.

“I have work today kitten, but I didn’t want you to wake up to an empty bed,” he says as he starts to sit up, revealing more of the muscular body you had appreciated the night before. And confirming that yes, that was not a dream.

“I’m going to go make breakfast. Come join me when you’re ready, alright?”

To your displeasure, Shouta takes his hand out of your hair and gets up from the bed. You blush and turn up to look at the ceiling, feeling you should give him a bit of privacy- at least that’s what you tell yourself. You look back and he’s put on a typical outfit, a black collared sweater and same color jeans, and his hero accessories, including his grey pocketed utility belt and the yellow goggles he grabbed off of the dresser and had shoved in his pocket. He opens the door and smiles without any ounce of his usual smirk or boredom.

“I hope you enjoyed last night. I really did”

And then you were alone with your thoughts and the scent of sex mixed with Aizawa’s cologne on the sheets.

Your stomach growling shook you from your trance. You had both skipped dinner and gone to bed early last night. You had also skipped something else. Hopefully one night of not taking my meds won’t screw me over…




-Third Person POV-

There was something seriously wrong with Mr. Aizawa. He was cleanshaven every once in a while- that wasn’t the issue. He was so silent walking into the chaos of his homeroom class that when someone finally noticed him standing there and screamed “MR. AIZAWA IS HERE!” There were some actual screams and yelps before every student returned to their seats, literally shaking. Then they got a second scare.

“Good morning class. Today we’ll be working on quirk experimentation. You’ve been using your quirks all your lives, but, like we saw at the tournament, there can be other ways to expand upon the use of your quirk or even its actual definition. So, call today a chance to be creative, both offensive and defensively.”


The second set of protests came upon the shock of seeing Mr. Aizawa without bloodshot eyes, and speaking as though actually interested in his job.

Iida jumped from his seat, “Mr. Aizawa! I would like to ask if you are feeling alright this morning! And if you require any assistance such as Recovery Girl!”

Aizawa laughed, LAUGHED, before shooting Iida a typical scarier-than-necessary warning glare.

“Do you not believe I am capable of doing my job, Class Rep?” Iida slinked down into his chair before responding “N-no sir, I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

“Good!” Mr. Aizawa smiled at his class. But this time there wasn’t any trick or deception attached.

Something was very wrong indeed…


Wait until the faculty saw an alive-looking Aizawa with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

-U.A. Teachers’ Lounge-


“~My, my, someone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, especially for someone as drab as you. Does this have anything to do with that lady you were going to take on a date, hmm~”

Aizawa put a hand over his face to restrain himself from yet another sigh… people had been telling him he was acting strangely all day.

Geez can’t a man look awake for once?

He then realized his mistake- that it looked like he was trying to conceal a blush- and he blushed for real as he realized practically the entire teachers’ lounge had heard Midnight’s accusation.


Well if everyone didn’t hear before they sure as hell have now. Thanks for being so goddamn loud Yamada!

Aizawa was surrounded so quickly that his hero reflexes nearly kicked in and made him jump to the ceiling. The poor man conceded to defeat and told his coworkers and friends about the date (leaving out the parts that would reveal Bell’s identity) … up until lunch, that is.

“~That reminds me Aizawa, did you hear about that mystery hero that saved two people from a robbery? There’s some footage on the internet caught from some girl’s cellphone… there’s a certain man with pitch black hair carrying a girl out of that store to safety- how sexy!” Midnight licked her lips.

“~Come on Aizawa, we all know that’s you! Is that the girl right there in your arms? The video quality is bad but she looks pretty! ~”

Aizawa had seen this one coming and had a stoic, prepared answer.

“No that’s not her. Our date was over by then. I was still dressed like that because I had some errands to run and stumbled upon the robbery. I carried the girl outside because she was distressed and said she was lightheaded, but she immediately bolted after getting outside, saying she didn’t want any media attention. I left the scene because the cops would no doubt question me about her and I wanted to respect her wishes.”

All Might didn’t look content with that answer and was about to say something, but Aizawa cut him off and changed the subject by giving another tidbit about his “date”. They all went wild.



Lunch was finally over. The other teachers slowly filed out, but thankfully All Might only taught one class a day due to his condition, and Aizawa had the next class period off.

“Hey… All Might. I need to talk to you.”

“I’m listening Aizawa! I’m so glad you’re coming to me for more advice about your new girlfriend!”

“Will you let that go!?” Aizawa snapped before his whole body language shifted.

“Did you get the same message from Naomosa about VIRA?” Aizawa quickly changing his tone to serious and hushed.

“Yes! He informed me the other day… the bill has been sitting in the back corner of the government for years, but the police and even some heroes are pushing it to the front lines. I believe it’ll be up to vote any day now. Though, there will surely be an explosion from the public! The idea is a wild one after all! But with the League of Villains possibly still out there and the increase in violent crime caused by Stain’s so-called “revolution” … it might pass.”

Aizawa stared into his lukewarm coffee, pondering his words before he speaking.

Choose carefully…

“I don’t like asking personal favors, but, All Might… if it comes to a close call… would you publicly sponsor the ‘Villain Initiative: Rehabilitation Act’?”

All Might spit out his own coffee in shock.


He couldn’t look at All Might.

“Frame it not as a way to get villains off the streets, but as a humane effort… and that people deserve second chances… that changing your ways is heroic. And everyone deserves their chance to be a hero.”

“I’m not turning you down completely Aizawa. I think that this has some potential… but I need to know why you’re asking this of me. Be honest with me, Aizawa, as a friend… please I can’t say yes without a reason.” All Might held a look of both confusion and concern.

Aizawa put his coffee down and sighed. He looked around- really looked around- to find the teachers’ lounge completely empty, and saw that someone had shut the door on their way out. Even so, he leaned closer, elbows on his knees, and All Might took the hint and copied.

“This stays between you and me, can you promise?” The man across from him nodded, attention focused.

“The woman I’ve been seeing, yes, is the same one you saw in the video. There’s a reason I said I didn’t want you to meet her yet, but not indefinitely… if all goes well.” All Might raised his eyebrows but didn’t interrupt.


“The woman I’m in love with… used to be a villain… until we started dating.”

This time it was blood that came shooting out of All Might’s mouth. Fortunately, he had thrown his head back so fast at the news that Aizawa was not in the ‘splash zone.’

“*Cough* *cough* Jesus Christ Aizawa! That’s why you didn’t tell us it was her! You didn’t want us to see her face! Wow… I… was not… expecting this.”

“The media doesn’t have a good picture of her face and I can assure you she wasn’t-isn’t a violent person… Trust me All Might I know exactly who she is and who she was... I even think she’d be a good candidate for VIRA.”

“So… you even know her villain name then?”


All Might clasped his hands and looked down for a moment. Once he seemed to have reached a resolution, he looked Aizawa straight in the eyes.

“Tell me who she is and I’ll sponsor the bill immediately once it hits the media. Between you and me, they’re thinking of putting me on the committee. I know you’re not trying to exploit this- you didn’t even know about it- but… I’ll even vote to pass her. I just need to know who I’m dealing with here.”

Aizawa took a deep breath and fiddled with the fabric of his shirt.


“Fuck! Aizawa!”

Chapter Text

You were reading a book that you had seen Shouta reading earlier- a light mystery novel that was actually pretty good. But doesn’t he deal with enough crime and mystery in real life? Maybe he learns about criminal tactics from these books…


The doorbell? Shouta always uses his keys. I don’t even think I’ve even heard the doorbell before... And it’s a little early for him to be home.

You get up to open the door, figuring maybe he had just forgotten his keys, after all of the excitement of last night. But you jump when you hear the lock turning and the door opens.

“Honey, I’m back! How much did you miss me!?” a woman’s voice yells.


You step out from the living room and notice first her long, wavy pink hair, in ombre shading from blush to hot pink. The second thing that strikes you is you have the same eyes. Your eyes were an unusual color, so there was no mistaking the coincidence… especially when you looked her up and down. You were the exact same height, same figure.

'You remind me of someone I once knew...'

But the similarities ended there. The pink-haired woman had a snarl on her face and her arms crossed.

“C-can I help you? Are you one of Aizawa’s friends? He’s still at work…”

She completely ignored you.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in this apartment!? I’m Shouta’s girlfriend and I just came back from a very long… vacation. I’d like to get some rest.”

You swallowed thickly, knowing this was going downhill fast and your indignation was about to make it much, much worse.

You are not Shouta’s girlfriend. I don’t know who you are, but I am asking you to leave.”

In a rage she closed the gap between you in a second. Flower petals matching her hair colors were left in her wake. She went to grab you but you jumped back and ducked behind the couch. You peered over to see the petals now suspended in the air around her. 

“How dare you! Shouta is mine!”

Oh god! Pink Azalea… a pro hero! I didn’t recognize her before in civilian clothing! 

You cursed yourself, and wondered what horrible thing you had done in a previous life to deserve being attacked by two extremely strong pro heroes, and a villain, in less than two weeks. Or maybe it was punishment for your sins in this life?

Okay it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about her, but I need to think this through. Her quirk is Flower Delirium. Petals materialize in her wake when she runs, and she can then control them while still in the air. If one of them hits you than-

Petals flew into the living room, and two struck your arm before hitting the ground. You feel a wave of nausea hit you. 

She doesn’t know I’m a villain! She just attacked a civilian!

Damn those heroes, she has a key here and Aizawa hasn’t told her about me. This bitch can just claim she thought I was a robber! Oh, the freaking irony… I can’t let her bring me down to the station for my own sake or Shouta’s! If the cops dig deep enough, they’ll see that I’ve been unemployed for years but still have assets like an apartment… 

You started to panic. What if they recognize my features from the picture and put the pieces together! That’ll be the end of me, and Aizawa for harboring a criminal!

Okay… calm down and think… She doesn’t have a lot of space to move and create petals, but that doesn’t matter if I’m trapped in the corner of the apartment! I have to figure a way around her- it’s just like in the store!

By this point, Pink Azalea had made it to the living room. 

“Are you his new little girlfriend?” she snorted. 

“Just wait until he gets back and sees that I’m home!!!”

Hoping she’s distracted by rage; you take a chance and dash to leap over the sofa. But she sees through your plan and you become encircled in a whirlwind of flower petals. You feel weak and drop to your knees. As more and more petals grace your skin, your vision goes blurry. Scenes play before your eyes as if you’re in a trick room at a nightmare carnival. You still have enough sanity left to know the images aren’t real, but your body could pass out at any second… or you could go mad.

“~ Just remember sweetie, you’ll never be anything more than a downgraded version of me. A replacement! ~” you can hear Azalea’s voice, though contorted, it’s sickly sweet. 

I need to save myself… this isn’t how it’s going to end! I need to be my own hero! My quirk, please help me! 

...Some of your vision and energy slowly return. The petal storm had stopped. Pink Azalea was snapping her head around wildly, thinking you had somehow escaped her power and dashed away. 

You get up (slowly) and drag yourself to the open front door- as fast as you can in your state. Avoiding stepping on flower petals had been your main worry, but they disappeared as the pink-haired woman screamed in anger and let her rage allow her to lose control of her powers.

“Where are you, you bitch!?” was the last thing you heard before you made it out of the apartment. You flew down the stairs as fast as your body would let you. 



You snuck into the nearest alleyway and changed back to your visible form behind a dumpster. Thankfully, you had passed by very few people, and it was a cloudy day. You wanted to slide down the wall and drown in your sorrows, but you knew you had to put more distance between yourself and that demon. And you couldn’t go back to your apartment, in case she was following you.

You got up, still a little shaky, and jogged down a route you had memorized, even though you had only taken it once. 

When you reached the small cafe that Shouta had taken you to, it had started to rain. You ordered your favorite drink and sat in the back corner, facing away from the rest of the cafe. 

‘I’m Shouta’s girlfriend... I’m home… downgraded version of me… replacement’

You hoped the other patrons wouldn’t notice your soft crying over the ambient music.

Chapter Text

It was raining when Aizawa left U.A. Thankfully, he had brought an umbrella, although tonight’s patrol would suck. His conversation with All Might kept replaying in his head.

‘Now that I’ve thought about it, this might actually work. She’s a young woman- that’ll gain her sympathy… and she has no clear victims, since citizens are victims of robberies all of the time. Although her predicted amount of thefts is very high, she has not a single physical assault charge. I think she would pass. A strategic move, Aizawa, having her be the first on trial. The committee HAS to pass the first villain or else none other will step up, and the whole initiative will be a failure…’

Aizawa made it back to his apartment, and was only snapped out of his trance by his realization that the front door was unlocked.

Oh, fucking hell, please don’t tell me… she wouldn’t…

He panicked and slammed the door open, just for his panic and shock meter to fully hit one hundred percent…

His dead girlfriend was leaning against the counter, smiling at him.

“Honey! I’m so glad to see you!”

Aizawa was paralyzed, unable to return her excited hug as she ran over and jumped on him.

“Ah-azalea… I convinced myself you were… dead… a year ago” he stated in awe, still staring straight at where he first saw her.

“Nah, silly! I told you I’d be back! I’m sorry it took so long…” she pinched his cheek but then put on a guilty puppy dog look for the apology.

The gears in Aizawa’s head finally started turning again.

He grabbed Azalea by the shoulders and held her at arm’s length. He started off delicately.

“Azalea… where is Belladonna…?” It wasn’t a question.

“Who?” Azalea looks away and twirls a lock of her hair.

This was bullshit. She hadn’t changed- he could still tell she was lying. And his kitten wouldn’t leave after he told her every day not to… after they went on a date, after the night before…

He tried to control his temper, but his tone turned serious.

“Where is she? The girl that I live with. She stays home while I’m at work but you are the only person here.”

Azalea pouted and tried to grab her past boyfriend again, whispering words of flirty jealousy and endearment. He pushed her away. Her eyes flashed, furious.

She slapped Aizawa across the face- hard.

“What are you doing with some freaking whore!? I tell you I’ll be gone for a while and you find a stand-in for the meantime? What kind of boyfriend does something shitty like that!?

That was it, Aizawa lost his patience to his concern over Bell.

The two argued. And within that argument, Azalea made a horrible mistake in an attempt to save her relationship. Aizawa Shouta realized something from her shocking words.

Azalea was pretty and passionate, but toxic like the sickly-sweet honey people once made from the plant of her namesake- before they knew better. Aizawa remembered the look of relief that his friends had tried, but failed, to hide when he had told them Azalea would be on a no-contact mission for a while. They had wanted him to use the time he spent apart from her to re-evaluate their relationship!

But re-evaluation turned into a void of worn-down emotions, after months passed without her return. His friends got what they wanted- Aizawa and Azalea were a thing of the past- but at the cost of the hollowing of their friend’s emotional core. A deep psychological scar that added a deeper shade of purple underneath his eyes, and stretched his already thin patience. But no one dared bring it up. Yamada tried once, but he was cut off halfway through with an angry, “you think I can’t take care of myself!?” before the raven-haired man stormed away with his coffee, slamming the door behind him.

Aizawa had had enough and was worried about the woman he currently loved. He was lashed out like a wild animal trying to protect its mate.

“You can’t leave for two years and expect everything to be the same! For me to be the same! Do you know what I’ve been through? Have you even thought about what everyone went through? Your family pronounced you dead after a couple of months!” He looked down and balled his hands into tight fists.

“You told me you loved me but you left me for TWO YEARS! And you never contacted me to tell me you were even alive- not because it might compromise the mission- but because you might have gotten taken off of it- if your boss thought you were homesick!? How dare you tell me that and expect me to forgive you!” He looked Azalea straight in the eyes, as she watched him in disbelief.

“You chose you damn career over me, twofold, and hurt and scared away my friend. My girlfriend. Yes, that’s right. I’ve moved on.” Aizawa pointed towards the door, eyes burning with anger.

“Get. Out.”

Azalea’s face was one of complete shock. She started to comply… then Aizawa’s eyes turned red, and he erased the petals before they had a chance to come near him.

“Don’t come back…keys”

She took a set of keys from her pocket and shoved them in his outstretched hand and she passed him. He watched his ex leave with angry tears pouring down her face. He didn’t feel sorry for her.

He had his Belladonna to find.

Aizawa left the door open in case she came back on her own accord. He had never given her a set of keys because there was no need, as she never left without him by her side.

He then leapt to the balcony to start his search for a lost kitten in the rain.

Chapter Text

Aizawa wanted to punch himself in the face for being so stupid. When Bell had gotten her cellphone back, he had given her his number for emergencies, but he hadn’t bothered to take hers. He would know where she was at all times, right? There was no need… he was a fucking idiot.

She must be hiding somewhere… she wouldn’t run away, not after… anyway she knows better than that. But why hasn’t she called me!? Whatever Azalea did to her must have been awful- she has always had a temper like no other.

Aizawa thought about all the possible ways his ex-lover could have tormented his significant other. He touched his still slightly stinging left cheek and shuddered. Significant other? I hope we’re at that point… I’m running out of time for that not to be the case

Aizawa tried to think clearly as he ran through the half-empty streets, not even feeling the rain. The important thing is she’s alive. Azalea was still a pro-hero, she wouldn’t kill someone, even over her raging jealousy. And he had some ideas of where Belladonna may be.

He wanted to run to your apartment (having memorized your address) to burn off some anxious energy, but the logical side of him knew the train was faster. He made his way towards the station, getting some strange looks from passer biers along the way.



He was so glad he had asked Bell’s landlord for a spare key when he paid her rent. The man gave it to him without a second thought. Probably because he had paid for a month in advance and more. Aizawa was never more appreciative for a greedy bastard.

He tried knocking first. When he didn’t get a response, he opened the door and stepped inside. He immediately knew she wasn’t there just from how the place felt. The bright glow of her aura was absent. He checked every room anyway, disregarding the invasion of privacy.

The second place he checked was a coffee shop a few blocks away- the one you had told him was the place where you fell in love with your favorite drink, and frequented often.

The door sign read closed.

This time Aizawa did take to the streets and the rooftops on the way back, a frustrated last resort.

By the time he got back to his district he had a silent phone and it was dark out. He had called in that he wasn’t able to do patrol that day and someone had filled in for him. Maybe he would do patrols after all, but only to look for one specific villain.

He decided to check his apartment to see if his kitten had made her way home by herself. But he was exhausted, as the adrenaline wore off and the grim reality kicked in. He had no leads and his girlfriend was too scared or angry to call him... Or had lost her phone...

He decided to stop by his favorite café for about three shots of espresso to help him make it through the night. The place catered to university students as well as artists and writers, so it was open to obscenely late hours (well to Aizawa being up that late was normal). Though, they stopped serving food after around three pm.

He walked the rest of the way, soaked to the bone. He tiredly opened the door and wiped his boots on the mat for a solid fifteen seconds to attempt to dry off the soles. Yet his steps still made an annoying squeak when he walked completely into the café.

Even though Aizawa consistently looked like he just rolled out of bed and was dead to the world, quite the opposite was true. His quirk and fighting styled relied on observation and quick reflexes. So, before he even got on line for his energy boost, he noticed something odd. There was only one person in the entire café that didn’t have a laptop, book, or stack of papers in front of them. The patron was a young woman who sat facing into the wall. Her hair and those clothes looked awfully familiar…


Chapter Text

You heard footsteps walking towards your table, and hoped it wasn’t a barista coming to kick you out. You had been consistently ordering drinks for this sole purpose, but you had been at the café for quite a while. You had lost track of time. It meant nothing, yet was everything at the same time. Every minute was one you spent obsessively reflecting over the last week or so of your life. Every detail of your relationship with Shouta and Azalea’s crushing words. Yet what would you do if Aizawa came for you? Would he come find you? What could you say to him?

The footsteps got closer to your table. Huh, that’s weird. the waitresses here usually don’t wear boots, they wear heels…

Thinking about your near-future awkward conversation with the waitress got your gears turning again. I guess I’ll have to go back to my apartment now… it seems like Azalea was content on just getting me out of the apartment.

A familiar, large hand clasped down on your shoulder.

“Belladona…” your name was breathed with relief and desperation.

Shouta looked awful. His hair was plastered to his face and neck from the rain and he was dripping wet. His eyes were wide and you could tell they were redder around the edges than usual.

He leaned down and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. You flinched, unsure of what to do- your vocal cords weren’t responding either. Aizawa didn’t seem to notice or care, because he just squeezed you tighter.

“I’m so glad I found you, my kitten. Thinking about you being hurt or running off has been driving me insane… I was sooo worried.” He whispered low enough so that only you could hear.

He started stroking and playing with your hair. You could only make out a coughing noise, stuck between wanting to curl into his embrace and sob or take out all of your pain and frustration out on him.

“I’m so sorry… for whatever Azalea did to you. It must have been awful.”

The tears that you had managed to repress finally trickled down your cheeks.

“Aizawa… what am I to you?” you managed to choke out, finally looking into his eyes, full of shock, contemplation, and… pain? He paused for a few long seconds.

“I should have been more transparent with you, Bell. And for that, I’m sorry. As for anything Azalea may have said… she’s not my girlfriend. Let’s go back home and we can talk… please?”

‘Home…’ as in ours?

You nodded and stood up. ‘She’s not my girlfriend’… those were the words you wanted to hear, right? And you wanted to go back to him, for him to find you. That’s why you went to his favorite café, right?

Shouta smiled tiredly and took you by the hand, helping you up. You left the shop, the rain having reduced to a light drizzle.



“The reason I didn’t call you was my phone was charging when Azalea attacked me. I didn’t have it on me…”

“How dare she- we’ll talk about this when we get back okay? I’m so sorry, and simultaneously really impressed you were able to get away.”

“Well… my quirk isn’t only useful for stealing,” you said lowly and gave a small, nervous laugh.

“Ah, so you can use it again…” Aizawa’s face looked deep in thought as he guided you back to the apartment. It was harder for you to recognize the streets at night. You doubt you would have made it back on your own. Aizawa apologized for not having an umbrella for you, saying that it would have only have slowed him down. You instead berated him for being headstrong and told him he was going to catch a cold.

When the two of you got back to the apartment, Shouta did a quick scan- you assume to check to make sure that his crazy… whatever wasn’t still around. The place was clear. You somehow managed to convince the most stubborn man on the planet to not just change his clothes, but to take a hot shower before the two of you would talk. In the meantime, your clothes were slightly wet so you changed into your pajamas and pulled out a blanket. And yet again, the wait was agonizing.

Shouta emerged from his bedroom with his wild black hair being attempting to be tamed by a towel. He was also in his pajamas (you swear the only things he owned that weren’t black)- a white V-neck t-shirt and charcoal gray sweatpants that sat low on his hips. And yes, you looked. The same way you caught him eyeing how short your pajama bottoms were. There was no point in denying anything now.

After shaking his hair out (you swear to god he looked like a cat that just got wet) he gave up on the towel and came to sit next to you on the couch, silently asking permission by pausing until you gave him a look indicating it was okay for him to sit. You let him take part of the blanket too, which he accepted and threw over himself.

He suddenly looked nervous and sighed.

“In order to answer your question, I feel like I need to tell you a bit about my past. Azalea and I dated, yes. But then she left for a mission two years ago and was basically pronounced MIA after a couple of months. I let my grief consume me for over a year. But then I realized… we were never a good fit. In fact, she was bad for me. Of course, I never wished anything bad to happen to her! But we were opposites and it was bound to explode… and it did today. She was the media’s darling, while I try to stay as underground as possible. The public didn’t even know we were dating- mutually. I didn’t want the publicity and it would taint her relationship with her adoring fans to know she was no longer single… I guess I should’ve seen the warning flag there but, like I said, I don’t exactly enjoy being swarmed by jackasses with microphones.”

He paused.

“We have the same eyes,” you blurted out, not able to let that go.

Shouta thought for a moment.

“You do and you don’t. They are the same color, but your personalities are totally different and it makes your eyes shine in a completely different way than hers ever did. You’re probably wondering, and I’ll admit it, that seeing that picture of you… your eyes reminded me of her, and was one of the reasons I wanted to find you. I apologize, I know I said I was over the relationship months ago, but you sparked a dark side of my curiosity. I understand if that makes you feel any sort of jealousy. But I can assure you I don’t see her in you.”

Shouta ran his hands through his hair and looked at you seriously and apologetically. You knew he was telling the truth and it did wonders to quell your insecurities. But you were still nearly shaking when you continued.

“Shouta… you haven’t answered my question yet. I’m a villain, you risk your hero license by keeping me here, you say you want to protect me and you do, and we’ve s-slept together… What… who am I to you?”

Your eyes glistened with tears that you didn’t want to fall. You didn’t want to hear that you were his toy, his pet, his prisoner. But that’s how it would look from the outside. You prayed you were wrong… you knew he had feelings for you…. You knew

“I guess I am pretty hard to read, huh? I get that a lot.” The man you were staring at chuckled. He looked over at you and gave a soft smile. He reached over with both arms and you let him touch you. He pulled you onto his lap and cupped you face, brushing away a stray tear. Your heart started beating faster.

“I wish I could’ve done this in a more romantic setting… maybe a nice restaurant or even during a walk in the park... but… Belladonna, I love you.”

He kisses you softly on the lips while your heart goes into overdrive, before pulling back to look at you once more. The words spill out, and once you say them, you know they’re true.

“Shouta… I…I love you too…” you whisper as you tangle your fingers into his black locks, and kiss him back. Hard.

Chapter Text

You were nearly panting by the time you pulled back. Then you spent a couple minutes just cuddling in silence. You snuggled into his neck, and he laid his cheek on top of your head. If anyone thought someone thin like Aizawa wouldn’t be comfortable, they would be wrong. Besides his sharply defined collarbones, he was quite nice to lay on. You could’ve fallen asleep, but that’s not what you wanted. You lean lower to his chest until you could hear his heart beating. It was relaxed and mesmerizing. But you both knew that would change.

Shouta gently pulls you up and takes your chin to kiss you again, tenderly. You used the opportunity of this position to feel his chest, gently tracing the pads of your fingers across his abs. He responded enthusiastically and with a shudder, as you realized how much you missed the taste of his tongue in your mouth, although it had only been a day. Though, it had been a long one, and you were craving your new boyfriend’s attention.

You thread your hands through his damp hair. This time you would have something to hold onto. You pulled his hair back, jerking his head back in the process as well… leaving his neck exposed. You tilted your head and sunk your teeth into his skin.

“God damnit Bell!” Shouta shouted through gritted teeth. But it was followed with a moan when you licked and sucked the affected area, enough until you were satisfied it would leave a sizable mark.

“Is that the way you speak to your students, Mr. Teacher?” you teased, now that your payback was complete. He grunted in response.

“You know they’ll sure as hell see that in the morning!”

You started laughing.

“I know! It’ll be so great! Yet you let me do it anyway…” you giggled, “so you really do want your coworkers to see!? Make sure to send them my regards!” His annoyed expression made you laugh some more.

You should’ve known he would retaliate.

In a fluid movement, he pushed your shoulders backwards so you were laying down, and climbed on top of you. What you forgot, as his warm hands made their way under your shirt, was that you weren’t wearing a bra. You gasped sharply as he got his hands full of your breasts, arching your spine. He smiled mischievously at his victory. He continued to grope you- much to both of your liking- as you let out embarrassing sounds that you will not describe. When class 1A’s teacher thought he had taught you enough of a lesson, he asked if you wanted to move to his bedroom.

Your cheeks flushed and you told him you had a confession to make… You had never slept with the same person twice. Although you wanted to- with him- of course! But the idea was foreign to you, so it might be a little awkward.

“I was so paranoid that someone would get attached to me and start digging around to find out who I was or where I live… and that they could use that against me somehow. Even though I was always clear that it would be a one-time thing, there’s some creeps in this world and a lot that don’t take you seriously. It was a risky way to do things, I know. I even had to use my quirk to get me out of some tough situations, more than once…”

You winced at the memories of having to turn translucent to avoid stalkers and once, even someone who tried to force themselves on you... You never went back to that bar… or street.

He brushed your hair back and gave you an apologetic kiss on the forehead. Then he smiled mischievously.

“Well, I must be the luckiest man alive then.” He licked his lips and he smiled wider as you shivered in anticipation. He got off the couch and picked you up bridal style, carrying you down the hallway.

“I didn’t just catch an elusive creature, but she chose me. And now… you’re all mine… like no one has ever had you.” He climbs on top of you, opening your legs with his knees. He immediately went for a spot between your collarbone and neck that felt better than the rest when he sucked and nipped at it. You vaguely remember practically squealing when he hit that spot while exploring your upper body with his mouth the night before. Did he remember…?

He the shell of your ear, another place that you were sensitive, before whispering to you.

“I’ll show you what it’s like to observe another person’s body, and learn to receive pleasure from them. I’ll teach you how great it is to have a partner that knows what you like…”

You could feel the heat already growing inside of you already, from your previous fun and now his words… he had pretty much just promised you the best sex of your life, even though you’re sure last night took the top slot. You decided to be bold and return his mischievousness.

“Okay then, teach me… Sensei”

Shouta’s expression changed and he blinked so many times that you were worried you had permanently killed the mood. Then he grabbed your wrists and forearms with his scarfs, pinning you to the bed. You were close enough that you stared straight into his black lust-filled eyes, when he said in a husky voice,

“Call me that again, kitten.”


You ended up screaming it over and over again as you clutched the sheets as best as you could with your wrists bound. As a reward, you could hear your boyfriend groan from behind you, as he thrust harder- which only made you scream louder.


You weren’t even sure you could unravel yourself from Shouta’s protective embrace to get up. Forgetting two days in a row is going to suck tomorrow, but god, what a day…. And I’m so comfortable.

I should start leaving the bottle in here…

You fell asleep to the soft sound of Shouta’s breathing… both of your hair splayed across the pillows and each other.

The scene could’ve been a Pino Daeni painting.

Chapter Text

*** [Time Skip: A Few Days Later] ***

-Third Person POV-


“Naomasa, this better be important. I’m in the middle of teaching- “

“Aizawa I know you’re at work. That’s why I’m calling, to tell you that the VIRA legislation just hit the floor.”

Aizawa almost dropped his phone, a mix of panic and relief (but mostly panic), flooded his mind.

“Can you give me a minute or two? I’ll call you right back.”

The usually indifferent teacher nearly sprinted to the Teachers’ Lounge, startling some students who were unfortunate enough to be in his way. Yamada had this period off, and they were just doing lecture today.

He collected himself in front of the doorway, putting on his usual mask of boredom. Upon opening the door, his estimation was confirmed. All Might and Yamada were at their desks, having a conversation. And by having a conversation, he meant Yamada was talking at the speed of sound while All Might nodded along politely, while trying to do something on his computer.

They really needed to re-instate Yamada’s coffee ban.

“Yamada! I need you to-“


“I need you to cover my class for me for a while. I’m not… feeling well. Can you teach them English or something for a bit? Aren’t you good at that?” He tried to sound as calm as possible.


“I’ll take you up on your insistence to go out for drinks with our friends and… and my new girlfriend. Just not this week I’m- “

“THAT IS A DONE DEAL MY FRIEND!” Present Mic jumped out of his chair and sauntered past Aizawa, giving him a wide smile and a nonconsensual side hug before sliding out the door towards class 1-A.

Aizawa and All Might locked eyes and there was an understanding.

“Let’s go into the conference room. It’s soundproof and I checked the list on the door this morning. No one is scheduled to use it all day. I’ll pencil us in as a meeting discussing the possible student internships for the first years that got provincial licenses.”

Aizawa nodded and called Naomasa back. The door shut behind him and he locked it.

“Hey Naomosa, sorry for the wait. I have All Might here too.” He put his phone on speaker.

“I saw the news already Aizawa, I was scrolling through the news on my phone right before you walked in.” All Might commented.

“So, you’ve both heard now. But what the media isn’t saying is that this bill is going to pass! The police force and the government are pretty tight nowadays and you know I have some connections.” Electricity ran through Aizawa’s veins and he shuddered in anticipation. He knew there was more.

All Might looked deep in thought.

“So, what you’re going to tell us is that we’re going to have to plan all of our moves for when VIRA does pass, since we want to jump on it as quickly as possible,” he concluded.

“Correct. And I’m going to explain to you how this process works. The committee will consist of: you, All Might, the principals of the top two ranking hero schools in Japan, including Nedzu, a total of four representatives from the National Police Agency and the Public Safety Commission, two high ranking government officials who specialize in hero laws, and four top pro heroes, who will be interchanged based on the case, and who will remain anonymous to protect their reputations. That’s a total of thirteen judges. You already have three on your side, considering the police and Nedzu will definitely vote in favor. So, Aizawa, your friend only has to convince four people that she’s worthy of redemption.”

Aizawa let his words sink in. Four people shouldn’t be a problem. Just hope the pro heroes they chose aren’t complete assholes like Endeavor.

“As for logistics, there’s going to be an anonymous hotline where villains can choose to surrender themselves, if they give their name, a date they are willing to go on trial, and what police station they will surrender themselves to, on that day. If they show up, they will be restrained, the judges will be summoned, and the trial will be held later that day in that city’s courthouse. There will be armed guards and pro heroes in case something goes wrong, but the trial itself will not be open to the public or the media. The only people allowed inside besides the judges and armed guards will be any guests that the villain has- who will be provided a waiting room. Though this stipulation doesn’t seem to make much sense, since the only friends most villains have are other villains. Well, besides your case…”

Naomasa audibly cleared his throat before continuing.

“A pass or fail will be given the same day. A pass results in amnesty of previous crimes and a provisional license to start as a sidekick or whatnot, with the expectation that the person will eventually become a pro hero. A fail results in… what you would guess… prison.”

Aizawa and All Might simultaneously shivered.

“Aizawa, you need to get Nightshade to be the first to call that hotline once the number is released to the public. That could be as quickly as tomorrow. How is she feeling about all of this?”

Aizawa scratched the back of his head and groaned, knowing how much of an idiot he was about to sound like.

“I… I actually haven’t told her about VIRA yet.” He hung his head so he wouldn’t have to see All Might’s shocked expression. There was dead silence on the other side of the line for quite some time.

“…Well Aizawa, she’s going to have to be ready... I’m really glad I’m not in your shoes right now to be honest. Women don’t really appreciate when you… drop things on them…” All Might finally spoke, sympathetically.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off so you have more time to prepare bringing this up to her? I can take over your class after Yamada.”

Aizawa wanted to bang his head against the wall. He sent his goodbyes and appreciations to Naomasa.

“You’re right, thank you All Might…” The man sitting next to him nodded.

“Anytime.” He got up and left.

Aizawa slid down the wall.

I love you’s, and making love and sleeping together every night… is that enough to guarantee that Belladonna will stay?

Please don’t leave me, kitten…



-Your POV-

After staying there for what, two weeks now? …Shouta’s place was starting to feel like home. You had always loved your old nest of a place; however tiny it was. It was big enough for one person, and was the only place where no one could bother you, where you were safe in the façade of a normal night-shift employee. People didn’t ask questions (except when you were going to pay rent). You didn’t even know your neighbors, except vaguely what they looked like.

Besides being bigger and nicer, in a way, things were the same here. The apartment had outside, covered corridors, and Aizawa had a corner apartment near the top. So, there was no reason for anyone to pass by his door. Hence, you hadn’t seen a single person. Eventually, you were smart enough to just close curtains in the kitchen, even if it cut off some natural light.

You had Moogle Mapped where exactly you were on your phone. You did some searching of the area and noticed you were in a relatively high rent district, but surrounded on almost three sides (not the ways Shouta had been taking you) by medium to high crime areas. Including being walkable to U.A., this place was definitely a location pick for Shouta.

The clutter was the perfect amount. Enough to show it’s lived in; the vintage bookshelves and scattered video game controllers spited the modern interior design of the rest of the house: blacks, whites, and greys, with stainless steel appliances and swirled marble countertops.

I guess the color scheme is fitting for Shouta... though you wouldn’t mind some more color. If even just one room…

It turns out Shouta had actually salvaged your knife the night he fought you. He presented it to you as an apology gift for accidentally bruising your arms the other day during sex. Plus, you were both still a little on edge about the whole Azalea incident. He unlocked his cabinet and said you could choose any other knife he had to protect yourself, just in case. You decided to keep your old one. It had sentimental value and was quite beautiful- you could tell Shouta even fancied it. He admitted that once he had taken it from you, he had done some research on it. It was from a well-known Italian (ha you knew that!) company that was still highly regarded. It was likely ancient and custom made, because he could find nothing like it on their current listings. Those purple swirls on the blade were killer (thankfully you had never had to actually test that out though- in a literal sense).

Shouta was trusting you more and more. More freedom. He stopped reminding you not go out without him, but you knew that rule was still in place.  More ‘I love you’s’ and kisses. A dinner date, at which he had given you an amethyst ring, saying he noticed you didn’t have much jewelry. It was true, you only had a couple of pieces inherited from your mother, and you were too paranoid of losing them to wear them out in public. The action made you blush scarlet, as it reminded you a little bit of an engagement proposal. But you had stuttered out a ‘thank you’ and kissed him with lips that tasted like wine.

You smiled and absentmindedly turned the TV on as you admired your ring.

The news was on. You lost focus on your ring…

Chapter Text

Somewhere in the corner of your mind, you heard the sounds of keys in a lock. Sometimes Shouta comes home early…

You were too busy gaping at some guy with one horn explain a new law called the Villain Initiative:  Rehabilitation Act.

“-amnesty of all past crimes and a contract to become a hero, or instant imprisonment. What do you think the odds are that any villain will take this risk? What does it mean for this world we live in without the Symbol of Peace? Where crime rates are rising…”

“Bell.” You think Shouta called you from the doorway. You were too entranced to take your eyes off of the screen.

It wasn’t until you felt a familiar black-clad hero gently pluck the remote out of your hand and switch the TV off that you heard him call your name a second time.

“It seems like you’ve seen the news already,” he regarded with a sigh.

You still didn’t move or speak, just looked up at him. Shouta gave you a soft look before sitting down next to you and putting his arm around your shoulders, squeezing you. He kissed you on the forehead and you relaxed a bit, your brain starting to work properly again.

“I know this might sound a bit strange… but would you ever think of applying for VIRA, Bell?”

Suddenly everything odd about Shouta clicked and you pulled yourself together. You leaned back and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Did heroes know about VIRA before today? Did… you know about it before you found me in that alleyway?”

He bit his lip before answering.

“Yes kitten, a few heroes knew this was coming, including me. The bill was introduced a long time ago but never gained any traction. Only a handful of us who had some connections knew it was resurfacing. I didn’t tell you because no one knew if it would pass. But it seems like the rise in crime is making people desperate to get villains off the street... And now here we are.” Aizawa pointed at the TV with his free hand. Then he tried to take yours but you jerked it away, suddenly angry.

“Did you plan this? This whole… thing? Not handing me over to the police and waiting for this legislation to pass?” You didn’t realize you were raising your voice.

“Do you have some sort of savior syndrome or something? Oh yeah that’s right, you’re a hero, of course you do. You’re supposed to save people.” You pulled yourself out of Shouta’s embrace.

“What if I say no?... Am I… am I just some kind of toy to you?... Do you even love me at all?” You pulled your knees up to your chest and started to cry. There they were, your deepest insecurities. You finally said them out loud.

Aizawa was frozen, with a look like you had just slapped him across the face.

 It was obvious that he didn’t know what to do.

“Bell, I love you! Please believe me… can I touch you?”

You didn’t give a yes or no indication so you found a hand hesitantly placed on your back. It turned into a gentle rubbing and tracing.

“You’ve caught me twice withholding information from you. I didn’t mean for you to learn about them the hard way, so I understand why you’re upset with me… and I’m sorry for making you feel this way. But you are in no way here to entertain me. I’ve been burned so many times by others, I-I would never… do that to someone else…”

“I actually have a confession for you this time. You have every right to hate me Bell, but instead you tell me you love me. I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you, so I tried my best to make you comfortable here… because I’m a selfish monster who wanted you to stay with me even after you gain your independence…. I want you to partake in VIRA because I know you’ll pass… and I know I have to let you go. I can’t keep you trapped forever, its not right… But I’m so scared you won’t come back.”

You looked up at Shouta with shock and empathy. You had no idea he was so insecure when it came to you. There were tears in his eyes.

“I thought… you suggesting… VIRA as a way for you to get rid of me. But I realize that that was so stupid. Especially after what you just said now” you got out between sniffles.

“You have so much power over me, yet you’ve never abused it. In fact, you’ve been kinder to me than anyone has in years… as a complete stranger.” You uncurled yourself and reached over to your partner, who took your embrace enthusiastically.

“I like living here with you” you whispered. The tears had almost stopped falling. When they did, you asked your lover a very important question…

“Tell me about VIRA…you have a plan, right?”

Chapter Text

Shouta told you everything… from the beginning. How you were going to avoid prison, and get your independence back.

Now all you had to do was wait.


In preparation, you got to meet one of Aizawa’s friends-someone he called Joke. The woman was made of bright colors and energy- the exact opposite of Aizawa. You had no idea how they could possibly be friends.

“Joke, this is Belladonna, my girlfriend. Please don’t scare her away.”

“I-it’s nice to meet you” you said, unsure of the energy of the room.

Joke burst out laughing.

“I guess I can’t keep asking you to marry me anymore Aizawa, hmm?” Your heart rate sped up and you started to get flushed. Is this another one of his exes…

“That’s not funny! I told you what happened with Azalea, Joke! Way too soon.”

“I’m just teasin’, but you do have a point, sorry. Come over here Belladonna, I don’t bite! It’s time to do some shoooppiiing!”

You ended up at the mall, being dragged around by Joke, because you needed a proper outfit for when you went on trial. Your lucky boyfriend was probably already asleep on a bench already. Shouta had entrusted you and your predicament to his old colleague friend, after you confessed you knew nothing about proper fashion, except what brands fetched the highest price… Yeah, so that didn’t go well.

“We need something to make you look the opposite of menacing, something that screams ‘not dangerous’! Think of like… a bunny or a kitten.” You flinched. Man did she hit the nail on the head…

“How old are you anyway?” You told her your age and she blinked. “Does Aizawa know that?”

“Er… he never asked- “

“Anyway, that’s not important! I’m thinking feminine, but not sexy. Youthful but still formal enough to be taken seriously… Ah-ha!” You abruptly came to a stop in front of a window display. Your chaperone was looking at a purple long sleeve dress, with a bow and lace details. The mannequin also had on a matching scarf. The advertisement said ‘New Fall Fashion!’

“This is perfect! The media will be flocking you so you can use the scarf to cover part of your face on the way in. And the color will go well with your hairpin too. It’s a little chilly out, so all you need are some tights and nice pair of dress boots, and you’re done!”

You got pulled into the store, and you were, in fact, done very quickly. By luck, they had the dress in your size and it fit perfectly. You stopped at a footwear outlet as well. On your way back to meet Shouta, Joke smiled at you, but took on a serious tone.

“I’ve known Aizawa for a long time, and I was totally joking about the marriage thing, you know. Though, I did used to have a crush on him… he’s a great guy. I’m glad he’s found someone good this time around… please take care of him for me, okay?” You nodded and thanked her for her help, which she waved off.


You were right; you had to shake Aizawa awake. You had no idea how this man stayed alive with how much of a heavy sleeper he was. At least today, in jeans with his hair pulled back, he didn’t look like Erasure Head.

“You found something…? Good.” He mumbled and yawned before getting up. He kissed you on the cheek, which was a rare display of PDA for him.

“So, you’re happy now?”

“I’m content.”

Joke laughed.

“You’ll never let me win, will you? It was nice seeing you again Aizawa. And Belladonna, make sure I get the chance to see you again soon!” With a final wave, the smile hero left.


It was dark by the time you left the mall. Aizawa had picked this day since he wasn’t on patrol, so you were currently discussing dinner plans when his phone went off with a distinctive ringtone. He glanced at the text quickly before nodding and showing you the screen.

It was time.

You memorized the number beneath the text as the two of you ducked into a dark alleyway. There was a payphone a half a block away. You used your quirk and dashed to the payphone, avoiding the streetlights as best as you could. And it was the second-best time for your quirk besides night: twilight. You picked up the phone, not caring that you would leave fingerprints, as you weren’t in any system that you knew of, and dialed the number. A commanding voice picked up within two rings.

“This is the VIRA hotline” a masculine voice boomed.

“Yes. I’ve called to surrender myself to the [police station closest to U.A.] this Saturday.”

“Alright. And who am I speaking to?”

“You probably know me as Nightshade.” You could hear a gruff gasp on the other side of the line.

You hung up and ran back to Shouta, where you changed back to normal, and you both nonchalantly exited the alleyway.

After a long moment of silence, you both burst into laughter, something rare for Shouta.

“You did good. I didn’t even see you. And from this angle, I couldn’t even see the phone move!”

You had pulled off the first step.

Police sirens wailed and headed in the direction of the payphone you had just been at.

Shouta laughed again.

“They know your quirk has something to do with invisibility. Do they really expect you to just be standing there, waiting for them to swoop you up? They don’t even have enough of an image to arrest you on appearance!”

“I can’t blame them for being curious though- for that exact reason.”

Shouta took your hand and kissed it, a sign of affection that still made you blush. You had already started writing your script, and in two days you would go over it with All Might, since he was an expert at smooth talking. Being on the big screen had been half of his image, after all.

Your lover told you that everything would be fine. You continued to walk and talk about dinner plans, to the symphony of sirens headed away from you.


You were highly entertained by the spectacle the media made of you- how obsessed they were. The grainy picture of just you in your black outfit, (e/c) eyes blazing, was all over every news outlet.

“The villain Nightshade made history last night as the first villain to participate in the VIRA program. This elusive thief has strangely had no suspected thefts in nearly a month. Though the expectedly female villain has been known to take long hiatuses- “

“The cops arrived at the scene a half a minute later to an empty payphone- yet which one cannot be disclosed- “

“We’ve received a leak from the police department that a security camera from an electronics store across the street has the time of the call recorded. Apparently, the video shows that there was no one in the phone booth! Is this false information, or are we dealing with a form of invisibility quirk, like the police had predicted- “?

But on Thursday, everything went wrong. They had gotten you. Or more accurately, they had gotten Shouta… twice.

The video of Erasure Head carrying you out of the store had resurfaced. The girl’s camera was pretty high quality so your face, including your eyes, were in high-definition. The fact that you had not just refused to give a statement, but ran away entirely, was suspicious. The media used the scar under Shouta’s eye to identify him as Erasure Head.

At first the video was just an online curiosity. Someone had found a woman with your same color eyes. Easily a coincidence.

Then came the real blow: that rainy day. A store camera opposite to the café had caught Erasure Head (in full hero garb) exiting the store with a woman who looked similar enough to the one in the robbery video. The damning part: he had held the door open for you, and held your hand on the way out.

Less than forty-eight hours before your trial, and attention started shifting to the underground hero and U.A. high school teacher: Erasure Head.

“This woman seems to have the same eyes as Nightshade. And running from the scene of a crime where you’re the victim and possibly injured? Why would someone do that?”

“We can’t jump to any conclusions, although these videos are quite interesting. We’re only going off eyes and a vague body shape after all- “

“Erasure Head has refused to comment on any inquiries. Does anyone else find that a bit suspicious?”

You both waited for a statement from Pink Azalea… bad things come in threes, don’t they? Yet the reinstated pro hero and media darling didn’t say a word…

You were on strict house arrest.



-Third Person POV-

U.A. High School

Aizawa was livid. He hated the media in general. That’s why he quit his job working for a hero agency as soon as he could. And now they wanted to know about his love life? Not going to happen.

It was Friday, the day before the trial, and his stress level had hit its ultimate limit. He knew he should’ve taken the day off to avoid this… and to support Bell. But she was worried about his reputation and hero license, and thought him not showing up to work would make him look even more suspicious.

By the time he had opened the door to his class, Bakugo had already punched a hole in the wall (apparently aiming for Midoriya), Todoroki had set someone’s homework on fire while attempting to practice using both of his quirks at once, and Mina had somehow caused an acid spill that covered about one-fifth of the classroom’s floor. Aizawa’s hair defied gravity and he managed to not let out a string of curses by gritting his teeth.

“Let’s try this again, students. This place better be cleaned up by the time I walk back in here. You have two minutes.”

He walked out and slammed the door, taking deep breaths. After a little more than two minutes, he walked back in, a death glare still on his face. Everything had been cleaned up, even the plaster on the floor- but the hole still remained. Bakugo stood up and formally apologized, uncharacteristically. Aizawa was too emotionally drained already to give him anything more than detention for a couple of days.

“Now class- “

“Mr. Aizawa?”

“Yes. Mineta?” The purple haired boy looked a bit shaky but also intensely curious.

“Is it true tha- “

“Is WHAT true?” The teacher’s red eyes pierce his student’s. He’s one hundred percent sure the boy just pissed his pants.

Aizawa didn’t get a response.

He put on his usual bored tone… before he actually lost it.

“Now class, we’ll be learning today about quirk history.” Normally that would earn him groans of psychological torture. Today, his students snapped their textbooks open in unison. Despite the difficulty of the lesson, not a single question was asked the rest of the day.

Aizawa avoided the Teachers’ Lounge completely that day. Any attempt at a conversation that anyone tried to make, he ignored.

He was never so glad to get home. Tomorrow was the trial and he wanted to spend as much time with Bell as possible. They needed to finish their final preparations, after all.

Chapter Text

It was nine in the morning and you felt fancy. You walked into the precinct, passed more armed guards than you had ever seen, besides on TV. The officer stationed inside glanced over at you.

“I’m sorry Miss, but if this isn’t an emergency, I’m going to have to transfer you to another station. As you probably noticed- “

You pulled your scarf down to reveal your face

“My name is Nightshade, and I’m here to surrender myself under VIRA.”

The officer blinked at you for a solid couple of seconds before hitting some alarm. Before you knew it, you were handcuffed and being led to some sort of special cell in the back of the station.



You were driven down to the courtroom in a police entourage. They had taken off your handcuffs in favor of a car full of policemen and two heroes you didn’t recognize. The silence was uncomfortable, but you immediately missed it once the car came to a stop and one of the heroes opened the door for you.

You were literally walking down a red carpet. There were barriers on each side but the paparazzi had cameras and microphones leaning over the edges. Anything to get a glimpse at the elusive Nightshade. People were screaming in both excitement and rage, and you were glad for the guards surrounding you and the scarf hiding half your face.

Once you started walking, you glimpsed over your shoulder and saw Shouta get out of the police car behind you. He looked extremely handsome in a suit with his hair slicked back. The people and the reporters screamed louder upon his appearance. That’s all it was to you- mindless screaming.

Shouta could have, and really should have, entered from the back of the building as a guest. But he chose to enter with you as a sign of support and a ‘fuck you’ to the media. You held back a smile, thinking of Pink Azalea watching this spectacle on TV and putting together the pieces: that her boyfriend had dumped her for a street villain. Aizawa was completely silent, oblivious to the reporters calling his name. He walked as close to you as allowed and followed you into the courthouse. You saw him mouth ‘Good luck’ before he was escorted in through a different entrance and you were led to a large set of double doors.

Time for the show.



You entered the trial room. It was imposing, to say the least. You walked to the chair and small table in the center of the room and sat down. Nine of your thirteen judges were sitting in a tiered semicircle in front of you, so that you had to look up to see them. The room was relatively large and dark, with what was almost a spotlight landing on where you were sitting. There was a camera placed in the back of the room to record and as well as stream the feed to the four mystery hero judges, who’s identities you will never know.

Yeah, I don’t feel like I’ve been arrested and am being interrogated at all…

The rest of the room only held empty chairs (as it was a modified courtroom), and armed guards, as well as the same two pro heroes from before, also there for security.

In one of those empty chairs sat Shouta, expressionless to anyone else, but you could tell he was sweating and close to shaking with nerves.

After you had settled, someone cleared their throat, and you went white. You recognized one of the representatives from the National Police Agency to be none other than ‘Detector’. His quirk was sensing straight-out lies, and he served in cases with high-profile criminals. He could not though, detect half-truths, or if someone was avoiding a question. Only straight lies.

You didn’t have anything to worry about with your testimony, but if they asked you any strange questions, like ‘where have you been living, specifically since your last robbery?’ you would be forced to say something like ‘at a friend’s house’. If Detector was not satisfied and pressed further; ‘I was held hostage by Erasure Head’ would be where you would end up. That would not go well.

You snapped back to attention to listen to Detector as he began the formalities. He explained how this process worked (which you already knew- but listened closely too anyway). Then your trial officially started.

“What is your name?”

“(L/N) Belladonna” You stayed as confident and polite as you could muster, but you couldn’t help but feel your shoulders and spine go rigid.

“Are you the villain known as Nightshade, and do you confess to all of the crimes that the police have held you accountable for?”

 “Yes, I am and I do.” You tried to calm your nerves. You didn’t have much time left. You had to do this for yourself, to be free. And for Shouta’s sake as well.

“Good, you may begin your testimony, that is to say, anything you want to tell the the judges before questioning. You have thirty minutes, but may use less of that time or waive your right to testify completely. Will you testify, Miss (L/N)?

“Yes… I will.”

You took a deep breath and began your story.


“I had always wanted to be a hero, ever since I was a little kid. I was so happy when I got my quirk… I thought it was an awesome quirk for a hero. I could work at night when crime was at its highest, sneaking around and getting the bad guys before they even saw me.” You smiled weakly.

“Guess I ended up doing the same thing, but as a villain in the end… As I’ll tell you, my dreams of becoming a hero slowly fell apart.”

You reached into your pocket and pulled out a pill bottle, placing it on the table in front of you.

“It all started with this. When I was an early teen, I got diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that took a huge toll on my body. It weakens me physically, and without treatment it would deteriorate my musculoskeletal system and even my organs. I was told I couldn’t have children… I have to sleep more than the normal person to make up for how tired I always am… and worst of all, the medication is super expensive.” You listed off a price per pill so ridiculous that more than one person audibly made some sort of sound of shock.

“My family and I were devastated. I convinced myself I could still be a hero, even if I only had the energy to fight for a few hours a day. I could use a long-ranged weapon to avoid most physical combat. It could still work out.” You started to tremble slightly.

“One day, my parents went out shopping. I was having a flare and in pain so I stayed home… They ended up being c-c-casualties in a hero-villain fight, but on the heroes’ side. I can’t tell you more about it... In summary, my parents were dead and it was a hero’s fault. I couldn’t be a hero anymore- I would be a disgrace to my family’s name! And I hated myself because I should’ve been there, and I should’ve been dead too!” You looked to your audience and found some faces of shock and pity. You continued.

“That’s when I started to use my quirk to steal. My inheritance couldn’t pay for my living expenses and my medication. I needed to do it to survive. By then my dream was dead.” You continued in a serious tone, the words leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

“As you can imagine, both the physical and emotional trauma I endured landed me poor marks in school. I barely graduated. I had no options for college so my only choices were long-hour minimum wage jobs. I maybe could’ve managed part-time with my condition, but again, that wouldn’t cover my costs. So, I turned to being a thief as my form of income. Only a couple of hours a night, once or twice a week. I could manage that with my condition. And it would pay. That’s my story of how I became Nightshade.” You gave a tight smile to your audience.

“But that’s not the end. When I heard about VIRA, something clicked inside of me. I remembered my parents. They always supported me wanting to be a hero, even after I got sick. What they would think of me now haunted me… that’s why I volunteered for this initiative. I’m sick of hiding in the shadows and living day to day… I want to do something with my life besides leeching off of other people!” You looked directly up at the audience.

“Nothing is black or white in this world. Everything is tainted by varying shades of gray. Even though everyone and everything: the media, the government, hero agencies… will try to pretend that everything is transparent, to make the public feel safe… it’s just not true. There’s this thin veil of secrecy and unease that turns the world translucent! Just like me! And just like the gel… in these pills that started it all…

I realized that my hatred for heroes wasn’t real… it was just a childish delusion because I wanted someone to blame! If those heroes hadn’t had stopped those villains, there would have been double, maybe even triple as many deaths… and I had known this all along. For the second time in my life, I was just… unlucky. Or perhaps people will tell me, like they did before, that I was lucky. Because my very own debilitating illness saved me from dying that day…”

You put your pill bottle back in your pocket, holding back the tears in your eyes for your final plea.

“Perhaps VIRA is my lucky break… but you will be the ones deciding that.”


You then took questions. Your relationship to the pro-hero Erasure Head was deemed irrelevant to your case. If Detector noticed anything off, he didn’t bring it up. You were lucky, indeed.



The committee debated for three hours. You sat with Shouta the entire time in a waiting area (with guards outside the door and patrolling the hallways of course). For the full first hour you squeezed his hand so hard you swear you must have at least sprained his fingers, but he showed no sign of being in pain. Instead, he whispered encouraging words to you: about how ‘great you were out there’ and how he’s ‘sure they’ll pass you with that testimony’.

“I…I had no idea you were sick, love… Is that why I hurt you so badly when we fought?”

“I’m a hypocrite. I should’ve told you when you confessed what you were hiding from me. But I hate talking about my condition… it makes me feel weak and useless.” You sighed.

“Yes, my bones are a bit more brittle than a healthy person’s. I’m also just a complete novice at fighting… since that’s something I never needed to do for my ‘side job’. So, I have, like, zero muscle mass… or ideas of how to win a fight besides running away.”

It finally seemed relevant to bring up the ‘unsavory topic’ that had been bothering you since you started dating.

“…Hey Shouta?”

“Hmm?” He took stopped playing with your hair to look at you, worry evident in his eyes. It’s been a permanent fixture for the past twenty-four hours.

“Does it… bother you… that I-that we… wouldn’t be able to have kids together?” You blushed deep scarlet and looked away. You’d been dating for what, two weeks? And you were bringing up having kids? I hope I don’t scare him…

Shouta seemed a bit taken aback before he kissed you on the cheek and gave you a half smile.

“No, that doesn’t bother me. I didn’t even think about it until now. And it’s not like we can’t have kids… we could always adopt.”

His answer made you smile. Not only was he not put off by your infertility, but he actually was thinking of a future far ahead! I really love this man…

For the next two hours, you switched between cuddling positions, usually with his one arm pulling you in a tight squeeze while you rested your head on his shoulder. Since there was no one posted in the room (surprisingly), you even kissed.

This may be the last time I get to see him after all.

To your surprise, about every hour someone knocked and came in to offer you tea, water, snacks, etc. You were impressed by the hospitality towards a villain, but then again, if they voted in your favor, you could end up being a pro hero.

Slightly after three hours, a hoard of guards came to escort you, and only you, back to the trial room.



You looked at All Might’s face and knew what your future held immediately. You pictured Shouta smiling down at you… hands locked together as a cool breeze blew…




All Might was grinning from ear to ear and you smiled back. You bowed and thanked the committee before leaving the trial room.

Aizawa was standing in the hallway, fidgeting and practically shaking in anticipation. He saw your face as you walked out and he broke into a wide grin, spreading out his arms. You rushed him and he spun you around before kissing you hard.

Still in your embrace, he looked at you with shining eyes, “I love you Belladonna.”

“I love you too, Shouta,” you replied giddily, without missing a beat.

He grinned and pulled you into a long, tight hug.

“Please don’t leave me, kitten” he said desperately.

“Why would I leave the person I love more than anyone else in this world?”

Shouta squeezed you tighter and whispered in your ear.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than hearing you say you love me. You make me so happy…”

Chapter Text


The bar was loud- the sound of laughter drowning out the music playing in the background. You held onto Shouta’s arm as he made his way to the front of the bar. He flashed some type of card to a barista, and she discretely slid open a pocket door hidden in the paneling behind the bar and nodded at the two of you. You entered and walked down a hallway to a slightly smaller room, but this one was filled with none other than pro-heroes?

Most were out of costume, but you still recognized some faces.

“I’m sorry, but I made this promise to Yamada when I was desperate. Plus, everyone just really wants to meet you, and they’ve been torturing me at work.” Shouta sighed.

“It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been in a bar. And it’s okay, I’d like to meet your friends.” You smiled but you know you sounded nervous. Shouta reached down to squeeze your hand.

“Everything will be okay. Let’s just get this over with…”

“YO AIZAWA! OVER HERE!” a voice boomed from the end of the room. Aizawa muttered something under his breath before the two of you wandered to the corner booth and sat down. You stared at the brightly colored drinks on the table instead of the people in front of you... you were more nervous than you thought.

Shouta wrapped his arm around your shoulders. The gesture was reassuring ,and you felt safe enough to pull your scarf down to your neck and look around the table. All Might and Joke were there, and you recognized two heroes called Present Mic and Midnight (who was somehow wearing even less clothing than her hero costume). There was one face at the table that you didn’t recognize- a relatively plain-looking man.

“Everyone, this is Belladonna… my girlfriend.” You think you saw a blush on his cheeks. A chorus of “’Hello again’s’ and’ Nice to meet you’s’ rang out from around the table.

“~We finally get to see your face. You really are the girl from the video… you’re a cutie~” Midnight winked and took a sip of her cocktail.

A waitress came around and asked for your orders, without a second look at you. You ordered something fruity and highly alcoholic, and she left.

Before someone could get another question or comment in, you directed your gaze towards the mysterious man.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t recognize you... And Shouta here didn’t give me a rundown of who would be here.” You elbowed him in the ribs playfully.

The man laughed before giving you a smile.

“Call me Naomasa. Or I guess you could call me ‘the mole’. I work for the police as a detective and I was the one who contacted Aizawa and All Might, as well as some other heroes, about VIRA.”

You gasped and practically banged your head against the table, trying to bow, but forgetting that you were sitting down.

“Aaahhh I’m sorry! Thank you so much! I… don’t know where I would be without you!” You were embarrassed and honored to meet this man, who was the very reason you were able to sit at this table. The man was a little drunk and he just laughed again.

“It’s no problem. That’s what friends do. And I should be thanking you! Because of you, VIRA is being called a success and five more former villains have gone through the process… all passing. That’s less work for the police!”

Your drinks came and your light chatter began again. You got a little tipsy, and although he became a bit drunk himself, Shouta retained his aloof demeanor. Joke gave you a chance to change that.

“So…. We’re all wondering…. How did you guys meet anyway? A hero and a villain? Come on, there’s more to the whole ‘living next to each other’ thing, right?”

Shouta took a swig of his beer, anticipating you to respond with the boring, yet believable answer the two of you had crafted and rehearsed. You decided to get a reaction from him.

“Oh, you know… he erased my quirk and hunted me down after catching me red-handed during one of my thefts… we really hit it off from there.”

Aizawa spit his beer out all over the table in front of him, coughing. You started to giggle, which turned into hysterical laughter.

The table was dead silent for a few seconds before everyone either joined you in laughter (Joke was literally crying) or started teasing Aizawa- who still could barely breathe.

“Belladonna!” your boyfriend growled at you, surprise and a flick of betrayal in his eyes.

“What, babe? These are your friends, right? I’m not going to liiieee to them” you fake slurred, still smiling. You knew you would probably end up sleeping in the guest room tonight, but you didn’t care. Aizawa only broke his façade around you, and you wanted to change that. And that was… perfect.

After the chaos had quieted down, Present Mic spoke up, still smiling.


“Go for it.”


Apparently Aizawa wasn’t as drunk as you thought, and Yamada was unlucky enough to not be wearing his directional amp. In the blink of an eye, binds were wrapped around his exposed neck. For the second time that night, someone was gasping for air.

“I will erase your quirk PERMANENTLY if you ask another question like that again…. Are you okay Bell?” He turned to you after giving his death stare to Yamada.

You were shocked at how nonchalantly Yamada had thrown the question out there, but you knew it would come up eventually, and the poor man was about lose consciousness.

“It’s fine, Shouta. Let him go... To be perfectly honest… it fucking sucks.” You smiled and the atmosphere switched back to normal. And Yamada was a free man again.



The next morning was not fun. Thank god it was the weekend so Shouta was there to hold your hair back as you vomited again, and for the final time (you hoped).

After your stomach had settled you washed your face and brushed your teeth. Throwing up was nasty.

“But I didn’t even have that much. It must have been the sweet stuff. Alcohol and sugar are the best way to give yourself a hangover, after all. But I still can’t believe I threw up” you whined to a freshly showered Shouta. He didn’t even have a hangover, the lucky asshole.

“Alright, no more alcohol for you for a while then.” He pulled his hair into a bun as he got ready for the two of you to take your morning stroll through the park.

“Killjoy” you muttered before slipping on your own jacket.



“Do you feel well enough to go on our walk this morning Bell?” Shouta asked from the couch, looking up from his book as you entered the living room.

You had been feeling off for the past week, to the point where you were exempt from your hero training courses. You even went to your specialist to see if there was something about your medication that needed to be altered- but nope, that wasn’t an issue.

“Yes, I’d like to go on a walk… I think the fresh air will do us both good, you said with a nervous smile.

It was a chilly morning, but the multi-colored leaves decorating the trees and falling to the ground with the breeze made the walk refreshing. The cool temperature had apparently kept most people indoors though.

You stopped on the bridge at the high part of the park, overlooking a waterfall and decorated with fall perennial flowers. It really was a lovely day.

“Shouta… remember when you said you wished you could tell me you loved me somewhere more romantic?” He spun around, still holding your hand. He had pulled back his hair that morning to keep it from flying in his face, and was clean shaven. He looked so gorgeous with his hair matching his black jacket.

“Yes, I do. Would you like to hear it again? I love you.” He cupped your face with his free hand and kissed you. The intimate action gave you courage, as his hand moved into your hair.

“There’s something I need to tell you, and I thought… here would be appropriate.” You bit your lip and looked down at the ground before looking your lover in the eyes.

“Shouta… I’m pregnant.”

“I-I know it’s a lot to h- “, Shouta’s face went from one of complete shock to that of joy. He kisses you delicately before pulling you into a tight embrace.

“I’m so happy! Bell… you and our child….” You felt a tear fall on your cheek and realized Shouta was crying.

“But… how? I thought you said you couldn’t have a baby…” You swallowed, about to cry yourself.

“I guess that wasn’t completely true. I went to my doctor yesterday to see if there was something up with my meds and she threw a pregnancy test in… and it came back positive. Remember those first two night we had sex? I… forgot to take my meds because we fell asleep right afterwards. It turns out my condition only makes it difficult to ovulate, but it’s the pills that act as a form of birth control by preventing an embryo from attaching itself, on the very slight chance that there is one. Kind of like an IUD, but daily… So… I must have been in my fertility window, ovulated by chance, didn’t have my “birth control” and we had unprotected sex…” You pulled back to look up at Shouta and he seemed to be following along.

“So, what you’re saying is that we got very lucky… by accident.”

Lucky’… he really is excited about this baby!

“Mhmm. And the best part is I can still take my medication! It won’t harm the baby! I’ll just have to suspend my hero training for a while.”

You gazed at each other, smiling. Without breaking eye contact, Shouta dropped to one knee and took your left hand.

“This is also sudden, and I don’t have a ring, but Belladonna… will you marry me? I promise I'll do whatever I can to make you and our baby happy.” You could see where there were still tears in his eyes, but they were also sparkling.

“Yes! Of course I will! I love you Shouta, and I want a family with you!” You knew you were gushing but you were so happy. You weren’t even sure how he would take the pregnancy thing, and now you two were engaged!?

“Wait! Of course you have a ring! You took your hand from Shouta’s and used it to slip your amethyst ring off of your right hand, and you gave it to you new fiancé. He chuckled and slipped it on your wedding finger.

“I guess this will do it for now.”

You framed his face with your hands as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

You kissed to the sound of water flowing, as a gust of wind blew leaves of yellow, orange, and red around you.

You didn’t feel cold at all.