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“You’re absolutely stunning”Lucas said to his wife

“No I’m not”Vic pouted

“You’re lying”Lucas tells her

“I wish I was”Vic says to him

“I’m looking at a beauty queen”Lucas said to her

“I feel like Mount Everest threw up on me”Vic groaned out rubbing at her rounded bump peeking through her grey tank top

“Mount Everest is a work of art which makes you a work of art”Lucas tells her

“Smartass”Vic chuckled

”I'm your smartass Eggy”Lucas leaned down placif his lips on hers

”Love you”She said to him in between kisses

“You are so cute”Lucas said unable to control himself

“You’re not too bad yourself hubby ”Vic says to him

“You’re not bad either”Lucas gazed at her lustfully

“I could just stay here like this with you making out with you for hours”Vic says

“I really don’t doubt that at all Eggy”Vic’s husband said to her

”I have the best hubby in the world”Vic says