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Rainy Days

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You sigh at the gloomy weather, looking outside your parents house, the sight outside just as depressing as it was inside to you. The rain wasn't whipping up a storm, in fact the way it was raining you usually would see as beautiful on those sleepy, lazy, happy days where you want to curl up with your favorite blanket and book, reading on your window nook.

But today you simply felt sad, probably because your family animal, the pet you had grown up with, had passed away a month ago. And this time of season was her favorite season, your loveable cat Sushi. You named her when you were a kid, and though you tried to give her a different name, years later cause of embarrassment, she seemed to love her name and responded only when you said her full name (which actually was 'Sushi Roll' but she did respond to just Sushi as you didn't call her her full name too often.) and your parents thought the bond you two shared was cute.

So they were worried, and encouraged you to get another pet, a couple even if that would help fill the void that Sushi left behind. But it was hard to even think of going to buy a pet, or even rescue one, when the whole house held memories of your beloved cat. You barely are paying attention to the TV, it playing the news and showing the weather forecast, which you look away from boredly, eyes straying to your window once more. Outside was beginning to darken, as the day was beginning to end. Water was dripping from the roof of the house, and a tree planted in front of your house as well, your eyes watching as water droplets bead up and roll down the leaves of the tree.

So because of your attention being outside, you notice when you see what looks like a dark lump moving closer to your front yard, closer to the little bit of cover the tree provides. Your eyes widen at seeing a soaked furball, not even sure what animal it is, all you can think about is how cold the rain is, and how much colder it will be once the temperature drops. You're already yanking the front door open, and taking off your sweater, moving quickly and quietly towards the wet mass near the tree. It doesn't seem to have noticed you, and upon closer inspection it is obviously shivering as it gets closer to the tree. You heart clenches at the state it is in, and so with your mind made up you take a deep breath. Your muscles tense up in preparation of fighting the possibly scared and flighty creature, yet when you toss your sweater over it, and bundle it up and pick it up, your surprised at how light it feels, and how it barely puts up a fight.

"Oh no you don't." You grumble, brows furrowed in determination, easily able to ignore how your soaked now, as you turn and run back into your house, making sure to close the door with your foot behind you, before you jog past the living room, the TV showing breaking news as you head towards the bathroom.

"A local hybrid facility recently had seven of its hybrids escape, if anyone sees any sight of these creatures, please avoid them at all costs as they are dangerous, please call the number on your screen if you catch any sight of them." On the screen is a picture of seven animals, though the pictures weren't the best of quality, one could make out what exactly each species was.


Once you are in your bathroom, you set the bundle of wet shivering fur down, quickly grabbing a towel you had on your counter, and turning to turn your tub on, adjusting the temperature to be the perfect amount of warmth, quickly opening the cupboard you have in your bathroom with brows furrowed.

"Where's the fucking soap? I know I got some for Sushi a couple months ago…" You grumble, moving cleaning products aside before letting out a noise of victory, pulling out the animal soap you bought special made for Sushi. It was meant for all animals, the ingredients organic, but if you weren't so attached to her you would have probably got standard soap for her (it also helped you only bathed her around the summertime due to fleas, and she was quite calm when it came to water thankfully.)

Closing the cupboard, you begin to take your clothes off until your in your undergarments, putting a towel aside for you as well, you quickly peel away your sweater from the shivering bundle, your heart stopping and clenching at the sad yet adorable sight before you.

A lop-eared bunny is staring at you, its fur seeming to be a dark brown and black, as you can see a slight pattern in its fur. Its nose twitches as you reach your hand down, making soothing noises at it.

"I know your probably scared sweet thing, but just bare with me a bit longer okay, we can't let you freeze to death." You murmur, moving your hand to go grab it when it stops sniffing you, seeming to accept your smell as it simply shifts and tries to curl up to stay warm. You hold it to your chest, gasping lightly at feeling cold water drip off its fur onto you, the water sliding down your chest and beginning to further dampen your bra, though you quickly ignore your slight discomfort as you get into the tub of warm bath water, letting out a hum of approval as you begin to sit down.

As soon as the water touches the bunny, its eyes widen, beginning to scramble up your skin, making you chortle and giggle, barely flinching at its claws scratching at your chest and arms, having gotten worse injuries from Sushi. "It's okay little one, I don't intend to drown you, just clean you then warm you up with a towel and some cuddles, it's okay." You coo out, a hand scooping up water and pouring it on the panicking bunny, it seeming to slowly relax as you talk, its head looking at you, your eyes concentrating on scooping up water and cleaning it. You let out a small gasp when a cold nose and whiskers tickle your cheek, then something soft begins to touch your cheek, your eyes moving to look at the bunny.

You feel your heart squeeze in your chest as you realize the bunny is licking you, the equivalent of kisses from bunnies. "Why did you have to be a lop-eared bunny, so damn cute." You cry out in a whine, pouting slightly as you pull the bunny away, it's body stiffening a bit as you pull it from your body, but otherwise it doesn't struggle. You put it on your lap, giggling at the way its hair floats in the water as you continue to scoop up water and pour it on the bunny, cooing when it reaches up to pull your hand to it, giving your thumb soft little licks and nibbles.

Wanting to finish it up, you grab the soap and lather it up, begin to put it in the bunny's fur, cooing softly at it when it begins to fidget, it seeming to squeak when you rub at its belly and near its genitals. "Ah, so you're a boy bun-bun, still so cute." You muse to yourself, beginning to wash the soap off then picking up the bunny and holding it close as you squeeze out the excess water in its fur. As soon as you hold it to your chest, it clambers closer, nuzzling its head into the crook of your neck, making you fight back breaking into a fit of laughter at the ticklish feeling of its whiskers on the sensitive apex of your neck.

You grab the towel meant for it, quickly bundling it up, then holding it like a baby with one hand, while you wrap yourself up with the other towel, reaching down to drain the tub, then turning to turn the fan on for your bathroom and leaving it with the lights set to dim. You set the bunny on your bed, quickly ruffling it up a bit, then covering its face slightly, hoping to buy yourself enough time to change into your pajamas before it got out of the bundle of the towel and try to run around and get water everywhere.

So you're surprised when you get yourself changed, and when you look over at your bed in fear, but see the bunny is simply staring at you, its little nose twitching, before it looks away and it begins to groom itself. "What a strange little bunny you are..." You murmur, your mind recalling the few bunnies you had seen at an old childhood friends house. They had one bunny that was calm, but that calmness was nothing compared to this bunny. You stride over to the bunny, scooping it up with the towel, before sitting on your bed and setting it in your lap as you begin to massage and gently rub at the bunny, it no longer grooming and now simply sitting there, its eyes looking around before landing on you, its nose twitching as soon as it looks at you. With a small smile you lightly boop its nose, giggling when it flinched like you expect at the sudden movement and touch.

You're simply sitting there for a few minutes, the towel getting damp before you decide it can no longer dry the bunny further. With that decision made, you pull the towel off of him, tossing it into your bathroom, as your bedroom had carpet and you didn't want to get a damp spot on your carpet. Your eyes look around, before landing on the corner of your room, your heart clenching on seeing Sushi's empty bed, along with a blanket you had recently gotten her as her old one had been to ratty to clean any longer, but she never got to use as she had passed away a few weeks before her birthday, when you were planning on giving her the blanket. With a small sad smile you walk over and lean down, picking up the small soft blanket, it being a blanket you had made just for her, before you turn and leave your bedroom, turning the light off as you go.

You are back in the living room in a few moments, having wrapped the bunny in the blanket, cooing as he began to sniff and nibble lightly at the blanket, making a small noise as if chirping. You grab the blanket you had discarded at the window nook, before turning and plopping onto the couch, feeling around the cushions for your phone you know you tossed over at the couch earlier when you couldn't find anything on it to distract you or entertain you. You sit in your preferred corner, fixing your blanket, something you had also had made (and made I mean you knitted it). After fixing it around your legs, you fix the bunny in your arms, until he is nested perfectly in your lap, watching as he seems content with licking his paws and rubbing them over his face and ears, looking up at you when you giggle, before going back to cleaning.

Opening your phone, you find yourself opening the app you used to buy toys and treats for Sushi, looking over the selection of food, treats, toys, caging and bedding they have for bunnies, quickly purchasing everything you would need before you can think too much about it.

"Guess I'm going to need to think of a name for you huh bunny boy?" You murmur, the bunny pausing in its grooming to look up at you as you speak, before it goes back to grooming once more. The rest of your night you find yourself looking at toys and treats for bunnies, even cooing over cute clothes that you can put on bunnies, wondering how to make them and figuring it would be easier to make them yourself. But the end of the night you probably spent way too much for one bunny, but you fall asleep with a smile on your face.

You miss the way the bunny stares up at the TV, it once again announcing about the hybrid facility, a familiar lop-eared bunny on the screen, before the bunny moves and presses a paw on the remote control for the TV, changing the channel.

When your parents get home in the early hours from work, they find you fast asleep on the couch, a giant brown/black bundle curled up at the crook of your neck, your head turned away and mouth open as you lightly snore, seeming to stop as soon as a paw stretches out and touches your mouth, your mouth closing and you turn your head to nuzzle into the mass of fur. Your parents share a warm look, hope beginning to fill them up once more. You seemed to have come out of your depressive state, if you having a animal nuzzling into your neck while you sleep is any indication.

If only they knew what that little bunny would bring with it for you.

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It had been almost a week since the day you took in Kookie, the lop-eared bunny. You named him that based on the fact his fur reminded you of a cookie, though you simply spelt his name with two 'k's instead of a 'c' and 'k'. He seemed to enjoy his name, and enjoy all the toys you had gotten him, though his favorite toy was actually yours actually and wasn't a toy. It was a medicine ball you kept in your closet of your bedroom, where you put it away after your morning exercise, something you were surprised to find that Kookie liked to join in on. Though he couldn't do the yoga poses with you, or really any of them exercises with you, he would stand on his hind legs and put his fronts paws in the air while you were stretching, and would hop around when you did your jumping jacks. But his favorite time was when you finished stretching with your medicine ball, as afterward when you put it down, he would hop over to it and begin to try and push it around, or just lay on top of it, his feet rocking him back and forth on it.

So you tend to leave it out in your room, or take it to the living room in case Kookie wants to play with it there. You had finally packed away Sushi's new/old things into your closet, and put Kookie's bed there, it actually being more of a small dog bed. You had a cage for him, but he was terrified of the thing and ran out of your room as soon as he saw it. So you returned that and were able to trade the bedding in for some store credit and a couple of pet beds and blankets. You even had a harness and leash for Kookie, as he surprised you the first day you had him, and had thumped his feet impatiently at your front door, watching as he sniffed around your yard before he did his business then hopped back into your house like it was totally normal that he was house trained.

Still, you had diapers on hand in case, not that you let Kookie see them.

So you took Kookie on several walks everyday, as you weren't sure how big his bladder was, but you rather be safe than sorry, even if he did tell you he had to go by thumping his feet at the door. You even had a small food and water bowl for him, making sure to give him plenty of food everyday. You learned that he didn't care for the store bought treats you got him, but any sort of fresh fruit or vegetable he gobbled right up. His favorite fruit seemed to be oranges, which was weird to you, but you wondered if it was because you liked oranges and ate them often, even having your shampoo and conditioner smelling like oranges. He would often sniff your fingers after you ate one, licking and nibbling on your fingertips and nails.

Your nights with Kookie consisted of eating dinner with him, with the rare nights of your parents getting home early so they could coo at your new companion and share dinner with you before you would wish them goodnight with kisses on the cheek before retiring to your room, ears listening for the rhythmic thumping of Kookie following after you. You would ask Kookie if he needed to go to the bathroom, and if he didn't leave the room you would know your answer, before you would grab a brush you had gotten for Sushi when she was shedding, it meant for all animals who have fur that sheds. And as gently as possible, you would brush him, unless he thumped his foot and demanded you to brush/itch a particular spot, you will then scoop him up, shower him in kisses, before you tuck him into his bed.

And every morning you wake up to him curled up in the crook of your neck, and you can't find yourself bothered that he doesn't care to use his bed you got him. And the day would repeat.

So today, your staring outside, much like the day you found Kookie, the weather eerily similar to how it was then too. Feeling him shift in your lap, you look down to see Kookie staring right at you, leaning up to boop his nose with yours, making you smile as you rub your nose against his to give him eskimo kisses. Blinking, you look outside then back at Kookie with a small smile.

"Want to go outside Kook?" You watch how he seems to perk up, before jumping off you and running off, probably going to fetch his harness and leash, something you didn't teach him. Really, anything he did, you couldn't take credit for, he was incredibly smart for a bunny, and you felt so lucky to be able to have rescued such an intelligent creature. And even though he almost died of hypothermia last week, you discovered that Kookie loved water.

Once he had warmed up to you, which was relatively quickly when you offered him food, you learned that he loved baths. The moment you would go to the bathroom with a change of clothes, he would hop on in there and try to scrabble into the tub, yet couldn't get traction on the porcelain because of his claws. So you would take showers with him, having to get used to a wet fur ball rubbing against your leg while you showered, and occasionally licking water droplets off your legs, making sure you cleaned yourself quickly before you pampered and washed him, then shut the shower off and head out so that you can lay a towel down for Jungkook to lay on, which he promptly did, as you grabbed your towel and began to dry yourself off and put your nightclothes on, after which you bundle up your bunny and begin to process of drying him.

So because he loved baths, of course he loved the rain, but this time you made sure he was wearing a little rain poncho you got him, which went over his harness and leash. Today was also the one day out of the week your parents had off of work, both relaxing in the living room, reading the newspaper, while you got up and strolled over to the doorway, grabbing one of your sweaters from a hook, looking down when you feel a nudge on leg, seeing Kookie on his hind legs with his harness in his mouth, the leash dragging behind.

His harness literally had the cookie monster on it, and you loved it, and he seemed to puff up when you put it on him, so you assumed your little bun-bun loved it too. Hearing you make cooing noises, your mother looks up from the book she had begun to read, a smile on her face.

"Taking Kookie for a walk?" Your dad looks up at hearing your mom speak, looking over to see your little outfit for said bunny, making him smile and chuckle as he shakes his head.

"You spoil all your animals sweetie." You stick your tongue out at your dad.

"I have nothing better to do with my time, seeing as I'm not mentally fit to work so why not spoil my pets." You tease, and though your voice is light, your words weigh heavy in the room, your father frowning now. But you had not meant to upset anyone, and unaware you turn towards the door as you check your jean pockets to make sure you had your wallet and phone on you, before leaning down to ensure Kookie is all hooked up to his harness. "Alright well we're going for a walk so be back in half an hour at most." You state, opening the door and with a small call of Kookie's name, he follows after you.

Your father is still frowning, and your mother sighs, reaching over to place a hand on his shoulder. "Don't be upset dear, she isn't upset anymore about it. Be happy that she found a way to still smile." Your dad smiles at your mother, reaching up to cup his palm over hers, squeezing it.

"I know my love, I can't help it though. She loves us and doesn't mind being here with us, and we love her being here, but I can't help but think of the life she could have had if it weren't for a simple accident." They both sit in silence, simply enjoying one another's company now, as they think about their daughter, a beautiful young woman that had her dreams taken away from her.

And yet she still kept on living.


Usually when you take Kookie on walks, you walk him around your neighborhood, mostly just the block you live on, but if your feeling particularly energetic, or Kookie, you go wherever he leads you, or vice versa. Today seems to be a day where you follow your bun-bun, as he seems to sniff around him, before hopping in one direction, then finding a different scent, and hopping in another.

You watch his odd behavior, he usually isn't hung up on any particular smell when you took him out on walks, but today he seems rather alert. He suddenly freezes, his nose twitching, and you look up and around you guys, pausing when you see a lump near the curb up ahead. Worried he could smell roadkill, you walk tentatively a few steps closer to see if the lump was an animal or not.

When you both get close enough, Kookie loses it. He begins to tug on his harness, making his weird barking/chirping noises as he tries to get closer to the lump, your eyes widening as naturally you tighten your grip on his leash and try to pull him back. He begins to struggle against the harness when you don't budge, and you curse quietly as you lean down and scoop him up.

"Kookie stop, you're going to hurt yourself, I don't want you getting hit by a car, people aren't as thoughtful as you would hope, especially if this poor animal is dead." You mumble, Kookie no longer struggling in your hold but his nose is twitching like crazy as you get closer to the lump.

Upon closer inspection, you know it is definitely an animal, though you aren't sure if it is alive or not. Swallowing, you reach out to poke it, yanking your hand back when you hear a high pitched squeak/bark. Knowing it didn't come from Kookie since his noises are deeper, you look around, only to notice a grey mass that practically blends in with the curb.

A chinchilla. There is a fucking chinchilla outside, in the rain.

It was obviously abandoned, as chinchillas aren't common animals in Korea, and it was protecting whatever the wet black lump was it seems, if the way it is eyeing you is any indication.

"I don't have enough hands...Okay Kookie behave please." You mumble to yourself, tentatively putting Kookie down, expecting him to go straight to the black lump and sniff it. But instead he sits stock still, his eyes on the chinchilla, it seeming to be doing the same thing as him. You watch as they both cautiously approach each other, sniffing the air around one another. And then suddenly they begin to make weird chittering noises, as if they could communicate to one another, making you shake your head at what you just saw. Taking advantage of the distraction Kookie provided, you reach down and finally poke the back lump, pleased when it shifts slightly and makes a small gruff noise. When it raises its head, you blink in shock.

A ferret. A ferret and a fucking chinchilla. Who the hell abandoned these animals?! In rainy weather no less. The chinchilla would be fine, as it's fur protected it pretty well, but the ferret looked like a drowned rat. You can't even tell if black was its natural color or not. Eyeing the three critters in front of you, you sigh as you pull your phone out of your pocket, missing the three sets of eyes on your figure.

"Hey dad, do you think you and mom can pick me up? Kookie found some more strays." You nod your head and a minute later, hang up with a small smile, grinning at the animals like they could understand you. "Good news fellas, your coming home with me and Kookie."

You were only a few minutes away from your house, so your parents arrive shortly after, your mom cooing over the ferret, and you had a feeling it was injured, otherwise it probably wouldn't have let you guys handle it without putting up a bit of a fight. The chinchilla wouldn't let your dad grab it, and you had to put Kookie in the backseat, asking your mom to watch him as you hop out and try to help your dad round up the chinchilla. Which was actuslly super easy, because as soon as it saw you, it ran straight for you, practically clinging to your shoe, warily eyeing your father making you both share a look.

"You seem prone to attracting special animals now dear." You father muses as he hands you the towel he was holding, you grabbing it and scooping up the chinchilla with it, not trying to dry it, it being more of a barrier in case it tried to bite or claw at you. Until you could properly clean and care for it and the ferret your mom was currently drying and coddling, you had to be cautious.

You used to foster pets, but stopped once you found Sushi when you were 16. Your parents were the ones who actually had the credibility to foster animals, but let you do it as you were home all the time, and it gave you something to do, the animals keeping you company. It has been about 8 years since then, so you still knew what to do when it came to taking in animals that you weren't sure of their health or condition. As some of the pets you fostered, were ones you took off the street yourself.

Kookie nudges your arm, making you look over to see him leaning up on your arm, nose trying to sniff the grey bundle in your arms, its nose also twitching as it sniffs at him too. "Please be nice, I can't handle something so cute like you guys being vicious to each other." You sigh out, hand tentatively petting the chinchillas head, it simply sitting there, eyes closing as it lets you pet it.

"I don't know if you had gotten to check yet, but this little one up here is a boy sweetie." Your mom murmurs, the ferret laying on its back now, as she gently strokes it's belly with the towel to dry it, able to see its gender with the position. You guys are home, dad parking the car quickly, helping you get out by taking Kookie's leash and bringing him inside while you and your mom head inside.

Once you are inside the house, you quickly go to your bedroom to grab another bar of animal soap, mentally reminding yourself to buy some more as you have you have a feeling you're going to need it. You gently scold the chinchilla your holding when it tries to nibble the soap, otherwise you walk back to the living room, taking a left to head into the kitchen, where you hear the water running and your mom cooing.

"Dad can you hold this little guy, I need to see about getting an express delivery of some dust for him since we can't wash him." You mumble, your dad nodding his head, looking away from your mom cleaning the ferret as you quickly reaching over and offer her the soap, her easily grabbing it with a murmur, her eyes serious as she focuses on her task.

"This little guy I think has a broken leg (y/n)." Your mom sighs, her face sad as you frown and nod your head, figuring as much, before you offer the bundled chinchilla to your father, and other then making its squeaky barks, it stays relatively calm. You sit down in a dining chair, the kitchen being spacious, but still small so there was a small corner where you guys had a dining table and chairs. You usually all ate together in the living room, the table and chairs there simply for sitting like you were doing now.

You're so focused on your task, you barely notice Kookie until he literally jumps into your lap, nose twitching as he sniffs you. You offer him a soft smile, letting him sniff one of your hands, which quickly turns to him licking it then rubbing his scent glands on his neck on it.

"My bunny boy." You murmur, petting him and rubbing his ear as your eyes flicker back your phone as you begin to buy all the things you can for express delivery for the two new creatures you will be caring for.

"So are you going to foster these guys sweetie?" You mother asks, making you look up to see she was finished bathing the ferret, and is now simply drying him. You snort.

"So what, someone else can abandon them? No way. I'm done fostering animals. 'Finders keepers' is my motto now." You grunt out, your mom shaking her head and laughing, your dad smiling as you shoo Kookie off your lap, quickly grabbing the chinchilla back from your dad.

"Well I think I'll call our vet and schedule an appointment for our new family members." Your dad grunts out as he stretches his back before he grabs his phone from his pocket, leaving a kiss on your mom's cheek while she coos over the ferret, which is now resting in her arms, before leaving with his phone to his ear after a few taps.

"You got Kookie looked at already didn't you?" Your mom looks up, seeing you nod your head at her question. On the second day you had him, you had gotten him checked out to make sure he wasn't microchipped and that he was healthy and had no problems, which he was and he didn't, and he also had no microchip.

"Yeah, he's perfectly healthy, and I was going to get him chipped, but Kookie didn't like that idea, so I have to figure out another method to make sure if he gets lost people will bring him back. Cause if I collar him, someone can just take that off and steal him." Your mom shares a look with you, looking down at your bunny resting at your feet.

"I think that Kookie would find his way back here (y/n), he's very smart for a bunny." You can't help but to agree, eyeing said bunny suspiciously, as he seems to be acting innocent enough by resting near your feet.

Both of you look back from the door of the kitchen, which leads to the laundry room, to hear your dad finishing up a conversation before he hangs up and smiles at you.

"Sam said if you bring them in now he can look at them for you." Your response is one he expected, as he already is pulling his keys out of his pocket and offering them to you, as you quickly get up and get Kookie to wait at the door. Your mom following after you as you quickly go to your room to grab one of the spare small animal beds you had gotten (in case Kookie chewed holes in his, which he hasn't yet) so you can put the two critters in it, taking a wild guess that they would not let you put them in anything that looked similar to a cage.

"Alright text him that I'm on my way then and to wait at the back door for me cause I am going to need help bringing them in." Your father nods his head, while your mom follows you to the front door, you reaching down to grab Kookie's leash off the ground, it still attached to your impatient bunny who is thumping his feet and hopping at the door. Your mom opens the door for you, and watches slightly bemused how your small bunny nearly yanks you off your feet, you whining at the energetic bunny as you head back to your father's car, unlocking and opening the passenger door.

Kookie jumps in the open door, as you set down the animal bed, then the towel covered chinchilla, your mom offering you the fluffy looking, and frankly angry looking ferret, it chittering at you while you coo at it softly, nestling it next to the chinchilla, not surprised that the chinchilla begins to groom the dark little ferret. Doing a headcount, which really means you make sure Kookie didn't run off, you quickly close the door and run around to the driver side, pausing before you go to open the door.

"One of us can drive if you need us to sweetie." Your mom speaks up at the front door, seeing your hesitation. However you shake it off and smile at your mom.

"No, I got this mom. I'm ready, besides I bet Sam misses my face, hasn't seen me in forever." You muse, as your mother was the one who had taken Kookie for you last time, and had her ask what you needed to know. She offers you a small understanding smile as you open the car door, picking up Kookie from the seat before sitting down and closing the door, setting him back on your lap.

Putting the key in the ignition, putting on your seatbelt, you roll down the passenger window a bit, offering your mom a small nervous smile. "I'll be back soon mom, text you when if something comes up." as quickly as you tell her, you roll up the window and shift the gears of the car, looking in the rear view mirror and backing out before you drive off, letting memory guide you to the clinic you guys take your animals to. Briefly looking over to check on the passengers in your car, you feel your lips quirk up when you see that Kookie had gotten into the bed and is grooming the chinchilla, who is returning the favor in equal fervor, grabbing ahold of one of Kookie's ears, seeming to lick and groom it before switching to the other ear.

"Aish, I wish I had someone to love and groom me like that." You grumble, pouting a bit as you look away from them and put your eyes back on the road, reading a street before you turn on your turn signal and turn, clicking your tongue at the traffic in front of you. So you can't help but jump and gasp when a sudden weight is in your lap, your eyes flicking from the bumper of the idling car in front of you, to the lop-eared bunny in your lap, rising up to put his paws on your shoulder blades, his tongue beginning to lick your chin. Your eyes widen as you look down at him, causing him to change where he's licking you to at the tip of your nose, making your grin and giggle at your bunny.

"Awe Kookie are you going to be the one to groom and love me? My knight in shining armor, my handsome baby boy." You coo at Kookie, him seeming to freeze at your words, and squeaking a bit when you give him a kiss on the nose, before looking back up at the road, letting off the break once you see the car in front of you move.

You feel as Kookie settles down in your lap, your leg twitching when you feel his claws dig in, looking down quickly to see him shifting and trying to paw at your pants to get comfortable. "You little brat…" You grumble, reaching a hand down to tug on one of his ears, making him bark slightly before he nuzzles your hand, you giving him chin scratches as you put your turn signal on and turn smoothly once more, letting out a sigh at a familiar building up ahead.

Putting all your concentration on parking in front of the vet's, you miss the way the chinchilla and ferret stare at you, and how Kookie is nuzzling his head into your stomach, trying to lay his whole body out on your lap, his eyes on the chinchilla and ferret all the while.

As soon as you park, you turn the car off, and take your seat belt off, having to move Kookie which makes him grunt and lightly nip you, making you scold him slightly by lightly tugging his ear in retaliation.

A familiar figure approaches the car, you keep the key in the ignition to roll down the window, smiling at the grin on the male's face approaching you.

"Finally decided to show your face huh?" You stick your tongue out and chuckle.

"I figured you needed to remember just how amazing I am. That and I seem to attract strays, so I was hoping you could help check these guys out for me." At your words, he leans down, eyeing the said animals you have in a dog bed in the passenger side.

"Why aren't they in a pet carrier?" You scoff and mock glare at him.

"Because they're Kookie's friends and they deserve the best." At mentioning your bunny, Sam looks down and notices said bunny in your lap. He offers the familiar lop-eared bunny a smile.

Said bunny actually leans up towards the window, nose twitching as he tries to sniff at Sam.

"If it wasn't (y/n) who took you in I would take you myself, my boyfriend has been bugging me about getting a bunny." You grin as you motion for him to grab Kookie, which he does as soon as you open the door, you quickly closing it once your out, jogging around to the other door to grab the bed with your two other pets.

"Alright let's get in and get these two checked, specifically the little angry ferret, mom said he might have a broken leg." Sam nods his head as he motions for you towards the front door as you grab the bed, making sure neither animal will escape and close the car door with your foot as you begin to head to the clinic.

"Have you thought of any names for them yet?" He muses as you both enter the building, leading you to an exam room. You grunt, warily eyeing both animals, specifically the ferret which has been making small growling chitters at you the moment you picked them up.

"Not yet, but I'm sure a name will come to me for them like it did with Kookie." You mumble, not at all surprised when as soon as you set them down on the exam table in the room Sam lead you to, and when you try to reach for one of them, that the ferret tries to attack you, beginning to spit at you.

Sam chuckles at the pained and exasperated look on your face when this happens, as he goes and puts Kookie in attacking chair before he begins to give them an exam, further becoming amused when the ferret doesn't act aggressive towards him, but the moment you get near him begins to growl and chitter.

Within an hour, you find yourself packing them back in the car, the ferret's arm splinted, a cone around its head to prevent it from chewing at the bandaging. You were given some flea treatment for them and a Sam gave you the number of a friend that has a chinchilla that you be able to get you some dust for the chinchilla so you could make sure the water didn't grow mold in its fur.

Both are now sleeping, while Kookie is sitting up while you drive, grooming your hair while you let out a small yawn.

"I have a feeling your a lot of trouble Kookie, I now have three pets when recently I had one. You better not have anymore stray friends, especially as cute as you guys." You grumble, eyeing him and the two others sleeping innocently in the bed in the passenger seat.

As you park, and begin to bring everyone else inside, you don't notice how Kookie stops hopping towards the door, looking out across the street, four sets of eyes reflecting moonlight and staring back at him before he turns and hops into the house when you call for him, waiting for him to come in before you close the door.

You weren't going to be alone anytime soon.

Chapter Text

You aren't sure how within a week of you picking up two more strays you are here in this situation where you now own seven animals instead of three, but it probably had to do with the fact that you said something so luck had to prove you wrong.

During the first few days of getting acquainted with your new pets, you learned that the ferret was a biter and the chinchilla was obsessed with stealing your clothes and nesting in them, you also discovered the chinchilla was also a male. Then again you should have known with his size as female chinchillas tend to be larger than the males, not that you had one to compare him with and not that Sam was nice enough to tell you your new pets gender though he probably assumed you knew it.

You had given them both names as well. You called the chinchilla 'Chim-chim', 'Chimmy', or 'Chim' and the ferret 'Violent' or simply 'V' since he seemed to be out for blood. Then again you would be too if you weren't allowed any painkillers with a broken leg, so you never got mad at the angry little ferret, since he couldn't play or run around like Chim and Kookie did.

You had bought plenty of things for him and the other two critters of yours to run around and play in, when he finally could run and play, even getting them a cage that looked more like a house, as it had no bars, so they seemed more interested in going in it to play or nap.

So it was during one of your mornings of taking Kookie and Chim out, yes the chinchilla was apparently house trained as well, that you stopped short at your front porch. Two dogs were sitting and staring at you, their tails wagging.

"You have got to be kidding me." You grumble, eyeing warily how the golden retriever seems even more excited once you talk, while the grey dog, which looks more like a wolf to you, simply wags its tail a bit. You practically throw your hands in the air when both Kookie and Chim run up and begin to sniff the dogs. "There's something fishy about this whole damn thing." You grumble, simply sighing and accepting the fact you are taking in two dogs now, or a dog and a wolf but you will lie through your teeth and say it's a dog if anyone asks. You usher to have both to go to the bathroom in your front yard, deciding to walk them later, as you open your front door and usher your new pets in along with Chim and Kookie.

Your parents are at work, but you could only imagine the amusement your mother would have at you taking in a couple of dogs as well. Taking a picture of the two docile dogs, you send it to your mother and father, simply captioning the image as 'more strays'. Getting Chim and Kookie's harnesses off, you hang them as you usher both dogs towards your room, walking slowly to allow them time to sniff all they want. As soon as you reach your room, you hear familiar angry chittering.

V is trying to get down from your bed, his favorite napping spot, but can't, and is growing further agitated, pacing back and forth, and becoming louder as soon as he sees you. "Easy V, I'm coming so calm down." You soothe, walking swiftly over to pick him up and set him down. Of course, he was more upset than you thought, as he promptly turns his head and bites your thumb hard making you hiss as you set him down, tears pricking your eyes as you see the blood well up on your thumb. Frustration and the stress of two more strays builds up, making the tears harder to fight back.

"Dammit V. Why do I even bother trying when it's obvious he fucking hates me." You choke out, taking an unsteady breath as you weave around the animals in your room, ignoring the chittering going on in your bedroom, quickly striding to your bathroom sink, turning the faucet on and sticking your bleeding hand under it. You sniffle as you quickly put soap on the wound, hissing again at the sting, but know it's necessary to avoid infection, vigorously washing your hands, letting the stubborn and bitter tears spill down your cheeks.

Because of having small animals, you jump when you feel something nudge your hip, looking down to see a smiling retriever, sitting and looking up at you, as if trying to cheer you up. You feel the bitter rejection from your ferret lessen at seeing that smiling, panting face. "You're like a ray of hope, or sunshine." You mumble, reaching down with a wet hand to pet the dog, it not seeming to mind, turning its head to lick the the water on your hand happily.

Looking up from the golden retriever, you see the wolf is laying at the doorway for the bathroom, watching you both, head perking up when you look at it. Offering it a smile, you tilt your head as you muse to yourself. "How easy would it be to get you guys to take a bath?" You swear, all ears were honed in on that one word, as suddenly you have Kookie scrambling up your pants leg, and you can see Chim sitting next to the wolf, no doubt if he could, he would wag his tail.

You even see V poke his head around the corner, but you shift your attention to the dogs, surprised when the retriever trots over and easily jumps into the tub, the wolf making a huffing noise before it gets up and does the same thing, your eyebrows probably in your hairline by now with how surprised you are.

"You guys are not normal animals are you?" You ask aloud, voice uneasy at the thought, mind briefly flashing with that alert that plays on the news still about some dangerous hybrids loose in your neighborhood. You can't recall what animals they were, or how many, but you doubt you were harboring hybrids...right?

Instead of thinking too much about it, and missing how all your animals had frozen at the question, you lean over to turn your tub on, satisfied as you fix the temperature, ignoring Kookie as he tries to hop into the tub without success. You turn around to open up the cupboard under your sink, grabbing the soap you use to clean your animals, something you now have in bulk. As you grab it, you hear thumping behind you and you sigh as you turn around.

"Kookie no, they're getting a bath cause their dirty, not for fun. You can have your bath later you spoiled brat." You scold, yet Kookie thumps his foot again while looking at you and the tub, making you glare. "Baby boy that is enough," He thumps his foot twice now, even clicking his teeth to show his irritation at you, making you snap as you bark at him. "Kookie!" You don't notice how all eyes are on you, as you glare at your rabbit, Kookie seeming to glare at you too, before he looks down, hopping over to nibble at your pant leg in apology, making you let out a gust of air. You lean down to lightly rub his head before you turn and stretch out to turn the water off and begin to try to clean the two dogs, both yelping and whining in shock as you grab and maneuver them, easily cleaning and not batting an eye at washing near their butts and genitals.

"All my pets are guys, and none of you are neutered." You grumble as you drain your tub, watching as both dogs hop out and shake off water, not bothered by the water from them shaking themselves as you throw a towel over each of them, taking turns on rubbing them dry, until you leave the wet towels in your bathroom to be dealt with later.

As soon as you leave your bedroom, you head over to the only cage you have in your room, simply to make sure their was very little mess. As you get down and open the cage, you smile as Chim appears, quickly running into the cage and sniffing and looking around for his dust so he can take a bath. You grab the bucket shaped container which has his dust, and open it to scoop some out, pouring it on the little platform you have for him. Chim instantly rolls all over it as soon as you dumped it, making you 'awe' at him. No matter how many times you did it, giving Chim his dust bath was your favorite past time so far.

You tense up suddenly when you feel small claws digging into the back of your shirt, yet when you feel plastic digging into you, and chittering, you relax and try not to move as you let V slowly but surely climb up your back onto your shoulder. Though he couldn't do much with only three legs right now, he still moved around a bit, you usually had him restricted to your bed though so he wouldn't possibly tear open his stitches. Soon enough you feel his silky fur brush against your cheek, and then he's licking and nibbling on your ear, making you wince and grumble as you shift away from his questing mouth. You know this is his way of apologizing, as today wasn't the first time he bit you, but it was the first time he made you bleed.

And the first time he made you cry, not that your sure the ferret is aware of that, or that you would tell him anyways. You would just have to endure his bipolar attitude until he was full health, then see if anyone was interested in a ferret, since it was obvious he didn't like you at all. He only was apologizing to make sure you still fed him, your sure you didn't name him Violent for nothing after all. After Chim finishes his bath, you close up the little cage, turning to get up and head out to the living room, listening to the click of the dogs nails and the thumps from Chim and Kookie following after you.

It is there, your parents find you swarmed by two dogs, you having to soothe the two canines whose hackles were raised, and introduce the two newest members to the family.

So you aren't sure if you should feel grateful or not, not even a day later, when you open your door to walk your group of pets, you find two cats at your porch next. You blink in surprise, then feel a sudden rush of tears stinging your eyes as you stare at one in particular.

"Sushi…" You whisper out, slowly getting down and reaching out to pet the cat, but stopped at the angry look in its eyes and the way its tail is lashing. You still cry however, at how similar this stray cat looks to your deceased and beloved cat, turning back around to head back into your house, not bothering to see if the cats followed you in when you close the door.

Today your mom is not working, and so she finds your dog's whining, and two cats sitting at your feet, staring at you while you sob. Her face quickly morphing into a sympathetic frown, as she looks at one of the cats.

"Oh sweetie. You don't have to take in every stray you see you know. I thought you were done after Sunny and RM." Your mom soothes you, both dogs perking up at their respective names, looking to you as you shake your head.

"But he looks so m-much like Sushi m-mom. I can't n-not take him in now." You hiccup out, using the palm of one of your hands to wipe away your tears, finally getting a good look at the other cat. This cat looks even more angry than the calico one you were just sobbing over, then again he was siamese and that species of cat always looked angry to you, or tired. You hadn't realized that all your animals had swarmed you as soon as you started crying, only when you feel two slimy tongues licking your cheeks, and familiar weight and warmth in your lap do you snap out of it.

"Such intelligent creatures, we should probably call Sam again and let him know to expect four new animals instead of two." Your mom muses, making you widen your eyes before you groan in misery, looking at her with wide eyes.

"I have to get so much new stuff now. I might need a bigger bed at this rate too." You grumble, knowing for a fact that none of the beds you have gotten have been used unless your pets wanted to nap, as they all would sleep in your bed with you, no matter how hard you tried to tuck them into their beds and make them stay, you always woke up choking on rabbit fur, or chinchilla, with a ferret sleeping on top of your head on your pillow, and your two dogs sleeping either on you or on either side. God only knows where the cats will want to sleep.

The next few minutes your on the phone with Sam, practically crying with joy when he said he would come over to your house to look at your new additions, cause as you eye the two cats, you have a feeling that they would be difficult when it came to getting them in the car. And even though they seemed completely comfortable with your two dogs, and like they KNEW each other, you rather be safe than sorry at this point. You had a lot of pets, so the responsibility was at its highest point for you right now, feeling extremely protective of all of them already.

That unease you had the other day with the dogs is there again, as you watch the way the cats rub and weave around Sunny and RM, before sniffing and grooming at either Kookie or V, as Chim was busy running around the kitchen excitedly at your feet. You crouch down to lightly pet him, amused when he tries to hold your hand, licking and nibbling on your fingertips much like Kookie does.

"Honey why don't you give me your phone and I can get the stuff for your two new pets." You shoot your mom a grateful look, since you still found it difficult looking at anything for cats.

"I still have some stuff I had got for Sushi in my closet, I need to see about another way to bathe these guys since I have a feeling they aren't going to be as willing as the rest of these guys to take a bath." You sigh, your mom giggling as she smiles at your two new cats, both seem to puff up a bit at her appraisal.

"Yes Sushi definitely was special, always letting you bathe her." Your mom speaks softly, smiling at the silky looking calico, who you can hear is purring simply by you looking at him. With a shake of your head, you turn to go to your bedroom, petting Sunny and RM as you walk by, both flanking your sides.

"So protective and needy. You guys know this whole house by now and yet you refuse to leave me alone for a minute." You complain, but there is no annoyance in your tone, simply stating what you have observed, walking to your closet and opening it, blinking and taking a steady breaths you lean down and pick up the bed you had gotten for Sushi. It looked like a Sushi roll, which you thought was way cuter than putting her name on a bed. She never used it much, but you knew it was because she preferred sleeping with you and not because she didn't like it, you usually found her napping in it when she couldn't lay on you to nap.

Looking around your room, you chuckle a bit. Your floor was covered in animal beds, having went to the store last night to get two large dog beds, which your dog's had used but you still woke up with them in your bed like the rest of your bed hoggers. You also notice that the towels you left in your bathroom last night are gone, confusing and alarming you. Your mom never did your laundry, as you insisted on doing it yourself. Warily, you go into your bathroom, looking at the hamper you have in the corner, walking over to it and peering in it. Both towels were in it.

Calmly you close the hamper, and simply turn around and leave the bathroom and your room, ignoring all the animals looking at you. You reach the end of the hallway right when Sam comes through the front door, him smiling at you but it soon disappearing at the serious look on your face.

"We need to talk, and we need to do it where none of my nosy ass animals can hear us." Arching a brow, Sam looks behind you, seeing all seven animals sitting around the living room and kitchen, blatantly staring at you both. Offering a smile, Sam nods his head.

"What's the one room they don't like?" You furrow your brows, looking at them all in thought before you look to Sam.

"The basement, I think they don't like how cluttered it is down there since we use it for storage." You didn't mention the small growing theory you had to why they didn't like how small and cluttered your basement was, why they didn't like cages, or small spaces in general unless you were there. Simply giving you an odd look and a shrug of his shoulders, Sam nods his head.

"Lead the way then." You nod your head and turn around, ignoring the burning sensation of all your animals staring after you. The only one brave enough to approach you two as you begin to descend the stairs, is Kookie, and you can tell he is begging for you not to leave their sight. But you only see him briefly in your vision before you had gotten too far down the stairs to see into the kitchen.

Once you are far enough down, the lights automatically turn on, revealing packed and unpacked boxes, cluttered around making the small basement seem even smaller. When Sam is far enough, close enough to you, you turn around with a serious expression.

"What will it take to make sure none of my animals can be taken from me, no matter who it is." Sam arches a brow at your sudden and random question, yet judging by your serious expression, he can tell you had been thinking about this awhile before you had finally approached him about it, even if you just got some new members. Not sure why you didn't want to talk about this in front of your animals, Sam gives you a serious look.

"Who are we talking about here (y/n)?" Your face seems to get even more serious, making Sam frown, a pit of unease in his stomach.

"I'm honestly not sure Sam, but I rather be safe than sorry. If you haven't noticed some of my pets are kind of exotic." You grumble, Sam nodding his head in agreement, before he sighs and gives you a tiring but patient smile.

"I'll tell you what I know, and I can bring the necessary paperwork for everything else." At the way your eyes light up with relief, and the genuine smile you give him, Sam knows there is more to your request than what you said, but you had your reasons to not tell him. So all he can do is help you, his dear childhood friend.

Your eyes are steely and serious as you listen to Sam begin to talk, tensing up and feeling determination burn deep inside you. You would fight for your animals. You already were attached to all of them in someway, and they all chose you for a reason, so you weren't going to let anything take them away from you.

They were yours. And though you didn't know it just yet, you were theirs.

Chapter Text

After talking to Sam, and going back up from the basement with him so you both can get your four new pets to look them over, which really meant you holding and soothing your two dogs and trying to see if the cats would be nice enough to let you hold them. Surprisingly they did let you hold them, but you swore they wanted to claw your face off, then again you might just be uneasy with them since Sushi seemed to purr 24/7 when you were near.

Making sure they were healthy and had gotten their shots, you give Sam an affectionate peck on the cheek before you hug him.

"Thanks again Sam. You're a lifesaver." He snorts at your words, but hugs you back before pulling away and beginning to pack up his stuff.

"Suck up all you want you brat, you're the only one I'd do this kind of house call for. Let me know what you find out though okay (y/n)?" Sam asks, his face serious as he pauses in his packing to look at you, letting you know he meant it. You stiffen slightly, yet nonetheless smile and nod your head. You should have known Sam would be able to tell there were other reasons as to why you asked him everything that you did. He was very perceptive for a veterinarian, then again that was why he was good at his job.

"You'll be the first to know." You state, Sam nodding satisfied. You help him finish packing, offering him another hug and a peck on the cheek before he's waving goodbye at your animals and you before closing the front door. You stare at the door until you hear his car start up and him drive away, before you turn towards your animals.

The only ones not sitting and waiting are V and the two cats, which doesn't surprise you. V gets tired easily because of the extra effort he has to put into getting around with only three working limbs right now. And you hadn't tried to bond with the two cats yet, so they were probably wandering around the house or napping somewhere. Petting Sunny and RM as you walk by them, making them both wiggle as they begin to lick your hands and push and rub against you to get more attention, you shoo them away so you can quickly pet Chim and Kookie who both promptly run off as soon as you give them a couple pets.

"Brats, the whole lot of you." You grumble affectionately as you watch the two run off towards your bedroom, you sitting up before Sunny or RM can stick their tongues in your mouth, as all dogs seem to do when licking your face (even if one of them is not actually a dog) and look around your livingroom to see if your two cats are in there.

Only one is in there, it being the Siamese cat, whose curled up and sleeping in the corner of the couch, your favorite spot actually. Walking towards the couch, you pause when you feel slight tugging and look over to see Sunny is holding onto your shirt, his eyes begging you. You furrow your brows but pet him with a small smile, making him let go as he pants and enjoys the ear scratches you give him. You miss the eye roll RM does at Sunny for this, as you finally stop and turn to head back towards the couch, making Sunny snap out of his blessed out state from your scratching and rubbing his ears.

This time he whines as he grabs your shirt, making you sigh as you look at him. "Why aren't you letting me go to the cat Sunny? You were perfectly fine with him earlier." You mumble, tugging on your shirt a bit to get him to let go, which luckily he did as you weren't in the mood to scold him. You ignore him continuing to whine at you as you walk around the couch so you could sit on it, slowly sitting down next to the Siamese, noticing how it seemed to stop breathing for a second before continuing.

Slowly and very gently, you begin to pet him, humming softly as you do. Back when Sushi was a kitten, she used to jump awake every time you would try to pet her unless you were humming, as the noise was similar to purring so she would stay relaxed, until it became a habit you always did when petting her as she grew up. You have a small nostalgic smile on your face as you continue to pet the Siamese, hearing a deep and soothing purr emanating from him as he stretches out a bit before further relaxing into the couch.

You further miss the looks shared between your dogs, before they trot off to your bedroom where the rest of your pets are located, your attention focused on the Siamese, who has opened his eyes to stare at you while you pet him, his eyes a pale blue. His purring deepens, making your hand almost feel like it's vibrating as you giggle a bit.

"You're actually a softie aren't you? Made of sugar instead of salt like most cats huh?" You muse, continuing to pet him, rubbing the Siamese's ears when he rubs your hand into his head. When he doesn't seem offended at your words, you smile. "Suga it is then. Got to be different somehow." You again miss the look you receive, this time from the Siamese at your words unaware about how accurate your names for them seem to be, as you are pulling away and getting up from the couch so you can find your other cat.

Knowing he is probably in your bedroom, no doubt where all of your other pets are located, you head towards your room. Upon entering it, you arched a brow at what you see. Both your dogs are sitting on the floor, while the rest of your animals are sprawled out on your bed. But the way they all are sitting, almost looks like they are sitting in a weird circle, as if they were all talking to one another.

"Oh my god…" You mumble, blinking a couple of times. Of course as soon as you speak up you watch how they further sprawl out, as if to hide the way they were sitting, making you snort. Yeah, there was no way they can hide that now. Ignoring how Kookie is trying to jump up at you at your feet now, you locate the other cat, which is grooming V, who seems to be tolerating this as he'll occasionally jump and bark and chitter at the cat, probably not liking the way he is being groomed.

Petting your dogs, you walk over to your bed. With an exhale you promptly collapse onto your bed, closing your eyes and scrunching up your face as you feel whiskers against your nose, then something soft. No doubt Kookie hopped up and is giving you kisses. You feel yourself starting to relax as Kookie stops grooming you, allowing you to sit up and move further up on your bed, making sure you leave enough space so your other cat doesn't feel uneasy because of you.

Your eyes are still closed, as you feel how tired you actually are, so you don't see the way everyone is silently communicating, no doubt if you had your eyes open you would have seen it. As you shift around, your feet rubbing against one another so you can get your shoes then socks off, you feel pressure on your stomach, before it disappears. Opening your eyes, you blink then turn your head to see Kookie has nuzzled up to your neck, and has already settled down as he is busy grooming his paws. With a soft and loving smile, you reach a hand up to pet and rub one of his ears.

"Love you Kookie, my bun-bun. Love all you guys, damn me and my weak heart…" You mumble, yawning as your eyes drop close and you further relax into your bed, until your breathing is steady and your fast asleep.

You don't feel the gentle hands that pick you up, or the soft voices around the room, or how you are being tucked into your bed. What you feel is warmth and affection, filling you up until you feel all soft and fuzzy. A small smile is on your face, as seven bodies swarm around you, finding their place to sleep for the night.


It is in the early hours of the morning when you startle awake, your legs jerking out from the way you woke, sitting up when you hear a slight yelp. Rubbing your eyes, then covering your mouth to yawn, you blink as you look at the foot of your bed.

There are two half-naked guys laying there, one rubbing his stomach slightly and whining a bit before shifting and nuzzling into the other, who grumbles before they both settle. Your brain stalls at the sight, and you tense when you feel two muscular arms wrapped around your waist, one moving down to grip your hip and pull you closer to a warm and hard body. When you further tense up and resist, the arms seem to freeze and a small whine escapes the male behind you, which you haven't gotten yourself to look at, eyes still frozen on the two young men curled up at the foot of your bed.

Right where Sunny and RM slept at the other night.

You have no idea who sleeps behind you, or who would sleep so intimately with you. You also have no idea how you haven't noticed men sleeping with you at night, how can someone not notice another body in bed with them? You guess you really are a deep sleeper. Your body reminds you why you startled awake, your bladder insisting you go to the restroom, making you grumble as you yawn and begin to shift and sit up.

Your eyes look around your bed, and you blink a couple times in shock before you shake your head and begin to slowly get yourself from out of the covers (which you know you did not get under, so they tucked you in). Five men are curled up and laying on top of or near one another on your bed. You weren't sure how they all fit, as they were much larger than their animal forms, but they seemed comfortable, if the open mouths and slight snoring is any indication. Once you're sure your out of the covers, and safe to get up, does the whining from behind you start back up, this time a tired and soft voice follows.

"Owner, don't get up." Peering behind you, you see dark eyes blinking up at you. Dark and faintly curled hair covering a soft face. You can see the sleepy haze lingering in his eyes, and instantly you know who it is you are looking at, as you offer a sweet smile. Leaning over, you leave a soft kiss on his forehead, him whining and trying to lean into your lips at the contact, but settles back down when you pull back.

"Go back to sleep Kookie. I need to go pee." You whisper, the bunny hybrid grunting, as he already is falling back to sleep. Shaking your head in amusement you turn and mentally praise yourself for working out to maintain a fit form, as you swear your flexibility is put to the test as you try not to wake anyone.

You didn't do a body count on where the other two are, so just your luck that instead of your feet touching the ground, they bump into a warm and fleshy object on the floor. A loud grunt then hiss escapes whoever it was, making you freeze. The noise is so similar to a cat, you assume it was one of them, and letting your instincts carry you, even though you desperately need to pee, you lean down as your fingers blindly and carefully try to find their face.

When you feel soft hair, your fingers begin to scratch gently and rub as you make soft soothing noises, whispering your apology. The deep rumbling purr you get in response is different from when they are actual animals, which kind of freaks you out more, but you remain calm as you sit up and pull away from the now sleeping and pleased cat.

"Too damn early for this." You grumble as you tiptoe to your bathroom, closing the door as quietly as possible before you turn on the light and quickly go to do your business, sighing in relief from the release of pressure on your bladder. As you finish and flush the toilet, going to wash your hands, your eyes freeze on the clothes sitting on the counter.

You were too tired to set up your clothes for your morning shower. In fact, now that you think about it, you haven't set up your clothes the last couple of days due to being so tired, and yet they have always been set up on the counter, waiting for you.

Ever since you got Kookie.

"Son of a bitch…" You mutter in shock, your brain beginning to piece together the little things you brushed aside. The dirty laundry suddenly being in your hamper. Your bed being made if you forgot to make it. Your clothes being out, laundry being folded. You were sure there were more things that you hadn't noticed, as your pets, no hybrids, had been taking care of you without you even knowing or realizing. You took in a hybrid bunny and then a bunch of other hybrids followed.

Hybrids were luxury pets. That is, if they decided to be pets. Equal rights for Hybrids had come a long way ever since they had been discovered, or well created years ago when they were supposed to be a weapon. But because of them being half animal, half person, there were defects. They were still much stronger than people, no matter what animal they were bred with (though specific animals meant they had more strength in certain body parts than others). And there were still hybrids that didn't exist, because the labs hadn't found a way to combine the animal and person perfectly together without making a defective and deformed hybrid.

But because they still had human blood, people protested about them being treated like animals, while others claimed that's all they were. So many years later, hybrids can now live and be treated like a person, or be treated like a pet. Those who chose the pet life, usually stayed in their animal forms, and other then registration papers,and their ID, the only ones who know about their bloodline is them and their owner along with whatever facility that held them. There were also those who chose a healthy mix of both, as they wanted to live like the person they were, but as the animal they were as well.

Your brain is swimming with everything you know about hybrids, having done a presentation on them in your last year of highschool. That presentation actually got published in the school paper, which made a small page on the local paper, something your parents cut out and kept much to your embarrassment.

You were all for hybrids not being treated like slaves, like lesser beings because of their blood. It wasn't their choice to be bred or created. It was selfish humans, but they have to live with the decisions of other people. You look up from your folded clothes, eyes now on your closed door, looking at the doorknob, which you had locked. Before you can think too much about it, you unlock the door, before you turn to your shower to begin your day.

Just because you saw them doesn't mean everything will change, right?



Not even a half an hour into your shower, you hear the door open, and you know that someone opened it, as you don't hear any claws on tile from a dog opening the door. Hoping that they are just tired and half awake as they use the bathroom, you close your eyes as you face the shower, head pulled back as you let the water hit your face.

Letting yourself relax, you don't hear the shower curtain opening or closing, nor do you feel a presence behind you. Only when two slightly familiar muscular arms wrap around your waist do you snap out of it. Eyes flinging open, you ignore the sting of water getting in them as you whirl your head around, seeing a bunny smile being given to you.

"Why didn't you say you were taking a shower Owner?" He pouts at you, hair sticking to his face from the water beating down on him now seeing as he towers over you. You quickly go from being shocked to annoyed as you turn back around to turn the water off, getting a whine from Kookie.

"Dammit Kookie! This is not okay to do when you have a penis!" You yell out, uncaring if you wake your other hybrids. Besides, if they know that you know now, they might as well know that you have boundaries when it comes to them being people.

Kookie doesn't bother covering himself as you rip open the curtain, noticing he had placed another towel at least on the counter, but no clothes to change into. As you grab your towel and wrap it around your body, you look over to see a confused look on Kookie's face.

"But I've always had a penis Owner." You scowl, cheeks flushed as your eyes quickly drop down to said appendage before snapping back to his face, before you grab the other towel and hold it out to him, face exasperated.

"A human penis you brat, now please cover up." You plead, jumping when the door opens again, deep and sleepy voice speaking up.

"Jungkook you better not be in here while…" The voice slowly trails off as his eyes drink in the sight before him. His eyes linger on you the most, making you squirm and flush a bit at the pure male approval on his face before he seems to realize the situation and coughs slightly in his fist. He was one of the two males that was sleeping at the foot of your bed.

"Namjoon!" Kookie whines, making you blink as you realize something. You named these guys. You named hybrids that already have names.

"Take him please." You sigh out, motioning to Kookie as you feel like your on the verge of screaming. It was one thing to have your hunch proved correct, it's another when your pet bunny is hot as hell when he's a human and is trying to take a shower with you because he loves water. You were already at your limit because of your damn energetic bun-bun. You briefly listen to Kookie whine as the male with dimpled cheeks listens to you, him scolding your bunny and telling him to put the towel on while they leave.

So you of course, begin to take off your towel so you can put your clothes on, only to hear the door open again. Instead of freezing up, or covering your body in a panic, your eyes simply glide over to the door. It's not like you weren't naked in front of them before anyways.

A male with blonde hair, and cat-like eyes is staring at you, a small lazy smirk on his face. Just like with Kookie, you know who your looking at just by his face.

"Suga my ass." A gummy smile is your response.

"Some of us need to use the restroom." He states, smile still in place, though it's turning into a smirk. Realizing that he isn't going to leave, or look away (again you have changed in front of almost all of them because you thought they were animals) you begin to put your clothes on, one hand motioning to your toilet.

"Be my guest, the toilet is right there." As you finish putting your underwear and bra on, you look over to see a surprised look on his face, this time you can't help but smirk at him. "What? It's not like I haven't seen you guys go before." You snicker out, turning back to put on your shirt and shorts, lazy clothes as you weren't planning on going out much today.

When you hear the door close, you figure he must have left, so you jump a little when you hear him lifting the toilet seat behind you, a blush entering your cheeks. You can already tell that your damn cat is smirking at you, a scowl on your face as you decide to be stubborn and stay inside the bathroom to finish your routine. As you finish putting your shorts on, you hear him sigh as he begins to pee, making you want to look at him in annoyance, but you know you will regret that as you've already seen the genitals of your bunny, you don't need to see more.

"You little asshole…" You grumble out, not caring if he heard you as you fix your clothes, getting your hair from out of your shirt, before you grab your toothbrush to brush your teeth. Your so busy mentally counting while you begin to brush your teeth, that you jump and make a choked noise when a face nuzzles into your neck, slightly nipping it with sharp teeth.

"Good morning to you too, Owner." Too busy trying not to choke on toothpaste, your unable to yell at your damn cat, spitting in the sink as you brush vigorously one more time, jolting when you feel an arm wrap around your waist and a kiss on your neck, the same spot Suga just nipped at.

"Morning Owner!" A happy voice rumbles, your eyes straying over as they stand over the toilet and put there hand in their boxers to pull out their-

You make a choked noise as you whip your head away, cursing yourself as you quickly finish brushing your teeth, ignoring the echoing noise of someone relieving their bladder as you put your toothbrush away, gargle your mouth, then leave the bathroom.

Six pair of eyes are staring at you, and you find yourself relieved that Kookie is now wearing boxers, but that is all the boys in front of you are wearing. Your eyes scan over each male, pausing in surprise at the ferret resting in one of the guys lap, his face looking like one you would see in a magazine.

"Taehyung, er V, is still a ferret because of his injury." A light voice states, your eyes going to a male who practically preens as soon as you look at him. He looks smaller than the other males. You aren't sure if he is the smallest or not, seeing as you can't compare them since they all are sitting.

"I kind of wish this was a messed up dream right now." You sigh out, looking away from the cute guy to rub at your face.

"We would have done this gradually, but Jungkook had other plans. I apologize for him, he is the youngest." You look over to see the dimpled one is speaking, your eyes drinking in his chocolate eyes and tousled brown hair.

"I'd rather know who the hell is who, I recognize Kookie and Suga but that's it." You receive a few confused looks at your words.

"How do you know Yoongi's nickname?" Kookie asks, you blinking at him with a deadpan face.

"I don't, that's the name I gave him before I realized you all are damn hybrids." You hiss out, missing the way everyone flinches at your words, Yoongi frowning.

A throat is cleared.

"I'm Kim Namjoon, or RM. The ferret is Kim Taehyung. You already know Jeon Jungkook. Park Jimin is the chinchilla. Min Yoongi is the Siamese cat, Jung Hoseok is in the bathroom and he's the golden retriever. And the one holding Taehyung is Kim Seok-jin or Jin, he's the calico cat." Your eyes follow the guys as RM, or Namjoon introduces each of them, your eyes briefly staying on them before moving on. As you memorize the name and animal to go with the face, you pause on Jin, tilting your head.


The boys all look at you confused, as you nod your head and motion to Jin. "You need a pet name too, so it will be Prince, because of that handsome face of yours." You state, brow arching at the smirk that grows on Jin's face.

"Even Owner can't resist my handsome face."

"It's too early for Jin to be talking about his face." A voice says behind you making you jump as you turn to look at the missing male. You find that even if Namjoon didn't tell you who was who, you would have gotten Hoseok down as Sunny, his smile too similar to the retrievers for you not to notice.

"It's cause Owner gave him the name Prince." Jimin chirps out, you feeling your eyebrow twitch at the repeating title they all have called you.


Oh god. You think, watching as your hybrids converse and begin to sit around your room. Just what have you gotten yourself into?

Chapter Text

Kookie watches you as you growl at V, him still being stuck as a ferret, and you were trying to bathe him. Sadly you always seemed to bug V when he was in a bad mood, making him take it out on you, meaning you cursed up a storm and had cuts all over your hands because of him. The thought of getting rid of him left once you knew he was a hybrid, even if he hated you, you were going to love the little asshole to death.

You had told them all that V (which is short for Violent, something that cracks everyone up, and embarasses Taehyung, not that you can understand him like they can as a ferret) would be able to use his arm in a couple of days instead of next week because of his hybrid blood, meaning accelerated healing.

After bathing V, you make sure to wrap him up in a warm towel, which you had fluffed up quickly in the dryer to make sure it was warm, and coddle him as you begin to slowly rub his fur dry. Each of the boys are envious when they watch you do this, though you do the same to them, as they all think of how loving you are and how you always use the right amount of pressure when rubbing them.

Suga and Prince had finally agreed to you bathing them, but you had to bathe them both at the same time. And even though they were pains in the ass, by the end of it, they both decided they were okay with you bathing them whenever you decided they needed one as an animal. Chim was slightly jealous of all the attention everyone got from you after you bathed them, since he couldn't get wet without the risk of the water growing mold in his fur if untreated.

You seemed aware of this, as you soon began to get small toys that were for both Chim and V, but mostly Chim since you wouldn't pet him much after he bathed (plus you had already gotten toys for V when you first took them in, for when he could finally play), not wanting to get the dust he bathed in everywhere and all over your hand. Once the dust was settled though, he acted like he was a lapdog if there were none of the other hybrids bugging you. He would run and hop onto your lap, burrowing into you, and sometimes trying to get into your shirt, simply to get closer to you.

The first time it freaked you out, and you almost yelled at him, but when you peeked into your shirt, and saw his sweet face as he closed his eyes, making little squeaky noises as he began to fall asleep, you figured it wasn't the worst thing to have him sleep in your shirt. The only issue was that Kookie loved to cuddle with Chim when they were napping, and he always seemed to know when and where Chim was napping at. So you had to passive-aggressively fight off Kookie from trying to scramble into your shirt with one hand, the other cupped around Chim to not wake him.

Really it's your own fault for spoiling Kookie, even with all your new animals, you still found yourself spoiling him a bit more than the others. Because even if they were his friends or family, he had you all to himself for a week, and in that week you had become his person.

Kookie, Jungkook, loved you. And he was grateful for that day when he had stumbled to your houses front yard, and you found him and took him in. So he tried to show you everyday how grateful he was, how much he loved you by showering you with affection and snuggling into you when you went to bed. He saw how sad you were, not fully sure who Sushi was to you at first, but knowing you had lost a dearly beloved pet and missed that companionship.

So when you found Jimin and Taehyung, or Chim and V, he had told them and asked them to help you fill that hole, filling in the rest of their pack as they slowly found each other. They had no plans on revealing their hybrid blood to you, because it was dangerous. But they all wanted to respect their maknaes request, of staying as their animal forms to fill the void your pet left behind.

But as they all got to know you, as you opened up your home to each of them, not questioning how they knew one another, and easily offered them love and affection, they began to understand why Jungkook was so smitten with you.

And even now that you know their secret, you don't treat them differently. Simply calling them by their pet names when they were animals, and calling them by their actual names when they shifted. They only did so in your room, as you made it clear that it wasn't safe for them, you trusted your parents but there was still a danger. You knew they were the hybrids on the news, you had seen the alert recently with their animal forms, and you nearly choked on your spit. How you hadn't put two and two together was beyond you, but then again you took in seven animals without question, and it didn't hit you right away that they were hybrids so that's probably why. So for now though, they would only shift in your room.

They knew you knew too, and yet you never tried to ask them. You simply made sure that there was no clutter in your room, and that you stayed in the room when Chim took his dust bath, silently being there for each of them for their fear and discomfort over cages and small spaces. And they never worried about the basement, though they wondered what you and Sam had talked about down there, they knew you needed space. You needed a place you could possibly get a break from them.

At this moment, you are taking a nap on the window nook you noticed Kookie at, your blanket on your lap, head resting against the cool window, the weather outside being cloudy. The boys are all scattered around the living room, napping as well.

RM is watching everyone, resting near your feet, his eyes drinking in his dysfunctional little pack. Kookie and Chim were cuddling on your spot on the couch. While Sunny was at the other end of the couch, Prince and Suga snuggled into him as they napped. Sunny was going to nap next to RM, but he had simply shook his head and nudged him over to the two sleepy and impatient cats. His head turns to shift his eyes onto you now.

He finds his mind drifting away as he stares at you. Back when they had been out and running, purely because they had been searching for Jungkook, who had gotten out of the facility.


Namjoon is panting hard as he runs, he can hear Hoseok behind him, panting loudly to try and gain his breath back whenever Namjoon pauses to catch a hint of Jungkook's scent again before he's once again running.

That's when the rain begins. Slowly at first, just a light drizzle, but it soon escalates to a downpour. Panic encompasses him, making him run even harder, sniff even louder as he tries to follow the faint trail of their maknaes quickly fading scent.

"Namjoon, stop! We won't find him now. And we definitely won't find him if we get sick!" Hoseok barks out, Namjoon snarling at Hoseok, but he doesn't back down. He knows Hoseok is right however, so he finally sighed, nodding his head as Hoseok leads them back to some cover, both resting as they watch the rain.

"I hope the others are under cover too. And that Kook didn't get caught…" Namjoon says, his eyes shining with worry, Hoseok looking over with a smile in his eyes.

"If Kookie was able to escape, he will be fine with some rain." Even though Hoseok was being positive, Namjoon could hear the worry in Hoseok's voice as well.

They should have known the youngest in their group would try to escape. None of them had warned him about the tests they do at the facility once they reach a certain age, the tests that they continue to do every month after. The tests were inhumane, but as far as the facility was concerned, they weren't human.

Sadly the facility they were in was one of the ones that didn't care for their hybrids. And the reason was simple, it wasn't a actual facility. And Namjoon and his friends weren't actual hybrids.

At first.

Namjoon learned the last couple of years that hybrids could be created, but the success rate wasn't that high. Perhaps they were all strong men, but they had survived the procedures, and their lives were never the same, their rights taken away from them and freedom was a dream. Jungkook was scared at the beginning, they all were, but he was the most terrified, as he was the youngest and seemed to have a harder time coping.

So the one time the facility decided to let them outside for fresh air, Jungkook didn't waste a second and was gone before they could blink. As soon as Namjoon noticed however, he barked and everyone else was breaking free of their captors. It took them longer to lose their followers, seeing as they all stayed together and Jungkook had ran off alone.

Once they had found a hidden spot, Namjoon decided Jin and Yoongi would be together to look for Jungkook, and so would Taehyung and Jimin. Him and Hoseok would be a group too, and they were to meet at the same place after a few days, continuing to do so to see if they had found Kookie or had gotten a lead on his scent.

It's been a week since then. And they hadn't seen Jimin or Taehyung in the last meet up, which worried Namjoon. He hoped it was because they were on a lead, but feared it was because something happened to one of them and they got caught.

It is while they are sitting at the porch of a house waiting for the rain to let up, that Namjoon and Hoseok pause, staring at a young woman walking a small yellow creature. As they further stare, Namjoon can feel his hairs rise, his heart begin to pound. The way that creature hopped, how it looked, the coloring.

They found Kookie.

"Namjoon…" Hoseok whines, excitement in his voice, tail wagging as he looks from their leader to their maknae, who is being walked by the young woman.

"Someone found him, come on, we should follow her to see where they live." Namjoon grunts out, neither pointing out he hadn't said anything about getting Jungkook from the young woman. Their maknae didn't look to be in any distress, and judging by the fact he was wearing a tiny raincoat, the woman obviously cared for him.

Whether it is by luck or fate, as they kept their distance and followed them, they ran into Jin and Yoongi, Hoseok filling them in as Namjoon made sure he had the young woman's scent down, even in the wet weather, so he could find them if they lose sight of them.

Further ahead, Namjoon watches as Jungkook seems to find something, and Namjoon has to freeze at the words he hears their maknae yelling.

"Taehyung! Oh god Taehyung!" The woman picks up Jungkook, concern and worry on her face as she leans down, soon after putting Jungkook back down. They can't see what is happening, but a few minutes pass, and suddenly a car is pulling up near her, and Namjoon notices them grabbing a couple towels, picking up two bundles as Jungkook hops into the car, them all getting in and driving off.

"Come on!" Namjoon barely has to bark out the words and everyone else is running right along with him as they follow the car with their maknaes. The run is short, which also surprises them, how close their maknae was the whole time.

Soon the young woman is out, cradling Jimin as Jungkook hops out of the car, following after what Namjoon is assuming is the woman's mother who is holding Taehyung. The father is ahead of them, unlocking the house and they can't see anymore, as once they are all in the door is closed.

"Taehyung…" Hoseok mumbles, a slight whine escaping him, making Namjoon nudge and nuzzle him, Jin and Yoongi snuggling into Hoseok to comfort him and each other. Namjoon sat alone, knowing he needed to be strong for them.

It didn't seem long after that the young woman and her mom are back outside, this time carrying a bed with Jimin and Taehyung lying in it. Jungkook is at their feet, hopping into the car as soon as the woman opens the door, her soon putting them in the car then closes the door.

Once the car pulls away, they all pause, not sure whether to stay or follow the car.

"We'll go." Jin finally states, him and Yoongi soon running off after the car. Cats weren't the best at tracking with scent, by they had better eyesight then Namjoon or Hoseok, so neither argued.

Half an hour later both cats reappear, Hoseok whining slightly that they returned without the car.

"She took them to a vet." Yoongi yawns, Jin purring, pleased that their maknaes found a caring woman. Not even a few minutes later, the car is pulling back into the driveway of the house. The young woman hops out of the car, Jungkook right at her feet as she closes the drivers door and runs over to the passenger side, opening it and taking out their other maknaes.

Yoongi snorts, and so does Jin.

Namjoon can see why, as he can see a cone around Taehyung's head, no doubt he was unhappy about that. Taehyung was always a brat whenever he got sick or hurt himself, she was in for quite the ride. As she begins to head into the house, Jungkook pauses at the front door, turning around to stare right at them. They maintain eye contact for a few seconds before Jungkook nods his head and he is turning back around and running into the house, the door closing shortly after.

"He's staying…" Hoseok whispers surprised, Namjoon nodding his head, his eyes never leaving from the house.

"He is. So we're joining them."


Jungkook can feel the hairs on the back of his neck raise as he runs, heart pumping and making his feet pump even harder as he runs, hearing the faint cursing behind him getting fainter. He only pauses, ears twitching slightly when he hears a familiar voice yell out.


He wants to run back, but he would just get caught again, and probably punished for escaping. He didn't like what they did, what they deemed as 'tests' and how his hyungs had been going through with them for years and hadn't told him.

He doesn't know if his hyungs have escaped, or even attempted to like he did, but he wasn't going to stay put and get caught. He needed to get as far away as his legs would take him, then even further then that.

With that thought, he is running again, instincts kicking in if he sees a shifty shadow that makes his heart skyrocket and adrenaline kick in. He isn't sure how long he is running, but he finally has to stop, and practically collapses, laying on his side, panting as his eyes look around to where he ended up.

It was a quiet neighborhood, where the houses were all different, but the yards were all immaculate and barren, meaning he probably stuck out if anyone was looking. His tongue flickers out, tasting the water soaked into his fur, making him look up to realize that it has been raining for some time.

'Cover. Need to find cover.' Jungkook thinks as he shifts to be on his feet, and looks around, noticing that there is a lone tree at the front of the house he collapsed at. He didn't realize how cold he was, or how drained he was until he tries to move, barely even moving closer to the tree, grunting with effort to get closer, beginning to shiver as he tries to warm up.

Because of concentrating so hard on warming up and getting under cover, he doesn't notice how he no longer was being rained on, or being picked up. Only when he hears a soft and warm voice speaking does he stir again. He opens his eyes, blinking as his eyes adjust to the light of the house, seeing a beautiful young woman in front of him.

Her eyes are swimming with worry. Her hair is dark and silky looking in the light, pulled up into a sloppy bun. She is wearing a long sleeved shirt, the sleeves rolled up, and the front of it soaked and hugging her chest. 'Is she an angel?' Jungkook wonders, feeling like he's ready to fall asleep. It doesn't register she was holding him away from her for a reason, only when he feels water begin to surround him does he wake up.

His eyes widen, and his chest tightens. He can see them, pushing him and holding him under water, freezing cold water. Making it longer each time, and shorter each time they let him come up for air. Panic encompasses him, feet scrambling to get out, to fight, to escape.

Something is holding him, and he can hear that soothing and warm voice again, making him focus on it. There never was someone with a warm voice in the facility, never anyone that cared other than his hyungs. The young woman is in her tub with him, only wearing her undergarments as she coos at him, a sweet smile on her face as she cups water and pours it over him, his eyes widening as he feels how warm the water is, and how it isn't that deep to begin with. And he also realizes she is holding him to her chest now, to ensure he no longer panics, his eyes drinking in the red marks all over her chest and arms from his claws.

He feels guilt build up in him, but when he looks up at her, he sees the sweet smile and loving gaze she has, eyes serious as she continues to cup water in her hand and pour it over him to warm him up. Affection for this stranger, for this kind woman for saving him builds up, and he feels himself leaning forward and nuzzling into her, inhaling her scent. It smelt tangy, a little sour and sweet. He licks the skin he is sniffing, hearing her gasp, but he continues to give her kisses as he tries to thank her with his limited communication, discovering the flavor of he skin is similar to her scent, but is much sweeter.

She pulls him away and sets him down, and Jungkook now has a better view of her, tilting his head as she reaches for something, before giggling as she looks at him and then begins to lather something in her hands, his nose twitching as he begins to smell a pleasant smell. It reminds him of warm blankets, of home. Of before.

Distracted by the smell, he squeaks when he feels gentle hands rub and knead at him, fingers threading through his fur and lathering up the soap as she murmurs assurances to him. He squirms a bit when she lifts his front up, him staying compliant but flustered as she rubs his belly then at the fur around his genitals.

"So you're a boy bun-bun, still so cute." He feels his heart stuttering at those words, looking up at her as she sets him down and rubs his ears then begins to wash him off before she drains the tub and hops out to grab a towel for him and herself.

She has him completely covered, and carries him somewhere, setting him down gently as she rubs a bit at his fur before suddenly stopping. Curious, he shakes his head a bit to get the towel off. Once it is, he feels his heart stop for a second. Her back is turned to him, and she's naked. Her skin is tan in the lighting of her room, and her body looks perfect in his eyes. Then again, Jungkook hadn't really dated before, so he didn't have many women to compare her to. But even if he did, he knew he would still see her as perfect.

He watches as she puts on some underwear and a shirt and shorts, before turning around and staring at him in surprise. Trying not to be suspicious, he pretends to groom himself like a regular bunny would. He feels fear creep in as she stares.

'Does she know? Is she one of them?'

The thought is gone as quickly as it came, as she coos at him and scoops him up, towel and all, and sits down on her bed to begin to rub at his fur again. He was sure if he was not in animal form, he would embarrass himself rather quickly with how hot his blood is and how hard his heart is pumping. He has to fight the urge to rut into her arm, embarrassed by how just by a little affection from a young woman he is fighting his baser bunny urges. The instincts he got from becoming a hybrid were ones he usually could control, but he never did have to worry about the part where bunnies are basically always in season, since it was only him and his hyungs at the facility, no females.

It takes all his willpower to nestle into her lap, distracting his primitive brain by cleaning his paws while she rubs and knead the rest of his fur dry. Once she has deemed him dry enough, she scoops him up amd discards the towel back in her bathroom, beginning to leave her room but pausing as she stares at a corner. His ear twitches as he hears her heart stutter, his face looking up to see a pained look on her face. Eyes following her gaze, he sees a pet bed, her walking over and picking up a blanket resting in it, before promptly leaving her room with him.

She takes him to what he realizes is the livingroom, as he can see outside from a giant window. She sits down on the couch, allowing him to get more comfortable, and to sniff the blanket she seems to be offering him. He can catch the faint whiff of another animal on it, but the scent is stale, fading. Whatever it was, was just a normal animal too, yet when he looks up again and sees your eyes glistening with pain, he can tell you loved this animal dearly.

You begin to play with your phone, and Jungkook tries to act as normal as possible, though he isn't sure what normal bunnies do, so he just resorts to grooming himself. It also helps to distract him from the fact he wants to scent you silly and lather your face in kisses, as long as you stopped frowning and having that pained look in your eyes. But he could gradually work into that, as he didn't intend to leave anytime soon. He knew at some point that he would need to find his hyungs, maybe help them if they didn't get out, and if he was lucky you would take them in too.

He could tell, as he watched you fall asleep on the couch, that you have a big heart full of love, even if it was broken recently by the passing of an animal. His ears perk up, eyes straying to the TV, the volume on low, as it replays an urgent message.

When he sees pictures of him and his hyungs as animals, he feels as if his heart is soaring. His hyungs are out! They escaped too. Looking from the TV to you, he lifts his paw and lands it on the remote, changing the channel. Satisfied, he grunts a bit as he shifts and hops up near your neck, sniffing and practically vibrating in pleasure at your scent. Nuzzling into your neck, and rubbing his scent glands on it, he settles down and curls up on your neck with a sigh.

He would stay here with you, to fill that spot your pet left behind, and hopefully his hyungs would join him and do the same. He would save you, like you saved him.


Kookie startles awake, jolting up suddenly, making Chim bark in surprise and V to begin to wake up, angrily chittering at being woken up. His heart is racing, while Chim is nibbling gently on one of his ears, trying to soothe his maknae as he can hear his racing heart. V seems to settle as he realizes the reason for being abrubtly woken, though his chittering starts up again as a shadow covers them. Chim stops nibbling on Kookie's ear, making him look up.

You are towering over them, brows furrowed and a small frown on your face. "I woke up cause RM put his cold ass nose on my leg. Is my baby boy okay?" You coo out, reaching down to scoop up Kookie like he's a baby, making him practically melt in your arms as he nuzzles into your body heat and listens to the steady beat of your heart. You rock back and forth, humming softly as you move back over to your window nook, shuffling so you can cuddle Kookie, and wrap yourself up in your blanket.

V and Chim watch this, at how you easily deal with Kookie's panic attack, and soothe his fear like it was nothing. Chim sighs, before he turns and nudges at V with a small angry bark.

"Why are you so mean to her? She's nice, and Jungkook trusts her!" Chim whispers, V snorting, making a small huffy growl as he shifts irately, the plastic cone around his head bugging him, but you refused to take it off in fear he would rip out his stitches just to spite you (he wouldn't admit the thought had crossed his mind).

"He's in love with her, of course he trusts her. Why should I be nice when she's going to get rid of us as soon as she's bored, or realises she only needs Jungkook? Unlike everyone else, I'm being realistic. No one keeps this many strays, especially hybrids." V growls out, Chim puffing up and actually biting him, making V yelp then chitter in anger as Chim quickly hops off the couch and makes his way to where RM is resting at your feet, watching the whole scene play out. The only one who couldn't understand them was you, since you weren't an animal. V feels a pang of regret, but huffs as he shifts and gurmpily lays down, glaring at your figure, as you pet Kookie with one hand, the other reaching down to offer RM some head scratches, then leaving it there so Chim can nibble and lick your fingertips.

He can feel longing build up again, but he stamps it down. You were too good to be true, and he wasn't going to let himself be fooled like everyone else.

Yet as he thinks that, he watches as you put Kookie down next to Chim, whose nuzzled into RM's stomach, Kookie joining him. You then make your way to him, his eyes widening as he begins to growl and chitter in warning. Yet all you do is smile and coo at him softly.

"Did you get in a fight with Chim? He didn't sound too happy. You're bleeding V." You mumble, brows furrowed as you reach as hand out to gently brush against him. But before your fingers can touch him, V bares his teeth, snapping his jaws at you. Usually you jerk back, but you simply let him this time, not even wincing when he clamps onto your hand.

The taste of copper fills his mouth, as he teeth digs into the flesh of your fingers. You wince in obvious pain now, yet still offer him a small, sad smile.

"Why do you hate me so much V?" You whisper, not bothering to pull your hand from his mouth, V freezing up from your question, eyeing you warily as he stays latched onto your hand. "I'm not giving up on you, you violent little brat. You're mine, you got that? Even if I lose a finger from you, I'm still keeping you. I know your actually a sweet little ferret, but your being a scared asshole right now. Just let me love you, please." Your speaking softly, in a low tone as if you are trying to speak only to him. You know that the rest of your hybrids could hear you talking to V right now, but this was your and his moment, so it didn't matter to you if they heard. As long as V understood what you were saying, as long as you got through to him. To the scared hybrid, that seemed reluctant in letting you help him.

V feels guilt swarm him, his mouth letting go of your fingers, instantly licking at the bleeding wounds in apology, barely noticing the tears spilling from his eyes as he continues to try and clean the wounds. Your other hand is gently petting him, as you speak soft words of forgiveness to him. He can feel something dark and twisted in him loosen. The part of him he hid away from his hyungs and maknae. The part that was angry about their situation, about no longer being able to see his family, about his life changing completely.

And the ugly part of him he tried to ignore that was angry at Kookie, for being the one brave enough to escape. And for getting hurt because of him looking for Kookie, and because of Kookie, they met you. You with the gentle hands, and beautiful smile. With your soothing words and caring eyes. That dark part of him grew as he watched you with their maknae at how easily you showered him in affection, at the clear love shining in your eyes when you gazed at him.

He was jealous, envious, and angry and other emotions he couldn't figure out over everything. And he let it build up, and he took it out on you. Because above all else, he was scared. He was scared you would hurt him, would hurt them. That you would grow tired of caring for them all, think they were too much work and effort, and ditch them, or return them to the faciltiy. And he didn't want to risk his heart if you were going to abandon them in the future.

Yet as you pick him up and settle on the couch now, laying him on your chest as you pet and rub him gently, he already knows he was fighting a losing battle. He had felt guilty and had apologized everytime before when he bit you, and this time was no exception, but this time he was acknowledging the reason he was so angry and mean to you in the first place. In the beginning you were frustrated, and stressed because of taking them all in, no doubt overwhelmed from suddenly having so many pets, and yet you still kept them. You still took them to get checked, and you kept trying to get closer to him, even though you knew you would get bit.

You cared, even for his bipolar ass, and he was in the same boat as the rest of his hyungs and their maknae. He loved you, and he wanted to be there for you when you need them most, like you were there when he needed you most.


Taehyung and Jimin are hiding. They have to as they stick out the most compared to the rest of their pack. If they were seen by anyone who was interested in taking in a stray, especially a stray that was exotic, they were done for, and they wouldn't be able to find Kookie.

So they usually hide in tall grass, or under parked cars and shadows, making sure not to move much so they won't be noticed if they don't have a hiding spot.

Right now however, they are hiding cause they almost got caught. Taehyung had gotten grabbed, roughly to the point he felt something snap before he bit the persons hand and was let go, before running off after barking at Jimin to run.

Now that they are no longer being chased, seeming to have gotten away, Taehyung can feel the insistent throbbing of one of his front paws, making him hiss as he falls to his side with a pained noise, Jimin hovering over him, whiskers twitching in alarm.

"Taehyung?! What's wrong?!" Taehyung grunts as he tries to get up, but falls over again with a yelp.

"I think I broke my arm escaping that crazy bastard." He grunts out, Jimin whining as he tries to nuzzle and help Taehyung when he tries to stand once more, only to fall over once more.

That's when it begins to rain, and Jimin makes a noise of alarm, yet doesn't try to leave for cover, making Taehyung worry. He knows Jimin can't stay in the rain due to his fur, but he can't move with the pain radiating from his broken limb.

"Jimin go. We're supposed to meet Namjoon, he'll worry if we don't show up again." Jimin simply shakes his head at Taehyung, making him hiss. They hadn't shown up to the last meet up cause they had been trailing after Kookie's scent. And they were close, which is why it was important they meet up with Namjoon so he knows they are close to finding Jungkook.

Before he can try to insist again he tenses when he hears a familiar voice yelling behind them.

"Taehyung! Oh god Taehyung!" A familiar lop-eared bunny comes running to them, but swiftly gets scooped up, Taehyung seeing in the corner of his eye it being a young woman. She seems to have captured Jungkook, if the harness and leash and small raincoat were anything to go by, or maybe she took him in thinking he was a pet.

She seems to notice him, as she sets Jungkook back down, mumbling something to him and calling him 'Kookie'. How did she know his nickname? Did she actually know about Jungkook?

"Jungkook!" Jimin yells out, Jungkook yelling out as well.

"Jimin! What happened to Taehyung?!"

"He almost got caught earlier and got hurt, we've been looking all over for you, did you just get caught?!" Jimin sounds panicky, and Jungkook shakes his head swiftly.

"No, Owner took me in and saved my life, we can trust her hyung!" Jimin freezes, eyes wide at what Jungkook just said, even Taehyung shocked at what he heard, barely fussing as said woman is poking and prodding at him gently.

"Owner?!!" Before Jimin can begin to interrogate Jungkook, their maknae looks to the woman, seeming to perk up as she pulls out her phone and begins to make a call, on it briefly before hanging up and smiling at them all.

"Good news fellas, your coming home with me and Kookie!" Taehyung doesn't remember everything after that, as his survival instincts kicked in, simply letting himself be carried and taken care of, only when the young woman tried to touch him did he get aggressive. He couldn't believe his maknae, no matter what he believed. There was no way they could put their trust in her.

He didn't want to trust her, or his maknae, who had obviously been happy and safe and well fed, while they were all scared and hungry trying to find him, worrying over him. He didn't want to feel happy.

He wanted to hate her.

Yet as she tucked them into her bed later with her and Kookie ("just for tonight." she claims), as she called Jungkook, he felt the beginning tendrils of hope flare up, of happiness flutter in his stomach as she settles down around them, as if protecting them as she falls asleep.

Perhaps she was someone he could trust, that they could trust.


V blinks lazily at you, staring at your parted lips as you breathe softly, eyes closed as you nap, hand resting over him lightly, even while sleeping you're aware that he is there. When he shifts, trying to scoot closer to your face, he freezes at how your hand gets heavier, seeming to hold him down as you stop breathing for a second.

Your brows furrow as you open your eyes, sleepily staring at him, assuring he is okay and had not fallen, offering him a warm smile as your fingers thread through his fur, mumbling under your breath as you fall asleep.

"So soft…"

He feels his heart squeeze slightly as your hand continues to pet him, even as you doze off, until it finally stills, showing you had fallen back asleep. He squirms once more, able to get out from under your hand this time, as you seem aware he isn't rolling off of your chest. Once he's near your face, he presses his muzzle to your cheek, nose twitching as he inhales your unique scent (though it is a bit difficult with the cone).

You were aware their noses were sensitive, but were assured by them all that your shampoo and lotions weren't too harsh for their noses (not that Taehyung assured you since he couldn't). The only reason they said that was because you seemed well aware how well your lotions and stuff went with your natural body chemicals, as they seemed to add to your natural scent instead of dampering or overpowering it. His tongue comes out to lightly lick your cheek, begin to make a small chirping noise as he nuzzles against your face, you shifting and lifting your neck (something you do in your sleep now as usually you felt Kookie rub against you like V is doing now) to allow him room to settle down.

Instead of curling up in the crook of your neck, he continues to lick your cheek, moving to lick and nibble at your lips, making you squirm and begin to wake, as it tickles you. When you open your eyes again, and notice that V is licking all over your face, and now licking your lips, you let out a gust of air through your nose in amusement, making him flinch in surprise and pause in grooming/kissing you, his dark brown eyes gazing at you. You smile, him feeling the muscles in your jaw move with his one good paw he has resting near your chin.

"I knew you were a sweetheart." You say softly, making a small cooing noise at him, which is all the permission he needs as he begins to lick and nibble on your lips again, making you wince as he seems to lick at some wounds on your lips (you sometimes chew on your lips in your sleep) which was the main reason he began licking your lips, as he noticed the flecks of dried blood.

Plus he wanted to kiss you before Kookie did. Kookie may have gotten you first, but V got to feel how soft your lips were (even if he was a ferret right now) and taste how sweet they were, matching you perfectly.

"Thank you V, but you need to stop please, that hurts." You mumble, gently pushing him away. V chitters a bit in irritation, you tensing up at the familiar angry noises, but his chitters soon turn sweet as he stops, beginning to hobble off and turning around to scurry down and off of you, giving you a look before looking to the floor. That is your signal as you let out a small yawn and a content moan as you get up off the couch.

"Bathroom time it is. Time to get up boys, you know the drill," You say in loud voice, watching as all your hybrids stir, lightly wincing as RM jerks his head up too fast, making him hit it against the wall of your window nook with a yelp. "Should have named you 'Destructo Dog'." you mumble, watching as he shakes his head a bit, Kookie and Chim staying close to him until he nudges them with his muzzle.

You grab V and hold him with one hand, him clinging to your fingers and making small chirping noises now as you head to the front door and open it with your free hand. You don't bother putting leashes on anyone, since they all stayed in the yard to do their business, and they usually only pee outside, as they usually would go to your bathroom and shift if they had to poop. The only one who couldn't do that was V, but luckily enough, because of his size, you didn't have to worry about scooping it up after he went. You knew however when you take them out on walks, that they would have to do their business as animals, whether they wanted to or not, and you would have to pick it up, which didn't bother you a bit. It probably would bug them though, since they were aware that you knew they were hybrids, so the human in them probably was embarrassed that you would watch them go and have to pick up after them.

Unless of course they wanted to be pets. You weren't sure, since you haven't asked any of the guys. You still were building your bonds with them as animals, and as people. You hadn't even gotten the story involving the facility they escaped from, so you were kind of flailing. But you trusted that they weren't actually a danger.

As you set V down in your front yard, you notice that only RM and Sunny came out, you cracking a smile as they squat to pee. The first time they did that you had busted a gut, realizing it was because they were embarrassed. They still were, but they also admitted they didn't feel the urge to mark their territory by peeing on it like other canines, plus it was easier to pee by squatting like a female dog would. They also would squat at areas where V wouldn't limp into their pee by accident, you keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't fall or hurt himself.

Kookie and Chim are sitting on the porch, along with Suga and Prince. They all notice how your hovering near V, and how he quickly does his business before limping/running over to you, you scooping him up quickly and cooing sweetly at him, them all hearing how soft and sweet the chirps V is letting out are.

Suga yawns, stretching a bit. "He seems to have finally let her in." Prince snickers a bit at this, his tail flicking behind him to show his amusement.

"Out of all you brats he's always been the most stubborn. I'm surprised he lasted this long. Of course Owner wore him down, she's one of a kind." He muses, Chim nodding in agreement, looking over to see Kookie staring at you and V, seeming to grind his teeth.

"Are you jealous Kookie?" Chim teases, not at all surprised when their maknae turns, thumping his hind feet in agitation before hopping back inside the house as his response. Chim snickers now, Suga purring in amusement as they watch you coddle V and play a bit with RM and Sunny in the front yard.

"Taehyung has always loved cuddling and affection the most in our group, so Jungkook knows now he has competition for Owner's attention. Not that there is a real competition, since she'll give us all attention. She's obviously just spoiled him too much." They all silently agree over Suga's words, as you come back up the porch with V in your arms, RM and Sunny panting happily behind you. You usher everyone in, yelling out when RM smacks into the door before he shakes it off and trots into the house, you grumbling about 'wrapping him in bubble wrap' as you close the door and head towards your bedroom with V in your hand.

In your room, you see Kookie, resting atop your pillow, perking up when he sees you, but deflating as he sees V in your arms. Of course, you see this, and are able to put everything together rather quickly (you may not understand them, but you have gotten better at reading their body language as animals). With a sigh you walk over to your bed, setting V down as you take the small cone off his head and pet him a bit, before you look over to see Kookie facing away from you.

"Kookie stop acting like a spoiled brat. I love you still," You watch how he perks up at your words, turning his head to look at you. Taking this as a good sign, you continue. "I will always love you, but I love V too. And Chim, RM, Sunny, Suga, and Prince. Its not just you anymore, and I'm sure your happy it's not just you anymore. I won't forget you just because V is giving me attention, you're still my baby boy. My bun-bun." You finish softly, during the entire time you were talking, Kookie had slowly turned towards you and had made his way to you, until he is fully in your lap once you finished talking. You pick him up and hold him to the crook of your neck, leaning your face into his soft fur, sighing in relief when you hear him making his small little 'chirps' that most bunnies make when they were content or happy.

Looking up, you see everyone else hovering near the door, but begin coming into your room once you smile, RM closing the door with his muzzle, all the boys shifting once it's closed. Of course Kookie does as well, and you now have a young man in your lap instead of a bunny, making you grunt at the weight change.

"Dammit Jungkook." You grumble, but your tone is affectionate as you hear the slight sniffle in your neck from the bunny hybrid, his arms wrapped around your waist as he shakes his head in the crook of your neck, mumbling into it.

"Love you Owner, M'sorry Owner, love you." The words are mumbled repeatedly into the skin of your neck, and you hum and soothe your emotional bunny, the rest of the boys making their way onto your bed to nuzzle you and their maknae, you shooting Yoongi a grateful smile when he offers you a change of clothes for Jungkook before getting onto the bed, they all changed while you were soothing Jungkook (as they all transform naked and you have to ignore that, especially when it comes to Jungkook since he has the tendency to transform and cling to you as soon as your bedroom door is closed). It takes you a few soft whispered words before you get Jungkook to shift on your lap so he can put some boxers on, and some shorts and a shirt, before he's back to clinging to you, your face flushing as he begins to make a purring noise as he nuzzles and licks your neck.

Something that had also begun to become a normal thing was you being scented by the boys when in your room, which wouldn't be a big deal, if they weren't hot ass guys when they were doing it. And they usually all did it at once too, but sometimes they took turns, which seems to be the case here as they watch as Jungkook begins to suck on your neck, making you squirm a bit in discomfort. You know in normal circumstances this would probably turn you on, but seeing as you know they need to scent you as a security thing, to mark you, you simply deal with it and don't let it affect you.

You weren't ready to think about what your future holds when they are ready for mating/breeding, knowing they will probably choose you as their mate. You could barely handle them all marking you to satisfy their hybrid instincts, no need to think about the future when it comes to the other aspects of their instincts. Plus they had sensitive noses, so you really didn't want to risk getting a little bit turned on in the same room as any of them, especially Jungkook. He may be your baby boy, but you had a feeling if he knew you were even a little bit attracted or turned on by him or because of him, he would be all over you.

Still it is easier said than done on not being fully affected when extremely attractive males, hybrids or not, begin to rub all over you and lick and nibble at your neck, shoulders and ears. The only males in the whole group who aren't crazy about scenting is Jimin and Namjoon, which kind of surprised you.

Jin and Yoongi would usually rub all over you, much like cats would, then lick your neck, both doing it together so you would have two slightly rough tongues on both sides of your neck (due to being cat hybrids their tongues were a bit rougher than a normal persons), which you would wince and bite your bottom lip to endure, otherwise you would probably burst into a laughing fit at the mixed signals your body would get from the somewhat tickling yet painful stimulation. While Jungkook simply would try to cling to you (preferably naked since he wants as much skin contact as possible) and try to leave hickies all over your neck because of sucking and nibbling on your pulse. V couldn't do any bonding in his human form yet, and since he was finally opening up, though he seemed to be the shyest out of all of them when it comes to scenting (even if he also seemed to be the most affectionate as well). Hoseok likes to cover your face in kisses. They are just small pecks at first, but gradually get bigger and longer until he is pretty much licking you (his saliva feeling slimy, similar to a dogs). During this entire exchange, your usually brushing your fingers through his hair and lightly scratching his scalp, though you learned you can't scratch his scalp for too long since he tends to get too excited, Hoseok getting embarassed at the obvious tent in his boxers, which made him scramble off your lap and hide out in the bathroom until bedtime that first night.

Namjoon would wait until everyone else had scented you, before he would. Jimin never really tried to scent you, he felt the urge to bond with you, but his urges were different from the others. So Jimin would simply watch everyone, Namjoon being last. All he would do is grab you and pull you into his lap, wrapping his arms around you, and stick his face into the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent that was intermingling with most of his packs.

Jimin was the one who made you worry about your future with the boys, and who made you think the boys will see you as their mate, probably sooner than later. The first time you had been placed in Namjoon's lap (that first night you had to assure everyone you were okay with everything they were doing.) you nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt warm breath on your shoulder, and lips lightly kiss it. They paused before continuing, making you peer over your shoulder to see Jimin shyly smiling at you.

"Is this okay Owner?" Jimin whispers, and you nod your head in repsonse, he wasn't doing much compared to what the others did. He continues to kiss your shoulder, working up softly and gently to your neck then your ear. You tense up and shift at the tickling sensation, yet Namjoon's hold on you keeps you in place, his eyes watching the maknae currently working his way to your face. Your eyes are closed, too busy trying not to laugh, since you were quite ticklish, so your eyes snap open when you feel warm breath so close to your face, making you turn towards the source. Jimin's lips graze yours, making you gasp and him whimper. His eyes are hooded and his mouth slightly parted in shock, beginning to pant as he stares at you.

The rest of that night, there is a slight tension from your other hybrids, as they watch the way Jimin will lean in, and lightly graze his lips over yours, not really kissing but simply touching, and pull away with a small whine each time, until he finally gets his fill and will pull away fully, panting as if he ran a marathon, pupils dilated fully as he gazes at you longingly. Him and Namjoon didn't really scent you, like you said. Namjoon would simply breathe in your scent intermingling with everyone else's, seeming content with that (and watching you bond with his pack) and you being in his lap, while Jimin would kiss you? Your not sure if you categorize Jimin's bonding as scenting or not.

Since it's obvious he sees you as his mate already.

Your not sure if chinchillas mate for life or not, but even if they did all of these boys were still human as well. So that could also be adding onto his potential feelings for you. You already know that Jungkook, as his bunny and himself, loves you (he doesn't try to hide it after all) so you can try to wrap your mind around the idea that one of the boys sees you as a potential wife, or mate or whatever they would categorize it as (girlfriend? Fuck buddy? Who knows).

Right now wasn't the best time to let your mind wander, and you wince and yelp when there is a sharp nip on your neck, making you look to see that Junkook is still scenting you, surprising you a bit. Looking over, you see Namjoon smiling softly at you, none of the others trying to join in, simply watching Jungkook with fond exasperation.

"We figured Kookie needs this, to help stop being so insecure." Namjoon mumbles, you making a 'oh' face, before you scowl at the the sharp nip again on your neck, making one of your hands reach down to thread into Jungkook's hair, tugging at it sharply in warning, making him grunt.

"Bad boy." You grumble, Jungkook nipping in retaliation to your words, no doubt having his signature mischievous grin on his face. Normally you would smile fondly and let him get away with being cheeky, but you know your neck will look like a eggplant at this rate if you let him continue (luckily the markings they have been leaving aren't too dark so you barely have to cover them so your parents don't see them). With a small growl, you put both hands in his hair now, tugging enough to sting, making him hiss and pull back to glare/pout at you, yet stops at the scowl on your face.

The guys all watch mesmerized, all feeling a mix of emotions at the angry and dominant look and aura you have as you glare st Jungkook, your voice coming out a bit raspy as you growl at him. "Don't make me punish you Kookie, I would hate to punish my baby boy but I will." You ignore the way Jungkook whimpers and practically melts in your arms at that. You had a faint idea how he would react if you behaved dominant over him, since he seemed to melt everytime you called him your 'baby boy' and 'my bun-bun', and even though you didn't want to turn him on or have him see you in a sexual manner right now, you know this is the only way you would get him to listen (it just sucked that you being dominant over him turned him on, since it seemed to be the only way to get his cheeky ass to behave).

You tug his hair, and tense a bit when Jungkook's eyes seem to roll closed as he moans slightly, thrusting his hips into your lap, grinding his growing erection into you. That wasn't the reaction you wanted at all. Cursing to yourself, you tug sharply at his hair and growl his name, pleased when Jungkook's eyes snap open, and he looks at you. When your hold loosens in his hair, he whines at the loss, trying to get you to grab his hair again by grinding down into your lap, but that simply makes you arch a brow at him.

The boys are all snickering silently at how you seemed alarmed, and floundered for a second the moment you realized you were turning Jungkook on, but you recovered quickly and began to use that against their maknae, Jungkook trying to misbehave and get you to react the way he wants, yet you know how he is and simply sit and watch. Though they all feel a bit aroused at your dominance, they're more in awe over how your handling Jungkook, and how their maknae finally seems to begin to behave.

Tears pricking his eyes, either from you being mad at him or because your giving him blue balls, he sniffles, and leans into you to nuzzle his nose against your neck where he was nipping at earlier in apology. "Sorry Owner, didn't mean to hurt you." Your whole body relaxes at his words, seeming to deflate it seems as you sigh.

"Thank god. I hate punishing my babies." You grumble to yourself, uncaring if they all hear you say this. You really did hate punishing your pets, and it was harder when your pets were hybrids, meaning they were even more aware if they were doing something wrong and kept doing it intentionally (which gives you no choice but to punish them like you just did to Kookie). It was hard for them at times though, as they would be at war with themselves. You were sure Jungkook loved to shower you in affection like Kookie did, and was playful like Kookie as well. But the jealousy or mischievousness that Jungkook might feel, will feed into the territorial part of Kookie, which was why his marking began to become painful. So it might have been Jungkook trying to be playful, but his hybrid instinct as Kookie made it to where you had to punish both the man and the hybrid for his bad behavior.

Judging by the shifting of Jungkook in your lap, and the small whine that escapes him, as his obvious erection digs into you again, you think you did a good job at punishing them both (though you feel guilty since you know it's painful for him, but at least it will leave a lasting memory in his head so he won't misbehave like that again).

"That was hot." You hear Yoongi drawl out, making you scowl as you look over at your other hybrids, Namjoon shooting Yoongi a glare, but the cat hybrid pays him no mind, looking at you with half-lidded eyes.

"You think so? Come here then and I can give you blue balls as well Yoongi." You say sweetly, a fake smile on your face, Jin and Hoseok snickering at the sheepish look Yoongi gets on his face as he ducks his head, no longer able to act nonchalant. Your smile then fixes on the two snickering making them tense up and abrubtly falling silent, Jimin and Namjoon shaking their heads.

At least they knew better than to not laugh at their maknaes misfortune (even Taehyung wouldn't have snickered or made a remark). "Need I remind you that this was a punishment? One I can give to all three of you if I need to. You all will be punished in fact, but not like Jungkook cause quite frankly I would like to go to bed tonight, and I won't if I have a bunch of hybrids with blue balls. So you three can sleep in your beds tonight or on the floor. Your choice which form you pick, but your not sleeping on the bed." You feel satisfied and like you made the right call when Jin and Hoseok both visibly deflate at the punishment (Jin looking embarrassed, probably because he is the oldest and got in trouble). Yoongi actually looks like he's close to tears, and you know it's because he was looking forward to finally sleeping in your bed tonight (Namjoon was going to sleep on the floor since Yoongi had been almost every night). You actually had ordered a bigger bed that would be coming soon, so they all could fit, but for now one of them had to sleep on the floor if they wanted to sleep on your bed as people (even as hybrids it was a pretty tight fit).

You almost want to take it back at the silent plea in Yoongi's eyes, but you look away. He never showed his emotions compared to the others, so it pained you to see how genuinely upset he was at the punishment, but it told you it was the right punishment. He would probably be a bit pissy with you tomorrow, which you would allow him to be to an extent.

"Bedtime?" You hear Jungkook mumble drowsily from your neck, pulling away to look at you, seeming to have been partially listening to the conversation. You smile gently at the sleepy look on his face, nodding your head as you leave a light kiss on his nose. He gives you a shy smile, leaving a kiss on your nose in response before he crawls out of your lap, a small noise leaving him as he still is aroused and uncomfortable, but continues to crawl onto your bed and laying down with a sigh. As if they all were waiting for Jungkook to lay down, everyone begins to get up and ready for bed.

Your surprised when Yoongi walks over to you, and crawls onto your lap briefly, chest rumbling as he purrs, to rub his race against yours and leave a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth. "Sorry Owner." He rumbles as he pulls away, not looking at you as he crawls off you and begins to strip so he can shift and settle down for the night. Hoseok and Jin are the same way, though Jin doesn't crawl onto your lap, simply laying his head in your lap instead as he mumbles his apology. You feel your heart squeeze in pain at the dejected looks on their faces, but they are accepting of their punishment, knowing they deserved it.

"Owner?" Jimin's voice makes you look away from the others, seeing that Namjoon is holding V, who is already fast asleep, making a soft snoring noise, him looking at you behind Jimin. Both are obviously waiting for you, making you smile as you get up from the bed and quickly go to the bathroom to change into your pajamas and do your business, heading out a few minutes later to see everyone all settled down. Namjoon is at the edge, probably choosing that spot so that you don't potentially roll off your bed, while Jimin and Jungkook have their backs pressed to another, Jungkook on the other end of the bed (judging by his shoulders steady movement, he is already fast asleep). You crawl onto your bed, in-between Namjoon and Jimin, quickly crawling into the covers, and making a small squeak when four hands land on your waist. Namjoon's are closer to your thighs, shifting you so he can rest one of his legs between yours, while Jimin's hands squeeze your waist, pulling himself closer to spoon you with a content noise.

"You guys…" You sigh out, eyes closing as you see Namjoon flash you his dimples, feeling a gust of air on your neck from Jimin giggling. Even though they didn't get in trouble because they knew better, it didn't mean they wouldn't take advantage of being able to sleep near you. You briefly feel silky fur brush your chin, letting you know V has settled down between you and Namjoon. You softly say 'goodnight', a small smile on your face as five voices softly say it in return.

You knew, as you began to fall asleep, that it was going to just get more difficult from here on out. Especially since you would have to get to know Taehyung and where his dynamic was in the group. Not to mention that a line was silently crossed today when you punished Junkook. Your not sure just how all the guys would behave in the days to come because of it, but you had a feeling that the somewhat professional mindset you were trying to have when it was came to the boys and them being hybrids, was going to go flying out the window.