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Biting Down

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Kirishima was comfortable regardless of if he was walking on four legs or two, but ever since he'd been traveling with Bakugou, he'd taken to staying in his half-shifted form unless they were flying. 

Normally when he was around humans, he stuck to his full human form just so they'd be comfortable, but Bakugou seemed almost disappointed whenever Kirishima hid away his more beastly characteristics. His eyes always lingered on Kirishima's horns or wings or tail, but not in fear or distaste; he had a curiosity about him that he was rarely willing to show anytime else and maybe even a hint of admiration. His interest made Kirishima preen a bit and he was all too happy to parade about in his half form, letting Bakugou study him. 

The first time Bakugou touched his wing, it had been an accident, Kirishima was pretty sure. He'd been trying to walk past him or get his attention or something--the why didn't really matter in the long run--Kirishima was too busy focusing on the bolt of electric heat that had zipped down his spine, gaining his interest quicker than anything had before. His mouth dropped open and he panted for breath like he'd just run a marathon, eyes set on Bakugou's back as the blond mage grumbled in front of him, words that didn't reach Kirishima's ears. Kirishima licked his teeth, tail swishing behind him, wings giving a small flutter to gage interest. Bakugou glanced at him, face clearly saying he was waiting for a response to whatever he'd just said, but Kirishima was too busy putting on a display, wings arching and tail curling to show off the rigid spikes that followed his spine. His tail was long, spiky, strong. Any dragon would appreciate such a characteristic. 

"The fuck you doing?" Bakugou snapped, brows furrowed in confusion. 

Kirishima slumped a bit, pulled from whatever trance had taken over him. He was being stupid. Bakugou was a human, he couldn't know what touching a dragon's wings meant, how sensitive they were and how they were relatively fragile compared to the rest of him. Dragons didn't mess with other dragons' wings out of respect, not unless they were mated or interested in mating, then they would help groom them or help during molting. Kirishima hadn't even been aware that he'd been interested in Bakugou like that up until the idea presented itself. He frowned thoughtfully. Perhaps he should work out his own feelings before offering a mateship. 

"Oi," Bakugou snarled, annoyed at being ignored. 

"Sorry, thinking about something else," Kirishima excused, smiling hesitantly. "What was it you needed?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes so hard Kirishima was worried he'd break something, pointing in exaggeration to the pile of logs he'd arranged together. Bakugou's own magic abilities may be fire-based, but they were much too destructive to do something as simple as light a fire without blowing the logs to bits. Kirishima hummed, coughing up a flame small enough to not over-char the wood, grinning when he succeeded. It had taken months for him to get that level of control and he turned his grin to Bakugou for approval. 

Bakugou nodded, walking past him towards the rest of his wood pile, fingers reaching out absentmindedly to skim over the highest arch of Kirishima's wing as he passed, sending another shiver of arousal through Kirishima. Kirishima didn't know if it would be better to pull away from his touch or to just leave it, too caught off guard to speak. His wings fluttered at the attention, making the decision for him as they seemed to gravitate towards Bakugou upon his return without his consent. 

"Go be useful and get us something to eat," Bakugou demanded, hand brushing down the thin membrane that connected the bones of Kirishima's wing, touch light and barely there. It was enough to nearly make things awkward though and Kirishima jumped at the chance to get away for a bit, surreptitiously adjusting the pants Bakugou insisted he wear whenever he wasn't in his full dragon form. 

"Right. Be right back," he said, fleeing into the woods, still feeling Bakugou's touch like a brand. 

Bakugou was a human, true, but he was one of the smartest people Kirishima had even met. So he had to know what he was doing, right? He had to know he was basically propositioning Kirishima with every touch of his wings. Didn't he? Because Kirishima couldn't be the only one feeling the electricity between them, he couldn't be making up this reaction. He may have never thought of Bakugou like that before, but clearly the blond had. Right? Right?!  

Kirishima cursed as he scared off another rabbit, shaking his head to try and push away the distractions. He had to focus to get them something for dinner and then he could spend more time trying to wrap his head around Bakugou's odd behavior. 

It was probably all an accident anyways. It had to be. He was blowing this out of proportion. 

"Hey, you did good," Bakugou complimented him when he returned with two rabbits, making Kirishima give him a double-take. A compliment? What? Bakugou smirked, patting his shoulder before brushing down his wing as he took the rabbits and walked away, leaving Kirishima staring at him dumbfounded, sparks of arousal zinging down his spine.

That was definitely weird. Totally on purpose. Bakugou was fucking with him. He just had to be. He narrowed his eyes, watching the slight shake of Bakugou's shoulders. Was he... laughing?

Kirishima hummed to himself, grinning and showing off his teeth. So that's how it was. He could play along if Bakugou wanted to have some fun

While Bakugou cleaned the rabbits and set them up on some sticks to cook, Kirishima planned, dropping down to sit next to him and subtly curling his tail around him without touching him. Bakugou didn't move, glaring at the flames and cursing at them to cook faster. Kirishima stretched out his wings, enjoying the last of the sun's rays against the thin skin before he settled with one behind Bakugou. It flitted with nerves, betraying his confidence, and he forced it to settle. Sometimes his wings and tail liked to take a mind of their own, revealing insecurities or feelings he'd rather keep hidden. He was so focused on getting his more beastly limbs in line, he almost missed the barely-there smirk Bakugou shot him with a glance out of the corner of his eye. Kirishima only had a flash of red as a warning, Bakugou's eyes sparkling with mischief, before the blond yawned exaggeratedly, stretching back and leaning into the fold of Kirishima's wing trustingly, making Kirishima's mind blank at the sensation. Because Bakugou was merciless, he also trailed one of his hands up his tail, fingers crawling up his spikes, scratching idly when he neared the base where it met Kirishima's spine. Kirishima's mouth dropped open and he growled lowly, cock twitching with arousal as he licked his teeth. 

"You know your eyes dilate when you do that?" Bakugou purred, because Kirishima couldn't call it anything else. Bakugou smirked confidently, leaning closer, free hand reaching out to press a finger against the bottom of Kirishima's jaw. "You kinda look like you want to eat me."

Kirishima bared his teeth, leaning closer and inhaling Bakugou's scent. "Quit teasing me," he hissed, claws digging into the earth. 

Bakugou grinned, curling his hand around the base of Kirishima's tail, digging his nails into the hard scales and watching Kirishima's eyes flare with delight. "After we eat," Bakugou rumbled lowly, leaning closer, "you're going to fuck me until I can't walk. Got it?"

Kirishima's breath caught. His wings rustled in anticipation and Bakugou glanced at them, giving Kirishima a sly look before pointedly reaching out and brushing his hand along the arch of Kirishima's wing, scratching along the scales and making Kirishima squirm as liquid heat scalded his veins and it took everything in him not pounce. 

"If you want to eat first, I suggest you stop touching my wings like that," Kirishima warned. "You're not subtle."

Bakugou laughed. "I've tried subtle for the past year, lizard brain," he said, turning away and reaching out to take the rabbit from the fire. "You're one dense fucker, you know?" 

Kirishima frowned. "I am not!"

Bakugou huffed. "I thought your kind had superior senses or whatever. You haven't been able to scent that I was interested?"

"I wouldn't invade your privacy like that!"

"I killed a fucking mountain lion for you!"

"You said it attacked you first!"

"I gave you my cloak!"

"You said I couldn't walk around naked!"

"I told you I liked your company!"

"Yeah, when the alternative was us traveling with Midoriya," Kirishima said, rolling his eyes. "Face it, you're not the greatest at flirting."

Bakugou's eyebrow twitched. "Do you, or do you not, want to fuck?" He snarled. 

Kirishima paused, finally taking in Bakugou's tense posture. "Yes," he said, oddly both aroused and a bit fearful. "Yes, I would like to fuck."

Bakugou ripped into the rabbit with his teeth, chewing unattractively with his eyes promising danger. "Then I suggest you shut the fuck up about the past and eat your damn food."

Kirishima did, quick to start eating his own food. Bakugou glowered at him. 

"Stupid fucking dragon," he muttered. "Had to find a damn out-of-date mateship book just to get you interested."

Kirishima snorted. "Were there pictures?" 

Bakugou slapped the back of his head, though it didn't hurt, making Kirishima burst into giggles. 

"The fuck? Who the fuck cares if there were? I don't need a goddamn diagram to know how to put your dick in my ass!"

Kirishima blushed bright red even as he continued laughing at Bakugou's embarrassment. "Well dragon mateships can work a little differently," he began. 

"I know you fuckers bite," Bakugou cut him off, wiping at his mouth with his arm brutishly. Bakugou had a knack for pulling off the barbarian look so well that even Kirishima forgot sometimes that he was technically a prince. "And I know about how sensitive and important your wings are. And your tail." He rolled his eyes, glancing at Kirishima's tail before giving him a deadpan look. "You have a very sharp tail. Strongest ever. Great job fucking growing it, lizard brain."

Kirishima pouted. "Now you're just making fun of my instincts."

Bakugou laughed. "Am not, fuck off. You have a nice tail. Happy?"

Kirishima blushed and refused to admit that maybe he was, a little. His tail twitched, curling around Bakugou, and Bakugou hummed, running his hand along the scales. "Hurry the fuck up with your food," he said lowly, and Kirishima stuffed the rest of the rabbit in his mouth at his heated look, inhaling it down his throat and making Bakugou scrunch his nose. 

"Disgusting," he grumbled, throwing the sticks they'd cooked on onto the fire before crawling forward, straight into Kirishima's lap. His thighs settled around Kirishima's middle as he seated himself and Kirishima was struck by the image of a king sitting on his throne. Bakugou always looked regal to him, something beyond mere mortal touch or regard. His clawed hands curled around his thighs, sliding up to his bare waist. 

"Wipe that stupid look off your face," Bakugou ordered gruffly. "Liked you better when you looked like you were going to eat me."

"What look do I have on now?" Kirishima asked curiously, fingers and claws gently brushing up Bakugou's spine. 

"Like I'm going to break," Bakugou hissed, snatching a handful of Kirishima's hair and yanking his head until he was looking up at him, mouth parting to reveal sharp teeth. Bakugou smirked meanly, leaning down and pressing his forehead to Kirishima's. It almost could've been tender, if it didn't feel like he was trying to pull his hair out. "Do your worst," Bakugou challenged lowly. "I'm not accepting a weakling as my mate."

Kirishima shivered, arousal returning quicker than he could've expected, tongue swiping over his teeth hungrily. "I'm going to ruin you," he swore in a gravelly voice. "No one else will ever touch you. Only me. You're mine. "

Bakugou smirked. "Prove it."

Kirishima roared. He rolled Bakugou under him, wings arched over them both in a powerful display as he dug his claws into the ground beside Bakugou's head to avoid latching onto him. He laved at Bakugou's neck and shoulder wetly, having the frame of mind to know a human couldn't deal with a true dragon mating, not with his claws and teeth present. He slowly started to shift towards his human form before being abruptly yanked out of his concentration by a heated hand around the joint where his wing met his back. 

"Don't you dare," Bakugou snarled angrily.

"My claws," Kirishima panted, mind whirling with heat and need as his hips rolled against Bakugou's. "My teeth. I'll hurt you."

"Like hell," Bakugou hissed, grabbing onto one of his horns and yanking his head down to glare at him. "Fuck me like you mean it, dragon, or don't fuck me at all."

Kirishima whined. "I don't want to hurt you, Katsuki." He rutted against Bakugou's erection, growling at the constrictive feeling of his pants. "Just let me put my claws away. I can't even touch you like this."

"I'm not scared of a few scratches," Bakugou said, wrapping his legs around Kirishima's hips and encouraging his movements. "I can handle being a bit bloody."

Kirishima groaned. "Quit being weird, Katsuki," he mumbled, nosing under Bakugou's jaw and trying to avoid pressing his teeth into him as he licked and sucked at his skin. 

Bakugou laughed wildly, nails dragging down Kirishima's back before grabbing ahold of his wings and digging his thumbs into the joints, making stars cross Kirishima's eyes as pure arousal ran through him. He shuddered in the aftereffects as Bakugou let up on him, panting and drooling on Bakugou's chest. 

"Fuck," he cursed, hands curving to grab Bakugou's shoulders and pull him closer, careful of his claws while grinding his hips down against him tightly. His jaw ached with the need to bury his teeth in Bakugou's shoulder, to just hold the blond down and fuck him like the beast Bakugou seemed determined to make him. Bakugou trailed his touch further down to the base of his tail, making it thrash in the air behind him, a display of aggravation and intent, a warning and a mating call. 

Kirishima hissed when Bakugou pulled back to reach for his pants, yanking them down before kicking his own away, one boot still on his foot. "Get the fuck back over here," Bakugou demanded, spreading his legs, and Kirishima couldn't even speak words as he pressed them together again, growling at the feel of so much naked flesh, perfect and just for him. 

Bakugou's magic sparked against his back as the mage pulled him closer. "Fucking--lube," Bakugou gasped, looking over at his bag where his sword oil was. "Goddammit."

Kirishima flipped him onto his knees, not even hesitating as he leaned forward and lapped a wet stripe across Bakugou's hole. Bakugou yelped, surprised, before melting into the touch, knees shifting to spread a bit more comfortably while his back arched in a perfect presentation. He was shameless in his need, pressing back against Kirishima's face, and the dragon growled, clawed hands groping his ass as he plunged his tongue deeper into him. Drool trailed from his mouth down Bakugou's thighs as he speared his tongue into him, listening to Bakugou moan and curse at him. 

"Ei--" Bakugou gasped, dragging his nails through the dirt. "If you don't get the damn oil and fuck me, right fucking now--" he hissed, hips waving temptingly in front of Kirishima's face. 

Kirishima snarled, leaping towards the bag and nearly emptying all of the contents on the ground as he searched for the oil. 

"Oi! Don't dump my shit everywhere!" 

Kirishima spared him a quick glare, still looking for the oil, but he stiffened in surprise as soon as his eyes landed on the blond, staring slack-jawed as Bakugou blatantly fingered himself open. 

"Eijirou," he ground out, annoyance in his tone as he glowered at Kirishima. "Get. The goddamn. Oil."

Kirishima looked down and saw the bottle against the ground, swiping it up and ignoring the rest of the mess as he rushed back to Bakugou, kneeling behind him and leaning down again to lick around his fingers. 

"Give it to me," Bakugou demanded, holding one hand out for the oil. Kirishima gave it to him, knowing his claws would never let him get it open. Bakugou sat up on his elbows, yanking the cork out with his teeth and drizzling his fingers with oil before recapping it and setting it aside. He looked over his shoulder, grabbing Kirishima's cock deftly and covering him in oil, barely reacting when Kirishima thrusted into his fist mindlessly. He pulled away much too soon, making Kirishima whine, and he quickly spread the extra oil over his hole. 

"Now," Bakugou declared, pulling his fingers from inside himself and settling with his arms crossed under his head like this was some kind of casual rest, grinning in challenge at Kirishima over his shoulder while his back sloped perfectly, entirely on display. "Fuck me," he ordered imperiously. 

Kirishima snarled, grabbing his hips roughly, instantly scenting the moment he'd scratched Bakugou with his claws. He paused, chagrined, and Bakugou glowered back at him. 

"Eijirou," he growled warningly, reaching back and lining Kirishima's cock up with his hole, slowly pressing back against him. "Quit acting like I'm fragile."

Kirishima dropped his head back, eyes sliding shut at the overwhelming sensation of Bakugou's heat surrounding him. He snapped at attention when Bakugou slammed back into him, squeezing him afterwards and making Kirishima groan lowly at the feeling. 

"I'm not going to beg," Bakugou snapped, even though he was panting and shivering like he just might if Kirishima made him wait much longer before he got involved. Kirishima pulled out only to thrust back in immediately after, coaxing a low moan from Bakugou's throat practically by force. He leaned over the blond, claws digging into the ground over his shoulders as he pressed his chest against Bakugou's back and then proceeded to fuck him:  hard, deep thrusts with slow, infuriating rolls of his hips that kept them both on edge while teasing the blond's prostate with every movement of his hips. 

Bakugou hissed, jerking back against him and writhing beneath him. "If you don't pick up the damn pace," he started. 

"You'll what?" Kirishima murmured against his ear, cutting him off, forcing Bakugou to spread his knees wider as he leaned more of his weight on him and he lapped at his shoulder, tasting the salty sweat Bakugou had worked up. "What are you going to do, pinned under me, begging for my cock?" Kirishima nosed at the back of his ear, jaw aching from him holding back his need to bite Bakugou and hold him still for his own pleasure. "Prince of your people but you bow for me, don't you?" He punctuated his question with a hard thrust, grinding against Bakugou's prostate mercilessly and grinning as Bakugou moaned deliciously and practically melted under him. 

"Ei," he rasped, lips mouthing at Kirishima's wrist mindlessly. "Ei, come on, fuck me. Gods, right there, faster, come on, Ei." 

For a moment, Kirishima considered denying him, waiting until Bakugou truly broke and begged him, but honestly the fire in his veins was already too much for him to ignore and such blatant submission for Bakugou could not be taken lightly. With a loud roar, he sunk his teeth into Bakugou's shoulder, dug his claws into the dirt, and fucked Bakugou like he wanted. The blond screamed in pleasure under him, pressing back into Kirishima's thrusts as best he could, forced to merely take Kirishima's wild rutting. He came moments later, spending on the ground and tightening around Kirishima enough that the redhead followed him only a few thrusts later. 

Kirishima slowly caught his breath, jaw easing off his hold on Bakugou and he licked at the blood he'd shed after he pulled away. The wound wasn't too deep; Bakugou would probably just be a bit sore for a few days. 

"Get off me," Bakugou slurred, sounding half asleep as he rolled to the side and tried to shove Kirishima off him sluggishly. Kirishima hummed, too tired to laugh, and he settled on his side, cuddling close and lying his tail across Bakugou's waist. They both worked to get their breathing under control, quietly listening to the sounds of the night while their heartbeats slowed. 

"We can do this again, right?" Kirishima spoke up first, nerves starting to creep back in. 

"Don't be an idiot," Bakugou grumbled, sitting up and moving away from him. Kirishima's heart clenched tightly in dismay. He'd fucked up. He hadn't been what Bakugou wanted. He'd hurt him, or he hadn't hurt him enough, he didn't know, but he was sorry, he would do better, if Bakugou would just give him a second--"Of course we are," Bakugou added, wiping himself off with a dirty shirt and sending Kirishima a look over his shoulder, brow raised. "You saying you didn't like that?"

"No!" Kirishima was quick to say, making Bakugou's eyebrow twitch and anger grit his teeth. "I mean, no, I wasn't saying that!" Kirishima quickly blurted in correction. "I liked that! A lot! I want to do it again! Definitely!"

Bakugou rolled his eyes, shoving his stuff back into his bag and shaking his head, lips twisted in humor. "You really are a lizard brain, aren't you?"

Kirishima frowned, looking down at his hands with a pout. He was a little hurt by Bakugou's brush off of his feelings. He startled when Bakugou stalked over to him and crouched down, grabbing a fistful of his hair and making him look up and face his heavy gaze, though his hold wasn't painful. 

"How many times do I have to tell you for you to get it through your skull?" Bakugou murmured lowly. "You're mine, Eijirou. And earlier you promised I was yours. Or was that a lie?"

"No," Kirishima denied, enraptured by the heat and possession in Bakugou's voice. It made him think of a dragon, bragging about their hoard. 

"Then stop acting like I'm leaving," Bakugou demanded, shaking Kirishima's head a little with his hold on his hair. "We've been traveling together for years. I'm not letting you go without a fight. And I fight pretty hard."

Kirishima's smile was hard to contain. "I know you do."

"Damn straight. And you fight hard too. You aren't going to just let me go without a fight either, right?"


Bakugou grinned and the dying embers of their fire caught on his teeth. He looked like he was breathing fire. 

Kirishima had wings, horns, and a strong tail. But in that moment, Bakugou was the dragon.