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A Ship No One Asked For

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A few days had passed in the Villa since Jakub tried to have his way with Arjun on the terrace. They had largely avoided each other, save for the passing awkward glances and nervous smiles. Arjun had tried to put the incident out of his mind, and focus on grafting with the girls. He had no way of knowing if the exchange between them would be aired on television or not. He was out to most of his family and important people in his life, but bi men don't get endorsement deals after their time on the show. He turned up the hetero to compensate for the murmurs going around of what had happened. It was nearly impossible to keep a secret on this island. One of the girls he'd been romancing straight up asked him if he was sure he was into girls, and he had to swallow his pride to keep from calling her out and storming off. The fury he'd held onto towards Jakub in the moment had largely dissipated, but he hadn't quite forgiven him, despite his outward display of goodwill. 

It was the mid-day lull between breakfast and the afternoon challenge, and Arjun had to use the loo. As he got closer to the door, he thought he heard the occasional slapping sound, followed by moaning. He stopped just before the bathroom entrance, contemplating his choices. The noises could be totally innocent? Nah, this is Love Island. He could go piss in one of the bushes? Yeah but what if the film crew caught that? Then he'd still have to wash his hands. Arjun huffed, whoever was doing the devil's tango in the restroom would just have to suck it up. They shouldn't be fooling around in a common area anyway. He slid into the room cautiously, trying to remain silent while he could ascertain the source of the noises. Nobody in the showers, nobody on the sinks. He approached the stalls by the urinals, the sounds growing louder. He bent down and peeked under the stall doors, someone was sitting on one of the toilets. Of course. Even in a place with an assortment of attractive women, there would be some guy too horny to contain himself. He stifled a chuckle and stood in front of one of the urinals. The sounds abruptly stopped upon Arjun beginning his business. "Oh don't let me stop ya, fella," he called out bemusedly. He shook it off and went to go wash his hands. A thought occurred to him that made him grin childishly, as he lathered his palms. He couldn't tell which one of the white guys it was--normally he didn't pay close attention to random mens' legs--so he thought to cover his bases. "You know," he tried to project his voice over his shoulder while still looking in the mirror in front of him. "Some girls don't like it when their partners jack off without them. Might wanna bring that up to her to check." No response. He laughed softly and rinsed off his hands.

Suddenly, a loud, shuddering groan pierces the quiet. The sticky sound of semen drips onto the bathroom floor from behind the stall. Arjun bursts out laughing, clutching his stomach. The sound of toilet paper furtively being rolled out sends Arjun to the floor by the sinks, his breathing becoming labored from the hilarity. "Oh man," Arjun manages to get out the words between peals of laughter. "I'm so sorry, bruv--didn't mean to give you a fear-gasm!" He slaps his thighs a couple times, trying to control himself. The stall door swings open.

Arjun stops laughing.

Jakub stares down at him with a mixture of indignation and intense embarrassment. "Oh, oh my God," Arjun stammers, as he hurriedly stands up. "I swear on my life I didn't know it was you in there." Jakub pointedly looks away. "Hey man, look," Arjun reaches his hand out to Jakub's shoulder but Jakub shrugs it off. "We all have needs, right? No judgment here, I just really had to take a leak and thought I'd have a laugh with ya, that's all." There's an excruciatingly drawn out silence. "Well," Jakub starts morosely, still looking away. "Are we even now?"

Arjun had to blink a couple times to understand what Jakub had just said. He lightly pushes Jakub back at the shoulder and bends over in uproarious laughter. Jakub's face is still white as a sheet. "Stop laughing, it's not that funny." This makes Arjun laugh even harder. Jakub can't help but begin to giggle as well.