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Harry Potter was sure he had pneumonia again along with several broken ribs. He couldn't move his left arm from his chest, his right hand was stuck closed just open enough to hold a wand in it. His left eye was swollen shut and crusted over, his right eye was swelling as well. His glasses had been broken so he couldn't see well. His whole body was black and blue and they were deep bruises that didn't seem to fade no matter how much time went by. He was so skinny that every rib showed. It had been three weeks since he'd come back to Private Drive and had not been given food once. He was glad Hedwig was with Sirius this summer. He knew that his nose was broken and his right leg gave out every time that he tried to stand on it.

Three weeks ago when he'd come home from his fifth year at Hogwarts he'd had his DNA taken for some Muggle law that had passed then he'd been locked in the cupboard under the stairs again with all his school things. He'd been beaten every day and his uncle always smelled of alcohol so he assumed that the man was drinking heavily these days.

He took a shallow breath and pain racked his body.

He heard his uncle fly off the handle yelling and people identifying themselves as Preventers demanding to know where he, Harry was.

"He aint here!" Vernon yelled. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

"Agent Maxwell, look upstairs." Wufei told his friend. "I'll check around down here."

Duo nodded and took the stairs two at a time. His mind was still reeling. He had a father. Wufei had a different father he'd never known about and Heero.....Heero had a brother. The boy they were currently looking for. He was going to do everything he could to get this boy to Heero and give Heero a family even if his mind and heart was torn up over having his own family. He smirked to himself trying to imagine what the boy would be like. Would he be just like Heero then? He frowned when he saw the door with all the locks. He quickly picked them and entered the room. He'd had better accommodations from OZ when he was captured. He looked around his anger and panic rising where was the boy? He quickly made work of the rest of the upstairs.

Wufei hated the house on site and hated the inside even more.


Wufei and Duo rushed to Quatre Winner who was with them. He was supposed to be sitting in the car or standing outside of it.

"What's up, Qat?" Duo asked worriedly.

Quatre was holding his chest right over his heart.

"He's there." Quatre said, leaning against the wall. He was pointing at the Cupboard Under the Stairs. "He's hurt. Very hurt. Almost dead. We have to get him out of here. He's in so much pain."

Wufei huffed at the lock.

"Maxwell, pick the lock." he ordered.

Duo quickly did and they opened the door. Duo cursed and Wufei removed the boy. Duo quickly grabbed the boy's things.

"We're taking him and he's not coming back." Wufei said, trying to control his breathing.

Harry was coughing roughly as they arrived in an office. He coughed up phlegm into a tissue pressed to his mouth.

"What happened?!" Sirius Black's voice cried, he and Remus quickly rushed to take Harry.

"We found him like this locked away in a cupboard." Wufei reported to Une.

Heero's eyes flashed.

"He will not be going back." The threat in Heero's voice made it clear and made everyone in the room shiver.

Harry must of passed out because he was suddenly waking up and he wasn't in as much pain anymore. Glasses were put on his face and he could see perfectly out of his right eye. He blinked at everyone around him.

"Sirius.......Remus........" he forced out.

"It's okay, Harry." Remus said, softly.

They told him what was going on.

"W-wati." Harry said, shaking his head. "I have a brother on my father's side. Is that even possible?"

"Er........" Sirius said, rubbing the back of his neck. "James was rather.......promiscuous before he and Lily started dating that school yes it is possible.......and yes he was with Muggles er........non-magic women........."

Harry blinked at his Godfather. He normally craved information on his parents but this was too much.

"I have a brother." he whispered his voice shaking in fear.

A guy with brown hair and cobalt eyes came forward.

"My name is Heero Yuy." Heero Yuy said. "I'm 19 years old. I'm half Japanese/ half British. It's nice to meet you."

Harry flinched away from Heero as he raised his hand. Heero quickly dropped it and took a few steps back. Harry felt bad but looked at Une.

"and my mother was adopted?" He clarified.

"That's right!" A woman said, from the other side of the room. "She was our baby sister. I'm Hilda Spellman and this is my older sister Zelda Spellman. Our sister went missing when she was very little only a few years old. We hear you have magic but don't use it like we do is that true?"

"Hilda, let the boy recover from the shock." Zelda scolded and smiled at Harry. She noted that Harry was looking at the cat in her arms. "This is Salem Saberhagen."

"Nice to meet you." Salem said, making them all jump.

"You do magic?" Sirius asked.

Zelda pointed her finger and magic swirled out of her finger. A second later the chair Harry was sitting in was a wheelchair.

"That is how we do magic." she said, simply.

Harry's mind was racing. He felt sick and shocked when the cat Salem was put in his lap. He held the talking cat in his left arm that he couldn't move and tried to pet him as best as he could.

"Guess what, Pup!" Sirius said, interrupting Harry's thoughts. "I have a son! He's the complete opposite of me more like Moony." Sirius babbled. "I want you to meet my son Wufei Chang. He rescued you!"

Wufei moved up next to his best friend Heero.

"Wufei Chang. Age: 19. Half Chinese/ Half British." Wufei said.

"I have a son as well." Remus said, and Harry looked at him. "My son is also my complete opposite more like Sirius." Remus smiled. "This is my son Duo Maxwell he also helped rescue you."

"Hey there!" Duo said, arms behind his head as he stood on the other side of his boyfriend Heero, "I'm Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide but I never tell a lie. That's me in a nutshell. I'm 19. Half American/Half British. Nice to meet you."

Harry felt sick how was all this possible? What was going on? How could one Muggle Law change everything so much?

"Harry, what's wrong?" Sirius asked worriedly.

"Dumbledore lied to me." Harry rasped. "He said, aunt Petunia was the only family I had left that's why I had to stay with her but.......but she's not even my the wards that protect me at the house are.........are........nothing...........I had to stay in that hell hole for almost 15 years because........he said so........." his voice broke and SIrius and Remus both frowned hard.

"You're not going back." Heero told his little brother. "I wont allow it. You're coming to live with me. I'm your brother and I have a lot of money so don't worry about that......."

"James' family was rich and Harry inherited it all." Sirius said, showing them the ring on Harry's right ring finger. " are entitled to all of it as eldest........"

"I don't want and or need it." Heero shrugged.

"If you want to get out of here." Hilda said, butting in again. "We have a house in Salem in America. We also have one in Boston. We live there with our niece Sabrina."

"I have houses all over the world and colonies." Quatre said, with a smile. "I'm Quatre Winner. A good friend of Heero, Duo and Wufei. I'm 19 and Arab. This is my boyfriend Trowa Barton. He's 19 and Russian. We're both very pleased to meet all of you."

Harry flinched into Sirius' side he couldn't believe any of this was actually happening. He listened to everyone talking around him. All this was happening way too fast. How did he slow this down? Better yet though he didn't know anything about his brother and was willing to go and live the man and his friends just so he could get away from the Dursleys. Was he mental or something?

Harry was indeed sure that Heero's friends would be living with them or at least close to them they seemed to be a very close knit group. He wondered how they were so close. He petted Salem the best he could and listened to everyone his mind was still racing he couldn't process this. It was too much too fast. He was too hungry and too tired and he wanted to see his friends. His head was pounding. His eyes slid closed he was so tired. He slid to the right and into Remus' arms though he didn't know who's arms they were at the time. He was soon fast asleep with Salem held in his left arm to his chest. He heard someone calling his name but was sinking so far into the darkness that he couldn't surface again. He floated into the darkness as darkness sucked him under and claimed him. He hoped beyond hope that he didn't dream. He was tired of dreaming for now he just wanted to sleep and get some actual rest.

The Gundam Pilots, Une, and the Spellman's saw how Remus and Sirius fussed and worried over Harry and wondered what their relationship with him was. It was clear that they cared for him very much.

"I think it would be best for Harry if we do get out of the U.K." Sirius sighed, "There is a war brewing in our world and everyone seems to think that Harry is the only one who can defeat the maniac. I don't want him to fight and I wont let him. Please, allow us to leave with you. I can seek asylum over there and work on getting my named clear and Harry can try to be normal and he wouldn't have to worry and take everything on himself all the time."

"I agree with Sirius." Remus nodded. "and we would very much like to get to know you as well."

"I thought that was a given." Sirius snarked at his best friend.

Remus rolled his eyes.

"This is great!" Hilda beamed. "It'll be amazing having our little nephew so close!"

Everyone agreed and plans began being made.

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Harry coughed roughly his body racking with the cough and he hurt all over. But his brother was there taking care of him and helping him through the fit. Harry blinked tired eyes up at him. Were they really brothers? They looked so different maybe Heero looked like his mother then? Harry closed his eyes and laid back down in his magic black leather recliner wheelchair. They were at the new house in Salem now. It was the next day.

"This place is nice." Quatre said, coming into the room. "It needs some fixing up but I'm sure we can keep the historical architecture. This place is huge there should be enough space for all of us."

"It's only huge because of the magic that's been used on it." Remus said, entering the room. "Expansion charms a plenty in this house. Both our magic and some I've never felt before."

"That would be our magic." Salem yawned from Harry's side. He stretched out. "Will this house be enough for all of you though? How will you explain that you all live here together?"

"What's to explain?" Duo asked, frowning. "The five of us have lived together for years. It's no one's business why the eight of us do."

"I found a library." Wufei said, coming. "It looks as if no one has been in it in years. I fear for the condition of the books."

Duo did a dramatic eye roll that had a tired Harry laughing the best he could.

Harry was already relaxing in this place. He was far from the U.K. he was safe at least that was how he felt anyway. He just felt like these people wouldn't let anything happen to him.

"Harry, there you are." It was Zelda's voice. "I was wondering if you would take care of Salem for us from now on? He hates living with three females. I already cleared it with the Magical Council if you say yes."

"Okay." Harry said, easily and Salem was cheering.

"Also I brought you a gift." Zelda showed him a very beautifully designed bottle. "It's a genie bottle I had lying around. The genie long since moved out I thought you could live in here and have your godfather's put wards around it to make you feel safe."

They were soon inside. It wasn't in much better condition then the house but Harry loved it. The circular couch turned into a bed with just a push of magic. He had his own bathroom, closet, and desk. It wasn't small or stifling either and Salem's things were in here as well. Salem ran off to his bed and stretched out then curled up.

"I love it." He declared.

"We'll put it in a window so you have lots of light." Trowa said.


"But you can't spend all your time in here." Sirius said, "It's not healthy. You need to go outside too."

"What's this book?" Harry asked looking at the large book on his desk.

"Don't ignore me!" Sirius cried. "I'm trying to be responsible!"

Remus chuckled. The pilots were just looking around curiously.

"That is the Spellman family magic book." Zelda informed. "Sabrina graduated to a computerized version and we thought you might like to try our kind of magic as well. Salem can help you as he did Sabrina."

Salem mumbled something but no one listened to him.

Harry was left to rest on his bed and was reminded that he could use magic. He floated the book over to him and Salem quickly joined him.

"I was just going to look." He said, to the cat. "What is the easiest spell in here?"

"Pulling a rabbit out of a hat." Salem explained. "Even Mortals are doing that one now."

Salem helped him find the page it was on and Harry read it through.

"It says it helps with Magic Control that's be good as I have none." Harry muttered.

Would you like to start learning to Pull a Rabbit out of a hat?

Harry and Salem jumped at the screen.


"Press yes." Salem advised.

Harry did and a black magician hat appeared in his lap. Salem walked him through what to do. Harry focused and reached into the hat. Sure enough he came out with a rabbit.

Pull Rabbit out of hat-1

"Odd." Harry said, putting the rabbit back in the hat he waited a few seconds then turned the hat upside down and patted the top to make sure that the rabbit was gone. Salem found this funny. Harry then continued his lesson. "Okay this is actually easy."

"That's why it's the oldest trick in the book." Salem laughed. "It's way easy."

Harry nodded and agreed.

"Is there Potions and Healing Magic in here as well?" He finally asked after a long while.

"There are some spells but only a few Spellman's actually took the Healing route. " Salem informed. "There are tons of Potions though. Does your magic have Potions?"

"Yeah, we do but the teacher hated me so I didn't learn all that much." Harry informed as Heero and Wufei appeared. Wufei had some books and Heero had a laptop they each sat against the wide sides of the large circular bed. Harry didn't have a problem with that. If they wanted to hang out he'd actually like it. "So since my Potions teacher didn't like anyone none of us ever learned much about Potions but I was thinking about dabbling and seeing if I could do it. I was really looking forward to Potions before I met the teacher."

"They shouldn't let people like that teach." Salem scoffed. "Who was your Headmaster?"

"Albus Dumbledore."

"I know the man or I did when I was a human." Salem scoffed. "I hated that man. He's bad news and it's good that we got you away from him. Kids at that school probably aren't learning much of anything he's more obsessed with power than anything else."

Harry was silent he then scratched Salem's ears.

"You have to get along with Hedwig." He told the cat. "She's my owl. She's very tame though she doesn't like strangers and is very protective of me. She's not to be eaten."

"I don't like owl meat." Salem purred leaning into the touch.

Wufei and Heero listened to the young teen ramble on to the cat and wondered if he remembered they were even there. They also watched him keep pulling a rabbit out of the hat and putting it back in.

Pulling Rabbit out of Hat-50

Magic Control-5

Harry kept working until it was time for dinner then beamed when he came out of his room to find Hedwig on Trowa's shoulder. Hedwig instantly flew over to him and nipped his ear.

"I missed you too, girl." Harry said, softly. "I'm glad you like Trowa. I hope you learn to like the others as well."

Hedwig clicked her beak around at everyone else. She would judge if they were worthy of taking care of her master. Her master was hurt again. She hated that. She began grooming him. She'd missed her Master and had hated living in that dark house where she was hardly ever let outside. Trowa had told her she would be out every night to fly the skies but had to be very careful not be seen or shot. She was happy when her master ate but not happy about how much he ate. He was too skinny he needed to eat more and she told him so.

"Hedwig, I'm full." Harry sighed, he smiled at her as she scolded him. "I know you're worried but really this is all I can eat right now. "

"You can understand her?" Trowa asked.

"Yes, and no." Harry said, shyly. "It's hard to explain but I just some how know what she's trying to say. It's not like with snakes."

"Why is different with snakes?" Quatre wondered.

"Well I can talk to snakes." Harry shrugged. "I can literally speak their language."

"Whoa that's cool." Duo said, in awe. Harry gave him a shy smile.

"There aren't many back home who would agree with you." Harry told them.

"Back home in the U.K. being able to speak to snakes is considered a Dark Ability." Remus explained. "and Evil ability. Harry always treated Harry different because of it. Most were scared of him and thought he was the next great evil."

"Just because you can talk to snakes?" Wufei scoffed. "That's stupid. Trowa would love the ability to speak to any kind of animal."

"I really would." Trowa said, with a rare smile.

"I always thought it was a cool ability to have." Harry informed. "Snakes are interesting. " He reached up and petted Hedwig who nipped his ear and flew out the window. "I like just about any animal though. "

"As do I." Trowa informed. "I used to work at circus."

"Really?" Harry asked eagerly. "I've never been to a circus before! Not once! I've always wanted to go! What act did you do?"

"I was known as the Clown with no Fear." Trowa told them. "My sister Cathy would throw knives at me and we'd do an acrobatics act as well. I would help tend to the animals as well. I loved the circus."

"It sounds wonderful!" Harry said, "Was yours a traveling circus? Did it go all over the world and even into the colonies?! That would be so cool! Traveling and living like gypsies. Being part of something that awesome! It would be a dream come true!"

He suddenly blushed at his words. The five pilots, Sirius, Remus, Zelda, Hilda and Salem were all looking thoughtful at his words. Harry got an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach what had he just started? Why were they all thinking so hard?

After dinner Harry and Salem went back to his room. Sirius helped Harry bathe then tucked Harry into bed. Harry fought off sleep though.

"What's wrong?" Salem wondered yawning.

"I get nightmares." Harry told him in a small whisper.

"I'll wake you." Salem promised putting his paw on Harry's forehead. "And the others put wards on our bottle so that they will be alerted if you need them as well. You don't need to be afraid of going to sleep."

"Thanks, Salem." Harry said, tiredly and dropped off to sleep.

Salem watched Harry for awhile. He had no idea why but he actually really wanted to help this kid and make him better. He wanted to protect him and give him anything he wanted these feelings were too new for him. He finally curled up and went to sleep as well.