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Shinso Hitoshi x reader

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I don’t own anything. 

(Y/n) was used to her parents being protective over her. They have been since she was 8-years-old ever since that nightmare of a day when her she wasn’t going to think about that. She should be just happy to be at UA like what she wanted to be. 

She had to ignore the stares of others as she had bodyguards behind her. She finally convinced her father to let her get into UA but he would only say yes if she had bodyguards and only went into heroes study. Her father was a man who worked 24/7 since what he did was important. He was the pro hero, Swimmer. He wasn’t one of the top heroes but he was pretty well known. Basically he was rich though a good job wasn’t the only reason he was since both him and his wife aka (Y/n)’s mom were great with when to buy and when not to.

Her quirk was her dad’s quirk. She had hypersensitive senses and can control water and even turn into water though she doesn’t use that last one much. She definitely was her father’s daughter since she had his quirk.

When she saw her classroom numbers near a door she smiled. She entered the room seeing students already there. She could feel everyone’s stare at her bodyguards like people usually did. She sat in a seat she thought was decent enough and waited. The teacher came in quickly after a few minutes and started the class. During the middle of class he had students go to work with two students each.

(Y/n) looked around but saw everyone kept away from her since the bodyguards behind her could look scary at times. She looked down a bit depressed knowing the chances of her making friends was pretty low with her bodyguards around. The teacher sighed before speaking.

“Shinso work with (L/n),” (Y/n) could hear someone grunt before hearing a chair move and seconds later feet walking to her and sitting next to her. She looked to see a young man around her age who looked tired with his baggy eyes and crazy purple hair that looked like he just put his head out the window and put hair get in it to keep it in place. Though the tired look looked good on him.

“Let’s just get this over with,” He grunted, (Y/n) was normally the positive person so she decided to make the best of it. 

“ I’m (L/n) (F/n). It’s going to be great working with you,” She smiled offering to that his hand. He looked at her for a second before shaking hands with her.

“He said your name so you didn’t need to tell me,” 

“It’s only polite to introduce ourselves,” He scuffed before replying

“Good point. I’m Shinso Hitoshi,” (Y/n) smiled 

“Oh so your the brain wash boy. I’ve heard about you,” Everyone in the room froze in fear of Shinso getting upset not knowing he was used to that response.

“Yeah the brainwash boy. Just call me Shinso,”

“What about Shinsie?”


“Lets get working, Shinsie,” Shinso scuffed.


After a few days of working together they became friends. They had only a day left and they had a few more things to work on together so they noticed decided to go to Shinso’s house to finish the project. As (Y/n) walked to her friends house she noticed it was pretty big so his parent’s must be paid well. She knocked on the door and stood waiting for someone to open up the door. After a few seconds someone opened the door. 

It was a woman around 30 maybe 40-years-old and had soft looking skin with some wrinkles. Her hair color was a nice pretty light purple and she had her hair up in a cute lazy bun which went with her light purple shirt and jeans with gloves on her hand and she had the same eyes Shinso had which lead her to believe she was Shinso’s mom.

“Hello?” The woman raised an eyebrow in confusion to why the young woman was there.

“Hi I’m (L/n) (Y/n) and here to work on a project for school with Shinso Hitoshi,” The woman eyes widened and she jumped hugging (Y/n) shocking (Y/n). 

“Oh my goodness my son has brought a girl here! Shinso has some friends visit but your the first girl! I’m Hitoshi’s mother and You must be his girlfriend,” Shinso’s mother let go of her and grabbed her wrist lightly dragging her inside.

“Come in come in. I have so much to tell you. I have some baby pictures to show you as well. Oh he was so cute as a baby, he always dressed as Ereaserhead and went around in that cute costu-”

“Mom I think we need to start working on our project.” Shinso appeared leaning on the doorway. His mother slowed down a bit and let go of (Y/n)’s wrist. 

“Oh Hitoshi I was just talking to your girlfriend and was going to show-” Shinso stopped her before she could continue.

“-Mom She’s only here to work on a project with me for school,” Shinso’s mother frowned and spoke to (Y/n)

“Well if you need anything just tell me dear. Hitoshi can be a bit forward and serious at times but I’m so proud of him. Think about joining the family though,” She said before walking and leaving the room. Shinso’s face was a bit red though he looked a little ticked.

“Sorry, she gets over excited and assumes easily,” Shinso said rubbing his neck. (Y/n) giggled a bit.

“Don’t apologize. Your mom is so sweet, Besides I wish my mom was like that. She used to smile everyday, She hasn’t smiled since...Lets just get working,” (Y/n) responded, Shinso’s mom poked her head out the door.

“Would you like me to make you a snack, sweetheart?” She asked (Y/n) sweetly.

“No thank you” (Y/n) replied, Shinso’s mom smiled before nodding and leaving them alone.

After an hour of working they heard someone open the door and (Y/n) saw a middle aged man who was tall and built with a doctor’s coat. His eyes looked like he has never slept a day in his life as well as his dark purple hair though thinner then his son’s while looking like it had never been brushed similar to Shinso’s hair. The man froze after taking his shoes off and taking a few steps, he turned and looked at Shinso and (Y/n).

“Hi, who are you?” He definitely was Hitoshi’s dad since he’s obviously the one who Shinso got his personality from.

“This is (L/n) (Y/n). She’s here for a school project,” (Y/n) waved at the older man who gave a plain expression on his face similar to Hitoshi.

“...Alright,” Shinso’s dad walked away to the kitchen completely not asking anything else. 

“He may seem a bit off and...tired but thats because his quirk is no sleep. He can’t sleep,” Shinso explained

“That sounds like the worst quirk ever,” (Y/n) said, they quickly went back to work. As they were working (Y/n) heard her phone rang so she answered it.

“Hello?” Shinso could hear someone masuline sounding on the phone. (Y/n) started to look more disappointed as the call went on.

“Dad I thought I told you...Yes I know I’m supposed to have my body guards with me but...Can you just listen...I’m not being rude...I’m just at a friends house working on a...Stop interrupting me and let me explain for a...Ok ok I’ll come home,” (Y/n) hung up her phone looking tired from only a few seconds phone call.

“My dad wants me to be home. Sorry but can you finish some of the things without me?” She asked

“Yeah there’s not much left to do so I should be good to finish it up,” Shinso said, (Y/n) smiled and thanked him while getting her shoes on and walking out.

“So when is she coming for dinner?” Shinso’s dad popped his head out with a smirk. Shinso twitched in annoyance.

“We aren’t dating,” He felt a bit of disappointment as he said that. Did he like her? Would she like him?

As (Y/n) entered her home she saw her dad waiting for her.

“I was jus-”

“-I don’t want to hear it. You know your supposed to tell me when your going to a friends,”

“If I did then you would have a bodyguard follow me there. I just want to be normal,”

“And I want you safe,”

“Safety is having a security alarm not having a bodyguard follow me everywhere. They wouldn’t want-”

“-Don’t bring your sibling up. You know that against the rules,”

“None of this is my fault. What happened to Koicho is your fault. Because of you they were killed and-” (Y/n) felt her father slap her. It was only once. It was loud. It hurt. He had never done anything like that before, he used to spank her when she was a child when she would not listen and when she wasted her food and throw her food. When she got older she realized she deserved that slap. She was only a teenager who wasn’t thinking. She said such a horrible thing.

“Go to your room,” Her dad said, She stood and walked to her room in silence.

The next few days were tense between her father and her. Her mom tried to talk to her but (Y/n) didn’t feel like talking to her parents. As (Y/n) was with Shinso she started to talk to him more though it wasn’t like she was dating him or something. No he is just a friend. Though she noticed he was becoming attached to her.

One day while they were walking around they didn’t hear the villain not far behind them though (Y/n) stopped since her senses were telling her something was off . A villian grabbed (Y/n) with his tentacle arms and ran and then a hero trailed behind them though it was obvious he was having trouble catching the villain. (Y/n) used her quirk to control the water in the fountain nearby and used the water as a whip to stop the villain which worked. Shinso could feel his heart start to beat non-stop in fear. What would he do if she was hurt. He loved her. She was everything to him. She was the only one to understand him. He needed to do something fast.

“I’m ok,” (Y/n) said rubbing her head to stop the headache she had. Shinso began to calm down a little bit, though he didn’t stop plotting.

(Y/n) was sitting at a park bench waiting for her friend. She started to see Shinso a bit far as he walked closer and soon was in front of her. She smiled before she noticed something was different about him. He had this dangerous spark in his eyes with that smirk.

“Your brother was raped and killed and you could have stopped it,” Shinso said with a smirk on his face. It was a sick smirk. (Y/n) froze having no idea how he found out.

She never told anyone the small detail that could tear her relationship with her family apart more than her family already is. A small voice in her head said that the past is gone and to move on but fear and desperation screamed at her saying she was the reason her brother is gone. She could have saved him. If her parents found out, they would never love her again.

8-year-old (Y/n) was sitting on the swing with her 10-year-old brother, Koicho, who was pushing his sister.  It was just the two kids while their mom was cooking and their dad was working.  

“I’m going to go to UA when I’m older,” (Y/n) said to her brother who rolled his eyes.

“You would do great at UA,” Koicho said, (Y/n) felt her head start to get dizzy.

“Can we do something else?” She asked

“As you wish,” He stopped pushing his sister and saw as his sister put her foot on the ground not noticing her shoelace was untied. Koicho knelt down and tied his sisters shoe. 

“You need to be careful. You could have tripped,” His sister rolled her eyes. 

“Stop babying me. Your so annoying. I’m gonna go get my coat then we can go get Ice cream,” She said and went inside her house. Her brother shrugged not hearing the shadow behind him. By the time he noticed it was too late.

The door opened to have (Y/n) walking outside with money in hand and a jacket. She looked around and didn’t see her brother. 

“Koicho?” She called, no one answered. She saw a piece of paper on the ground and walked and picked it up

‘This is for taking our brother into jail, Swimmer. Find him in 3 days or something will be done that can’t be reversed’

“Breaking news. A 10-year-old boy named (L/n) Koicho has been reported missing and the only knowledge we know of is that 3 men had kidnapped him, he is the son of the hero, Swimmer. When he was last seen he was wearing a red shirt and jeans. His quirk is being able to turn his body into stone. If you see any sign of him please call,” The news lady reported, (Y/n) sat hugging her knees. It had been two days. Her dad wouldn’t stop working just looking for his son. The clock was ticking. Would her dad find him? Would the criminal keep his word? 

She heard her mother in the back on the phone calling anyone she could when she heard her father coming into the house, he looked like he hadn’t slept for days, he hadn’t. 

“Did you find-,”

“No, I...I haven’t. I...was trying-”

“-Honey I thought I told you to rest last night,” Her mother said

“I can’t. I need to look into a few more...places,” Her father was slow talking over tiredness. 

“Well you should have slept yesterday. We are running out of time. He may have hurt our son alrea-”

“I know that (M/n),” He looked over saw his daughter watching the news.

“(M/n) please put her to bed. She shouldn’t be watching the news,” Her mom nodded and looked over at her daughter

“Sweety go get dressed and brush your teeth and I’ll go read to you,” (Y/n) nodded listening to her mother and getting up and getting dressed and brushed her teeth to find her mom sitting on her bed like she said. She read her the story she read to her every night. 

It was 1:00 am when she woke up to hear her mom crying. (Y/n) sat up and got out of bed walking to the tv room to see what she heard which was her mom crying but over the tv which had the news.

“Breaking news! (L/n) Koicho has been found at a lake-” (Y/n) heard nothing more. The news showed the lake. That was the lake nearby.

While her mother was crying she walked past her and went outside running as fast as her little legs could carry her. The lake was surrounded by police cars and a few heroes and saw a news lady standing reporting the incident, they seemed to be surrounding something...someone. (Y/n) walked through the police though a few noticed her and tried to catch her. They didn’t stop her in time. 

She froze when she saw Koicho’s 10-year-old body. 

He was lifeless while looking like he just got out of water. The water on his body moved the blood coming from his wounds, everywhere. His eyes were closed and his body didn’t move an inch, he was naked. Everything was quite to her until she heard the news woman in the back.

“The young missing boy Koicho was found dead by a few teenagers who saw a group of criminals who kidnapped him put him in the lake. Koicho has been reported to have multiple stab marks and appears to have been tortured. Before his death he was brutally raped by his kidnappers before being dragged into a car where the men took him out and tied him up before throwing him into the lake behind me here,” (Y/n) didn’t realise her lip was quivering. She bite her lip not hearing her dad calling her and picking her up with tears in his eyes and he covered his daughter’s eyes as he walked away to take her home.


A week later and she stood with her once favorite black dress as she looked down at the grave. His grave. People were leaving to go to the next place but (Y/n) couldn’t move. People were comforting her mom while walking not noticing the little girl just standing at the grave. She remembers going to that graveyard a few months ago for her grandmother's grave since she past a few years before (Y/n) was born and she remembers going with her parents and her brother. She wasn’t supposed to go back for her brother. He wasn’t supposed to die at such a young age and in such a horrific way. It’s all her fault.


The day her brother was kidnapped (Y/n)’s parents were talking to the police and heroes leaving her to be alone. When she entered her room she saw a piece of paper on her bed. She picked it up with her hands shaking slightly.

‘If you want to see your brother again write on this paper what your father’s weakness and leave this paper on your bed and leave the room. We will give you an hour to decide if you will tell us or not. If you tell your parents about this then we will kill your brother immediately,” She didn’t know what to do. What should she do? She was only a child. She had no idea how cruel the world was. To her they wouldn't break a promise. Why would they? People don’t do that. They also couldn’t be lying about knowing if she told her parents. She learned later on that they couldn't have known if she did. All she wanted was her brother back. After a few minutes she began to write on the back of the page.

‘He can’t breathe under water unlike most people think. He also isn’t a fast runner.’ She left that room and closed the door and waited for a minute to hear someone easily enter her room and leave as fast as they came into the room. She opened the door to see the paper was gone. After her brother was found dead a few days later she started to realize that those men were only using her naiveness. If she had told her parents while that hour she was given to think then those men would be caught and her brother would be alive. It was all her fault.

Nothing was the same after that. Her dad made a rule to not talk about Koicho in the house, not even his pronouns in reference to him. All the pictures of him, covered up. He pretended like his son never existed...never died. Never was hurt in such a torturous way. Because of him.

Sometimes when she told people who her dad was people would be shocked and ask her 

“Wait but I thought Swimmers daughter raped and killed,”

“No...that was my brother,” It was like people thought only girls could be kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Sometimes when she corrected people they would lose the spark of interest because a girl wasn’t a victim. 

Back to the matter at hand did Shinso find out about that note? Why did he have the nerve to go up to her face and tell her what she knew? Maybe he was just being vague because he didn’t know about the note and he was trying to trick her.

“What...what are you talking about?” She stuttered, Shinso looked into her (e/c) eyes.

“You had a chance to get your brother’s kidnappers since they told you that they were going to enter your room after you wrote on the note they gave you asking you for your dads weakness,”

“ did you...why-”

“-I have my ways. I won’t tell anyone...if you date me. Girlfriend and Boyfriend,” (Y/n) felt betrayal fall into her soul. He was her friend.

“Why don’t you just mind control me?” Shinso tusked 

“I’ve told you before that I don’t like using my quirk on people. Though if you do betray me I will mind control you and have you tell your parent’s everything about the note,” Shinso said, (Y/n) started to feel tears fall from her eyes. 

“For how long?”

“Until I say I want to break up which I don’t see happening anytime soon,” Shinso replied

Years have past and Shinso never even thought of separating from his love. They got married after a few years though (Y/n) never did fix her relationship with her parents. (Y/n) didn’t have much happiness in her though only thing that gave her a glimpse of happiness was her fraternal twin boys. The oldest by 3 minutes is Koicho and the second is Simon. 

Koicho was obviously named after her brother. When (Y/n) looked at Koicho she smiled seeing her son and when she called his name she felt nostalgia. Koicho had Hitoshi’s crazy purple hair but the rest was all her with her eyes and a bit of her face and he shared a resemblance to her brother though she began to realize her obsession with her brother could be tricking her. Koicho also acted more like his mom with her positive outlook which she used to have.

Simon had his mother's hair and eyes though the rest was his father’s. He even had his attitude. Simon was also a bit smarter than an average kid leading (Y/n) to hope maybe someday he would figure out his parent’s real relationship. She loved Simon with all her heart just like she did Koicho. Because of them.


She has accepted her life.