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Candied Peaches

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It was in the middle of July, hot and humid when they first met. Namjoon was invited (begged really "Please please please hyung. You'll love him I promiseeee. He's so nice. Everyone that lives there is Korean hyung, you'll love it" And "Hyung please, Jeongguk will be there and I won't be able to function if you don't go. I'll make a whole fool of myself! Seriously!") by Taehyung to go pick peaches grown by his Platonic Soulmate. His words, not Namjoons. So here they are, in the countryside of Georgia on their way to pick "literally the best peaches you'll ever have hyungie". Namjoon sighs for the nth time that day before saying "Tell me about this platonic soulmate of yours. And this Jeongguk person"

"Oh! Well Jimin is probably the sweetest person you'll ever meet. He saved a kitten from a burning house once, hyung!"

"Seriously?" Namjoon gasps. "Yeah! Anyway he's like a little doll but don't piss him off because he has a mean right hook. He sings too." They sit in silence for a little while after that. This jimin person sounds... interesting, Namjoon thinks before he realizes that Taehyung never told him about Jeongguk. But before he can voice that thought Taehyung informs him that they've arrived to Jimins farm. The farm is as big as Namjoon thought it would be. There's a moderate sized house at the end of a little pathway they're parked in front of, with a stable of horses and dozens of pens filled with different animals on its right and a large orchid on its left. Very cute Namjoon muses to his self.

"We're here!" Taehyung yells at a figure Namjoon didn't notice until now. The figure stands up from where they were tending to a plant and walks over. When they- he gets close enough to distinguish Namjoon looses all the breath in his lungs because-


The dimpled man thinks. Pretty pretty pretty. "Hi, Taehyung-ah." The pretty man says in a soft voice. "Who's this", he asks after he and Taehyung exchange a hug, looking Namjoon up and down. Definitely not in a bad way and Namjoon totally doesn't get a little red in the face  from the attention. He doesn't. "Jiminie, this is Namjoon hyung. Hyung, this is my soulmate Jimin." Says Taehyung.