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Bright as the stars

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At dusk, well after the ceremony, all the animals of the Tree of Life were asleep in their burrows. Kion felt like he was the happiest lion in the world, standing beside his queen, with whom he kept exchanging passionate glances and cuddles all the time.

-And so, buddy? Bunga asked his best friend with a suspicious look.

-"And so" what? Kion asked, looking very confused when Bunga started acting stranger than usual.

-Did the lovebirds forget something? He asked once more to see if they picked up the signals.

-Forget something? But I don't remember forgetting something, Makini, did I forget something? The queen asked her royal adviser, as confused as her new mate.

-According to the list, no, your Majesty! Makini replied, shortly after checking the list, that it was never too far from her, like her staff.

Azaad gave an impatient moan, but he couldn't judge them, they were both young and those kinds of subjects were a land totally unknown to them, but if they weren't too young to marry, they weren't too young to consummate their marriage.

-Bunga is talking about your wedding night! He explained.

Hearing those words, the newlyweds swallowed hard as a flush spread across both of their faces and they laughed at each other in total embarrassment.

-They really need their first night alone! Jasiri elbowed Janja lightly and laughed.

-Well, I learned about this from my parents a while ago, but I always thought it happens naturally! Kion said shortly afterwards, noticing his beloved's paw over his.

- We can make it happen naturally! She had a serene smile, that conveyed a message that as much as they didn't do it right that night, they would always be together.

Feeling safer, Kion cuddle at her, before getting up.

-Very well, here we go dear. But first, everyone to bed! He ordered.

-Awww, we are not sleepy! Fuli complained, acting like a child.

-To bed, everyone! Rani tried to sound firm but couldn't help the little laughs.

Obeying, everyone entered the tree for the night. They both looked back once more before running away.

After that, they huddled on top of each other, trying to take a last look at them before they could no longer be spotted.

The two young lions in love ran across the emerald green plains, which under the beautiful starry sky, became a darker shade of green.

They stopped in one place, feeling the light breeze shaking their hair.

Rani cuddled at her beloved's body as Kion peered around, wanted to reassure himself that there was no one around to spoil his special moment with Rani.

Just certain that they really were alone, he surrendered to her caresses. Meanwhile, Azaad opened his eyes and turned toward Fuli, intending to wake her up. But for a few minutes, he watched her, contemplating how pretty she was, even asleep.

Until he realized that to fulfill his goal, he would have to wake her up.

-Fuli, hey! He whispered to try not to wake anyone and shook her with his paw.

-Azaad? What happened? She asked, before yawning sleepily. Her sleep-blurred vision slowly became clearer.

-Come with me! He got up and walked out of the tree.

Normally, Fuli wouldn't call and go back to her rest, but curiosity spoke louder and she followed him.

-Where will we go? She asked, unable to hide a small smile from being next to him.

Not too far away, is that every once in a while, I like to watch the stars! He answered as he lay back on the grass.

Fuli lay beside him and also began to watch the stars.

-Indeed, they look so beautiful and bright tonight! She commented as she became enchanted after watching it, sparkling like little diamonds stuck in the sky.

-You know, Azaad has always gotten used to doing this on his own. I just started to worry about it ... As soon as I met you!

Fuli's eyes widened at what he said.

-... Are you being sincere? She finally asked, after a moment of silence, to catch the breath that had escaped from her lungs.

-I have never been so sincere in my life. Azaad is very happy to have you as friend Fuli, but ... I would be much happier if you want to be more than just my friend! He said, but this time, looking her in the eyes all the time.

Fuli gave a sweet sigh that already made clear her will. She was never the kind of person who had the greatest ease in the world to show her feelings, but she felt in her heart that this time it was necessary.

-I love you Azaad! She said as she suddenly leaned closer to him, that after a shock of surprise, cuddled at her.

Since both were willing to go against the law of nature and their species, which said that cheetas only came together to procreate, they needed no more words or gestures. Just kept watching the stars while they were still there, Fuli thought she might have been infected by the whole vibe of love that was around her, but until she was enjoying it and wished it would never end.

Meanwhile, after finally loving each other completely, without a trace of doubt that they belong together, the king and queen remained together as they talked and exchanged vows of love.

-I don't know why I was so afraid of that! Kion said.

-To be honest, me too! Rani laughed.-I know this much. The fear of the possibility of failure, right?

-Yes, but as you said, whatever happens, we'll go together!

-Indeed! She answered, before noticing the star-studded sky for the first time in the day.-Hey, the sky is even more starry today!

-How can I notice the stars if all I want to look at is right next to me now? He answered, which made her smile widely and lean on his body.

-I love you! She said before closing her eyes.

-I love you too! Kion answered, before also closing his eyes and falling asleep next to her.