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The Bestest Boyfriend

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with his drooping eyelids, jeongguk decided to stay awake for another few minutes to inquire about his boyfriend's day who was spending a few days off his vacations in paris. he had been so overwhelmed the whole day, receiving messages and lots of love from everyone on his birthday. he believed the fans may have had broken social sites to wish him his big day. there wasn't much he thought he could do for them, since he always manages to record a cover for them to post on his birthday. but this year, making music and working overall was tiring. as soon as he's gotten hold of the vacations, all he did was sleep through it, waking up at wee hours of night and wondering what he should eat.


so before going to sleep last night when it was already past midnight, he posted a short piece of his under-progress song called decalcomanie. he'd gotten a massive loving response and a sense of relief that he didn't got off his responsibility of posting something on his birthday. 


and now after a whole day of love bombarded from every where possible, this big baby was tired. jimin left for paris earlier, deciding to spend some days at the beautiful city. he didn't question him. after being stuck for so long, they finally got to relax and jimin could have it any way he wants. he congratulated jeongguk with lots of texts, a video call, a selfie and then video message on twitter that everyone saw. he smiled through all of that. what did that silly say again? "let's have a drink later" it's gonna be so long when he returns and that was just saddening for the said boy. he wanted to let jimin have some time with himself but his secret boyfriend in the end wanted some cuddles too.


his phone dings with the arrival of the text and he opens it.




are you not asleep yet?




wanted to talk to u




baby :(

i'll be home soon



yeah i know

how was your day?




i missed u



my left nostril told me so



tf 😂




it has powers



how was ur day tho

birthday baby



hardly a baby anymore 

but justin bieber wished me holy fucks



stfu you're a baby to me forever and always

and i saw that lol

how much did namjoon hyung had to pay u to keep you from replying him with squeals



i was so not gonna do that



as if



i was just happy

be happy for me :(



i am :(

i love you



come home

i miss u



me too love



what time is it there?

maybe we could facetime?



ah not yet 






i need to do some stuff

i'll ttyl okay? sleep now

i love u sm



love u more

bye ♡



with a click, he locks his phone and props on the couch into a better position. since there was nothing to do at his huge lonely apartment now, sleeping was the best option. he could spend sometime drying his hair after shower or maybe just go to sleep.


but nothing buys his time for this when the bell rings and he welcomes hoseok inside. his hyung and close neighbor visits at this hour and he wonders was it something thay he needed.


"is everything okay, hyung?"


"absolutely fine" hoseok bats his hand "happy birthday, jeongguk-ah"


"you... you wished me three times this morning" he deadpans.


"yeah i know" he shrugs, walking further into his apartment "and i know you miss jimin and all so i thought why not grab a drink together?"


"you want me to get drunk and what? tell you what happened last time when jimin hyung topped me?" he questions as he follows the older boy inside his kitchen where he looks for the wine. 


"jeez, fuck no" he says "keep that to yourself. just losen up, you seemed pretty tense"


"do i?" he wonders, taking the glass from hoseok which was filled with the drink now. he sips on it.


"kinda" he says, taking his own sip.


"don't you got to be somewhere tomorrow?" jeongguk asks  "you're gonna stay up late here"


"not much" he says "and no i don't gotta be anywhere tomorrow"


jeongguk doesn't notice how much time passes with them around the kitchen counter, drinking occasional sips from the wine and talking about nothing in particular. they only pause when the bell rings again and jeongguk raises his head up to spot the wall clock so he could wonder who the fuck is showing up at god knows what hour.


but hoseok saves him his energy when he springs onto his feet with "i'll see who is it" and dashes off towards the door.


jeongguk buries his head in his arms over the counter, trying to faze the light buzz in his head from the alcohol, wondering if it will cause a hangover the next morning. he has to be there to text jimin a good morning with a pair of swollen doe eyes and bed hair selfie. he can't sleep on that.


a pair of arms wrap around his back and he's ready to push hoseok away and tell him to not to be so clingy when his head is already spinning with alcohol but the voice in his ear stops him dead in tracks.


"happy birthday, jeongguk-ssi"


his eyes flew open and again, he thinks it might be the wine playing tricks on him but when he turns around, there stands park jimin in all his real glory. for himself.




he only nods, nudging jeongguk to stand up so he can hug him better. the younger boy immediately gets up, taking his boyfriend in his arms and pressing his nose against jimin's neck "how are you here?" he half squeals in his neck.


"you think i'd miss your birthday?" he replies, fingers already petting jeongguk's hair the way he likes it "what kind of irresponsible boyfriend would that make me. just because of some stuff, i got caught up there for another day. or i would have been here yesterday. i'm sorry"


"don't be sorry, oh god" jeongguk backs away to look at his face, seriously concerned "did i drink too much?"


"no" jimin giggles, grabbing his face and pressing a soft kiss against his lips "my baby"


"okay, okay, let's leave the making out for your room when i'm gone, eh?" hoseok comes in with a handful of packages in his hand, placing them on the counter "jiminie, give me a hand, will you? let's decorate that room at the back"


"you knew he was coming, hyung?" jeongguk asks, still not letting go off jimin.


"why else would i knock on your door at this hour, you duckling?"


"if anything, i just turned a duck yesterday" jeongguk rolls his eyes.


"nope, still a duckling" jimin disagrees, pinching his cheeks "a little one, that is"


hoseok drags jimin out of the scene to actually decorate the room where they could cut the cake with the younger boy. as soon as they are seated, jeongguk is showered with the gifts that jimin bought from paris. it started with the jersey that jimin demanded him to change into right there and then. who was he to say no when he could take off his shirt right now and watch jimin's cheeks go flush with the wine and the sight (and also, hoseok at the background asking him to hurry because well, there was cake). there was a skateboard and some other minor items that jimin showed him with so much enthusiasm that the younger boy could melt in the puddle of coos.


lastly came the music box that was a limited edition nightmare before christmas version. this one movie and it's characters held special place in the couple's heart and he could tell just why jimin bought this for him.


there were lot's of thanks muttered, while three friends sat together and drank, jimin snapping pictures religiously and giggling. the cake was also a surprise by jimin on his way back from the airport along with the other decoration items. it was named rainbow (he could tell why, again) (jimin and his discreet ways of hinting their love) and the tiny smurf was added later on, with hoseok's hearty laughter in the back.


after a night full of laughter and joy, the boys were finally tired. hoseok took this as his cue to leave, getting up and leaving fr his apartment. jimin and jeongguk accompanied him to the door. the alcohol was still buzzing in jeongguk's system, with him having drank more than he usually does. he wished he wouldn't start talking in third person, allowing jimin to record a whole video of his mess and tease him later on.


he wraps his arms around jimin in a back hug and let their bodies sway side by side "you really are something" he mumbles into jimin's neck.


"you're still doubting that i wouldn't come?"




jimin giggles and pats his head, dragging their tired asses towards jeongguk's bedroom. jimin yawns countless times and the younger could tell how tired he was. he let's him get comfortable on his bed while he switches his apartment lights off and locks the doors before coming back to his room.


jimin with his brows furrowed is looking intently towards his phone. the younger boy climbs on top of him and lays down on his chest, face squished against jimin's chest "what are you looking at?"


"posting on twitter and looking at these pictures i took in paris" he shows them to his boyfriend, one hand automatically finding purchase in jeongguk's head, petting his hair.


he continues telling his boyfriend about every place he took a photo at and explaining what was special about it. jeongguk fights hard against his drooping eyelids again to listen to jimin talk. but the boy's voice was an asmr in itself and jeongguk could sleep to it. with the soft tone he was talking in and those fingers scratching at his scalp, it was hard not to slip into his dreamland right here and now.


"...and this one here was when i stopped by this cafe. the coffee here was really good. maybe we should plan a trip to paris next time, you and me?" he was asking.


"the last one already created a huge talk" jeongguk murmurs against jimin's chest, chin now propped against it "it was hard for the company staff to cover up how gay we had been in tokyo"


"it was because you edited and posted that video, they had no say in that" jimin shrugs.


"if they did, i bet they would have cut more than half of it under the tag that it isn't appropriate for our supposed free-for-everyone-fantasy-boyfriend image"he says.


"or they would have changed the song" jimin suggests.


"adding that song was the best decision i made"


"i'm proud" jimin grins, his hand going around jeongguk to pull him up in a kiss. the younger boy immediately complies, reaching up to capture jimin's lips with his own.


jimin sucks softly on his lower lip as he languidly lets jeongguk steal more kisses. he didn't realize how much he'd missed his mouth until it was already on his own. his fingers go about jeongguk's nape, curling at the hair over there and the other hand brushes at his cheeks, stroking them with utmost tenderness. their tongues meet and jimin sighs into his mouth, pulling the boy closer to himself. jeongguk backs away with a tug against jimin's lower lip. he pecks his lips once more before getting on his knees and taking off the jersey that he was still wearing.


jimin watches him in awe, ready for soft and slow sex. he is tired, yes. there is jetlag, yes. but he can't bring himself to say now when it is about slow sex with his boyfriend.


jeongguk tosses the jersey away and hovers over jimin, reaching up. jimin closes his eyes for the impact that is about to come. 


but nothing comes.


instead, the younger boy turns off the lamp on their side and plops over jimin's chest, eyes closed and tired out completely.


"jeongguk-ah youㅡ"


"shhh" he says, his hand reaching for jimin's blindly before pulling pulling it to his hair "pet me" he mumbles "and go to sleep, you're tired. we're not doing it now"


he huffs. sure his boyfriend is annoying, but his boyfriend is endearing. the bestest boyfriend, indeed. he pulls jeongguk close in a tight hug and presses a kiss to his curls before resuming to pet his hair until they both fall asleep.