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Katsuki wasn't sure how he'd ended up in this situation. It had just been a simple invitation, a request to hang out and catch up over dinner – Deku's treat, he had insisted.

It wasn't that Katsuki was broke, but it had certainly been a while since he'd been to an actual restaurant. No one to go with, for one. The grueling process of fighting his way up the charts despite his shitty attitude, for another.

And yeah, okay, he would admit it: The pay was pretty shit. There were so many damn heroes fighting for attention, fighting over villain captures, not to mention having to pay stupidly high insurance costs for his damage-prone quirk.

So yeah, after a ton of nagging from the nerd, he'd caved. He'd put on a button-up shirt he managed to unearth in his closet, had combed his hair (not that it made it much more presentable than when he didn't), and had started his walk.

Halfway there, in the night breeze, he wished he'd forked out for a ride. He didn't like riding trains and busses at the best of times, not now that his face was considered recognisable, and in formalwear? No thank you.

Maybe he should have sucked it up, though. Or else paid for a taxi. He could spend a little cash once in a while, right? It would just mean cutting back a little on his meal budget next month. More carbs, less fresh fruit and vegetables.

It was too late for that now, though, he supposed. He was almost there, and he could suck it up and take a train home, when there were less people around. He just had to get through an hour or so listening to Deku's insane enthusiasm first.

“Kacchan!” Deku bleated, the moment he pushed open the front door. “I'm so happy you came!”

The nerd hadn't changed at all, still short and slim, toned rather than bulky, still baby-faced as all hell.

“Hey,” Katsuki answered finally.

The hostess showed them to a table immediately, and Katsuki blushed when Deku pulled the chair out for him with a big grin, as if he did it every day. It was so damn stupid and cheesy, but Katsuki sat all the same.

“I'm so glad you came,” Deku reiterated, when they were seated opposite each other with drink menus in hand. “It feels like I haven't seen you in forever! I mean, have we met up even once since you moved?”

Katsuki shook his head. He hadn't seen much of anybody since he left town. Miruko had offered to let him be her sidekick, despite her general stance against teaming up with people, and he'd had to admit, it was a damn good offer.

They worked well together, had similar personalities, both worked incredibly hard and weren't afraid to throw down with the people who deserved it. He loved his job, even if the hours were awful and the pay almost as bad.

“Yeah, well,” he snorted quietly. “Wasn't gonna pass up free food, was I?”

Deku giggled, signalling to the waitress, and Katsuki finally glanced down at his menu.

“Do you drink, Kacchan?” Deku asked.

“Sometimes,” he nodded. “Uh, I try not to do it too often.”

“Of course! But we can share some nice wine, right? A toast to our careers finally taking off!”


He knew the words were meant genuinely, but they stung all the same. Deku had hardly even needed to try to get noticed. He was All Might's successor, after all. He didn't need to be a sidekick, he just smiled sweetly and beat up assholes.

Katsuki just watched as Deku ordered a bottle of wine that just sounded expensive. He'd never even heard of the damn brand – not that he was exactly a wine connoisseur, he'd have to do some research next time the nerd was in town.

“Did you want anything else, Kacchan?”

“No. Uh, thanks. Wine is good.”


With a little bow, the waitress stepped away, and Deku turned his full attention back on Katsuki.

“Tell me about work!”

“Miruko is cool,” he began, well aware that it was exactly what the nerd was looking to hear. “We, um, are similar. We fight a lot, but it's... It's good.”

“Are you her first sidekick?”

“She tried a few before me but didn't it didn't work out”

“She seems to like you though!” Deku grinned. “As she should! Everyone should love Kacchan!”

“Shut up, idiot,” he scoffed. “It won't last forever, neither of us is really the teamwork type.”

“But she chose you herself!”

That was fair. Plenty of people had begged her, after all. He knew for a fact that a certain purple-haired cretin had begged her for months until she punched him in the face, and that was after he'd gotten the same reaction from Mt. Lady.

“We talked about it,” he answered truthfully. “She wants to help me get a foot in the door, and then we'll part amicably, before we get sick of each other.”

“I never would have guessed!” Deku gaped at him, eyes wide. “That's so nice!”

“Yeah. I had just hit the top one hundred when she called, she wants to get me into the top fifty. So I guess when I hit fifty we'll go our separate ways.”

Deku had been in the top fifty a month after graduation, but Katsuki knew he wouldn't mention that.

“That won't be much longer!” Deku grinned instead, “you're climbing so fast! Are you excited to go out on your own? Are you gonna come back home? We need some more good heroes, it's been super rough around Tokyo!”

“I don't know yet, I hadn't thought about it.”

“Well, if you need to talk about it, you know where to find me! I don't mind listening to you get your ideas straight!”

“Uh, thanks, I guess.”

The waitress returned, and Deku turned to thank her as she filled their glasses. For the first time in the night Katsuki noticed Deku's suit – clearly brand new, and if he correctly remembered years of nonsense from his parents, expensive.

It was practically made for him – or maybe it was. It was perfectly tailored, if not. Showed off his slim waist, and the dark charcoal of his jacket made his eyes seem extra bright. He smiled when he caught Katsuki looking.

Katsuki turned away with a huff, leaning on his hand to hide his warm cheeks. He felt like they were on a goddamn date with the way the idiot looked at him, so full of warmth and freakin' love.

Then again, he was paying. Shit.

“Am I supposed to fuck you after this or some shit?” he muttered, a little relieved when Deku laughed rather than agree.

“Did you come here even with that in your head?” Deku teased. “You must be really hungry. Or thirsty?”

Katsuki nearly spat out his wine at the way the nerd said it, freakin' winking  at him when he huffed his unamused sigh.

“Maybe I just thought I'd throw the damn dog a bone,” he countered. “Maybe it'll shut you up for a while.”

Deku laughed, and Katsuki buried his face in a menu, a little alarmed when he saw the prices listed by each item. He'd known the place was fancy from the quick search he'd done on his phone, but wow.

“My treat,” Deku reminded him, catching a glimpse of the alarm in his face. “I got a nice bonus at work, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it than on a super yummy dinner with my oldest friend!”

“Then buy me the lobster,” Katsuki smirked, stabbing his finger at the ridiculous pricetag. “If you're so damn well-off these days.”

“Really? I didn't take you for a lobster man! Or have you never tried it before?”

“Does it matter?”

“No,” Deku smiled wryly. “I can always buy you something else if you don't like it.”

“Cheeky piece of shit. Let me guess, you've eaten all of this fancy crap during your world travels?”

Deku had spent his first year as a Pro jetting around the world to contribute to various hero projects under All Might's guidance. He'd even dragged his mother along with him, and to be honest, Katsuki had never seen Inko happier.

“I have!” Deku agreed easily. “There's lots of yummy food out there, me and Mom wanted to try it all! I gained almost ten kilograms in Europe, but it was so worth it!”

“You're still tiny,” Katsuki snorted. “You need the extra ten.”

“You're not,” Deku grinned, leaning in closer as his eyes raked up and down Katsuki's torso. “I knew you'd gotten buff from TV, but watching you walk in the door just now? Holy shit, Kacchan, you got strong!”

Katsuki found himself blushing again at the praise, feeling oddly like some kind of zoo exhibit under Deku's gaze. Or maybe one of those particularly tasty dishes the man had just been talking about.

“Let me order for you!” Deku continued, as if nothing had happened. “I'll pick you something really good, I promise!”

“Whatever floats your damn boat, nerd.”

Deku actually clapped in his glee, like a damn child.

“You won't regret it!”

Deku ordered with confidence when the waitress returned, rattling off starters and mains and even desserts. Katsuki wasn't sure he'd ever seen the nerd so bold before, without the stuttering or awkward smiles.

It was kind of hot.




Katsuki hated to admit it, but Deku had been right. Everything he'd eaten had been delicious, even the things he'd given a sceptical look when they were set down on the table. He practically licked the plates.

Deku had watched on gleefully as Katsuki enjoyed himself, waiting until dessert was on the table before he broached the subject.

“I'm gonna be in town for a week,” he began, watching Katsuki tense up.

“You need a place to stay?” Katsuki asked awkwardly. “I mean, yeah, I guess- I only have one bedroom, but I can sleep on the couch, I'll probably be up before you in the morning anyway.”

“I have a hotel,” Deku grinned. “But thank you!”


Katsuki blinked, oddly concerned. Why did the nerd feel the need to mention it if not for a bed?

“Could we hang out again?”

Katsuki wasn't sure why the words shocked him so much.

“I guess,” he huffed. “You gonna take me on another dinner date?”

“If you want,” Deku giggled. “But you'll have to dress up nice for me again!”

Katsuki's fingers gripped at his shirt lightly, strangely self-conscious all of a sudden.

“This cheesecake is so good,” Deku marvelled, humming to himself as he took another bite. “I had this stupidly expensive cheesecake in America and it was great, but not nearly worth the pricetag. This is just as good – maybe better.”

Katsuki watched as Deku reached across the table and took Katsuki's spoon, scooping off a big piece from the untouched side and holding it across the table.

“Try it, Kacchan!”

The nerd didn't offer him the handle, and for some stupid reason, Katsuki played along. He leaned in and accepted, licking it off the spoon and nodding his agreement.

“Yeah, that's good. Super sweet though.”

“Uh-huh, that's why I only eat a little piece,” Deku grinned. “How's yours?”

Katsuki's dessert was less sugary, a fluffy little coffee cake topped with caramel toffee. His first bite had made him reconsider his stance against dessert.

“Really good,” he admitted, as he accepted his spoon back. “Um, do you want to try some?”

“If Kacchan doesn't mind sharing!”

His eyes glittered as he said it, and Katsuki huffed quietly.

“I learned to share in kindergarten,” he argued, reaching for Deku's spoon. “The only thing I won't share is-”

“The number one spot and your eating utensils, I know,” Deku grinned. “Wouldn't want nerd-germs.”

“Shut up.”

All the same, he scooped off a generous piece of his cake, making sure it had plenty of the sticky caramel on top before he held it out. A small part of him expected the scarred hand to reach for it, but it was sorely mistaken.

Deku leaned in, moaning sinfully when he took the bite of cake between his lips, covering his mouth and closing his eyes as he savoured it. Katsuki watched with wide eyes as he swallowed, licking toffee from his lips.

“Amazing,” Deku agreed. “I don't even like coffee much – I know you do, Mister Caffeine Addict – but that's so soft.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki agreed, setting the spoon down on Deku's plate. “You, um, chose well.”

“I know you, Kacchan,” Deku teased, his smile much softer than his earlier ones. “I've always known you, you think I don't know what you like to eat?”

“I never said that. Just... You did good, is all.”

Deku refused to let Katsuki see the bill, when they wrapped up their dinner. He just slid a pile of cash across the counter and made a ridiculously obvious attempt at distracting him, blocking his view while the lady counted notes.

“You're an idiot,” he huffed. “But, um, thanks. For dinner.”

“Thanks for coming!” Deku beamed. “I had so much fun! Can we have dinner again tomorrow? My treat again, of course!”

Katsuki found himself nodding before he'd even really considered it, and Deku was grinning again, eyes squinting to accommodate it as the soft restaurant lights danced on his freckles.

“Let me walk you to your car,” Deku smiled. “I don't want it to end!”

“I, uh, walked here.”

“Oh! You live nearby? I had no idea!”

“Near enough.”

They stepped through the front door, and Katsuki froze, staring up at the dark sky.

“I'll drive you,” Deku insisted, bowing when one of the parking attendants approached with an umbrella to cover them. “It's no trouble, I swear, I have nothing to do until my meeting in the morning!”

“You drive?”

Deku grinned again, nodding.

“All Might taught me in America! It's a little different here, but I got the hang of it quickly! I like it better, actually. Drivers in America are so rude! People here are much more polite.”

The rain was pretty heavy, Katsuki had to admit. He could run home, sure, but in his leather shoes and fancy shirt, it would be a pretty unenjoyable experience.

“Fine,” he conceded. “Drive carefully, nerd.”

“I always do!”

And so he found himself in the passenger seat of a sleek forest-green car, sneaking glances at the freckled face beside him, at the shining smile lit up by passing streetlamps and headlights as they made their way down the road.

“Thanks,” Katsuki choked out, when they pulled up beside his old apartment complex. The building was almost embarrassingly rundown, he was pretty sure the nerd's car cost more than it would to buy his apartment outright. “For dinner, too.”

“My pleasure!” Deku assured him. “I'll pick you up here tomorrow at seven, don't back out on me!”

“Oh, you don't have to pick me-”

“I want to!” Deku interjected. “Then we can talk more on the way there!”

“Alright. Tomorrow, then.”

Deku waited, smiling and waving, until Katsuki was safely inside the lobby. He didn't start to pull away until the door was closed behind him – a stupid gesture, really, considering Katsuki was a HERO. Habit, though, he supposed.

As he kicked off his shoes and tore off his clothes in his apartment entryway, he found himself thinking about that damn smile. It was so GENUINE and he kind of hated it. When was the last time someone had been so happy to see him?

His friends, maybe, the last time he'd visited his parents. He'd conceded to Eijirou's nagging about going out for drinks, and they'd all bombarded him with hugs and tears as they whined at him for not visiting often enough.

Deku hadn't done that, he realised. No tears, no hugs, just the brightest of smiles and his typical glow of joy. He wasn't sure Deku had EVER forced a hug on him, in fact, even though he knew he could get away with it. So damn considerate.

As he lay back on his bed in his boxers, letting out a long sigh with a hand on his comfortably full stomach, he couldn't seem to get that damn face out of his head.

When had the nerd gotten so cute?




Katsuki wasn't sure how he'd ended up in this situation. They'd had another fancy dinner, with Deku decked out in another brand new suit – this time, navy blue. The nerd brought two suits with him on his work trip? Ridiculous.

It had just been a simple invite back to his hotel, to check out the fancy onsen and maybe have coffee – or tea, he guessed, since the nerd wasn't a coffee fan. And it had been great, sitting in the hot water, chatting about work.

He wasn't sure when things had changed between them, but as they stood in the elevator on their way up to his room, a scarred hand had rested on his lower back, and for some reason Katsuki hadn't pushed him away.

“You looked really handsome tonight,” Deku told him, as if the words were no big deal, as if he said them every day. “And now, of course! You're cute when your hair is all floppy like this! It's getting long, is that on purpose?”

He toyed with the damp strands, and Katsuki still didn't stop him.

“Mm, needs cutting,” he mumbled, running his own hand through it in an attempt to spike it back up. It never behaved right after he washed it – or, well, after someone else did. He still felt warm from Deku's gentle touch, humming as he lathered up the blond spikes.

“Been too busy?” Deku asked, moving from playing with his hair to petting it fondly. “I know you're always swamped at work, I'm happy you could find time for me! Two nights in a row, at that!”

“Yeah, well, you have good taste in food,” Katsuki smirked. “And apparently a fat wallet.”

Deku laughed, and when the elevator door opened he led the way down the hall to his suite. He tapped the keycard over the reader and waved Katsuki in ahead of himself, letting him survey his surroundings. It was clean and white, a lot bigger than his studio apartment, without even a speck of dust or a hair out of place.

“Fancy,” Katsuki mumbled, catching a little smile as Deku headed to the kitchen and turned on the jug. “You get left a ton of money by some rich uncle I don't know about, or some shit?”

“No,” Deku laughed. “But every time I finished an international job I got a big bonus that went into my savings account, so I'm still getting interest on that. Plus work pays for my flights and hotels and stuff, so everything I earn has gone into savings instead of on bills. And, well, I know I'm only tenth, but as you know, the higher you get in the rankings, the more you start to get paid.”

He paused for a moment to pour hot water, sliding a mug across the bench to Katsuki when it was ready.

“Are you having money problems, Kacchan? I'm not sure if you're just teasing or not.”

“Not problems,” Katsuki huffed. “I'm fine, I'm just not... THIS.”

“Hmm,” Deku hummed to himself, sitting down on the couch and dragging Katsuki with him. “I missed your birthday, this year. I was in... China, I think? Or maybe Korea.”

“It's fine, you know I don't give a shit about birthdays.”

“I know, I was just thinking I should get you a present.”

“I am not taking your fuckin' money, I'm not desperate, don't you fuckin' dare.”

“I'm not stupid, Kacchan,” Deku snorted. “I wasn't gonna offer you cash. I was just thinking I haven't seen you relax in a long time, until our bath. You could use a massage or something.”

“I don't do that dumb shit.”

“No kidding,” Deku smirked, watching Katsuki pout a little in response. “You have tomorrow afternoon off, right? I'm gonna book you a spa appointment, just give it a try!”

“I don't need-”

“I know you don't need anything, Kacchan! I just want to! You've done so much for me since we were kids, playing with me at lunch when no one else would, pushing me at high school, all those extra trainings outside class time – you even helped me study before our final exams. Let me do something nice for you for once!”

“You already bought me dinner. Twice.”

“But I do that for all my friends! You're special.

Katsuki scowled, but he knew Deku's mind was made up. There was nothing he could do to talk the nerd out of it, at this point.

“You can cook for me, after,” Deku grinned. “I haven't had home cooking in a long time, especially Kacchan's cooking!”


“Just give me a shopping list and I'll pick it all up!”

“I can do the damn shopping,” he growled. “Don't do this shit.”

“But Kacchan-”

“No. Cut the shit. I'll buy the food, and I'll cook the damn dinner. You just gotta let me use this fancy kitchen.”

“Okay! It's a deal!”

And so, the next morning, he got a text bright and early. It had an address and a time, along with a bunch of emojis he was far too tired to decipher. But he obeyed, all the same.

He showed up at a little day-spa and changed into the robe they gave him, lying down in a dimly lit room with a sigh. Part of him had wanted to be stubborn, wanted to refuse, or just not show up. It did sound kind of nice, though. A massage to loosen all his tense muscles, after some rough days at work – to ease the dull ache that had started to grow in his upper back.

What he hadn't expected was everything else the nerd had paid for. If the place had offered happy endings, he was sure the nerd would have even put that on the list. The manicure and pedicure had been a little weird, he wasn't used to people being so weirdly intimate with his fingers and toes, but the facial had been kind of nice, despite the weird smell. He felt clean, as if a layer of dirt and sweat had soaked into him over the weeks, and it had finally been cleared away with the sticky mask. He got his hair cut, too – he should have known the nerd would handle it, after he'd brought it up the night prior.

By the time he left the building he felt thoroughly scrubbed and polished. Everything was soft, from his skin to his muscles, and as he walked through the aisles of the grocery store he felt oddly exposed, like everyone was staring at him, wondering why the hell a top-hundred hero had spent the afternoon at a spa.

“You look so good!” Deku praised, the moment he opened the hotel door. “Wow, Kacchan! You clean up so nicely!”

“Shut up, damn nerd.”

“It's relaxing, right?” he continued, ignoring the grumbled complaint. “Everything feels so light after they work out all that tension! And I bet your skin must be super soft, let me feel!”

Katsuki blushed bright red when the hands cupped his cheeks, fawning over how smooth they felt as if he were oblivious to Katsuki's embarrassment.

“With your Mother's quirk in you, you've always had nice skin,” he mumbled to himself, fingertips trailing lightly down Katsuki's neck. “But you're glowing now and it's so pretty, Kacchan. You should do this all the time. Maybe I'll book a regular appointment, every month you can go back and get all pretty again, you won't say no if I've already paid for it, right? And you can send me pictures if I'm away.”

“What the fuck are you mumbling about?”

“Oh, sorry, I got carried away!” Deku flashed him a smile, finally taking his hands off and leaving Katsuki cold. “Are you gonna cook for me, Kacchan?”


“What a good boy!”

“Shut up.”

He headed for the kitchen, letting Deku hover as he set up his things but keeping him carefully away from the food and the knives. He half-listened to the babble that was going on, but mostly he focussed on chopping and stirring and frying.

It took far too long for Deku to catch on, tearing up when he smelled the familiar sauce cooking.

“Kacchan!” he bleated. “Katsudon?!”

“Yeah, nerd.”

“Kacchan is amazing!”

It had been a long time since he'd heard those words, and it made him blush a little, glancing back to where Deku stared at him with admiration.

“Can I hug you?” the nerd asked, with a hint of nerves. “Just a little?”

“If you want.”

Deku's arms crept around him, holding him tight as he leaned into the broad chest. Katsuki's pecs made a perfect pillow, he could have stayed there all night if he thought Katsuki would let him.

“Can we still talk when I have to leave?” Deku asked quietly. “I don't want to let you go anymore.”

“Yeah, we can talk.”

“And will you send me pictures?”

“Haah? Of what?”

“Of you! I want to see you looking all pretty for me again. And looking hot and sweaty after a workout. And in your costume after a big fight. I wanna see Kacchan's face.”

“That's stupid.”

“What if I buy them from you?”

Katsuki snorted, turning away, but Deku hugged him tighter.

“I'm not kidding! People do it! I'll... I'll help with your bills, and you just have to send me selfies sometimes! It's a thing!”

“You want to be my Sugar Daddy or some shit?”

Deku swallowed hard, and Katsuki's eyes widened when he saw the nod.

“I promise it won't be weird. Maybe it'll take a little getting used to? But I like spoiling you, Kacchan! I want to buy you nice things, yummy food and presents that will make you blush all cute like this!”

He finally conceded his grip, letting Katsuki go back to cooking with his flushed cheeks and the little crease in his forehead that betrayed how hard he was thinking.

“Don't people like that usually, uh... Fuck?”

“Sometimes, I think,” Deku nodded. “I don't know much about it, mostly just stuff I came across down weird internet rabbit holes. I didn't think much of it until I bought you dinner the first time and it was just so fun seeing you flustered! I want to do it more!”

Katsuki went silent again, focussing his attention on dishing out food instead of talking, setting the table for them both with food and a bottle of wine the lady at the store had recommended. Deku pulled the chair out for him again, and Katsuki sat.

“I don't want money,” he said finally, as Deku took his first bite. “That seems weird.”

“Oh. Um, okay.”

“I guess I can send pictures,” he continued, toying with his rice. “And if you want, you can... Can send me gifts, or whatever.”

Deku's smile barely fit on his face, when Katsuki looked up awkwardly, and he leaned across the table to press a tiny kiss to Katsuki's forehead.

“I'm excited, Kacchan!”

He supposed that was how he ended up in this situation, technically.

Chapter Text

A week after Deku left, Katsuki got his first gift. He came home from work to find it waiting at the apartment complex's reception, a huge wicker basket stuffed full of the freshest fruit and vegetables, with a card attached telling him it was a subscription service. Every fortnight another huge basket would show up at his door.

Katsuki blushed when he read it. The damn nerd was a sneaky bastard, already finding loopholes in his “no money” rule.

He pulled out his phone, snapping a picture with the basket and sending it to the nerd. He hated his deer-in-headlights look, hated how pink his face was, but the nerd had made it abundantly clear that he liked that expression the best.

“You're walking a fine line here, nerd,” he typed out. “But I'll accept, they look really tasty.”

A few weeks later, it was a suit. Pure black, the softest material he'd ever owned, with a white shirt and a deep green tie. It fit him perfectly, because of course it did, and he stood awkwardly in front of a mirror to take a photo, running a hand through his hair. He'd just had his second spa appointment, at Deku's insistence, and Katsuki was not nearly modest enough to pretend he didn't look damn good.

“Wow, Kacchan!” Deku sent back immediately. “So handsome! Wish I was there!”

They settled into the arrangement easily, with Katsuki sending various selfies when the nerd requested (or when he felt like he was looking particularly hot – he wasn't stupid, he knew why Deku wanted photos) and Deku showering him in gifts.

For the first time since high school, Katsuki found himself with a savings account. Between the clothes and the groceries the nerd insisted on sending him, his bills had dropped significantly lower, and he was enjoying watching the number in his account grow. It was slow, but it was steady, and he was starting to have some hope that when the time came to leave Miruko's side and forge his own way, he might actually be able to hold himself over.

It took about six more weeks for the unassuming brown box to arrive, a little note stuck in the top.

“If you send me photos with this one, I'll lease you a new apartment ♥”

There was no way.

He opened up the paper with shaking hands, eyes landing on a shiny green... God, he didn't even want to think the word “dildo”. He wasn't an idiot, he'd known from the outset that the nerd's feelings were sexual in nature, even though he'd assured Katsuki he wasn't going to ask for sex. It wasn't like he was demanding photos with it, either. He'd never demanded anything.

His apartment was pretty shit, though. Things were constantly breaking, and it took forever to get the landlord to fix them each time. Deku had offered to replace them, when he was complaining on the phone one night, but the damn furniture came with the apartment, he couldn't do shit.

Except move, as the nerd knew well.

He grabbed his phone and started a video call, unsurprised to find the nerd's face was a little nervous when he picked up, rather than his usual beaming smile.

“Are you serious?” he asked with a scowl. “You're trying to bribe me into shit, now? When did bribery become a part of the deal?”

“You're allowed to say no!” Deku assured him. “I just... Well, you're hot, you know? And, well... It would be a fun photo to have, if you know what I mean.”

“You're seriously willing and able to drop rent money on a dumb photo?”

“It's not dumb,” Deku pouted. “And yeah. I'll... I'll lease it for a month for every photo!”

Katsuki snorted at that, eyeing the toy just beyond his screen with critical eyes.

“I want a penthouse,” he teased, as he picked the thing up and showed it to the camera. “Fully furnished, the works.”

“That's gonna cost you more,” Deku smirked, leaning in closer to his webcam. “What have you got?”

“I'll do it right now,” he said quietly, swallowing hard. “You can watch.”

Fuck,” Deku hissed. “I'll buy you the fanciest damn apartment in the city.”

He set his phone up beside the bed, far enough back to give Deku a decent view of everything... important. He dug a bottle of lube out of his bedside table, coating his fingers in it and trying to forget about the nerd watching as he slipped one into his hole.

It wasn't like he'd never fingered himself before – a guy gets curious, after all – but the knowledge that he was going to stick something else in there made him nervous.

“Relax, Kacchan,” Deku instructed, a hint of nerves in his voice too, as he waited for Katsuki to yell at him for speaking. When the anger didn't come, he continued in his stammering tone. “Go nice and slow, I want to watch you take your time, okay?”

Katsuki nodded, tossing his head to the side as he slowed his pace a little, pumping his finger in and out. The first one never felt good, not until he loosened up a little, but he was used to getting it over with.

“Slower, Kacchan. Let me see you tease yourself, let me see you begging for more.”

With a little huff he slowed right down, rubbing his fingers across his hole and occasionally slipping one in.

“Touch your dick, Kacchan. Rub your thumb over the end, just lightly.”

“Wasn't aware this was an interactive experience,” he grumbled, reaching for his cock all the same. “You just gonna sit here and tell me how to jerk off? Been doing this shit since I was a teenager, nerd.”

“I wanna see you play with yourself the way I would play with you,” Deku told him bluntly. “Wanna see you dripping wet and desperate before I finally fill you up.”

“Good luck, nerd. I'm not a damn bottom.”

“Anyone who has to say they're not a bottom is definitely a bottom.”

“Fuck off.”

“Your thumb, Kacchan. Gentle.”

He ran the callused pad across his head, hissing as his hips bucked up a little, his finger moving in and out again at its slow, steady pace.

“Another finger, Kacchan. As slow as you can, until you can't wait anymore.”

“Can wait all damn day if I want to.”

“Uh-huh. Slow, Kacchan.”

He wiggled a second finger inside, pulling a face as he made it fit, shifting his hips a little to get a better angle. He moved slowly, just like the nerd said, stretching himself wider as he moved his hand in little circles. When he curled them a little and hit the spot he wanted, his hips bucked again, his cock sliding through his fist, and he heard a little huff come from his phone.

“You look so good, Kacchan,” Deku told him. “So gorgeous. Stroke yourself a little – just a little. Don't go getting off before the main event.”

“Hah, you think I can't go more than once?” Katsuki snorted. “Someone needs to work on his stamina.”

“And someone is gonna get a spanking if he keeps answering back like that.”

A little gasp escaped Katsuki's lungs, sinking a little lower onto his fingers as he stroked himself, and he heard a distinct laugh from Deku.

“You like that idea,” Deku chuckled. “You bottom.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yeah, right.”

Katsuki growled, but continued stretching himself regardless, wondering – not for the first time – how the hell the nerd went from his friend, to his enemy, to his rival, and now to whatever this was.

Deku had been silent for a whole three minutes by the time Katsuki noticed it, glancing over to make sure the call was still connected. He was still there, watching attentively, leaning on his elbows with his hands over his mouth.

“It's even weirder if you don't talk,” Katsuki groaned. “Go back to the other shit.”

“Are you sure?”

“Fucking yes, nerd, don't question me.”

“That's not very nice, Kacchan. After I bought you a pretty new toy, too. Look at it there beside you, isn't it nice? It's such a pretty colour, isn't it? Look at it, Kacchan.”

Cursing under his breath, Katsuki turned his head toward the toy, glimpsing the shiny green material again. What was the thing, anyway? Weren't they usually silicone or some shit?

“It looks hard,” Katsuki grumbled.

“So are dicks, when you use them right, Kacchan.”

“You know what I mean, fucker.”

“You want to try it out that bad?” Deku teased. “Go on, I bet you could fit it now. Use lots of lube!”


“Nuh-uh, don't talk, just do what I ask, Kacchan. Save your pretty voice for the moaning.”

Seriously, when the fuck did the stuttering nerd get so confident?

Katsuki lubed the toy up obediently, holding his breath as he reached between his legs and rubbed it over his entrance. Now that he was a little looser, it felt much more pleasurable than awkward, and he found himself sinking down onto the toy before Deku had even told him to.

“Aww, look at my eager baby,” Deku teased. “Taking it so well! Does it feel good, Kacchan? I bet it feels amazing, filling you up just right. Wish I could be there to help, I'd make you feel amazing.”

Katsuki groaned, thrusting down on the dildo, and he heard Deku's breath hitch.

“God Kacchan, you look so good. Sit up for me, baby. Turn this way.”


“Lean against the wall there, I wanna see you playing with yourself, wanna see my present inside of you.”

With a frustrated groan, Katsuki turned himself around, pointing his ass at the camera and propping himself up on pillows to find the right angle again. Deku watched eagerly as he began to pull it out, reminding him to slow down and take his time.

He had a clear view of the toy emerging from Katsuki's ass, and when Katsuki squirmed around it, searching for friction, he seriously considered jumping on a plane then and there to go help.

“Pinch your nipple for me, Kacchan.”


“Come on baby, just a little pinch.”

Katsuki hissed a little as he shifted, fumbling his way up to his chest. He squeezed lightly, a long moan escaping him as he started to push the dildo back in, and Deku bit down hard on his lip.

“Okay, you can go faster now, baby. Show me how bad you want it, show me how much you like my gift.”

Katsuki was too far gone to care about the embarrassing words, too occupied by the pleasure washing over his body. He pinched again, a little harder this time as he thrust the toy in, no longer able to maintain a steady pace. His hand shook as he moved it in and out, fucking himself hard and fast, but when he reached for his cock, he heard the stern voice again.

“Don't touch, Kacchan. Not until I say you can.”

Katsuki whined wordlessly, but he took his hand away, moving it back to his chest to pinch at the other nipple this time. He threw his head back, eyes closed and gasping for air, and Deku could only watch, spellbound, as Katsuki came all over himself.

“I guess that's one way,” he smiled wryly, when Katsuki cracked an eye open. “Not allowed to touch, so you cum without touching. I guess that's fair.”

“Shut up, nerd.”

“Go get cleaned up, Kacchan, before you're too sleepy.”

“Fuck you, I told you I'm gonna do it again.”

“Wh- I- R-Really, Kacchan?”

“Mmm, just need a sec.”

He sighed as he relaxed back into his pillows, stretching his wrist where it was cramping from his thrusts. Deku took in every inch of the beautiful scene, of Katsuki covered in fluid with sleepy eyes, the green glass dildo still sticking out of his ass a little.

“I wish I could kiss those cheeks,” Deku mumbled, blushing when he realised Katsuki heard him. “You look so cute like this, Kacchan. Laid out all comfy and spent.”

“Take a screenshot,” he grumbled, flinging an arm over his eyes. “Too tired to take a photo.”

“That's a good idea. Move your arm for me, let me see your pretty face.”

“Do I have to?”


Katsuki huffed, peeking out from under his arm, and Deku took a couple of pictures of the cute gesture while it lasted.

“I want a big kitchen,” he grumbled.

“Only if you cook for me when I come visit.”


He moved his arm away, giving Deku a clear view of his little pout, and he took a dozen screenshots just to be sure they saved.

“So handsome, Kacchan.”


He reached between his legs, pressing at the end of the dildo and humming to himself as if he were contemplating something.

“Did you pick it out yourself?” he asked, toying with the end and making tiny, shallow thrusts. “Is it green so that you can pretend it's you?”

“So you wont forget where it came from,” Deku corrected him. “It looked pretty, too. Like you.”


Deku smiled at him, watching the flagging dick quickly start to perk up again.

“I'm gonna come visit next week,” Deku informed him, glancing off to one side at his desk calendar. “I have some free time, I'll make the trip up and help you move.”

“You're gonna find me a sweet-ass penthouse in a week?” he snorted.

“If I see you cum again tonight I will.”

“Freaky nerd,” Katsuki huffed. “Fine, my shitty oven broke again anyway, takes them at least three weeks to get it fixed.”

“You can touch now,” Deku smiled. “Show me how much you want a nice new oven, baby.”

“Don't say it like that, asshole.”

He wrapped a hand around his cock, feeling it quickly return to full mast as he ran his sticky hand up and down. He was covered in sweat, cum, and lube, it was all pretty disgusting really, but he could see it in the nerd's face that he loved the mess.

It only took him a couple of minutes to be squirming again, listening to Deku mumble praises under his breath unknowingly and finally realising that, fuck, he kind of liked it.

He came over his hand, more of a trickle than a spurt this time, and Deku sang his praises as he fell back on the pillows again.

“So impressive, Kacchan! Go run yourself a bath and get cleaned up, okay? I'm gonna start looking at apartments.”

Katsuki snorted, fumbling for the phone and holding it up closer to his face.

“You're gonna go jerk off,” Katsuki accused. “I'm not stupid.”


“It's fine, you can,” Katsuki shrugged. “And it doesn't have to be a penthouse.”

Deku giggled at him, and Katsuki cracked a tired smile.

“Just want a nice kitchen and shit that doesn't break all the time.”

“I'll find you something amazing, Kacchan. I promise. Go take care of yourself, I'll check in on you soon!”

“Have fun, nerd.”

With a last little wave he disconnected, tossing his phone aside and sighing. It was tempting to just go to sleep where he was, but the mix of fluids was just a little too gross to put up with while he napped.

Instead he pulled the dildo out, cursing at himself for doing it too quickly, and headed for the bathroom.

Dumb nerd was probably moaning his name by now.



When Katsuki arrived home, he almost missed the familiar face waiting for him in the lobby. He was leaning against the reception counter, chatting with the lady working the front desk, and Katsuki only glanced over because he heard her laugh. In over a year he'd been living there, he'd never heard the lady laugh – she was far too polite and formal for that.

“Deku?” he asked, falling still when he saw the green curls.

“Kacchan! You're home!”

He was forced to catch the nerd in his arms, with the way he threw himself at him. His arms wound around Katsuki's neck, and when Katsuki grabbed him tight, his feet dangled inches from the floor, his sweet smile resting on Katsuki's cheek.

“I missed you!” he declared, shameless despite the other people in the lobby watching on with curiosity. “You're home late!”

“You booked the damn appointment, you should have known. I didn't know you were coming.”

“Wanted to surprise you,” he grinned. “Okay, show me your apartment!”

“Y-Yeah, okay.”

He led the way up the stairs to the second floor, jamming his key in the lock and wiggling it until it worked. The apartment was clean, at least: only his dishes from breakfast remained in the sink, beside his annoyingly non-functional oven. Dumb thing still hadn't been fixed even after a week of calling maintanence.

“It's so small,” Deku marvelled, lacing their fingers together as he looked around. “Is this it?”

“Shut up,” Katsuki huffed. “It's just me, I don't need a ton of space.”

“Mmm... I think you'll like it, though,” Deku mused. “How much of this stuff belongs to you? Do you have a box somewhere that we can use?”

“The hell are you on about?”

“Moving, silly.”

Katsuki blinked at him, waiting for more, but Deku was busy digging through his bag. He finally produced a little Deku-brand keychain, putting it in Katsuki's palm and closing his fingers around it firmly.

“Do you want a bath before we pack? Or we could have one at the new place, it has a much nicer bathroom! Just wait until you see the bathtub!”

“Are you serious?”

“About which part? You don't have to bathe with me if you don't want to. But if you do I'll, uh, let's see...”

“Don't you dare start bribing me again.”

“But I like spoiling you,” Deku pouted. “I'll take you out for dinner! You look so nice, all pretty and pampered, it would be such a waste to not show it off to the world!”

“Don't say that shit,” Katsuki blushed. “Why do you always do this?”

“Because it's fun seeing you blush!” Deku teased, standing on tiptoe to kiss a warm cheek.


Deku just grinned at him, reaching up to run a hand through his freshly-trimmed hair, completely unabashed as he met Katsuki's eyes with that blinding smile.

“Let's pack, Kacchan,” he said, softer this time. “I want to show you your new apartment!”

“Whatever, nerd.”

Deku blabbered on about nonsense as they packed, Katsuki handing over items and Deku packing them neatly into a few boxes he'd found lying around. He had surprisingly few belongings, so soon his apartment was completely unpersonalised, just the clothes in his closet left to be folded and bagged.

“I'll go put these in the car,” Deku kissed Katsuki's cheek again, pleased when he didn't pull away. “You can do your clothes.”


He watched Deku go for a moment, arms loaded with the boxes, getting a last little smile from the doorway before he stepped into the hall. How the hell had he ended up under the damn nerd's thumb? And why was he okay with it?

Despite his inner turmoil, he soon found himself in a clean, new apartment building, only a few stories tall rather than the high-rise he'd spent the past year in, standing in the elevator with all his boxes and bags.

The elevator went right to the top, and Katsuki snorted. The nerd really had found him a penthouse, typical.

“It's not the fanciest apartment in the world,” Deku apologised. “But it is a penthouse, and it's close to work, and it looks really nice!”

“If the shit doesn't break down every ten minutes, I'll be satisfied.”

“It won't! And if it does break down, they'll fix it super fast! I made sure of it before I bought the place.”


Deku froze, silenced for the first time, and when Katsuki raised an eyebrow at him he smiled sheepishly.

“All the rental places were awful!” he whined. “I saw this one and I thought it was super nice, so I just got it! If you don't like it, or you want to move, or anything, I can just sell it again, it's no big deal!”

“I swear to God, nerd, you-”

“It wasn't expensive!” Deku cut him off quickly. “Much cheaper than mine!”

“You have one? Thought you just lived in hotels and shit.”

“I have one in Tokyo! It's not a penthouse though,” he teased. “Just somewhere to keep all my stuff and to come back to when I'm working at home!”

“It's in Tokyo,” Katsuki protested. “Of course it was more expensive!”

“That's not the point, Kacchan!” Deku laughed, conveniently escaping as the elevator doors slid open. “Come look!”

The elevator opened into what looked like a private lobby – a few comfy looking chairs lining one wall, a plant in one corner that he was pretty sure was fake, and a shining wooden door with a small keyhole. He reached into his pocket for the bright green keychain, fumbling it into the slot, and Deku just watched and smiled as Katsuki stepped inside, kicking off his shoes and, frankly, marvelling.

Even just the entrance was gorgeous – shining white cabinets under a marbelled countertop, a matching feature wall above to break up the stark white. He set his boxes down on the counter, opening the first cabinet to put his shoes away, pulling a face when he found two pairs of expensive leather inside – one black, one brown. Deku giggled when Katsuki glared at him, shrugging it off innocently.

“I thought they would suit you nicely!”

“Damn nerd.”

It quickly became a common theme, as Katsuki explored. To his right was a beautiful, spacious kitchen, with brand-new applicances and a built-in pantry. When he pulled open the door he found it stocked with all the staples, the huge cupboard nearly filled already.

“I thought you might be tired!” Deku explained, “I didn't think you'd want to go shopping tonight!”

Sure enough, the massive fridge was full too, with only the freshest fruits and vegetables, organic eggs and milk, grass-fed beef and freshly caught fish.

“It's just food!” Deku objected, when Katsuki pinched his chubby cheeks roughly. “You need good food!”

“I'm making you dinner,” Katsuki insisted, blushing. “Screw going out, you've already spent a fortune on all this stuff.”

“Kacchan is gonna cook for me?” Deku lit up. “Okay! But you still gotta dress up nice for me. Compromise!”

“Fine, dork.”

“But first let's unpack!”

Across the kitchen bench was a pretty dining room table and six soft chairs, ready and waiting for some kind of entertainment he'd probably never deliver on. Maybe the idiot squad, next time they decided to crash his apartment, he supposed.

On the other side, left of the entrance, windows wrapped around the corner of the apartment, giving him a view out over the little city where he'd found himself living. A glass table was in the middle, with two soft couches around it, both littered with ruby-red cushions of shiny silk.

“It's pretty,” Katsuki admitted, when Deku looked at him expectantly. “Um, thank you.”

“You don't need to thank me,” Deku giggled. “You more than earned it!”

Katsuki blushed again, thinking back to the fateful video, the green toy stuffed in one of his boxes nearby.

“Come look at the bathroom,” Deku grinned, dragging Katsuki down a short hallway. “Look at this bath!”

It was deep and round, seated in a little stone platform with stairs leading up to it. Six little jets rounded the sides, ready to blast his muscles after a long day, and Deku giggled as he wrapped his arms around Katsuki from behind.

“Isn't it pretty?” he whispered. “I love it.”

“It's perfect.”

Deku beamed at him, and Katsuki huffed, ruffling the nerd's hair lightly.

“You can have a bath with me,” he conceded. “After dinner.”

“Really?! You're the best!”

They returned to their tour, exploring the spacious balcony, the spare bedroom decked out with plain but comfortable furniture, and finally the master room, with a walk-in wardrobe already sporting a few new suits and shirts and Deku-hoodies, much to Katsuki's chagrin. Deku just grinned when he tried to complain, flipping through hangers to show off his favourite purchases, praising even the idea of Katsuki wearing his merch.

“Alright, I'm hungry,” Katsuki told him, planting a kiss on Deku's hair and watching him light up. “I'm gonna cook. You can talk to me from the table.”


He sat himself down happily, watching from across the room as Katsuki pulled on the new green apron and got to work.

“You gotta stop buying me stuff,” Katsuki grumbled, as he dug through the fridge. “You're already saving me rent money, no more groceries.”

“But it makes me happy, Kacchan!”

“I earn a paycheck too.”

“Spend it on things you want! Hobbies and trips! Go on holiday and go hiking lots!”

“What, you're not gonna take me on vacation?” Katsuki snorted. “What kind of Sugar Daddy are you?”

Deku's stomach flipped at the words, eyes widening as he stared at the teasing little smirk.

“I will,” he answered, catching the eye roll as Katsuki returned to cooking. “If you'll go with me.”

“It was a joke, nerd.”

“I know. But I will.”



Katsuki felt like an idiot when Deku dragged him into his lap. He was twice the nerd's size, and here he was being treated like the cute one in the relationship. But Deku just smiled into his back, hugging him close as the bathtub jets bubbled around them.

“So comfy,” Deku hummed, eyes sinking closed. “So happy. Is Kacchan happy too?”


“Dinner was so good. Everything is so good.”

“Idiot,” Katsuki huffed. “Shut up.”

“I mean it. I wish I could just be with you every day.”

“You could,” Katsuki grumbled, tilting his head when Deku leaned in to kiss his neck, giving him more room to play. “You own the place.”

“Mm, but it's far away from work,” he lamented, kissing a trail down Katsuki's neck and shoulder. “I'm gonna come visit you lots, though. Will you cook for me again?”


“And take a bath with me again?”

“If you want.”

“What do you want?

“I have everything I could need,” Katsuki snorted. “You made sure of that.”

“Is that why you're letting me do this?” he asked softly, tensing up as he braced himself for the answer. “Why you're letting me cuddle you?”

Katsuki shook his head faintly, and for a moment Deku's heart pounded extra hard.

“You always spoil me,” he muttered, reaching down to pinch Deku's thigh beneath him. “Not just with gifts.”

“Hmm?” Deku smiled faintly. “Is that bad?”


“You like it when I spoil you? Even if I spend lots of money?”

“Shut up.”

“Tell me, Kacchan.”


“Come onnnn.”

“I already said thank you.”

“That's not what I meant.”

Katsuki was surprised to feel how easily Deku lifted him up in the water, turning him until their eyes met, his legs straddling Deku's lap. He blushed a little when Deku's eyes raked down his body, refusing to look at the little smirk as his hands stroked up and down Katsuki's thighs.

“Do you feel guilty?”

“No,” Katsuki answered right away. “It's not like I had to convince you to get me this shit.”


“Can I kiss you?”

Deku blinked at him, convinced he must have misheard.

“You w-want to?” he asked, wide-eyed.

“Wanna try it.”

“Y-Yeah, of course you can Kacchan.”

Katsuki leaned in, hesitating a little, his breath warm where it met Deku's cheek. He brought their lips together lightly, his touch tender, and Deku melted into him.

“I can die happy,” he murmured, grinning when Katsuki snorted at him. “Again, Kacchan?”


Deku let himself indulge, tangling his fingers in Katsuki's hair and pulling him close, swallowing the little gasps Katsuki lost into his lips. He could feel himself getting hard already, and when Katsuki's lips curled into a smirk, Deku knew he must have felt it too.

“You can share my bed, if you want,” Katsuki offered quietly. “I hear it's really soft.”

“Mm, I heard that too,” Deku smiled. “Gotta be perfect for the little pillow princess and his sore back.”

“Don't make me take back my offer.”

Deku bit down on his neck lightly, sucking at the spot until a red bloom sprouted, and kissing it when Katsuki moaned. He couldn't help but smile, trailing his lips and tongue and teeth down Katsuki's chest. His breath caught when Deku licked at a hard little nipple, and with a smirk, he looked up.

“Ready for bed, baby?”

Katsuki nodded.

Deku drained the bath, reaching for a brand-new towel, extra soft and fluffy, and bundling Katsuki up in it with a smile. Red eyes watched his every move as he dried himself, widening when Deku smiled back at him again.

“You need me to dry you?”

He shook his head stubbornly, fumbling with the towel as he began to wipe away the water, rubbing at his hair roughly while Deku giggled at him.

“Be gentle, Kacchan! You don't want to get bald spots.”

He hung his own towel on the rail, reaching for Katsuki's and taking over, much more gentle with his touch than Katsuki ever was to himself.

“You're so handsome,” Deku fawned, fingertips brushing lightly over a pink cheek. “You could be the best trophy husband, if you weren't such a talented hero in your own right.”

“Shut up.”

“Nuh-uh, be nice, Kacchan. Don't ruin your pretty lips with all those bad words.”

Katsuki growled, but Deku kissed him again before he could retort, hands exploring the expansive muscles of his back. He felt like an idiot, letting Deku have his way – the nerd was so tiny, after all. Katsuki could almost fit his hands around the little waist, if he tried hard enough. But here he was, taking charge, so stupidly confident compared to what Katsuki grew up with.

“Look at these pretty hands,” Deku hummed, bringing one to his lips. “So soft and so strong, so clean but so manly.”

It was one of the weirdest parts of Deku's spa purchases, Katsuki had always thought, but the nerd always seemed so happy seeing the results of his manicures.

“You have to take care of your hands,” he always insisted. “They're your best tool!”

And now here he stood, kissing every knuckle and stroking his palms, ignoring Katsuki's gritted teeth and the eyes that refused to look at him.

“Shall we go try out your new bed?” Deku asked with a smile. “Maybe you could even let me watch the live show, this time?”

“You wanna watch me jerk it?” he snorted, following obediently when Deku led the way down the hall. “Figured you were gonna stick it in me yourself this time.”

“I get to hold the dildo?”

“I meant yours you stupid fuck,” Katsuki blushed. “You keep spouting shit about making me full.”

“C-Can I?” Deku bleated, his confidence wavering. “You... You would do that?”

“Why the fuck do you think I invited you to bed?!” he fumed, the red flush spreading right down his chest. “What'd you think it was, a fuckin' slumber party?”

“I like slumber parties.”

“Fine, then just tell me you don't want to fuck, instead of getting all weird about it.”

“But I do! I just didn't think Kacchan wanted it.” Deku pouted, looking up with eyes like a lost puppy. “I wanna fuck Kacchan more than anything.”

“Oi, I didn't say you could be on top.”

“I'm definitely on top,” Deku grinned, his confidence returning quickly. “Kacchan can be his sweet little needy self and I'll take good care of him!”

“I am not needy.”

“I've seen you, Kacchan. We both know you like being told what to do.”


Despite his immediate argument, he couldn't help but remember that same sweet voice turning so deep over the phone, telling him exactly where to touch himself, reminding him to behave.

“I told you so,” Deku smirked, taking a pointed glance at Katsuki's rock-hard erection. “I promise I'll call you a good boy and everything.”

Katsuki's breath hitched, and Deku's smile turned smug. Neither of the men was an idiot, they both knew Deku was going to get his way.

“Come on, baby,” Deku cooed, gently nudging him onto the bed. “Get comfy for me so we can play.”



Katsuki lay back on the bedcovers, letting Deku prop him up just right on the mound of pillows. They came in a mix of snowy white and ruby red covers, a lot like the living room theme, but for the life of him Katsuki couldn't work out who needed so many damn pillows.

Except, apparently, for Deku, who considered every one of them vital as he positioned Katsuki comfortably.

“There! Comfy?”


“Good! Okay, just relax, I'm gonna take really good care of you!”

He didn't bother to answer, watching silently as Deku coated his hand in lube and spread Katsuki's thighs. He was so damn gentle, as he rubbed at Katsuki's hole, watching for any sign of discomfort.

“It's fine,” Katsuki told him, his jaw tight. “Stop worrying.”

“Aww, Kacchan is already feeling needy!” Deku grinned. “We're gonna go nice and slow, Kacchan! I'm gonna tear you apart little by little.”

He leaned down, licking at the tight little hole, and Katsuki writhed under his touch. Another lick, more squirming, and this time a hand landed on his head, holding him close.

“Kacchan,” Deku tutted, taking the hand away. “You're not going to get what you want like that.”


“If you like something, you tell me,” Deku continued sternly. “And you tell me nicely.”


“I want please and thank you and yes, Daddy, more!”

“Like fuck if I'm calling you that.”

“I guess that depends how bad you want it, doesn't it?” Deku smirked. “So, does my baby have something to say?”


“You sure?”

“I'm sure.”

“Suit yourself.”

He returned to using his finger, slipping just the very tip inside and making slow circles to start stretching him out.

“You have such a cute little ass,” Deku praised, hitching a leg up to make room to bite his buttcheek. “You're all tit and no booty, but you make it look so good!

Excuse me?” Katsuki demanded. “I have a great ass.”

“Of course you do, sweetie,” Deku grinned. “The best ass ever.”

“Damn right.”

Deku looked up just in time to see Katsuki reaching out again, whether for him or for the cock between them he wasn't sure, but regardless, he swatted it away.

“I told you, Kacchan. Let me handle it.”

“You're so slow.”

“We have all night, Kacchan, we don't need to rush!”

“Fuck you and your fucking slow shit.”

He pulled the leg up a little higher, slapping three quick handprints onto the little butt. Katsuki growled, glaring down at him, but Deku only smirked.

“What happened to the language, Kacchan? Good boys don't swear.”

Katsuki opened his mouth, but Deku cut him off quickly with a warning look.

“Are you trying to make me gag you?”

Katsuki swallowed hard, and Deku scoffed quietly, reaching down beside the bed for his backpack. He'd brought a few changes of clothes with him, almost forgotten in his excitement over all the gifts, and buried right at the bottom he had something else, just in case.

“Get back up here,” Katsuki growled, reaching for Deku to drag him back. “The fuck're you doing down there?”

“Oh Kacchan,” Deku sighed. “You just don't learn, do you?”

He produced a length of soft rope, smirking when Katsuki's eyes widened. He'd spent many hours practicing with it, while he watched the news or waited for interviews – it was good for his hands, with all their twisted joints and injuries, no one had to know he had other ideas in mind too.

“If you can't be good, we'll just have to give you a little help,” Deku cooed, as he gripped Katsuki's wrists and began winding the rope around them. “I know you want to touch, but it's not your turn yet! You've gotta be patient, Kacchan.”

He finished his knots by securing him to the bed frame, watching Katsuki's confused eyes follow his touch. As soon as Deku let go, he tested it out, flooding bright red nearly down to his nipples when he realised what was happening.

“There, now those naughty hands will stay put,” Deku teased. “Do I need to gag you, or are you going to control your filthy mouth?”

“What the fuck, nerd.”

Deku sighed. He should have known.

“Open up, Kacchan.”

The man didn't move, but Deku helped him out, dragging his jaw down and hovering over him.

“If you use those teeth of yours, you'll be in big trouble, Kacchan.”

Katsuki finally seemed to realise what was going on, stunned into silence long enough for Deku to start sliding himself inside, keeping a careful grip on Katsuki's chin just in case he decided to be bad.

“You take it so well Kacchan!” he praised, when Katsuki swallowed hard but didn't gag. “What a good boy! Have you been practicing? Ohhh, have you been playing with our special toy while I wasn't around? What a lewd boy.”

Katsuki couldn't answer with his mouth full of dick, but he didn't try to bite or growl, just levelled Deku with a glare.

“No? Just a lucky boy with no gag reflex, then. Or I haven't fucked your little mouth hard enough to trigger it yet.”

To emphasise his point, he pulled back a little, thrusting back in roughly and feeling Katsuki moan around him. Little slut liked having his mouth fucked, who'd have guessed?

Well, Deku did, but that was beside the point.

He conceded his grip on Katsuki's jaw, trusting him to not be that cruel, and braced himself against the headboard as he began to thrust. Katsuki hummed on a particularly rough one, and Izuku moved a little quicker, breathing hard as he tried to maintain a steady rhythm while Katsuki drooled and moaned around him.

He finally gagged when Deku came, spilling into his mouth and refusing to give him any room to breathe or spit. It shot down his throat, making him splutter a little, but Deku didn't move until he felt Katsuki swallow around him.

“There's my good boy,” he praised, combing his fingers through blond spikes. “You feel so good, Kacchan!”

When he pulled back, Katsuki had a slightly dazed look on his face, like he still wasn't quite sure what had happened. He let Deku reach for a tissue from the nightstand, though, and lay still as he wiped drool and cum from Katsuki's lips.

“You're being much better behaved, now,” Deku smirked, nipping at his neck and feeling the head move, giving him easier access to continue. “Because if it feels so good to get your mouth fucked, it must feel amazing to get your ass fucked, right? And you know you've gotta be a good boy for me if you want that.”

Katsuki's eyelashes fluttered, and for a moment Deku considered getting straight to it – fucking him hard and fast with no time to breathe, pressing him into the mattress with all his weight, not letting him move an inch, just watching him moan and take it like a good little whore.

Except, of course, that was what Katsuki wanted.

“Okay beautiful,” Deku grinned, getting a little frown in return. “I'm gonna go back to prepping you now, so be good for me, okay? If you're a good boy, I'll fill you up real nice.”

Katsuki nodded faintly in his daze, probably not even aware he was doing it, and a brief flash of concern washed through Deku's mind, making his chest tighten.

“Say something for me, Kacchan?”

“You told me to keep my mouth shut,” Katsuki pouted. “Is this a test?”

“I don't think I said shut,” Deku smirked, watching Katsuki blush again. “Just no naughty words.”

“No swearing?”

“Uh-huh. Or insults.”


Fears assuaged, Deku lay between his legs again, taking a nice long lick of the little pink hole. Katsuki gasped again, and Deku smirked as he licked once more, looking up to watch the pretty face contort as he struggled to breathe steadily.

“Something to say, Kacchan?”

He shook his head.

“Are you sure? You don't want to tell me you like something?”

Katsuki pulled a face, turning his head away before the tiniest little murmur came out of him.

“Keep doing it,” he said faintly. “More of... that. P-Please.”

“That's my good boy, you learn so fast!”

He sped up his pace, slipping his tongue through the tight ring every so often to stretch him a little, re-lubing his finger to add it to the mix. Amidst little huffs of air and bitten-off moans, Deku stretched him wide, until he could safely fit all his fingers inside without complaint.

Only then did he kneel, reaching for the bottle of lube again and slicking himself up. Katsuki watched, his chest heaving, as the nerd spread lube all over his already-hard-again shaft, and he moaned when Deku played with the tip.

“You want this in you, baby?”

Katsuki nodded.

“You're gonna have to do better than that,” he giggled. “What do you say, Kacchan?”


“Please what?”

Katsuki pouted, but Deku just waited, letting him gather his thoughts.

“Please, Izuku,” he said finally, a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Alright,” he giggled. “I'll give you that one, just this once. Next time I want something sexy.”

“You're sexy,” Katsuki mumbled, burning red again with Deku smirked.

“Thanks, Kacchan,” he grinned, rewarding him with another long lick. “But I'm nowhere near as sexy as you. So big and strong, pure muscle. Look at these thighs, look at this chest.”

“T-Touch me?” Katsuki requested, eyes darting away. “Please?”

“Of course, baby.”

He rubbed the tip of his cock against Bakugou's hole, watching his breath catch as he slowly pushed past the entrance. He tried his best to thrust down into the touch, legs curling desperately around Deku's waist, but with his hands bound he couldn't quite reach.

Deku watched in delight as he squirmed and whined, fighting to impale himself on Deku's dick, and he couldn't resist a little grin as he leaned over to bite a pert nipple.

“Still think you're not a bottom?”

Fuck me! Please!”

“Not if you're gonna start using bad words again.”

“I'm sorry!” he whined, tossing his head back and arching his back as he searched for friction. “I won't do it again, just- just please, I need more. Please, Daddy!”

Deku nearly choked on his own spit, thrusting himself inside without a second thought. He realised too late that he probably should have gone a little slower, but Katsuki was already moaning and whimpering, grinding against him, his dick dripping with precum.

“God that's hot,” Deku said breathlessly, taking a firm grip on Katsuki's hips to hold him in place. “You're my good little baby boy, aren't you? Learning so fast.”

“Yes, yes, just- just please.

“I will, Kacchan, baby. I just need you to calm down, relax for me, let me do my job and make you feel so, so good.”

Katsuki nodded, shaking with the effort it took to still himself, but when Deku began to move he quickly gave in, letting Deku have his way.

He'd never felt anything as sweet as the slide of Deku's dick through his ass, nailing his prostate with every single stroke and filling him up. He wasn't even sure how the dick fitted inside him, it felt huge, like the nerd was gonna split him in half. He wondered for a moment if they should have used a condom, but the nerd was nothing if he wasn't intelligent – if they needed one, he'd have used one for sure. Besides, it felt so damn hot having the cock raw inside him, pounding him until he thought he might burst.

“Gonna cum in you, Kacchan. Gonna fill you right up.”

Katsuki nodded, a tiny “please” parting his lips, and it sent Deku careening over the edge. He wasn't sure he'd ever cum so much in his life, and it was his second orgasm. He could see the bulge in Katsuki's belly, could see him swelling with the hot fluid, and he just kept thrusting, forcing it deeper.

Katsuki was lost in a long moan, and when Deku wrapped a hand around his cock he could only shift his hips shallowly, trying and failing to find the strength to thrust into it. Deku had promised, though, and he would never let his baby down. He jerked Katsuki hard and fast, the moan turning into more of a whimper before he finally came, spilling all over them both.

When Deku shifted his hand through the mess, he felt Katsuki's normally-flat stomach protruding under his touch. Even his pecs looked bigger, and felt softer under his touch when he squeezed them both hard.

When his dick finally started to flag, he slipped himself out, watching a river of semen and lube squeeze its way out of his hole and onto the blankets. It pooled around Deku's knees, in the little indents he made with his weight, but he couldn't even find it in himself to care.

“I think we need another bath,” he laughed breathlessly, reaching to untie Katsuki's tortured wrists. “We made a mess.”

“You messed up my bed,” Katsuki pouted, tipping his head up to see. “I wanted to sleep on my new bed.”

“Why do you think I bought the two-bedroom place?” Deku giggled. “The other mattress is just the same. Let's get cleaned up and go get some sleep.”

He dragged Katsuki up, waiting a second as more cum trickled out of him with the movement, and when things seemed to slow, he hauled Katsuki to his feet.

He wished he could pick him up properly, but Katsuki had grown in the time they were apart, and Deku... Deku had not. He'd thought maybe he'd grow some more, with All Might's quirk in him, but alas he was still what his gay friends liked to fondly call a cute-ass twink.

Oh, All Might's quirk.

With a little flash of green sparks, Izuku scooped Katsuki into his arms, giggling his delight as Katsuki blinked up at him in awe. He carted Katsuki back to the bathroom, sitting him against the wall as he heated up the water, aiming the shower head at his tormented ass.

“After this, I'll get you tucked up all comfy in bed,” Deku told him, as he cleaned semen out to the best of his ability. “Then I'll throw the blankets in the laundry, and make us some tea, and we can snuggle in bed before we go to sleep, okay?”

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Katsuki asked flatly, fluttering his eyelashes. “You really know how to show a man a good time, don't you?”

“Enough with the sarcasm, brat,” Deku laughed despite himself. “I'm gonna cuddle the shit out of you.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki couldn't help but crack a smile when he turned around, finding a breathless freckled face smiling back at him. He'd heard the door creak behind him and turned around with no real expectations, so to see the nerd before him made him...

Ugh, happy.

He'd been out of the country for the past six weeks, dealing with some international crisis, and Katsuki hadn't even had a chance to tell him the news yet. The nerd had been sitting on an eight hour flight when the rankings came out, and his phone had blown up with calls and messages when they announced number forty-six.

He'd finally broken fifty, and his friends couldn't have been more excited for him. He was only the third in the class to get there, after Deku (now number eight) and Shouto (now number thirty-three). He was the first one to do it without a big-name father (or adopted father, at least) though, and he refused to shut up about that fact.

“Kacchan!” the nerd bleated, the moment their eyes met. “I'm so proud!”

He was already bawling by the time he threw his arms around Katsuki's neck, almost spilling his drink in the process. Katsuki just smiled and set his glass down, hugging the nerd tight in his arms.

He'd missed the guy, even if he'd never say it out loud.

“You should have told me!” he sobbed, nuzzling at Kacchan's chest. “Why didn't you text me?!”

“I wanted to see your reaction when I told you, was gonna call you when you got home.” He paused, frowning a little. “Why are you here, anyway? Weren't you flying back to Tokyo?”

“I did! But then I got Miruko's invitation so I jumped on the next flight, and then the first train, and then I ran here from the station. I'm so glad you haven't gone home yet, I didn't want to miss the party!”

The “party” was a small group of Katsuki's closest friends and colleagues. Miruko had called him to congratulate him, and had asked him to come to the office around eight. After a day preparing to gracefully accept that it was time for him to leave, to hopefully resign before he could be fired, he had put on his dark suit – Deku's favourite one – and had taken a deep breath as he walked in.

To his surprise, he'd found a group of his old high school friends and even teachers, fresh off planes and trains (at Miruko's expense, he learned – maybe she really did like him), waiting inside. They erupted in cheers when he stepped through the door, and for a moment he'd been stunned, before he finally cracked a smile.

“I missed you too,” Katsuki mumbled, ignoring the little snickers from his friends around them. “I didn't think I'd hear from you 'til morning.”

When Deku finally let him go, he reached for his wine glass, quickly hunting down a full one to hand to Deku. The nerd flashed him his brightest smile as he accepted, and finally they returned to the group to take their beating of teases and torments.

As the night wound to a close, and his friends demanded to see his new apartment, Katsuki locked eyes with Miruko across the room.

“Yeah, just uh... Hey, Deku, show them the way alright? I'll catch up.”

“Sure, Kacchan!” he dug through his pocket, double-checking that the spare key was still in his possession. “Take your time, we'll go mess up your kitchen!”

“You wouldn't dare.”

Deku tactfully ushered them away, and the room fell silent other than Katsuki's heavy shoes as he crossed the room.

“Thank you for taking me under your wing,” he began knowingly. “I know it wasn't the easiest thing for you to do.”

“I don't regret it, kid,” she smirked. “You're alright, you know.”

“I learned a lot here, and I was really happy to see a hero like you in action, someone who didn't tell me to change every part of who I am, you know? Someone who thinks it's good to be honest, who doesn't want me to pander to the old-fashioned jerks.”

“You're gonna do great, kid. I'm sure of it. Just keep being you, you're one of the best heroes I know. But if you tell anyone I said that, you're dead to me.”

“Likewise,” Katsuki smirked. “I guess it's time for us to go our separate ways.”

She offered him a fist, and he laughed as he bumped it with his own, getting a short nod of agreement.

“Let me know if you need anything,” she offered. “I doubt you will, but I'll still be here if you do.”

“Thank you.”

“And if you drop back below fifty, we're gonna have words.”

She cracked her knuckles as she said it, and he smirked, nodding.

“I'd better go make sure the idiot squad aren't setting my house on fire.”

“Take care, ki- Katsuki.”

“You too.”

With that, he turned away. He left Miruko with the office cleaning staff, who had started on their mess of glasses and bottles, and jogged down the street after his friends.

“Welcome home!” Deku called, the moment Katsuki opened the door.

“I-I'm home,” he stuttered, blushing. It'd been a long time since he'd heard that – months. Maybe not since he moved in.

His friends were gathered in the living room, sprawled across couches or sitting on chairs dragged in from the dining room, but Deku was back in the kitchen grabbing ice water and glasses for everyone to counter the alcohol. Katsuki crossed the room to help, grabbing a tray of glassware while Deku picked up the two jugs.

“This place is amazing,” Mina fawned, when Katsuki handed her a glass. “How do you afford it?!”

Katsuki shrugged it off, not bothering to find an excuse, and thankfully Mina was distracted by chugging down water.

“There's a spare bedroom just on the left,” Katsuki told them, waving toward the open door. “Some of you can use it if you want, the rest of you can sleep out here. I'll bring out some pillows and blankets.”

“You're the best, Bakubro!” Eijirou shot him a thumbs up, pausing to take another swig of water. “You want some help?”

Katsuki shook his head. He'd seen how wobbly the guy was as he walked out of the office.

“I'm good,” he assured them. “You guys relax.”

He retrieved the spare pillows from both bedrooms, returning with a pile he could hardly see over. Mina and Ochako gushed over the collection, diving on them the moment he set them down, wracked by tipsy giggles as they rolled around. He just left them to it, though, returning to the linen closet for blankets.

He'd ended up with a wide array of them, over the winter. It seemed to be Deku's favourite way to show his appreciation and affection – every time he got a cute selfie of Katsuki with hot chocolate, or wearing a wooly hat and scarf, or nestled in his bed, the nerd bought him a new blanket and sent it his way.

He wasn't going to complain, they were all ridiculously fluffy and warm. He loved every single one.

When his friends were equipped, the girls once again rolling around with his collection of fluffy blankets, he excused himself to bed. He assured them they could stay as long as they wanted, could hang around for a few days, even, if they felt like it, and with a final promise to make them all pancakes for breakfast, he was out.

Deku's footsteps followed him, but it wasn't like he hadn't expected that.

“I missed you, baby,” he cooed, the moment the bedroom door was locked behind them. “It's been so long since I've seen your pretty face!”

“Someone's horny tonight,” Katsuki snorted, stripping off his suit jacket and raising an eyebrow at the nerd. “Someone been lonely while he was away?”

“Maybe I just like your face that much,” Izuku grinned, slipping his hands up Katsuki's shirt. “And your tits are pretty great too.”

“Stop calling them that.”

“Make me.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, grabbing a handful of green curls and pulling at him roughly.

“I got top fifty, nerd. It's my night.”

“Oh? Does Kacchan have a request? Well, maybe if you ask very nicely we can do something about that.”

“I wanna ride the fuck out of you.”

Deku blinked at him, but nodded all the same, and Katsuki smirked. Damn nerd hadn't been expecting that one.

He spread his hand flat across Deku's chest, pushing him back until he lay on the bed, Katsuki looming above him. He made his way down Deku's buttons, stripping him slowly, and all Deku could do was watch in awe as Katsuki took charge.

When Deku was naked, he reached for his own clothes, but Deku halted him. His eyes raked up and down Katsuki's thick figure, and Katsuki's lips curved into a smirk.

“I wore your favourite,” he pointed out, straddling the nerd's lap. “Do I look good, Deku?”

“Yeah, you're super handsome,” Deku agreed, running his fingers through Katsuki's hair. “God I'm so lucky I have you.”

Katsuki tensed a little when Deku reached for his fly, but shook his head when Deku questioned him, managing a sly smile.

“It's okay, keep going.”

Deku understood, when he unzipped the pants. As he began to pull them down, he got a little peek of a familiar shade of green, understanding immediately. He tore the pants off as fast as his shaking hands would allow, admiring the tiny silk panties he'd sent Katsuki a week prior.

“Had a feeling you might show up,” he smirked. “Or maybe I just hoped you would, when you found out.”

“God damn, Kacchan. You're a little minx.”

“Do they look as good as you imagined?” Katsuki asked, turning a little to give him a glimpse of the back. “You must have been thinking about it when you bought them, right?”

“Better than I could have imagined,” he said breathlessly, reaching around to cup a firm asscheek, accentuated by the tiny strip of fabric that fell between his cheeks. “You're such a good boy.”

He slung a leg over Deku's lap, dick straining at his little panties, and let Izuku undo the last of his shirt buttons. He didn't bother to toss it away, letting it hang open over his chest as he picked up a bottle of lube.

“Want me to prep you?” Deku asked quietly.

“I'm good.” He pulled the edge of his panties aside, showing off a shiny metal plug that Deku had never expected him to wear without a fight. “You can take this out for me, though, if you want.”

He didn't need to ask twice. Deku reached beneath him, gently levering the toy out, giving it a quick little thrust before it popped out entirely. Katsuki growled at him, but didn't bother to complain, too busy nudging Deku up to the pillows to get comfortable.

As soon as he was in place, Katsuki was lubing him up, sinking down onto his cock before Deku even had a chance to breathe. As he made a few test strokes, sliding up and down gently, he looked straight into Deku's eyes and smiled.

“You know,” he began, making his strokes a little longer. “If we're sharing a bed anyway, there's not much use in you paying for two apartments.”

“You wanna move in with me?” Deku asked breathlessly, curling his hands around Katsuki's hips lightly.

“Unless you want to keep things professional,” Katsuki clarified. “I understand if you just want it to be this and not more.”

“Like hell.”

Katsuki smirked. He knew he'd get his way – even if Deku had been unsure, there was no way he'd be able to resist every little charm Katsuki had thrown his way over the course of the night.

“Getting close, Kacchan,” Deku warned him, shifting his grip to pinch Katsuki's nipples and make him moan. “Make me cum, baby.”

“Can I cum too? Together?”

“Hell yeah you can,” Izuku moaned. “C'mere.”

He took Katsuki's dick in his hand, stroking him in time with his own thrusts, levering his hips up to meet him on every fall. Katsuki bit hard at his lower lip, straining to hold on a little longer – Deku had to be first, he didn't want to blow his load before Deku did.

“Cum for me,” he insisted, falling a little rougher and less steadily. “Fill me up, Deku. Izuku. Please.”

With a gasp, Katsuki felt himself fill with warmth. Deku's grip faltered, but one last stroke was enough to tip Katsuki over the edge, spilling all over Deku's taut abs.

“Made a mess,” he gasped, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. “Sorry.”

“It was hot,” Deku assured him, chuckling. “It's okay.”

For a moment they just stayed there, getting some air, until Katsuki found the energy to carefully separate them. He wiped Deku off with the top blanket, dragging it out from beneath them and tossing it aside for washing, then laughed when Deku eyed the back-up blanket sceptically.

“It's cold when you're not here,” Katsuki smirked, leaning in to nuzzle against his neck. “You'll keep me warm tonight, right?”

“If I must,” Deku hummed his amusement, dragging Katsuki in close. “You really wanna move in with me?”

“Uh-huh. I'd rather have a boyfriend than a Sugar Daddy.”

“Mission accomplished.”