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Hearts Interwined

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Minato- Senior

Yu- Senior

Akihiko- Senior

Yosuke- Senior

Akira- Junior

Ryuji- Junior

Tatsuya- Senior

Jun- Junior

Naoya- ?


“And that’s all for today. Remember to read the lectures, I’m going to ask randomly tomorrow” said Ms. Chouno with her signature smirk on her face. The rest of the students packed their things and bolted out of the classroom as the final bell bounced in the hallways, signaling the end of the day. Thank God. Ryuji left his homeroom and soon, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled out the device and saw that it was a message from Akira. 


Covfefe: Hey are you free?


Sho(ryu)ken> yea just out of rn, y?


Covfefe: Just asking. Want to hang out at our spot?


Ryuji smiled at the screen of his phone. He has been missing hanging out with Akira due to the Phantom Thieves business and him hanging out with other people and he has started to miss his best friend. 


Sho(ryu)ken: sure man. b there.


Covfefe: ok, I’ll be waiting ;)


The blond made his way towards the rooftop with a bit of eagerness. As he arrived, he saw Akira sitting in one of the arrays of desks in there. The raven turned after he heard the door close, flashing a smile towards Ryuji. The blond sat at the desk after Akira shuffled a bit to give him a space to sit. Both boys spent time hanging out at the rooftop of Shujin, chatting idly and sharing jokes with one another.


Ryuji loved this. Spending time with his best friend, being in their own little bubble where nobody could pull them out and just savouring the presence of each other in a comfortable silence.


Nobody could change that.


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Chapter 1: Setting Up for The Worst.


Another day of school, thought Akira while fixing his glasses. He could hear Morgana rustling inside his bag, trying to get comfortable inside. The frizzy haired boy walked out of his classroom after bidding Ann and Mishima goodbye. He checked his phone and decided to hit Ryuji, asking if he could go hang out, until he bounced with someone accidentally, dropping his glasses. Akira quickly scrambled to pick them up, muttering several apologies to the person he crashed with. 


“Hey it’s ok. I wasn’t checking where I was going either, if I’m honest” the person said, to which Akira looked up and saw a boy with unkempt black hair, slightly brown eyes (Akira swore he saw them turn violet for a second)  and a silver earring in one ear. He had a smile on his face as he extended a hand towards Akira. He seemed…. Happy to bump with Akira? The Phantom Thief hesitated, but took his hand and stood up. 


“Sorry again for bumping into you. I’m kinda in a hurry so, bye!” he said while he resumed his course and ran down the hallway. Akira was dumfolded at the scene that just happened, but nonetheless he continued with his initial plan. Morgana poked his head out of the bag, his blue eyes fixed onto Akira. 


“That was weird…” said the cat, addressing the boy they just bumped into. Akira nodded. He never saw that guy before. He ignored it and walked outside, meeting Ann and Ryuji at the gates. As soon Akira made his presence known, the blond wrapped his arm around his shoulders.


“Yo, big bastard” joked Ryuji, his smile growing. Akira snorted and shoved his best friend with glee. Ann shook her head in mock disappointment, moving closer so she could embrace Akira too. 


“Move, Ryuji. Akira is my friend too” she chirped, slothing herself in between the two boys, her arms gripping the raven’s middle with exaggerated affection. Akira laughed but returned the hug, equally dramatic. 


“Aww Ann…I love you too but you are cutting circulation to my legs, and I kinda need them” he said, causing the model to break the hug with a wide smile. They made their way towards the station, making small talk and joking with each other, until Akira felt a surge of energy near them; a disturbance. The frizzy haired teen looked around for the source, just seeing businessmen and women along with other pedestrians nearby them, being unable to find it. 


“Akira?” called Ann from his side, her teal eyes filled with confusion and worry. The teen shook his head, both snapping out of his stupor and answering to Ann. 


“I got distracted, sorry” he apologized, looking again around him to make sure. He still couldn’t find the source of the energy. He just shrugged at it left it be, not before he felt Morgana shift inside his bag.



Morgana curled near Akira in their makeshift bed. The feline was purring delightfully, mumbling incoherencies in his sleep, the only things he could make of him was about ‘stealing the biggest treasure he ever saw’ and Ann’s name. His owner, on the other hand, was fully awake having a staring match with the attic’s ceiling. His mind was racing with rampant thoughts. 


‘What was that at the station?’


He wasn’t sure, yet he was curious. It seems like it was...calling him? But only he could sense it, not even Morgana commented on it! Akira didn’t knew at what moment he slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

“Welcome back, Trickster”


The deafening sound of chains made the teen jolt and sit up in a flash. Akira looked around him, his old cell now closed off, and a proper wooden door took place of the metal bars. The golden V in the dark blue circle with equal golden addons stapled on the door. The Velvet Room symbol. The frizzy haired boy blinked, confused. Didn’t the Metaverse disappeared? Why was he in The Velvet Room and why it looks different from last time?


Akira stood up, his clothes weren’t the old, tattered prison clothes he used to wear. Instead, he had his regular outdoors outfit, white button up and black pants. He approached the door, and twisted the knob, emerging into a hallway. The end of it being engulfed in a blue hue. Akira strolled across the hallway, looking the other similar doors of his “cell”. There where, adding his, 7 doors in total. One of them caught his attention. Old and heavily damaged, wooden splinters everywhere. The Velvet Room symbol looked like it was ripped off the door. It was, apparently, broken too, because when Akira tried to move the doorknob, it didn’t budge. Odd. 


Akira finally reached the end of the hallway, slightly blinded by the light, and he was met with a… peculiar sight.


The hallway ended in a really round, and wide closed area, like he remembered from looking outside of his cell, with 4 dark blue doors on the far wall behind the center. Speaking of, in the middle of the room was the wooden desk with the man himself sitting, tapping his long fingers and his wide smile unwavering. 


“Igor..” said Akira, unsure but determined, eyeing the various chairs in front of the desk. There were some questions needed to be answered.


“Welcome once more, Kurusu, to The Velvet Room”

“So, I assume something happened since this place is back,” said the teen as he sat in the chair facing Igor, his hands on his knees. The man slowly nodded. 


“Ah, still so sharp I see” complimented the man, his fingers tapping on the wooden desk. “You’re right, I have summoned you here to address some issues at hand…” he started, making a gesture with his hand, showing Akira faint silhouettes in a blue hue. 


“These are my attendants. I have lost contact with them after the events of last year” explained Igor, to which Akira winced. Last year was a mess, but it was one of the best years the raven ever lived. 


“Where’s Lavenza?” he asked, not seeing the little girl near Igor. The man looked at his desk with contemplation. 


“She went to retrieve them, but sadly she hasn’t returned back” he then looked up at Akira. Somehow, Igor’s stare told him that wasn’t the only thing.


“That’s not the only thing, isn’t it?” responded the teen, his gaze fixed to Igor’s “something bigger is going to happen. That’s why you called me here? Isn’t it” the man sat back in his chair, scrutinizing Akira with his stare.


“Not only I lost my attendants, but there’s the warn of a dormant foe threatening to awake once more”


At his words, Akira felt a full body shiver take over. “But how are we going to stop it? The Metaverse is gone, and we can’t access our Personas anymore”


Igor chuckled, his hand returning to rest over the desk, fingers tapping. “My dear Trickster, you have returned to The Velvet Room, haven’t you?” at that, Akira’s grey eyes widen. Of course! He was in The Velvet Room, which means that The Metaverse was back. That also meant..


“Heh, took you time to realize, Wildcard” Akira couldn’t help the wide smile on his face. 




“In the flesh, cherie. Missed me?”


Akira giggled “You don’t know how much”


When he shut the mind link, he shifted his gaze towards Igor, who looked at him with his bloodshot gaze, analyzing. “It seems that your Persona has resurfaced once more. Good”


Akira nodded, then gripped his hands on his knees as he pondered his words. His visit might be as limited as before, if not less, so he had to organize his thoughts. “Igor, is this threat… worse than Yaldabaoth?” 


Igor remained silent, making the frizzy haired boy anxious. “I’m afraid to confirm that, yes, it is… But I’m sure you are capable of fulfilling this task. You are not alone, after all” 


Akira looked up at the man with a confused gaze, brows furrowed. Igor just chuckled and looked at the vacant chairs near his guest. “You will know in time, Trickster. Return to your place, time’s up.”


Akira just obliged and trugged back to his room, Igor’s words luring him as he came back to reality.

Akira jolted upwards, sending Morgana, who was peacefully sleeping on his chest, towards the wooden floor. “Joker? What’s wrong?” asked the feline to his owner. The teen just shook his head, and stood up from his bed. He reached for his phone at his side, and checked it. Lo and behold, there it sat, the thing that started everything…



Akira locked his phone, the red app burning in his mind.


“It’s nothing Mona”


It has started.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” asked Morgana for the upmtenth time today. Akira just ignored the furball and made his way towards Shujin, listening to other students’ conversations on his way. “Akira..” 


“Yooo, ‘Kira!” called Ryuji, materializing out of thin air and wrapping his arm around the bespectacled teen’s shoulders and cutting Morgana mid sentence. “Another day on this shithole… man what a pain”


Akira just remained silent, even ignoring the pet name used on him, his mind being occupied by remembering Igor’s words from last night. ‘But I’m sure you are capable of fulfilling this task. You are not alone, after all’  Akira shut his eyes for a moment, trying to activate his Mind’s Eye. Eventually, his surroundings shifted into a blue hue, only the darkened silhouettes of the other living beings around them being shown. He looked at both Ryuji and Morgana, seeing the all-to-familiar Arcana’s over their heads. 


“Seiten Taisei and Mercurius… they are here too,” said Arsene, and Akira swore he heard sadness in his persona’s voice. The frizzy haired boy blinked as he returned to his normal vision. They reached Shujin’s front gates, but quickly stopped when they saw a group of students huddled together, surrounding something.


“Woah, what’s happening there?” asked the blond, his grip around Akira lessening. They slowly approached the circle of teens, filled with curiosity as them. Morgana hopped over Akira’s head to gain some advantage. 


“Oh wow! Is he a student too?” asked Morgana from his position, confusing both boys. Suddenly, the students who where in front of them moved away, giving more space for Akira and Ryuji to see. There, in the center of the circle, was a boy around their age, his clothes where the Shujin uniform, but with some modifications to it. The blazer was open, and a clear blue tie hung from his neck. He didn’t wore the turtleneck, having the button up they used for summer instead. He also had a pair of black sneakers with white lines. Not only that, but he was seated over a black shiny motorcycle that had a peculiar yet familiar logo on it. 


“Duuuude, its that guy really from Shujin!?” said Ryuji with awe, completely thrown off by this student. The guy removed the black helmet off his head, showing a reddish hair and sharp, brown eyes. This guy faintly reminded Akira of Yusuke, same face features, same long eyelashes and similar hair, only that this boy’s hair was spiked at the nape instead. The mysterious guy locked eyes with Akira, and suddenly, another surge of energy caught up to the thief. He quickly closed his eyes and his heart leaped to his throat. 


The Sun arcana.. And…!


Akira was returned from his Mind’s eye by Ryuji, who shook him and gave him a wary stare. “Akira, that guy is looking at us… well, you” he followed the gaze of his best friend and, yep, the guy was still looking at him.


Morgana, who returned to the bag, peeked his head out to whisper at his teammates. “Akira, Ryuji, let’s go inside. The bell is about to ring and we don’t want to catch more attention…”


“He’s right, c’mon Akira” replied the blond, pulling his friend along. Akira looked behind him for one last time as he saw the mysterious guy break his gaze on him when another person walked towards him. 


‘But I’m sure you are capable of fulfilling this task. 


Igor’s words now made more sense than before, he didn’t mean his friends had their personas back...


You are not alone , after all’ 

This was going to be a long year…

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Chapter 2: Gears Set Into Motion.


Akira stood outside his best friend’s classroom. His mind was spinning with many thoughts about what is exactly going on. 


“Wildcard? Something is bothering you…” he was jolted by Arsene’s voice. The raven fixed his glasses that were a little askew, as he sharply scanned his surroundings. 


“Is it about Igor’s words?  


‘Yes.. I don’t know what they mean yet but… I think I have a hunch’


A chuckle. “Let’s see what is it about then… but first”


Arsene cut off the Mind Link as soon as the classroom door opened at his side. Students began to file out in groups and Akira searched for a shine of yellow in the sea of people. 


“Uhh… excuse me?” he heard at his side, making him stop searching for Ryuji and attend the new person. It was a girl, she had red-brown hair in a short ponytail and hair clips. They made a “22” in Roman Numerics. She had red eyes too. Her pin had a 2 on it. ‘A second-year?’ 


“Uh, yes?” asked the frizzy haired boy. The girl fidgeted a little, looking around. She seemed nervous. 


“Yeah, uhh, have you seen a boy with blue dyed hair and headphones? He is a second year too…” 


Akira tried to remember if he saw someone with that description, sadly, his mind came back blank. “Sorry, I haven’t…” he replied, seeing her face drop significantly. 


“Oh.. sorry for taking your time then, I’ll keep looking. Thanks anyways” and with that, she was gone. When he followed her lithe form, he was blocked by a eye-straining yellow graphic tee. 


“Damn man, another one shot down?” joked Ryuji, his hands on his pockets. Akira shook his head, but before he could reply, Morgana climbed up his shoulder.


“She came asking if we saw a boy with blue dyed hair and headphones…” at his words, Ryuji tensed. 


“Wait, for real!? She was looking for that Arisato guy?” 


“Arisato?” asked the raven with visible confusion.At the mention of that name, his soul shifted slightly, but Akira pay it no mind. Ryuji got closer to them, his arm looping on Akira’s shoulders. 


“Yeah, Minato Arisato. Dude is a legend here… there is a buncha rumors about him…” 




‘What’s wrong, Arsene?” 


No response. Akira walked with Ryuji on his heels, the light of the windows reflected on his glasses. “Let’s call the others. A meeting is due”

“Wait, are you serious!?” said Ryuji, his body almost thrown across the table. They managed to contact the rest of the Phantom Thieves, with some issues, and Akira just explained them his chat with Igor last night. “What do you mean Mementos is back?”


“I wish I knew, Ryuji…” 


“But.. isn’t Yaldabaoth dead? How is the Metaverse back?” Asked Ann, her expression filled with conflict. 


“We still don’t know…” chimed Morgana from his spot on Ann’s lap. 


“And you say that you felt a “surge of energy” twice?” this time was Makoto who asked, and the raven nodded. 


“It happened first on the subway a few days ago, then it happened today at the entrance” explained Akira while messing with his bangs. 


“With that motorcycle guy?” Ryuji inquired, sitting back next to Futaba. Akira nodded at him. He is still confused about that guy they saw today, but somehow he knows he’s involved into this mess.


After all, he...


“Motorcycle guy?” asked Ann, her hand on Morgana’s back midpet “who are you talking about?” Ryuji turned to her with a wild expression. 


“It was a dude from Shujin, he had brown hair and really sharp eyes, Oh! He had a blue tie too”


“Blue tie? Ah!” gasped Makoto in realization.


“Oh, it’s him…” chimed Haru, her expression beaming in remembrance “You met Tatsuya-kun, didn’t you?”


“Tatsuya?” asked Ann, her face twisted in confusion. Certainly, the name didn’t rang a bell. 


“Tatsuya Suou, he’s a senior in Shujin. He transferred from another school when he was a sophomore” explained Makoto, her eyes strained somewhere else “he has a reputation, thought” 


“He’s a sweetheart! Has a hard exterior but he cares a lot” said Haru with delight. The blond sighed, his body perched on the backrest of the chair.


“Well, the dude has to be something else if Haru of all people is talking wonders about ‘im” 


“But, how is he involved with the Metaverse in the first place?” asked Futaba “he sounds like a regular troublemaker dude with a motorcycle”


“Well, Akira mentioned he felt a surge of energy emanating from him, that means he is important, yes?” mused Yusuke, his posture pensative. 


“That’s not all…” mumbled Akira. He suddenly got the attention of everyone in the attic, pressuring him to continue. Akira took a deep breath, his stale eyes fixed with his teammates.


“He is a Wildcard too…”




Tatsuya looked at his right, like he needed to do that or else he will lose the chance. As soon as he did, he locked eyes with a grey pair, and the area around them shifted. ‘No way’ 


‘Suou!.. he..!”


The connection was cut quickly, as the blond guy behind him tugged him away inside the school gates. The boy with frizzy hair looked back at him one more time, before disappearing inside the school.


“Is he…” the voice of his Persona resonated with passion. Tatsuya nodded.


“Yes, he is” he responded, his eyes closing in another figure approaching him “but not now, Apollo. I have to ask Philemon first” 

Tatsuya entered the shining blue door on the rooftop of Shujin, his eyes landing on the same room he was before. When Tatsuya first arrived to Tokyo, it was a fresh breath of air from his old life in Regendai. He still misses his old friends, but his life was finally more normal , after the events a year prior. 


But everything changed when the Phantom Thieves started going wild online and outside. He has heard of the story, even his brother Katsuya inspected the case, on how this vigilante group took all of Japan by storm in less than a month. At that moment, he never interacted with his Persona, Apollo, or even heard of Igor and Philemon again. 


Until now.


Now, Philemon and Igor are reaching for him, and Apollo was back too.

Tatsuya opened the door of his ‘room’ into the hallway. One of the doors had a dark red light above. That wasn’t there..


Tatsuya looked at his own door, now lit in a less blood colored red. The teen walked all the way until he found Igor, his long fingers tapping rhythmically over the table. The brunett sat in one of the chairs infront of Igor, on other chairs, this time near Igor, sat three figures.


“Tatsuya-chan, I thought you where a goner.” beckoned Belladonna while playing with the puff sleeves around her dress’s shoulder. It was weird not hearing her speak while singing. She sat cross legged, her gaze fixed on the agi user. Next to her, was Nameless. His hands where clasped together over his lap.


“You might wonder why we brought you here now… “ Tatsuya nodded “oh! It seems you have encountered him ” the brunett was startled by the sudden change of topic. 


“Who?” asked the teen, his eyes shifting from Belladonna, to Nameless and then resting on Igor.


“The Trickster” a voice claimed, accompanied by pristine footsteps. 

Emerging from the dark of the room, he stood at the right of Igor’s desk, his hands folded behind his back. Tatsuya tensed at the figure standing in front of him.




“He is aware of the return of the Demon Realm, in this case for him, Mementos. And you both crossed paths for the first time” explained Philemon, his face expressionless due to his stark white mask.


“He is also able to wield multiple Personas, making him what we call a Wildcard”


“I knew that energy from him was peculiar…”


“Another one of us… interesting” mused Apollo. 


“But, why now? What are you planning, Philemon?” asked Tatsuya with a small scowl. He didn’t trusted Philemon, not after what happened last year.


Or almost happened, that is.


Philemon shook his head, one of his hands extended towards Tatsuya in a gentlemanly way. “Soon you will know, Suou” 


After that exchange, Tatsuya was sent back to his room, exiting the Velvet Room for now.


What did Philemon did now?




The oppressing atmosphere is something they never got used to, no matter how many times they were there. 


“So Mementos is back” mutered Queen, seeing her surroundings with dread and awe. The area wasn’t the sickening black and red, rather a dull grey and white color scheme, making it look holy. 


“This place was here due to Yaldabaoth’s influence, now that he is dead, there is no control in the Metaverse” said Mona, his regular cat form still retained. Since Mona is a creation of the cognition, he could still exist as a cat due to his Metaverse form being destroyed. 


“But, If the Metaverse is back, then that means someone as powerful as Yaldabaoth is in control” asked Oracle in her spot, sitting in a bench with her knees up her chest. 


“That must be the case” 


“Well, no time to lose then!” chimed Skull, cracking his knuckles “let’s find who’s been messin’ with the Metaverse”


“But, how are we supposed to go around? Mona can’t transform into a van anymore” said Panther, pointing at the feline on her side. Mona ducked his head in guilt, ears flopped over his head.


“I’m sorry…”


“Don’t be, Mona” reassured Noir, petting the animal with care “it’s not your fault”


“I’ll guess we need to find a way to go down Mementos, for now we have to return” Decided Joker, turning towards his team and pulling his phone out.


“Seems reasonable. It’s dangerous to waltz in and be attacked by hordes of Shadows” mused Fox, a hand under his chin. At his side, Skull groaned in disappointment. The world shifted around them as they left the Metaverse. 

Back on the school rooftop, the team glanced around, seeing that it was pretty late. The sky was tinted with a canvas full of oranges, yellows and speckles of red. Yusuke framed the sky with his fingers, the tall skyscrapers and the Tokyo Tower adorning the background.


“Sooo, the Metaverse is back huh” said Ryuji, his arm looped around Akira’s shoulders and bringing him closer. The raven felt a tug on his chest at the action and Arsene’s flames burned with livid passion. Weird


“Yeah. what Igor told me seems to be the case” he pondered, still trying to come up with an idea of why the Metaverse was back and kicking. With it, means that the Phantom Thieves are back? He wasn’t sure. Shido and Akechi weren’t there to threaten them anymore but he wanted to get to the bottom of this.


“Welp, guess we are back in business!” gleamed the blond, closing a bit more of their distance in a sideways hug. The bespectacled teen smiled softly, accepting the hug. He loved this moments with Ryuji, his best friend, not like he didn’t cared about his other friends. But Ryuji had something that Akira was fascinated with, yet he couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly.


A noise made the teen perk up. Akira turned around and he quickly saw another person with them, emerging out of a blue ethereal door.


Akira gasped, gaining the attention of his team and the other person with them. Their sharp, brown eyes piercing his being. The same surge of energy rocked their bodies in a wave of dizziness. 

Tatsuya Suou.