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Polypodosapien Rituals

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The room was white, and smelled of sterilizer. The blue haze of the fluorescent lights flickered and hummed. One of them was humming at a slightly higher frequency than the others, causing Namjoon's head to ache dully. It was approximately a C#, but he did not know that, sitting as he was in a mountain of Manilla folders, separating out different notes he had taken over the last three months. 


The creature behind the glass enclosure, however, could hear it, and knew the note (although not by its human name) and knew that it gave Namjoon pain, even though he had not taken any conscious notice of it yet. 


The floor tiles glowed, too brightly, and Namjoon's pen ran out of ink, making him sigh and scribble it harshly on the margins of his notes, trying in vain to manage any lingering ink out of the device. But all that resulted were shallow indents in his paper in scrawled, haphazard lines, and absolutely no ink. 


The creature sat quietly in its enclosure, watching Namjoon through the glass through hooded eyes, wondering when he was going to come in to see him today. One dark appendage hovered in the air, sensitive to the minute shifts of temperature in the heavily air conditioned test chamber. 


Twenty minutes passed before Namjoon sat up, having acquired a fresh pen and finishing his paperwork for the time being. He stretched, letting out a deep sigh.


Inside the test chamber, the creature watched. The dark appendage stretched out, feeling sore from yesterday, and the creature withdrew it with a sort of physical, silent sigh of the muscles, echoing Namjoon's actions. 


Namjoon stood up, unaware of how closely he was being observed, and stacked up his papers. The lab coat he was wearing looked clean enough, but the creature knew that there would be a bit of a musk to its smell, a result of a fresh young doctor, new to his field, who was required to put in those extra-long days to prove himself to his peers and his department. Results must be proven, data must be logged, lives must be saved, or it would all easily go down the drain, along with every scrap of his hard-begged-for grant money for this project. 


He looked up at last, meeting the creature's eyes. A little smile came to his lips, and he gave a little wave, more of a shaking of his large hands back and forth. The creature hesitated, then slowly raised a tentacle in reply, shaking it back at him. He could see Namjoon give a silent chuckle, doing that thing he tended to do when he was shy, looking down and hunching up his shoulders, dimples peering out on both cheeks, deep and endearing just like the man himself. Namjoon pulled a handle on the wall, opening the airlocked test chamber door with a hissing sound.


"Morning, Jungkook, how are you feeling today?"


The creature blinked at him, eyes wide and dark. It was sometimes hard to adjust to using his more humanoid eyes, since he was more used to "seeing" by other, more bottom-of-the-ocean-friendly means. Jungkook shuffled a little on the wide bed he had been placed on, the mattress broad enough to house his entire torso as well as all thirteen of his tentacles, of varying weights and colors and sizes. The tentacles, from what Namjoon's research team had gathered, seemed to take the place of where the creature's legs would be, if he were human. 


Namjoon had seen his first Ceph when he was just a boy, playing on the beach. They had started to crop up with more frequency, and studies were suggesting that they were appearing more in human-dwelling areas due to their natural habitat being threatened by military submarines and pollution. 


Namjoon had spent most of his life obsessively dedicated to understanding and researching Cephs. Their technical, scientific label was polypodosapien , but the more layman's term of them was simply Cephs.


Ceph's has been proven to be intelligent, highly sociable creatures. They were capable of some speech, but naturally humanoid languages were not their native tongue, so communication had been severely delayed and very challenging. 


Jungkook, and other members of his pod, had been among some of the most adaptable Cephs they had found this far. Jungkook himself had adapted to human speech in less than a year, and he had been particularly fond of the scientists and doctors that had been frequenting the beach they lived and hunted near. It hadn't taken long for Namjoon has noticed the creature was a bit clingier than some of his peers, at least when Namjoon was nearby. Even now, when Namjoon pulled up a chair to sit by his side, one of the thicker tentacles reached out and coiled around Namjoon's arm, hugging him gently. 


"Good morning, Namjoon," he croaked out, his voice crackling a little. Namjoon smiled, leaning in to run his hand across Jungkook's hair and brushing it away from his face. They had had to trim Jungkook's hair for the surgery, unfortunately. It had once been so long and beautiful, and Namjoon had thought that the cutting had been a bit too barbaric, in the end. But circumstances being what they had been, he had to concede that it was more important that Jungkook was healing up. The shaggy and crookedly cut hair now hung around his ears and dangled down into his face, the dark hair matching his dark eyes.


"Does your neck still hurt?" Namjoon asked, leaning in to inspect the healing scars along the back of Jungkook's neck. There had been a couple of stitches to close up the skin, but luckily nothing too major, and from what they could tell, there was no sign of infections. But Namjoon refused to allow himself to forget that Ceph's were largely not understood yet, and they couldn't be certain. Having Jungkook confirm no pain was probably the best they could do to know. 


A few days ago, Jungkook had been struck by a fishing boat while out hunting, and he had ended up coming to the beach for help. Namjoon had felt his heart stop when he had seen the Ceph being brought into the test chamber, bleeding, all tentacles twitching in pain, as he grabbed at Namjoon and his fellow scientist Yoongi with his hands, begging for help. Namjoon felt riddled with guilt on behalf of the human race, as if he had been personally responsible for the fishing boat's error. 


Before the accident, Jungkook has been the portrait of healthy, according to himself and some of his podmates. From what Namjoon knew of Ceph's, he had to heartily agree. Jungkook was made of lean muscle, slim shoulders, petit waist and long, veiny arms that loved to touch and caress. He had bright playful eyes and a deep laugh that rang out warmly when he was playing pranks or amused by some silly thing. And the tentacles… 


Professionally speaking, Namjoon had to be an unbiased, objective observer when it came to certain aspects of Cephs. He knew that.


But privately, personally speaking, he thought Jungkook's tentacles were some of the prettiest he had ever seen. To call them black was an understatement, as upon further inspection, one could see the reds, purples, greens and blues that shimmered in the depths of their hue, with a translucent sheen like obsidian. With each minute movement, Jungkook's dark skin seemed to ripple and sheen, and when he was nervous or distracted, his unsettled movements were undeniably mesmerizing, as they were now. Namjoon watched Jungkook's tentacles wriggle and coil for several minutes until he realized he had been silently staring. He shook himself out of his distraction, and smiled up toward Jungkook's face awkwardly. It was then that he realized what he had been staring at. Jungkook looked extremely uncomfortable, and his skin was covered in a thin, shiny layer over sweat which seemed to glow white under the cruel fluorescent lights. His lips looked discolored, a strange sort of greenish hue that Namjoon had never seen them bear before.


"Jungkook? Are you okay?"


Jungkook seemed notably slow in his responses, turning his head to meet Namjoon's eyes, his chest rising and falling more rapidly than usual. Namjoon frowned, standing up to collect Jungkook's heart rate, moisture levels, and other vitals. It wasn't looking good. Namjoon triple-checked the wounds on Jungkook's head, but those seemed to be healing up properly, as he expected.


He tried to ignore the strange look of desperation and concern on Jungkook's face as he rushed around the Ceph, trying to figure out the source of the problem. Was it his heart? One of his multiple lungs? Was it the room?


Namjoon shuffled in, bending over the bed to check Jungkook's vision with his little penlight he always carried in his pocket. As soon as he lifted his hand, however, Jungkook's fingers reached around Namjoon's wrist, making him pause in worry.


Jungkook bit his lip, as if he was trying to find the right words, but nothing came. His mouth opened, for the briefest of moments, and then closed again.


"What is it, Jungkookie?" Namjoon murmured softly. The young Ceph looked so troubled, he couldn't help his instincts. He had made it his life's mission to care for these lovely, sweet-hearted creatures, and if something serious were going on at Jungkook... Even with ample warning, it was unclear what he could do about it, considering how little they understood polypodosapien bodies and their respective immune systems. He could kill him with the wrong vitamin pill, if he wasn't absolutely careful.


Due to his concern, as well as his frustration with his lack of knowledge as of yet, Namjoon was overwhelmed for a brief second with empathy, and he reached out, cupping Jungkook's cheeks in his hands and encouraging them to have eye contact. Jungkook's dark gaze flickered his direction, which was what he had wanted, but he hadn't taken into account that that was, perhaps, not the best thing to do in the situation. Jungkook gave a little whimper, similar to a dog, a weak and vulnerable creature.


"Namjoon," Jungkook managed, "P-please..."


Namjoon arched an eyebrow, unsure about the sound. Perhaps there was pain somewhere? He would have to check for any muscular sensitivity. "Are you hurting somewhere? Is it here?" He reached out and ran his open palm down Jungkook's chest, intending to graze it across the upper stomach, as they believed a special organ was located near there, although they hadn't been able to find any Ceph bodies fresh enough to answer some very important details as to the organ's function. The best they had been able to conceive was that it contributed to the hormonal levels of the Ceph in question.


As soon as Namjoon's hands brushed the skin of Jungkook's chest, the creature audibly gasped, and Namjoon wasn't sure what it meant. He moved to withdraw his hand, but Jungkook simply closed his eyes, biting his bottom lip and continuing to pant, looking stressed out and scared. Namjoon pursed his lips together. If he was sensitive on his chest, it was possible that the problem was with that special organ.


"Jungkook, I'm going to just lightly touch your stomach to check something, okay? Let me know how you feel when I touch here." As he spoke, he slowly brought his hand back to Jungkook's chest, this time his fingertips brushing against the delicate skin around the Ceph's bellybutton. Jungkook reacted instantly, bucking up until his back was arched, and a deep, resonant sound seemed to vibrate out of his very being, short but definitely there and undeniable.


Frozen in place, Namjoon tilted his head, his hands held lightly against Jungkook's skin. He probably should have left things there. Backed off and just decided to do the doctor thing and observe, see if Jungkook's immune system would kick in and handle this whatever-it-was on its own. But Namjoon did not start studying Ceph's purely out of any sort of need or obligation. There was also the grand draw of curiosity, and potential danger. He needed to know what he would see.


Namjoon dropped his hand to the younger's stomach, pleasantly surprised to see that Jungkook reacted similarly to the previous touch, however this time, it was accompanied by the very endearing sound of Jungkook calling out Namjoon's name in a weak little cry. The Ceph's face was already red with embarrassment, and what Namjoon could only logically assume was some sort of sensitivity to direct stimuli.


He hadn't really been around his own pod much the last few days, actually. Usually, the Cephs tended to swim very close together, even doing a daily ritual of running their hands across each others' skin, or even suckle on each other's arms or tentacles as if they were removing some sort of irksome microorganism. But Namjoon's research had uncovered no particular reason or it , other than it potentially being a form of social grooming.


Was Jungkook feeling too deprived of that? Was that his problem? Namjoon had seen Cephs do it to each other hundreds of times, but he was still very unsure of himself as he reached out and ran his hand up and down Jungkook's stomach, from the start of his nipples to the spot on his hips just above where the tentacles began. The Ceph let out a little grunt, cute and frustrated, and moved his hips up closer to Namjoon's hand. 


"Feels good," Jungkook managed, the words slipping out between his lips even as one of his tentacles slipped off the side of the bed, brushing against Namjoon's leg. "Namjoon…"


"Yeah?" Namjoon queried, his eyes on Jungkook's chest but his attention, for the moment, on the rogue tentacle that was swinging back and forth with increasing purpose against his pant leg. "You've been here for a few days. Do you miss the water?"


Jungkook considered for a moment, letting the words sink in. Then he shook his head, indicating no.


"Do you miss your pod?" 


Jungkook frowned a little, then shook his head again.


"Do you miss… being touched?" Namjoon formed the words but they felt awkward and somehow too intimate. He was supposed to be a professional, after all. But it was one thing to write a dissertation about polypodosapiens in the safety and solitude of your apartment. It was another to have a Ceph suddenly whimper a little and tremble before you, with nothing seemingly wrong with him except for a need for physical contact. Namjoon wasn't sure what was needed, what was being asked for. But he knew he wanted to give it, if he could.


Jungkook stared at Namjoon for a moment at the question, and then turned away, avoiding his eyes. When he had turned on his side, a long pause of a near minute passed before he reluctantly gave a nod. Namjoon realized, with surprise, that Jungkook was feeling shy about his need.


“Jungkook?” he asked. Instinctively, he leaned forward across the hospital bed, half-laying across Jungkook and half hugging him. His arms stretched across the boy as if to shelter and protect him. Jungkook shifted a little in surprise, then gradually seemed to go slack, relaxing under the weight of Namjoon's chest. He breathed a little heavier than normal, but other than that, he seemed to be rather comfortable underneath him. Namjoon wasn't sure how long he should stay there, holding onto him, sharing body warmth, relaxing him, but his back was starting to ache from the position after a few minutes.


There was a little shuffle beneath him, and then a single, chilly hand was gingerly moving across Namjoon's bicep, feather-light and gentle. Jungkook's hand blindly found its way up Namjoon's arm and over his shoulder. He remained steady, not moving as he waited to see what the Ceph was going to do. When the cold fingertips tucked inside the collar of his button-up shirt, Namjoon jolted a little, mostly from the cold as well as surprise. Jungkook's hand stilled, measuring his reaction like a small spooked creature, and when he didn't react or move in return, Jungkook quietly came to understand the wordless assent, sliding his hand deeper into Namjoon's shirt until his palm was laid flat against Namjoon's collar, the shirt buttons strained from the angle he was pulling at. To give Jungkook better reach, he lifted up off the bed a little, until he could meet Jungkook's eyes again. The tension in the air was so palatable, he could have drowned in it.


Namjoon's mind raced, finally coming up with the theory that, while hugs were nice, it was very possible that Jungkook needed skin-to-skin contact just like his pod always gave each other. With practiced, slow movements, Namjoon reached up with one hand and fumbled through unbuttoning the top button, then the second one, then the third. At the releasing of each section, Jungkook dove his hand deeper into Namjoon's shirt, with gradually increased confidence. Namjoon shivered a little when Jungkook's fingertips brushed icily across one nipple, and a greedy glint flashed in the young Ceph's eyes as he brought his thumb across the sensitive spot, brushing back and forth in a way that made something deep in Namjoon's gut flip over thrice in anticipation. It was at this moment that Namjoon realized that things were not going in a particularly professional direction here, but how could he stop Jungkook? It wasn't his fault that he was touch-deprived, having trusted in Namjoon's healing knowledge to bring him back to healthy. It wasn't his fault that he had some sort of innate need for touch.


Something else was hanging in the air, too. Something Namjoon couldn't really put a word to, no matter how many words he learned or found. But the unnameable thing caused goosebumps to rise on his arms, a chill in his spine even as a heat formed deep in his gut.




Jungkook stared up at him, watching Namjoon's mouth, then his Adam's apple as he swallowed with increasing nervousness. The realization crept up slowly, silently, as he watched the young Ceph. Jungkook's arms laced around his neck, muscles tightening as he tilted his sweet face and gave a little smile, teeth peeking through as his eyes seemed to sparkle with knowing. The rogue tentacle was now tightly wrapped around his leg, coiled around and keeping him there, slowly tightening and loosening as if the tentacles were pulsing in a non-existent breath. Namjoon licked his lips nervously, then he acted. He knew he shouldn't have, but... sometimes people do things they shouldn't. Or so he reassured himself as he spontaneously leaned down, his lips crushing against Jungkook's soft, waiting mouth. Jungkook's hands were suddenly in his hair, and he could feel as well as hear the little grunt that escaped Jungkook, his torso lifting up toward Namjoon and pressing up against his chest in neediness. Two more tentacles wrapped around Namjoon, simply quivering with excitement as Namjoon deepened the kiss, one hand cupping Jungkook's beautiful, elegant jaw.


But the moment Namjoon's tongue slipped past Jungkook's lips, a switch went off. Jungkook let out an almost pained gasp, and Namjoon opened his eyes to see an expression of shock on the creature's face.


Namjoon started to pull away from Jungkook, but before their lips could part, Namjoon felt his entire mouth filled so much that his jaw was fully extended. He realized with a shock that it was Jungkook's tongue, now inhumanly long and thick, and it filled his mouth and throat instantly and without hesitation. He choked, gagged, and clung to Jungkook, doubly confused when he realized Jungkook was wriggling beneath him in obvious arousal, the tentacles now flying around him like dozens of snakes, circling and gripping at him. One found its way into his pants, and he grunted around the tongue that was forcing his mouth open. He wasn't sure if he should push away or try to cry out, so he remained where he was, now laying on top of Jungkook on the bed, propping himself up shakily on two hands which were planted on either side of the Ceph's face, and he took it. His throat relaxed and he could feel himself growing hard, eyes watering a little and his mouth beginning to go a little numb from the rub of Jungkook's tongue. Jungkook's face was up against his own, and Namjoon could see through the blurry vision that the Ceph's eyes were squeezed shut, and he could feel the young creature's hands grappling at him in desperation.


Blindly, Namjoon shifted one hand beneath him off the bed and laid it against Jungkook's chest. The slender torso careened upwards, as though Namjoon exuded life energy from his very fingertips, and Jungkook's tentacles shivered as one, suddenly increasing in impatience. The tongue slipped out from Namjoon's mouth and he coughed a little, tasting something strange in his mouth. He touched a fingertip to his tongue, and glanced at it. He couldn't see any coloration, but there was definitely something other than his saliva there.


Jungkook's need didn't allow him for any more contemplation beyond that, as the tentacles surrounded him in a sudden wave, bumping clumsily against each other in their rush to get to Namjoon, touch Namjoon, hold Namjoon close. A few of the tentacles were pulling and tugging at his clothes, threatening to tear them away. Namjoon sat up shakily, throwing aside his coat, then unbuttoning his shirt as fast as he could and holding it out so that Jungkook could throw it aside. He then moved forward, his chest now bare, just wanting to kiss Jungkook again, but the Ceph stopped him, propping him up with two tentacles. Namjoon gave a little smirk, seeing the heated look on Jungkook's face.


"What is it?" Namjoon croaked. He expected the little blush across Jungkook's cheeks. He expected the firm way the tentacles propped him up.


What he didn't expect, truly, was Jungkook to lick his dry lips for a moment, a hand brushing Namjoon's bangs aside, and whisper, "My mate..."


Namjoon arched an eyebrow, confused. He didn't get much time to argue, however, as Jungkook's tentacles moved in to wrap around him again, a black tornado of waves that lifted him off the bed entirely, encompassing him like a protective blanket. The jeans were taken away mere moments later, and then Jungkook was reaching out his bare arms to Namjoon again, slowly bringing him back down until Namjoon's head rested against his chest. He cradled Namjoon in his arms, and Namjoon noticed that the usually cool skin of the young Ceph was uncharacteristically warm against his cheek. Jungkook petted Namjoon's hair, letting out a happy hum.


"My mate...My sweet...My beautiful Namjoonie."


It was at that moment that Namjoon realized that Jungkook was not saying anything aloud. It was Jungkook's voice, echoing in his head, clear and understandable. While Namjoon felt his blood freeze in a momentary panic, Jungkook continued to lay gentle kisses atop his head.


"My lovely Namjoonie, all mine now," said the Jungkook voice in his head. Namjoon blinked, raising his head up a bit to look at Jungkook's face, which was glowing with a sappy smile as he watched Namjoon curiously.


"What?" Namjoon managed to say, not sure what was going on. "What do you mean, mate?"


Jungkook smiled more brightly, his teeth braced and his eyes crinkling in mirth. "You started the ritual," came the Jungkook echo, clattering against the inside of Namjoon's skull. "Now you're my mate. I'm so happy. I wanted it to be you."


"Wait, I..." Alarm bells were resounding in his head, and Jungkook's smile faded, the Ceph's head tilting to the side as he started to look concerned. Namjoon continued to fumble through his words, "I didn't know! What mating ritual? What did I do?"


In reply, Jungkook leaned forward again, his hands snaking behind Namjoon's neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss. This time, Jungkook was the first to thrust his tongue in to trespass, eagerly deepening the sloppy, wet kiss until he suddenly started to fill Namjoon's mouth again as before. This time, however, when Namjoon opened his eyes to peek, he was met with Jungkook's gaze, deep and determined, sensual and beloved.


And maybe Namjoon should have felt...guilty, or something. He wasn't sure. He wracked his brain for something, anything he could have done that would have harmed Jungkook or made him a mating-level promise, but he wasn't sure. It was very hard to think when Jungkook was filling his mouth, staring at him in fascination as the man gagged on the impossibly long tongue, the strong appendage that refused to lessen until Namjoon's throat loosened again, and his jaw went slack to receive.


Meanwhile, as Namjoon was being distracted in one orifice, Jungkook's black, sleek tentacles were in search of another, seeking out a new kind of pleasure. He couldn't tell if it was two tentacles or four, but they were teasingly fluttering and tugging at the area around his boxers, flickering against him and coiling around his waist, his bare thighs, and even against the top of the crease of his buttocks, sliding up and down teasingly as his back arched backwards, his body stiff and unable to move far as he was being consumed and being played with, his body bent between needs of either side. When one of the tentacles slipped into the front of his boxers, coiling around his now-hard member and giving it a slick, smooth twisting and coiled flick, Namjoon gasped, his eyes watering as he felt a wave of beautiful white-hot pleasure shoot through his body for the briefest of moments. Namjoon's arms gave out as the tentacles began to rapidly and expertly twist and tug at his heated cock, the coolness of the strange, slightly-sticky slime that clung to his skin just served to make him positively shiver with new sensations, and he could no longer hold himself. It was just as well, as Jungkook wrapped around him again and effectively was bearing his entire weight with merely two tentacles. He smiled up at Namjoon, whispering endless compliments and praises to him. The Jungkook voice in his head, which was apparently some sort of mate-related telepathy, insisted that Namjoon's body was one of the prettiest and loveliest he had ever seen, and that Namjoon deserved the best. These compliments made Namjoon feel nervous, and he whimpered around Jungkook's tongue, feeling helplessly exposed.


"Namjoon is so pretty when I fill him up," Jungkook's voice echoed in his head, the Ceph looking mightily pleased with himself. "So pretty..."


Namjoon felt the tickle of saliva as a thick trail dribbled down the chin of his open mouth, mixed with whatever that slime thing was that Jungkook was marking his insides with like a possessive signature of slime. His eyes rolled as the tentacles twisted faster and faster, pumping him with increased fervor until he could not longer see straight. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to make himself against the oncoming waves of stimulation and pleasure, but there was no making his body calm, no where else to go but up, as he came in great thick bursts which splattered across the tentacles and across his boxers, some of the wide drops lingering on his stomach in great splats of white. The tongue slipped out of his mouth, allowing him to cough and gasp his breath back, even as the tentacles continued to pump at his spent cock, milking and overstimulating him. After a moment of inconsistent shudders, he gasps again, mindlessly shifting to provide Jungkook better access. The touches became so powerful that soon they ached, a lovely and overstimulating pain that dotted every wave of ecstasy.


He called out Jungkook's name, not sure if he did it verbally or just loudly declared it in his head, but either way the Ceph hummed in acknowledgement, his movements gradually slowly to a stop. Namjoon shivered multiple times as he eventually came down from the tensity of the tentacles. He realized then that mixed with his own cum was that same clear tentacle-slime that he had gotten in his mouth earlier, and he stared at it coating his cock now.


"Namjoonie?" came Jungkook, calling him again in a gentle tone. Jungkook's arms encircled Namjoon once again, this time around his waist, anchoring him as he sat straddling the Ceph. "Do you want me, too?"


Namjoon blinked a little, a bit too spent to be quite as solid and well-rehearsed and responsible as he felt he should have been for Jungkook, but here they were, nonetheless. He couldn't quite see straight, still exhausted from the orgasm and the following over-stimulation, but he knew exactly what was leaving his mouth as he turned to Jungkook, nodding and saying, "Of course."






"Then kiss me," Jungkook demanded, and Namjoon chuckled as he leaned down through the strain of the tentacles themselves, meeting Jungkook's lips with his own. This kiss felt different from the rest (although he had to admit, there hadn't been SUCH a huge amount that  much comparison could be sensibly considered) in its depth and gentle nature. Through the kiss, Namjoon felt Jungkook's beating heart, the blood rushing through his veins at speeds notably increased than normal. And Namjoon kissed him. He kissed him and touched him, fingertips pressing into his skin and enjoying the sensation.


After a few moment of shared kisses, however, Jungkook seemed to grow impatient again. He whimpered, bucking up his hips up against Namjoon, the unimpeded tentacles restless in their rapid, haphazard movement in all directions without care. Namjoon hesitated, not sure what to do or what he would find when he figured out where to go next. He watched Jungkook wriggle about with abandon for some moments, meanwhile mustering up his courage and insatiable curiosity, and then he slid off the bed and off of Jungkook. He felt chilly and barren in just his soiled and damp boxers, and he shivered. Jungkook's eyes were quickly locked on him, watching him in interest as he made his way to the foot of the bed. Below Jungkook's waist was the start of the black tentacles, laid across each other now in a protective pile, thick and strong. He had seen Jungkook swim with them, had seen him chase other Cephs around in play and had seen him overtake creatures in the hunt. He knew, with some degree of certainty, the level of strength which those tentacles hid. They could do quite a bit more than easily lift him off the ground or throw him.


But beneath? Beneath the tentacles was a bit more of a mystery, and Namjoon had been, secretly, very curious about the mechanics of Cephs for quite some time. While taking temperatures or logging their pod habits was one thing, it never felt appropriate to ask a Ceph about their sexual expeditions, and so far they had only been able to glean somewhat vague references to a mating ritual, which he knew had to be completed, "or else." What this "or else" was, what the sexual activities entailed. Truth be told, they hadn't even been able to properly or directly gender Cephs, since many of them seemed not to match up with common human binary standards. But that hadn't been surprising, on its own, to Namjoon nor his colleagues. The animal kingdom maintained a generally much more lax view of gender and sex, and having a species which suggested hermaphroditic qualities was considerably common and of no cause for concern. Jungkook was called as he had asked Namjoon and the others to call him, and that was simply that.


But to know for certain? Namjoon was a bit nervous. Probably sensing his nerves, or hearing it through the strange sort of fuzzy telepathic communication they had acquired once the ritual began, Jungkook gave Namjoon a bit of assistance. The tentacles withdrew carefully like a black curtain, pulling away. As he did so, Jungkook's hands came up to cover his face, eyes peering out bashfully between the gaps in his fingers. Namjoon waited patiently, until the tentacles were pulled aside, leaving one long odd-looking tentacle. It was thin along its end, but with a broad sac-like base, which drew Namjoon's eye in fixed fascination. The strange little tentacle was, as far as he could tell, Jungkook's equivalent to a penis. He reached out, fingertips brushing against the delicate appendage, and Jungkook's body wriggled a bit in shy response. He covered his eyes more, even as he wriggled his hips in a silent request for more. Namjoon smiled, gingerly cupping the sac in his hand and starting to massage at its length, Jungkook immediately started to moan, audible and overwhelmed. He mumbled Namjoon's name, asking him to touch him more, more, more. And Namjoon felt a strange prickle at his nerves, goosebumps rising on his arms as he realized that every fibre of his being wanted to spoil Jungkook until he was an utter mess.


Jungkook suddenly sat straight up on the bed, his arms snaking around Namjoon's neck as he gasped and moaned right into Namjoon's ear, breath hot and tickling against his skin. Namjoon increased his strokes, alternating between the thick sac, which now felt taut and heated, and the rest of Jungkook's length. The inconsistent switching back and forth seemed to drive Jungkook crazy, hopefully in the best way, as he clung to Namjoon tighter and mumbled something inhuman into Namjoon's ear, the language of his own people. The words seemed to have an even further aphrodisiac affect on Namjoon, who slide his hand back and forth with added energy, making Jungkook jolt and then being to intermittently tremble.


Namjoon quite contentedly continued pleasuring Jungkook for several more minutes, until every movement caused Jungkook to gasp and moan in a pretty little way.


"Jungkookie," he said gently, interrupting Jungkook's increased cries. "Won't you cum?"


"I wanna," Jungkook managed, his voice thin and slightly gravelly from his moans. He was finding no relief, Namjoon realized. Only build-up and foreplay. "I can't..."


"What do you need?" Namjoon queried, confused at to what was expected.


Jungkook gave a little whimper again, then reluctantly straightened up a little. He opened his mouth to speak, but then thought better of it, leaning forward and planting his cheek against Namjoon's bare collarbone. "I gotta be inside ..." he mumbled. "Please?"


Namjoon hesitated, not sure why he hadn't expected that. It was likely a hormonal release, a rush of endorphins or somesuch polypodosapien equivalent which would relieve the pressure building in Jungkook's body. Now it made sense. If he didn't complete the 'mating,' then Jungkook would find no relief. That was the 'or else.'


But what did that mean in the long term? Namjoon wasn't sure. He wasn't prepared for this. He was just a scientist, a man of studies and often not much else. But Jungkook clung to him, somehow both tiny and enormous at the same time, vulnerable and frighteningly formidable, all in one. His skin had heated to a feverish sort of warm as he held onto Namjoon, hugging him close and praying into his chest for permission.


"Are you sure?" Namjoon forced the words out. "You sure you want it to be me?"


Jungkook nodded, not even hesitating. Namjoon would have time to consider that utter lack of hesitation later. For the moment, he was slipping his boxers down,  letting the ruined fabric flutter to the floor.


"H-how do you want me?" Namjoon asked, standing bare naked in front of the Ceph, who blinked up at him in hungry curiosity. Namjoon thought he would have leapt in all at once, but instead, the young Ceph seemed to soak in the sight of Namjoon in a deliberate fell swoop, eyes moving from Namjoon's head to his toes, hesitating on some particular parts and looking hungrier by the moment. He licked his lips, the oddly enormous tongue flickering across his dry mouth and moistening it with need.


"Can I...?"


Namjoon was already shivering, anticipating what was coming next. But he nodded, spreading out his arms in an open gesture of acceptance. "Come, Jungkookie."

Jungkook slithered forward, moving impossibly fast on his tentacled feet until he was right up against Namjoon, the tentacles and his hands and mouth now going wild with desperation. The tentacles reached around his waist, slithering between his buttocks and spreading them, anchoring Namjoon where he was and supporting him as his legs began to shake. One particularly thick tentacle brushed against his entrance, even as Jungkook's hands worked Namjoon's now revived member with fervor. He groaned, open-mouthed and with his head tilted back. Jungkook leaned in, greedily catching Namjoon's mouth as he worked open Namjoon from behind, savoring each direct touch as if it gave him air. It wasn't long before Jungkook was slipping the tip of one tentacle inside, the others lifting Namjoon up off the floor and bending his knees up, to allow him to stretch more easily. He was held midair, the tentacle inside him moving with such acute control and speed that Namjoon finally let out a breath to try and relax his body. His eyes met Jungkook's, as the Ceph was watching his face very closely, careful to look for any signs that may have crossed his mate's face. Namjoon groaned, letting Jungkook know wordlessly that it felt so good, the tickle of the tentacle inside of him, filling him up. He reached out and cupped Jungkook's face in his hands, thinking about forcing Jungkook to meet his eyes. But then the tentacle slipped dipper inside, widening as it entered him, and causing an ache deep within him that had him gasping for air, suddenly pulling Jungkook's face to plant him against Namjoon's chest, holding him close as a way to ground himself as he arched his back, adjusting to the new sensation. He had never experienced something like this, feeling the tentacle brush against him with such control, as though it could see him from the inside out and was exploring every angle quite deliberately. He groaned, tossing his head back and weakly attempting to press himself down onto the tentacle, already aching from the depth but wanting more and more of Jungkook.


The Ceph then surprised him, turning his head to the side and mouthing at one of his nipples, gently biting at the tip and then licking around it in circles. Somehow, it made the ache inside of him flutter into a hard pleasure of pressure points and nerves, and he cried out in surprise, hugging Jungkook to his chest roughly, his fingers digging into the Ceph's shoulders, careful to avoid the back of his still-healing neck. Other than his tentacles, Jungkook barely had to move, but he was clinging greedily to Namjoon, obviously aroused himself, panting and moaning against Namjoon's bare chest with need.


"More, Jungkook," Namjoon demanded, fingernails leaving marks. He wanted to mark Jungkook, he realized with a distant gasp, his cognitive functions blurred in the sensations and sweat that smudged all other lines of understanding. He wanted to make it obvious that the Ceph had done this with him, had wanted him .


Jungkook nodded, sucking at Namjoon's left nipple hungrily, even as the large black tentacle was pushing in deeper, now thrusting back and forth with more caution, waiting until that strange, clear, sticky substance was properly recoating Namjoon's entrance to make the slide easier. He thrust in particularly deep, and the ache in his belly became overwhelmingly powerful, until Namjoon was seeing stars flash before his eyes. He gasped, squeezing his eyes shut and holding himself in place, bracing his arms against Jungkook's shoulders.


"Oh...." he gasped out, nearly toppling forward. "Oh fuck ."


"Does it feel good? Are you okay?" Jungkook whispered, as though too shy to break through the air with his questions.


"Go slow," Namjoon instructed. "Fuck, it's deep."


A little smile twitched on the edges of Jungkook's lips, and Namjoon was sure it was at least partially out of pride, but he did as he was asked, going slowly as he continued to fill Namjoon. They spent a long time like that, Namjoon clutching Jungkook's shoulders as he was lifted and lowered down onto the tentacle, their gasps and moans exhaled into each other's skin, echoing throughout the observation chamber. The room around them felt chilly and cool, but between them there was so much heat, so much wetness, that Namjoon felt sweat dripping down his temples. His cock bounced hard and heavy between them, and he could feel that dizzying feeling pooling in his belly.


"Namjoon," Jungkook asked, his fingertips raking across Namjoon's stomach, the thin red lines he left in the sensitive skin there dancing between the swelling hickeys he had left, "Namjoon, can I breed you? Please?"


He forced his eyes to open, looking down at Jungkook, who was staring up at him with wide, desperate eyes, eager to please and to be given all he deserved. Namjoon groaned, the tentacle dragging across his prostate and causing him to shiver through the ache.


"Of course, baby," he gasped. "Of course you can."


Jungkook's eyes sparkled, as though he had been given the greatest gift, and the tentacle was slowly and steadily withdrawn, leaving Namjoon feeling strange and light-headed afterwards. He slumped forward, his body missing the ache of being full, the strain and the explosion of sensitivity. But Jungkook was quick to move, altering their position until he could angle the tip of his long, wide member inside. It felt extremely different than before. The tentacles had been an even, gradual widening, expected and balanced. But Jungkook's member rapidly thickened until the sac was inside of him, bloated and sudden. His ass clung to it like glue, and he gritted his teeth, attempting to force his body to relax and accept the new intrusion. Jungkook watched his face closely again, his mouth quietly wrapped around Namjoon's other, more-neglected right nipple, but he stared wide-eyed up at Namjoon, waiting for a signal that it was okay to press deeper. Once the widest part of the sac had slide inside, Namjoon was able to feel it. He wasn't sure why, but he just knew that the harder part was over. He ached deep in his gut, and instinctively pressed a hand to his belly, pushing in a bit to try and help his body understand the pressure a bit more as it was now. Jungkook waited a bit longer, kissing Namjoon's chest. He could see the eagerness in the Ceph's gaze, the willfulness and obedience that kept him from moving until he was told to. Namjoon took in several breaths and let them out slowly, relaxing his body. The sac slipped further in, until it was completely hidden inside of him, and Jungkook felt irreparably a part of him, as if this was how they were always supposed to be, connected and intimately close.


"Fuck..." Namjoon sighed, his head lolling back and forth. It was a lot to take in one day, and he was trying to be careful. But Jungkook had been so good, had been so obedient. He deserved this. Namjoon placed his hands back on Jungkook's shoulders, and gave Jungkook a very clear nod. "Okay, baby. Go."


Jungkook flicked his hips upward into Namjoon, the sac slapping directly against his prostate instantly. Namjoon's mouth opened, his eyes squeezing shut in shock as the sensation in his belly quickly pooled together. His mind inevitably sunk in the idea that this was actually happening. Not only had Jungkook gotten inside of him, but inside that fertility sac was Jungkook's seed, or eggs, or something , and it was going to go inside of him.


Oh shit...oh shit...what is going to happen then? His mind flashed with an irrational sort of panic. Jungkook, sensing the tenseness, crane his head up and kissed Namjoon's neck, then his jaw, leaving delicate, brushing little kisses all along that path. His hips steadily thrashed faster and faster, until Namjoon couldn't think enough anymore to be afraid. Now he was just focused on holding on for dear life, for slamming his own hips down onto Jungkook's member as much as his shaking and now very weakened leg muscles could allow him. He could see the muscles in his thighs straining anytime he looked down, and his gaze became transfixed on the indent of his muscles where one of the tentacles wrapped tightly around his leg, supporting him as he was pulled in toward Jungkook again and again. He was gasping for air, filled and overstimulated by Jungkook's cock.


There was a sound of a voice then, and his mind rushed into a panic, realizing they could be walked in on, or seen from here. But after a moment, his brain supplied that it was his own voice, muttering Jungkook's name and calling him baby, swearing every once in awhile in breathy, gasping tones. He was crazy with the nearness of another orgasm that had been lingering on the horizon.


Jungkook, meanwhile, kissed frantically at any part of Namjoon that he could reach, grunting and gasping as he continued to thrust inside the man. His thoughts flew rapidly and messily into Namjoon's head, blurred together in a jumbled cacophony of feelings and thoughts. But he knew Jungkook was going crazy, too, that he was feeling good as well, and was silently asking over and over again if he was doing well.


Namjoon lifted one hand to the top of Jungkook's head, then slid it down to his cheek. He whispered gentle little praises, verbally telling Jungkook that he was wonderful, that it felt amazing, that he was so close. As soon as this tirade of praise was let out in a breath, Jungkook instantly sped up, moaning so loudly it was almost more of a cry than a moan. He rapidly shifted, until Namjoon was lifted higher and he was fully beneath him, drawing him close and thrusting in so deep that the aches intensified, and Namjoon was no longer able to keep his watering eyes open any longer. He came, and went limp in Jungkook's arms as he trembled and shook, but Jungkook hadn't quite gotten there yet, and continued his frustrated an excited thrusts until Namjoon was quivering with overstimulation, unable to move a muscle and completely pliant and mindless in Jungkook's hold. The Ceph grunted, burying his face once again in Namjoon's shoulder and now biting roughly into the skin there, making Namjoon gasp in the sudden pain.


And that was when it happened. Namjoon felt a sudden warmth flooding inside of him as the sac released within him, coating his insides with a strange soft solidity. The feeling came in little waves, and Namjoon could only presume that it was from eggs being slipped into Namjoon's entrance, deep into his belly where Jungkook left them, safe and soundly kept by his mate. Jungkook was lapping gently at the bite in Namjoon's shoulder, giving little sounds of contentment as he bred Namjoon.


Egg after egg slipped in, quiet and steady. Namjoon felt himself getting increasingly full, and his stomach was starting to protrude a little. He stared down at himself, his spent cock and the splattered dry cum across his thighs and belly, and watched the skin of his stomach alter as more eggs were placed.


"Namjoon..." Jungkook whispered, and Namjoon lifted his gaze, instantly met with the needy dozens of affirmative kisses from the Ceph, who pressed his lips to Namjoon as if he was afraid that if he didn't get enough, he would burst. The sac trembled inside of Namjoon, causing him to moan and shiver, still too sensitive to stand much movement, and Jungkook gasped into his mouth. He was so beautiful, Namjoon thought to himself. Jungkook's hand gently laid across Namjoon's stomach, even as their lips were still locked, teeth occasionally knocking together. Jungkook moved his lips away just long enough to let out a deep, contented sigh. The last of the eggs squeezed their way into Namjoon, resting within him and nestled in tightly.


The back of Namjoon's mind worried, not sure what was going to happen the eggs. A natural, instinctive protectiveness and fear for each one of the eggs gripped him, even as he felt the safety and warmth of the shared bed as Jungkook laid them both down there, side by side. Most of the tentacles dangled off the far edge of the bed, but a couple of them remained wrapped around Namjoon's waist, allowing Jungkook to remain inside of Namjoon for a few more minutes. Namjoon felt hazy and strange, filled with that strange erotic-smelling clear liquid that Jungkook's tentacles and tongue had been exuding, and he felt light-headed and clouded from the eggs that had been pumped into him. He tried to shift but instantly was wracked with another layer of over-sensitivity, and he moaned, his mouth half-buried in the pillow they were sharing.


"Oh, fuck..."


Jungkook smiled, suddenly flushing and looking a bit shy.


"Yes, that's your doing," Namjoon chuckled, his voice sounded weak and breathy, his throat a little sore and his mouth extremely dry. But nonetheless, Jungkook leaned forward, planting a weirdly dry little kiss on Namjoon's mouth.


"Do you feel good?" Jungkook whispered, his mouth not moving but the words coming through very clearly in Namjoon's head. "Did I do good?"


"Yes, baby, you did great. I'm so full." Namjoon smiled, eyes crinkling. They stared at each other for a long moment, simply studying the others' expression silently. Then, Namjoon carefully drew the back of his hand against Jungkook's cheek, caressing it. The Ceph leaned into the touch, closing his eyes and giving a little sigh, looking utterly content .


"I'm glad it was you," Jungkook's voice echoed in his head, wistful and sighing. "I'm so happy..."


Namjoon nodded, humming in agreement. His mind was still hazy, and he began to wonder how long they had been here, how long they had been laying there on the bed, warm and comfortable and naked. He shifted on the bed, feeling bloated and stuffed. It was a somewhat scary experience, having the eggs in him. Jungkook sat up a little, touching Namjoon's stomach and frowning.


"I don't think they will grow," he said, a tone of sadness in his voice. "Not more than this."


Namjoon licked his lips, wanting to ask so many questions. But for the time being, he was content to just stay here like this. They would figure out how to clean everything up later, they would figure out mechanics later. Namjoon would figure out what the fuck he was going to say to his teammates later.


Sorry, I fell for a Ceph. No surprise there, huh?


Somehow, he wasn't very surprised. And somehow, with Jungkook curling up against his side, planting soft, breathy little kisses of happiness along his collar, Namjoon really didn't mind.