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To the Other Side

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What did you do ?” 

Peter screamed as the vortex pulled him in, along with other buildings and cars and debris. 

“What did you do?!”

Beck just looked a mix between confident and scared. He kept raising his hands and Peter felt the tug towards the vortex strengthen, forcing him to use all of his strength to hang onto the pole. 

Peter was breathing harshly in his mask, panicking and feeling light headed. 

“I have it,” Beck yelled suddenly, a stone high in the air. “I have it!” 

“You’re insane!” Peter shouted back but it slipped into a scream as the pole was tilted back so far, it was uprooted from the ground. 

Peter shouted as he was pulled into the vortex and as he scrambled for purchase somewhere - anywhere - the pole slammed into his face and it all went dark


“You can’t be near him -”

“He’s mine!” 

“He’s from another universe! Strange said so!” 

“Strange could be lying -” 

“Stark, yours died right in front of your eyes. Do you really want to go on that route?” 

Peter cracked his eyes open, feeling beyond sore. He shifted a little in the hospital bed and looked around. There was an IV hooked up to his wrist and machines beeped here and there to tell the doctors that he was still alive. 

His head and chest ached as he tried to rapidly remember what had happened. He was fighting Beck when Beck found a stone - magic stone? Magical stone? - and used it against him, opening a portal. 

That’s when it all went to shit and he blacked out. 

There was a soft sound of someone humming and Peter felt himself relaxing at the sound. She smelled good too. Like cinnamon and gunsmoke. Not that gunsmoke was a good thing but whoever she was, she made it smell...motherly. 

Hang on, she

Peter shot awake, lurching upwards and bending something that was standing over him in half. Panic rose in his throat as there was a yell and a crash. The machine went crazy and he tried to shake things off that were attached to him. 

He didn’t know how he could smell so well now but it was inflating in his nostrils and invading all of his senses. He could smell another man in the room and the panic from himself and a nurse or two. The woman who smelled like gunsmoke just smelled irked right now and the man - 

The man was crawling over to him and folding Peter’s arms to his side, making Peter feel fucking defenseless. 

But his body sunk into it, letting the man man-handle him into a curled up position in his lap. He smelled of gasoline and chocolate. But also of safeness and home and familiarity. 

A hand covered his nose and Peter’s nostrils flared from it, taking in the familiar smell and startling himself when he moaned. 

Everything stilled as the man held him close. Peter could just barely detect a hint of relief from everyone around him except the gunsmoke woman who also smelled slightly annoyed. 

But everything was muted and Peter guessed it was because the man was holding his nose. 

“Shh shh shh,” the man was whispering in his ear and had started to rock him slightly. “I’m going to let go okay? Take it easy, one scent at a time. I know it’s going to be hard but focus on one thing, then another and then another. Slowly .” he emphasized the last word and then after a moment slowly let go of Peter’s nose. 

Instantly, his senses were flooded with a hundred different smells but he took a deep breath and tried to pinpoint one thing - 


Peter squeezed his eyes tightly, desperately trying to focus on that. Once he did, the other smells weren’t gone per say but they were muted, dulled. After a moment, he turned to the chocolate in the man’s smell behind him. It smelled so good and so lovely that everything else seemed gone as he turned and rubbed his face in the man’s chest. 

The man let out a small rumble and began gently patting his head. “It’s okay. You’re okay -” 

The voice. 

He hadn’t recognized the voice at first because the smelling thing had thrown him for a loop but now he did and he yelled, ripping away from the man with whatever strength he had and somehow toppled off of the bed. 

The IV was completely discarded now, torn from his skin and the spot was now bleeding, a loud annoying beeping noise used to voice the machine’s displeasure about that fact, but he didn’t care as he turned around and stared at the man on the bed. 

“Tony?” he whispered, eyes filling with tears. 

The man - Tony - Mr. Stark’s own eyes widened. “Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no no -” he scrambled off the bed and looked over at the redhead - Natasha ? - smelling panicked. “He’s -!” 

“I told you, you shouldn’t be here.” Natasha snarled at him and Tony sent a guilty look to Peter before rushing out of there. 

Natasha sighed but rounded the bed, shooing off the two nurses and gently extending a hand out to Peter. Peter recoiled, unsure of what was happening and instinctively feeling like a skittish animal. 

“Shh shh,” Natasha whispered, her voice soothing and waves of calm radiating from her. She reached out her hand again, brushing against Peter’s cheek. 

Peter’s eyes fluttered, leaning in and Natasha slowly moved her hands from his face, trailing down to a position where she could pick him up. 

Peter was just so confused. He wanted answers and he wanted to see Tony. He wanted to fight Natasha but mostly he just wanted to cuddle against her. 

It was like he had two different instincts, telling him to do two different things and he hated it. 

Peter fell limp in Natasha’s arm too weak to fight either instinct. She cradled him back into the bed and gently kissed his forehead. 

“I know you’re confused malen'kiy pauk, ” Natasha whispered. “But just take it slow. You’re safe.” 

“He’s gone,” Peter whispered, pushing his wrist to his nose. He smelled like popcorn and silk. “Tony….he’s...he’s gone...why is he here? Why did Beck put me here? Why are any of you alive?” Peter started to cry a little bit as Natasha gently patted his hair. 

“Just rest,” Natasha kissed his forehead and started singing again. Peter realized it was the humming noise he heard earlier. 

Peter didn’t get to think about that for long though because within a minute, he fell asleep.

He was in another universe. 

Natasha began to explain everything that had happened to him. The stone connected to Mysterio’s scepter in this universe which called on that portal. Peter was shot through and the Avengers on this side took Mysterio down while Iron Man collected Peter. 

Doctor Strange from Peter’s universe came through a portal mirror, which allowed him to communicate with the multiverse while staying in his own universe. Peter could not go back to that universe because when he entered this one, his biology changed to match his self from this universe. 

This universe’s Doctor Strange had died, Peter learned, protecting the Earth from any type of evil. Mostly meaning Thanos but Natasha said that his spirit was still around the atmosphere, protecting Earth as best as it could. Or giving warnings to the Avengers through Carol and more. 

Peter’s Doctor Strange spoke through the mirror to explain the biology thing and that Peter would have to stay there. Natasha also let Peter talk to Doctor Strange and he said that he would inform Peter’s family and friends as well as the fact that Quentin Beck was behind bars and perfectly normal. He was just using illusion technology or Tony’s BARF system. 

After that, Doctor Strange closed the door, telling Peter that his best option for now was to get used to this universe. 

That’s when Natasha began to explain how this universe worked. 

There were these genders called Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. 50% of the population were Betas and the other 50 was split between Alphas and Omegas. Alphas had ruts, Omegas had heats. Any Omega could get pregnant, even the male ones although male Omegas were still considered a rarity. 

Betas couldn’t really date Alphas or Omegas. Alphas and Omegas needed each other and Betas didn’t. There were some countries that had actual laws against that and you could be killed if you did date or have relations with an Alpha or Omega. 

“That’s awful,” Peter muttered and Natasha shrugged. 

“Alphas need Omegas for ruts and Omegas need Alphas for heats. A Beta can’t give them that type of relief,” she explained. 

Peter frowned and then tinged red. “Oh. A heat is…” 

“An Omega needs sex for relief from that yes,” Natasha pursed her lips to stop a smile. 

“And a rut is…” 

“The same but for an Alpha,” Natasha nodded, still just barely hiding a smile. 


Peter hid his face in his hospital sleeve. Natasha laughed and pushed some of his hair back. 

“You’ll get used to it darling,” she smiled. 

Peter bit his lip. “What am I?” 

Natasha’s smile vanished. “Peter - our Peter - was an Omega. So far, it seems like you are too.” Peter burrowed his face in his hands giving a tense smile. 

“Greaaat,” he moaned sarcastically. 

“It’s not so bad pauk ,” Natasha chided. “Peter didn’t mind it.”
“Well he grew up with this,” Peter pointed out. “Not me,” 

Natasha’s lips twitched. “True.” 

“Who’s -” Peter swallowed. “Who was his alpha? Or did he not have one?” 

Natasha paused. “Peter Parker’s alpha,” Natasha said slowly, choosing her words carefully. “Was one of the Avengers.” 

Peter stared at her. “It was Tony wasn’t it?” 

Natasha paused but slowly nodded. 

Peter’s face flamed hot and he stuffed a pillow in his face and flopped backwards, shouting into the pillow.

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Peter heard a knock at the door and his ears twitched. He sat up in the hospital bed, wrinkling his nose slightly at the familiar hospital smell. Still awful. 

“Hey can we come in, sweetie?” Natasha’s head was poking through the doors and Peter frowned. 

“We?” he asked as Natasha opened the door. 

There stood the Winter Soldier and for a moment Peter nearly panicked again and fled. 

But then his scent washed over him and Peter guessed that the Winter Soldier must’ve been a friend of this universe’s Peter because he smiled like (shocker) winter air and pine needles and pine sap but most of all safe. Peter slouched low on the bed as the man neared his bed. 

“Hi Pete,” he smiled. “I’m Bucky in case you didn’t know.”
Peter slowly nodded and Bucky looked over at Natasha. “He scarily looks like Peter. Like, he even smells like him.” 

Natasha nodded but she was focused on Peter. “You’re alright.” she said soothingly, a calm scent coming from her again. “You’re okay, it’s just Bucky. Do you know Bucky? In your universe?” 

“He um, he was on the other team but kind of yeah,” Peter shuffled, letting himself relax into the calm scents radiating off of both of them. 

“Other team?” Bucky frowned, sitting on a chair as Natasha sat on the bed. 

“Yeah,” Peter nodded. “Y’know, Civil War? Or did you guys not have that?” 

Natasha’s brow furrowed. “We never had anything like that.” 

“Oh. Well basically the Accords were made -” 

“And Tony burned them,” Bucky supplied and Peter looked at him. 

“No, he signed them.” Peter frowned and Bucky’s mouth opened in shock. 

“Something is wrong with your Tony,” he muttered. 

“He was just doing what he thought was right and what was going to keep the team together,” Peter argued in his mentor’s defense. 

“It’s okay,” Natasha became the mediator and Peter shuddered slightly as there was something in her voice that commanded attention and obedience. “Just take a deep breath. Bucky’s a friend and things are different in both universes.” 

Peter nodded slightly and sighed. “I’m sorry.” 

Bucky gave a lopsided smile. “You’re good Pete.” 

There was a pause when Natasha spoke up, “Have you been able to smell the difference yet?” 

Peter’s brow furrowed. “Well, he smells like pine needles. And pine sap. And winter air.” 

Bucky laughed. “Yeah but have you been able to tell between me, Nat, and the nurses?” 

Peter frowned harder. “I guys seem a bit more dominant than them but…” Peter trailed off and he blinked. “Oh you’re both alphas.” 

“I am,” Natasha nodded. “Bucky isn’t, though. I can see where you can get confused though.”

“Oh. Who is who on the team anyway?” Peter asked, tilting his head. 

“Well Thor is an alpha,” Bucky started listing off. “His omega is Bruce, Wanda is our omega, Scott is Clint and Pietro’s omega -” 

“Who’s Pietro?” Peter interrupted, frowning. 

Bucky blinked. “Um. Wanda’s older brother.” 

“And Wanda is Scarlet Witch?” Peter confirmed, half confused. 

“Yes.” Bucky frowned. “Other team again?” 

“Yeah. And I think my Pietro was killed in the fight with Ultron,” Peter frowned. 

“Oh,” Bucky looked startled and sad. 

“Okay basically, Falcon, Black Panther, Bucky, and Pietro are betas.” Natasha interrupted, explaining things quicker. “The omegas are Buce, Wanda, and Scott. And then the alphas are Clint, Thor, Steve, Tony, and myself.” 

“And I’m one of the omegas,” Peter added and Natasha nodded. 

“We all have mates, like how Bucky said we share Wanda and Thor and Bruce are together.” Natasha clarified as well. 

“And Steve is the only one who doesn’t really have a mate because theoretically speaking his mate is everyone on the team,” Bucky added. 

“Oh,” Peter let that sink in as Natasha added again, 

“You try and even out all three genders as much as you can,” she explained. “In a pack at least. Packs are rare and hardly exist but they happen and when they do, you want the alpha to omega ratio to be as close as possible.” 

“So that there isn’t too much of a power imbalance?” Peter guessed. 

“That and if one of the pack members gets into a sudden heat or rut and they don’t have access to their mate, then they have options.” Natasha nodded. 

“More so for Steve since if he goes into a rut, one of the omegas is helping him,” Bucky added, all nonchalant but Peter seized slightly at the idea of Captain America doing something like that to him. Steve was nice and all but he dropped a bus on Peter as well as hurting Tony beyond relief.

“Bruce usually does that,” Natasha stepped into his thoughts, noticing his distress. “You’re at the last of that list because Steve likes to think of you as a son but mostly because Tony never liked to share.” 

“We all had to think of you in family terms because Peter was always Tony’s and Tony’s alone,” Bucky chuckled. 

Peter tried to get rid of the red in his face as he thought about that idea, Tony protecting him and holding him away from any other Avenger because he didn’t like sharing. 

“I think I gotta get going,” Bucky said suddenly. 

“Yeah, you should rest some more malen’kiy .” Natasha kissed Peter’s forehead as he groaned loudly. 

“If I rest anymore my arm will fall off,” Peter ground out in gritted teeth and Bucky and Natasha laughed. 

Sleep ,” Natasha replied and they left. 

Peter was sick of this resting in a hospital bed and after finding a way to rig the IV, he left the room in the middle of the night. 

Peter walked around slowly, taking each sniff in one by one. Any time he started smelling too many things, he stopped and reigned in on one of the older ones before scenting out the new ones one by one. 

He felt slightly jittery and cautious, that sick to the stomach feeling you get when you sneak out when you’re normally a good, follow-the-rules kid. 

But he usually just bended the rules, never really broke them. 

Peter walked around the hospital, not really sure what his goal was. He just needed out. After a moment, he found a computer and hacked into it to find out where his stuff might be, including his suit. 

He scanned through files and brought up new ones, recycled old ones and kept looking until he found his file. He searched through bits until he found ‘Belongings stored in Cycle room B8’. 

Having an objective now, Peter started looking at signs for Cycle room B8. It was on the third level below the main level so he had to get into an elevator. 

He pressed the -3 level but a card was required. 

Groaning, Peter left and found a stairs instead. He went down all of the steps before reaching the -3 level. He peeked his head towards the downward spiral, noting in his head that the last minus level in the elevator was 3. 

Meaning there shouldn’t be more stairs. 

Leaving that note in his head, Peter ran down the hall and then into cycle room B8. Once in there, he searched around before finding Peter B. Parker. He searched through, only finding his steamed suit which makes sense since he didn’t have much beyond that. 

He slipped into the suit, feeling the familiarity in it and smiling, feeling relieved. It felt good being in it. Felt homely and familiar. Not like the others where it was like a fake familiar. Because he wasn’t familiar with them. 

He was familiar with this. 

Part of him wanted out, part of him wanted to just leave but most of him knew he had to go back to avoid getting caught. 

Peter made his way back to the steps and made his way back to his room, suit on. He hummed a little bit, jumping at first when he heard it because he was doing it on instinct and didn’t realize it was him. 

The sun was up by the time Peter made it back to his room and the hospital was just starting to bustle awake. Peter quickly slipped out of his suit and looked around the corner to see if he could sneak back in. Deciding it was safe, he slipped back into the room and into the covers. 

He was struggling to reroute the IV when the door burst open and there was Tony, looking panicked and angry. Peter was hit with an onslaught of anger and worry and concern and he stopped messing with the IV to wrap both hands around his nose and squeezed his eyes shut as he became insanely dizzy. 

“Tony!” Natasha’s voice was muffled and so was her scent. 

Peter kept his hands around his nose, squeezing it and trying not to breathe. Tony’s scent had gotten so strong after a week of not being around him and since he was angry and worried, it made everything worse. 

After a few moments of feeling slightly floaty and dizzy, Peter slowly opened his eyes. He kept his hands around his nose and mouth but looked around at what was happening. 

Natasha was trying to argue with Tony but Tony looked angry or concerned or both beyond reason. He blinked, wondering why until his brain caught up with him. 

“Mr. Stark?” Peter croaked out and instantly the talking stopped. 

Tony’s head whipped to the side and Natasha’s nostrils flared. 

She glanced at Peter as if to say, You’re on your own , before leaving. She waved her hand a little bit as if to wave off the smell and Peter blushed slightly. 

The door closed and if anything that made the smell worse, stifling everything in the small hospital room. 

Peter swallowed hard. “Can you...I don’t know if you can control it...but like...could you...make yourself...I don’t know... smell ? Less? It just….it kinda smells too much. If that makes sense…” 

Tony just kept staring at him, his eyes wide and dilated as he seemed to not hear Peter. 

Peter squirmed under the intense gaze and began to feel a little hot. “Please Mr. Stark, I -” 

“Where were you?” Tony demanded, striding towards Peter in just three steps so he was practically looming over Peter. 

Peter whined slightly. “I just - I just went downstairs! I didn’t want to stay in here any longer -!” 

“You’re safe , here Parker!” Tony yelled, blowing up. “This is a quarantine room! So we can get you used to everything slowly -!” 

“It’s been like three weeks!” Peter angrily barked back and Tony looked like he’d been slapped lightly. “I needed to just get out and I wanted my suit! God, I get it you’re trying to keep me safe - at least I didn’t run outside right!?” 

There was a moment where they just stared at each other when Peter noticed Tony’s hands twitching. 

“I just don’t want to lose you again, Pete,” Tony’s voice cracked a little bit and Peter’s face softened. 

“You can’t really lose me,” he joked. “I’m stuck here remember?” 

Tony laughed a little and sat down at the edge of the bed slowly, sighing. “You - you’re - you’re so like him...and then sometimes you’ll say something or...act a certain way and you’re just... not him .” There was another pause as Peter chose his words carefully. 

“You’re right,” he said slowly. “I’m not - I’m not your Peter. My Mr. Stark - my Tony - he was in love with someone else. He just saw me as a kid - hell, I’m pretty sure he saw me as his son -” 

“Seriously?” Tony’s nose wrinkled. “Really?” 

Peter nodded. “I had a stupid little crush and that was it. And now I’m in another universe - that’s like a fantasy universe - with Alphas and Betas and Omegas. And I’m suddenly one of them. And you just happen - happen to be - to be my…” Peter struggled and Tony reached forward, pushing a strand of hair back ever so slightly. 

“Your Alpha?” Tony whispered. 

His touch was electric and Peter gasped slightly, eyes blown wide as he jerked a little in his spot. Tony paused, frozen in place as his own eyes began to dilate. “You don’t - you don’t have to be my omega, Pete, you can find someone -” 

“I want to,” Peter breathed. “Please, please I want to be yours I want it to work, please -” to his horror, he started to cry. 

“Oh baby,” Tony pounced on him in an instant, wrapping Peter tightly in his arms and shifting them so that he leaned up on the bed and Peter was in his lap. Peter curled against Tony’s chest, still crying. “Don’t cry, hey, Peter, sweetie, it’s okay, I’ll take you oma, I promise -” 

“You left me for...for three weeks…” Peter sobbed, sniffling. “You just left and you never - you never showed up -” 

“Natasha wouldn’t let me,” Tony interrupted. “And I was trying to give you time. If you didn’t have the time, you might have been seriously hurt or you might’ve agreed to something you didn’t actually want or -” 

“Please don’t leave me,” Peter whispered, sniffling more. “Just - just take me home. I feel fine. I feel safe. I want to go with you -” 

Tony’s grip tightened. He kissed the top of Peter’s forehead. “I’ll take you home baby,” he promised. “No matter what, I’ll take you from here. You can hide out in the Tower like Peter always did -” 

“And help out?” Peter sniffed. “I can still be Spider-Man right?” 

There was a pause. 

Tony pulled away and Peter instinctively clawed back towards Tony’s chest but Tony held his hands out. Peter looked at him to see him staring hard at Peter, looking confused and worried. 

“Spider-Man?” he frowned. “Who’s Spider-Man?” 

Peter’s heart plummeted.

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“What - what do you mean who?” Peter stammered, slinking away to the edge of the bed, heart beating wildly. 

“Who’s Spider-Man?” Tony repeated. “What are you talking about?” 

Peter’s mind was racing as he tried to think of something. “Your Peter never got bitten by a radioactive spider? How did you guys meet then?” 

Tony’s lips pursed, eyes still narrowed. “He was a high school student, hoping to help his aunt with money so he entered in a strip club - illegally I might add. I found out, offered to support him and then we kept bumping into the street so we decided to go out and the rest is history. Now who the hell is Spider-Man, Pete? I’m getting concerned here -” 

“He’s my super hero title,” Peter blurted. “I’m Spider-Man.” 

Tony stared at him. “What?” 

“I was bitten by a radioactive spider when I was fourteen,” Peter explained. “I was Spider-Man for about a year when I was recruited by my Mr. Stark to fight in what later became known as the Civil War. And then a lot of other stuff happened but…” Peter chewed his lip, noticing the slight twitch in Tony’s eye. “So that never happened?” 

“No…” Tony said slowly. “No, Peter was never a superhero. What - are you still a super hero despite being here?” 

“Well, I mean…” Peter trailed off, took a deep breath, and then leaped off of the bed, flipping back and sticking to the ceiling. 

Tony yelled and threw himself off the bed, stumbling and causing machines to beep wildly for a moment. Tony stared at Peter, mouth slack. 

“You - you’re on the ceiling,” He observed, voice soft and wavering. 

Peter smiled sheepishly. “Yeah. Is that a bad thing?” 

“I’m - I’m just surprised,” Tony slowly stood up and then reached out. Peter reached out back and felt that similar lighting spark when the pads of their fingers touched. 

“Is it always going to feel like this?” Peter whispered, blinking as Tony pulled away. 

“I -” Tony paused. “Can you get down from there? Don’t scare anyone else for now, keep - keep that underwraps okay?” 

“Okay,” Peter lowered himself down, and walked back over to the bed. “Um. Can we go now?” 

Tony growled a little bit and he stopped pacing to go to the door. “I have to talk to Nat -” 

“You promised,” Peter whispered, half trying to guilt trip and half not. 

Tony let out a pained noise but nodded. “I know, I know.” he opened the door, hesitated for a moment before leaving. 

Peter waited on the bed, frozen. He didn’t want to move and he wanted Tony to come back quick and take him home. Peter was getting anxious locked up in here with nowhere to go. 

Hopefully Nat said yes. 

The door slowly creaked open and Peter jumped up, excited. 

Natasha came in, quietly shutting the door behind her. She stared at Peter, an assesing look on her face and Peter’s excitement died. He swallowed slightly and stood still, looking back at her in the eyes. 

She peered at him, not moving and not speaking while Peter began to fidget slightly. He thought about speaking but then thought better of it and just looked at her through his long lashes. 

“Alright.” Natasha finally announced and she opened the door, gesturing him through. 

Peter paused, waiting for her to say it’s a test but she gave him a look and he broke into a grin, scurrying past her and rushing back to Tony who also looked slightly anxious. 

He looked a little surprised to see Peter race out of the room like that but hugged Peter back. “So that’s a yes…?” 

“Let’s get to the car,” Natasha gestured and thanked the nurses. Peter noticed the nurses handing her something - like a pill container - and Natasha nodded and then looked at Tony and Peter. She gestured to them again and Tony quickly nudged Peter along to the front of the hospital. 

Before they left the building, Natasha gave Peter some sort of nose clipper and she called it a scent blocker. Peter thought for a moment before taking it and then they left. 

Tony and Natasha loaded him up into the limo and they left for the Tower.

Chapter Text

“Oh shit.” 

“What?” Peter startled out of his thoughts to blink at Tony who was peering out the window. 

He cursed again and looked to Natasha who instantly got out and rounded around the limo to the other side. 

“What?” Peter repeated. 

“Just duck your head and stare at the ground,” Tony hissed, as the door opened. Immediately, there were flashes and loud voices and so Peter quickly ducked his head and let Tony lead him out. 

Tony kept a firm hand around the back of Peter’s neck as he led him out. Peter briefly thought back to the feeling he had when Tony commanded him to do that - like he almost didn’t really have a choice but more than that he didn’t want to. 

Peter shivered slightly, knowing it was probably an omegan thing. He froze up a little when he heard a low - incredibly low - barely audible growl from Tony. 

He must’ve felt the shiver. 

Peter tried to block everything out as Natasha pushed through the crowds, snapping and snarling while Tony led Peter forward. It was pretty easy and smooth but Tony didn’t let Peter look up or let go of him until they reached the elevator. 

That’s when Peter whined slightly and wiggled in Tony’s grip. 

Tony quickly let go. “Sorry.” 

“It’s okay,” Peter rubbed his neck slightly and gave a sheepish smile in Tony’s direction. Tony didn’t look back at him and he was fidgeting slightly. Peter figured he was just as nervous as Peter was. 

When the door opened to the penthouse, Peter’s nose twitched and he tried to sniff to realize that the scent blocker was still on it. He pulled it off just as Natasha noticed and she lurched, lunging towards him to put it back on and it only occurred to him then that it might be an awful idea considering how many smells would be in the Tower. 

Well. Too late. 

Peter instantly clapped a hand over his nose as a hundred different scents flooded in, all with the underlying scent of SAFE . Natasha gave a look that clearly stated, I told you so .
“Peter?” Tony looked at him, worried. 

“I’m fine!” Peter squeaked, taking in a mouthful of air before holding his breath and nose. “‘s all good. There’s nothin’ - nothin’ wrong, I promise.” Tony gave him a look just Natasha turned to the stairs where a young woman was racing down. 

“Nat!” the young woman - who Peter definitely knew vaguely - jumped into Natasha’s arms who tightly hugged her back. 

“Hi honey,” Natasha kissed the girl’s cheek and the girl looked really excited. 

“So is he okay? How is he doing? Bucky’s getting some food ready at some point -” she was rambling a bit but that’s when she noticed Peter and squeaked. “Oh my god, Peter!” she jumped forward and wrapped her arms around him and he squeaked too, letting go to hug her back instinctively. Instantly, her scent swamped him. It was the same scent of safe but with strawberries and a weird fizzly scent. Like if the popping and crackling noise had a scent, that’s what it smelled like. 

Magic . He thought distantly but then she pulled away to cup her face and Peter used that time to cover his mouth and nose again. “Hi. You’re Scarlet Witch right?” 

“You can call me Wanda but yeah,” she looked so excited to see him and oh god were those tears

“Are you crying?” Peter whispered, a little horrified. 

“No - no no no! I’m fine,” Wanda wiped her eyes and gave him a very big grin. “I can’t believe you’re really here honestly. Do you need a scent blocker or something?” 

“I have one right here,” Peter raised his other hand. Wanda looked at his hand on his face. 

“Then...why aren’t you using it?” she frowned. 

Peter shrugged. 

“He’s impossible that’s why,” there was a voice from the two other alphas. Peter looked around Wanda to see a white tipped haired man with a jogging jumpsuit on. He was grinning from ear to ear. “Hey Pete,” 

“I’m so sorry but you I really don’t know,” Peter muttered. “I’m guessing you’re Pietro though?” 

“That’d be correct,” Pietro dragged him in for a hug and Peter let go of his face again to hug back. 

“Oh that’s weird,” Peter ripped away, wrinkling his nose. “You’re weird.” 

“I’m insane Petey,” Pietro laughed, rubbing the top of Peter’s head. 

“No your scent,” Peter sniffed. “It’s like a dull firecracker smell.” 

“That’s because he’s a beta,” Natasha explained. Pietro looked confused for a moment and then there was a light in his eyes of realization. 

“Because you’re from another dimension - oh that makes more sense now,” Pietro nodded with understanding. “Gotcha. Alright, well, Scott’s making Clint and me a special dinner tonight so I gotta scram.” Pietro waggled his eyebrows and Wanda snorted. 

“That is so gross get out of here, come on Peter I’ll take you to your room,” Wanda shoved her brother playfully who cackled and ran out of there with a gust of wind. 

“Hey Wanda, don’t break him okay?” Natasha called out as Wanda took Peter down the hallway to the main kitchen and living room. Wanda threw out a laugh back to them and pulled Peter up the spiral glass staircase. 

“What was that comment for?” Peter muttered. 

“I don’t think Tony’s too happy with me dragging you around like that,” Wanda giggled - whispered to him and Peter felt his head spin. 

There was a flash of him with Wanda on a beach watching as the other Avengers were running around and splashing each other and tackling each other. Peter and Wanda were meanwhile whispering and gossiping together laughing. 

Peter blinked a little bit and shook it off as Wanda let him down the twisting hallway to the very end. 

“Technically you sleep with Tony, but I thought you might want your own room for a night or two,” Wanda explained. 

“Oh thank you,” Peter wasn’t disappointed but he wasn’t excited either per se. He half really wanted to sleep with Tony but on the other hand he just needed to sort things out. Which mostly involved his feelings. 

Wanda looked over at him and sniffed a little bit. “You smell really conflicted so I’ll just tell you flat out that you’re sleeping here for at least tonight.” 

Peter laughed. “I’m guessing you’re the bossy older sister then huh?” 

Wanda laughed back and let Peter walk into the room and look around. He really had nothing other than his suit and that was underneath his hospital clothes. 

The room smelled bare and Peter figured it was a guest bedroom that nobody used. Peter’s nose twitched a little and he looked over at Wanda who was blabbering on and on like they used to. 

Peter shook his head. “You smell like strawberries,” his mouth twitched. 

Wanda stopped talking and slowly smiled. “Yeah?” 

Peter nodded. 

“Well, you smell like chocolate,” Wanda grinned and then peered slightly, squinting. “Actually, you kind of smell exactly like Tony. How long has he been holding you?” 

“Um,” Peter scratched his head. “Since this morning I guess. I dunno.” 

“Yeah,” Wanda took a step closer to him and sniffed a little bit. “I mean, there’s that underlying smell of how Peter used to smell which was chocolate well. But also like British chocolate for something. Mixed with that fresh paper smell. You know?” 

“Like the way a book smells when you first open it?” Peter guessed and Wanda nodded vigorously. “That’s what I smell like?” 

“And British milk chocolate. Mixed with Tony’s dark chocolate.” Wanda added. 

“Huh,” Peter looked around. Then his eyes widened. “Oh my god I’m wearing my hospital clothes.” 

Wanda twirled around and then burst out laughing. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll convince Natasha to take you out,” Wanda grinned. 

“There is no way that Tony is letting me out,” Peter scoffed as he squeezed past Wanda to head back downstairs. 

“Aw, three weeks and you already know him so well,” Wanda cooed. 

“Actually we’ve only met, like twice,” Peter corrected her and Wanda paused. 

“He said he was visiting you everyday,” She frowned. 

Peter laughed and shook his head. “No. No he hasn’t...done that. At all.” 

“Oh,” Wanda seemed put off by that and Peter turned to look at her. 

“It’s fine,” he assured her. “I mean, I’m kinda used to it.” 

“Well -” she started to protest when the door opened. 

“Hey Wanda, who the hell are you - oh shit!” a man looked around the hallway and spotted Peter, quickly ducking back inside. 

Wanda laughed again. “Scott, stop it with that silly dance and get out here,” 

“Oh my god!” Scott peeled outside again and wrapped Peter into a hug. “Oh wow! I thought that they were all lying I can’t believe you’re back!” 

"Who else knows?" Wanda frowned. 

"Oh not many -!" Scott cut himself off.

"Oh, um yeah, hi,” Peter was really in awe of this team dynamic and really wished that his universe had that. He sniffed a little just to know what Scott smelled like and he had a really earthy smell of dirt and leaves. Scott pulled away first with a huge smile on his face. 

“How are you back?” Scott grinned. 

“Um, actually I’m from another universe,” Peter smiled sheepishly. Scott tilted his head. 

“Does that mean you’re leaving at some point?” he frowned a little. 

“I can’t,” Peter shifted a little awkwardly and then cleared his throat. “And not like I really want to anyway I mean my -” Peter stopped. He swallowed hard. 

“Oh sweetie,” Wanda pulled him in for another soft hug before pulling away. “What happened -?” 

“I need clothes,” Peter turned around. “I need to get some more outfits - I’m gunna ask Tony,” 

“Okay,” Peter could hear Wanda frowning as he half - jogged down the hallway back to the steps. 




“Seriously, Tony, I can smell the anxiety on you. You can usually hide that pretty well so what is happening?” 

“Just leave me alone for a minute Cap,” Tony’s aggravated voice came in reply and Peter felt an instant gut instinct to go and comfort him. Peter inched down the steps to look and sniffed a little. 

Stronger scents than the dulled versions of betas and sweeter, softer smells of omegas, had Peter gagging a little bit. He held his nose and mouth again, fishing for a scent blocker. 

He figured all of the alphas from the team were gathered together right there which was what was making it so bad. He tried to remember who Natasha had said was an alpha. Obviously it was Tony, Natasha, and Steve. He was pretty sure Thor was an alpha too. Peter also thought that Natasha had mentioned Clint being one. 

Peter debated sneaking down the steps to get Tony’s attention as Steve tried to goad Tony into talking about what was bothering him. He chewed his lip, trying to think of the perfect time when there was a tap on his shoulder. 

He jumped a little bit to see Doctor Banner. Banner smiled at him like he was nothing new and gestured to scootch past him. Peter quickly shifted to allow the Doctor to head down the steps. Peter watched him go, blinking a little bit. 

“Hey Thor?” Bruce spoke over the sounds of Steve and Tony. “Are you heading back up to Asgard anytime soon to see Loki?” 

“I will be going soon yes, would you like to come with, my love?” Thor’s voice was loud and boom-y and Peter felt his heart leap a little. 

“I’d love to. Also, Tony, now that I think about it, is all of this behaviour because Peter Parker is on the steps of the staircase right now?” Bruce’s voice had gotten cracky and high pitched as he turned slightly to look wide-eyed at Peter. 

Peter swallowed. “Shit.” 

“What?” Tony asked at the same time with Steve. 

Peter leaped down the steps in one big jump and landed on the right side of Bruce who whirled around to face him. “I need clothes Mr. Stark.”

“What the hell!” Tony shouted as everyone else around him had their mouths drop. “I told you -”

“You kinda told me nothing.” Peter frowned, getting irritated. “In fact, you’ve ‘ told ’ me just about nothing other than how this universe’s Peter got to know you.” 

Tony’s nostrils flared and his eyes darkened. “You need to go back upstairs.” 

Peter crossed his arms. “I don’t really want to Mr. Stark.” 

Tony’s eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms back. “Are we really going to do this right now Peter? - just go upstairs back to Wanda please.” 

“Tony,” Steve’s voice was shaky and cracked. “What is going on?” 

Tony turned to him and stared him down but Peter stepped forward. He was getting pretty sick of being held back and protected from something, like he was five years old. 

“Well um, Mr. Captain America sir, I’m Peter. Like the Peter Parker that used to live here? But I’m from another universe.” Peter explained.

There was a pause and then a laugh from Hawkeye - Clint. “Another universe huh?” 

“Yeah,” Peter shrugged. “Surprise I guess,” 

“How long have you been here, exactly?” Bruce asked, sounding genuinely curious. “And are you planning on going back? Can you actually go back?” 

“I’m not going back,” Peter quickly said just as Tony barked out, “He’s not leaving.” 

They looked at each other for a moment. 

“Um three weeks,” Peter answered, tearing away to look at Bruce and one of the darker skinned man - Falcon or Sam - laughed again but it sounded dry and tense. 

“Three weeks,” he shook his head. “Listen guys, this has been great - Peter, it’s really amazing to see you again, but I have to go see my boyfriend. Bye all,” and he left. 

Peter, feeling a little put off answered the other questions, “And I can’t actually leave. The doctors found that I’ve matched what this Peter’ was. Which is weird.” 

Everyone was quiet for a moment. 

“So this is why you’ve been like this?” Steve’s voice sounded shaky and broken. “How - how did this happen?” 

“We don’t really know,” Tony sighed. “It happened with the whole Mysterio ordeal. When most of you all were out of town. Mysterio showed up at New York, Natasha, Bucky, and I were on the scene when the portal opened up and spit out Peter here. We managed to take down Mysterio - he’s in a holding facility - while we got in contact with Doctor Strange who got in contact with Peter’s universe’s Doctor Strange. They worked things out and basically Peter’s back.” 

“Sweet,” Clint hopped off one of the stools. “So you, Nat, and Bucky knew about this who else?” there was an undertone of anger in his voice and that’s when Peter noticed the filling of anger in the room and he shrank a little so he was behind Bruce. Even with the scent blocker, Bruce smelled better than the cloud of angry pheromones.

“Just Wanda and Pietro,” Tony told him quietly. 

“And Scott,” Peter added.

“And when were you going to tell the rest of us?” Clint’s voice was rising but Tony wasn’t backing down. 

“When he was acclimated to our universe.” Tony replied in the same quiet tone he was using before. “He’s never been in this type of environment -” 

“Yeah but he’s our friend - more than that he’s like our son ,” Clint spat and Peter winced slightly. “You could have at least told us that he was going to be coming one day! Instead of this lying - and seeing him behind our backs -”

“I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s been seeing me for the past three weeks,” Peter muttered, irritated. “But he hasn’t . I’ve only see Bucky and Nat.” 

There was a pause and Clint looked ready to explode. “If you haven’t been seeing him - then where have you been Stark? ” 

“Wheeling and dealing with the Stranges,” Tony kept his voice suttle and low. “I had some other things to figure out and never got around to talking to all of you about it - I’m sorry -” 

“Sorry doesn’t really cut it,” Steve murmured but he sounded like he had less of a fire than Clint. 

“Can I say something?” Peter spoke up. “Since all of you are fucking talking about me like I’m not in the room?” 

Taken aback by the swearing, everyone startled and looked at him. 

“In my universe you guys are about as tight as baggy jeans,” Peter made a face. “Okay that was a terrible analogy but you get what I mean. So even though it would’ve been nice meeting you all, and it’s nice to meet you all here, if I had met you guys right away and immediately - I might have run away. As it was, the only reason that I didn’t attack Bucky was because he smelled safe.” 

“You nearly attacked me?” Bucky came in with Natasha both sneaking behind the kitchen. Bucky laughed a little. “Uh - huh, and how would that have gone for you?” 

“Considering I’ve knocked you out before, really well,” Peter snarked back and there was a moment of silence. 

Tony smacked his forehead. 

Peter mulled over what he said and then squeaked. “Oh right.” 

“Oh right what?” Clint frowned. 

“This Peter was a hooker,” Peter mumbled, trailing off. 

“What and you weren’t?” Natasha frowned. 

“No I wasn’t,” Peter whispered. 

“Guys,” Tony cut in. “I’m sorry okay? I just did what I thought was best,” 

Steve spoke for the first time in a while. “We know Tony. We know.” 

Tony looked over at him. “You okay?” 

Steve swallowed, still pale as a ghost. “I’ll be fine. Natasha, Bucky, were you guys planning on making supper?” 

Bucky was still staring at Peter, a curious expression on his face while Natasha spoke up. “We can do that Steve. How many are eating?” 

“Well, Sam went over to Wakanda, Bruce, are you and Thor staying?” Steve asked and Peter blinked a little, feeling like he had whiplash or a stroke. 

“I think we ought to leave, what do you think babe?” Bruce looked over at Thor who nodded. 

“It was nice seeing you Peter,” Thor grinned. “I’ll make sure to cut the trip short to see you again,” Thor gestured to Bruce who gave Peter a small side - hug and then followed after him out to the elevator doors. 

“So that makes around eleven or twelve of us,” Steve decided. 

Tony frowned, looking around. "Who's the eleven and or twelve person?" 

"Carol is coming later," Steve told him. 

Tony nodded his head in slow understanding. 

"So what do you think, Russian dish again tonight?" Bucky looked at Natasha. 

"I like the sound of that," Wanda was on the steps, Scott behind her and leaning on her too. 

"I like it too," he smiled, waving. 

"Russian it is," Bucky winked and then he and Natasha started to work in the kitchen. 

"And while you all take care of that," Tony muttered, walking to Peter and grabbing his wrist. He pulled Peter towards the stairs and then up them to one of the nearest rooms. 

Chapter Text

Tony shoved him into the room and closed the door before he turned around. Peter stared at him and Tony looked back at him, his eyes darkening. Peter swallowed. 

“I guess I get...why you kept me apart but...I’m technically twenty-two . I’m not - I’m not some kid.” Peter spoke bravely. “And I know with the blip years, I am actually only seventeen but still.” 

“Blip years?” Tony frowned. 

“Yeah, when Thanos snapped his fingers,” Peter explained and Tony let out a full body shudder, taking a step forward but then hesitating. 

“Don’t mention his name.” Tony finally said, voice shaky. 

“Okay.” Peter whispered. There was a second. Then - “Did he - did he kill your Peter?” 

Tony let out a shaky laugh. “Yeah. And then I killed him.” Peter swallowed but nodded like that made sense. “How did - did your Tony die?” 

“He -” Peter hesitated. “He had the Gauntlet. And then he snapped. And the enemies were all gone. And then...and then he hid but Rhodey found him and he just…” Peter took a shaky breath his eyes filling with tears. “I heard it,” he whispered. “I heard his heart just...just stop I -” Peter cut off, hiccuping as he tried to just swallow his sobs. 

“Peter,” Tony whispered and stepped forward, pulling him into a hug. Peter breathed in his scent, taking it all in. “I have you. I have you now.” 

Peter was the first to pull away, sniffing a little. “What - what do we do now?” 

“Well unfortunately, I think you’re going to have to explain to them what you are exactly,” Tony sighed. “And then we’re going to figure out how to handle your heat.” 

Peter’s heart lurched. “What?” he rasped. 

“Your heat,” Tony looked at him. “It comes once a month.” 

“How long?” Peter whispered, swallowing and trying not to act nervous (but obviously failing). 

“About a week,” Tony eyed him. “You okay?” 

“Yeah I’m fine,” Peter let out a breathless laugh. “I’m great. More than okay. Fine. Completely fine.” 

Tony sighed. “Let’s just head downstairs baby and don’t worry too much about that,” 

Peter shivered a little at ‘baby’ but followed Tony out of the room. “Oh!” he whipped around, remembering. “Clothes!” 

Tony looked at him blankly for a moment. “Oh right. Yeah, I can lend you some of Peter’s, but first we have some explaining to do.” 

“And maybe an apology?” Peter pressed as Tony lead the way to the stairs. 

Tony chuckled. “You’re pushy. The other Peter was sassy but not as much. I’ll have to get used to that.” Peter frowned and shot him a small glare. Tony raised his hands. “But alright, okay, I - I’m sorry Pete. I thought I was doing what was best for you but I should’ve asked you if it was okay and if...if I was hurting you,” something flickered on Tony’s face. “Was I...was I hurting you?” 

Peter hugged himself. “A little. But it’s fine. Thank you. For the apology.” 

Tony nodded. “Come on, we’ve got shit to explain.” 

“I can’t believe this,” Clint flopped on the couch, staring at Pietro. “You knew . For how long?" 

"A few weeks," Pietro murmured. 

Clint let out an angry noise. "Am I the only one still ticked off about this?" 

"No, I got you," there was a new voice and Peter poked his head around Tony as they both stayed down. He grinned a little when he realized that the owner of the voice was Carol Danvers. Next to her was the woman Peter recognized as Valkyrie. 

"Peter," Valkyrie's eyes sparked and she smiled. "Good to see you again." 

"Hi Val, hi M-Carol," Peter smiled happily and Tony looked over at him. 

"You know them from your universe?" he asked curiously. 

"Uh, yeah," Peter nodded. "They helped me out in the fight with...well...y'know." Tony nodded slowly. 

"Seriously, when did I die in your universe?" Pietro threw his hands up, confused. Clint made a noise of confusion. 

"What?" he choked. 

"I didn't know him from my universe because he was killed in...the battle with Ultron?" Peter explained, trying to remember what Mr. Stark told him. 

"Battle of what now?" Steve frowned. 

"Ultron, remember?" Tony understood, cutting Peter off from responding. "The failed project that I tried to continue and forced me to shut down?" 

"Oh right," Steve nodded, remembering. 

"God that was a nightmare," Natasha laughed slightly. 

"Uh - huh," Tony muttered, sounding blithering.

"Food's ready!" Bucky barked, handing plates to Natasha. Natasha laid out different plates and Bucky plated the food. 

Peter hung out at the steps, watching the interaction. Clint raced up to grab two plates; racing back to hand one to Scott who was on the couch nearest to the TV. Clint nestled next to him, eating his own as Pietro playfully complained about grabbing his own food. He sat down on the ground between Clint and Scott's legs, munching happily while Clint ruffled his hair. 

Steve waited at the counter as everyone else got food. Valkyrie and Carol got food and sat across from Clint, Pietro, and Scott. Wanda plunked herself on one of the couches in front of the TV (which was huge and poised high on the wall). She waited as Natasha and Bucky finished up serving before cuddling with her on the couch. 

"Pete?" Peter looked up at Tony who was looking down, holding two bowls. "Want to sit on that other couch?" 

"Oh yeah sure," Peter hopped up and walked over to sit on the second couch that faced the TV and was closest to Valkyrie and Carol. Tony sat next to him and once everyone was seated, Steve sat on the other side of Tony so Tony was in the middle. 

Peter curled up on the side of the couch as Tony got JARVIS to turn on the TV with his voice. He focused on his Russian soup thing (that was surprisingly really good) and took off the scent blocker that he realized he never took off. 

He sniffed around slowly, and felt out the room. It was mostly full of homely smells; safe, comforting, friendly, family - feeling. But there was that under-lying tension of anger and betrayal. Peter figured it was from Clint and he had an instinctual feeling to find a time to comfort him. 

Peter kept to himself though as all of them switched through channels. Every once and a while they would make a fun comment here and there and while he felt out of place, he was happy being around them. 

It was going to take a while to get used to this. 

Chapter Text

Peter woke up on the couch, curling in Tony's lap. He didn't remember crawling into his lap but Tony was lazily tugging and tangling his hands in Peter's hair. He must've been trying to gently comb Peter's hair but god, Peter hasn't taken a shower in a couple of days. 

Peter shifted and felt Tony panic a little and he muttered a humming noise, wanting to say shhhh but since that didn't really work, he nudged his face into Tony's chest. Tony relaxed a bit and tried to untangle his hands from Peter's hair. 

"I need a shower," Peter muttered and Tony laughed a little. 

They went silent again and Peter cracked his eyes open to look around. Everyone was having a slow moving breakfast that Steve had apparently made. Tony untangled his hand from Peter’s hair after a moment and slid Peter off of him. 

Peter didn’t hesitate to curl up on the arm rest, staying in his safe position of (basically) a ball. Tony threw him an odd look before standing and going to get pancakes. 

Peter sniffed around and looked up to see that Sam and T’Challa were back along with Thor and Bruce. He heard Bruce talking with Thor, Sam, and T’Challa and heard small words like, “explain”, “stay”, “wait”, and “tell us everything”. 

It took Peter a moment to remember that this was the day he was going to talk about his universes and well...his powers. 

They were going to tell the team yesterday but things kind of fell apart. 

“Hey Pete,” Tony was back with a plate of pancakes and Peter grabbed one, whispering a thank you. Tony smiled at him, before talking again. “So I talked it over with the team and they’re just going to ask some simple questions. And then we’ll answer whatever you have to ask and then, if you’re up for it, there’s someone who I think you’d like to meet,” Tony explained as Peter munched on a pancake. 

“Okay,” Peter swallowed. “When do we start?” 

“Right now would be good,” Thor spoke from the other side of the room and Peter jumped a little. 

“Oh okay,” he swallowed again. “Uh..where do I start?” 

“How about if you weren’t a hooker, what are you?” Sam suggested and T’Challa elbow-ed him. Sam winced and rubbed his shoulder. 

“I’m a superhero. Like you guys.” Peter said slowly. “When I was...fourteen...closer to fifteen though, I was bitten by this radioactive spider that was genetically modified on this field trip. So, not the best field trip experience but basically I gained all this stuff and became...more or less of a vigilante before Mr. Stark recruited me for that Civil War thing.” 

“Apparently in his universe Tony signed the Accords,” Bucky interjected at some confused looks. 

“What?” Tony frowned. “Why -?” 

“I don’t really know,” Peter sighed. “I thought I understood but I never really got the Accords anyways. Point is, Mr. Stark recruited me and then I did things around New York to help people kinda like a vigilante but not really. Oh and the name is Spider-Man.” 

“Spider-Man?” Clint snorted. “That’s the best you got?” 

“Somebody else gave it to me,” Peter defended. “I can’t remember who but somebody said I looked like a spider and started calling me Spider-Man and the name kind of...stuck...pun not intended.” Bucky laughed and Natasha gave a wicked grin. Pietro snorted at that too and Wanda smiled as well, leaning into Natasha’s side. 

“And the whole Beta/Omega/Alpha thing?” Valkyrie asked. “How were you allowed to be superhero?” 

“We...don’t have that whole system,” Peter frowned. “But even if we did does it matter?” 

“Well I was just wondering because what if you went into heat or something?” Valkyrie shrugged. “I mean, what if someone forced you to become their alpha?” 

“I can lift two ton trucks,” Peter replied cooly. “I can bite off any alphas head who thinks they can control me.” 

There was a pause and he felt Tony scooch a little away from him. 

“That came out harsh,” Peter muttered. “I just don’t understand why that matters. I’s kind of sexist. Y’know?” 

“Yeah, I can respect that,” Valkyrie mulled it over. 

“But what happened here?” Peter tried to redirect the conversation. “Like after 2012 and whatever what happened? Cus it seems like you guys act more like a family than the team in my universe?” 

“I think banning the Accords helped,” Steve entered the conversation from the back with Sam and T’Challa and Bruce and Thor. “And maybe also the fact that we’re a pack. We’re pretty much forced to figure everything out and keep things family between us.” 

“Because of the sharing you have to do sometimes?” Peter guessed. 

“Yeah, something like that,” Steve muttered. 

“Well we have to get back to Maria,” Carol announced. “We’ll be gone for awhile though so if you need us, you know how to call us Tones,” she smiled and waved at all of them, giving Peter a soft smile before ushering Valkyrie outside. 

Peter sank in his seat, hoping they didn’t ask him any more questions. Tony must’ve realized that he didn’t want to talk though because he could feel the warning scent radiating off of his alpha. 

Well...not his alpha yet. Something...something always seemed off. Like there was one more step they had to take into being together together. 

And god, Peter hopes Tony does whatever that is soon because he’s anxious. Anxious about exactly what Valkyrie had said; that someone would swoop in and take him from Tony. 

She made a good point but it was still...frustrating - infuriating even that just because he was an omega , he was weak. Supposed to be obedient. Supposed to just listen. 

That isn’t who Peter is and he’s not going to start changing because he’s in a new universe. Fuck that shit. 

Peter looked up and realized that Thor and Bruce had left again with Sam and T’Challa. “They don’t normally hang around,” Tony explained when Peter looked at him questionably.  

Steve then excused himself to go upstairs and Pietro convinced Scott and Clint to go with him somewhere. Natasha had started stress-cooking according to Wanda. 

“She just likes to cook things sometimes,” Wanda shrugged. Bucky was sitting on a stool, watching Natasha cook while Wanda was switching around on the TV. 

Peter looked over at Tony who was staring at thin air. “Mr. Stark?” 

“Mm,” Tony looked at the air blankly. 

“You - you said there might be someone I would want to see?” Peter whispered. Tony blinked and then shook his head. 

“Oh yeah that’s right. Tasha, we’re heading out to 803 if Steve wants to know,” Tony stood up. 

“You’re -” Natasha stopped. “Oh. Okay.” she paused. “Good luck.” 

“Thanks,” Tony murmured. “Come on Pete, let’s go.” 

Peter frowned a little but followed Tony to wherever he was taking him. Peter chewed his lip, heart racing ever so slightly because he had no idea what was happening. 

The car pulled up in front of an apartment that was vaguely familiar. 

Peter frowned as Tony got him to exit the car and took him up the stairs. They walked through similar looking hallways with similar looking doors. Tony only took him to the second floor and they walked until they reached the door that read ‘8 0 3’. 

Peter blinked hard, trying to figure out why he knew this place as Tony rapped on the door. 

“Coming!” came a clear recognizable voice from inside and Peter’s heart skipped a beat. 

He turned to Tony, eyes wide. Tony just gave him a light - sad - smile as the woman opened the door. 

“Tony,” she said. “Hey. I didn’t - I didn’t think you were going to come back...I - I haven’t really cleaned up the place I’m sorry about that -” she cut herself off when she saw Peter. “Who -?” 

“Peter Parker,” Tony said quietly. “From another universe. I thought you might like to see him May...unless it’s too soon?” 

“No!” Aunt May said quickly. “No, no, not at all, I - come on in.” she opened the door, still glancing and looking at Peter like he was a ghost. 

Peter’s throat closed up as he entered the room. Tony walked over to the kitchen right away and started making something as Peter sat on the couch. Peter watched Aunt May sit down next to him and they looked at each other for a moment. 

“Hi -” they both started saying and then broke off, laughing a little bit. Peter looked at her, smiling harder than he thought he might. She smiled like lavender and cherry pie. 

She was crying a little bit he realized and on instinct, he hugged her, pushing his head into the crook of her shoulder. She laughed a little and held him, breathing in deeply. 

“You even smell like him,” she whispered. “I missed you.” 

“I miss you too,” Peter whispered and for the first time in a while, his heart ached for his own Aunt May. The one who would give him cookies before bed some nights, who he could share nearly everything with, who knew how hard it was for him to loose his parents and then Ben and then - 


Peter squeezed his eyes, tears slipping out as May pulled him in tightly. “Oh honey,” she whispered. “How has he been treating you? Everything going okay?” 

“For the most part yeah,” he sniffed. 

She hummed and sniffed him again. There was a pause and then she sniffed him once more. She pulled away and looked at him hard. 

Peter frowned. “What?” 

May turned to the kitchen. “Tony?” 

“Yesum?” Tony was messing around with some of the kitchen appliances. 

May was still frowning. “Did you know that Peter is going into heat?”

Chapter Text


- Standard things; goes into heat, only satisfied by sex with an alpha. Usually seen as the weaker gender, previewed as like 'house wives'. Aren't viewed to be able to do physical or stong things. Seen as helpless needy things.
- Male Omegas are rare but not so uncommon like other fics may have them. They can also produce children but typically while a female omega can give birth to up to a dozen before health issues and/or miscarriages happen, male omegas can have up to one child (sometimes two) before health issues and/or miscarriages begin to occur. 


-Aren't super special. They make up 50% of the population so they can't really be with just one alpha or one omega. They tend to be 'used' in polyamorous relationships where they balance out an alpha and an omega
-They don't have heats or ruts. They can't satsify alphas or omegas and while they aren't viewed like omegas, there can be some alphas that see them as still below them. Times have changed though and most alphas don't think that way anymore


-Were considered the 'superior' gender. Times have changed now though where (mostly) equal opportunity is given to everyone. 
-Seen as strong, incapable of much emotion. (Kind of like the men in our world right now; not to be political or anything *side eyes the government body and society*)
-They have ruts, they tend to an omega's heat. While they take care of an omega in heat, they have to depend on an omega taking care of them in their ruts. 
-Female Alphas are rare but not uncommon as well. They do not bear children and it varies if they can have their omega give birth. Some have that ability, some need scientific intervention or even magic/miracles. (Don't ask me for the specifics on how that works, I'm not interested in going into an in depth conversation about that. Do what you will with that bit of info)



General History:

Alphas were kings and Queens. They  were seen as genetically superior. They were the ones who got higher wages, better jobs, etc. Betas weren't necessarily discriminated as much as Omegas but weren't considered as highly as an alpha. I.E. if an alpha and beta were applying for the same job, the alpha would get the job. 
Omegas were considered genetically inferior. They were viewed as people who should stay home and please their alphas. They were also seen as the ones to just constantly give birth. If an omega couldn't give birth, they were considered useless. 

After several hundred years, (around the 1900s), omegas - after years and years of protesting (like this started in the 1800s) - omegas gained more rights. And then more and more every year. They were allowed to have jobs, they were able to be paid the same (but most corporations got away with still paying them less). Some still think they should be house wives. (In simpler terms; how some men treat women in our world). 



The Deal-io with killings of Beta/Alpha or Omega/Beta

-A beta can't be with only an alpha or only an omega.
-America doesn't necessarily have laws against it, so it's not illegal or punishable by death in America, it is simply advised against.
-There are rare couples in America and some other countries (like Europe) where it's an alpha and a Beta or a beta and an omega.
-Those relationships though are hard to work with and are very very rare.
-Packs work slightly differently because so long as the numbers are all somewhat even, a beta can be with an alpha and/or omega.
-They tend to share each other because that's what a pack is; being in love with three or more people.
-The best way for a pack to work though is how it works in the Avengers.
-Mini couples inside of the pack that all work together and love each other.
-I don't really know how to explain the alpha/beta/omega pairing other than that is a way for someone (who might be in a country where if a Beta is with an alpha or omega, they could killed) to be able to be with an alpha [and/or omega].

-As for the rights thing, it's the same general mindset where omegas in America and Europe and some other countries struggled hard for their rights and then gained them.
-They're obviously still treated slightly differently and in some countries they still don't have full rights.
-So a beta or alpha superhero is more common than an omega one. 




The Avengers Specfically:

More on the Avengers history comes in later chapters. 

Basic Gist: They're pro Omega/Beta Rights. They're also very focused on staying together as a team/pack. 

Not much else to add on that considering things come later >:) 

And by later I mean sequel. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe




And that's about it.

Any other questions? Comment below and I'll try and explain it as best as I can!
(Fair warning: A lot of things happen or occur for the necessity of plot not necessarily because this world operates like that so any questions I answer might be thought up on the spot)

Chapter Text

Tony choked and there was a loud clanging noise while Peter’s heart jumped and he gasped. 

What? ” Tony hissed, looking up with wide eyes. 

“You don’t smell it?” May hummed, sniffing Peter again. “He smells like Peter when he was going into heat.” 

Peter’s eyes were wide and he looked at Tony, heart racing a little. Tony’s eyes were darting between Peter and May. “I - no, I didn’t realize that - really at all but - are you sure?” he looked at May desperately. 

May looked at both of them for a moment. “Yes I am. Is everything okay?” 

“I -” Peter swallowed. “I -” 

“Thanks May,” Tony quickly walked over to them, grabbing Peter and pulling him up. “We’re going to have to stop by again -” 

“Of course,” May nodded, letting them out. “Take care of him, Tony,” 

“I will,” Tony kissed May’s cheek and Peter blinked in surprise. Tony dragged him out of there, fast-walking back to the car. He pushed Peter ahead of him a little bit and pulled Peter in to sniff his head. Peter didn’t move, letting himself be pushed around by Tony. “Shit.” Tony hissed. “She’s right.” 

“What?” Peter gasped as Tony pushed him into the car. “Wait - but - hold on what? What does that mean? What will happen? What’s going to happen?” 

“Babe, I need you to shut up for a moment, Jarvis drive back to the Tower and call Natasha,” Tony said sharply and Peter snapped his mouth shut, a little shocked by the nickname and the harshness in Tony’s voice. 

Tony sat in the front and closed the partition so Peter couldn’t hear him. Of course, Peter still had super hearing but it was muffled and the ringing in his own ears was louder. 

He was in heat. 

Going to be in heat. 

Peter racked his brain to try and remember what Natasha said about a heat. 

They were intense and could only be satisfied by sex with an alpha. A beta couldn’t give that kind of relief - only an alpha could. There were different ways to go about it apparently and Peter remembered her saying that there was a lot more to it but that was the basic. 

Peter’s heart began to race again at the idea of Tony and him…

Peter squeezed his eyes shut and tried to erase that image. Even though Tony was pretty possessive of him now, it was still unlikely that any of...that...would happen. 

He sighed and watched as landmarks raced by, not being able to help the feeling of anxiousness and nervousness. 

When the car stopped, Peter didn’t move. He sniffed around himself, wondering if he could smell the heat himself. He just smelled a little sweeter. That was the only difference he smelled. 

“Pete?” Tony opened the door, his nose flaring. “Come on, we gotta get you to the tower. Can you walk?” 

“Yeah I can - whoa,” Peter swayed on his feet, suddenly feeling light headed. “Oh whoa.” 

“Shit,” Tony swore again, clacking his teeth. “It’s late and it must be overheating you because it’s your first one.” 

“I’m fine,” Peter muttered, making his way to the door and still swaying a little bit. Tony gripped his arm and pulled him towards the Tower as he tripped over himself. Tony lead him most places and Peter just dazily followed, blacking out here and there. 

He was fine a moment ago but now not so much. It was like a rush of heat had just washed over him in seconds. He swayed and blinked blearily as Tony lead him along. He barely understood where he was going but then he was on a bed and oohhh that’s soft, that’s nice. 

Peter was asleep before he could comprehend what was happening. 

Peter woke up to a burning fever and nauseous.

He shifted in the sheets, attempting to throw some off. He found himself panting and blinking blearily. Sweat dripped off his eyebrows and he whined, the heat growing and flexing in his stomach. 

He recognized that he was in the room he was given earlier by Wanda. It smelled bland and boring. He himself reeked. Peter’s eyes lolled back and he arched on the bed, throwing off the covers limply. 

He sat up as best as he could, feeling floaty and warm. Peter examined the room as best as he could. He noticed the bathroom and the closet. He was on a pretty big bed that was in the middle of the back of the room. The door was in front of him and a desk on the other side. 

He whined again, curling into himself and rocking a little bit, trying to find something - something that he couldn’t - couldn’t find

Peter wished for one of the first times, that he never landed into this fucking universe. 

There was a knock on the door and Peter’s nose flared and he looked up to see Tony walk in. Neither moved as Tony’s scent wafted around. He smelled really good. Like chocolate. 

“Peter.” Tony’s voice was low - lower than before. “Are you alright?” 

“Hot,” Peter whispered, breathless. “‘s too hot.” 

“I know,” Tony stalked forward to the edge of the bed. “I know baby, I know.” He sucked in a deep breath, eyes raking over Peter. 

Peter started to move under the heated gaze, turning around so he was on all fours. Why, he didn’t know, it just made sense. 

“Oh you pretty little thing,” Tony’s sentence came out as a growl as the bed dipped behind him. “Know just what to do, don’t you?” Peter whined again, lifting himself up. “No no, it’s okay. Lie down babe,” 

Peter didn’t hesitate to flop downwards. He settled into the sheets as Tony crawled on top of him. He felt Tony lean down and nibble the top of his ear. Peter’s eyes fluttered and he let his head fall forward, breathing in lightly. 

Tony’s mouth traveled from his ear to his neck, biting and sucking gently. Peter felt Tony’s legs, nest beside his own, squeezing them together. He shivered, the heat bursting forward suddenly with a growing need. Peter bucked a little, whining again. 

“Shhh shhh shh,” Tony whispered, biting down again and then sitting backward to undo Peter’s hospital gown that he was still in

“‘m still in the gown?” Peter muttered.

Tony chuckled. “Yes you are sweetheart. Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of it soon.” he fingered it a little bit and then suddenly ripped it off, the fabric tearing and the buttons falling off. 

Peter yelped but moaned, wriggling around as the heat got slightly more manageable as he was now naked. In the back of his brain, he knew he should be embarrassed and maybe he was a little red but  he couldn’t. 

The heat in his gut was becoming unbearable now, a painful coil tight in the bottom of his stomach. “It hurtsh,” Peter whimpered, whining as he arched his back. “Tony - it hurts ,” 

“I know I know,” Tony kissed down his back and Peter’s sharp hearing picked up the loud - technically soft - noises of Tony undressing himself. “I know babe, I know, it’s okay. I’ll help - I’m right here. Not going anywhere kitten,” 

Peter gasped at the nickname and bucked his hips a little and Tony pulled away a little bit, fingers dancing their way down to Peter’s ass. “You like that? Kitten?” 

Peter squeezed his eyes shut and mewled. Tony growled and pushed Peter apart. Peter winced, feeling a glob of... something leak out of his ass. He stuffed his face into the covers, mortified and startled. 

“It’s normal,” Tony breathed. “It’s normal hun - god you’re so beautiful .” Tony groaned and teased his thumb around the rim. 

“Tony Tony Tony Tony,” Peter chanted, eyes rolling again and he grinned a little, dazed. He felt as though he was floating - in a dream. Specifically one of his wet dreams. There was just no way this was real. No. Way

But it was and Tony leaned over him again, biting his ear lobe again. “I need you know too kitten. Are you okay? Are you ready?” 

“Please please please Alpha ,” The name slipped out and for a moment fear gripped his heart because what if that was a mistake, what if that was the wrong thing to say? 

But apparently it was the right thing to say because Tony growled, baring his teeth and immediately lined up to Peter and pushed in.

Peter made a happy noise as Tony sank in, slower than expected. Peter was sure with that slip up he was going to get torn apart by Tony’s dick but apparently Tony still had some sort of semblance of control.

The rest of the night went in a blur. 

The heat in his stomach had changed into a fiery overwhelming desire for Tony and Tony only. He knew he was begging constantly and he was vaguely aware of Tony draping himself across Peter’s body.

Peter vaguely registered the dirty talk whispering into his ear as Tony pounded him into the bed. Peter was a whimpering mess and it felt so good

Peter’s whimpers began to get higher and higher pitched as he got closer and closer. “Tony Tony Tony,” Peter gasped out, voice slightly muffled from the covers. 

Tony yanked his hair and pulled him up, still flushed to Tony’s chest and he drove hard into Peter from that angle. “Not my name kitten,” Tony bit, growling lowly. 

Peter gasped again, eyes wide as Tony’s hand fell from his head and to his neck. Peter choked a little bit but Tony held him loosely aware enough to know not to add too much pressure. 

Peter bucked when he came, yelping and moaning as he rode his hips out. He was dimly aware of Tony spilling inside of him but his vision was swimming and he lolled off, mumbling a “I’m gonna sleep now,” before blacking out.

Chapter Text

Peter woke up sore. The fire in his stomach was gone and he groaned a little, feeling sticky and tacky. He shifted around, wincing at the small pain in his ass.

He shifted so he was sitting up. He covered himself in the covers and looked around blearily for alpha. 

Tony. Tony. Not Alpha. 

Peter shook his head, his mind registering what had happened last night one moment at a time. He groaned a little, eyes fluttering at the thought. 

This place was a dream. He was going to wake up and have to fight Mysterio. There was no way he just had sex with Tony Stark

“Pete? Baby?” Peter’s eyes snapped to the front of the door. Tony was there with a tray of food, looking at him with slight concern. “You with me honey?” 

“Yeah,” Peter rasped. “I’m -” he coughed. “I’m fine, I - did that…? Did that really happen?” 

“The sex?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “Yes that happened.” Tony set the tray down and sat next to Peter. “’s going to happen again.” 

Peter swallowed, eyes wide. “Rea - really?” 

Tony looked at him, sad. “Peter...heats are horrible without an alpha. But if you don’t want me then -” 

“That’s not what I was saying,” Peter frowned.

Tony stopped. There was an awkward pause and then Peter spoke up again, quietly. “Can I have some of those eggs?” 

“Oh yeah,” Tony moved the plate over to Peter so he could eat. 

They were silent for a moment as Peter kept eating. He found that he was ravenous and he was thankful for the big plate of eggs that Tony had made. 

After a moment, Peter tried to speak, “I just -” 

“You -” Tony started as well and they both stopped. “I have to ask Peter,” Tony quickly said before Peter kept going. “I know...I know that your...your Tony never -” Peter tried to speak but Tony lunged a little and clamped a hand over Peter’s mouth. 

Peter’s nose flared and his eyes widened as he stayed still to watch Tony carefully. Tony was shaking a little and his eyes were darkened. 

“You want me,” he whispered, voice gravelly and Peter slowly nodded. “I know I want you because god Peter, it’s been so long …” he took a deep breath. “But once your heat gets going again we won’t have a lot of time. It’ll last for a week and most likely you’ll be in and out of it. You probably won’t remember most of it so I have to ask you right now,” Tony slowly pulled his hand away. “Are you okay with...with all of this?” 

Peter blinked a little. “I don’t - yeah.” Peter swallowed. “Yeah, I - I want, I want you.” Peter tucked his legs underneath his body and bit his lip a little. He felt squeamish and uncomfortable - not with Tony but with the heat coming back. 

Tony let out a shaky breath. “Okay. I’m going to kiss you then.” 

“Yes please,” Peter breathed, eyes wide and Tony twisted forward to press his lips to Peter’s, expertly guiding him. Peter moaned a little and leaned back as Tony moved the food tray around and then crawled over on top of him. 

Peter closed his eyes as the heat tightened in his gut and he twisted his lips a little to graze his teeth on Tony’s lower lip. Tony growled a little and bit back, teasing him. 

Peter started twisting around, trying to show Tony that it was starting to hurt again. Tony picked it up after a while and he pulled away to press him down into the mattress. 

“I’ll take care of you baby,” Tony whispered. “I promise.” 

Peter closed his eyes again and believed him.

Chapter Text

It was a week of heat in his gut, pushing and pulling at his core, and driving him insane (or rather horny.) 

Peter stayed in the room for a majority of the time, either eating or getting fucked by Tony. Or sleeping. Sleeping was a nice break but he always woke up whiny and begging. 

It was a weird situation when he was able to step back from it. There were moments where Tony was able to leave to make a sandwich or eggs and Peter would just lie down staring at the ceiling. 

It was hard to realize that a little over a month ago, he was in his own universe where Tony had died and he was being forced to be the hero in Europe by Fury. Where he was forced to be the hero by the world. 

And it was those moments where he just thought - considered - the idea of giving up Spider-Man. It’s not like this universe knew who that was. He could just be Tony’s. Just stay his and be nobody else’s. 

But what would he even do

While the Avengers were out fighting, taking down aliens and busting weapons dealers - what would he do? He’d just be a housewife to please the Avengers Tony. 

The mere idea made him restless and angry. He wanted to be out there. He wanted to fight. 

But this universe was so goddamn fucked and after living his first heat, he understood why Valkyrie might be skeptical of an omegan superhero. 

While he was still strong, the pheromones that Tony released made it damn near impossible for him to ever want to use his strength. He did try it once, when he was in his right mind, to push Tony off of him. 

Tony was startled and nervous that he had done something wrong and that Peter wanted to stop. Peter had to convince him that he was just testing an idea, a hypothesis per se

But Peter didn’t want to fight him. The smell in the air was sweet and alluring, telling him to just relax and let Tony take anything he wanted. 

And Peter was brave enough to admit to himself - what if that’s what villian alphas smelled like? What if he can’t fight? What if he can’t prove to the world that he can be an omega and a superhero?

What if he lost Tony as his alpha

The idea sent Peter into a near panic attack because no no no he can’t lose Tony again. He can’t

“Penny for your thoughts?” 

Peter shot up in bed, ripped from his thoughts to look at Tony who was walking out of the closet, pinning up a shirt. 

“Huh?” Peter’s throat was dry from yelling. 

“What are you thinking about?” Tony simplified. 

“Just...stuff.” Peter muttered. 

“Am I stuff?” 


Tony shook his head, smiling a little. “Well, when you’re ready, get dressed as best as you can. I asked Bruce and he thinks your heat it probably over. First heats always last about a week.” 

“Really?” Peter rubbed his eyes. “It’s over?” 

“Most likely,” Tony leaned over and kissed him, pecking his lips. “I’ll go make some breakfast.” 

“Mm, okay,” Peter moaned a little, keeping his eyes closed and smiling a little. He heard - smelled - Tony leave the room and then took a deep breath. 

He eased himself out of bed and hobbled over to the walk in closet which he didn’t realize was a walk in until recently. 

He searched around for some clothes and found an outfit that looked like something he might wear. It was some ripped up jeans and a black t-shirt with frayed edges and a faded logo. 

He pulled on some long socks with laced up shoes and threw on a blue hoodie for good measure. He walked around a little, trying to ease out the tension in his joints before shuffling downstairs.

It seemed like the house was mostly empty as he joined Tony in the kitchen. From the whiff of flavour, Peter guessed that Tony was making eggs and bacon. 

“Omelette?” Tony asked, swinging around the pan and fumbling a little. 

Peter giggled a little. “That sounds great.” Peter sat himself on one of the stools, tugging the threads of the sweatshirt. Tony twirled around and loaded the omelette onto a plate with two pieces of bacon. Tony turned around again to turn off the stove and he turned back to Peter and paused. 

Peter paused himself when he saw Tony’s eyes dilated and his nostrils flared. “So. New clothes.” 

“Yeah.” Peter started slowly. “I found - I found them in the closet. Should I put them back, or -”

“No,” Tony said abruptly. “No. No, they look good on you.” 

Peter smiled shyly. “Really?” 

Tony smiled back. “Really.” There was a second where they looked at each other when Peter’s stomach growled. Peter blinked a little and then dug back into his food. 

Then Tony’s stomach growled and Peter giggled a little. “I guess I’m not the only one who’s hungry.” 

“No, I guess not,” Tony sighed, grinning as he turned to get his own plate of omelette and bacon. Tony sat down on the other side of the counter so they were facing each other. “Also, I’ve gotta confess that I didn’t make hardly any of the food this past week. I’m terrible at cooking. There’s a reason why Natasha, Bucky, and Sam are the cooks. Steve can be too but I’m rambling and you look like you want to say something,” Tony finished, pointing his fork at Peter who nodded. 

“Yeah I just wanted to say that this tastes like shit,” Peter told him plainly, giggling on the inside when Tony gave him an affronted look. 

“Alright then, push salt in the wound,” Tony replied sarcastically, and picking at his omelette again.

 “Poured my heart out and you just stomped on it,” Tony gave a little pout and Peter smiled, going back to grab another little bit. 

“Well it can’t be that bad if you’re still eating it,” Tony poked his fork at Peter and then stabbed his own to eat a bite. 

“I’m hungry,” Peter pointed out as Tony ate the piece then turned and spat it out into the trash can. 

“Okay yeah that tastes like shit, gimme,” Tony couched, eyes watering as he grabbed his own and Peter’s plates, dumping them. Peter laughed, practically howling as he doubled over. 

Tony rummaged around in the fridge to pull out a microwavable thing. “I’ve got like a souffle thing -” 


Peter jumped and Tony scrambled out from behind the counter as Sam - Wilson, Falcon person - stormed in from the elevator and into the kitchen. Tony gave a grin and sat next to Peter. "Sam! Just in time to save us all!" 

Sam glowered and turned around. He started pulling out different appliances to cook something up. 

"Are you banned from the kitchen or...?" Peter frowned. 

"He blew up the kitchen twice," T'Challa came in and answered Peter's question. 

"Did not!" Tony yelled, affronted. Tony leaned over to Peter. "I nearly blew up the kitchen twice," 

Peter snorted and hid his face. "Yeah that's better," he muttered, giggling a little.

"It is!" Tony said indignantly. 

Peter's stomach growled before he could reply and Sam turned to look at him. 

"Food?" Peter suggested, smiling meekly. 

Chapter Text








6 months later








Peter Parker stirred the bowl and looked over his shoulder at the recipe as Wanda prattled off instructions. He grabbed one of the salt shakers and poured a little into the mix. He kept stirring it and lifted it up out of the way when Wanda shrieked suddenly and darted past him towards the oven. 

“Oh damn that thing’s burning,” Pietro noted from over the counter. 

“Yeah no shit Sherlock!” Wanda squawked, flapping her arms around and trying to stop the smoke from reaching the fire alarm. 

Too late. 


Peter cringed and stopped stirring to hold his ears. Wanda was squinting through it all, trying to get a grip on the fire. 

Pietro darted off to fix the alarm and Scott poked his head around the corner to look at them. “Everything good?” 

“Just burning the chocolate chip cookies.” Wanda rolled her eyes, calling back sarcastically as she cursed. “God -” 

“Y’all are going to burn the house down,” Bruce grumped, walking upstairs to grab a bagel and tromp back downstairs. “Someone mention to Pietro to check on Steve.” 

“Bruce!” Peter let go of his ears to scurry after Bruce before he could go all the way down to the lab (which Tony didn’t let Peter in there even though he’s been down there a thousand times in his old universe). “How’s -” 

“Tony’s fine,” Bruce told him, snapping a little. He took a deep breath before smiling softly at Peter. “They’re nearing the base though so I’m going to have to move to Shield to stay in contact with them. I’ll make sure to text you every five minutes with a status update okay?” 

Peter nodded and watched as Bruce went down the steps to prepare. 

He had gotten used to the dynamic. Even though he wanted to go out there and be with Tony, Tony refused to let him go. But Wanda, Pietro, and Scott, and whoever else that was there were friendly and kept him busy. 

Peter had gone through almost seven heats now and he just felt constantly exhausted. He was happy that they only lasted a few days and not as long as the first one. Tony kept him comfy and sated and he could feel them growing closer. 

But it still felt off, like there was one piece missing and it felt just barely filled every time Tony grazed his teeth over a gland on Peter’s neck

He got to visit May more though too. May never went to the Tower but Tony would let Peter go with him to see her every other week or so. It was more than he could have imagined. 

And slowly, Peter became very used to how things ran. If the Avengers were on a mission, Bruce was mission control and the others (mostly omegas) waited for their return. Movie nights were Fridays and Tuesdays were tacos. 

Wednesdays, Wanda would take Peter to some random room and they would have fun and hanout there for the day. They always made something on Thursday and Mondays - well Mondays just sucked. 

Unless everyone was home and there were no missions. That happened very rarely but when it did, they would go down to the park or the city and walk around. 

Peter got used to the smells filtering through his nose; the catcalls caught him off guard at first but Tony let out this inhumanly roar and that shut them up quite fast. 

Peter was grinning for the rest of that trip and had tightly wound his hand in Tony’s. 

Today was a slow day. SHIELD had discovered some sort of base in Sokovia where the Avengers all had to go. 

Except Steve. 

It had been three months since his last rut and they were nervous he was going to go into rut any day. Steve insisted he felt fine so they left him alone but refused to let him come on the mission. 

Peter hopped on the counter as he watched everyone scramble to get the cookies ready. It was a Thursday so Wanda suggested chocolate chip cookies and another dessert with ice cream. Peter liked the idea so they found homemade recipes online for the dessert but Wanda decided to wing it with the cookies. 

“I knew you should’ve looked up a recipe,” Peter remarked, watching Wanda use her powers to scrape off cookie from the inside of the burnt smelling ovan. 

“You know what Parker -!” Wanda waggled a finger at him, stopping abruptly to just glare at him. Peter sniggered. 

“Okay so that was a bad idea,” Pietro summed up and Scott laughed. 

“That’s the biggest understatement of the year,” he joked and Peter giggled. 

“I’m off!” Bruce announced, rising from the lab. He grabbed another bagel and pointed at Pietro. “Go check on Steve. Wanda, try a recipe this time. Scott keep Pete out of the lab - sorry Tony’s orders.” Bruce checked them all off and gave an apologetic look to Peter who sighed. 

“It’s okay.” Peter mumbled. 

“Alright.” Bruce sighed. “I’m out guys. Call me if you need me,” and then he left. 

There was a moment of silence as Wanda went back to scraping. 

“Shouldn’t you go check on Steve?” Scott asked Pietro who was buried in his phone. 

“I’ll check soon enough calm your horses,” Pietro assured him. 

Scott rolled his eyes. “Okay fine. I’m going to lock myself in the lab, so he can’t get in,” Scott pointed, giving a goofy look. 

Peter stuck out his tongue in defiance and Scott laughed, disappearing into the lab. 

“This sucks!” Wanda announced. “I’m going out!” 

“Excuse me?” Pietro looked up quickly, looking affronted but Wanda stomped out of the room and into the elevator. 

Peter watched her go and sighed. “Give her a minute. She’ll be back.” 

Pietro sighed too. “Yeah.” 

Peter looked at him. “What are you looking up?” 

Pietro flashed his phone. “Cookie recipes. All I’m getting is sugar cookies though -” 

“Let’s do sugar cookies then and just add chocolate chips,” Peter suggested, gesturing to the bag of chips. 

Pietro blinked. “You’re a genius.” 

“I do try,” Peter laughed. He hopped off the counter and they got to work. Pietro started throwing things into a new mixing bowl while Peter finished off the other dessert. 

He stuck that in the fridge and before Pietro began spooning the mixture he made, Peter poured the bag of chocolate chips into the bowl. 

Pietro laughed. “Almost forgot that!” 

Peter grinned. “I noticed.” Peter stirred it around and then they both dolled it out, plopping it onto the tray. 

Peter preheated the oven before and now stuck the trays into the oven while Pietro realized he should probably check on Steve. 

Peter stared at the oven, crouched in front of him when he heard light footsteps. He turned, grinning, to look at Pietro but his grin fell when he saw an ashen Pietro. “What?” 

“Bruce is out. I can’t get a hold of Scott or Wanda,” Pietro rasped, swallowing. “I - I’m so sorry Peter.” 

Peter stood. “What?” 

“You’re his only choice right now.” Pietro swallowed hard, looking so sorry and Peter was still confused. 

“Wha-” Peter stopped when things started to click. 

“His rut.” Pietro explained slowly. “It’s - It’s here.”


Chapter Text

Peter took a deep breath and rapped lightly on the door. “Steve?” he whispered, voice croaky and hoarse. He cleared his throat and gently opened the door. “Steve?” he repeated, peeking his head in. 

The room was dark and there was only a bed. Peter remembered hearing that Steve can’t sleep well nor does he always like having his own room. He tends to sleep downstairs, in the living room, on the floor. 

Peter swallowed and slowly walked in and closed the door. The air was musky and filled a sweet smell of lavender and windy trees in the spring. It was welcoming and sweet and grew stronger when Peter neared the lump on the bed. 

Peter swallowed again. “Uh. Steve?” 

The lump shifted a little and Peter worked up the courage to pull back a bit of the covers. Peter stepped back right away, seeing Steve’s flushed face. 

Steve pushed back some of the covers and sat up, hunched while Peter took a few wobbly steps back. Steve’s scent was much stronger now and it felt safe but...wrong. Not bad wrong but wrong. 

“Peter,” Steve murmured and his voice sent shivers down Peter’s spine. “Pietro was s’posed to get -” 

“The others are busy,” Peter whispered, keeping his voice low and trying not to seem anxious. “Pietro says he’s calling Bruce but he left a couple hours ago.” Peter swallowed. “I - I’m the only option right now.” 

Steve looked pained. “Peter - I don’t - you don’t need to - we can wait - “ 

“I don’t think you can,” Peter whispered. He slowly walked forward, keeping his movements deliberate. “It’s fine Steve. I can - I can do it.” Peter gave a small smile. “I don’t mind. I promise.” 

Steve stared at him and Peter realized that Steve’s eyes were darkening with every step Peter took forward. He was holding back. And Peter was starting to smell his panic - maybe even pain - but Peter didn’t want that. He liked Steve. Steve was nice and yes more of a parental figure but he wanted to give back. For just one moment. 

“You sure?” Steve breathed. 

Peter slowly worked himself up to get onto the bed. “Really sure.” 

There was a pause - a moment of just silence. 

Then Steve pushed forward, gently slotting his mouth against Peter’s. Peter moaned a little and shifted so he could get closer to Steve. 

Steve’s hands ran along his back and pulled him forward. Peter settled into his lap, both of them still kissing each other. Peter could feel the energy beneath Steve’s fingertips - the humming of adrenaline to go faster and harder. 

And while Peter doesn’t mind a little rough and tough tumble sex - he’s glad and grateful that Steve is taking his time and going slow. 

“This okay?” Steve gasped, pulling away and lying down. Peter situated himself on top. 

“Perfect,” Peter murmured. Steve was clawing at his clothes, gently pawing at them to get them off. 

“Too many clothes,” Steve muttered. 

“Yeah,” Peter breathed and slid off his t-shirt while Steve gently lifted him to kick of his pants and boxers. Peter pulled off his own while Steve shucked his own t-shirt. 

They were both naked now and Steve must’ve felt Peter’s nervousness because he pulled Peter back into his lap and gently kissed him. Peter felt a finger gently prodding at his hole and he let out another little breathless moan. 

“Want - just -” Steve breathed out a little and gently lined Peter up. 

Everything was gentle. And nice. And slow. Peter was grateful for that. 

“I got it,” Peter whispered. “I got it…” he slowly sank down and buried his head in Steve’s shoulder, letting out a small shuddering breath. 

“God, you feel -” Steve swallowed, rolling his hips a little. “You feel like him.” 

Peter’s breath hitched but that could easily be mistaken for Steve now forcefully moving his hips forward and off the bed. Peter squeezed his eyes shut as Steve kept going. 

“Do you -” Steve stopped for a moment, panting slightly. “Do you want to change or stay -” 

Position . Peter realized hazily. He’s asking about position

“Stay,” Peter rasped. He sat back and began lifting his hips and himself up and down on Steve. Steve moaned and tossed his head back. His hands flicked between holding Peter’s hips and holding fist fulls of the covers. 

Peter grabbed his wrists and laid them on his hips and Steve looked up at him. Peter kept his eyes closed, breathing gently and slowly as he kept going. 

“I’m sorry,” Steve sounded miserable and it hurt - hurt Peter’s heart -

He whined and stopped to nudge his head underneath Steve’s chin, whispering, “Not your fault, not your fault,” he nuzzled Steve a little and Steve’s breath hitched and he began thrusting again. 

Peter let himself go, let Steve take over and let himself just enjoy. This might will be the only time he does this so just enjoy. That’s all he had to do. 

It only took Steve a few minutes before he pulled Peter off him and finished out of Peter. He was thankful for that too. 

Steve curled next to him for a moment and kissed his forehead. “I’m sorry,” he whispered again and groaned. 

Peter realized with a start that Steve was hard again. Peter blinked a few times, wondering what he should do when the door creaked open. 

Peter lurched forward and Steve growled then growled again but it seemed directed to himself. Peter watched as Bruce came in. 

“Hey Pete,” Bruce showed his hands and there was a moan from Steve. “Get your clothes on, you’ve done good baby,” Peter slowly slunk out of the covers and pulled on his clothes, swallowing hard. 

He passed by the door and Bruce kissed his forehead too. Peter paused at the door to glance at Bruce walk over to Steve and settle the alpha. 

Peter swallowed and left the room, pulling the door shut. He took a deep breath and let it out, trying to still his breathing as best as he could when he felt a hand on his wrist. 

Peter jerked, surprised and found Tony glaring at the door. Peter whimpered a little, having a bad feeling about this. 

Tony gave him a pained look before dragging him towards their room. Peter’s heart and mind raced, trying to gauge Tony’s reaction and figure out what he might do. 

What he did do is not what Peter suspected. 

Tony threw him on the bed and Peter yelped a little but then Tony was crawling up behind him. He pulled Peter flush against his stomach and they just lied there, Peter tense and Tony rubbing his face and scent all over Peter. 

“Mine,” Tony was muttering and there was a low humming noise in the room. 

No, a purring noise. Like a cat. 

Coming from him

Peter stopped purring for a moment but then Tony draped a leg over his and pulled Peter closer, nosing Peter’s scent gland and surprising him when Tony lightly grazed the edge, biting a little harder than he normally did. 

Peter’s mouth resumed the purring noise and Peter pushed back on Tony, snuggling tighter against him. He liked Steve, but no one was like Tony. No one could make him feel the way Tony did. 

And for a moment everything felt perfect. 

Of course that’s when everything came burning down.

Chapter Text

“Why do you have to leave?” Peter whined as Tony mouthed up his neck. 

“It’s just a short mission, a quick in, get the intel, get out sweetheart,” Tony whispered, kissing the corner of Peter’s mouth. Peter hummed a little but kept frowning. 

“Not like Slovenia?” Peter murmured. 

“Not like Slovenia,” Tony promised. “We’re just going in, getting the things we need, and scampering out. Okay hun?” 

“Tones!” someone - most likely Clint - whistled from the stairs. “We gotta go man!” 

“Hold your damn horses!” Tony barked before turning back to sweetly kiss Peter’s forehead. “You’ll be fine. Your heat just passed so we don’t have to worry about that, and nobody’s staying here but you, Wanda, Bruce, Scott, and Pietro. Okay?” 

“Yeah,” Peter sighed. He pouted. “Just come home safe okay?” 

Tony laughed. “Pete, kitten, when have I not been safe?” 

“That’s not funny!” Peter warned as Tony hopped down the steps and strolled towards the elevator with the others. “I mean it Tony!” 

“I’ll be fine!” Tony shouted back before the elevator closed and he was gone. 

Peter hated this part. 

He hasn’t spoken up yet on the fact that he wanted to be out there with them - and could be out there - because after his first heat, he’s still so scared. So nervous of losing Tony. 

It took him about five months to convince Tony to claim him - finally - and after five months worth of heat, they were pretty close now. 

(On a ‘more-than-friends’ level). 

But either way, the only other option Peter had was hanging with the other omegas and Pietro, waiting for all the other alphas to come home after a mission. 

Luckily though, the only missions that they’ve had were small mundane things that SHIELD wanted them to run (Not Slovenia though. Slovenia was a fucking nightmare -).  

Peter walked down to the lab where he finally had access to. Wanda was spinning around in a chair. Pietro was boxing a punching bag and Scott was fiddling around with what looked like the Ant-Man suit on a table. 

Bruce was setting up the communication system on the big screen where Peter would anxiously watch all of the cams. 

Sam and T’Challa were back in Wakanda, on call if needed. So was Carol and Val and Maria. Maria was a nice woman that smelled like pineapple and they were often at their house somewhere in the Midwest. They were very secretive but would always fly in on a plane. 

Thor, Bucky, Steve, Tony, Natasha, and Clint all had their suit cams on and comms on. Maria Hill from SHIELD had tapped in too today which made Peter slightly nervous because any time SHIELD tapped in, it usually meant the intel they were getting was probably important. 

And important usually meant injuries. 

“-uce? Bruce? We in?” Tony’s voice. “I can’t hear your beautiful voice hun.” 

Peter’s blood sang at hearing his alpha and he sank into a chair, feeling comfortable for only a moment. 

“Yes I’ve got you Tony,” Bruce rolled his eyes. “Comm check 3 2 1, Steve?” 

“Comm check good,” Steve’s voice. 

“Comm check 3 2 1, Thor?” 

“Comm check is well my love,” 

“Good. Comm check 3 2 1, Bucky?” 

“Bucky checks out.” 


“Comm check works,” Peter could hear Bucky rolling his eyes and he smiled. He smiled a little wider when he heard Tony laugh in the background, voice loud and full. 

Bruce checked the other comms and they came out fine. He checked in with SHIELD and Maria responded immediately. Peter watched Bruce’s hands fly across the keyboard as he routed Maria into the heart of the quinjet so she could direct the alphas (and beta) to the location. 

The comms went down for a hot minute where Peter’s leg started to drum the floor with an anxiety ridden tick. Eventually Natasha hopped on the comms to say that they were en route to the location and were nearing close. 

“It’s actually not that far away,” she reported, sounding pleased. “We’re getting some intel on what seems to be Hydra from an abandoned base.” 

“Hydra?” Peter frowned. 

“Yeah.” Wanda spun her chair. “They’ve been a thorn in our side for ages.” 

Peter blinked. “We - we got rid of them years ago.” 

Pietro stopped punching a bag to look at him incredulously. “Seriously? How?” 

Peter shrugged. “Nobody ever said anything about it other than it was eradicated in like, 2016 or something.” 

“Strange,” Bruce muttered, side glancing Peter. 

Peter swallowed a little, never liking the little glances that Bruce gives him on every other day. It’s like Bruce thinks he has something to hide. 

Which is technically true, he hasn’t told all of them what exactly happened that prompted him to want to stay here for good. 

It took thirty minutes of pacing a hole into the floor and waiting anxiously, before the comms blink back on. Bruce checks in immediately and it’s Steve’s voice. 

“Okay.” Steve was saying. “We got the intel, Clint’s sending it to you right now. It’s about one of Hydra’s leaders as far as we know. We took a glance and noticed the name ‘Viper’. Report once you’ve got the information.” 

“Understood,” Bruce replied obediently as he messed around some more on the computer to bring up the intel. 

They waited a moment in silence as Bruce scanned it over. 

“What’s it about?” Peter asked just as a crash was heard upstairs. 

Instantly everyone was on their feet and it only took seconds and not a second glance for Peter to head to the door and head upstairs. 

He heard a slight protest from Pietro but he ignored it and headed up the steps cautiously. He looked around warily when he heard Wanda come up behind him. 

“Peter!” She hissed. “What are - what are you doing?” 

“Just -” Peter stopped to round the corner to the kitchen. He looked around, trying to identify the source when suddenly there was a blur in front of him, a hand on his neck, and he was pushed onto the counter and forced into the wall. 

The wall crumbled around him and he heard a scream from Wanda. Peter choked, hand scrambling on the hand with the iron grip on his neck. 

It was a woman with dark green hair and bright green eyes. She had dark eye shadow and black lipstick with  green and black dress type outfit. Peter didn’t exactly know how to describe it, mostly because his vision was tinting black. 

“Look at this,” the woman crooned. “The spider - what was it? - Man? Ha, I don’t think so. More like spider boy from the other universe. Don’t you just fit in, little omega .” 

Peter sniffed in deeply, trying to gauge what she might be, terrified that she might be an alpha. 

But thank god she wasn’t and Peter gagged at the dull rotting forest smell she excreted. The woman didn’t seem to mind, just laughed at his misfortune and choked him harder. 

“You’re not going to make it out of here,” she hissed. “You really think you belong? This universe’s Peter Parker was the perfect omega silly. A hooker - sex addict - he knew a thousand ways to please an alpha. Not just his own -” she laughed and Peter felt sick. “But all alphas. That’s all they see in you anyway. Him . You don’t belong you quim. You belong back in your own world.” she leaned in and purred, sniffing him over and Peter gagged again, trying to lean away from her. “Poor thing. You can’t even go back to your world. Not that they wouldn’t know how to deal with an omega but more that they wouldn’t know how to deal with a fertile male -” 

What ?” Peter gasped, using every piece of strength he had to force her away. 

Her grip slipped and she fell back a little, stumbling in surprise. 

Peter was about to use that when a blast of red shook the Tower itself and the woman was thrown towards the elevator. Another blast had her crashing through the metal and to the outside. 

Peter stumbled off the counter, feeling dizzy as he turned to look at her caused the mess. Wanda looked scared out of her wits like she had never used her powers like that before. 

But Peter didn’t have anytime to think about that. 

He stumbled, dazed towards the lab, running down the steps to Bruce. Wanda ran after him, nervous as well. 

“Peter!” Bruce looked over at him alarmed. “What was that?” 

“There’s someone here,” Peter gasped. It hurt to talk. “I don’t - she was green haired.” 

Bruce paled a little. “The intel is on a being from another planet along with Madame Hydra or Viper. Green haired lady. She might be here.” Bruce commed into the quinjet and a panicked Tony came online. 

“What happened? What’s going on? Bruce you’re not talking!” 

“It’s okay. I think the Viper’s here,” Bruce said, sounding a little shaky. “I’ll keep reading but you guys get here now.” 

“We’re on our way,” Bucky interrupted before Tony could say anything. 

“Holy shit,” Peter whispered faintly as he slid down to the floor. 

“What happened up there?” Pietro demanded. 

“She was choking him,” Wanda was in hysterics. She was bubbling over and crying. “She was choking him - I - I didn’t know what else to do - she was right there - and - there was no way - I used them - I didn’t mean - oh god ,” 

Peter was thrown entirely by the young woman’s composure. He didn’t know much about his Wanda but he remembered a young woman who had absolute control and confidence in her powers. Her mind powers. 

This Wanda? She was absolutely terrified of them. 

“Wanda, it’s okay,” Pietor soothed, walking over and hugging her. “You’re alright darling. It’s okay. You did the right thing.” 

“Do you need anything? Are you hurt?” it took a moment to realize that Bruce was asking Peter those questions. 

“I’m -” Peter stopped. 

Something inside him snapped. 

“Why aren’t we fighting?” he frowned. 

The others looked at him like he was crazy. 

“What do you mean Peter?” Scott frowned. 

“It’s just -” Peter sat up, pulling his hair in frustration. “We’ve done this all the damn time and I never questioned it - not once - because I didn’t feel the need too, but we’re all strong right? I have a healing factor, I can stick to walls, lift tons of concrete. Wanda has mind powers where she can literally control someone’s mind . She’s more powerful than a shit ton of other people. Scott, you have a suit that makes you a giant and the size of an ant, Bruce can turn into a green rage monster that has helped my Avengers several hundred times and Pietro can go the speed of light! Why aren’t we out there with them!” 

“We stay here, safe with the intel,” Bruce said slowly. 

“Kinda like the guy in the chair or something,” Scott added, frowning a little at his suit.

“Well I’m not a fucking guy in the chair,” Peter fumed. “I’m done with this world and its sexist tendencies.” Peter stomped around, trying to find his suit. He knows Tony must have put it down here somewhere.

He doesn’t miss the fact that the others give up on him and go back to watching the monitor. 

Peter finds the suit eventually and hides it close to him. He watches them, waits, and then bolts for the door, slipping out and into the living room where he slips on his suit, stuffs his mask over his head and jumps out the window. 

He swings around until he finds the spot where Madame Hydra is fighting the other Avengers. Peter waits on the side of the building, assessing the situation.

Natasha and Clint were covering Bucky's back and they were all shooting these misty monsters that seemed to be created from Viper. They were all over the trio, four or five of them that would take the hits and then reappear. Peter considered helping them but he had a feeling if he took out Viper they would go away. 

Thor was helping Steve with several more misty monsters while they tried to make an opening for Tony to hit Viper. Tony twisted around in the air, ripping himself away from the misty hands of green smoke. 

Peter watched him anxiously when suddenly Viper let out a yell and shot out with a green spike. It chipped Tony's helmet sending him plummeting. Peter yelled himself and swung forward, following down after Tony. 

He shot out webs to steady himself and heard a roar from Steve as he rushed Viper. That was in the back of Peter's mind though as he ran towards Tony. Tony was throwing off his chipped helmet, ripping the nanotech and leaving jagged edges on his neck. 

Peter hopped down and ran towards Tony when Tony noticed him. 

"Peter?" Tony muttered and Peter nodded, remembering his mask. Tony's eyes widened and then they blazed with fear and anger. "What the hell are you doing here?" 

"I wanted to make sure you were okay -" Peter started. 

"Get back to the tower!" Tony yelled. 

"But -" 

"Look out!" Thor's roar from behind them. Tony's eyes widened again and he wildly threw up his hand but his thrusters didn't work. Peter whirled, wondering what it was when a giant chunk of concrete hit him dead on. 

He vaguely heard Tony screamed but he stumbled a little, catching the concrete with lightning fast reflexes. 

There was a pause, a moment of stunned silence, but the blood was rushing in Peter's ears and he threw the concrete forward, back where it came from. There's a scream from Viper and the blood in Peter soars again, anger rising above the fear with adrenaline rushing through his veins. 

Peter shoots out a web, slinging himself up and towards her. Viper's eyes widen a little and she throws out her hands, attempting to stun him with magic. But Peter's faced far worse. He ducks it. And the concrete. And the glass. And the rocks. And the bullets. 

He dodges and spins around, moving through the air and cutting it fluidly like he always has. 

It's freeing. Being back. Being Spider-Man. He forgot how much he loved this. 

He's spent so much time trying to please this new Tony and these new Avengers, he never even thought about who he used to be.

Peter flips over one last concrete plate and rolled over it, lunging forward to press Viper into the building wall behind her. She gasped in surprise, Peter forcefully causing her to make a person - shaped indent in the brick wall. 

Peter holds her there, unsure of what to do next and her eyes flick, taking advantage of it. "So you can fight little one," she sneered. "I like it when they fight. But you don't stand a chance darling. A being is coming. Far more powerful than these mewling Avengers and far more powerful than anything in your universe." 

Peter's blood runs cold and he pushes her harder, hand jerking up to her throat on instinct. 

She laughed. "He isn't just from this universe. He will affect all universe. Even yours, omegan filth," she spat and Peter's heart jumped. 


Captain Marvel. Nick Fury. 


"What - what are you -?" Peter tries but she's just laughing and there's no way he was going to get anything from her so he lets go before ripping out his other hand and punching her stomach. 

She falls, gasping and he kicks out his knee, hitting her head hard. She slumps, knocked out cold. 

Peter's breathing is hard and quickened as he tries to wrap his brain around everything she had told him. 

Nothing more than a sex addict

"Argh," Peter whimpered a little, trying to rip the thoughts from his head as he turns around. He blinks when he finds Carol and Valkyrie behind him. Carol is staring with a blank stare and Valkyrie has a slow rising grin on her face. 

"That. Was brilliant," she grinned, looking ecstatic. 


Peter turned away from the couple to look at Tony. Tony - 

Tony looks scared of him. 

Tony swallows hard but steps forward, hesitantly, towards Peter. Peter goes stock still, scared himself. Alpha's scared. It can't - can't be good. What scared Alpha? What -

Tony slowly wipes Peter's forehead, his hand shaky and Peter looks to see blood on Tony's fingers. He doesn't say anything, just gaze at Peter like he's a different person and Peter - Peter suddenly feels like a different person. The scents of Tony was just scared and blazing heat with...rejection? 

What did he do? 


Steve's voice is jarring and Peter sucks in a deep breath. 

"Take her to Shield," Steve ordered and Carol startled a little before nodding curtly. She marches forward and roughly handles Viper with Valkyrie. Together they head off, Thor and Clint following them. 

"Damage control," Bucky muttered. Natasha nodded. 

"You got it?" Steve asked and then they both nodded. Bucky and Natasha headed off towards the reporters and city workers that were already beginning to crowd around the mess. Steve turned to Peter and Tony. "You two. With me." 

Steve's tone makes Peter sick and his mind whirls, trying to figure out what was going to happen as he was lead forward towards an entrance to the Tower. Steve leads them around until they get to a silver and black meeting room with reflective windows and a table with chairs. 

Steve sat down and Tony did too, so Peter sat down next to Tony, mind still whirling and heart pumping wildly. 

They don't say anything and Peter becomes too anxious so after a while he blurts out, "I'm sorry." 

Steve and Tony, who were staring at each other and almost having their own separate conversation, looked at him. 

"I don't - I don't know what I did wrong but I'm sorry," Peter's words stumbled over each other. "I was just - she came in and - and I saw Tony - and I haven't been Spider-Man for months, almost a year - and I just wanted - wanted to go back to being me - because I loved being Spider-Man. And I haven't been able to be Spider-Man and I guess I don't have to do much with him, like take care of Avenger level threats or whatever but Spider-Man was never about that anyway. 

"He was always the guy who helped walk girls home cus they were too scared. He was the guy who helped people find lost bikes - stolen bikes. He was the guy who stopped robberies and just hung out with kids and helped little old ladies across the street because he could. He was the guy who stuck his head out for the little guy because the Avengers couldn't. And I don't - I don't want to just be stuck inside and doing nothing because that isn't me. That's not - I can't - I can't stay inside anymore. I'm not -" Peter stops himself when Steve holds up his hand. 

"Personally," Steve started slowly. "I saw what you did out there. How you handled yourself. And I say you can. Handle yourself. And that's not - that's not a bad idea. Having someone to look out for something the Avengers can't do." Peter's hopes rise. "But I'm not in charge of you. I can't make those decisions." Steve paused. "You two have a lot to talk about." 

Peter's heart hits rock bottom when Steve stands and leaves. 

Peter's throat goes dry as he looks at Tony, pale. 

"Tony -" he starts. 

"No." Tony said flatly. 

Peter recoiled, eyes already brimming with tears. 

"I don't - I don't want you hurt Peter," Tony whispered. "I'm not going to let you - let you do things that could get you hurt." 

"I can handle it," Peter whispered. "I can handle it! You saw me out there -" 

"Yeah, I saw Earth 1999999 Peter." Tony's voice is harsh. 

Peter sat back, eyes wide. 

Tony laughed sullenly. "I don't know why...I don't know why it's catching up to me now but this - it's not working. It's not. You - You aren't my Peter. I don't know why that's catching up now because...because my Peter... he died...almost a year ago now.'re not my Peter. You never were my Peter. You're - you're not," Tony turned away and left, the door closing with a loud clang. 

Peter sucked in a deep breath as tears cascading down his cheeks, after trying to hold back. He tries to think where he went wrong. Was it his first heat? Was it him pushing too much? Why couldn't - why couldn't he be himself? Why - why couldn't - 

The air got tight around his throat and he tried to breathe, finding he couldn't and he let out choked out little gasps, feeling a shaky skin-crawling feeling. He shuddered - a full body shudder - and fell off the chair loudly. 

It hurt. It hurt everywhere and he gasped quietly, trying to push through it because goddamnit he was Spider-Man - 

But it felt like loosing Tony all over again. The faint heart beat turning to nothing. The crying, the taste of salt. Ms. - Mrs. Stark? - crying quietly. Pulling herself up to hug him. The burning hole in his heart. 

And this felt worse. He finally met a Tony that wanted him. And not just as a son but wanted him like that. A Tony that would love him and care for him - 

But he - he lost Tony. Again

Peter shakily hugged himself, curling up on the floor. He was still gasping and trying to catch his breath as the knot in his stomach got tighter and tighter. 

Sex  addict

Peter bolted, jerking. He blinked, wiping away his tears. He took a deep breath and found that he could. 

Tony was right. He wasn't Tony's Peter. That other Peter was a hooker. That other Peter was never Spider-Man. That other Peter never went through the pain of loosing Tony, never went through the grief, never went through the panic of chasing him back, never went through the realization that he couldn't contact Mr. Stark - because Mr. Stark wasn't alive. 

Peter, in a bout of anger and frustration, screamed to himself in the empty room. 

He felt better. Felt stronger. He never should've - never should've let himself give up on himself. He's not this universe's Peter. He could never live up to that. 

It still  hurt

Peter whined to himself before holding his head to try and clear his thoughts. He sure as hell wasn't going back to the Avengers. He wasn't going back to Tony, he had to - had to go back home. May - May would take him in. For the moment - 


Peter allowed himself a brief bubble of hope. He has to warn his universe anyway. Something's coming. That's what Viper said. He had to warn them. 

And maybe, just - just maybe - he might be able to go home. 

But where to start?

Doctor Strange


Peter does what he does best. 

He picks himself up and gets to work. 

Chapter Text

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So I'm trying to literally write ALL of the rest of the chapters, we have about 5 more, and I'm trying to write down the basic idea of it and then actually write it out. So it's taking a while and I'm so sorry about that. 

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Chapter Text

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Peter jogged across the street, bolting at the end when a car nearly ran him over from not seeing him. He huffed a little, readjusting his earplugs. The city was just too loud. 

He didn’t have a scent blocker - although he wished he did, because everything just smelled like danger. It was a constant almost blaring noise or sign in his head, loud and red and bright. 

Peter is convinced he has gained synesthesia from this universe. He’s starting to hear things when he smells. 

A lot of scents were muted though and while at first, everything was loud and smelled too much and too strong, Peter’s senses calmed down. It’s as if they were getting used to the outside world of New York. 

Whistles were heard around him and he would glance around whenever they did happen. There was an instinctual urge to run and try and find an alpha to keep him safe. Everything felt wrong and dangerous. 

Peter shook it off and looked around, trying to remember what his Doctor Strange might’ve said about where he lived. That’s the thing though; when they met it was very rushed and more focused on surviving and killing Thanos than trying to find a day to meet up. 

Peter stopped at a corner, getting anxious and mumbling to himself when a hand wrapped around his waist. 

Peter startled and looked to see a man sniffing him over. It wasn’t unpleasant at first but then he took a sniff and his omegan side snarled, convinced that this was a bad alpha. 

Peter wrinkled his nose and attempted to move away but the man kept a firm grip on him.

“Hey sweeties,” the nickname felt wrong. “Where are you headed, hun?” 

“I - none of your business,” Peter muttered. 

“Come on now, I promise your alpha won’t be mad,” the man tried to scent him but Peter ripped away, swallowing. 

“Go away please,” Peter told him curtly. 

The man narrowed his eyes and he opened his mouth. 

“I believe the young man told you get away.” 

Peter startled and resisted smiling. It was Doctor Strange. 

He was standing at the top of the steps, cape fluttering slightly. He was peering at the stranger a little glaringly with a warning look in his eyes. 

The other alpha sized Strange up, before scoffing and leaving. Peter watched him go before whipping around and grinning at Strange. 

Strange raised his eyebrows. “And just what do you think you’re doing young man?” He turned with flourish and started back into the big oak doors. Peter looked at the building for a moment before jumping up the steps after Strange. 

“I just - I need you -” Peter walked after him, hustling up the steps and barging into the building. He paused when he realized that all the sounds had just sort of disappeared. 

Doctor Strange was still walking forward as he sighed, cape billowing. "I can't help you Mr. Parker. You should know this by now. Unless Stark sent you, I can't do anything you tell me to. That's just the way it is -" 

"Even if it's sexist?" Peter crinkled his nose a little. "Is this how the girls feel when Mr. Harref refuses to let them play dodge ball with the guys?" He added under his breath. 

"It's the way this world works, Mr. Parker." Strange told him, sounding a little sad but masked it with his bored face. "Now please leave before I have to tell Stark to come here -"

"I just want to see if there's a way to warn my universe of what's to come!" Peter pleaded. "Please, Mr. Strange -"

"Doctor," Strange interrupted, frowning. 

"Doctor - sorry - there was this person - Viper - and she said that whatever was coming to this universe would come to my universe and I just need to make sure that they stay safe -" Peter plowed through, trying to reign in some emotion but when he said it it sounded so much more real and god, what was he going to do? 

"Peter." Doctor Strange startled him. "What happened?"

"W-what?" Peter stopped, blinking. 

"Your mark." Strange sounded cold, almost angry. "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" 

"N - no?" Peter gulped. "Why? What happened?" 

Strange's eyes widened. "I keep forgetting you're from another universe but did Stark do something to - to make you feel unwanted? Rejected?"

Peter's visible wince must've been enough because Strange's eyes flashed green and he swore up a storm. "Your mark Peter - it's been ripped up. A sign of rejection. That sonofabitch." 

"He's not -" Peter tried but his voice died and Strange snapped at him, "Don't defend him!" 

Peter snapped his mouth shut as Strange had a hand to ease his temple, obviously trying to think. 

"Please," Peter whispered. "Just let me warn my family." 

Strange looked at him for a long second. "It will take me a while to set it up. At least a week." 

"Then can...can I stay here?" Peter asked. 

Strange regarded him and sighed. "So long as you stay out trouble." 

Peter nodded furiously. "I will! I promise I -" 

The roof caved in and Doctor Strange through out his hands, firey orange lines appearing all over the hole to guard it. 

Peter ducked low and looked up to see past the orange lines was a silver man. On a surfboard? He looked down at the duo for a moment before gliding off. 

"Stay inside -" Peter vaguely heard Strange mutter but he threw out a web and started chasing the surfer guy, ignoring anything else Strange was attempting to say. 

Peter swung after him, aware that he didn't have a mask on but watched as the surfer dude flew past buildings. Windows broke and car alarms blared as he passed them. Peter wasn't sure what was happening but as he followed the guy to Central Park, he noticed that the man had slowed down. 

"Wha-!" Peter yelped a little, barely managing to land on one of the trees. He looked over at the surfer who was regarding him. "Who - who are you?" 

"You're quite the reckless omega." The surfer's voice wasn't male or female - probably closer to male but he couldn't tell right away because it was so monotone. 

"Why are you doing this?" Peter tried instead. "I mean - what are you doing?" 

The surfer looked away. "My leader is coming. I am the second warning. The one to break down the world before it is consumed." 

Peter coughed, surprised. "Wait your boss eats planets?" 

"He does what he can to gain energy like anyone else." The surfer responded. 

"But -" Peter stopped. "Okay I guess that's fair. What's his name?" 

"Galactus," the surfer paused and tilted his head. "You seem like a good man." 

"I like to think I am." Peter frowned a little. "Why?" 

"I am sorry. But I have no choice," The man sighed. 

"Everyone has a choice -" Peter tried when the surfer held out his hand and a blast of breath-taking wind knocked Peter backward into a building. He falls down, groaning in pain as black tints his vision. Peter looked up and saw the surfer flying away. 

Peter groaned again and spat out blood, trying to fight the onslaught. His healing factor doesn't heal that fast and it seems like everything had just been ripped open again from before. 


Peter startles at the voice and looks up just in time to see Tony, kneeling down and holding his face. Peter tried to gargle something out but Tony cut him off by kissing his cheek and his forehead and everywhere. Peter tries to ignore the sickness feeling in his stomach and turns a little to see Bucky shooting the surfer dude and Steve attempting to throw his shield. Natasha stopped him before he could and runs over to Peter. 

Instinctively, Peter reaches out for her, pushing Tony away in the process. Natasha doesn't hesitate to bundle him up and hold him close to her. Tony sounds upset in the background but Peter can't be bothered to care. 

He feels sick and his headache is overwhelming and Natasha just smells better. It still stings in his nose and it seems like everything his different and he hates it but he lets himself go for the moment, not understanding anything that was being said around him. 

Peter drifted away. 

Chapter Text

Peter heard noises when he woke up and he snuffed his nose into his pillow, whining a little. 

The noises were loud and angry which did not make him feel happy. He felt a tap and he shuffled around to see Bruce trying to get him to turn around. 

He felt limp so he let Bruce crowd around him and look over him. He looked around and found that everyone was down there. 

Wanda, Pietro, Clint, and Bucky were all sitting down. Steve was standing in a corner next to Scott and Sam. Thor was next to Bruce and Peter felt slightly threatened by how close the alpha was. 

T'Challa, Valkyrie, Carol, and another woman with a small child - Maria and Monica - were sitting at a different area. Strange was standing next to Natasha who was arguing with a pacing Tony. 

Natasha and Tony were the ones making angry noises and Peter barely heard Bucky whispering comforting things to a shaking Wanda. 

 "- you do?" Natasha snapped. 

"I don't know!" Tony yelled. "Peter was always sensitive-" his eyes widened when he saw Peter awake. "Pete -" he reached toward Peter despite Bruce's warnings (but Peter barely heard them) when alarm bells rang off in his head, loud and annoying. 

Peter let out a shout and ripped away from Tony, stumbling out of the bed as machines started to go crazy from the ripped out IV and Tony recoiled in surprise. 

"God Tony!" Bruce yelled and Peter didn't see him move. He was too focused on Tony because the smells - the smells were wrong - everything was wrong and dangerous and not safe not safe

Then Bruce was right next to him and the omega smelled wrong, not disgusting exactly but not pleasant, and he was reaching out -

Peter snarled, spinning and reacting on instinct to try and bite Bruce's hand. 

Several people called out; Thor, Tony, Natasha, Steve - as Bruce scrambled away. Peter whined at the yelling in his direction and tried to to skip away as Bruce shouted over everyone else, "Calm down! He's reacting on instinct!" 

"Reacting on instinct?" Natasha repeated, frowning. "What do you -?" She stopped and then walked over to Peter who had shakily rose to his feet. 

The mark - he had reached for the mark - 

Gun smoke filled his nostrils and Peter hissed, baring his teeth and snarling as he decked it towards the corner of the room, tattered suit flapping after him. 

He looked down and found that his suit had holes and rips, probably from the building pieces and everything. He had removed his hoodie when he had entered Doctor Strange's house/mansion/thing. 

Natasha, who had been reaching for for him, paused, and was peering at him, trying to examine him. 

They were all wrong. The smells, the warning signs, all saying he wasn’t safe. No one in this room is safe - not anymore. They all smelled wrong wrong wrong wrong.

He tried to trust them. He tried to let them take care of him but they failed and when an alpha fails and there’s no other alpha to pick him up; an omega just has to do it on his own. 

That’s what his instincts were telling him. They had failed him. They were no longer safe ; no longer able to be trusted. So he had to act out. 

“Yeah, instinct." Bruce had plowed on, watching Peter warily. "His omegan side doesn't trust us therefore he can't trust us."

"What -?" Steve frowned. 

“Peter,” Natasha’s voice was calmer now, soothing, even sorrowful. “Peter, what does it smell like in here?” 

“I -” Peter tried to bite out over his low growls. “I - everything - all wrong - ‘s not right - smell -” 

“The smell,” Natasha asked firmer. “What does it smell like?”

Danger ,” Peter whispered. “ Failure . Not safe. Not safe, not safe. Wrong - all wrong - you - liars - not safe not safe not safe -” Peter curled in on himself, shaking horribly as he tried to sob. He wanted to sob. He wanted this to end. He wanted to logically work it out but his omegan side was screaming; screaming in pain and heartbreak. 

He couldn’t do anything and it was horrible . He couldn’t fight it - it was too strong. Nothing worked - he couldn’t - he couldn’t

Natasha tried to step forward again and Peter, still shaking with silent sobs, snarled again. His hackles raised and he instinctively tensed up, watching her warily. 

Natasha stared at him. 

Then her eyes dropped to his neck and Peter shifted to hide it but too late. Her eyes went a dark red and she whirled onto Tony, snarling herself. “ You rejected him ?” 

"That's what I was going to mention," Bruce muttered.

Tony’s eyes popped. “I never -! Oh…” 

“Oh... what ?” Natasha seethed. Tony didn’t say anything. “Peter’s mark is puffed out and grayed - sure signs of a mark rejection -” 

“Wait what?” Steve stood. “Tony, that’s not what I -” 

“- and now he doesn’t trust any of us, convinced we failed him, meaning his omegan side is demanding better alphas to take care of him,” Natasha was ranting, walking forward towards Tony, a prowling predator type look. “So what the hell did. You. Do?”

Tony flinched at every word and Peter hated the sensation of satisfaction at seeing him hurt. 

“I - I don’t - I didn’t think -” Tony tried. 

“You never think,” Peter whispered. It came out unwillingly but now that he had everyone’s attention he clung to it. “You all never think. You’re so set on your ways you don’t realize what I can do. I’m not your Peter! You’re right - when you said that I’m not your Peter? - completely right. I’m not a hooker. I’m not a perfect omega. I’m not a sex addict. I’m not from this universe and you all seemed to have forgotten that! ” Peter’s voice had risen higher and higher, angry.  

Everyone went quiet, staring at him. Peter thought maybe was done but he wasn't and the words stumbled out before he could stop them. 

"Your Peter is dead." He spat. "I'm here. I'm the only one here and I'm sorry that you have to suffer with me and if you can't accept who I am and where I came from - then fuck you!" Peter swallowed a shuddering sob. 

Tong had stepped back like he had been stabbed and everyone else looked horrified and guilty. 

Peter took a deep breath and looked at Strange. "I want to go home." 

"Peter you can't-" Natasha tried to say. 

"I entrusted you with him." Strange's cold and calculating eyes had landed on Tony. "I told you he wasn't like our Peter. I told you he was going to be different. I told you, you shouldn't put any expectations on him because he's not your Peter. And what do you do? You fuck it up." 

Tony recoiled again. 

Strange turned to Peter, eyes soft. "I can get the portal up within a week. Changing your gender back to what you used to be is going to be harder and longer."

"But can you do it?" Peter whispered. 

Strange pause. "Yes."

Peter nodded. "Okay." 

"Wait, hang on -" Tony tried to step in but Strange's entire demeanor darkened and Tony shrank back. 

"Give me three weeks at the latest." Strange turned back to Peter. "Any trouble, just call." And then, with one last sweeping look of disappointment and disapproval, he disappeared. 

"What just happened?" Carol asked, dumbfounded but also sounding slightly angry. 

"I -" Tony turned to Peter. "I guess I -"

"Guess? You guess?" Peter snarled, anger rising again. "I've done everything to fit in. I've tried to be your perfect omega but that's not who I am! And never once did you consider that!" Peter took a shalt breath. "Just - just leave me alone." 

"Pete -" he sounds guilty at least but he makes the mistake of stepping towards him. 

A bubbling roar escapes Peter and he dashes away, running up the stairs and down the hallways and up another staircase - running running running - until he locked himself in a room. 

An attic to be precise. 

He takes a breath, mulling over what he said. He wasn't proud of talking about their Peter and how he's dead - You're Peter is dead - he wasn't proud of that. 

But he was right. He was right and he knew it. 

He wouldn't apologize - he wouldn't. He doesn't have to and he shouldn't. (He would eventually but not today).

Peter let out a sigh and wandered over to one of the walls and slid down it. He tried to live up to their expectations and he was done. Done with it. 

Peter groaned and looked around, still feeling bad. He noticed that the attic had knick knacks of all sorts scattered around. A dusty old wardrobe. High, vaulted ceilings that must make up that tippy top part of the tower. 

Peter's hearing picked up loud talking and arguing from downstairs and he bolted to a corner in the attic. He scrunched down low, breathing fast as his omegan side seemed to be spitting out a hissy fit. 

He moved around and a stack of books fell out from a wardrobe. He yelped and then stifled it, trying to stay quiet. 

He listened but no one came up or heard it. Peter breathed a sigh of relief and turned to the books to put them back when he saw a picture of himself. 

Swallowing, Peter opened the book. On the front page was a picture of him - no, the other Peter. 

The other Peter was sprawled out on the ground, knees bent back and he was leaning backwards in a kind of rock star pose after they hit a long note. 

The other Peter had dark black makeup with black under his eye and on top of it. His hair was wavy and laid out on top of one of his eyes so the viewer just barely saw the iris. The other Peter was wearing a black skirt with ripped leggings and some type of boot but it was hidden by the rest of his body. 

He was wearing a black crop top that had 3 inch sleeves with a black choker collar and black lipstick. His tongue was sticking out and he had both of his middle fingers up at the camera. 

Finding that he was blushing, Peter quickly turned the next page to see a second photo where Other Peter was wearing the same thing and still kneeled down in that same pose but...doubled over laughing. 

There was a bright smile on his face and his hair had flown back and Peter realized that Tony was behind him, making a funny face. 

Feeling his heart hurt, he moved onto the next one. This time the Other Peter was laying across the couch, eyes half-lidded in an over-sized black sweater. He looked close to sleeping and his hair looked soft and fluffy. 

Peter kept flipping through pages and pages of the other Peter sometimes wearing really revealing clothes, sometimes where regular t-shirts and jeans, sometimes more over-sized sweaters. And the ones with Tony...

God they looked so in love. Dreamy eyes, smiling faces, adoring looks and laughing and just having a good time. And then...that one photo. Tony in a dark black suit. Other Peter in a beautiful wedding dress.[1]

Peter's heart hurts. 

He definitely did not rip out that photo and stick it in his pocket

Peter froze when he heard the door creak open. He swallowed and slowly looked around his hiding spot to see Bucky looking around. He caught Peter's eye and Peter ducked behind the pillar he leaned against again. He heard a sigh and Peter squeezed his eyes shut, trying to keep breathing evenly. 

"So." Bucky's voice was soft and quiet. "You really snapped huh?" 

"I - " Peter swallowed. "I didn't mean it -" 

"No. You did." Bucky cut him off and Peter quieted. "Don't - Don't you dare. You are right. You are. And don't take back what you said because you're right. And we were wrong. It's going to take the other big-headed alphas in the room to realize that but you are. So don't you dare." 

Peter felt tears streaming down his face again as he slowly looked around the corner and up at Bucky. Bucky gave him a soft smile. "Hi oma." 

Peter tried to speak but the tears bubbled over and he began to sob. Bucky ducked down quickly and pulled him into a hug. "It's okay." Bucky whispered, soft and sweet. It was still a little tense because things were still shaky but he felt a little better. "It's okay sweetie. You are okay." Bucky kissed his forehead and whispered, "Bruce is coming up to finish the check up, alright?" 

Peter sniffed. "Okay." 

Bucky gave him one more hug and then stood and left the room, heading down the steps. Peter unfurled the photo again, looking at the image of other him and Tony. For a split moment, he wondered what he would look like and his omegan side inexplicably purred and hissed in disgust at the same time. 

Peter groaned and tucked the photo away just as Bruce knocked and walked in. 

"Hi." Peter whispered. 

Bruce smiled and held his hands up. "Okay for a checkup?" 

"Just don't look at the mark," Peter muttered. 

Bruce's mouth twisted. "I don't think that will be possible. I do have to look the mark over Peter." Peter whined a little but bared his neck as best as he could. Bruce respectfully stood a little ways away to make sure Peter wasn't uncomfortable. 

"It'll be two to three weeks before the mark heals and disappears." Bruce deduced. "It's not really going to hurt that much so long as no alphas come to meet you." Bruce paused. "And Peter, Doctor Strange told me to tell you that he's working on it and..." Bruce hesitated, looking back at the door. "I really shouldn't be doing this but if you want," he pulled out a container and gently tossed it to Peter. 

Peter caught it and frowned, glancing back at him. 

"Suppressants." Bruce clarified and Peter's heart jumped. "Whatever you want Pete, okay? I'll check in with you on and off. Okay?" 

Peter nodded and whispered out, "Thank you," 

Bruce smiled as he left, "You're welcome." 

Peter watched him leave and then shifted around to stand and look around for a bed. He found a pullout couch and laid down on it, trying to fall asleep. He thumbed the photo in his pocket and squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to think about anything. He considered taking the suppressants but his gut told him not to. 

Sighing, Peter fell asleep very slowly. 


Peter lurched in bed, shaking. He gasped a little and then looked to see Wanda sitting back from looking over him. "Sorry," she said quickly and bashfully. "I didn't - didn't mean to -" 

"You're fine." Peter whispered. "It's - it's okay. You're fine." 

Wanda nodded slowly. "Um. So. How - how are you?" 

"I - I'm okay." Peter swallowed. "Just kinda hard..." 

Wanda nodded again. "How -" she hesitated. "How do I smell?" 

Peter wrinkled his nose. "Not - not bad. You're kinda faint and you still smell like strawberries and that weird fritzy smell of magic." 

"You can smell my magic?" Wanda looked shocked. 

"I mean it's more of a feeling." Peter tried again. He paused. "Can people not smell that?" 

"No!" Wanda cried and Peter winced. "Sorry - Sorry sorry sorry, I just - that's not normal." 

"Well I'm not the average omega anyway," Peter mumbled. 

"Yeah." Wanda muttered. 

Peter side-eyed her. He remembered the Maximoff girl now - the Scarlet Witch tearing Thanos apart piece by piece, eyes glowing a harsh red and her red powers glowing up the entire area as it ripped pieces and pieces of Thanos's army. She was so powerful and the more Peter looked at this girl, she was just...scared

"Wanda..." he said slowly. "Do you even realize how powerful you are?" 

Wanda shifted. "Yes." she whispered, looking haunted. 

"I remember you." Peter started again. "From my world. She - Wanda - Scarlet Witch - she tore Thanos apart." 

Wanda looked horrified. 

"The whole area around her was just aglow and her eyes were startling red." Peter recalled. "And - and she was tearing his armor apart, piece by piece for...for killing someone close to her I think. And...and you could be like her." 

"No - no I never want -!" Wanda started. 

"If you just control it, Wanda, you could do a lot more than you think!" Peter interrupted. Wanda looked scarred. 

"An omega can't be a superhero -" she started as if reciting some sort of brainwashed child. 

"Then what am I?" Peter snarled. Wanda recoiled. Peter thought about saying sorry but his omegan side snipped back and basically said no. 

"I'm sorry but I'm not - I'm not like you..." Wanda whispered. 

"You can be," Peter whispered, trying to be encouraging. "You just have to listen to your heart." 

Wanda chewed her lip. 

"It's like a muscle." Peter said suddenly. "The more you use it the easier it'll be to control." 

Wanda looked at him almost hopefully. "Do you - do you think I could even go with everyone to help out?" 

"Of course!" Peter grinned. "We could do it together. Even Bruce could because like I said he's Hulk - isn't he?" Peter frowned. 

"He's an alpha so Bruce tends to keep him in a lot." Wanda explained. "They clash and so Bruce has found a way to stay in control." 

"Ah okay," Peter nodded. He stuck his hands in his pocket and found the photo. He thumbed it again and considered showing Wanda but didn't. "Could you - could you tell me what the other Peter was like?" 

"Oh! Um," Wanda frowned. "Why?" 

"I'm just - I'm just wondering." Peter finished lamely. He definitely wasn't jealous

"He was..." Wanda thought for a moment. "He was out there. He flaunted a lot and for a little while Tony was concerned that he didn't - wasn't in love with him. They had to do a lot of talking and communicating to figure it all out. He was..." Wanda trailed off and then shook her head. "Yeah." she finished. 

"Okay, well thanks," Peter gave her a grateful smile. 

"Of course," Wanda replied brightly. She looked around and then stood up. "I should - I should go. But it's nice - nice to see you again and thank you," she added. "I'll - I'll keep that in mind." 

"Anytime," Peter nodded and she gave another smile before she left. 

Peter flopped back and took a deep breath. 

The days began to pass by, Wanda and Pietro visiting frequently and entertaining Peter. Valkyrie drops by sometimes too and demands that Peter shows off his spider powers often. Pietro gets a little freaked out but when Peter looks at Wanda she looks determined and scared at the same time. 

Bruce drops by here and there to check in too, making sure Peter's mark is healing well and to see how he is with the suppressants. Peter hasn't taken them and he tells Bruce that he's still thinking about it. Bruce gives updates on Strange and occasionally asks if Peter wanted to start being reintroduced to the alphas. 

Peter initially wants to say no, but part of him misses Natasha and Bucky. So he gives the okay on Natasha so long as Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro are there. 

Natasha is slow and calm and for that Peter is grateful. Not super happy that he's practically being treated like a skittish colt but in a sense he was...a skittish colt. 

"Hey Peter," Natasha smiled. "Been a week since I've seen you. How are you?" 

"Pretty good," Peter rocked on his butt as he sat criss cross position on the floor. Natasha sat down slowly as well, nodding. "How - how's everyone else?" 

"Hurt," Natasha shrugged bluntly. "Angry and frustrated. Guilty." she paused. "We were warned. But we just didn't listen. And you - you were so nice, so willing to just try and fit in that you wouldn't even tell us so that just makes everything worse." 

"I'm sorr -" Peter started. 

"We should've noticed, we should've realized not you," Natasha shook her head, interrupting him. "It's on us Pete." 

"Told you," Bucky pointed out triumphantly. 

Peter gave a weak smile. 

"Have you - thought about Strange's offer since...everything?" Natasha asked, not sounding too prying or hopeful. Rather, she sounded blank and just curious. 

"I - yeah," Peter whispered. "I'm just - now that I'm cooled down, I'm not, not sure anymore." Natasha nodded. 

"Well, take your time Pete," she stood. "I should get going. We're still interrogating Madame Hydra and she's finally giving us some clues." Natasha flashed a sultry smirk to Bucky. "Not that she even realizes it." 

"Galactus," Peter said suddenly.

Natasha's eyebrows raised. 

"That's what the silver surfboard dude said." Peter added. "From the beginning. guys found me." 

Bucky looked at Natasha, eyebrows raised. "Try that. Might be helpful." 

Natasha nodded, gave one last smile to Peter and left. 

Bucky sighed. "Alright, we're going to get out of your hair Peter. Wanda, Pietro?" 

"I'll just go get something eat for you," Pietro stood and headed out, grinning and saluting Peter who waved back. 

"I should go to bed too," Wanda rubbed her stomach. "I'm feeling a little sick." 

"Okay, get better," Peter frowned, giving her a concerned smile. Wanda flashed a smile back and passed by Bucky, trailing a little as she gave him a knowing look. Bucky whispered something and she nodded and left. 

"What was that about?" Peter frowned harder. 

"Ah, nothing." Bucky waved it and walked over to kiss Peter's forehead. "Eat up and then go to bed, okay?" 

"Okay," Peter trailed a little bit, sighing. 

Pietro came up a little later with some breakfast items and Peter ate and then headed to bed, not realizing how close he was to his heat until he woke up the next morning, heat pooling in his gut and body shivers. 

He felt like he had a fever - a light fever - but a fever nonetheless. He wrapped himself up, whimpering and writhing in the sheets as he couldn't get situated and feel good. 

There was only one thing that could make him feel good. 

Whining and groaning, Peter threw off the covers and stomped downstairs to scavenge the kitchen. He raided every container of the fridge and pulled out bacon, a chicken in bread roll - up thing, and some strawberries. He sat at the island on the stool and ate everything while debating. 

He didn't want to give in and go to Tony but at the same time he - he missed the alpha. And no, Peter wasn't forgiving him. Not in the slightest. Not yet. Well...maybe. But only if Tony's sorry for it. Only if he actually says sorry. 

Communicating, that's what Wanda said. The other Peter and Tony just had to talk. That's what they have to do; talk. 

But first, sex. 

Because god everything's really starting to hurt. 

Peter growled, angry and he threw the dishes into the sink, wincing a little at the crash but kept stomping up the steps to Tony's room. He opened the door and closed it and was five feet away from the bed when Tony lurched up in surprise. 

"Who -! Peter?" Tony sounded angry and then confused. Peter probably would've shied away, whined, and ran off but the omegan side of him was roaring in his mind and kept him there. It was so confused. It wanted Tony to fuck him and then at the same time wanted to rip Tony's head off. 

"Pete -!" Tony started and Peter realized he was on the bed now, on top of Tony and grinding into him. "Peter - hold on -!" 

But Peter really didn't want to wait so he crashed his lips onto Tony's and kept going, feeling the heat recede into a pleasurable one. 

Goddamn Tony Stark and his fucking mouth.