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The Beginning of An End

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Each breath into your lungs felt like it was going to be your last, your legs becoming more clumsy the more you ran, feeling like they were going to wilt underneath you at a moment's notice. 


And you hadn’t even made it very far from the damned lodge! if you looked over your shoulder, you could still see the cursed place!


Wheezing pathetically from the exercise you had not at all planed on this fateful day, you pushed yourself on, making sure to take a few crazy turns to throw off any pursuers on your tail and running for a full three minutes before slowing sluggishly into a jog, and then a walk, and then just stopping and leaning against a tree while fighting off the need to choke on your own spit. 


Damnit. Knowing you should probably work out more yet also knowing you would probably just put it off until you eventually, blissfully forgot, had you let out a loud groan and slump heavily into the tree, cheek pressing against the rough bark as you gulped down heavy breaths and wondered how on earth anyone ran for any longer. 


You let your legs finally have peace, sliding down against the tree trunk and curling into yourself, tugging the neck of your hood up and over your head, the thought of shrinking into nothingness very appealing to you at the moment. 


Maybe you could just stay there for a while, just hoping nobody found you or tried to bother you. 


If you were lucky enough or dared to even think of the better possibilities, then you had gotten lost enough for your skeleton pursuers to not find you for a while before you had to move again. 


Time began passing, you head remaining blissfully blank, solely focusing on the small sounds of the forest, the chirping of birds, the rustling of branches and leaves dancing in the soft breeze, the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the forest floor nearing your pathetic hiding spot and- 






You jerked your head out of your makeshift burrow, the light blinding you for a brief moment as you scrambled to stand and race off again. You had just leaned forward and were using your hands to launch yourself off the ground when a red, jagged, and very deadly bone shot out of the ground in front of you. 


Luckily, your limbs decided to freeze, the weapon mere inches from your nose and you swore you could feel a buzzing energy radiating off it and tickling the tip of your nose in a rather strange way. 


That would have been a real pain to have in your head. 


Gulping down the scream that got stuck in your throat, you robotically turned your head to the side, wide eyes taking in the sight of a beast! With its large, fur filled face- yeah no, it was another mother. fucking. skeleton. 




He was ANOTHER Papyrus looking skeleton and you were beginning to seriously think that skeletons only came in two forms, a tall and Papyrus form, or a small and Sans form. 

….which was probably racist or something. 


He had two scars running through one of his eye sockets, his sharp, intimidating teeth adding to his already fearsome stance and pointy edges. 


Though the confoundedly colorful exercise wear he had on rejected all idea of anything tremendously badass, rivaling the fearsome look on his face with the absolutely blindingly neon green shorts and jaw-dropping hot pink of his top. Not to mention the bluescreen blue bandanna on his skull…..did skeletons sweat?? You thought they did?? Didn’t you see a skeleton sweating already a few hours ago??


You pulled yourself out of your thoughts with a tiny shake of your head, going back to judging the skeletons fashion choices as if it really mattered at the moment. 


……...he somehow kind of pulled it off really well????


Why on earth were there so many skeletons in one damned forest? Was there a necromancer living close by or were all these ones actual monsters that had crawled out of that mountain? 


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” His voice was loud, and despite the ring in your ears, you were sure you heard the closest birds for a few miles flutter out of their trees and away from the disturbance that shattered the peaceful atmosphere. 


You pushed all odd thoughts out of your mind and stared up at the skeleton, opening your mouth to answer yet coming up short, not fully knowing how to answer the question. Your brain felt like it had gotten fried. 


“I….got lost?” You answered uncertainly, the truth of those words striking you as you reviewed the previous night and following hours. 


This had all started because drunk you had decided to get lost. Whoop de do. 


Yeah, definitely 0 stars for the crazy night, absolute nada for all the trouble and running you had to do. 

A disbelieving scoff had you furrowing your brows at the skeleton. “THE NEAREST TOWN IS 30 MINUTES FROM HERE BY DRIVE, AND I AM PRETTY SURE I SAW NO CARS ON THE ROAD WHILE ON MY JOG. SO!” a bone materialized out of nowhere, landing ominously into the skeletons outstretched hand, he twirled it once in the air, catching it a little too perfectly in a show of practiced balance. “I SUGGEST YOU TELL ME THE TRUTH.” 


 All the while his piercing red eye lights burned into you, voice dipping into a warning tone that had you tensing unintentionally. 


….Alright, so he did have you a little nervous, but knowing he couldn’t really do anything to you offered some comfort.


….not very good comfort, but at least some sort of comfort.


A plan.  


You really needed a plan.


And the ones you kept coming up with were just absolutely ridiculous. 


You let out an all too casual sigh, standing and brushing yourself off with an air of nonchalance while your nerves were screaming at you to bolt again, mind putting a little too much focus on the danger ahead of you in a way you weren’t fond of. You needed more time to think properly. Too bad you didn’t have any. 


Finally getting enough dirt off yourself, you placed your hands on your hips, peering at the skeleton across from you before giving an easy grin, ignoring the panic telling you to bolt away. 


You were sure you wouldn’t make it two steps before a bone was embedded into your head. The resulting headache and following process of playing dead twice in one day did not sound at all fun. 


“Well!! So I was at this one guys house, Papyrus house? Just, you know, chillin. Before I decided to go on a walk cuz the night sky was just so-” You squeezed a fist in a show of passionate dramatics “ gorgeous . But anyway! Yeah, I got lost.” 


You gave a helpless shrug, tucking your hands into your back pockets and rocking lightly on your heels all while giving the skeleton that easy-going smile. Mentally, you were dying. 


The thought of your not-entirely-true story kicking you in the ass with karma was a huge concern, but you drowned out the panic as best you could, focusing on the reaction you would get and repeating an insistent mantra that it was all gonna be okay. 


The way his glare turned suspicious did nothing to help the unbridled anxiety trampling your nerves, and you felt your smile twitch at the edges. 




The question was logical, yet you found your brain blank with no correct answer present.


“Uh, well, I mean its only been a few hours or something I think,” You tilted your head towards the sky, trying to remember what ungodly hour you had decided to stumble home at and how much time had passed since then “I don’t know how long I’ve actually been out? Probably an hour? Two?” You gave a slow shrug, not bothering to hide the genuine puzzlement over the time you had spent outside. 


“............ALRIGHT.” He finally said, a barely noticeable hint of disappointment in his tone, though you couldn’t for the life of you figure out why. 


Before you could properly say anything else, the spiky skeleton continued “COME THEN, BEST TO GET YOU BACK,” He flipped the bone in his hands a final time before it vanished in mid-air and he crossed his arms, seemingly waiting for you to go up to him before he started walking. 


You covered up your wince with a nervous chuckle and a nod, striding up and next to him as he began walking off. The thought of bolting away again and just finding your own way out was tempting, but the absolute hopelessness for your sense of direction and knowledge that you somehow wouldn’t be able to outrun the skeleton now by your side had you continue. 


A pleased feeling had you smiling when you realized you were both practically the same height, though you were sure you must have been taller by at least a millimeter or two. 




The walk was spent in mildly awkward silence, except for the occasional disapproving huff or side glace the skeleton gave you. Which, rude.


….but you suppose understandable in a way. 


You certainly felt like a mess, and even if the crazy night hadn’t added its chaotic amount of damage to your appearance, you were sure you would still have looked like quite the spectacle. 


Truly a sight to behold, in all your giant glory and uncaring appearance.


 Work was mainly the only place you went to, so who cared what you looked like when you were off the clock? Certainly not you, and all other opinions didn’t matter eventually. 


Though you had to admit, you seriously should get a trim. Your hair was out of control, taking over your head in a show of rebellion you hadn’t expected to sprout from your own head. 


Before you could continue your line of thought, you both broke through the treeline. An all too familiar lodge coming into view…...along with the victimized window and trail of glass and glitter leading into the forest. 


The slow comprehension of your brain choking out what exactly the scene meant for you was unbelievably distressing, hitting you like a truck and leaving you to pale, you let your eyes gradually inch to the skeleton at your side, who was still luckily inspecting the scene with a baffled expression, his eyelights trailing from the window….to the ground….to the small trails of impossibly bright glitter on the ground….and suddenly to you. 


You tensed, the inching you had been doing towards the trees being abandoned, and you could practically feel every tiny traitorous speck of shiny plastic on you, in your hair...on your face….kind of uncomfortably in your nose…..yeah, this did not bode well for you at all. 


You flicked your gaze back over to the scene, and then back to the skeleton, then back to the scene… let out a nervous laugh, once again settling your gaze on the skeleton, who was once again inspecting the scene slowly, as though looking for something specific. 


Seeing your slim chance for survival, you bolted, turning back the way you came so fast it left the world still spinning when you had fully turned. 


Something yanking on the back of your hood and jerking you back onto the ground dashed your hopes away, a gag escaping you and hands flying to your throat in an attempt to loosen the cloth strangling you. 


You gave a wheezy plea for release that went ignored, and your nose scrunched up in frustration as you clutched at the neck of your hood. The cold grass tickling the now exposed parts of your back and belly, an uncomfortable shiver running up your spine at the chilly morning dew licking your back. 


Hooking your fingers over your collar, you tilted your head back in an attempt to address the skeleton, “Hey! Hey come on, this is all a misunderstanding!” Your bleak excuse went ignored, skeleton not even sparing you a glance as he continued to march across the yard with you towed behind him like a sad excuse of a child's toy. 


You let out a sigh before letting your entire body go limp, though your fingers still protected you from a pathetic death. 


If this was your fate, so be it. You just wanted to get it over with already so you could go back to not thinking too much about everything.


Thump “Ow.” Thump “Ow.” Thump “Ow.”


The porch steps were merciless on your back, and you muttered out a curse at the skeleton for not being more gentle, though that too went ignored and drowned out when he slammed the door open like he expected to catch someone in the middle of an atrocious act. 


You craned your head back again, letting out a silent, relieved sigh when you didn’t spot any other skeleton in the short hall. 


The skeleton gave a brief pause, foot not yet crossing the threshold, and head tilted slightly to the side, giving you the impression that he was listening closely for something. 


You followed his example and focused on all you could hear, though you weren’t sure what you were even listening so intently for. 


The chirp of birds, the rustling of the wind playing with the trees, the creaking of the large house settling, the-


Before you could process any concerning sounds, you were being dragged again, and you let out an unintentional yelp at the sharp tug that yanked you down the hall. 


“Geeze! Would it kill ya to be more gentle?!” You grumbled silently, fingers squeezing at the fabric at your throat as you began to wiggle around for escape. 


If you were going to be mistreated over a most likely misunderstanding that made no sense whatsoever, it was best you find a way out. 


“SANS!!” The sudden, booming voice of the skeleton holding you captive made you jolt in surprise, craning your neck to stare up at him like he was a madman for shouting so loudly. 


You were hauled around a corner and into an all too familiar living room that made you groan in agony. 




A crashing from above drowned out whatever insult the skeleton was brewing up, the silence that followed full of anticipation as you found the stairs and glared at them in concentration, trying to use the mental powers you didn't have to keep whoever (or whatever)  Red was upstairs. 


You started tugging at the tiny piece of cloth keeping you captive, still keeping your eyes focused on the stairs as you yanked on it with your somewhat pathetic noodle arms over and over, growing more frustrated as the seconds ticked by with no result to your obviously hard work. 




“geeze! I’m here boss! what da ya-” 


You whipped your head around to the new voice, mind trying to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why a new, shorter skeleton was in the room without you having seen him enter. The same weird thing had happened earlier, the sudden appearance of first Papyrus not making any sense and now haunting you as you tried to think of something logical to explain the illogical and impossible. 


The skeleton looked a lot like the Sans you had met before…..though entirely different in a way. They still had sharp teeth, a golden one glittering in the early morning light spilling through the shattered window, and a scar running through an eyesocket, not unlike the scars you had already seen. 


They were taller, yet stockier, shoulders wide and stance looking to be in an eternal, tired slouch that you related to. Their clothes were different too, a black t-shirt paired with loose basketball shorts and untied sneakers on their feet. 


“.....what the fuck paps.” The new skeleton brought his hands up, rubbing at his sockets with his …..palms???? Before dragging them down his face and leaving them covering his weird skeleton mouth as he stared at the shattered window….his shrunken red eyelights almost invisible as they followed the trail of glitter scattered through the room….then he finally caught sight of you. 


“what. the. fuck.” 


“LANGUAGE! ANYWAYS-” You were yanked up and you stumbled on your feet clumsily before shooting a glare to the skeleton rough handling you “I CAUGHT AN INTRUDER!” Tall skeleton placed a hand on his chest proudly, puffing up as though he had done a great deed that no one had done before. 


You simply rolled your eyes, not at all sulking in silence as you waited for your turn to explain everything. 


“I’AM POSITIVE THEY BROKE IN TO KILL EVERYONE AND SEEING AS BABY BLUE AND CREAMPUFF ARE NOT AROUND, I THINK THEY MIGHT HAVE SOMEWHAT SUCCEEDED...” The victorious tone he had trailed off into uncertainty at the end of his sentence, an unanswered question being thrown into the air. 


Your eyes widened at the accusation, and you jerked your head around to stare at the skeleton in bewilderment. 


“Oh wow, okay lets back this all up,” You rolled your hands backward, spinning them around each other as though the visual would actually help with the situation. 




The tiny skeleton had spoken at the same time you had, but you paid no mind to him, trying to figure out how the skeleton had come to that conclusion and how to properly diffuse the situation. 


“Okay, well, uh. I didn’t kill anyone? Things just kinda got out of control, and I got trapped in a weird trap, and there was this other way taller dude who got me out and then other stuff kinda-” You pulled harder on the collar of your hood, fingers stinging with the sensation of going numb as you yanked now with a sense of alarm flooding you. 


Hell, you hadn’t killed anyone in years, and it was a record you were not seeking to break any time soon. 


“YOUR LIES WILL NOT FOOL ME, HUMAN!” Tall Skeleton interrupted triumphantly with a cackle, and you felt frustration build itself up, the want to just get what was a big misunderstanding over with. 


“I’m. not. lying!”You yanked harder with each seething word, glare now growing more frustrated at the entire situation yet being taken out on the skeleton before you.


…...Though the understanding of how everything must look kept you from lashing out entirely.




You were cut off by the air leaving your lungs as your knees crashed into the floor, a weight that didn't feel natural dragging you to the ground, feeling like it was trying to crush you with the weight of the world. 


Before you could properly discern what on earth it was, the sound of a door slamming open rang through the house, and the pressure vanished just as quickly as it had come. Leaving your limbs feeling like jelly as you flopped forward onto your face and onto the ground, who was becoming more than a smooching acquaintance at this point, and letting out a miserable groan while the sound of several footsteps rushed into the room you were in. 


“HUMAN!” The familiar, loud voice and sudden grip on your ankle clued you in to who now had a hold of you, pulling your ankle up in an uncomfortable way and dragging you across the ground slightly. Face sliding across the wooden floor as a defeated sigh left you. 




“dude! me an black just finished patching em up!” 


You were mercifully cut off from an explanation you didn’t have, though the dread of the inevitable had you grimacing as you tried to think of an acceptable excuse to explain……..whatever it was that you did.  


Your ankle was released, falling to the ground with a loud ‘thump’ and buzzing energy stinging where the skeletal fingers had been wrapped around. 




“What do you mean by that?” Ah, orange hoodie dude was back too. Fun. 




You covered your ears, the muted sounds better than the full volume of their whatever it was, and let out another sigh, squeezing your eyes shut and pretending you were at home, just daydreaming and letting the hours pass by as you laid in bed, curled under the warmth of your covers that did nothing to lull you to sleep, the endless thoughts sometimes just stopping as you focused on the stars outside your window and- 


It was quiet. 


You held your breath, slowly prying your hands off your ears and peeking up only to come face to face with faded pink slippers, they looked comfy. 


Your eyes trailed up from the slippers, stopping when they met the white lights of the skeleton crouching in front of you, a bone brow somehow raised with curiosity, and amusement , while they looked down at you. 


The new skeleton tilted their face slightly to the side, grin looking tight with a tension that you didn't bother to react to. You were just tired, you wanted whatever this mess was to be done and over with, you wanted to go to work, get some cash, and then just drink all your thoughts away before stumbling home to repeat the daily process. 




You let out a sharp, amused snort, unintentionally interrupting what might have been your savior as you buried your face into your elbows and begun laughing softly.


It wasn’t even past noon and already it had been far too long of a day.