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Serpent's Temptress

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Chapter 10: Whisker

The next morning, Naruto finds himself snuggled up to Sasuke's human half tightly. His muscled arms are wrapped around his waist. What else he notices is the dog is nowhere to be seen. The blond feels heat rush to his cheeks at the closeness of the other's chest to his face, thinking the skin is rather soft to his cheek. The pale pink nipple right in front of his face is standing straight u. It’s almost looking like a cone, thinking he might of moved away if it isn’t for the arms as well as his body being so nicely wrapped in Sasuke's tail. The appendage is keeping him warm. Oddly enough, he kind of likes it. To him it feels comfortable. At least he does until he feels the need to take a leak.

"Uh, Sasuke?" Naruto whispers, shaking the snake's shoulder gently. "I need my body back."

What he receives is merely a groan from the naga. Sasuke clearly doesn’t at all want to move. Growling slightly, Naruto begins struggling, having him wanting to piss even more. After a few seconds of struggling the arms wrap tighter around the blond, pressing against his bladder harshly. He feels incredibly uncomfortable now.

"Oh, Kami! I can't hold it anymore," he whispers before letting it go, grimacing at the wetness in front of his pants.

Only then does Sasuke wake up from the warm wet heat against his stomach. His eyes blink open as he stares down at the wet spot on his stomach. He notices that it’s in front of Naruto's pants.

Glaring suspiciously down at the human, he asks, "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you’ve done?"

Naruto glances up sheepishly before remembering that it’s all the snake's fault in the first place, "It's not my fault! You're the one who won’t let go of me. I really couldn't hold it in anymore!"

Squirming away, Naruto climbs over the scaly fence around him. He takes off his trousers and underwear, unsure how he feels about exposing his rear to the creature in the room. Sasuke clearly likes what he sees here, raising a suggestive eyebrow, smirking smugly to himself. He almost whines when Naruto pulls off his shirt to wrap it the best he can around his waist to cover his private parts.

"Aw, why do you do that? There's no need to cover up around me….. I like what I see immensely,” pouts Sasuke.

The blond rolls his eyes, becoming rather used to the other's suggestive words. Although he does blush. He also feels butterflies floating around in his stomach at the complement. Turning around to face the handsome snake, Naruto does his best to glare at Sasuke. It’s kind of hard for him to do it with the situation presenting itself between them.

“Can you find me some clothes? I don’t want to walk around like this all day,” requests the blonde.

"I don't know if I really want to… You haven't exactly been nice this morning," Sasuke teases, smiling ever so mockingly at him.

It soon disappears at the blank face Naruto’s giving him. Sighing, the snake rolls his eyes as he heads out for the door. The least he can do is try appeasing the human. It seems to be one of the best ways to stay on his good side.

“Ok, fine. I’ll go look for something, alright?” Hisses out Sasuke, leaving behind a slightly smirking Naruto.

By the time Sasuke comes back Naruto has already eaten. He has also been able to clean up the mess he had made on himself by using his shirt. This leaves him completely naked again. The tanned human covers up his loins when the creature enters. Sasuke can’t help himself, gazing at the human's body, flicking out his tongue against his lips. Naruto's face lights up brightly at the lust he sees in those dark eyes, causing him to avert his gaze from the dark haired male. Pitying the human, Sasuke throws some kind of light material at the blonde, figuring that if he continues to appease Naruto then it might end up causing them to grow possibly closer to one another.

"This is all I could find since your friends have taken the rest of the clothing, but I think it'll suit you rather well,” explains Sasuke.

Naruto pulls whatever lands on his head, holding it out in front of him. It’s a dark blue kimono with brown intricate designs flowing through it, thinking it’s quite beautiful. He decides that he’ll admit that, but it is a woman's kimono instead of the proper one for a male’s form.

Naruto lifts an eyebrow, glancing up at the other in disbelief, "You expect me to wear this?"

"Of course,” smirks Sasuke. “Is there a problem with it?”

"You do know this is for women, right?” Asks Naruto.

"Oh, really? I never knew,” Sasuke feigns innocence although the dark smirk spreading on his lips entirely ruins it.

Sighing, Naruto decides to put it on anyways. It’s either that or go naked, not wanting to go with the latter of the two. Besides there is nothing else. Tying the obi that’s laying in front of him around his waist to keep the article of clothing closed, he notices that it’s a little large even though he doesn’t mind. He guesses that it’s most likely made for a heavy set woman. So, the kimono slides down his shoulders a little, leaving his chest almost completely bare.

"This is embarrassing,” pouts Naruto.

"I think it looks sexy,” comments Sasuke, his smirk remaining plastered on his lips.

“I’m not asking for your opinion, now am I?" Naruto snaps, trying to find a way to keep the clothing over his shoulders to find out that it just makes the kimono wrinkle and look odd where his chest is.

Sighing in agitation, Naruto lets it be as he puts his boots on, nose wrinkling at how silly he must look, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I like to go check on Iruka."

Sasuke flinches slightly when the door to his bedroom slams closed. It causes one of his eyes to twitch as his brows furrow, wondering what he has done to the blond this time. Unfortunately, it’s only to come up with nothing since he has said and done what he's been doing ever since he first met the human. Deciding that it doesn’t exactly matter, Sasuke leaves his room, making his way to the throne room. He wants to go visit Nagato, figuring he might have some advice to spare.


"-and that's all you remember?" Kakashi asks the brunette in front of him, admiring the darker skinned man's features, sighing when Iruka nods, slumping down onto his back in exhaustion.

"I'm sorry I can't remember anything else," Iruka mumbles, hating the fact he can’t at all remember what happened after he ate back on the ship he was on.

Kakashi waves it off with his hand, "You were most likely drugged."

He pulls himself up into a sitting position, inspecting the other closely. This causes Iruka to blush; especially since the white haired captain has quite the handsome face. He thinks that this because it is no longer hidden, having not had his mask on ever since he washed up on the island.

"But for why you were I don't know. Is there anything you can remember? I mean like how the crew of the ship acted around you?” Asks Kakashi, his tone gentle as he knows that this is rather frustrating to say the least for the other male.

Iruka purses his lips together, routing around in his brain for a bit until something pops up, "Actually, the day before I blacked out suddenly I remember a few of the men kept giving me odd glances. It was like they were afraid of having me on board. I couldn't do anything about it. What could they be afraid of?"

Hmm, what could’ve caused those men to be afraid of him? the captain thinks, glancing at the man from where he lies, thankful Kiba and Neji had left a good while ago to explore. "Did they say anything unusual?”

Iruka is about to shake his head, but stops when he remembers a conversation he heard one night between the captain and his first mate, "Well, I remember the captain and his mate talking about these pirates who are involved with human trafficking."

That's when it dawns on him as the brunette's eyes widen, "They couldn't mean they left me to……..would they?"

Kakashi is sitting up before the other stops, giving the other a sad glance, "Most likely, but why would they drug you then leave the ship? It doesn't make sense.”

The captain muses, glaring at the mat underneath him, “Unless they were attacked before they could get away. If that were the case why would the pirates leave you behind?"

Sighing in frustration, Iruka lets his head fall into his hands, his hair falls around his face for it to hide it, "Maybe it was a different set of pirates or they thought I was dead."

"Perhaps they left everything behind. At least that’s what I know from what Naruto has told me. There was even a dog," Kakashi suggests. "Now, what kind of pirate would leave behind all those goods that could be useful to them?"

"A dog?" Iruka asks with a tilt of his head. "The boat I was on before all this happened didn't have a dog. They wouldn't allow it."

After hearing this, the captain straightens up, giving the other man a curious look, "So, that means the ship that washed up onto the beach wasn't yours…. It can only mean you were taken. Yet you were still unconscious so you don’t know what happened to the people which had taken you."

This is beginning to frustrate Iruka. There are oh so many questions, but there are little answers. Paling, Iruka wraps his arms around himself, wondering if the people who had taken him had done something to him other than steal him. He doesn’t feel any aches or pains except for a headache after he had woken, but that is it. The headache has been gone for a while, leaving Iruka in a wash of relief, but it is starting to come back from all these questions. Without warning, he shivers at the thought of some filthy pirate running their hands all over his unconscious body. The brunette tenses up when he feels Kakashi saddle up beside him, placing a hand over his shoulder. Iruka knows that the captain is trying to comfort him, but he doesn’t exactly know how to properly do it except does feel glad for the effort. Relaxing a little from the touch, Iruka lets out a deep sigh, wishing Naruto is here since he’s his ex-student. He knows the blond the most out of all the crew he recently has met. Iruka is about to open his mouth when he is interrupted by a loud bark. The two men turn their attention to see it is the dog. They notice that it’s clean with Kiba right beside him.

“Have you guys been able to figure anything out?" the large brunette asks while strutting in, closing the door behind him to sit down with the dog laying at his feet.

Iruka shrugs while Kakashi says, "Not really. All we have been able to find out is the ship Iruka was found on isn’t his. So, now we have to ask what happened to the crew on that ship."

Letting out a sigh, Kiba lies on his back, looking up at the ceiling in thought, "What if it’s that thing that attacked our ship?"

This catches Kakashi's attention quickly as the silver haired man seems to be considering it while Iruka looks between them in confusion, "It might be possible since strange things have been happening lately."

Running a hand down his face, he leans against Iruka, telling the brunette he’s tired. Iruka blushes, but doesn’t seem to mind. He thinks that he is slowly warming up to him.

Kiba rolls his eyes at the obvious lie, but doesn’t say anything when he sees the teacher isn’t complaining, "So, you taught Naruto, huh? It must’ve been tough."

Iruka shrugs, "Kind of. He's a smart kid, but he always wanted to get up and do something."

He smiles at the old memories of the blond trying and sometimes succeeding on skipping out on lessons. Yet Naruto would always pass the tests Iruka gave him without any trouble. He can’t believe how big the youngster has gotten. It makes him feel old, feeling somber about what has happened to Kushina and Minato although he does think that Naruto has grown stronger from the traumatic experiences. He knows the blonde won’t forget his parents because the good and bad memories will always be with him throughout the rest of his life.

"That's why I enlisted him on my ship when I saw what he could do," the captain states with a grin. "I took Kiba as well. It's funny really. He and Kiba were stowaways on my ship. My crew thought they were thieves by the way they were dressed. They attacked them, but it was only to be brought down quickly. I had watched the fight. When it finished I asked them to become part of the crew."

"And of course we said yes," Kiba adds, petting the dog's head.

“It’s a damn good thing you two did,” murmurs Kakashi.

“Naruto didn't want to go back home after..." he trails off as sadness fills his dark eyes, looking down as he remembers the tragic accident all those years ago. "After that happened. I promised myself that I would never leave him and followed wherever he went."

"Are you talking about the death of his father?" the older brunette asks, getting his answer when Kiba looks up at him in surprise. "Naruto told me about it last night... well at least a little bit of it. It’s a shame for a child as young as he to lose his parents... at least he got to enjoy them longer then I did mine."

The last part is a little mumbled, glancing away, looking a little envious. His eyes widen at what he just has said, looking a little ashamed of himself for saying such a thing. The silver haired captain manages to hear the mumbled sentence and is a little surprised to hear that Iruka too has lost his parents at such a young age.

“How did they pass?" he asks quietly.

Iruka notices Kakashi is resting his head on his shoulder before looking down at his feet, "From a plague that wiped out most of my town I was lucky. I was visiting with my grandparents at the time in another village. After that I stayed with them until I was old enough to leave on my own."

"I think I read about it, but there's been so many plagues lately. It’s difficult to pinpoint on where the next one will hit," Kiba mutters with a look of anger on his face. "It’s usually the small towns or villages that are hit by it because medicine sure is expensive nowadays."

A snort can be heard from the doorway, making them turn their heads to see who it is. Naruto is leaning against the door post, blushing when he sees the three of them taking in his attire. Hastily, he straightens up his stance before he closes the door. The blond walks on over towards the others before he sits down between Iruka and Kiba.

"Don't laugh at my clothes,” he mumbles when he hears Kiba snort back some laughter. "So, what's all this talk about the plague? Is Iruka telling his story?"

He gives his old teacher a concerned look which the older brunette smiles off as if it’s nothing although Naruto knows that it’s a lie because Iruka is having a hard time talking about it, "Let's forget about all that. How about we question the matter if we want to leave or stay on this island? In my opinion I prefer to stay.”

Kiba seems to nod at this, agreeing with his friend for certain reasons, "We may not look the part around here. We might not fit in, but I like it here despite the nagas. I don't know why, but there's something about them that I like. It’s not there looks."

Naruto makes a disbelieving sound, "Yeah, right……..that's probably the only reason why you want to stay here. You find their looks rather sexy."

"Hmph, if it's anyone who finds their looks sexy then it's you, Naruto," Kiba bites back before smirking at the glare he’s receiving. "Seriously, you’re the one who decided to stay with Sasuke. Who knows what you two get up to when you’re by yourselves."

He laughs at the blush that creeps itself onto his friend's cheeks, knowing he has hit a sore spot about Sasuke. Naruto isn’t quite sure why he decides to stay with Sasuke, having been telling himself it’s just a reason to keep away from Kiba until the brunette's love for him dies down. On second hand, Naruto isn’t sure that is the reason anymore, noticing he feels goosebumps whenever the black snake comes too close to him. He knows that it isn’t from fear. That is the reason why he had stomped away this morning, wanting to keep himself from letting Sasuke know he might have an interest in him. It won’t be too bad. Naruto is half snake himself, having the form of a human except he can still do things a normal person can’t ever possibly do. One of them is holding his breath for long periods of time. He’s also able to heal faster than a normal human. He’s never been sick, being able to open his mouth quite wide and seems to have an elongated tongue. It isn’t anything like a snakes. At first, Naruto has thought that it’s just the way he was born until he realizes that his snake mother's genes are the ones that give him these gifts. Two of them are good for when he’s sleeping with a man. Feeling a little bad at what he said from the way Naruto seems to have drifted off, Kiba quickly apologizes before saying some lame joke, having the four of them laughing a little. None of them are at all noticing that Sasuke is waiting outside in the hallway with a small smile on his face before slithering away, deciding to leave his new obsession alone for at least a little while.

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