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Serpent's Temptress

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Chapter 3: Constrict

"Floral Island? I don't remember there being such a place,” he murmurs, his eyes are wide with awe as he gazes at the interesting looking man although he feels a bit nervous in the stranger's presence.

The raven haired man chuckles, somehow easing Naruto’s worry, "That's because humans aren't supposed to know about this place."

Itachi gasps suddenly, covering his mouth with his hands, looking afraid as he glances around. He becomes stiff, not knowing if he’s being watched. Of course he can easily fight whoever may try to attack. Remaining on guard, he doesn’t think this human will at all prove harmful. Although he recalls the last time there has been a human here On second though, he looks similar to the one he’s conversing with at the current moment. Frowning, he wonders if there’s some connection between the two.

“W-What do you mean?” Stammers out Naruto, his nervous demeanor returning with Itachi’s unease.

Itachi shakes his head before he begins to disappear into the bushes again, leaving in a flash causing Naruto to run into the bushes, trying to give chase after him. Unfortunately, the man is already gone, making him recall what Itachi has said before he retreated.

“Don’t tell anyone you saw me.”

Scratching the side of his head, he feels confused by that interaction as he steps out from the bushes, “Well, that was weird. But if he's here there must be others. I hope they're not as odd as him."

This makes him wonder what the stranger means about humans aren’t supposed to be here. Also, he wants to know why he said to tell no one that they have met. Sighing out of frustration, he doubts that he’ll find any answers anytime soon. Besides, he doesn’t know where he’s going in this place. What he hopes is that he won’t run into any unpleasant company. The thought of humans nags at the back of his brain, feeling like he needs to know or remember something. It’s on the tip of his tongue, but he can’t quite reach it.

"Great, more questions with no answers,” he throws his arms up in frustration before plopping back down on the stump before Itachi had crossed his path.

This place is really starting to get on the blond's nerves. The place is overly hot and humid. He has yet to see any creeks, lakes, or rivers. The ground is not too soft on his bare feet, being still naked. How can this day get any worse? Sighing, he feels so uncertain of what he needs to do now. Being stuck here, there seems to be no way off of this island. At least that’s what he thinks, being in for an unpleasant surprise soon enough. Suddenly, something or rather someone tackles Naruto to the ground. There is something smooth and hard, wrapping around his entire body. The blond looks up to come face to face with a red haired, green eyed, pale skinned man. For some reason he’s hissing, showing his rather large fangs. Naruto's eyes widen in fear, trying to struggle away though something is squeezing his body tightly every time he tries to escape. He almost screams at seeing his body engulfed in snake skin. Blue eyes follow the snake's body around him and up to the man. He’s a naga, meaning he’s human above the waist while below it he’s all serpentine.

“Oh my Kami,” he breathes out before allowing darkness to claim him once more, hoping when he wakes up from his unconscious state that he won’t be met with another nightmare.


"You’ve got to be kidding me," hisses Neji underneath his breath as he listens to Kiba and Kakashi go at it again for what seemed like the fifth time today, causing him to smack his forehead in frustration.

"Admit it! You got us lost!" Kiba yells from where he sits, nose to nose with his captain, glaring heatedly at the man.

"No, I didn't!" Kakashi snaps. "How can I get us lost when we were already lost to begin with?"

"That's exactly what I'm sayin'! We got lost to start with because of you!" Kiba pauses, thinking over what he just said to make sure it makes sense before he nods to himself, continuing his glaring match with the silver haired male.

"What are you talking about? We were attacked by pirates and then we escaped through the fog. How is it my fault that we got lost for trying to save our hides?" Kakashi holds down a smirk of victory when the brunette opens his mouth to reply, but he snaps it shut when he can’t find anything to argue back with. "When we were captured no one was watching the wheel. How am I supposed to navigate through a fog?"

“The man's right,” admits Kiba, looking away to glare out angrily at the ocean that no longer holds the fog. "Whatever. Can you navigate now that we're out of the fog?"

"It's daytime… I don't have a compass,” Kakashi sighs, glad some of their arguing is over with although he feels sure Kiba has more fire left to use.

"Oh, great! This is just fuckin' perfect! Stupid pirates! Stupid ocean! Arg, I'm going to bite someone in the face,” Kiba kicks the side of the boat, hurting his toes. "Ah, fuck!"

Neji eyes the bigger brunette with a raised eyebrow. He finds it amusing to see the usually calm and level tempered man freak out. Kakashi rolls his eyes. Smacking the man across the face, he pushes Kiba down onto the seat. He has been standing before. Kiba doesn’t like that very much, punching the man back once their captain has reseated himself. Eventually the two break out into a full blown out brawl. It causes the boat to tip to the side dangerously.  It makes Neji cry out for the others to stop, not entirely sure if it’ll even work though wishes that these two will put aside their differences. Squabbling out here on a life raft won’t solve their matters at hand. When the fighting men finally fall over the side of the rowboat Neji stops. He guesses that it’s kind of useless trying to halt them with words. Instead, he just watches the men try to attack each other in the water, but they are having a lot of difficulty from the water resistance. The additional weight to their bodies doesn’t improve their situation. The long haired man sighs, dropping his head into his hands for his elbows to rest on his knees. It helps to keep his head up, flinching as he yelps when the men splash to the side of him. They accidentally toss some water on him, cooling him down considerably fast to cause him to feel a little cold from the wind picking up.

Neji feels pissed off and sad because of Naruto and his wet hair. At the same time Neji doesn’t know what to do with himself. So, he begins searching the boat for something to hit either Kakashi or Kiba. During his search he catches sight of something from the corner of his eye. Turning his head to see what it is, lilac eyes widen at the sight, dropping the oar that he has picked up earlier, he’s going to use it to bash against the other’s skulls.

"Hey guys, look over there!" Calls out Neji to the others that have floated a few feet away, his words falling on deaf ears. "Guys? Guys?! Hey, fuckers!”

He finally ends up screaming at the top of his lungs with his hands cupping around his mouth, gathering the fighting men's attentions, "Look over there!"

Pointing in front of him, it’s behind the silver haired captain and the stronger brunette, causing them to look back at what the man on the boat is pointing at. Their eyes widen considerably upon what they see. There are big grins on their faces as they quickly swim on back to the boat. Land has been spotted a bit ahead of them. Neji sits back at the stern when the two men climb back in. There’s some water dripping off of them, flying everywhere as they begin to row their way in the direction of the island. It’s pretty close, not taking them long to reach a part of the beach. It seems to surround the island. it’s rather beautiful in comparison to all the other shores they have landed or docked at in the past.

Once the boat hits the sand Kiba immediately jumps out. Beginning to roll around in the sand, he cries out in joy at its warmness. He notices that it sticks to his wet clothes. Kakashi jumps out as well, but he lies down on his back to enjoy the hot sun against his face as well as the warm sand against his back. Neji is obviously more graceful in getting out, sitting on a washed up log instead of laying down on the ground. There can be seen a small smile spreading  across his cheeks.

All their happiness is cut short when their stomachs growl in hunger. Their mouths feel dry too from thirst. They are a little hesitant about going into the forest. They don’t want to waste any time catching fish by hand. So, they all begin their journey into the jungle, looking every which way to find some food. It isn’t until something falls out of a tree and hits Kiba on the head quite hard that accompanies a screech from a monkey that they find something to quench their growing hunger. The three of them peer up in relief at the fruit. It appears edible since monkeys are eating it, beginning to climb up to get some, ending up scaring the monkeys away. The fruit is shaped like bananas except they are a different color. Their texture is different as well, but they taste delicious. They seem to be full of sugary fluids that quenches both their thirst and hunger. All of them eat until their stomachs feel satisfactory, sitting down at the bottom of the tree with small grins on their faces.

"Hey captain?" Neji pipes up, breaking the comfortable silence without glancing away from the darkening sky, continuing to do so when Kakashi makes a questioning noise in response. "Where do you think we are? Do you think it's safe here?"

The silver haired male shrugs, not particularly caring at the moment, "I don’t know. I haven't seen any familiar constellations…. That’s weird. The stars are already out while the sun is just now going down. I don't remember ever seeing this island before whenever I cross the oceans."

“What does that mean?” Kiba mutters, not liking having to converse with their so called captain due to their seemingly unresolvable issues.

Chewing on a blade of grass as he thinks, he looks back up to the sky to search for familiar surroundings, "This is weird. I've never seen this part of the sky before."

"Do you think we might have discovered something?" Asks Kiba  from the other side of Neji, yawning loudly, stretching as he accidentally smacks an arm into the younger brunette's face, earning a smack in return as Neji doesn’t at all appreciate the violence.

"Maybe, but I have a feeling we're not supposed to be here," mumbles out kakashi. "I'm not worried though. I feel content for some reason."

Yawning, he scratches  his belly. He does feel confused at why he’s becoming so drowsy. They have worked hard for that past few days with a few rests here and there. They are all just fine a few minutes ago. The confusion is soon replaced with a peace of mind while his eyes struggle to stay open, unable to fight it for very long. His vision soon becomes fuzzy. The last thing the captain sees before darkness claims him is the silhouette of a man with his legs replaced with a long serpentine tail.


"What is the village like daddy?" a small blond which looked to be around four or five asked excitedly, eyes wide and intense while watching an older tall blond speak who told a tale that Naruto had yet to hear.

"It was as beautiful as its people!" Minato exclaimed happily from where he sat on the edge of his son's bed. "They didn't have houses like ours. Instead they all slept in hollows of huge trees. Each tree could fill a family of twenty. They were connected with long bridges made out of vines. They hardly go out of the village unless they're hunting or going out to make another village which was rare. The making of new villages I mean."

"How many villages were there?” he asked his father.

"Mmm, the last time I was there I remember there were about ten. Keep in mind they’re small compared to the main village in the middle of the island. Their lord lives there in the largest tree on the island. The inside has been carved out into the lord's liking,” Minato smirked at his son's face, blue eyes wide, mouth agape, and not a single wrinkle or crease in sight. "I've been there once when I was captured. The creature who runs the island was so handsome and perfect, but I could see the darkness inside of him just by looking into his eyes. I always wondered how anyone could marry a man like him."

"Was he married, papa?” Naruto asked.

"Yes, he was to a beautiful male red haired snake. He looked weak on the outside, but he had a strong heart. He looked out for me. I could tell that Madara truly loved this creature because every time he laid eyes on his mate those cold black eyes would soften a bit,” the older blond smiled to himself when he remembered the red snake defended him and easily won the fight. "Nagato was very intelligent. He helped out with our escape."

"Were there other nice snake people?" Naruto laid back with his covers up to his chin, eyes blinking tiredly as he yawned.

"A few, but that was because they were curious. They grew to know me while the others were too scared. They hated me. Now, I think it's time for bed,” Minato tucked his little boy in with a soft smile while his eyes shined brightly with love.

Naruto didn’t argue and fell asleep while his father petted his head, “Goodnight, my son.”


Sitting up sharply, he pants lightly as he breaks out into a cold sweat. Looking around to see no one, Naruto falls back down with a sigh. Sitting back up, he has another look around. Naruto scrunches his eyebrows together as he takes in the new surroundings, lying down on a mat out of straw. There is also a thin sheet out of the finest hair. He  doesn’t want to find out what it’s from. It covers his lower regions. In front of him is a large opening that leads outside. The walls around him are all out of wood. They are kind of misshapen with a few things hanging from them. This includes jewelry, a freshly caught rabbit or two, and a bucket filled with cold water.

The blond's mouth waters at the sight of the small clear pool. Crawling over towards it to have a sip though before he can even dunk his head in the water something that feels like a whip smacks him in the back of the head.

"You better not drink that if you wish to bathe," a quiet voice says, making Naruto spin around, causing him to freeze with his mouth falling agape in shock. "Don't look at me like that. it's creepy."

How can Naruto not stare at the creature like this? The 'man' before him has the torso of a human, but a few inches beneath his navel shows his skin slowly begin to change into smooth scales. It changes from black to yellow, to red, to yellow, and black again. The color combination repeats itself until blue eyes reach the end of the tail. The human part of the stranger has pale skin, blood red hair, foamy green eyes, and pointed ears. They are like the raven man’s from before, wearing nothing to show that he isn’t very muscular. He might of been shorter than Naruto if he had legs.

“You’re-“ Naruto is cut off by the naga.

"A coral snake? I presume that’s what you're wondering," the redhead interjects, unknowingly making the blond even more afraid at learning he’s poisonous.

"N-No, that's not actually it, but thanks for telling me anyways,” Naruto laughs nervously, scratching his cheek, terror flickering in his eyes as the snake does look familiar to him. "I just can't believe you're actually real."

A nonexistent eyebrow lifts in confusion, giving the human his full attention with narrowing eyes though in turn it makes the blond pale, "What do you mean? It's impossible for someone like you to know about us. We only know about you humans because of all the junk that washes up on our beaches."

"So, it’s true,” whispers out Naruto to himself in amazement. "Father's stories were real. Everything he told me really happened."

Yelping when the snake suddenly pushes him onto the floor, he shows Naruto how strong he really is. Green eyes are glaring down at him curiously. His sharp teeth are clearly shown, baring them menacingly at him. Naruto tries with all of his might to remain still. Of course it isn’t easy when fight or flight mode is in action.

"Who are you? Who was your father? How did he know about us?" the redhead asks quickly, scaring the blond which makes him shrink away from the snake. "Tell me or I'll kill you right now!"

"M-My father u-used to tell me s-stories about this place w-when I was a c-child because h-he said h-he's been h-here b-before!" Naruto cries out hurriedly, blue eyes wide as he stares at the redhead as if saying silently to him to spare his life.

The creature doesn’t seem to be backing off though as he presses down harder on Naruto's bound wrists, holding them in his grasp, "Who is your father? Tell me before I break your arm!"

To prove himself that he’s being serious the snake lets go of the blond's left hand. He does this before grabbing it again, bending it at an odd angle. It will surely break Naruto's arm if the redhead presses anymore. Naruto has thought that he shouldn’t tell this creature. He still feels awestruck that his father hadn’t been telling him tales he made up. They are all real, wondering if somehow landing in this place he’ll be able to find some answers. He wants to know about his father’s life. Words can only say so much. He wants to see what this island is really like. Besides he has nowhere else to go. He might as well do it.

Naruto cries out in pain, biting his lip, closing his eyes and turning his head away. He has never before come across anyone who makes him submissive like this. He is rather an excellent fighter. The slightest touch from this creature has him quivering in fear. The urge to run away runs harshly through him, keeping his mouth shut out of horror. He keeps his eyes closed, not having to see the terrifying look the creature is giving him. This pisses the snake off immensely. It causes more pain to erupt for Naruto when the redhead bends the arm just a little more, right on the verge of breaking.

"Tell me now!” he demands, knowing Naruto will eventually give in sooner or later unless he wants a broken arm.

Naruto's eyes opens from the immense pain, crying out as tears prick at the corners of his eyes, but he can’t dare to look at the snake, "M-Minato…"

"You lie," the redhead hisses out. "You can’t be the son of Minato because then that makes you the son of… Kushina…"

“I-I’m not,” promises Naruto, coughing as he regains his breath from almost being choked to death.

"If you're still alive than that means they are as well,” his eyes light up in joy, but one look from Naruto's eyes has him shaking his head in disbelief and sorrow. "No, they can't be…"

Naruto looks away, feeling misery welling up inside him at the thought that he might of taken something away from the snake, "Yes, they are. Mother grew sick and father… was ran over by a carriage."

Naruto gulps at seeing the redheaded serpent giving him a deadly glare as he warns, "This is all your fault! If you-"

"I know it is,” interrupts Naruto quietly, sitting up, but keeps his gaze down. "If I hadn't been born none of this would’ve happened. I'm the one who killed my mother. I'm the one who had my father taken away when all he wanted to do was apologize. It’s good to hear someone agrees with me.”

If the blond had taken a look up, he might of caught sight of the guilty look the redhead is making. The snake is biting his bottom lip, watching the human cry. He wonders idly what he needs to do. When he hears the blond actually agree that he’s at fault it makes the snake feel terrible for what he just said and done. This human is in as much pain as he is. It makes him confused on what is happening here. The human seems in distress as well. It seems to be at the point where he finally snaps, having given into his emotions at last. The snake can’t help himself, feeling a little worrisome as well. The blond is sleeping, talking, and crying in his sleep. When the redhead hears that the human has heard about this place he lost it. He became angry. Sighing, he hopes that he’ll be able to remedy his mistakes against him.

"Gaara, is everything alright up there? I thought I heard yelling," a feminine voice from outside calls, making the redhead curse and the blond to lift his head up in confusion at the language, having never heard it before. "Oh, dear. Gaara, what is this?"

"Nothing, Ino. Go away," the redhead snaps grumpily  at her.

The woman snorts, climbing the rest of the way in fearlessly. Her yellow snake tail follows  after her. Her hair is bleach blond, but looks dull in comparison to Naruto's. It’s fairly long, tied back as a long bang falls over her right eye. Her eyes are azure blue while her breasts are covered in a purple garment that’s held up. It’s tied around her neck and around her sides. The clothing stops a few inches below her breasts, showing off her tone stomach. The scales she has don’t look smooth enough to touch. Maybe if someone pets them backwards, but if someone goes back up that person will surely hurt themselves.

"How can I go away now that I've seen this?" the female snaps back at the redhead, but her face softens considerably when she gazes down at Naruto. "And look what you've done! You made him cry!"

“It was my fault,” Gaara grumbles under his breath, hoping she doesn’t hear him.

Her snake half curls around the human's body as well as her arms, attempting to comfort him as Ino makes sure to be careful with her scales, trying not to hurt him as she holds him, "What is your name, sweetie?"

"He doesn't speak our language. He speaks that one language the humans call English. It’s weird since his father spoke Japanese," Gaara mumbles, curling up by the door, laying his human half on top of his snake half as he doesn’t need to see that Ino is surprise by what he just said. "Yes, the human's father was Minato…"

"Oh, really? How wonderful that they were able to escape and have their child!" Ino cries out, hugging Naruto tighter. "Are they with him?"

Gaara shakes his head, a small glint of sadness glistening in his eyes as he turns away, "No, they're gone…"

"Oh,” the yellow snake looks down sadly as she continues to cradle Naruto that’s given up on trying to figure what they are saying while he remains in her arms. "You poor baby. You look so much like your father."

"You know my father?" Naruto asks, looking up at the gentle woman, feeling safe in her arms even though he knows that she can turn on him in seconds. "Why are you being so kind to me?"

"Yes, I know your father. I am being kind to you because that’s how I've been taught by my parents. Just because we're different doesn't mean we have to feel prejudice towards one another.”

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