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In Between

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Sam stood on the doorstep of a very nice, suburban home. Sam didn’t want to judge but Bucky definitely lived on the rich side of town. The neighborhood was known for its CEOs and professional athletic residents. Sam just hoped Bucky opened the door before some random ass neighbor questioned him as to why he in the area.

He knocked again and the door opened. Bucky greeted him warmly, in a pair of black sweatpants and tight grey T-shirt. Bucky only smiled.

“You’re hilarious,” Sam deadpanned. Sam was dressed nicely in slacks and a button down.

Bucky welcomed Sam in. “I can always go change,” Bucky offered.

“No, it’s fine,” Sam said looking around the house. He handed Bucky the bottle of wine he brought to go with dinner and observed the tiled floors and spacious rooms to the left and right of the door. No pictures or anything on the walls but the décor was nice and balanced, not too little, not too much. There were accent colors in each room but overall a deep brown and cool tan were the leading colors of the home’s palette.

“Would you like a tour?” Bucky asked softly, unsure of having anyone else in his space. No one ever came over. He was so used to being alone any time he returned to this house. It was his sanctuary to decompress and relax from the stress his job caused him from time to time. But now, with Sam here, Bucky was painfully aware of just how empty his home of nine years actually was.

“Maybe later,” Sam said unsure of what to do in Bucky’s space.

“Okay,” Bucky said softly. He reached for Sam’s hand and held it as he led the way to his living room where he’d planned to have dinner with Sam. Bucky was certain Sam would say it was too much, again, but Bucky didn’t have any chill when it came to trying to impress the man. Bucky just didn’t have it. 

Sam followed Bucky quietly and felt his jaw drop when he saw the candle lit living room. He looked at Bucky and couldn’t believe the other had gone through the trouble of lighting that many candles. It was then Sam realized the lights were off everywhere in the house except the entryway. His entire walk through the house had been lit by soft candle light. It was a fire hazard–no doubt–but it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for Sam.  

“Bucky you really didn’t have to, oh my goodness,” Sam said walking into the living room as Bucky held his hand still and brought him over to the couch to sit.

Sam took a seat and couldn’t believe it. Wine glasses sat on the coffee table along with white taper candles in crystal holders.

Bucky set the wine bottle down on the coffee table before he leaned down and kissed Sam’s lips.

“Yes, I did,” he whispered. He stood up straight again and grabbed the wine bottle. “I’m going to go open the wine and bring the food. Just wait here.”

Sam watched Bucky walk to the kitchen and felt his nerves well up inside. There was something he wanted to bring up tonight but Sam wasn’t sure if he should. He’d given it a lot of thought over the week while waiting for that evening to arrive. He’d gone back and forth on whether to bring it up but looking around at all of the effort Bucky had put into their evening he felt a little bit better bringing it up.

Bucky brought out the open wine bottle and Sam moved to fill their glasses as Bucky returned for their dinner plates. With the glasses full, Bucky returned with two plates of food and silverware. Sam happily took his plate.

Bucky took a seat on the couch and set his plate on the coffee table. It was very different from all of their other dinner dates together but he hoped Sam appreciated his effort to listen and take into consideration his wants. They drank their wine and ate the seafood paella Bucky prepared and talked. The atmosphere was relaxed and chill. It was peaceful and it was just the two of them.

As they finished their second helpings and the wine bottle hand been emptied, Sam knew it was now or never to bring it up. He looked into Bucky’s eyes and wondered if he was about to ruin all of this between them by asking too many questions.

“Ugh Bucky,” Sam said softly.


“I really like you. I haven’t liked someone this much in years if I’m being honest with myself. I know we haven’t seen each other often but I enjoy every moment I spend with you,” Sam explained looking at him.

“I like you too Sam,” Bucky said worried about where this was going.

“C-can we be exclusive? Just you and me?” Sam asked wondering if he was asking for too much. How could he expect someone that travels so frequently to date him exclusively. In simpler terms, they’d be entering a long distance relationship of sorts. Sam knew he was asking a lot.“B-because you make me so happy and it’s wonderful being with you. You’re amazing Buck.”

Bucky stared at Sam. He was beside his self. He couldn’t believe Sam wanted to date him.

Sam wanted to date him. Holy shit.

When the realization hit, Bucky knew he should say no. It wasn’t safe for Bucky to have ties and it damn sure wasn’t safe for Sam to be tied to Bucky in case he slipped up. He knew he should turn Sam down…but…he couldn’t.

Bucky thought of all the things he’d given up because of his job. The life he longed for, the lover or partner to come home to; a future to live for; things he’d told his self in the beginning he could live without. But year after year of the same old, same old, Bucky had begun to grow resentful of the compromise.  

He gazed into Sam’s pretty brown eyes and felt his will crack looking into them. He knew he was lying to Sam. That Sam only knew a fraction of who he truly was but Bucky was completely taken with Sam and everything about the humble, middle school teacher that loved his students and wanted to make a difference in the shitty world they lived in. He knew he should have ended what they had three months ago, but he couldn’t fight his desire or want to get closer to the other man.

“Yes,” Bucky said softly as he held Sam’s gaze.

Sam leaned in and kissed his lips softly. A hot press of lips against his own, Bucky closed his eyes and delighted in another taste of Sam.

Sam touched Bucky’s neck to pull him closer in their kiss. His heart beat hard in his chest at Bucky’s answer. Bucky wanted to date him too and Sam was elated.  

When their kiss broke, Sam licked his lips and took a deep breath. He leaned his forehead against Bucky’s and clasped his hand around Bucky’s prosthetic wrist.

“Do you think-,” Sam closed his eyes to clear his mind and start again. “Do you want to, tonight?”

That wasn’t a question in Bucky’s mind. Of course he wanted Sam. Bucky pulled Sam into another kiss and heard the other moan so sweetly.

Fuck he makes me so hot, Bucky thought trying to remember how to get up to his own room. He pulled back from Sam and saw the look of lust in his eyes. Bucky got up slowly and took their dinner plates to the kitchen with their wine glasses. He left everything in the sink and figured he’d take care of all of that in the morning or whenever. He walked back into the living room and started blowing out the candles. Sam got up to help and met Bucky out in the hallway. They blew out the candles along the way as they made their way to the stairs.

Bucky shut off the lights in the entryway. Cast in darkness Bucky kissed Sam’s cheek softly before leading him up the stairs through the dark to his bedroom.


In his room, Bucky took in the fact Sam was the first to enter this room besides him. He turned on the ambient lamps around the room from the switch and shut the door behind them. Sam clung close to Bucky and earned a smile from Bucky at how cute he was being.

Their surroundings were new but this was a dance they knew all too well in each other’s arms. Sam looked into Bucky’s eyes and felt taken by the fact they were now with each other. It was just the two of them. The detail was small but it did something for Sam knowing the kisses and hands touching him were promised for him and only him now. That he could feel comfortable giving in emotionally and physically with Bucky now that they’d moved into the start of a serious relationship. It made Sam nervous but Bucky inspired confidence and reassurance in him like no one else.


“Huh?” Sam hadn’t heard a thing the other had said.

“May I?” Bucky asked trailing his fingers down and over the zipper of Sam’s slacks.

“Yes,” Sam said feeling his heart pound in his chest.

Bucky helped Sam out of his button down, his slack and briefs before he invited Sam to get up on his King sized bed. Bucky bit his lip and shook his head at the sight of Sam sitting nude on his bed. The ambient light of the room gave Sam’s skin a soft golden glow.

I could get used to seeing that, Bucky thought as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside.

Sam watched Bucky shed his sweatpants and was surprised that he hadn’t been wearing anything underneath them.

“So you just knew where tonight was going huh?” Sam asked as Bucky crawled up on the bed with him.

Bucky placed a kiss on Sam’s stomach before he looked up at him. “I had a pretty good feeling,” Bucky whispered before he moved back to brush his lips down past Sam’s belly button, past his patch of curls. Bucky picked Sam’s dick up into his flesh hand and stroked him a bit in a loose fist; Sam was well on the way to being fully erect. Bucky pressed his lips to Sam’s dick and sighed. The heat of Sam’s flesh against his lips, his scent was intoxicating. Bucky closed his eyes and took Sam into his mouth without another thought.

Sam felt his body tremble with Bucky’s lips wrapped around him. He brushed his fingers into Bucky’s hair to push it out of the way to get a look at what the other was doing. Bucky glanced up, right then with those piercing blue eyes and Sam moaned as he gripped at Bucky’s hair.

“Bucky…baby, yes, fuck yessss,” Sam groaned as he felt Bucky false swallowed around his tip.

Sam laid back down on the bed, closed his eyes and draped his arm over his eyes. He was in for quite a night.


Bucky sat atop Sam’s lap and kissed his lips as he gave his body time to accept Sam within him. Sam ran his hands over his back and grasped his ass as Sam did his best to be patient and gave Bucky time to get comfortable enough to move. 

He kissed against Sam’s neck and moaned. Goodness he’d only wanted to have sex with Sam all day, every day if he could figure out a way to pay his bills while doing it. It just made no sense how good his skin felt against Sam’s, he wanted this always.