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In Between

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In my head there's only you now,
This world falls on me.
In this world there's real and make believe,
And this seems real to me.”

Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down


Downtown // 8:30 P.M.

The moon filtered light down through the clouds onto the empty downtown alleyway. The nightlife was carrying on as the clubs in the area were playing their respective music, adding to the cacophony of the evening’s constant buzz. Screams rang out as bodies suddenly poured out the back door of the nightclub. Yells of terror and fright as a fire in the kitchen had spread quickly through the club. The sprinkler system kicked on but people fled the confined space of the building for the safety of the outdoors.

Quietly, and patiently waiting atop the building looking down on the alleyway, Bucky kept his eye in his sniper scope as he waited for his target. Checking face after face, he waited for the one he was looking for.

“Come on you bastard, I don’t have all night,” Bucky said under his breath as he continued to wait.

He watched as a group of men soon exited the club through the backdoor for the lone car parked just in the shadow of the building.

Bucky lined up his shot and pulled the trigger. He tagged the target’s shoulder and observed the rest of the men around the guy. They all huddled closer to the man Bucky just shot rather than any of them rushing to the vehicle. He’d tagged his guy from the start. Bucky quickly cocked the next bullet and took the finishing shot. He observed the target go down as the men looked around fearful. Bucky moved back from his position and quickly broke down the sniper rifle and the rest of the equipment. He packed everything back into its case and exited the rooftop.

He descended the stairs to the seventh floor and found the cleaning closet where he left the rifle for pick up in two hours. He headed to the elevator and pressed send on the anonymous money transfer to have the weapon picked up and destroyed. Bucky unzipped his hoodie and popped in some ear buds to blend in as the elevator reached the ground floor of the apartment building. He walked out through the lobby and out onto the street.

Bucky put on some music and walked the twelve blocks east to reach his hotel. He zipped up his hoodie and pulled out his ear buds when he reached the upscale downtown hotel he decided to stay in for the week. Since he took a job in the city where he lived, he stuck to his usual routine of having a buffer location to prepare for work. Bucky entered the lobby, doing his best to look as if he’d just left a gym and went straight up to his hotel room without a second glance from the security guards.

He slipped into his hotel room and leaned against the door. A sigh escaped his parted lips as he allowed the adrenaline in his veins to begin to bleed away. He needed a moment to come down after every job he did. He checked the clock and saw there was just enough time to do that as well as get ready for dinner.

He walked through his luxury suite and stripped out of his disguise of casual clothing before heading for the shower. He stopped to check his cell, which he’d left in the room and saw he had a text from an hour ago.

We still on for tonight?

A smile curled Bucky’s lips as he texted back: Absolutely.

He stepped into the large, glorious shower in the bathroom and took a moment to calm his self down before he turned the water on lukewarm and spaced out for a minute or two. He washed his hair and hoped he’d packed the black button down shirt to wear that evening. He went to his suitcase and was happy to find the black button down he’d been thinking about. He left the tie in the suitcase and decided on leave the top two buttons of his shirt undone instead. He dried off, changed quick and put on some cologne before he shut his singular suitcase and stashed it away in the closet. He’d be back either tonight or tomorrow for the bag when he checked out.

Bucky stood in the bathroom mirror and combed his hair back neatly. He styled a few of the short strands but ultimately left his hair to do what it wanted. He shut off the lights and walked out of his room with his suit jacket over his arm. Face in his phone, he worked on ordering a ride to the restaurant while on the elevator alone. The app said it would take a couple of minutes so he settled on waiting down in the cigar bar until it arrived.


Downtown // 10:45 P.M.

Standing out in front of the restaurant Bucky fixed his jacket. He buttoned two of the jacket buttons before entering the restaurant and giving the host a name.

“Right this way, sir,” the man said showing Bucky the way to his table. Bucky followed the man through the glorious dining room, complete with several crystal chandeliers and marbled floors and hoped he wasn’t early.

“Here you are sir,” the host said gesturing to the table nestled away in the back for privacy.

Bucky looked at the other seated at the table and smiled warmly.

“Thank you,” Bucky told the host before the man dismissed his self and returned to the front of the restaurant.

Bucky took his seat at the table for two and unbuttoned his jacket buttons.

“For a moment, I actually thought I’d be early and beat you here doll,” Bucky said looking into those handsome brown eyes.

Sam leaned forward in his seat and smirked. “Not a chance,” he said looking at Bucky happily.

“How long have you been waiting?” Bucky asked hoping he hadn’t kept Sam waiting long.

“I sat down maybe five minutes ago,” Sam said looking around. “Really though Buck? We could have gone somewhere…a bit less fancy.”

Sam had grown used to the man’s taste in the finer things in the six months he’d gotten to know Bucky, but sometimes Sam wanted things to be less formal when they went out. Tonight was their sixth date and every date before had been at restaurants just as nice as the one they sat in.

Bucky shook his head softly as he looked into Sam’s eyes. It had been a month since their last date. Bucky had to travel for work so these evenings between them were special. They had not missed a single meet up with each other whenever Bucky texted that he was back in town.

“I don’t get to see you often,” Bucky said sincerely. “Let me spoil you.”

Sam swallowed the smile on his lips and sipped his water. He’d forgotten how hot Bucky could make him with the things he’d say from time to time.

“So what’s been going on?” Bucky asked. He couldn’t wait to hear about what Sam had been up to since he’d last seen him.

Sam informed Bucky about how his classes were going and how his middle school students were doing. Last time they’d met, it had been the start of the school year so the students were still adjusting. Bucky enjoyed hearing about the different groups of students Sam would get to teach as a Language Arts teacher. After Sam filled him in, Bucky crafted a bland cover story of how business meetings were like any others but being back felt good.

Bucky reached across the table and touched Sam’s hand as they ate their food and thought about how they met at a mutual friend’s dinner party six months prior. Bucky could remember it all so clearly. He’d walked in late to his old friend’s party only to know absolutely no one else in attendance. He milled about for ten minutes contemplating leaving early until he caught a glimpse of Sam from across the room talking to a few people. It was then Bucky was convinced he had to talk with the most handsome man in attendance. Others had tried to get Sam’s attention that evening as well but Bucky won out in the end as Sam had seemed just as taken with him.

He remembered asking Sam out to dinner and Sam accepting. In no time, they were on date six with no sign of cooling off any time soon.

As they neared the end of their meal, Sam grinned at Bucky, admiring his clean shave and cute eyes.

“I’m happy you have some free time while you’re in town to have dinner with me,” Sam said softly.

“Of course I’d make time to see you,” Bucky said gazing back at him. He still didn’t know what that feeling was that Sam stirred in his chest when they looked at one another like this. “What do you have planned for the rest of the evening?”

Sam shrugged gently. “Still waiting for something to come up,” Sam replied.

“So you’re free?”

“I’m free.”

Bucky bit his bottom lip just a bit then looked around. “I might have an idea you may like,” he offered.

“What might that be?” Sam asked smiling softly.

Bucky lowered his voice. “How about we go back to your place and see where we go from there?”

Sam gave Bucky a look and thought about it.

“Only if you promise I get to take that suit off of you at some point,” Sam said leaning forward over their table.

Bucky leaned forward as well. “You can do more than that if you want,” Bucky replied looking at Sam’s lips before he looked up into his eyes.

The lust in Sam’s eyes deepened a bit with Bucky’s words. This was the part of meeting up with Bucky that Sam enjoyed the most, the heavy flirtation and anticipation for what was to come. Sam had never met anyone that made him hope for more.



Sam grasped at Bucky’s arms after he slipped his black button down off his shoulders. Sam kissed at Bucky’s shoulder and sighed as they made out on Sam’s bed. Sam grasped his fingers in Bucky’s hair as Bucky rubbed his clothed erection down against Sam’s. He kept at it driving Sam wild until Sam couldn’t take it anymore and reached down to undo Bucky’s belt and pants.

It’s been a month, Sam thought, I’m not waiting on this anymore.

Bucky let Sam do as he pleased undressing him. Once nude Bucky placed kiss after kiss against Sam’s smooth brown skin as he slipped Sam’s briefs down off his hips and past his thighs.

“Buck, anything, anything, just please,” Sam said maddened beyond reason, wanting Bucky to get on with it.

Bucky smirked darkly at Sam’s words and proceeded to show the man a good time.



Just before the sun rose the next morning Bucky got an alert on his wrist watch. He checked it and saw check out at the hotel was in five hours. He needed to get back and collect his things from his room.

He looked beside him at Sam sleeping peacefully, curled up. The stillness and peace around them was one of the beautiful things about what he had going with Sam. He sat up and brushed his lips against Sam’s shoulder to wake him just a little bit.

“I have to get going. I have a flight to catch this afternoon,” Bucky whispered into Sam’s skin.

Sam sighed a bit but woke up just enough to pull Bucky close. He pressed a sleepy, soft goodbye kiss onto Bucky’s lips then opened his eyes. Bucky just wanted to curl up and stay with him.

“Call me if you’re back in town next weekend,” Sam whispered.

“I will do just that,” Bucky promised as he kissed Sam’s cheek in parting as Sam laid back down to continue resting.

Bucky got up to find his clothes and got dressed before leaving and locking Sam’s front door behind him. He ordered a ride to his hotel and was thankful one was close by. He got in and gave the hotel address. As the car pulled off from Sam’s sleepy neighborhood Bucky thought about how nice it always was to have these rare, but normal evenings with Sam in between the hustle and bustle of his job. It made taking time off sweeter than it had been before he met Sam.

Yeah Sam had no clue what Bucky really did as an occupation…but Bucky figured that was probably best for both of them.