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"Ketsubutsu will be coming for Joint Training today," Aizawa announced, "I want everyone to get along and try their hardest."


The class was expecting this day to come ever since Mina had overheard the two teachers discuss about this arrangement after the majority of them earned their provisional licenses. But that didn't mean they were eager for it.


They didn't start off on a good note with those Ketsubutsu Second Years after looking into their kind facades and after a bunch of interactions with villains, they were a lot more hesitant to trust anyone outside of their year. Heck, a few of them were more hesitant to trust anyone outside of their class for crying out loud.


After what they've been through, who could blame them. It certainly explained a lot when Hitoshi was transferred in 1-A and Denki ended up yelling his ass off at Bakugou, Todoroki and Ojirou.


But they built up from that and now the day had come to which it left Hitoshi rather confused. 


"If one of them starts being all nice to you before combat, they're talking bullshit." Bakugou growled through a mouthful of food.

"Katsuki!" Kirishima scolded as he bravely shoved the blond's shoulder.

"No Kiri, he's right." Denki called out, "that guy was acting way too nice, even for me."

"What do you mean?" Hitoshi turned his head up to look at the group.

"This one asshole began saying some shit like 'I hope we can be friends' and all other sort of tom fuckery."

"I saw through that guy's words the moment he held my hands." Hitoshi stiffened at Denki's words.



"I know. If you want to be friends with someone, at least give them space before going to physical contact."

"That's not the point, Dunce-Face."

"It is the point. I could see through his act too. If he wanted to fool us, he should've taken some acting lessons."

"Either way, we got to know some of them. He and Midoriya teamed up at the end." Kirishima pushed in.

"Yeah but that doesn't change much."


With how nonchalant Denki and the rest of the others treated the topic, Hitoshi decided to put it behind him until lunch was over. Aizawa had informed the class that Ketsubutsu would turn up after lunch so he could brainstorm later than now.



"Eraserhead, let's get married!"

"No way."


The enthusiasm from Ms.Joke felt all too eccentric when she approached the black haired buzz kill of 1-A's teacher. Hitoshi couldn't help but cringe as she laughed off the rejection like it was a joke. 


He could easily ignore that by looking ahead to see the Ketsubutsu students in front of him and his classmates.


Some looked friendly while others looked like discount versions of pro heroes and other students, Hitoshi pitied Todoroki's brain.


Suddenly a tall kid with messy brown curls reached out for a handshake to Bakugou as he gave an unnerving smile, only to have it smacked away.


"You wanna pull that fuckboy trick you did last time, then you're outta luck. It didn't work then so you might as well fuck yourself with it if you like using it so much." The blond snarled with narrowed eyes. Discretely, some students gave small snorts.

"Bakugou!" Iida and Kirishima shouted in unison at the insult, of course they would be the ones to hold most offense to any of Bakugou's antics despite barely any of them being aimed at the two directly.

"No, no. It's understandable," the guy, Shindo, bowed lightly before placing a hand on Iida's broad shoulder, "if the circumstances were different then we totally wouldn't have attacked you first hand in the exams."

"That's only Bakugou's criticism, you have nothing to take blame for."


Hitoshi felt his gut clenching once he heard Shindo's apology of sorts.


"Right(!)" Denki muttered as he crossed his arms. 

"Hopefully this joint training exam will bring us closer."


That voice did not settle right with Hitoshi, neither did any of his body language. It felt too much like Hagakure when she wanted to be notice, only worse with a texture the invisible girl didn't have. It felt bland. It felt fake.


That did not make him relax at all.


Something told him to stay with Denki and at least wrap an arm over his shoulders. He took a paper from the box Aizawa passed and barely even cared enough when he saw that he would be on the second match until Denki spoke.


"Looks like I'm in the first round." The blond noted as he took his number. He managed to catch others talking about being on Team 1 but before he could engage with any of them, he felt the gentle placement of his boyfriend's hand on his back.

"Denki," the purple haired teen murmured softly as he slowly pulled the blond closer to him, turning their backs to face the walking group. Hitoshi even wrapped an arm across Denki's shoulders, "something's not giving me an easy vibe about that guy - the one with curls." If it were anyone else, Denki would've just rolled his eyes and brushed it off but Hitoshi wasn't the type to call out whatever he felt 24/7.

"I get what you mean, I think. I did feel like that when he first came up to us at the Provisional License Exam but we did all team up at the last minute so... I think he kinda grew on us..." The uncertainty in Denki's voice swayed the both of them more on any trust for the Midoriya Look-A-Like, "I'm not saying I'm not in the same boat as you but... I'd first give him a chance."


Hitoshi fell weak to that small sunshine smile Denki gave, despite the doubt that could easily be seen. The blond had always been the one to try and get to know people after they've made an impression so this eased him a little. He glanced over to see Shindo standing by a group with Ms.Joke chatting to them before looking back at Denki.


"Just... Take care, Denki." He sighed out, truly at a loss for any other words.

"I'll be fine, I just want to see you kick ass!" 


With that cute outburst, Hitoshi pulled away with a lazy hand gliding off his boyfriend as he jumped to his team.



Denki let an anticipated relieved sigh out once he saw that the second match was over, it was the kind of sigh that the whole of the Bakusquad would use whenever Bakugou acted up... but it was more disappointed and worried than usual cause Denki had to use it for Hitoshi.


The purplenette was already being carried away by the medical stroller, it wasn't anything to serious other than the fact that he was clutching his entire body thanks to the pure agony coursing through him.


The blonde quickly ran over to the side, slowing down to match the pace of the robots and run a hand through the purple locks. After seeing the attack Hitoshi couldn't defend against and the aftermath of his body, Denki swore that his heart could've stopped if anything more had happened to his insomniac lover. 


"Hey, you did good, Toshi." He whispered with a smile. The taller probably didn't hear anything over his own pained groaning. Denki let out one nasaled sigh before stopping completely and watching as Hitoshi was driven into care.

"I am so sorry about that," startled, Denki lightly shocked the man who came behind him, "Ah!" After recognising the voice, the blond wore a face of fright and immediately began apologising.

"I didn't mean to shock you! It was a reflex."

"No, no. I'm fine, you were having a moment and I butted in." Shindo laughed light heartedly.

"I really am sorry."

"It's fine but I came to apologise about him," Denki bit the inside of his cheek as his eye drafted back to look at where Hitoshi used to be, "It was a new move I had come up with recently and I had only tried it on few people, so I need some practice."


"It's pretty cool though," the blond commented, "it's super good at putting your opponents off guard and taking them out with more ease." 'Not as effective as the impulsive control to answer Hitoshi', Denki inwardly informed.

"Well thanks," Shindo tilted his head and smiled widely, "your quirk is pretty cool too."




"Yeah, pretty sick. You can definitely do damage without causing any property damage."

"I don't think I'll be able to keep that promise." The smaller male chuckled lightly as he began to walk back to the rest of the class sitting on the side lines, Shindo persued after him.

"Well of course," Shindo winked, "handsome guys will always cause some unintentional damage to fans."

"What?" Denki laughed as he jokingly asked that, getting a little red from the statement.

"You're practically eye candy to lots of people. Plus your small size would make villains focus on the more muscular pros since they'll be the biggest trouble to them, not including your quirk of course."

"Ah," Denki glanced down at his lanky body, stopping in his tracks as he did so, "...there's nothing wrong with that, right?"

"Of course not. I meant it as a compliment. Seriously, with you jumping around like that so easily, you gave my classmates a rough time trying to beat you."

"Oh, thanks." Denki may be a flirt but he's also a loyal boyfriend, no way was he going to flirt around while in a relationship. 


"But the rock guy, when I fought him, I definitely wasn't expecting that ultimate move of his." Shindo promptly changed the subject once he caught sight of the red haired man.

"Oh, Kirishima? Oh yeah, he's got one of the most amazing quirks in the entire year."

"He sure does fit the part of 'buff'." He chuckled.

"You're familiar with memes?" Perked up, Denki almost jumped up at the last word.

"Only a few, of course they're the overrated ones."

"There's no such thing as an overrated meme."

"...Tik Tok..." 

"That whole app is just one big meme," Denki rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone to scroll through a gallery category of his, "you could try getting into more memes."


Shindo looked over at the screen that displayed the current match while Denki looked for a meme he found hilarious. Then the tall brunette looked back to him after witnessing the explosive Bakugou at his best.


"What can you do after you've had your match or if you're still waiting?"

"You can watch the rest of the rounds go on or evaluate where you went wrong. If you're not going to watch, you're allowed to use your phone."

"Then... are we allowed to go anywhere else?" Denki snapped his head to look at Shindo properly, see what his face said.


"Excuse me?"


"What I mean is, do you think you can lead me to the changing rooms?" Shindo asked with an embarrassed smile, "I forgot my phone."


Denki returned a smile.


"Yeah, sure. I don't blame you for asking, U.A's pretty huge and it's too easy to lose your way in there."

"Oh, great. Thanks."

"No problem. I should just tell the others before we leave."

"You know the way, I'm sure it'll be quick enough for no one to notice us leave."

"Huh. I guess you're right."


Denki drafted his eyes to the teachers and the teams, seeing that they were all too focused on the next round, before nodding to Shindo and leading him inside the building.


"Again, I'm sorry about your friend." The brunette broke as he walked besides Denki.

"It's cool, man. We have Recovery Girl to fix him up so he'll be up in no time."

"That fast?" For a moment, it almost sounded like there was an apprehensive tone behind Shindo's words.

"Not that quick, I mean. Recovery Girl ends up using the energy in an injured students body to help with their injuries. Physical injuries can go away quickly, only with tiredness as a side effect; other things like headaches and such aren't dealt with so easily, so it might be a while before Hitoshi recovers completely."


"He must really trust you if you're allowed to use his first name. Are you two close?" Shindo leaned in with a sly smirk that wanted information.


"Huh!? W-well..." despite most of 1-A already being aware of the two's relationship, Denki didn't feel too keen on spreading personal information to someone he barely knew.


"Or is it that you only use his first name when he's not around?"


"Pfft, no! I do it to everyone in my class, they're all cool with it cause we share dorms together. That's what friends do anyway." Denki knew how to lie, better than any of Ketsubutsu, so what Tsu always told everyone when they don't take her request came pretty handy for this.


"Ah, that does make sense. Other than that, how he managed to capture everyone's attention is really impressive."


"Over here, Shindo." Denki stated as he pointed at the door to the boy's changing room. He opened the door for the brunette and allowed him to pass through before he could.


"Thank you." 


As the door gave a thud as it automatically closed, Denki walked over to where Shindo was searching through the visible contents of his bag. Not wanting to be creepy by looking over the older teen's shoulder, Denki looked to the direction of his locker besides Kirishima's and Tokoyami's.


"Speaking of skills, Shindo, you Ketsubutsu students always impress me with your acting skills," Denki turned his back for a moment, reaching for his own locker door, "that turtle girl - Tatami - she's pretty good at using body language to express herself as a character while in combat, she becomes more reserved and relies on her facial expressions alone," the blonde gave one small chuckle, "you're pretty good at facial expressions yourself, you gave a pretty convincing friendly persona to us but you were being a bit touchy so none of us fell for--"


With a sudden iron grip to his shoulder, Denki felt his body trembling - he felt...achy, dizzy and nauseated; he couldn't think straight - this must've been how Aoyama felt whenever he overused his laser... only this was coursing all over his body. His head was already killing him despite not being in any kind of migraine inducing situation.


"Ah!?" A confused cry escaped his chattering teeth as he could no longer support himself and had his legs collapse beneath him. He was in absolute agony.


The same agony Hitoshi went through facing off Shindo in the second match.


" ....s tha... ab... e?" He couldn't manage to catch that on his aching ears.


"...what?" Denki whimpered as he lifted his head up as high as he could, wincing at how stiff he suddenly felt.


"I said... 'What was that about me?'... How I couldn't fool you?" Shindo kneeled down with triumph in his eyes, closing himself around the blond who flinched away in fear, "I think you were a bit wrong on that spectrum, I mean I did get you to take me here."


"...ugh..." in a normal situation when being cornered by someone, Denki would immediately zap them with enough watts to make them jolt longer than they should for a mere second. But right now, his brain was too boggled to properly direct the current to his attacker, all it caused was pain to himself "' away..."


"It's okay, it's alright. I'll take care of you here," Shindo leaned his head forward and whispered into Denki's ear as he dug his hands under him and lifted him up onto the bench of the room, "this will be a quickie, just like the effects of my quirk."


Contemptuously, Denki lighty gritted his teeth at the idea of what Shindo was planning for him.


"...I-I don't like this..." he weakly managed to say, still trying to move his shoulders.


"You will."


As Denki was pushed onto his back, Shindo reached under his shirt and began to caress his skin. Tracing patterns that did not deserve to be there, lifting up the fabric that Denki so desperately wanted to protect him and leaving a slimy trail on his stomach, leaving small nips across his chest.


The electricity wielder could only shiver and whimper at this. Being rotated on to his stomach made panic come out and he was so sure that Shindo had noticed it.


"...stop it..." he mumbled, "...why do this?..." 


"What can I say? It's not my fault you're so cute," Shindo chuckled as he pulled down the leather pants and underwear at once after having a quick feel, "aww, your ass is tiny too." That statement made the victim shudder before feeling spit dribbling down his crack.


"...ew!" Golden eyes only shrunk into pinpoints when he felt a slimy sensation right in his butt, "...stop! Jus' stop... i's gross..."


"Mmm, tasty," Shindo commented with his mouth still attached to the ass, occasionally flicking his tongue back and forth to give him a sensational reaction from the blond, "...but I'll admit," he finally pulled his tongue out to stand up, only replacing it with a single digit, "as a student, we would all get pent up thanks to our hormones."

"...then why don' you get a fuckbuddy you know?..." Denki rasped in rage, still weakened from the vibration to his body. Shindo didn't spare him any patience and pushed in a second digit, gaining a gasp from it.

"I guess I'm only doing it to you cause I want to. You'd want it too with the way you flirt, next time go for someone who's more weak to your quirk," Denki winced at his reference to the sports festival, "if you don't want to be dominated."


"...But..." Before Denki could even warn that this action could tarnish both Ketsubutsu and Yuuei's reputation, Shindo promptly ignored the attempt and continued to prepare the smaller boy. A slow witted gasp left Denki at that attack to his body, he unwittingly turned his head to the side and gave himself a static shock against the ground.


"Ow. Be a bit more careful," The brunette called out sternly as he stopped the motion of now three fingers, "you could certainly try controlling your quirk once in a while."


That felt like a light blow to the blond. Sure, for the side effects to still occur through adolescence, it did signal for a quirk user to be rather untrained.


But Denki always had a control on his quirk, having to control it for every day of his life. People would be so surprised to learn that Denki, one of the class's most outgoing students, had the most control on his emotions. 


He'd have to make sure that he doesn't act out and express his emotions too much else people would be hurt, while having to make sure that he doesn't bottle them up else he would hurt himself way more than after his Indiscriminate Discharge.




"You've already been forgiven, you're so cute," those fingers inside faded for a moment - Denki would find himself managing to breathe easily for this moment alone for the rest of the day - only to escalate before Denki was able to confirm what the man above him was doing, "I'll try to do this quickly."


The grip on his hips was firm and strong. The shove stung. It hurt. Denki had to resort to biting down his lip to keep his cry from being any louder, even a bystander would be able to see that he hadn't been prepped properly. 


"Wow!... those sounds are adorable."


He wasn't given a chance to adjust to it, Shindo had already began to move his hips and it hurt. When Denki tried to make the smallest weakened attempt to crawl away, those bruising fingers pressing into his waist pulled him back.


"...hurts... slow down..." Denki hissed, digging his fingers into the bench. 


"Sorry, I didn't think you'd need some extra care for this," A pang in the blonde's chest made his bright eyes sad, "do you want me to use my fingers again?" Shindo held up four stiff fingers as if to mock Kirishima.


"...No... I just need..."


"Ah, okay," Shindo smiled as he let Denki breathe properly for once, as if he hadn't let the small boy have a relieving dose of oxygen ever since he pushed himself in, "Is this your first time?"


"...huh?" The blonde glared a sharp dagger to the brunette. He whimpered in pain as he tried to let another volt leave him.


"With a boy, I mean."


"..." If he could, Denki would've growled with hostility right there. He had an unquenchable thirst to throw this man into the shower and electrocute him until his heart burst. He wasn't a virgin, he had already given his chastity to Hitoshi and was well glad that it happened before this, ""


"Ah. I guess you're just tight then." Shindo smirked with malice before slamming himself back into his original tempo.


"...uh!..." Denki cringed in pain, this was absolutely mortifying. It just worse than when it had started, "ngh!... ack!...stop!" The sounds of skin slapping against skin, the motion of hips; it was just dreadful for him to be experiencing it, "P-augh-lease! Ngh!..." The more he tried to fight back, the more pain his body went through.


" were the one flaunting yourself around..." Shindo muttered, Denki opened his eyes in confusion, "'re a cute flirt, Kaminari. I just thought you could use this... Ah, you're so tight!..."


A sudden sting to his eyes made Denki furrow his brows in disgust. He didn't want to cry now. Not in front of this... monster holding him down. He wasn't going to cry.


Even as the one handed grip on his waist got tighter, even as teeth were enclosed around his left ear lobe and sunk in deeply, making him hold back a wail, even as the hand around his genitalia rubbed him in a way only Hitoshi could do to him... He wasn't going to let this monster see him at his most vulnerable.


He could've kept this monster off of him if he could control his quirk more. That's why the blond let loose and had the rare zap go over Shindo but it was small and weak and earned him a smack on his backside.


And another. And another. He didn't even shock him at those times. The final smack escalated to being contorted into fingers groping his thigh and nails that cut into the flesh as they pulled to spread him further.


His echoing whimpers were taunting him as they bounced over in the changing room, sightless from how this started.


Denki felt weak. Numb. Pained. All as Shindo gave one final slam into his hips and let a sickening warmth fill him. A bitter taste built up on his tongue at anything more of his attacker on or in him, which explained the sense of euphoria when Shindo finally pulled out.


"Oh wow... I guess I was pent up more than I thought, you're leaking," the following line was all to took to wake the smaller boy up, "you can deal with that later, I bet Hitoshi's better already so you gotta fix yourself up." 


"..." Denki scowled at the asshole's use of Hitoshi's name and at how unfortunately right he was. In the time it must've taken for this to start and finish, Aizawa and the rest of 1-A could've noticed his absence. Ketsubutsu may have noticed the absence of their classmate. His mind was clear enough for control and to know that they needed to go back... so Denki tried to pull his trousers up without so much as a groan. Unfortunately, his body was still crying for him to rest.


"'re a real good sport..." Shindo, grinning from ear to ear, said as he finished fixing the lower part of his outfit, still watching the blond. He held out the point and shooter that slid away when Denki had fallen in his hand, to which Denki immediately snatched out before he could step any closer.


"Y-yeah..." Denki rushed to put on the item, even going as far as to wrap his jacket close around himself. After that, he headed straight to the door but pulled back when the taller... teen stepped close to him and reached for the door.


"Allow me--"

"Personal bubble." Denki informed, static sparking off his body in the most hostility he had ever bore. Whatever look he was wearing on his face definitely made Shindo step away and allow him to pass through but Denki looked behind him to keep an eye on that bastard.


He let Shindo walk ahead, purposefully slowing down his own pace to make sure he didn't go anywhere.


As fast as Shindo went in his... attack, the two arrived back at the training ground.


Denki felt the world stop moving when he looked at the time. That couldn't have been that fast.


It felt like an eternity being weakened and held down.


He could still feel his stomach tensing and his head woozing - Shindo turned to him, asking if he wanted any help getting back to 1-A - while everything else ached all over, he still walked back alone to his group.


"...Hagakure and Bakugou seem to work well together despite their quirks being so different, one more dangerous than the other..." Midoriya was muttering to himself like normal.

"Good to see that Dark Shadow is getting stronger in light." Shouji commented to no one else in particular. 

"The opponents won't stand any longer." Another cheered.


They hadn't noticed their classmate's absence, nor his arrival. Denki couldn't tell if he felt relieved or distraught about it.


What made it worse was the lack of Hitoshi. He wasn't anywhere in sight. The blonde worried, it was either that he had gone to the bathroom or was still with Recovery Girl.


If it was the latter, then why wasn't Denki going there himself? He was attacked with the same technique that immobilised Hitoshi so why wasn't he writhing on the changing room floor?


"Whoa, Kami! What's with the scary look on your face?" Mina suddenly asked curiously as she startled him, "did someone switch your body with Bakugou?"

"..." He wasn't in the mood for any teasing. He simply rolled his eyes and waited for the time to pass.

"Was it Tokoyami?"


" head hurts, Mina... can you be a little quieter?"

"Oh, sorry." Even better, she just stopped talking completely. How selfish of him to ask one of the most considerate people to quiet down for him.


He just couldn't stop thinking about what Shindo did to him.


What could he do other than be confused as to how he couldn't do anything to stop it?


By the time the fourth match began, Hitoshi still hadn't arrived and Denki felt even more pathetic.

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The end of Joint Training came much too late for Denki, he couldn't stop himself from looking at Shindo from the furthest end of the block.


Aizawa spoke to all of them, minus one student who wasn't Midoriya, dismissing them before turning to Joke. Denki re-entered the building last, waiting for everyone else to walk ahead without him.


The whole journey back to the changing rooms was silent on Denki's behalf. No one had perked up and asked if he was okay or anything, which was good for him because he didn't want to be bothered at the moment.


His thoughts were going through a whirlwind and he just didn't feel like talking to anyone.


All the while he was looking so neutral.


'How did I let that happen? Why did I let him do it? D-did I want it? Is it my fault? No, no, I sure as hell wouldn't have let him use his quirk on me for an instant. He was right about my quirk though...And he did say I was being... too cute. But then there's his own hero costume... What do I do? Should I tell Aizawa? Would I just be overreacting?... Hitoshi... What would Hitoshi think? I only brushed him off... I doubted him... Just... what the hell do I do?' He just couldn't pinpoint the first thing that seemed like the right choice to do.


"Hey Kaminari," Kirishima called out, snapping the blonde out of his panic ridden thoughts, "you okay? You've been walking pretty slow and we might lose you."

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," he easily fibbed, "I just gotta check up on Hitoshi, see how he's doing after..." Denki couldn't bring himself to describe that technique.

"Ah gotcha, just hurry back when you're done."

"I will."


Pathetically, Denki turned his back to his friends and walked away, ignoring the curious glances aimed his way. He felt so confused... And nervous, it had already happened but it was just so daunting. Denki ended up biting the insides of both his cheeks out of pure habit.


The corridor seemed all too big, more than it already was and it just made the blonde feel smaller.


The corner of his mouth twitched, maybe out of worry and relief, when he saw the sign above Recovery Girl's office. Denki picked up the pace to his destination but the moment he reached the slightly parted door, he stopped.


He stopped because of voices from inside.


"...She told me about how the effects were probably lasting longer than they should have." That was Aizawa

"Different techniques with damaging effects on people are effective for villains," Recovery Girl spoke firmly, "But inflicting such a move on another student, especially when it's not ready, is reckless, young man."

"It just was a new move that I've been working on, I didn't think that the side effects would last," the blood drained from Denki's face at that voice, "last time I used it, it only lasted for about 2 minutes. 

"2 minutes? When did you get that result?"

"I did it at home, Ms.Joke." 


'wrong...' Denki placed a hand over his forehead in disbelief, 'he used it on me.'


"Either way, I guess it might've been the scale of it to effect them."

"Since you are more aware of the side effects, I'd like you to tell me them. It's better for me to know what I'm dealing with to help."

"It's mainly just dizziness, nausea, some migraines, oh and temporary paralysis but that doesn't happen a lot." Denki felt nauseous just from listening. He sounded like he had done this so many times before.

"What about vertigo, the sensation that world is spinning? Is that also an effect?"

"Ah, yeah. Definitely but it doesn't happen much."

"Do they come back?"

"I believe that also depends on the scale of the technique." He sounded... disappointed.

"I see."


"It's only just migraines, right?" Ms.Joke asked with concern.

"That seems to be the case, but using that move was far too reckless. I wouldn't recommend using it in training again."

"I understand, Recovery Girl." Shindo again.

"Sorry about that, Eraser." Joke.

"It's fine," Denki held his breath in once he heard his teacher's tone, he'd only use it when he truly pissed but chose not to show it through his face. It would always scare the entire class, "you know the way to the entrance."


From inside, Denki heard the small shuffling of Ms.Joke and... her student walking to the door. He stayed close by the wall when he saw the door opening.


Ms.Joke came out first, her face was mostly solemn. It was as if she had been smacked in the face with disappointment and misery but tried hiding it through nonchalance. She certainly ignored Denki's presence if she noticed.


Then came Shindo. It was hard to even look at him but it was all so easy at the same time. He looked discontented, a bit worried too but that only seemed to be aimed at his teacher but he did not ignore the blonde's presence. The moment they walked past, Denki instantly turned his eyes away at the sensation of Shindo's eyes on him.


His piercing gaze just screamed many threatening things to the blonde, 'you got something to say, cutie?'


He tried not to look so tense, not to look scared and not to give some kind of dark aura. He didn't feel how overwhelming the weight was until their footsteps left the hallway, leaving the blonde to slump his side against the wall and breathe easily for a moment.


The nausea was gone but the fear certainly wasn't. Denki felt so helpless admitting it, he was scared.


He doesn't know how long he stood near the door, trying to stabilise himself, but Aizawa came out the moment Denki was able to hold himself up right again.


"Kaminari." He called out, rather sternly too.

"H-hey sir." He smiled lightly, dashed with the hint of nervousness.

"Are you here to see Shinsou?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am. He didn't arrive at the changing rooms so I wanted to check on him." Denki easily covered up his stress with the happy, carefree demeanour everyone would be familiar with but his teacher was not so easy to fool.

"I noted that you were absent during the third match," the noirette stated as his black eyes narrowed, Denki felt the blood draining from his face, "though it might have been either 5 or 6 minutes, you could've easily informed me about where you were going." The blonde lowered his widened gaze.

"...I just went for... some painkillers..." he mumbled, feeling like it was impossible to hide his fear now.

"You look pale. Are you alright?"

"Of course, sir. Just worried about Hitoshi." 

"...just keep your voice low, he needs some rest. Next time, try not to forget about telling me where you're going." Aizawa turned to walk past the blonde but chose not to hide to concern in his eyes.

"Yes sir." Denki nodded, letting Aizawa walk past him with ease. That thought to just inform him that Shindo did something to him was confined at the back of his mind, being bombarded with the possible reaction from other people.


So Denki kept his mouth shut and walked into the room.


He gave a small knock at the door, quiet enough to not disturb Hitoshi who layed on the bed in peace, notifying Recovery Girl that he was here.


"Hi Recovery Girl." he began quietly, entering with a smile.

"Hello, Kaminari." The elderly woman replied softly, with a gentle smile too. It made him feel a little better just to see it.

"Is Hitoshi alright?"

"He'll be fine, he just needs some rest. I'd suggest he stay for a couple minutes more, just to double check."

"That makes sense."

"Are you hurt in any way too?" That question made the blonde pause. He was in a bit of pain, especially his backside... But he wasn't so sure that she could help him with the source and how it was caused.


"...only a little bit, I think painkillers will be enough..." He suggested. Denki, with the pressuring urge to tell, didn't feel like he would last long enough to walk to the changing room and dorms without collapsing in pain.

"Ah, I've always been prepared for someone to casually ask me for those," Recovery Girl opened her desk drawer, reached in and pulled out a rattling packet, "do you need any water?"

"No thanks, I normally take them dry." Denki generously took the packet and popped out two pills that would most certainly  knock the pain away in an instant, walked around to Hitoshi's bedside and placed the pills on his tongue. He gulped them down when a shaking thought came to mind.


'Would Hitoshi be angry at him?'


Denki didn't linger on that, immediately shredding that thought to bits as he gently took hold of the purplenette' hand. He pulled it towards himself, kissing the back of his hand while caressing his forearm; he felt safe now, Hitoshi was right there. He may not be conscious but just having Hitoshi besides him made Denki feel so happy and warm.



When he entered the boys' changing room, he sighed in relief at the lack of other students. He can inspect what was left behind without others getting concerned.


After getting his school uniform out, he turned to the mirror. It had only been about 50 minutes since he had been attacked, any damage was probably visible by now.


Denki took off his undershirt and his eyes widened. There were little red marks splattered over his chest and a light red outline of teeth marking his collar that he certainly did not feel being placed on him but the unorganized pattern wasn't what made Denki's stomach fall; on his hips were bruises... ugly red bruises, some turning purple, most likely where the thumbs had lingered.


Denki's chest felt like it was being tightened as he tried swallowing down his anxiety. And as he pulled through his hesitation, Denki quickly took off his pants.


It didn't look like much if you saw it from a certain angle, Denki certainly didn't see much of anything at the front. Nothing looked wrong, it wasn't... 'out there' with what happened.


'You're leaking.' 


That taunting voice came back, almost mocking him for not thinking about it earlier. Well how could he think about that when he was just attacked in the same FUCKING changing room he was in? 


The blonde felt behind him, flinching the moment he touched the substance still inside him - as if it were corrosive - he didn't touch it anymore. Just from glancing down to pull them back into place, Denki could still feel his chest thumping without rhythm after seeing red spots on his briefs.


Denki grasped a tuft of his golden locks, knee deep in panic and terror; as he finally locked his costume in its case, now wearing his uniform, Denki leaned back to collide with the wall that was an inch further away than he calculated and banged the back of his head on the cold surface.


The pain was nothing compared to his sudden inability to breathe and unintentional mistake of sitting down.



"Mmm..." Hitoshi softly groaned, the popping in his ears beginning to die down once he stirred back into consciousness. His body felt numb and pain ridden, so stiff from lack of movement, but he easily pushed himself up and stretched his toned upper body before flopping back onto the bed.


"Rise and shine, young man," He heard that chipper voice of Recovery Girl came, soft but firm as she held out some painkillers and a glass of water, "how do you feel?"

" shit..." he muttered, kindly taking the offerings and absorbing them into his being. Of course the effects did not kick in immediately, that'd only work with more than 2 but any higher than 8 is an 'overdose'.

"Are you able to move?"

"I guess," he twitched his foot, he still felt a little woozy from that attack, "how long was I out?"

"At least an hour and a half," she chuckled, "if you feel better, you can go back to the dorms. I know that some of your friends are concerned about you."

"Ah," Hitoshi managed to push himself off the bed, a little shaky but he felt fine, "thank you, Recovery Girl."

"Just expect a few headaches and a small wobbles when you walk. You might also feel dizzy but if anything else happens, come straight here and I'll help."

"Yeah, thanks."


The steps he took were stable, his breathing was fine and his head felt a little light but Hitoshi wouldn't consider any of those to be concerning as he walked out of the room.


He took a moment to glance outside the window and was almost blinded by the sunset orange glow of dusk. Hitoshi sighed at the amount of time he must've lost and quickly made haste to the changing rooms.


It was empty, why did he expect someone to be there if all classes were over for the day? Hitoshi brushed his thought away and proceeded to walk over to his locker and pull out his school uniform to change.


As he pulled off his shirt, he suddenly spotted a faint smudge from the corner of his eye.


It was white and sloppy, almost clear... It looked like glue. 


A gut feeling began to pool in Hitoshi's stomach, he finished buttoning up his shirt to allow himself to step closer for inspection and that's when it hit him...


"...ew..." he muttered in disgust. U.A is filled with hormonal teenagers on the cusp of turning into adults, of course some would be finding places to get... frisky.


Hitoshi shuddered at how his mind worked and finished changing, his hero costume in its case. Not wanting to be near that stain any longer, Hitoshi left with a small wobble.


"...perhaps these are after-effects from that Midoriya knockoff..." he concluded correctly, now starting to focus on how many blocks in the ground he could step on.


He instantly noticed the open sliding door to his classroom as he began approaching it, he brushed his purple strands out of his vision and walked in. He smiled at who he saw.


"Denki," he called out, immediately startling the blond. Denki turned around and sighed a tensed breath when he saw Hitoshi stepping towards to him, "hey."

"Hey you," he murmured in disbelief before a smile grew across his glittering cheeks, "h, how are you feeling? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Denks," Hitoshi pushed a hand through the golden tufts of Denki's hair, avoiding any knots there might have been. Denki held onto his wrist and held it close so he could stay with that warm and comforting touch, "sorry I couldn't stay till the end. Recovery Girl said that I rested for at least an hour or so."

"Well, I'm not surprised. I would be even more so had you been awake when I came by..." Denki lowered his face to the ground and wrapped his arms around Hitoshi's waist.

"Den, I'm okay. Recovery Girl just told me that I should come back to her office if I felt any after effects from that attack I faced."

"I'll make sure you go, especially if you doubt it." Denki chuckled, easily taking away Hitoshi's case and placing it in its proper place.

"Thanks." Hitoshi smirked as he gently took hold of Denki's hand.



"...I'm telling you, guys, I just didn't expect her to pop out in front of me!" Hagakure retorted.

"No way, that guy with the earth quirk was better." Ashido gestured frantically.


Denki and Hitoshi raised their eyebrows as they came into the common room. They were not expecting to see the entirety of their class sitting with dinner and a few of the girls standing up in front of the table.


"What's going on?" Hitoshi asked in genuine confusion, making every head turn to their direction.

"Shinsou, Kaminari. You're late." Iida motioned with a mighty chop.

"We're deciding who was the best fighter in Ketsubutsu." Ashido filled in. Denki felt his face pale.


"I think all of them were pretty good." Midoriya added, a finger brought to his cheek.

"What about that boomerang guy? He seems to have good control with his quirk." Shouji mentioned as he placed his utensils down.

"You could say that, but oh man," Kirishima smiled a toothy grin, "that dude with the stiffening quirk is awesome."

"Are you amazed by every extra with a similar quirk to you, Shitty Hair?" Bakugou snarked.

"Not at all, his quirk's just cool. That's all." 


"Either way, my pick for number one is totally Shindo! He's so hot!" Ashido fawned, unaware of how her words were biting at Denki in every place he had been touched.


Denki struggled to breathe in a steady breath and only exhaled a shaky sigh.


"Well, he might be cute but I know that his quirk certainly doesn't just involve earth," everyone turned their heads to Uraraka, "he just needed to touch a surface to make it shake, kinda like me."

"Oh yeah, all he touched during the second match was a metal pipe," Midoriya filled, now using his finger to write down some non existent words onto the palm of his hand, "and he touched you, didn't he Shinsou?"


Hitoshi didn't notice Denki's chest rising and falling at such a fast pace, all he did notice was the grip on his hand growing tighter.


"Well yeah... All he touched was my back and I suddenly felt an overwhelming amount of pain coming over me. It felt like my organs were being squeezed from inside of me." 


Denki reached to nervously tuck back a piece of hair behind his ear as he attempted to compose himself but froze when he felt something crusty on his lobe. He pulled his hand back into place, discretely looking down and having his eyes widen when he saw a faint patch of blood on the tip of his finger-


"Seriously Pikachu," Jirou called out coldly, "Can you calm down? I can hear your heart beating in my ears and it's annoying."

"Huh?" Denki nervously began rubbing his arm nervously, wiping the faint pattern on his sleeve.

"Kyoka, that's a little rude." Asui informed, almost starting to lecture the other girl.

"Well, his heart is just beating so fast it sounds like hummingbird wings and let me tell you, they don't sound good when you have enhanced hearing."

"Then... What's the matter Denki?" Yaoyorozu turned to look at her best friend in concern, "if your heart's beating rapidly then would like some herbal tea to soothe your nerves?"


"N-no thanks Yaomomo. I'm fine." Denki chipped nervously, getting closer to Hitoshi's large form.

"Are you sure? How bout dinner?" Ojirou suggested.

"Nah, it's cool. I-I-I'm more curious about that girl Hagakure was talking about." Hitoshi glanced down at Denki immediately noticing a flaw in his words.


"Yeah, that girl was so sneaky and I wasn't expecting her to come out of nowhere."

"You do the same thing, Tooru. It's obviously that Shindo guy who's better!" Ashido hissed, unaware of her statement making Denki tense up.


The blond grabbed at Hitoshi's sleeve and discretely tugged to capture his attention. Hitoshi immediately turned his hair to see that Denki was motioning over to the elevator with a panicked look on his face.


With instantaneous understanding, Hitoshi and Denki used the arguing girls as a distraction for them to sneak away and shut the elevator doors behind them. It didn't stop a pair of purple orbs from not looking away from the couple.


"Sorry about that... thing I asked Tooru." Denki mumbled in shame as the elevator began to go up. Hitoshi brushed his fingers against Denki's shoulder.

"I noticed... You were trying to keep their eyes off," he comforted as Denki looked up at him, "you did say that you wouldn't flirt with others while in a relationship. I know it wasn't exactly flirting but..." Hitoshi noticed the sad look in Denki's eyes.


That was a look that should never be in the eyes of someone as bright and kind as Denki.


"Denki?" The blond began to tremble, his shaking shoulders weren't strong enough to stir away Hitoshi's hand.

"...Can... Can we talk?... In my room?" He asked softly. Hitoshi compassionately pulled in small teen close to him and let Denki lay his head on his chest.



The metal doors opened and they went straight to Denki's room. Hitoshi glanced over at the plate with the kanji for "Kaminari" before the blond opened the door for the two of them.


As Denki went in, Hitoshi took a moment to shut the door behind him and said, "so... What's up?"

"Hitoshi?" Denki shook, grabbing at his biceps as his back faced his lover.


"If I tell you this, will you... promise me you won't get mad?"

"...yeah, of course," he responded, only confused as to why Denki would ask that, "how come?" A bunch of possibilities that he didn't want to think about began to run laps through his hair and brain.

"...I... I'm just not so sure that you will react calmly..." 

"Denki, did something happen?" 


Denki bit at his lower lip as he pulled his shirt collar down and looked at a red scratch on his chest before tucking the shirt back in place.


"Just... don't think differently of me when I tell you this..."

"Denki, whatever it is, you can tell me." Hitoshi began to reach out to touch Denki's shoulder.

"Ah!" Denki suddenly let a shock out the moment he felt Hitoshi's fingers brush past his shoulder.


Hitoshi quickly pulled back his hand when he felt that shock go over him.



"...I-I'm sorry..." The blond turned around with a quivering lip and a whimper in his voice, "I'm so so sorry..."

"Denki, what's..." Hitoshi couldn't find the right words to say, all he could do was gently approach Denki and slowly wrap his arms around the tear ridden boy. Denki clamped his eyes shut and sniffled in fear, "baby, what's wrong?"


"Hitoshi, s-something happened to me..." 

"Breathe in, baby... Just calm down before you tell me anything."


Hitoshi held onto Denki as the blond began to cry softly, he rubbed a hand across Denki's back to help soothe him. Eventually, Denki began to let out soft hiccups before raising his head up to look at Hitoshi with reddened eyes.


"Denki, your ear..." Hitoshi mentioned worriedly.

"I... it was that guy... Shindo..." 

"He did that? To your ear?!" Denki felt anxiety climbing through him as he heard Hitoshi's voice lower in volume to a growl like sound.


"Baby, it looks like you got bitten. What happened?"


"It was after the second match. You were taken to Recovery Girl on the stretchers and... he came up to me..."


Denki furrowed his eyebrows.


"He called me out, saying I was too cute, and then he asked me about memes before asking..."  

"Hmm?" Hitoshi's purple irises opened up with concern. Denki looked back and tilted his head in worry, "what did he ask you?"

"...He asked me to lead him to the changing rooms, he said he wanted his phone but when we got there... he used his quirk on me." The taller boy flared his nostrils, fuming at what he was hearing.


"He... Then what?"


"Babe." Hitoshi softened, cupping Denki's cheek and rubbing the soft skin with his thumb.

"...I was down, but I was awake... I could still talk to him but I couldn't move! He picked me up and..." Denki gritted his teeth in frustration, "and he raped me."


"...Denki..." Hitoshi murmured in disbelief, a contorted mask of fury and horror of what happened to his love stuck to his face.


"I-I'm sorry... I don't know why I didn't struggle more to keep him away but I did try. And, oh god, I was so stupid. I-I just let him get away, and I didn't say anything! And I brushed you off when you said that something didn't feel right about him and-"


Despite all the rage Hitoshi was burning inside of him, all of it was not aimed at the vulnerable teen before him. Denki did not deserve any blame at this moment.


Despite the deep desire to fuckng murder the asshole who broke Denki down into a breathless and worried state, Hitoshi buried it for now because Denki needed him.


He needed his support and adoration to comfort him and make him feel safe. 


Hitoshi gently took Denki's face, holding it still as he pressed their foreheads together. He breathed in a deep breath, "Denki, breathe with me," and Denki, still hiccuping with small tears in his eyes, followed his motions.


Heavy, laboured breathing heated up their faces but the sweat gleaming on their skin was last thing that they could care about.


Hitoshi gazed as Denki slowly opened his eyes in a calmer state. He was too tired to tilt his forehead away, the frantic breathing and anxiety driven heart rate left him feeling drained. 


"...You need to tell Aizawa." Hitoshi whispered.


"You have to, baby."

"I can't... I'll... just... he'll just blame me!"

"Denki, he's a supervising adult. He would never do that."

"But I let that guy do that to me. I couldn't do anything, it was my fault it happened in the first place."

"No, it wasn't."

"But Hitoshi, I probably won't be able to be a hero if this gets out."

"That's not true. You will become a hero, reporting him will make you an even bigger hero if he plans on doing it again... and I won't forgive myself if you have to go through it again."


"You're a strong man, Denki, you can make it out of this. I would understand your reasoning if you need time but now would be the best time for your report to be taken more seriously," Denki glanced down hesitantly before looking up as his hand was gently taken, "I'll go with you if you want me there."

"...I do need you with me..."

"I'll be there with you." With their foreheads still in contact, Hitoshi leaned his face closer, pressing the tips of their noses together before giving Denki a well deserved, gentle and tender kiss on his lips.


A knock on the door stirred the two, making them pull away from each other. Denki hesitantly looked at the door and back at Hitoshi. The purplenette gently placed his hand on Denki's, comforting him before motioning for him to go answer it.


Denki sighed before stepping up and going to the door as Hitoshi sat down on the chair at his desk. He quickly dried the tears out of his face before opening the knob on his door, revealing their tired teacher.


All three were frozen, unsure of what to say now. Aizawa probably wasn't expecting Hitoshi to be here and it left him a little surprised so the teens were just waiting for a few seconds.


"Hey." Aizawa said, hands stuffed in his pockets and a guilty expression across his face.

"Hey." Both Denki and Hitoshi answered in unison. Denki took in a deep breath and opened the door wider and let Aizawa walk in.

Chapter Text

"To be honest, I came here to talk to Kaminari but I wasn't expecting you to be here, Shinsou." Aizawa informed as he pushed some hair out of his face.

"I just wanted to talk to him." Denki responded, quite nervously too.

"Well, this talk is going to be a little personal to you so I would recommend that we could talk in private... unless you'd like Shinsou to stay." 


The amount of tension that began to seep into the room just from Aizawa's sentence made Denki's hands quiver a bit but he bit the inside of his cheek and stepped closer to Hitoshi.


Hitoshi carefully whispered into Denki's ear, "you can tell him, Denki." The blond nodded with a shaky grunt.


"Please. I'd like it if he'd stay with me." The blond aimed his sad, reddened eyes at his teacher, inadvertently begging with no words.




Hitoshi and Denki remained quiet as they read into Aizawa's expression. Despite the stern look that was burned to his face, they could tell that they were being instructed to sit down.


"Kaminari," the pro began as he bent one knee and fell to eye level to the teens, "you told me you left the grounds to get 'painkillers', right?"


"...yeah..." the blond inadvertently clenched his fist and immediately felt a small crack in between his palm. His golden eyes drafted down to acknowledge the way that Hitoshi held onto his hand.


"It's staff policy to check where the students are going if they sneak off, that's why we have surveillance cameras around the school. Some footage shows that you were heading to the changing rooms, but you weren't alone." Denki felt his heart pumping out of rhythm. How could he forget about cameras. Was there now footage of him being completely used and tossed aside?


He felt like throwing up.


"The cameras spotted you going into the changing rooms with one of Joke's students..." Aizawa slowly took a  pause once he noticed Hitoshi gesturing to Denki's petrified expression.

"c-cameras? Are there any in the changing rooms?..." Denki shuddered, goosebumps making him writhe.


"I can assure you both that there have never been any cameras in changing rooms and bathrooms ever since U.A was first built.," Hitoshi took a moment to use his other hand to hold onto Denki's shoulder, "but voice recorders are another topic," 


Aizawa took a moment to brush some hair out of his eyes, as if he too was lost in a stump.


"when I checked on the voice files, I was more than concerned when I heard certain noises... As if you were in pain," Denki reached to his throat and began scratching from all the nerves jumping up and down, he could feel his eyes biting at him, "...and your behaviour before and after you went in, it was different. Which only suggests that something happened..."


Denki could only take slow breaths as Aizawa reached to rub the bridge of his brow, hesitant of what he might say next.


"Kaminari," Aizawa finally managed, " can talk to me... what happened?"


Denki felt telling like the first part of it was the easiest, as it was for Hitoshi, despite the occasional crack of his voice. 


"Joke's student, Shindo, all he did was ask if he could get his phone so I took him to changing rooms."


"Then what?" Aizawa's voice was soft and hesitant, unlike the stern man who taught his class with an iron grip.


His mouth gaped slightly, words on the verge of jumping off his tongue until the tormenting part of his mind came back to life. 


'this will bring more backlash to U.A.' his mind sneered. Denki clenched his eyes shut.



"Denki..." Hitoshi voiced out softly, the blond turning his head away from fear. The taller of the two didn't let go of Denki's hand, as much as it should be voiced


"...Kaminari," as comfortably as he could be, Aizawa kept holding on, "whatever it is, I won't judge you. And I promise you, I never will."


With those words, Denki swallowed. He looked at Hitoshi, seeing his beautiful eyes all sympathetic and patient, even feeling the hand on his shoulder run down to his arm and embrace him. The gesture allowed the blond to rest his head under Hitoshi's.


Denki felt a glossy tear traveling down to his quivering lip before he could finally spit it out, twice in one day, the same day. "I was raped in the changing rooms..." He glanced at his teacher, expecting to see disgust and shame, but saw only horror in his teacher's now wide eyes, " Miss.Joke's student."


"Kamina..." Aizawa voice faded from shock, so quiet from the hand brought to his mouth. His eyebrows furrowing in disbelief despite the truth being confirmed right before him.


Hitoshi quickly pulled in Denki's shoulders closer to his chest. Denki could only choke.


"I'm sorry, Sir. I would've kept him away but Shindo used his quirk on me and I couldn't move. It was the same trick he used on Hitoshi but I was still conscious and- and-" 


Aizawa reached out, gently placing his hand on top of Denki's - the blond froze at this gesture - and rubbing his thumb across the scathy skin decorated by healing marks.


"Oh Kaminari," Aizawa - no longer was he maintaining much of his stoic composure now that it was broken at its edges - almost sniffled "I'm sorry you had to go through that."


"I'm sorry I didn't keep a closer eye on you kids." 

"Mr.Aizawa, it's not your fault. It's mine. If I hadn't been so trusting-"

"Don't you dare finish that, Kaminari," The raven hissed, freezing the blond on the spot, "it's never a person's fault if they are raped."



"Whatever that..." He paused, struggling to find the right words without being so vulgar, "...villain said to you, don't believe it. Villains are always finding a way to make it look like it's the victim's fault. It's far from."


Denki felt the remainder of his walls finally collapsing from all the weight, whatever was left trying to hold the wave of emotions that kept building up during the day was flooded away.


He let out a croaky sob with the faintest smile anyone had ever saw him make. He held onto Aizawa's hand as the pro sat next to him. 


"It's okay, Den..." Hitoshi hummed, nuzzling his face into honey blond locks, "we're here."


"I'll make sure he won't get away unpunished." Aizawa added, carefully treading in Denki's bubble.

"...thank you..." Denki squeaked as he felt his teacher's arms wrapping around both him and Hitoshi.



"You're back." Recovery Girl quipped, sounding defeated and stricken with remorse.

"Yeah, I am." Denki responded, hesitant to move.

"Please sit down, dearie." Her words felt so warm and inviting, he moved to sit in the seat across from the one she sat in.

"Did Mr.Aizawa tell you?"


Her wrinkles grew, her face stern and low. But she eventually nodded.


"It pains me to know that something so awful had to come to one of you," she muttered, all animosity spat out at where the perpetrator had been in her office. She rolled off her seat and reached into the cupboard, "it's even worse when you're actually prepared for this. I had never wanted this to be needed someday."


She hoisted a kit out and carefully placed it in front of Denki. 


"This is a sexual assault forensic exam," she filled in, "we can take in some samples of DNA left on you. I'm not blind to the fact that you've changed your clothes, dearie, but did you shower?"

"No, ma'am." 

"Did you use the toilet at all?"


"Brush your hair?"


"Did you... clean up the area?..." She asked nervously, a hand in mid air to make a gesture but frozen. It took a moment for Denki to understand.

" I didn't."


"...Then it's your clothes that we need. The ones you've changed out of." Denki narrowed his eyes, it wasn't out of malice but Recovery Girl was just treading too lightly for him, as if he were fragile.

"It was my hero outfit. It's back in my classroom."

"We have time to get it here."


" the way, Recovery Girl..." Denki spoke up, a red tint pricking at his cheeks, "...I... Didn't change completely... I'm... I'm still wearing my underwear."

"Well that's good to hear, dearie. This won't take too long if you get uncomfortable," she added with a generous smile, "just say the word and we'll take a breather."



Recovery Girl pulled out the same packet of painkillers Denki asked for earlier alongside a bottle of water.


"First thing we do in an exam like this is attend to any injury you have gotten." Denki attempted to look at his ear, only seeing his yellow strands.

"The guy bit me. On my ear." He announced, getting in closer to her as he pulled his hair out of the way.


At the sight of it, Recovery Girl was tempted to thwack the guy who did this but all she could do was rub Denki's back.


"Don't worry. This will be over soon."



To say that Shouta Aizawa was pissed was an understatement. He was absolutely enfuriated with a lot of things.


His student was not one of them. 


He couldn't stop repeatedly beating the hell out of the Aizawa that was too busy trying to block out Joke's failed attempts of a proposal instead of watching over every one of his kids.


"Aizawa," said teacher turned his head back to see his purple haired student keeping on his trail, "don't you need me?"

"For what exactly?" 

"T... To say something about it?"


Aizawa turned his body to face Hitoshi.


"No. Not now, at least." 

"But Denki went to me first. He told me what happened, won't investigators need me to make a claim?" Hitoshi


"It's possible but only if it's asked about," Aizawa crossed his arms, "I'm not going to let you in just yet."

"But Denki's my boyfriend."

"Now that's the thing."



"U.A has already got enough criticism recently, Kaminari did say that he didn't want any of this to get out to the public but any allegations that could be made by Ketsubutso at U.A will put this claim at risk." Aizawa took a moment to place his hand on Hitoshi's shoulder, "I would rather have you ready to be there for your boyfriend and keep him comforted if things go wrong."

"...damn it, I'm really stupid. I didn't think about that."

"It's okay, Shinsou. This is a pretty stressful situation for anyone to be in. How about you go to the old lady's office and wait for Kaminari? I'll keep you updated."

"Yes sir." Hitoshi bowed and turned back around, walking away with hands in his pockets.


Aizawa bit the inside of his cheek, why did this have to happen? To one of his students no less. They're only kids, who cares if they're already doing work studies? They're still children for crying out loud.


His breath wobbled as he finally came up to the Principal's office. He rapped his white knuckles on the door, hearing an annoyingly kind "come in" that prompted him to open the door.


"Principal Nezu."


The rodent principal looked up from reading his paperwork, smiling politely as Aizawa finished closing the door. "Why, good evening Aizawa. To what do I owe the pleasure to?"


"I'm afraid, Nezu, that one of my students had just been attacked earlier today."

"Oh my..."

"It wasn't from a villain," Aizawa glowered, sinking his nails into his shaking fists, "well, the actions are what make me say it is."

"Well, do lighten me about what happened?" 


Aizawa nodded, ready to tell him everything.