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A Second Chance

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Balerion looked at the body of the dragon Rhaegal and felt his anger rise to an all too familiar height, he usually didn't get very emotional but the last few thousand years had left him and the other Valaryian Gods angry.

The anger started with the fall of Old Valaryia and continued throughout the disasters that befell House Targaryen, it hit it's height during Robert's Rebellion and the subsequent events that had brought them to this point.

 "It shouldn't have been this way my child" He said and pressed his snout against his fallen child and then his undead brother in mourning.

 "Fuck the Citadel, fuck the Seven and fuck the Tully's" came a very angry feminine voice from behind him, Balerion turned to face not one but two individuals approaching him, one Old God and Mother Rhoyne.

The female Old Gods face was twisted into an angry sneer while Mother Rhoyne was eerily calm which was never a good sign with her.

 "Dont forget Aerys and Robert Baratheon" He said to the female Old God, The female Old God angry sneer depended at his mention of those two.

 "Did you find your other kin?" Mother Rhoyne asked in a sympathetic tone, "Just Rhaegal and Viserion so far" Balerion said in a sad tone then indicated to Rhaegal's and Viserion bodies behind him.

Both The female Old God and Mother Rhoyne looked behind him then moved to embrace him, due to his large size they each ended up hugging a leg.

 "So far I have only found him and Viserion but Drogon and what remains of his mother are somewhere on this battlefield" He said in a sad and mourning full tone.

 "I'm so sorry about what has happened to house Targaryen and the dragons my friend" The Female Old God said as her and Mother Rhoyne hugged his legs.

 "Its alright we cannot undo due Old Valaryia's fate but we will undo what has befallen House Targaryen" He said and gently placed his snout against each of them.

The three deities then broke their embrace and looked to The Isle of faces, The Isle of Faces was one giant magical alter to the Old Gods and was essential to their plan.

The other Old God's, Gods of Old Valaryia and Mother Rhoyne had proposed a radical plan to undo the disaster that had occurred; they were going to turn back time.

The Old Man of the River, the Turtle God, and Crab King agreed with their plan and they didn't care about the Faith of The Seven nor the Drowned God's opinion. 

The three deities then resumed their journey through the battlefield and toward the Isle of Faces to start their plan, however the journey through the battlefield was a very painful reminder of how badly things had went.

The female Old God started cursing once again as they passed the carnage left behind and he could feel the anger rolling off of the Mother Rhoyne.

 "How long do you think it will take them to reach Dorne?" The Mother Rhoyne asked the two deities, "Soon" he and the Female Old God replied to her.

Balerion felt a hand touch him and looked at the source of the hand, The female Old God was giving him a sympathetic smile and pointing off to the left.

Balerion turned his head and his lips formed into a snarl that often sent the other Gods running, Drogon's body was lying on the ground with an ice spear lodged in his neck.

He couldn't see Daenerys body but like he told his companions what remained of her body after she fell from Drogon was somewhere on this battlefield he just couldn't find her remains.

They continued through the battlefield but their journey was interrupted when The Female Old God broke from their group and walked off to the left, Balerion and The Mother Rhoyne looked to where she was walking and saw a white blur with red eyes, they both followed after her.

As they got closer they shared a concerned look as they realized that it was Ghost and there was a body tucked under him, they both knew who that body belong to and if there was any doubt it was erased when The Female Old God let out a scream of rage.

They both quickened their pace when The Female Old God dropped to her knees and began to sob in anger not at Ghost or Jon Snow but at their deaths.

 "It wasn't supposed to fucking be like this!" The Female Old God screamed in pure anger when they rested the tip of a tail and a hand on her shoulder respectively.

 "I know little one" Balerion asked and nodded toward Jon Snow, "It wasn't supposed to be this way, he wasn't supposed to die like this" She said in a sad tone as tears streamed down her cheeks.

 "He died the way he lived; fighting for his family and the people he loved " Mother Rhoyne said to her friend in an attempt to comfort her, a whimper caught their attention.

The three deities look at the source of the whimper, Red eyes were staring back at them; Balerion, the female Old God and the Mother Rhoyne knew Ghost couldn't see them but could sense them due to the magic within him.

The female Old God reached out and gently scratched behind his ears as Ghost closed his eyes for the final time in this life, the female Old God then spoke in the Old Tongue.

 "What was that if you dont mind me asking?" Mother Rhoyne asked her in a curious tone, "I was telling Ghost not to worry he will see his master again" She responded and took her focus from Ghost to Jon Snow.  

 "This was not his destiny, he shouldn't have fucking died here. fucking Faith of The Seven and fucking Catelyn Tully" The Female Old God repeated in an angry tone as she looked at Jon Snow.

 "Dont fret about them, the Faith of The Seven will be knocked down a peg or two and Catelyn Tully will be the insignificant fish she was always meant to be" Balerion said in a vicious tone.

 "Lets not only make her insignificant but lets keep her memory intact and have her marry a Frey" The female Old God said in a tone that matched Balerion's viciousness.

 "I rarely use my magic to fuck with the lives of mortals but this is one of the few times where I shall indulged myself" Mother Rhoyne said in a vicious tone that was unlike her.

The female Old God then looked at the face of Jon Snow or as he was actually named Aemon Targaryen, "You will live again and it will be life you were always meant to live" She said in a tone full of steel.

 "I know were going through with the plan no matter what but are we sure Aemon can defeat the Night King and The Others?" Mother Rhoyne asked in a respectful tone.

The female Old God and Balerion understood her concern, they had debated this issue with the other Deities that supported their plan and among themselves as well.

 "As we all know the failure to defeat the Night King and The Others was not solely on him, I feel it in the very essence of my sole he will defeat them if he is given a second chance" Balerion said in a confident tone, the female Old God nodded her head in agreement. 

Mother Rhoyne nodded satisfied with their answer and returned her gaze to the body of Jon Snow, the female Old God reached out and stroked his cheek. Once she was done they continued on their journey to The Isle of Faces. 

Once they made it to The Isle of Faces they each took a moment to admire the beauty of it despite the isle being covered by winter, "let us began" Balerion said and looked toward his two companions, they both nodded at him in agreement.

They began to chant in the Old Tongue, High Valaryian, and the language of the Rhoynish; the trees began to glow brightly in response to their chanting.

Balerion felt something staring at them and he knew who that something was and the fear radiating off of it; he grinned as he chanted.

Dorne Fifteen years ago...………..

Queen Lyanna Stark looked down at the small bundle of joy she held in her arms, her son Aemon Targaryen had entered the world not long ago.

 "You know it dosent seem real does it" Elia said from her place in a chair that was in the room, Rhaenys was sleeping contently on her lap.

 "I know I loved feeling him kick and move in my belly but I'm ecstatic that I finally get to hold him in my arms and feed him" Lyanna said with a smile.

 "That's good, now Lya you should get some rest and I need to get this princess to bed then I will come back and take care of Aemon" Elia said and began to rouse the sleeping princess.

 "Yes mama?" Rhaenys asked as she yawned and opened her eyes, "It's bed time sweetheart, you fell asleep and Lyanna needs to rest" Elia said in a gentle voice.

Rhaenys merely nodded her head but was focusing on Aemon, "If mama Lyanna needs to rest I can take care of Aemon" Rhaenys said and looked at Lyanna for approval.

Elia and Lyanna shared a look of amusement at the idea of three year old Rhaenys taking care of the newest addition to their family without being supervised by them.

 "Thank you for the offer sweetheart but Elia has already said she will take care of Aemon while I rest" Lyanna said in a motherly tone, Rhaenys lips morphed into a frown in response.

 "Sweetheart you need to go to bed so you can get enough rest to help me take care of Aemon tomorrow" Lyanna said in a motherly tone, Rhaenys frowned tuned into a smile of pure joy.

 "Okay mama" Rhaenys said in a happy tone and got off of Elia's lap, "Now sweetheart say goodnight" Elia said as she got up from the chair.

Rhaenys walked toward the bed and then took her place next to Lyanna, Lyanna handed Elia Aemon; Rhaenys wrapped her arms around Lyanna in a gentle but firm manner.

 "Goodnight mama I love you" Rhaenys said in a loving tone, "Goodnight my beautiful little princess" Lyanna said in a tone of motherly love as she returned the embrace.

Lyanna then kissed her on the forehead and broke the embrace, Rhaenys then got off the bed and moved toward Elia and Aemon.

Elia bent down to match Rhaenys height, "Goodnight little brother I will see you tomorrow" Rhaenys said in a tone full of love and kissed Aemon on the forehead.

Aemon giggled happily at the display of affection and reached out with his little hands placing them on Rhaenys cheeks with the firmest grip he possessed.

Rhaenys smiled at him and waited for Aemon to remove his hands from cheeks, Aemon didn't take too long to remove his small hands from her cheeks.

Elia returned to the position she was in before she bent down and walked over to the bed, "I will return soon my little prince" She said in a loving tone and kissed Aemon on the forehead.

 "I will return soon" Elia said as she handed Aemon over to Lyanna, "Okay, I will be waiting" Lyanna said as she took Aemon into her arms.

Elia picked Rhaenys off the ground and left the room gently closing the door behind her, Lyanna returned her focus back to her Aemon; his grey eyes that were so dark they almost seemed black were watching her intently.

Lyanna returned her sons look with a loving tenderness and felt tears rolling down her cheeks; she had cried tears of joy many times after welcoming her babe into the world.

 "I dont know what I did to deserve you my little dragon-wolf but I promise no matter what happens between us I will always love you and try to be the mother you deserve" Lyanna said in a serious tone that was full of motherly love.