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It's been a few annoying weeks since Min Yoongi has heard from his manager about a venue he is supposed to perform at. He had kept promising Yoongi that he's locked down a certain spot for him to perform at this weekend but there are always semantics to consider.

Not that this guy was even really a manager, considering Yoongi isn’t signed to any company and he definitely won’t go selling his soul and music to some big corporation that just wants to steal his royalties. But Kim Namjoon is reliable, he knows the ins and outs of the underground world in their city and tries to keep the peace between opposing rappers and whatnot. So Yoongi is grateful.

What he isn’t grateful for is not having a fucking spot to play at for weeks now. And he’s itching to perform as it’s been way too long.

And sure, maybe it's been years of his youth that Yoongi has spent looking for gigs and trying to pay bills that way, and maybe his first mixtape didn't go as well as he had hoped. And it was expensive, to say the least, to even produce it and put it out without a company backing him. Yet that's just how it is in the underground life, at least it is in this city where the scene is much bigger and the competition has always been rough.

Yoongi works at a music shop during the day, pays his rent and does what he needs to do to survive at twenty six, and in the late evenings he hunches over his computer writing beats and recording tunes, sketching out demo tracks and turning his rapping into a small dream.

The Gypsy is where he was told to meet Namjoon tonight, a large venue that Yoongi has been craving to perform out for a while now. It's one of those places that isn't exactly anything special, per say, but the size is perfect and the balconies on the top floor are always packed with people either lounging around the bars casually or jamming out without the threat of the looming pit below. The atmosphere is always pretty pleasant, the staff in general is nice - it's a place that Yoongi can imagine his small group of followers would enjoy.

He just needed to be given the chance - just one fucking night on this stage.

Yoongi can hear the music from inside as he smokes a cigarette out front, lingering around just waiting for Namjoon to text him to tell him if he's here. He said he had arranged a late meeting with the owner after the performance tonight, so while it's almost one in the morning Yoongi can't help but be annoyed considering he has to work tomorrow. Still, the potential to perform here is worth it, he assumes.

Namjoon isn't answering, needless to say. Yoongi goes inside and the sound of indie music swarms his ears. It’s matched with the endless cheering and hollering from the crowd as the band finishes up their song. Yoongi sneaks his way to one of the raised platforms in the back overlooking the pit, glancing around trying to see if Namjoon is in the crowd at all, but it’s to no avail. The lead singer is speaking next and Yoongi moves his attention to him.

And well fuck.

"Thank you all for coming tonight!" he starts to say, water bottle at his lips and sweat dripping from his hair. And holy shit he's fucking hot.

Then again, most lead singers of these upcoming indie bands are ridiculously sexy since the fad is new and everyone seems to flock to a new type of music or atmosphere in the city, especially the younger crowd. Yoongi has seen it all, feels like he's been alive and through the scene a thousand times already. And while his rapping still remains the same, more or less, sometimes, in situations like these, he feels out of the loop.

The lead singer is tall, even with the boot he's wearing that has a silver lining along the trim, with black jeans that are tucked into them and purposeful rips running all the way up his thighs (a popular look these days that Yoongi initially thought was kind of lame but holy fuck they look good on him). He's wearing a black shirt that’s tucked into his jeans with a big silver buckle, and the shirt is just tight enough to hug his biceps. Long, silver earrings dangle endlessly from his many piercings, and a head of bushy, floppy black hair is stuck to the sides of his face from the sweat.

"This is gonna be our last song so please remember to be kind to one another, follow your dreams, and all of that lame shit," the singer says and everyone cheers and laughs along with him. The guitarist strums a rift while the singer grabs his microphone stand, and there's something about the way his hands rest against it, the way he sort of moves it around as he sings, how he sorts of grinds right up against it times and shit.

Yoongi finds himself gripping at the railing, eyes tracing every single curve of his body and the words of the lyrics probably don't help. "I'm here to save you, I'm here to ruin you -"


Yoongi likes to think he's a professional. He respects artists in all aspects, not just regarding music, and he has never really been that attracted or even dated someone else in the music scene just due to that type of respect he holds for them. This guy is obviously just singing and performing, probably doesn’t mean to rub his hips against the microphone stand this way and it’s just an act. And Yoongi shouldn't be impacted this way but he is.

Suddenly, among a crowd of very indie and hipster people that are probably a few years younger than him, Yoongi feels out of place with his backwards hat and his blonde hair that definitely needs to be dyed and is probably sticking out in places that are haphazard, with his camouflage jacket and a pair of combat boots. He starts to get self-conscious, maybe, a trait that he can't stand.

Needless to say, Yoongi spends the next four or five minutes standing on the platform and lightly nodding his head to the music while the song comes to an end. The crowd cheers and the band says their goodbyes. Yoongi is completely awestruck maybe, unable to really explain what is going through his head at just the sight of this random singer looking this way. And it's stupid, he thinks.

While the crowd starts to thin out, Yoongi heads to the back thinking that maybe Namjoon has been waiting for him, that maybe his phone died or something. He tells the bouncer at the door that he's there to see the manager, drops Namjoon's name and is miraculously let through.

Back here, the stage hands are already going to work cleaning everything up. It's a large area with a few hallways and rooms and Yoongi pokes his around head here and there just looking for Namjoon or the owner but not feeling very confident in doing so. He checks his phone again but nothing.

Yoongi grumbles, and he's very annoyed. He could be in bed right now since he has to get up and work a full shift tomorrow yet here he is chasing Namjoon down just hoping for a chance at success.

Instead of going out the way he came in, Yoongi sees a vacant backdoor down a hallway that isn't being used for one reason or another, and decides to go that way to avoid all the people since his social anxiety is practically skyrocketing at this point.

As he goes, the lead singer of the band just steps right out from one of the rooms.

Yoongi stops instinctively, unsure as to why he does so abruptly at the sight of him. The man has a towel in his hand and is rubbing it through his hair. He’s dressed in the same outfit from stage and he looks fucking incredible.

They meet eyes with the singers brow quirking just a bit.

"Hey, whats up?" he says this to Yoongi casually. "Haven't seen you around."

Yoongi shrugs, hoping it doesn't seem immediately awkward. "Oh, I was looking for my friend. Didn't see him so, I’m just leaving, or whatever."

The singer rubs at the back of his neck with the towel. "Yeah? You weren't here for the show?"

"No, not initially," Yoongi says to him and shifts on his feet. "I caught your last song though. It was, uh, it was good."

"Good?" he sort of chuckles, and Yoongi feels incredibly lightheaded at his laugh. "That's it?"

"It was great."

The singer laughs again, this time wrapping the towel around his neck and holding onto the ends. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Yoongi," he answers. "Like I said, I was looking for my friend but he's not here so...I guess good look with your shows or whatever else you have going on."

"You perform?"

Yoongi pauses, runs his tongue against his lip. "Yeah, I'm a rapper."

"You look familiar."

"Doubt I'm a part of your scene, kid."

He raises his brow at Yoongi with a little scoff. "Wow. Don't judge a book by it's flawless cover, Yoongi. You'd be surprised about what I'm into, or who I'm into."

Yoongi isn't dumb. He catches onto how he says this in a very flirty way, with his brow quirked and with clear intention behind his words. Yoongi swallows. "Oh yeah? You know about the underground scene? I feel like your little groupies would say otherwise."

The singer rolls his eyes cutely, tongues his cheek as a darker gaze sweeps over his sweaty features. "Yeah, but they don't know anything either, right?"

"Guess not," Yoongi meets his eye, can't help but trace his gaze alongside his sharp features. "What's your name?"

"Jungkook. Not really used to people not knowing my name already."

"Yeah well, you're just a kid. And the underground scene isn't always friendly in this part of town so get used to it."

"And there you are saying that again, Yoongi. That I'm just a kid," Jungkook steps forward a bit, enough for Yoongi to clearly notice, but he keeps his ground.

"You are. This is probably your first round of shows, right?" Yoongi challenges, wets his lips again, looks up at Jungkook with a knowing stare. "Think you're invincible or something? Think that this excitement will last?"

"So what's your advice then, Mr. Underground Rapper Who Know Everything?" Jungkook touches his arm, and Yoongi's chest fucking shutters.

"My advice? Get out of the city. Go on tour. Don't get stuck here like so many of us did. Don't get comfortable."

Jungkook smirks, gives a little chuckle. "Alright, well thanks for the advice."


"What I won't do, though, is take your advice for tonight. Because while I do have some groupies already, I know for sure that at least one of them is ready to suck my dick, so - "

Yoongi lets out a little sound, maybe rolls his eyes just a bit at the outward comment. "Typical indie bullshit."

Jungkook bites on his lip, his actions way too obvious and forward. Then his hands are on the front of Yoongi's camouflage jacket, and he's a bit smaller than Jungkook so when Jungkook steps right in his space Yoongi seriously feels like he's a looming shadow above him, even though that might be a bit dramatic.

"What are you doing?"

"Come on, groupies are no fun. We both know that," Jungkook's voice is low now as there is a shift between them, heat that ignites between their bodies as Jungkook invades his space. "Suck me off instead."

Yoongi scoffs with an attempt at keeping his cool, but truth be told his legs feel like jello and there is fire that drops right down to his pants at Jungkook being so fucking close to him.

"Get out."

Jungkook grumbles softly, steps forward and instinctively Yoongi is stepping back. Then Jungkook is kissing him just like that, a soft peck that is barely there and one that Yoongi barely even registers before he's doing it again. And then Yoongi’s back is flush against the wall, with Jungkook's tongue licking at his mouth and it's all so quick that Yoongi doesn't even know what he's doing or what's happening.

"Come on," Jungkook coaxes, breaking away enough for Yoongi to get himself together. He eyes Jungkook's mouth, realizes his hands are on the front of his chest and fuck. "You’re pretty hot. Show me what that rapper tongue can do. I bet your mouth is so warm, bet you'll love it when I cum right down your throat."


Yoongi is the one moving now, mouth surging forward to find Jungkook's and he pulls him down by his shirt so he can kiss him deep. Jungkook's hands are on his belt, and Yoongi can hear the clanging of the metal as he unbuckles it, then the button on his jeans then the shuffle of his pants as he shimmies them down. And god dammit, they're really just about to do this in the middle of this hallway backstage, and at this realization Yoongi breaks away to look around with his chest starting to heave.

"Right here?"

"Yeah, right here," Jungkook grabs Yoongi's neck, pushes him down and Yoongi practically collapses on his knees.

And for just a moment, Yoongi may have blacked out. Especially when Jungkook pushes his cock right inside his mouth and everything chaotic in his life just seems to rush over him right then as soon as he feels it hit the back of his throat. For that strange, erotic moment on his knees in the middle of a hallway backstage at this venue, his life isn’t consumed with the chronic voices in his head or the unfinished beats from the software on his computer that tease and taunt him on the daily, or with the overall sound of failure. Instead, it’s consumed with the lewd, gagging noises of his throat being fucked raw and the very demanding voice of the man thrusting into him.

“Fuck, who the fuck are you? Your goddamn mouth is perfect,” Jungkook is spewing out, hips moving easy into him. “You always blow strangers backstage with this pretty, perfect little mouth?”

There isn't time to register if anyone has seen them, that maybe they started down this hallway hearing these explicit sounds coming from Yoongi's throat as Jungkook holds his head and shoves his cock down it mercilessly.

He fucks his throat so hard that Yoongi is positive he won't be able to rap for a few days.

All the while, Yoongi feels himself slipping as Jungkook both praises and borderline degrades him, somehow able to do so in the same fucking sentence at the same fucking time. "God, you're so fucking slutty on your knees like this, so fucking perfect. Your mouth, Yoongi, fuck. Better then - better than anyone that's ever fucking blown me, fuck - "

Jungkook's moans become higher, frantic, as he chases his orgasm. Yoongi squints his eyes shut, ignores the spit and tears that are covering his face and making him a mess as Jungkook deep throats him so good. He's hard, he can feel the frustrating pressure in his pants, and the desperation to get touched himself is overwhelming.

"Fuck, fuck. Gonna fucking cum down your goddamn throat."

And he does without any restraint, and Yoongi chokes, gags, thrashes just a bit but Jungkook keeps his cock lodged in his mouth with his hand on the back of his head. Yoongi is whining around his length while Jungkook orgasms hard.

He leans forward and one hand slaps against the wall, body hovering over Yoongi on his knees with his mouth shoved full of Jungkook's twitching length. "Shit."

Yoongi pops off next once Jungkook lets him go, chest immediately heaving with a much needed intake of air, and he falls back on his legs with his body hitting the wall behind him. "Oh my fucking god."

"Look at you," Jungkook reaches down and helps Yoongi to a stand, which he's grateful for even though he wouldn’t admit out loud to some stranger. He’s immediately lightheaded from the sudden rush and presses the crown of his head against the wall. Jungkook tucks himself away then takes the towel around his neck to wipe at Yoongi’s face. "Fucking messy. Fucking - god, you look really good."

Yoongi wants to roll his eyes, and maybe he does, he isn’t sure. His voice is somewhat hoarse. "You don't even know me, shut up."

"Pretty sure I just found out a lot about you."

Yoongi snatches the towel from Jungkook hoping to hold onto some of his pride again and wipes at his face. Jungkook is just looking at him with his tongue poking at his teeth in a particular way.

"You're hard."

Yoongi gulps, doesn't need to look down to know it's true. So he just nods, gives a little shrug. "Yeah well, you're hot, so - "

"Am I?" Jungkook smirks in a cocky way with his pride obvious, and Yoongi can only imagine that Jungkook is at a complete high having just performed his set and getting blown by some stranger in the hallway. "Maybe I'll see you around. I got a show next weekend."

"Not really my scene, but thanks."

Yoongi says this automatically but he doesn't know why. Jungkook clicks his tongue, reaches out his hand to grip right at the bulge on Yoongi's jeans. Yoongi flinches with a grunt. Jungkook's other hand pinches at his chin, holds him more upright, and the motion is something.

"You act like you don't want me to fuck you right here. You're just trying to be tough, right?"

Yoongi might just fucking melt. He's not bad and he most definitely doesn’t try to put off some tough image in the underground scene, or just as a person in general. And yeah, he likes to be fucked so good, doesn't mind a dick down his throat on the occasion. He's almost fascinated at how Jungkook is impacting him.

"You want to fuck me?" Yoongi counters.

"On my terms, yeah."

"And what are your terms, exactly?"

Jungkook grins devilishly, squeezes at Yoongi's bulge again for good measure. "Want you to beg for it."

Yoongi can't help the little whine that escapes his mouth at Jungkook's words. "That's all?"

Jungkook smirks. "We'll see."

Then Jungkook is letting him go, stepping completely away and out of Yoongi's space with the most annoying smile against his features.

"Thanks for sucking me off, Yoongi. Maybe I'll see you at the next concert."

Then he's just walking away, glistening hair bouncing as he turns a corner and Yoongi is left just standing against the fucking wall with his dick hard in his pants wondering if he'll ever really see him again, and with the thought of Jungkook fucking him so good lingering right at the front of his mind.

Fuck, he's screwed.


⋅≪ ∞ ≫⋅


During the day, Yoongi works a full time job as a sales representative for a corporate music store, which is not the most exciting career but since it's for equipment and things that he actually enjoys in his daily life then it doesn't always seem like work, necessarily. He likes talking about the different instruments and learning about the new brands and models, and since the customers that come into the shop are always looking for something specific regarding their many musical adventures, he tends to make a few contacts and gets to share his own information on his rapping.

He's made a few friends this way, some that come and see him perform at the smaller gigs that are more intimate. He's been at this shop for nearly seven years at this point, and he doesn't really plan on changing that.

It's comfortable, to say the least, though sometimes Yoongi wishes that he had a little more.

But what else is there for him? He didn't graduate college and his musical career as Agust D is strictly underground and doesn't exactly pay all of the bills. He has a small studio apartment, he can buy food and pay bills just fine, and generally he lives somewhat comfortably. And if he needs to save for something he wants then he’s able to do so, and he gets a discount at the store that helps as he pursues his passion.

He's watched the seniors in the underground business shift gradually into their thirties. Some have wives and a kid or two and live happily, and most of them are doing the same as he is right now - working full time and still living in their underground dream.

So while it's not glamorous and while most people probably don't understand why he keeps pursuing this lifestyle, Yoongi feels that this is just how it's supposed to be for him.

His phone goes off a week later while Yoongi is sitting at his computer on a Friday night having gotten off work earlier that evening. He's drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette letting the smoke plume around his body as he sits in sweats and a big shirt with his eyes fixated on the computer screen.



Yoongi drops his phone and blows out a puff of air. He takes a gulp of his beer and pulls up Instagram on his web browser. His last post had gotten a handful of likes, people that leave encouraging comments for Agust D to come back home. And it makes him smile, he can't help it. He feels like he hasn't performed in forever and misses the sweat and the lights and the excitement of the stage, even if it is only for a small crowd.



He scrolls down to see his feed, stops when one of the other local venues that he’s always longed to play at has posted a flyer of their concert for tomorrow. And of course it’s Jungkook’s band, and at just the thought of Jungkook in any capacity, Yoongi’s heart just skips a couple annoying beats for two reasons. One, because Jungkook is so fucking hot he seriously can’t get him out of his head. And it’s so dumb because he probably just has a small crush on him at this point. He’s never fallen for or dated anyone in the music industry, or even messed around with artists before, so why would he suddenly start feeling butterflies for Jungkook?

And two, he’s sort of jealous. This is a venue that Yoongi would kill to perform at.

Yoongi bites at his lip, even pouts a little bit as he considers actually going to the show tomorrow. He's not that desperate, right? Yoongi's not a bad looking guy - he could probably swipe through his dating apps and find a date and get laid tonight with no problem. But he's complicated, to say the least, when it comes to being satisfied. Because he's rarely satisfied, at that. His partners in bed are usually quite dull and can never really please him in ways that make him want to fucking scream.

So he can't help but wonder if Jungkook is any good in bed, if his own tongue works wonders, and if he's just as good as the big game he talked up last weekend.

Yoongi finds himself wetting his lips, clicks on a few pages around the screen until he’s on the main Instagram of the band itself. Then he clicks on the follow button.

It's not even a couple seconds later when he gets a notification for a follow request.

And it's from Jungkook's personal account.


A DM alert goes off almost immediately after Yoongi accepts it.



Yoongi looks down at his body at the sweats he's wearing and the big shirt that has a stain on it. He frowns. It’s literally Friday night and this is what he’s wearing, this is what he’s doing.

And to say that he gets ready to leave in record time is an understatement - quickly brushing his teeth and changing into jeans and a black shirt, slipping into his favorite camo jacket and lacing up his converses. He fixes wayward pieces of his blonde hair, tries to style it the best he can and hopes that the choppy ends look somewhat decent. He calls a cab and inputs the address, grabs some of his beer and is out the door within twenty minutes.

Right outside the city, the cab pulls into a smaller suburban neighborhood where the houses are a little spaced between each other. A handful of cars sit out front and from the front yard he can see the large fire in the back. He thanks the driver and gets out, has to suck in some air due to his chronic social anxiety (sort of can't believe that he's even here to begin with on such a whim), and trudges towards the backyard.

The bonfire is big, and sitting around it is a classic scene of random people around his age lounging in campfire chairs with drinks in their hands and smoking cigarettes, and the instant smell of weed hits him as well. He sees Jungkook first, who is standing behind a friend and looking at something on his phone, yet as soon as Yoongi comes into view Jungkook looks up and meets his eye.

And he smiles.

It’s the same smile from last week that he gave him after Yoongi had sucked out his soul right through his dick.

If he could melt he could, but Yoongi maintains his composure.

"Hey! You made it," Jungkook goes to him immediately, takes the beer and hands it off to another person who puts it in the cooler. He gives a general wave of an introduction to the people within ear distance. "This is everyone, everyone this is Yoongi."

Yoongi gives a wave, presses his lips into a smile as he does.

"Wait, you look familiar," one of Jungkook's friends says, and Yoongi recognizes him as being the guitarists. "You're a rapper, right?"

"Yeah, Agust D," Yoongi says to him.

"Nice. I'm Taehyung. I've listened to your mixtape. Actually, I think I saw you perform once," Taehyung says and Yoongi raises his brows.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, it was at The Edge, right? You ever play there?"

"Once, a while back," Yoongi nods in response, isn't really sure if he should say anything else in return. He's not the best with people or mingling as a social skill, and small talk isn't exactly his strong suit.

"You dropping anything anytime soon?" Taehyung then asks as he drinks his beer. At this comment, Jungkook shifts his gaze to him with a flirty smile and leans against one of the chairs.

"Uh, maybe. Not sure yet," Yoongi scratches at the back of his head. "Hit a small slump, actually."

"You'll think of something soon," Jungkook reassures and Taehyung nods with his attention going elsewhere as Yoongi feels his face blush involuntarily. Jungkook ushers him to sit down, and they do so on a small wooden bench that is around the bonfire.

Taehyung has pulled out an acoustic and they all start to sing some songs, and everyone is mostly just high and goofing around casually, and Yoongi isn't much to talk with strangers but he finds the atmosphere to be comfortable. He drinks his beer, smokes his cigarettes and watches the fire burn the logs that are constantly thrown inside to keep the fire going. They sit there for a while just listening to Taehyung sing with his deep voice of his backup vocals, a voice that compliments Jungkook’s so well.

"Wanna take a walk?" Jungkook eventually suggests. He's leaning his forearms against his legs with a drink in his hand and side glances at Yoongi with just a small smile, nothing conceited like before - maybe a bit more innocent.


Yoongi chugs his drink and tosses his cigarette in the fire, then stands while Jungkook leads the way from the pack of people that are still having the time of their lives around the bonfire.

The house isn't large or anything, just a small rancher surrounded by some trees, and through them he can see the lights from the neighbors houses. Crickets and other insects chirp in the background as well, and normally this type of environment isn't Yoongi's preference because he's always been a city boy. Yet it's sort of nice, maybe a little peaceful.

Yoongi loosely follows as Jungkook leads them around the front, strolling in a slow and careless way so that they can walk next to each other.

"You're quiet," Jungkook says as he looks over at him with a little gleam in his eye. "I know you got a mouth on you so it's sort of funny."

"Whatever, I'm just not that social," Yoongi says back.

"Was thinking you weren't having fun or something."

"I am," Yoongi reassures. "It's fine. Your friends are nice. Your bandmates are funny."

Jungkook nods then stops at the side of the house only to pull out his bowl and lighter from his pocket. He takes a hit, sparking the weed inside the bowl to inhale heavy, then passes it to Yoongi who does the same.

The weed hits him immediately, mixes with his small buzz from the beer to tingle at his skin. He coughs just a bit. "Shits good."

Jungkook nods again and starts to walk once more. They end up just on the front stoop with Yoongi plopping down on the wood step and Jungkook standing nearby, and Yoongi can't help but look at him, especially now that he's sort of high and definitely buzzed.

"How old are you, anyway?"

Jungkook laughs cutely, turns his head to Yoongi. "Guess."

"I don't know, you're just some punk so maybe just old enough to drink."

Jungkook shrugs. "Yeah, I turn twenty-two next month."

"Geez," Yoongi sighs and runs his hands down his face as the buzz hits him good. "Don't even remember what I was doing at twenty-two. Well, it was nothing significant at least."

"Performing probably, right?"

"Yeah," Yoongi lights a cigarette. "I used to do at least three shows a week back then. Had a freestyle gig too once a month."

"Did you ever win?"

"Sometimes," Yoongi smirks as the memories resurface. "Stupid underground politics, though."

Jungkook frowns, kicks his boot at the grass. "Not sure what you mean."

"Yeah, you'll learn. It's not always what it's cut out to be. Not like everyone is willing to share stage time or venues, you know? You get in bad with one person you better just hope they don't go blacklisting you everywhere just to be a dick."

Yoongi exhales his smoke through his nose, flicks the ash and crushes it into the cement as he rests his arms on his knees.

Jungkook is quiet for a moment, and while they can hear the muffled laughter of his friends in the backyard, mostly Yoongi just hears those insects again and sees the occasional car lights that sneak through the woods from the main road.

Eventually Jungkook sits next to him, with Yoongi scooting over just enough so he can fit.

"You ever regret it?" Jungkook's voice comes out next.

"Regret what?"

Jungkook shrugs, trying to keep it casual. "Not selling out."

It's Yoongi's turn to exhale deep, turning his head to glance at Jungkook's far off expression as he looks forward. He's playing with his fingers, teeth chewing on his lip and Yoongi isn't an idiot - he can tell something is wrong.

And no, he doesn't know this kid at all. Maybe he sucked his dick last week on a whim but he hasn't made any further advances, and it's comfortable here just sitting next to him. He really does try to remember what it was like at twenty-two, really tries to remember where his head was and what sort of things he wished and hoped for.

But it's hard. Because Yoongi's dream hasn't ever really changed. He just wants to release music until he dies. He's content with a simple life.

Maybe Jungkook isn't.

"Selling out wasn't for me," Yoongi says to him then takes another inhale of his cigarette. "What's going on?"

Jungkook side smiles, sucks at his teeth. "I haven't even told the guys yet. But there might be a chance for us, if we wanted. Gotta join some new label that just sprouted up or something like that."

"What?" Yoongi's eyes sort of go wide in surprise. "Really? You got an offer?"

Jungkook nods again. "Yeah, nothing set in stone yet just someone poking around, I guess. They were at Gypsy this weekend and heard the set. I talked to them earlier this week."

"Jungkook, you guys are pretty fucking good. Your songs are definitely radio friendly. If there is even a chance at exposure then you should go for it."

Yoongi is a little surprised at his own words. He's been in the underground scene forever now and he never encouraged anyone to sell out. Yet there is something special about Jungkook, he knows this. He knows because at just the first glance of Jungkook performing Yoongi was inspired and completely in awe. He couldn’t look away from him even for a second as he sang. And he only imagines that Jungkook could make thousands of people feel that way if he was just given the chance.

"I write all my own songs, you know. Taehyung too. I just don't know if they'd want to give up a piece of them so easy."

"You have to ask them, Jungkook. Look, I can talk to my friend Namjoon to see if there is any shady shit with the new label, if you want. He’s sort of my manager, not really. But he has connections and might know a thing or two,” Yoongi suggests and brings the cigarette to his lips.

"You would?" Jungkook turns to look at him with his eyes sort of big, and Yoongi stops what he's doing, just freezes with the cigarette in the air and at Jungkook's dark features. He’s mesmerized by the way his tongue rolls around in his mouth as he speaks and how he’s eyeing Yoongi very specifically at the comment, which Yoongi had thought was innocent, but apparently Jungkook thinks it’s much more. "You'd do that?"

"Yeah, if you want."

Jungkook smiles next, then leans forward quick, so quick, to kiss Yoongi cutely. He pulls back before Yoongi can even kiss him back or blink.


Then Jungkook is pulling out his bowl again to light it up, and for a few gentle moments they just sit there listening to the sounds of insects surrounding them in the yard. And something sweeps over Yoongi then, some sort of inspiration maybe while he stares out at the trees. He thinks about Jungkook's insecurities and the entire life he has ahead of him at such a young age, and it tugs at his heart in ways he can’t explain. While he listens to the laughter of his friends in the backyard, his mind swims with a high that feels so fucking good. At one point, Jungkook's hand brushes over Yoongi’s fingers lightly until they're at his lips cutely and he’s kissing them just barely in a motion that doesn’t make sense, and it practically sets Yoongi’s soul right on fire.

But they don't say anything more, contrary to Jungkook's ability to talk a lot, and Yoongi finds it comfortable just sitting there with light touches between them, with only the flick and spark of the bowl for just those fragile seconds.

When Yoongi stumbles into the cab near the crack of dawn, he pulls out his phone and jots down lyrics. He types the entire way home, types while he’s fumbling for his keys to his apartment, types while he changes and plops into his computer chair and gets out his lyric book to replace his inspiration with pen to paper in a very classic way that gives him motivation.

And all the while he’s simply thinking of Jungkook.


⋅≪ ∞ ≫⋅


Yoongi finds himself at Jungkook's concert the next fucking day.

He can't help it - even after stumbling home at nearly 4am that morning and not being able to sleep except for a small two hour cat nap right before the concert, he finds himself wanting to see him in his element and be a part of his life.

Because Yoongi wrote a whole goddamn song this morning, spent from sunup to mid day writing out lyrics and a melody and a whole fucking beat. He spent the afternoon producing the track and picking it apart, reshaping it to fit exactly what he wanted.

It’s fucking done.

And it’s all because he spent one night in the woods with Jungkook smoking out of his bowl and lightly chatting about his future, all because he actually went out into the world and found his means of inspiration just like Namjoon had suggested.

When he thinks about how Jungkook's mouth lingered against his, when he thinks about the types of things Jungkook could accomplish in his younger life and about the things that Yoongi never could, it makes his heart feel stupid.

So there he is at the venue standing on the very top balcony looking down at the dark stage and watching the workers get everything ready. He sees the pit start to fill in with all types of different people, and even some older folks line up along the railing with him, and everyone seems to be of a different flavor.

And it's something.

Yoongi is excited. His chest even flips like he's on a roller coaster when Jungkook comes out on stage looking the way he does - with his tight black pants and a classic boot, a black button up shirt with small white flowers as the print, black curly hair resting alongside his face and a bit of eyeliner around his lids. 

The music starts, and Jungkook is instantly amazing - his voice is so unique, and his body dances and moves around stage like fucking water to get the crowd hype and excited. And everything is zeroed in on just him on stage, with the lights on his skin, with his eyes closed as he sings a ballad with his entire heart on his sleeve, to his energy bouncing across the stage at an upbeat song. And everyone is dancing, singing, cheering.

And Yoongi is so fucking turned on just looking at him, feels something pool inside his stomach at wanting to feel him, wanting Jungkook to touch him everywhere. Hell, he'd even settle for just sucking on his dick again if he'd let him and maybe somehow it might just repay the fact that Jungkook made him write an entire song in one day.

It's nearly two hours before the set ends. Yoongi doesn't anticipate that Jungkook saw him due to being high up in the balcony, but still he sort of hopes, maybe.

Yoongi had taken a picture about halfway through the set and messages it to him now.



It's really forward, he doesn't care. He's so turned on and wants to be absolutely consumed within Jungkook at this point. He lingers and waits for a response, starts to get antsy when one doesn't come right away - until his notification goes off.



⋅≪ ∞ ≫⋅


Yoongi straightens up his place the best he can. He's not proud of his space but it's his, at least. It's just a small studio apartment with everything in one room, the bed in the corner, a big desk with all of his computer software and equipment, the kitchen and living room all squished into one open space. On his salary at the music shop and whatever he earns from his music, it's all he can afford.

There is a knock on his door and Yoongi's heart jumps up through his goddamn throat.

When he opens it, Jungkook is there in the same outfit from the concert, hair messy and tousled, and he grins. "Hey."


He steps in and Yoongi takes steps backwards as Jungkook closes the door and slips off his jacket. Yoongi had put a mix of music on in the background to not have it awkward or anything while he's getting absolutely wrecked. And maybe it's been a while since he’s been intimate with anyone so he's sort of nervous and hopes it doesn't show.

Jungkook drops his jacket on the chair at his small table against the wall, scans the space with a little nod. "This place is bigger than Taehyung's."

"Heh, should have seen how small it was when I lived in a fucking trailer," Yoongi wets his lips. "You guys live together or something?"

Jungkook shakes his head. "Nah, I still live at home like a good boy. But his place is practically a second home. Can you imagine us sharing a space like this?"

"Not sure, guess it depends on if you wanna share a bed and wake up thinking you're still just friends."

Jungkook gives a little laugh and strolls to the computer, his eyes just tracing around the desk casually. Yoongi is suddenly even more nervous considering his lyric book is just sitting right there out in the open. He reaches for it, tries to snatch it out of Jungkook's view before he can see, but Jungkook is quick and notices it right away. He plucks the book from the desk too fast for Yoongi.

"What's this?" Jungkook teases and holds it away while Yoongi reaches for it like a kid.

"Come on," Yoongi whines a little bit, barely even recognizing his voice. "Don't read my stuff."

"Why not? Is it a love letter?" Jungkook teases even more at Yoongi’s obvious panic, and he’s moving away from Yoongi even as the older boy tries to grab it like he's being bullied. It drives him crazy.


Jungkook smirks smugly as he glances down on the open page. Yoongi gives up and stands there in mild defeat with his heart racing as Jungkook's smug expression almost immediately shifts to something more pure as he reads over the words on the paper.

"These lyrics are really good," Jungkook says to him honestly. "When did you write this?"

Yoongi shifts on his feet anxiously, snatches the notebook back from Jungkook’s hand and drops it on his desk. And he doesn’t really want to say, because it’s sort of embarrassing, and he doesn’t want Jungkook’s ego to inflate even more than it is (or for him to run away and think that Yoongi is a weirdo). But Yoongi can’t really help it. He shifts his eyes at the ground and mumbles.

"After I left you last night."

Something shifts.

It’s not subtle by any means. In fact, it’s explosive - this expeditious spark that ignites like fire between them as Yoongi dares to lift his eyes to meet Jungkook’s. And Jungkook’s mouth is slightly open, gaze darting from Yoongi’s to the book, then back to Yoongi again in slight shock.

"It's about me?"

Yoongi shakes his head lightly. "Yes, no. Not necessarily. Maybe just about your type of life, things you might go through at your age or things that I went through when I had a chance and didn't take it, that's all."

"That's all?" Jungkook says this firmly, his eyes moving all over Yoongi now like he’s starving. "I was your muse?"

Yoongi's face is hot and on fucking fire as Jungkook moves closer with no intention of taking it slow tonight. His mouth is on Yoongi’s next to absolutely claim him, his hands wrapping around the sides of his neck to hold Yoongi in place as he kisses him. Yoongi makes a type of squeaky noise, steps backwards unintentionally from the impact of Jungkook’s mouth suddenly on his own.

"Yeah," he says between the kiss with the soft music in the background guiding their movements now. It fits perfect, in a way, that is cliche and predictable. But somehow Yoongi doesn’t care. Jungkook is pulling at Yoongi’s shirt as he breathes out heavy. "You were, you are. I think you're just - "

"What?" Jungkook disconnects their mouths only to pull off Yoongi's shirt completely. "What am I?"

"You’re, you're just so - "

"Just what?" Jungkook is relentless, just as he was the first night they met in that hallway. He's leading him backwards now towards Yoongi's bed in the corner of the studio, his mouth smothering over Yoongi’s sloppily as they try to speak in between. He’s nipping at the corners of his lips and giving them gentle tugs which Yoongi doesn’t even know how to react to.

Yoongi lets himself be handled, lets Jungkook unbutton his pants and pull them down and toss his garments everywhere in that small space. Jungkook peels off his shirt and Yoongi helps him push down his pants, and it’s all so fast that Yoongi feels dizzy, as if this is unreal.

"Tell me what I am," Jungkook lays over top of Yoongi with both of them just in their underwear, his hips pressing into Yoongi's smaller ones as he lets out a hidden groan.

"You just - you make me wanna write music again," Yoongi sighs passively as Jungkook trails his mouth down his slender neck, fingers indenting into Yoongi’s hipbones and he feels himself getting hard, so fucking hard as Jungkook presses against him. Yoongi lets out a small choke. "I don't know, Jungkook. Fuck."

Jungkook's mouth continues to move down his chest while Yoongi finds register in those long curly strands. His hair is so soft, so annoyingly perfect to grip onto and he does so without restraint. Then Jungkook’s fingers are looping around his waistband, tugs them down without wanting to wait and tosses them to the side.

And Yoongi is hard, so obviously ready for Jungkook that he's almost embarrassed.

For a softer minute Jungkook is just looking at him. His hands are placed right on his hips, thumbs circling the skin as he traces Yoongi’s smaller body with his darker gaze, and Yoongi feels himself blush under the heat of it all and being so exposed this way.

"You want me?" Jungkook pants out with a somewhat stuttering breath.


"Tell me."

Jungkook reaches for Yoongi’s arms and pins them above his head on the pillow, his larger hand gripping around his thin wrists to hold him still. Yoongi's breath completely stops while his body starts to squirm in anticipation.

"I want you."

"But what do you want?"

Yoongi groans in agony, not wanting to comply to Jungkook’s desire to have him this way even though there are such strong parts of it all that has him slipping into something so needy.


Jungkook's free hand traces alongside his chest, and the contact causes Yoongi to shiver. He bucks upwards slightly hoping for Jungkook to get the hint about what he really wants.

"Jungkook - “

"Remember what I said last weekend? Remember what my terms were?" Jungkook is back at Yoongi’s mouth, nipping at the corner of his lip then tugging it away every time Yoongi tries to kiss him back. "What did I tell you?"

Yoongi swallows hard. He isn't really used to people being so forward with him since he can be such a snarky little shit himself. But all he wants right now is for Jungkook to touch him at this point, craves everything from Jungkook and swears he'd let him fuck him into next year if he wanted. And yes he remembers what Jungkook had said that night. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Yoongi whines out. "Touch me already."

Jungkook laughs thickly in return and gives his wrists a squeeze. "Ask nicely."

"Jungkook, come on."

"Ask me nicely," Jungkook reiterates shamelessly with a little more bite. His hand surges upward to grip at Yoongi's puffy cheeks and squishes them together.

Yoongi tries to swallow again, can't from the position and ends up nodding. Jungkook lets him go, keeps his hand under his chin to lift him up slightly, and fuck there is this look in his eye, this complete domination that Yoongi wants to dive head first into when it comes to Jungkook. It’s everything. He feels so hot, feels his skin tingling at the thought of Jungkook taking control of him in every aspect of his goddamn life.

Yoongi’s mouth opens, and against all pride that has been thrown out the window at this point, he pouts out.


"Yeah, that's it," Jungkook kisses him again, and Yoongi's entire fucking body shivers as Jungkook wraps his hand around his length, squeezes it with an obvious need to be in complete command. "You told me to wreck you?"


“Can you even handle it?”

“Yes. Yes.”

"Turn over, then."

Jungkook's hand is gone, and Yoongi practically scrambles to all fours. His voice is airy as he sighs out. "Lube is in the drawer - "

Jungkook shuffles around the drawer as instructed, finds a condom in addition to the bottle and scurries back to position himself right behind Yoongi. He smothers his fingers in the substance, left middle finger poking right around Yoongi’s hole while the other wraps around him to grip at his hard length. Yoongi groans at the contact of something against his rim, feels his heart start to race in both panic and anticipation. His head falls into his arms below him.

"Perfect little body," Jungkook muses to himself, rubbing his finger all over his entrance to get the area wet. "So needy. Been thinking about me all night?"


Jungkook squeezes at his cock and Yoongi lets out an acute shout. Then Jungkook is jerking him off so swiftly, his wrist going to work as it moves violently alongside the shaft. And he picks that moment of Yoongi’s voice betraying him to slip his finger inside right down to his fucking knuckle.

Yoongi isn't really sure what type of sound he makes, knows it's borderline embarrassing as Jungkook doesn't even dare to hold back. His finger curls, wrist going chaotic around his cock as he feels Jungkook lean over top of him from behind to put even more pressure on just his one goddamn finger.

"Oh fuck. Jungkook - " Yoongi is whining, can't believe that's getting this fucking worked up just by Jungkook's fingers and his dick getting jerked off this way. But there's something else about it, he knows there is, there has to be. Because Jungkook is quickly becoming something so much more than just a good lay, more than just some random guy he found backstage last weekend.

Jungkook's mouth is tracing up Yoongi’s spine with loud smacks of his lips against the pale skin, and then he’s against Yoongi’s ear as he pushes in another finger.

"Don't hear you begging."

God, fuck. Yoongi mewls out languidly, feels the stretch hit him hard as Jungkook keeps jerking him off and fucking his fingers into his ass. "Fuck me already."

"Not good enough."

Yoongi whines pathetically again, can't believe he's whining to begin with. He presses his forehead against his arms and whimpers out shamelessly, fingers digging into the sheets as he moans. "Please, come on - "

"Want me to fill you up, right?" Jungkook bites at his shoulder a little harshly, pulls his fingers out only to shove one more inside, and this is enough, at least for Yoongi. He feels his stomach churning and become overwhelmingly hot at the action.

And he can’t control his words or the spew of curses that comes from this motion.

"Jungkook, fuck. If you don't fucking fuck me I'm gonna fucking cum -"

"Oh yeah?" Jungkook mocks with a dark laugh. "You think you're allowed to already?"

Yoongi squints his eyes shut as most of his pride is already desperately chasing his orgasm selfishly because goddamn Jungkook is so good with his fucking fingers. Yoongi is thinking about how Jungkook moves like water on stage, how he sways his hips to each beat in a way that gets the crowd going, how his voice is so unique and sweet, how good he had made him feel last night just by sharing some weed and telling him about his problems.

It’s all sort of just hitting him right now causing waves and waves of consistent pleasure to shiver inside his veins.

"Fuck, Jungkook!" Yoongi cries out almost miserably, head suddenly flying backwards from his shoulders as he body starts to shake, and he's going to cum, he has to.

But Jungkook stops everything, pulls out his fingers in a swift motion and flips Yoongi on his back. And Yoongi is gasping, crying out almost throwing a temper tantrum. "Shit, you ass! Come on!"

His hands automatically go to his cock to jerk himself off the rest of the way with or without Jungkook, because he’s so fucking ready and close to that breaking edge that he doesn’t even care at this point. But Jungkook is swatting his hands away harshly, pins them down at Yoongi’s side as his cock throbs red and hard, standing so upright that he's almost embarrassed again.

"I wanna cum, fuck. Please, Jungkook - "

"Yeah, I know," Jungkook holds Yoongi’s wrists at his sides, leans down to lick right around the tip and Yoongi's hips buck upwards instantly at the contact, hoping to find the warmth of Jungkook's mouth. But the younger boy only pulls away, and everything is starting to hurt as he’s denied cumming right away.

"What the fuck. Oh my god," Yoongi thrashes just a bit as Jungkook slides between his legs and leans down further, sticking out his tongue only to let Yoongi's cock bounce against it a few times whenever it comes close enough. Yoongi is feeling desperate, distraught, tries to move his hips around so it sticks against Jungkook’s mouth but it’s pointless. "Fucking, goddammit."

Jungkook chuckles lowly, and Yoongi wants to find it annoying but he only feels defeated to cum, hopeless for Jungkook to fuck him so good. 

"Taste pretty good," Jungkook hums annoyingly, barely letting his mouth touch at Yoongi's throbbing cock that is just begging for release. "You're needy. Want to cum?"

"Yes, yes," Yoongi practically wails, trying to break the hold against his wrists but to no avail. Jungkook moves up his body to his lips, kisses down his cries with his tongue sliding against the inside of his mouth as if trying to find something unspoken. They kiss for a while, long and sloppy, with sensual groans escaping from Yoongi’s throat that are deep and vibrate against his chest like they have been trapped for ages.

Jungkook lets him go then, gives him a small glare. "Don't you dare touch yourself."

Yoongi sticks both palms in his eyes with a groan as Jungkook pulls away to slip out of his boxers and puts on the condom.

"You listen well," Jungkook praises with a dark chuckle. "Not gonna cum until I tell you to, right?"

"No promises," Yoongi mumbles again, his body squirming against the sheets as he really does resist the urge to touch himself and get off right here and face the consequences that he feels Jungkook would definitely have for him for not listening. But he's good, and instead he drops his hands from his eyes to hopelessly look for Jungkook's hard cock as he slides back between Yoongi’s outstretched legs. Then he’s surging down to kiss Yoongi again and tug at his mouth.

"There’s so much more I could do to you tonight, you know," Jungkook bites at his lips, replaces the nip with his tongue afterwards and Yoongi finds his hands grabbing at his waist to bring Jungkook closer, his fingers starting to travel all around Jungkook's ridiculously toned body as he breathes out heavy.

"Do it then."

"Right now I just wanna be inside you," Jungkook reaches down to line himself up, rubs his tip all over his lubed entrance and Yoongi groans. "But if you let me fuck you again, I'll fucking own you, Yoongi. You'll be begging for me to stop. I wanna hear all the different pretty sounds you can make for me."

"Shit," Yoongi's mouth falls open as Jungkook pushes himself inside alongside the lube "Fuck."

Jungkook slides down to the base and bottoms out, sits there inside of Yoongi for just a second. He digs his fingers into Yoongi's hair, smothers his neck with his mouth until the skin is red and he groans into his flesh. "Feel good. Fuck, I just wanna destroy you."

Yoongi wraps his legs around Jungkook's waist, digs his heels into the small of his back. "Just fuck me, Jungkook. Please. I'm so hard, I wanna cum. Want you to wreck me."

Jungkook grunts in response to Yoongi’s outward needs and then he's moving, hips skillful as he circles them against Yoongi's pale thighs.

And Yoongi's eyes are fluttering shut at the pain, an immediate and stinging sensation with each thrust of Jungkook's hips, and for a second he doesn't think he'll get used to it and that he'll really end up begging Jungkook to stop since it's been a while. But fuck, he just can't tell him to stop, because alongside the pain of being filled and stretched so full there is the anxious and guiding pants of Jungkook's breath in his ear. And the sounds Jungkook makes as he’s fucking Yoongi this way is electrifying every single part of him. It makes him crave Jungkook in so many chaotic and uncontrollable ways that Yoongi can't even begin to understand or put it all together.

Yoongi grips at Jungkook’s back with everything he has, closes his eyes and lets himself go.

Jungkook keeps him close to his own body, fucks Yoongi deep contrary to how Yoongi thought he'd take him. Jungkook makes sure he's so full each time he thrusts that Yoongi feels his eyes water at the stinging pain shooting through his entire body.

He cries out again, face digging into Jungkook's shoulder woefully. And Jungkook only responds by wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s back to keep him even closer to his body. Jungkook’s knees dig deep into the mattress and he sort of sits up and brings Yoongi along with him. Yoongi wraps himself so completely around Jungkook's larger frame - with his legs squeezing at his waist and his arms hugging around his shoulders - and he feels something in that moment. Safe maybe, he's not sure.

"God damn, Yoongi," Jungkook is sitting up and supporting Yoongi in his lap as Yoongi clings onto him ruthlessly. He presses his hands into Yoongi's back to keep him upright. "Being so good, fuck. You - you’re everything right now."

Yoongi gnaws at Jungkook's shoulder like a needy animal, and his cock is rubbing against Jungkook's chest with each thrust and the sensation is becoming overwhelming, almost too much. He whines out loud as each inhale of air causes him to squeak and moan at the same time, and in this position Jungkook finds a rhythm that Yoongi cannot even begin to control.

That fire builds up quick, so quick, that Yoongi finds himself pouting tortuously into Jungkook’s skin.

"I'm close, Jungkook, please."

"Please what?" Jungkook continues at his pace and his chest is panting, sweat gathering against his bare skin as he fucks him. "Tell me."

"Please let me cum. You feel so good, fuck it feels so good."

"Yeah?" Jungkook's hands move to Yoongi’s backside. He sits back on his legs fully with Yoongi completely on his lap now, and at the shift in angle Yoongi just loses it. He lets out the most sensitive cry he's ever heard in his entire life as Jungkook's cock hits right at his prostate.

"Oh fuck. Yes, yes please. There, there," Yoongi mumbles incoherently into Jungkook’s shoulder, his words becoming mantras against Jungkook's sweaty skin. Jungkook fucks up into him so good, his cock hitting that spot every time and Yoongi is seeing stars and shapes and patterns all at once as his orgasm creeps up on him with full intention of not holding back.

Jungkook is praising him again to give him what he wants.

"Can you cum without me touching you again? Huh? Can you do that for me, baby?"

Yoongi nods furiously, fingernails digging into Jungkook's back as he's held up and fucked his way. And it doesn't take long, especially now that he has permission, and Yoongi throws his head back with one last long, exaggerated cry as he cums all over Jungkook's chest.

Jungkook fucks him through it, and as soon as Yoongi's high is reached he's thrusting a few more times and matching his own, unleashing his load into the condom with Yoongi on his lap. He grinds his hips upwards a few times afterwards and Yoongi shutters from the constant pleasure and the nerves that are stinging all around his body. Jungkook’s breaths come out hitched and imperfect, and Yoongi practically becomes dead weight in Jungkook’s arms.

Jungkook is kissing at Yoongi’s neck, his mouth lazily finding spots against Yoongi's skin sweetly until he's chasing his mouth with new urgency that is sincere and sensual.

"You fit perfectly right here," Jungkook sighs into Yoongi’s throat, and Yoongi only moans lightly at his choice of words that are tugging right at his heartstrings. Because it’s true, he thinks, how well and comfortable it is to be sitting right in Jungkook’s lap this way. "Look at you."

Yoongi's heart is clenching. Though his limbs feel boneless he manages to swipe Jungkook’s hair away from his eyes. "Yeah. Look at you."

Jungkook smiles something genuine and raw, fucked out, and Yoongi finds it beautiful. He's beautiful. They kiss sweetly for a moment longer and let their highs linger, until Jungkook falls forward so Yoongi is on his back and he pulls out to discard the condom in the bathroom. While Jungkook is busy, Yoongi finds a clean dish towel and wipes himself off, pulls up his boxers and feels the immediate pain and aftermath of sex hit him hard - not only in his fucking asshole but elsewhere, everywhere.

Because there is always the question of now what? Does it become awkward? Do they call each other for booty calls now? Do they just try to be friends, move on?

Yoongi is standing in the small kitchen attached to the studio when Jungkook comes out buttoning up his jeans. And he's just standing there shirtless and so stunning, a complete piece of sculpted art that looks like he’s been plucked right off a display and placed in front of Yoongi to admire.

Jungkook sucks on his teeth while he sizes up Yoongi in his boxers as he leans against the counter. "That was something."

"Yeah," Yoongi chews on his lip, digs his fingernails into the counter.

"Want to do it again sometime?"


It seems casual. Yoongi presses his lips together, looks at the ground at their bare feet and shrugs. "Sure."

He doesn't look up to see Jungkook's reaction, just tongues at his cheek and picks at the counter absentmindedly. But Jungkook is stepping back in Yoongi’s space not a few seconds later, lifts up his chin to eye him specifically.

"Want to go out sometime, too?"

Yoongi blinks a few times, feels his chest thump hard. "Really?"

"Yeah I - " Jungkook lets go of his chin, replaces it with his thumb in a cuter way. "I think there might be something here, don't you?"

It's so bold. He wonders if it's just a line, something Jungkook probably says to all his little groupies and fans to get them in bed and make it seem like they are something more afterwards. Yoongi is searching his eyes, searching and hoping that it wouldn’t be some dumb mistake to say yes. Because he wants to say yes, of course. He wants to just be free from all of his insecurities and go out on dates with someone younger, maybe get his spark back, use Jungkook as his infinite muse.

And maybe Jungkook can tell that Yoongi is hesitating. So he smiles something shy, the shyest that Yoongi has seen so far, and it's boyish with a certain charm that makes Yoongi's heart flutter stupidly again.

"Or you know, just keep coming to my shows, at least for now. We don't have to hook up, but maybe just hang out afterwards or something. I don't know."

Yoongi wets his lips again and gives a little nod. "I think that's a good start."


Jungkook kisses him quick and cute, like he did on the stoop of his friends porch.

Yoongi feels almost empty when Jungkook walks away from his space to throw his shirt over his chest and grab his jacket from the chair. He walks him to the door, turns over his shoulder with another grin. "See ya."

Then he's gone just like that - an hour of Yoongi’s life just spent getting his brains fucked out and it’s over. Maybe he's feeling a little more empty than he should. Jungkook's next show isn't until the following weekend and what, he's just supposed to pretend like hanging out after concerts to get fucked is what he wants? And that's all he wants?

Because it’s not true.

Yoongi takes a shower, cleans up his bed and tucks himself inside. But he's not sleepy, and the only thing he can think of at this late hour is Jungkook. He hates and loves it at the same time, feels so fucking conflicted that against all reason and instinct he decides to just go for it.

He pulls out his phone.



Yoongi tongues the roof of his mouth, hates that he's turned on again at how Jungkook can talk to him this way. He shifts in his bed and shoves down his pride.



Yoongi smiles to himself something stupid and childish. He rolls onto his back and drops his phone on his chest like an idiot.

He has an itch to write and can't help the muse that starts flowing out of him automatically at just the thought of everything that is Jungkook. He grabs his notebook from the desk and lays in bed for hours until the sun comes up. He stays up writing endless lyrics and finding his new inspiration, and for the first time in months Yoongi feels confident about his next mixtape.

At the end of the day, it's all because of some indie rock singer named Jeon Jungkook. And he'd be lying if he said he'd want his inspiration to come from anything else.