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自由に向かう人類 | Humanity Towards Freedom

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Eren was trying to understand what his mom was making ,it smelled good and he wanted to gobble whatever it was up.

He loved his mother's food it was usually better than anyone else's if he was being honest.

But his father said patience was virtue, he decided subconsciously  that he would become more patient so that he could honestly say he had a virtue.

Because whenever he went with Armin to play they would play a cool game known as Titans and Humanity. But  Armin always got Humanity and he got Titan according to the game he had to be a good and noble person.They couldn't decide so they went to a person who seemed to be good in their books.

Armin's grandfather -Asther-he was very nice and seemed quite noble.

Though they would have gone to Armin's parents or even his own but the problem is that they were never there or quite busy.

Armin's parents seemed more suspicious but he felt it wasn't right to scrutinize people like that so he let it go.

Anyway, Armin's Grandpa said someone like that would have to have many virtues ,so  they wrote all the virtues Eren and Armin had.

Turns out ,not surprisingly, that Armin had a lot more virtues than Eren so Armin got Humanity while he got Titans.

He was really surprised at how many virtues Armin had and the fact that he was not that nice.

However that wasn't surprising to his friend Armin he thought that the more surprising fact was that Eren didn't blow up because he was angry about it.Instead he seemed to be going over the list with a weird look.

Then he smiled and said he'd get more virtues to become Humanity in the game.


That single word made Eren jump not with fear but with anticipation of what could be the source of a mouth-watering smell.

He could hear his dad snoring from the bedroom he had been working the whole night for some rich bastard.

He was running into the kitchen his mom looked surprised with what he was doing but she shook her head, giggling while she cover her mouth with her hand.

He was looking around until he saw it ' the masterpiece'.

He could even swear that he heard angelic voices singing , he knew that it was time that his patience was worth it.

His mom went and started putting it on his plate so he could eat.

Then she smiled and gave him ,her hands slightly brushed his  hands.

They felt warm and alive.

The thought that he still had a mother and father who might die someday was a hunting thought that made him cry at night , imagining them remembered only through drawn portraits.

"Are you okay Eren you seem out of it" his mother said looking at him with concerned eyes.

He didn't want to admit that he was thinking about her death or something that deep so he decided to think hard about the patience virtue thing.

"Am just worrying whether or not I can actually be patient that's all " thankfully his ears didn't betray him , meaning he was being truthful.

She looked a bit doubtful but saw that Eren was looking at his plate , she wanted to press on the matter but decided not too. So she gently scooted him over to the dining table.

"Eren I want you to promise me something okay ?"

Eren looked up to see his mother wringing her hand slowly as if having a hard time deciding on her words , when she spoke it was in a low tone .

"I-I may not be able to fully change your actions but I really want you to stop getting angry unreasonably because what will happen when I find out you got seriously hurt, it will make me feel very sad so please  use your anger in other methods will you promise me that"

"I promise that I will not use my anger unreasonably "

His mother smiled at him and pat his head affectionately.

"Thank you go ahead and eat"

He started eating with enthusiasm ,he looked really happy.

He wished he could stay in that moment longer .

Feeling happy about food , seeing his mom smiling about how he was eating , hearing distant snores from his tired dad.  

Those moments quickly went when the next day came him and his whole family were going to the forests in Wall Maria , he really wanted to ask why but they said it was a surprise.

He was wondering what would happen when they reached there.

His parents were carrying what seemed to be heavy things , but when he asked if they were heavy they shook him off saying they could handle it. He was their tired faces he knew they were lying,

But they really insisted so he trusted them.

His parents and him were walking around in a comfortable silence as they wanted to take in the scenery around them.

But his mom was being weird the whole day and whenever Eren or his father called out she'd jump and the act again he could agree that it was weird.

As they were walking through the deep forest of pine and wood , it felt relaxing considering he heard birds chirping , squirrels moving around.

He felt truly at peace there he generally wished that it was just that walking around.


When they reached there , his stomach started knotting he didn't like that but it was his intuition or his gut feeling . His mom said that this happened whenever he felt something bad would happen , she said that it happens to her at times to her too when she was younger.

They saw a small clearing with benches and a singular questionable paper , he thought that it looked weird but his father's face turned to confusion when he saw that.

He seemed really anxious when he approached the paper,he read through the contents .

His face paled very quickly, his fingers trembled against the thin paper as wind blew , Eren looked with a rumbling feeling he wanted to run and hide in his house while tightly holding his mother's red scarf.

He then looked very panicked as he looked behind his wife ,Carla .



But he was unfortunately too late as she was shot from behind , she fell down and went limp like a ragdoll.

Her blood oozed from her slowly damping the ground they stood on.

Eren seemed horrified he was frozen on the spot by some invincible  glue that made him not move but somehow he could stutter our a terrified whimper  "M-mom"

He didn't know why but he couldn't cry he was in too much shock to do anything , his mother wasn't dead .She was just in a false slumber a slumber where you cant wake from.

This was something he feared though it was an inevitable fact he wished that he would have known that she was targeted.

He tried lifting her but his mental state made him think that he'd rather see his mom's back than see her lifeless gloomy eyes.

And be haunted by them for a long time.

His thought track was stopped when his father dove to him holding him he whispered the words " Go to the basement it has the truth "

He put the key to the basement in Eren's hand , Eren thought he saw life flashing through his father's eyes.


His father was hit next , he wanted to bite back say he would stay and fight but his body was moving north running faster than he ever knew.

He knew this was the natural instincts of fight or flight he ran and ran , he was going through the trees .

He heard gunshots behind him as he ran.

When he emerged out of the woods , he saw a man with a little girl taking wood up the hilltop.

He ran towards them shouting"Please help me"

They turned back with surprise well mostly the girl was surprised and the father had pity drawn all over his face.

Eren was panting while tears were still going through his face,he then noticed a distinct smell of metal blood. He felt his insides twist as he knew that it was his parent's blood.

He trembled and was holding himself trying to steady himself , the world was going to fast for his  mind to comprehend.


"Why don't you breathe and enter the house , you will feel better if you relax and tell us so we can help you out in what you are in " the man said in a very slow and fatherly tone.

"Thank y-you ,sir" Eren breathed out.

The man took his hand  all while the girl looked curiously at him.He took the time they were taking to go up the hill , to analyze her .

He noticed that she had unique eyes ,her hair was a very strong black , her skin was also a contrast to her hair.Her eye color was similar to her hair color as well , her hair was a bit long too.He wasn't going to tell her but her hair was very pretty to him.

She seemed worried about him , she looked like she wanted  to ask about what happened but her father gestured to her. She got what he was saying and said nothing.

The man had golden hair or blond hair with eyes the same color , he let out a friendly aura.

Eren was still hiccupping but he felt a bit better but that peace of his mind was taken away when he remembered how his parents died.

When he saw his mother's body go limp and see her blood pooling around made him face the reality that he wasn't going to see her face smiling at him.He wasn't going to eat any of her delicious food ,he wasn't going to hear her voice .

What was worse was that he saw his father's eyes as he was shot , his eyes' light pooling into the blood that was spilt on the ground and his clothes.

He realized by surprise that he reached a house with a garden surrounding it.

It looked nice he would have complimented how nice it looked if not for the fact of the situation he was in.

The girl and the father put the wood- he guessed it was fire wood.  In a crate much like his own home's.

The house in overall reminded him of his own home , it made him a bit better.

He was welcomed in by the father and was offered to go wash up , he was directed by the girl .She was nice enough to let him use her soap , he didn't smile but he grunted a thanks.

When he entered the bathroom , he noticed how nice and comfy it was and he when he entered the shower he felt much relaxed . Because he liked how all the blood from his parents went away he didn't know why .

He didn't take long since he felt that he should be respectful to them so he came out and took a towel and wrapped himself.

He then looked around for his clothes , but notice that they were other clothes there so he took them after noticing a note . It said 'I thought your clothes weren't suitable for you to wear so I brought you other clothes that my father wore from before I hope you don't mind - Mikasa'

Eren wondered where she found the time to do that and he wanted to tell her she didn't need to but he felt appreciated either way.

She probably didnt notice the key,he took it and put it on , he thought he might look weird but he didn't care. 


Eren  decided subconsciously that he'd thank her for giving her father's old clothes , he noticed how delicately it was written this made him go back to how his father's handwriting was. It was similar in how clear and cursive the writing was.

As he was changing he felt himself almost cry but his mind went back to a memory of his mom , she was looking sad because his grandparents had died but she didn't cry.

When he asked her she said in her own clear words that he remembered like it was yesterday "I want to cry but  I have to live for them not that crying is bad but they want  me to be a happy person on Earth"

He decided to follow her unique quote , he wanted to live for them too. So he wasn't going to cry any more .

When he finished he took his towel and went to the living room.

There was a woman among the man and girl she looked at him worriedly while the man was talking silently to her.

The girl seemed enthusiastic to see him and saw what he was carrying . She walked towards him and told him "Follow me I will show you where to put your towel you have to put it in water as well as a white powder and after a few hour you can hang the towel in the sun "

He followed her as she was talking then she turned to him and said "My name's Mikasa Ackerman.What about you"

"My name's Eren Yeager"

When they reached he saw that it was a small place with a clearing , there was a white powder in a container at the corner.

A few large containers were placed as well with water  and he saw it was a wooden surface.

He saw where Mikasa was gesturing he then did what she instructed earlier with instinct and he put his towel in then he saw Mikasa go near and take something in the container.

He looked surprised but his face fell back into a blank and nonchalant face as when he came out of the bathroom.

Mikasa then put it in a  section where there were other groups of clothes then she went to refill the water for the bit of section in the container.

"Lets go back"

When he reached the living room , the couple from before were discussing in whisphering tones .

The lady looked a lot like her daughter , they both had a unique set of eyes but he liked that uniqueness.

The lady noticed that he was there and approached him and held his hand.

"It's okay you're safe now"she said quietly.

He didn't want to tell them but he didn't feel safe here as well.

She then escorted him to a chair at the dining table next to Mikasa.

Eren explained the story to them in a way that didn't feel that bad.

He didn't have to speak up cause they already heard him.

"Do you have any other living relatives that can take care of you? "he questioned carefully.

As Eren ran through his mind , he felt cold , he was alone he didn't have any living relatives they were all dead or just status unknown.

The couple looked at each other then they looked back at Eren and said "We know this is sudden but do you mind staying with us"

Mikasa seemed happy about him joining her house hold he didn't mind .

His eyes widened , he felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of kindness they were giving him.

"T-thank you " he said truly grateful.

"But for how long?"he questioned .

The couple looked surprised but smiled a bit since he got here.

"As long as you like we are hoping to adopt you not fully but partially so you can keep your surname"the woman said .

"I guess you have the right to know my name then . My name is Eren Yeager"

The couple's eyes widened , both having mixed reactions.The woman seemed scared and sympathetic  while the man held his head with his arm.

He looked confused with what they were doing because the lady held his hand and said "Your m-mother was Carla Yeager right and your father Grisha Yeager .You lived in the Shiganshina district They were our friends."


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Mikasa was holding a plate washing it , absent-mindedly, her mind was like the cool stream of water going down the plate.

She was going deep in to her thoughts as she wondered about Eren , he had been living with them for 5 months.

During that time she spent with him , she noticed that he would always look out the window with a wistful smile. She'd ask him and he'd shake his head and say "Am just flying around the sky with my thoughts" When she'd ask him what he was saying , he'd just smile and point at the birds with a peaceful expression.

The peaceful expression she saw was a huge contrast to what she saw when he first came here, bloody and traumatized, she noticed that he was trying to help his parents when shot.

But when he retold his story, his expression turned from hopeful to blank with shock. Whenever they hang out they would sit on a mat and they'd look at the clouds, thinking about what they looked like.

Or they'd talk about things in the forest but she specifically never brought up Shiganshina so she made sure not to. Because it might go to the discussion on his parents. In the 5 months , she saw that his face was always sullen but changed whenever they talked to him about something interesting or he saw something intriguing or as he would look out the window.

His face would change to happy and peaceful , though that was rare on its own . His voice was soft as he talked and she heard as he talked very keenly as he never talked unless he was talked to.

He also helped Mikasa with her chores , he cut the vegetables , helped with the firewood and he did extra by helping her father with the hunting . Before he would help him with bringing the hunt but recently he also hunted some rabbits with her father's guidance. She wanted to come and help but her father said that she'll cook with her mother the food so it was in equal balance.

Many things changed in her household when he entered. She now shared her bedroom with Eren , it was a bit small to fit both but with good organization and beds that were the right size.They went into a town nearby in Wall Maria where they bought him necessities that he needed. Though it was months ago she still blushes at the concept of being in a room with Eren because she quite shy to staying with him.

They also had to buy extra food and supplies to add to the new member of the household.

When Mikasa's mother was teaching her how to do her family's embroidery , she did it and it looked very similar to her mother's , when Eren came back from hunting with her father.He complimented how she did her embroidery saying it looks like her mother's, she remembers him chuckling "Like Mother like daughter"

Mikasa blushes subconsciously on what he said ,she always does whenever she remembers.

Sighing why does she blush like a person with a crush.

She remembered how he said that she looked like her mother she supposed it was true cause when they were side by side you could see similarities.

She liked Eren's presence in the house.

She often wondered how bored or lonely she'd normally be without Eren with her so she's grateful for his presence but not with circumstances given.

She wouldn't know what to do if her parents died the way his did.

"You sure are taking a liking to washing plates"

These words pulled Mikasa from her thoughts of Eren , she turned around .

Speak of the devil - there he is. She almost dropped the plate she was holding before a blush of embarrassment over came her skin and she looked away in an attempt to cool the situation.

He just laughed with a smile when she saw him, she was surprised that she was the one who brought out his smile.

Eren came over and checked the plates and said"I think you have done enough"

"Yeah I guess so"

He gestured to go outside the kitchen, she put the plates down and went beside him as they went out the room.

She felt that she could ask him about Shiganshina so she started. "So Eren do you want to go to Shiganshina again ? " she said carefully.

He looked thoughtful before he said "Yeah I want to see Armin again"

"Armin ?"

"He's a friend of mine he's super smart and knows about the outside world" he said smiling.

"The outside world?" she echoed with curiosity seeping through the words , what was the Outside World.

"Yah the outside world beyond the walls where there is a lake so big filled with so much salt that no merchant can ever finish taking it out in forever and it's also so deep that you can't see the bottom"

"Wow , that's deep and salty too"

"Yah I want to go with Armin one day to see the world beyond the walls maybe you can come with us" Mikasa's eyes widened and looked at him with surprise.

"You'll let me go outside with you"

"Well ya you treated me like family so I guess this is my way of saying thanks but don't get a ahead of yourself I haven't even gone outside but I do plan to with you and  Armin together.

Mikasa's face really brightened with his words , she wanted to say that he didn't need to but her words were still in her throat when her mother said "Mikasa get ready you and Eren are going to Shiganshina for a small visit "

Perhaps, they were listening in on their discussion. Eren looked surprised but looked very grateful at the mention of Shiganshina , to him it meant going to Armin and seeing Armin's grandpa.

So Eren jumped with joy while Mikasa was blushing and rushed to get dressed.

Eren waited for Mikasa to get her clothes and dress but he was just sitting so he could think of what would happen when he goes back.Mikasa went to their room and took out the clothes needed and went to the bathroom .

She took a quick shower and changed into the clothes that she wanted to wear on her visit.

And Eren went in after her , he did the same too.

Then they both took the towels they used and put them in the water containers , they were going to take the towels then they will put the towels to dry.

They were also going to take the clothes they were using from before were put in a water container or were put in the closet.

Depending on how clean the clothes were , since they were moderately clean they took them into the closet.

Mikasa smiled at how quickly Eren adapted to her way of life because living in Shiganshina , a busy town and living in her quiet mountain house are very different so she was glad.

Eren was already rushing outside while Mikasa's father walked them to the Shiganshina's district.

Mikasa was just excited but wasn't as jumpy , she was excited to see where he grew up for those 8 years of his life.

They were going through the forests so Eren was slowly losing his excitement as he was nearing the clearing. Mikasa's father noticed so he took another route where they didn't go through the clearing.

While they were walking Mikasa and her father asked on what happens in Shiganshina , Eren  was talking excitedly about how beautiful and loud Shiganhsina is , he said that he knew all the routes to Shiganshina.


They were reaching the gate that opened to Shiganshina , when they entered Mikasa's father then looked at Eren and asked "Eren,yu are in charge of Mikasa and yourself okay so  you will behave responsibly in this town"

Eren then nodded "I promise to behave responsibly here and I will take care of both of us"

"So I trust you and Mikasa can do what you want with this pocket money am giving you"giving them each an equal amount of pocket money " but spend it wisely , you two will be picked up by me at the late evening here "

They both nodded at his words and Eren said "I promise we'll be back here at late evening , uncle"

"Okay go have fun you two" Eren then tugged at Mikasa and pointed towards a direction running ,she followed and she saw a boy with gold locks of hair in a coconut styled hair.

He was clutching a red book with gold decorated on it ,he seemed to be a bit bruised with tears brimming his eyes.

Eren ran towards him and shouted "Armin !"

"Are you okay ?" The boy whose name was supposedly Armin , looked up at the mention of his name and his face morphed from mopey to surprised then relief.

The boy then walked over to Eren and Mikasa with tears flowing from his eyes , he went and reached to Eren with open arms .

"You ! You're alive we all thought you died along with your parents , Eren " Armin said with a teary smile.

They hugged and Mikasa felt a little left out but she was pulled into the hug , Armin later said that he was thankful to her since she accepted Eren into her family and he added that he was part of the group then.

Eren wanted to know about his bruises but Armin insisted that they should focus on the fact that Eren was alive and well.

They wanted to catch up but Armin decided that they go to his house where they discussed what happened when Eren was away.

They both found out that Eren's house was supposed to be given to Eren but in the case that Eren was to inherit it.

But since he was assumed dead they gave it to a close family friend known as the Aislinn's , apparently they didn't actually take it instead they kept it in the state it was in.

Though Hannes and Armin would always visit to clean it up, every 2 days.

So it was left abandoned if you aren't wordy about it , Hannes and Armin were very sad about it .

It was a huge blow to them so they didn't bring it up.

Eren and Mikasa was quite happy for different reasons , Mikasa because Eren still had friends and his house was still in tact. Eren because Armin and Hannes would always clean his house every 2 days and the fact that he was missed he always thought that he would not be missed.

"Can I see my house then ?" Eren questioned .

Armin smiled cheekily and took out a key that was hidden in his shirt , "We can go visit".

So they all went as a trio into his house and both Armin and Mikasa agreed subconsiously that they wouldnt say anything since he needed time.

Though they still followed him as he walked around.

To Eren it felt surreal as if he was walking through the memories stored in each room with clarity and precision as he walked .

Everything as they did then before they left , he could even smell the lingering scent of the cheese burgers his mother made for him the day before.

He went in the kitchen and almost called to his mother but he stopped himself before he could.

His heart clenched at the thought of his mother and her good cheese burgers that he will never eat again instead he felt hot streams of tears run down his face.

He wanted to cry out to the world asking why his mother and father died but he held himself back.

He lost his family but he found a new one not that they replaced his old ones rather they are there for him.

Maybe that's why he collapsed onto the floor and he was crying tears of both joy and sorrow , both Armin and Mikasa ran towards him with concern.

And he responded with a teary smile and pulled them both to a hug and he said "Thank you so much for being there for me when am down thank you for caring for me even when am gone thank you so much for being a family to me"

They both responded with another hug and they smiled together.

As they came out of the hug , Eren sighed and Armin and Mikasa removed the tears with great care. "I wished that I could stay here at my house in Shiganshina it brings back memories and I-I miss Armin "then he jumped saying, "I mean I like it in your house Mikasa but I like it in Shiganshina but I greatly appreciate what you guys did for me in such rough times"

"Thank you, Mikasa and Armin "he added.

They decided they'd clean up the house but Eren said not the basement since Eren said that he didn't want to disobey his father's wishes , so they left it alone.

As they were going out Armin turned to lock the door and said "Let's explore Shiganshina"

They spent the rest of the day exploring and going around Shiganshina till it was time and they said goodbye to Armin.

When they met up with Mikasa's father they walked up the hill, though the day was ending Eren still had a smile and a cheery vibe in the end , a big contrast to how he was before .

"Welcome home please eat dinner you two," Mikasa's mother said invitingly.

Eren quickly ate dinner and went up to sleep since he was very tired after going through today from mental , emotional and very physically tired.

So he slept like a log while Mikasa went to her parents and they looked surprised to see her but they welcomed her, to the dining table as they ate themselves.

" when we were in Shiganshina he seemed very happy and here he is a little bored or sullen "she said quietly as she gathered her thoughts.

Her parents looked thoughtful at what they heard from her and they let out a relieved smile

"Well we were thinking of moving into Shiganshina because we were thinking of opening a business there for vegetables and since Eren coming here increased costs for living "

"So we will be moving into Shiganshina in two weeks we were hoping that we could use Eren's old house for the thing but we have to talk to him about it"

Mikasa really felt happy since Eren can actually seem happier about things.

She was tempted to go up and tell him about the news but he was very tired and needed his sleep for the 2 weeks.


Coria is helping her mother with her stall and she wonders if she can be anything big when she grows up since her dreams...

Though they seem simple aren't simple ,they are ambitious .

She wants to grow up and find a suitable job that will make her rich enough to move her family to  Wall Rose , since she felt that Shiganshina was the most vulnerable district to live in.

Though she really appreciated the Survey Corps effort to explore the world beyond the walls, she admired them for that , but not everyone can join them so she canceled it out in her head.

She knew her mother would have her head on a plate, since she'd go on and on about how she wouldn't want her baby girl to die and she'd bring up Aunt Carla's recounts on the scouts.

Aunt Carla was someone she had heard of but had never met until a few months ago, turns out she was a really nice person  that made tasty cheeseburgers for her.

She was told by Aunt Carla that she looked like her mom , she was really surprised by what she said that day.

Apparently she looked like her mom but her mother looked more beautiful than her so she avoided saying they looked similar. They both had emerald green eyes with black locks of hair to compliment them with an upbeat attitude to bring everyone's mood up.

But she still wanted them safe because they were in Shiganshina.

They were the ones with the most potential to get attacked by the titans, she wanted to move her family to somewhere safe.

And she also wanted to open an animal shelter , a resort and a charity that helped people who were struggling.

But those dreams weren't going anywhere, they were just stuck in her head .


Her mother looked at her when she was washing some fruits and asked "What's going on"

"I just feel like my dreams are just too big for this town "

"How come "

"Well the dreams I have are a bit too big and nothing here can correspond to that dream."

She looked at her and breathed in and out and said " You have to be patient and am sure you're dreams will work out okay"

She smiled at her mom she decided she couldn't work out every thing in one go.

She was still 8 years old , she had time.



-2 weeks later-

It was a cold morning so when they woke up their faces felt cold but it wasn't enough to  dampen their mood.

Mikasa was up and early as she took her bags with Eren doing the same he had been informed of it and agreed to let them use his house.

As they boarded the carriage to Shiganshina her parents were left behind with the other bags and food.

They entered Shiganshina quickly since it was very close , they saw Armin waving at them with big eyes and a beautiful wide smile.

They hopped out of the carriage with great ease and very jump with excitement , they went to Eren's house and they were talking all the way.

Eren took out a key,that he had been given by Armin,and opened up the door when they entered it looked the same as before so it felt nice to his heart.

They started putting the bags and decorative needed in the house, Eren specifically put a carpet on top of the door to the basement.

Mikasa watched on in silence as he did that she suspected that he still wanted to respect his father's wishes for the basement.

When the carriage driver was taking out the bags and luggage , Armin , Mikasa and Eren put the things that were in the bag around the house but those that had clothes and private property .

They took those inside the master bedroom , Eren's voice hitched at entering .

He never entered here when they visited before but it smelled like his mom and dad, however there wasn't any clothes in the closet.

Mikasa's mother and father came bustling through the aging wooden doors.

They smiled when they entered they said "It's good that you three put everything up for us thank you "

Armin said, "It's o-kay we didn't mind " with large innocent eyes it made the couple coo.

They then moved in smoothly , though it took a few weeks to get used to the busy and very noisy city of Shiganshina.

The transition from a quiet cabin in the forest to a house in a busy town was a slow and smooth one.

They quickly got accustomed to the town, Armin's constant bullying and Eren's strong way of removing the boys that bully Armin.

Ironically , Eren was the one who would treat Armin's wounds since he used to go with his father when such incidents took place but his way was a bit more personalized.

However when he was given offers to heal others like Armin he declined saying that he didn't want to be a doctor instead wanted to be a soldier.

Mikasa and Armin and her family were surprised and scared they tried talking him out of it but Eren was not moved by what they were saying.

Mikasa sighs as she recounts these events she knows he wont change like that he's too focused on one thing but what bugged her mind was which regiment since she saw that liked the scouts. She also saw the death rate at the scouts, their mortality rate is very high and most of them don't have successful so she worries.

She worries that the boy who had entered her quiet life will disappear as suddenly as he appeared. She honestly doesn't want that she loathes for the day she will have to be the one  who gets his cloak and badge and she's told he died .

She holds her knees tightly as this enters her head, she wants to sleep but as she looks at Eren's sleeping form at the bed beside her.

She knows that even if she puts all her power, she knows that she wont be able to stop his death. But all she can do is spend time with him with the time they have left.

Chapter Text

2 Weeks Later

Armin was walking in a daze , he felt weird since he didn't understand what was going on .


First, he thought Eren's whole family was killed and shot dead but then now Eren's back but with a girl , who has very unique features.


The girl who was named Mikasa was a really kind and obedient girl, he was thinking of something fun they could do together as a trio.


Though he felt that Mikasa and Eren were a bit closer since they would always get wood together and Eren would nap a bit then Mikasa so they each collected wood alternatively.


Eren started doing his usual antics of rushing to save Armin but he just ended beaten up so after the regular , he ended up having to take Eren to Mikasa.She started learning to be a 'nurse',since she was taking care of Eren whenever he needed her . 


Mikasa's parents were constantly scolding him on the fact that he never picked his fights wisely,it felt like nothing really changed since Carla and Grisha were quite the same.


But Armin just thinks that its only because of the fact that she watches closely whenever he gets patched up by Eren.


He was happy that Eren though orphaned he got a family in Mikasa's family.


He felt at ease in this world , he felt relaxed with how life was moving in this Earth.He wished it lasted longer , but in his heart as he gazed at the shapes of the changing clouds.


As Armin continued walking he heard a muffled sound come from his right as he turned , he felt that he almost lost his soul.

Armin saw Mikasa being taken away in an alleyway by a bunch of thugs , his eyes widened .


Panic went rumbling to his stomach , Mikasa looked desperately for help at Armin's direction, so he quickly looked through this situation.


And saw that it would be best to tell someone he trusted under normal circumstances he would have alerted Mikasa's parents or Armin's grandpa but...


They were on a trip in Sina for some reason , the trio asked why but they just smiled it off .


He didn't like that smile , it just churned his belly that while they were away something would happen.


The only option available was to ask Mr.Hannes or a garrison regiment or a Military.Police but the garrison were mostly drunk and wouldn't help since they would laugh it off.The M.P's would  take too long and Mikasa would probably be dead or already far off.


His only option was to inform Eren since he was the only one he could trust at this point.

The thoughts of Eren , the hot-headed boy , he was asleep in the room he and Mikasa  shared.


Said boy just woke up and as he was towards the washroom to remove the crust of his eyes , he is pounced on by this tumbling blonde person.


Whose name was to be remembered as Armin , as he looked at him the boy was panting and was looking red with a really panicked expression.


The boy was on top of him shivering and trembling as he was on top of him.


Eren decided that he hated this expression Armin was showing him with these ludicrous eyes.


"E-eren it's Mikasa s-she..."


Armin started panting but he looked at Eren again then he said"She was kidnapped by a bunch of thugs! She was kidnapped at the alleyway of the second street down across the forest"


Eren furrowed his eyebrows then looked at Armin shaking his head and he said "You're lying "


"Am not  she is actually kidnapped , Eren Believe Me !" he shouted with a tearstained face, 


Eren suddenly forgot that he needed to wash his eyes but he did remember that he needed to run and more.


So he was zipping around the house looking around for thing s he felt that he needed.


He took his scarf as it getting to night time so he quickly put it on since he didn't want to  get cold.


As he took the supplies , Armin was surprised at his sudden actions and as he ran.

Armin just realized something ."Wait! You are being reckless"


But he saw his window of opportunity was quickly thrown out as he was racing out at a speed faster than any human he usually sees.


So he was convinced Eren was running on purely adrenaline at that point, Armin was more scared than was now since he may lose both friends on one day .


Reminding him of he lost Eren on that one day so he  went to his room and just cried in his room .


A ravenette was currently being combed by her aunt but she couldn't register aunt's combing since she was watching something with her aunt.


She was watching a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes , she was being picked on by a bunch of boys they were throwing rocks at her relentlessly.


While she was watching she kept on hearing the words ' Big brother will come !' , she felt those words too.


Coria felt that her big brother, not Marcus.Would come rushing in with fury lacing his trace and he say "Leave my sister alone you bastards"


She could feel him , he was running but not towards the blonde haired girl nor the green eyed ravenette , but to someone else .


The blonde and her were alike and they were two sides of the same coin , her aunt knew this as she was watching with her.


Coria knew that her aunt was involved or at least knowledgeable in this as she heard her tears , to whom she was crying for would remain a mystery to her .


But  she felt more connected to her aunt than her mother, Musa , though it was obvious she would never tell her oblivious mother . She knew her aunt knew this as well because they were like mother and daughter when they found each other.


She saw the blonde girl in the mirage her mot- aunt  created was her, she was the girl who was screeching out was her.


They were going to be reunited soon but that would be after Coria dies.


Eren was running faster than he ever ran , as he was running.


His thoughts were racing as he thought of what he should do, he didn't know since he felt the urge to go rescue his little sister when he left. But clearly that wasn't the case instead it felt wrong calling Mikasa his little sister someone else was supposed to be called that.But who ?


What he was thinking was that since she was captured near the forest it would be more logical to go into there since he doubted they could go too far since Wall Maria is very big.


Moving from Shiganshina to Wall Maria would be very exhausting to the resources they would have.


Since Wall Maria is a very big land so he knew traveling like that would take time and effort and they wouldn't be dumb enough to go farther.


He was being very observant as he was running to check if there were any tracks or anything he could use to follow her.


He was using the lessons he learnt from Mikasa's father as Eren looked for domestic animals like horses , rabbits etc.


But other times he looked for wild animals like bucks , he and Mikasa's father actually never hunted them down instead they just tracked them down and observed them from a good distance . That doesn't harm the animals in their natural habitats.


He saw some horse-tracks along the way from the second street alley way, so as he continued he was almost finished at the horse track.


As he followed slowly , he reached a place with some horse parked a bit far.


A sign that there are people nearby.


He decided he should go to the nearest house , so as he went decided to knock so he  could kill two birds with the same stone.


He looked more innocent if he knocked and he would get to know who was there.


As the door creaked open with some hinges creaking on its own.


Must be old he thought


A hulking man appeared with a glint on his eye, he felt scared but Eren decided to look more innocent by forcibly shivering with fear and he made himself get some tears on his eyes.


The hulking man was averagely tall and he had a stain on his pants , he had blonde hair, he had an intimidating posture that he didn't like at all.


The man was threatening at first but Eren caught eye of Mikasa lying there so he didn't need to go .


Why would they kidnap Mikasa? He thought that maybe it was because she had exotic features .


He felt a tug at his chest , as he saw her tied up with rope tied around her arms and legs.He felt rage at those- those BEASTS .


Who do they think they are to steal people's children, tie them up and most probably sell them to some perverted weirdos . He knew they were child traffickers, he didn't like them one bit.


He felt like vomiting as he didn't like what was going on here. 


So he caught some of what he was saying .

"-get out of here !"


Eren took a step a back and said "I-I got lost from my f-father so I saw this cabin so I decided to c-come here so can I s-stay"


He hoped he looked innocent , or else if it went down hill he'd have to use the big guns.


The man turned around and looked back, his frightening demeanor  turned to a friendly smile.


"Well kid I don't think you shouldn't  be getting lost here since there ware wolves in the area why don't you stay with us for a bit"


Bastard of Humanity! Shit head!  Fuckers that deserve to die in hell !


"Thank you very much sir but I think my face will be the very last thing yo-"


A flash of metal came out of nowhere and Eren slashed through the chest of the guy , the guy had a quick death and he collapsed blood oozing through his body just like his mother.


How unfortunate but he didn't feel bad because they weren't human but beasts in the disguise of humans.


That's why he felt nothing at all but he was quickly taken back into reality when the second guy was howling with pain .


He knew that pain so he quickly closed the door as he entered the closet door he made a spear like thing , as he attached the knife he had with the broom.


Bastards I'll kill you 


Then as he saw the man rushing towards him he let out a battle cry and stabbed him , he stabbed him over and over again.


The man this time was fat , and had a slow reaction time to his attacks on him.


With the same saying 'bastards' ,'animals', 'beasts


As he finished he looked at Mikasa guiltily "Mikasa, am sorry you had to see that"


She looked at him and asked in a tone that made him feel guilty since he wondered what she had to see but he smelled something that smelled like something died.


As he was cutting off her restraints he saw a corpse which was naked, it was a female that leaking a white liquid from her nether region.Her mouth also the same a white liquid leaking with no end.


Bastards should die


She had blood coming out of her chest since she was cut ,her eyes were leaking of tears,her eyes bore a lifeless feel since she was dead.


Dead because of these annoying pests that weren't supposed to be alive he thinks that this was what Mikasa saw.He felt that he wanted vomit .


"Wasn't there a third one " as Mikasa loosened up her restraints.


Like a weird coincidence the third one actually comes in, he was taller than his companions and a bit more lankier.


And he looked around at the mess and Eren noticed his error as he dashed for the knife but he was kicked off by the man to the wall , his stomach hurt a bunch.


But the man grabbed onto him hysterically shouting "I'll kill you for killing them"


He was held in a choke, he looked at Mikasa with desperation as he shouted the very words that would change her life as it was.He felt that t


"Mika-sa do something take the knife and kill him"


Mikasa was shivering with fear she couldn't do anything ,she wanted to help but she cant.She cant kill someone , she just couldn't .Her face of blankness broke into a face that showed fear for her life and Eren's life.


She was shivering but Eren's next words truly moved her into her Ackerman initiation.

"Mikasa you have  to fight -" Drool was going down

"If you can't fight you lose or die-,"

He was losing his vision of sight .

"If you fight you might win and survive but if y-ou don't it's be...tter,-" 

He felt like worn out shit.

"Because its kill or be killed right NOW"


He was about to slip away from consciousness when he heard a war cry with  the sound of wood breaking .


The grip the man had was lost and Eren dropped to the floor gasping for precious air holding his throat gently , he forgot Mikasa's presence and once he decided he felt a bit better.


He pushed the large man off and sat a bit far off from the man.


He looked up to his savior and he saw Mikasa looking down at him with a bloody knife dripping with small drops, she looked blank , non-chalant .


He felt bad about it because she lost her  a bit of her light, her beautiful innocence that was crippling down to smaller pieces.He felt a bit guilty as he listed down all the things that had to happen for it to reach that point.


She was kidnapped  by thugs ,she was hit judging from her bruise on her cheek, she witnessed rape and murder ,she saw him kill two men and then she herself killed a man.


He felt more guilty what was he supposed to tell her parents that he went and killed a bunch a dudes then he told Mikasa to kill one, and to add on to that she witnessed rape she wasn't as innocent as before.


But he felt his body stand up slowly and looked at her then he told her "Mikasa,let clean our clothes and go back to our house"


Mikasa looked a bit relieved through her mask , he wondered why but decided he should be gentle with her since he may damage her mental state.Since after what happened it was in a very delicate state.


So Eren guided both of them outside as he had a hunch that there as a tap of water outside so as he guided her , he let her wash off the majority of the blood, then Eren went .


Mikasa was shivering as she felt the cold of the night seeping in , she started seeing the moon glowing brightly with some stars accompanying it.She saw Eren washing off his blood with ease then at that moment she felt that he looked nice in the slivery flow of the moonlight.


She remembered how Eren's words motivated her , she remembered them .


She remembered how it awakened a feeling in her she felt that she was in perfect control she felt that she knew how exactly to kill someone with decapitation, torture and other ways.


But her cold thoughts turned warm when she felt a scarf being wrapped around her in a careless but thoughtful manner , she saw Eren he said "It's warm right so now you wont shiver"


The World Is Cruel But Very Beautiful she thought as hot salty tears poured down  her cold cheeks .


Her cheeks felt warm from the string of warm tears she smiled "Let's go home now ,Mikasa"


She felt a tug down her sleeve , it was Eren's hand telling her to go .


She wanted to tell him about the murder, the suspects and the possibility of jail but she kept to herself as Eren was still tugging her sleeve, she didn't tell him instead followed him.


And decided she didn't want to put Eren in such a position , so she'll protect him diligently and at all costs. 


They returned home and showered and ate at Mr.Hannes place, they were asked many questions by  Armin who was showing his concern said they shouldn't mention anything to anyone.


Mikasa stayed non-chalant  even when her parents came they asked what's wrong because they looked at Mikasa's face.But Eren and Armin said that Mikasa's face was being normal and wasn't upset at all .

They had shadows on their faces as they said it,Eren looked more convincing than Armin since he was being timid but Eren covered it all up in a very convincing way.


Mikasa was now a very silent girl but she doesn't hesitate to go after Armin's bullies every time,but her change also lead to Eren shouting at her if she helped him and her giving him witty, poker-faced comebacks.



Chapter Text

A trio of different personalities , backgrounds and households were laying under the relaxing shade of the tree , where they were in Wall Maria taking a break after putting the firewood needed in the house.

Armin can easily space out during conversations with his friends , but they'd bring him back with a quick grin from Eren , a gesture to Mikasa and a very close whisper to the ear by Mikasa.

"What are you daydreaming about"

Her hot breath against his usually frigid ear that it makes him jump slightly ,Mikasa usually moves before he hits her.

Then Eren says 'You're doing it again' and Armin asks what he is doing again before he laughs gently and smacks his head.

Mikasa looks at him feigning disinterest and points at him "That".

It was the trio's daily routine .

Armin decided he liked that routine , it felt nice how Mikasa easily slid into the ways of Armin Arlert and Eren Yeager.

He smiled absentmindedly as he felt that familiar hot breath against his ear and he would hear her say those words with such disinterest .

He wondered what happened when she was kidnapped but he felt that he shouldn't pry because he remembered how bloody and nonchalant she was the time she came.

"What are you daydreaming about"

But even though her voice had disinterest he could hear how she was amused by his constant spacing out, Eren was also faintly smiling as he was the one who initiated the routine .

"Y'know what we should call this" Eren said as he watched Armin and Mikasa.

He coughed into his fisted hand and then he said slowly and he tried to be angelic and cool. "Armin's late wake up call by hot breath"

A giggle was heard from the most unexpected place as both boys turned to see Mikasa pulling her scarf up to muffle a giggle that they heard.

Eren and Armin looked both equally confused and surprised since Mikasa rarely laughed nor even giggled after what happened 7 months ago.

So when Mikasa finally calmed down after her fit of giggles , she saw Eren and Armin staring at her wordlessly.

She looked as if she never was laughing instead she hadn't been laughing instead she just looked blankly at objects that Eren not Armin could see or hear.

When she looked at you her eyes looked like a murky lake that hides something no-one could see. Armin often wondered what she thought these days , but he respected her enough to not analyze her thoroughly and know exactly what she was thinking.

Besides she was the one who actually helped him whenever bullies were around.

"What" came her reply.

"Well y-you never actually giggle a lot s-so..."Armin trailed off since he wanted to continue but her eyes seemed to darken with something Armin couldn't see.

"So I can't laugh now" Mikasa's reply came swiftly with a cold tone.

Armin was worried that he was going to lose Mikasa's friendship forever .

So Eren quickly took the reins of the situation before it could get out of hand and simply stated it bluntly ,"Mikasa , you don't always laugh a lot , we kinda assume that you don't laugh so we were just surprised but that doesn't mean you go rough on Armin so apologize "

Armin was surprised by what he was hearing since he thought he was the one who was supposed to apologize .

But the ravenette's eyes were already upon him.

Mikasa was taken a back by what Eren told her but she set her eyes on Armin and quietly apologized with a tone of concern.

"Armin,am sorry I don't know what came over me" She watched Armin with apologetic eyes and Armin returned those eyes with an easy smile and said "I need to apologize too since I didn't phrase my words well and may have offended you Mikasa"

Suddenly both of them were pulled into a big huddle, where they saw it to be Eren, he held them there for a good 5 minutes before they all pulled away.It felt nice and warm while they were held in his comforting embrace that yelled 'I care and love you guys ' in the art that is known as Eren Yeager. The art that Mikasa and Armin have observed carefully and whenever their art was being tugged away into something dangerous, they took him back because they cared about him.And since they spent a long time together they understood him , every tear (cut ), every new colour on his canvas , every new piece onto the canvas.

They understood all of it so they quietly knew what was happening.

When they pulled apart Eren looked at both of them and said " We will all go beyond the walls and onto the sea right"

He held both of their hands tightly as he looked at the walls when he held their delicate hands , Armin thought that this was Eren's way of saying 'We'll stay together right"

Mikasa's hand went to her scarf and she smiled lightly and said"Yes together".

Mikasa at his side with Armin on his other side.

A tell tale sound rang as Eren was rising up very quickly with excitement.

"It's the scouts come on you two let's go check them out"

Eren was running very quickly making it hard for Armin to catch up but Mikasa didn't seem to have that much trouble as she seamlessly caught up to Eren.

They went through the many forests that was in Wall Maria , then they went past the small village in Wall Maria.

If they were looking for a place to take a scenic route , Wall Maria's land would be the optimal option for the route.

Many civilians were throwing curses at them as the trio was running past them since they were bustling through them and Armin was sheepishly telling them sorry even though it wouldn't do a thing.

Then they made it past the gate that connected Wall Maria and Shiganshina together , then they saw crowds gathering on the streets.

They were all whispering and glancing around with nervous faces and others with angry faces, the trio wasn't too bothered since it was normal for the scouts to be welcomed like that.

Eren was having a hard time looking at them as well as Armin since they both wanted to see the scouts return

.Mikasa however didn't care as much but did care enough to pretend to care.

So she looked around in slow motions and saw three crates that were high enough for all three of them to look at the scouts without much problem.

They were in front of the houses , and the crowds didn't notice them.

So she tugged at both of them and pointed at the 3 crates ,and she went to the crates as they wordlessly followed her.

They climbed on them and looked at the scouts needless to say they saw the scouts gallop on their horses with deep and grim expressions.

It made Eren feel a bit bad since he felt that they were the only ones who were more closer to seeing the ocean than anyone was .They were the ones who wanted change, who wanted to scout the world for what it was ,who were ready to give their lives for even a taste at freedom. The people who have faced much greater sorrow than anyone Eren has ever seen , hide a hidden determination to stop the Titan's way of making them extinct .

He felt inspired by that determination inside within he liked that.

He admired them for that he was ready to do the same he looked at his best (and only) friends and thought I want to join the scouts so we can all see the Ocean together.

Mikasa was quiet throughout the whole time ,the same eyes that had flared on Armin.

Her murky lake eyes that were an abyss to him, he saw her eyes darken.

The scouts had hollow faces with dead eyes as if they had already been dead, Armin sometimes thought that they were dead but he felt that it would be rude to think like that. Since he felt that it would be hard to see the hear the agonizing screams of their comrades then they'd see their limbs be teared apart by the anomalies known as Titans. He was surprised that they hadn't snapped instead they just became people who carry death's burden.

He knew that Eren admired them ,for the fact that they were brave people ,in wordless manner.

Maybe Mikasa was feeling scared because of that fact so Armin thought that maybe it was the reason for her weird outbursts.

After the scouts pass with their horses galloping quieting down to a large degree.

The trio all felt bored for some reason, they felt the terrible tug of boredom in their stomach so Eren felt that they should visit the orphanage. He wanted to give some guidance to the orphans since he felt the same but he wasn't going to say he fully understood them.

Because if he did then he wouldn't have been adopted by the Ackerman family and would have been in an orphanage himself.

So he turned to his friends and voiced out his idea so that it could be made into reality "Hey guys let's all go to the orphanage so we can befriend them"

Mikasa had an immediate reaction that showed her concern with a quick soft whisper "Eren, a-are you are you sure that you want to go there I mean wouldn't you uh how would you..."

"The scouts are so cool" 

Eren's attention turned to the person who muttered that to his surprise the person felt familiar to him but he pushed those thoughts away since when did you find people who appreciated the scouts.

She had black raven hair with green eyes , she was smiling about them he knew that feeling well.

"You like the scouts too."

The girl turned to him with a smile and she said " Yeah I think its amazing how stubborn they are in the face of defeat y'know "

"Yeah I feel the same way I've been thinking that maybe I might join the scouts"

The girl looked thoughtful before saying " Are you sure y'know not everyone is qualified to be a scout not in official terms but in psychological, emotional"

Eren was hit with a wave of reality , he never actually thought of that way or perspective of looking he just thought he could.

"Well I never really thought of it that way..."

The girl grinned and said" Good thing I told you but if you think you can handle it go for it I'd support you"

"Thanks am glad you support me you're the only one "

The girl didn't flinch she just looked down at the ground with a sad expression, she understood why though but she will support him.

"I will support you don't worry"

"Hey do you want to go to the orphanage with me and my friends"

The girl looked at him and blinked "You don't even know my name "

"So, I became friends with people before without knowing their names"

She smiled and introduced herself " My name's Coria Crassus and you"

"My name is Eren Yeager"

"Your name has a nice ring to it"

He smiled in response to her comment, he turned to find his friends still rambling about It. He liked their concern but he was surprised he lasted this long.

He snapped his fingers in front of them and they were put back to their senses and they asked what they were talking about. He decided he didn't want to worry them  again so he changed the topic to Coria , she was standing on a crate looking at them with a crack of a smile.

She jumped off the wooden crate and greeted them with a wave of her hand still cracking a small smile. Mikasa couldn't help but feel okay with the girl they were seeing she saw her as someone who could be her sister, Armin felt different though he saw her as someone who could be a good friend that he could trust.

"Hello my  name is Coria Crassus what about you two"

The two of them introduced themselves with a gentle smile while Eren was watching approvingly, he thought it was nice to have someone in their group.

"Guys can we finally go to the orphanage"

They all looked at him and Coria said "Yeah lets go I've got nothing else to do today" 

So they started walking...

Through narrow stone streets , going around bustling markets , jumping on stones in lakes.

And Eren decided to do contest of a race to who could go to the orphanage first, and he asked them about it and they decided they don't mind about it so they ran together, even Armin surprisingly.

Eren  was wondering how they kept up while he ran along, was an anomaly that needed to be studied more than any titans.

When they reached the orphanage on the outermost parts of Shiganshina district, it made it a really weird orphanage but he didn't mind too much .

An orphanage was an orphanage though he did feel that most orphanages he'd come across were really sad. Since most children are mistreated and aren't fed that well so he didn't like them too much.

He was honestly surprised that his friends looked astonished at the state of the orphanage.He then turned and pointed towards the orphanage.But they were panting heavily well only Armin , Eren and Coria ,Mikasa wasn't panting she was just looking at them and was waiting until they were fully okay.

Once she deemed it okay for them to walk , stand she held pulled them up gently and slowly while asking if they were okay.

A guard stood by in a wooden hut with a watchful eye as the trio approached .She straightened herself up and asked them with a watchful gaze "What er ye kids doin here"(Im trying to make an accent sorry if its rude)

"We just want to see the kids in the orphanage just to greet them"Armin quickly came up with a reply that left Mikasa, Eren and even Coria surprised.

She just chuckled heartily and nodded on to them.

Eren then quickly dashed off to the gates that creaked to them , they were welcoming them to the orphanage with the creaking sound they gave off as they moved.

As he went and opened the whining rusty gates of the orphanage, as he entered he felt a shiver overcome him as he walked in. He saw that the orphanage had a gloomy feel to it as he saw mist and fog go over the stone orphanage.

The three who accompanied him followed him as he entered the orphanage with a twinge fear, as they saw the dark ribbons in the corridor, he saw the walls and they were curling off their paint.

He felt more scared then he was until he heard the voice of children's laughter. He felt a lot better since he was beginning to think that the place was abandoned , but hearing the voice of laughter that was hearty and fluffy felt nice and peaceful to both Mikasa and Eren's ears.

As they entered the room where they heard the lovely laughter , they saw children racing around outside in a backyard .

They looked cheerful and free when they were playing in their own make-believe worlds of imagination . Some where playing a game that looked like the game he and Armin used to play , it seems so far away with everything that had happened, he remembered how his face was pouting the whole day and Armin was telling him how he could be Humanity too and they'd imagine the titan. But Eren said he would be a Big Friendly Titan (BFG-reference) where he would help Humanity for good and he'd go beyond the ocean with Armin.

He saw other kids napping on the shade of the tree , it reminded him of himself with Mikasa and Armin dozing the day away one snore at a time.

He also saw a few kids that were racing each other , others were playing hide n' seek but there was a trio that were on the branches of the tree.

There was a girl among them she had platinum blonde hair with icy blue eyes and a wonky nose,she had a white hoodie,and was reading a book with an expressionless face that reminded him of Mikasa's face. The girl was on the top most branch , she seemed to ignore the two boys below her.

The two boys had varying features, one boy was blonde but he had a big body with a short stature.He seemed like he was hiding something in his golden eyes , he was holding a ring with a sullen expression.

While the boy , who was tall, that was on the grass looked at his hands and tried to continuously rub them to Eren it seemed like he was trying to remove something that was unwanted or dirty.

Like blood.

Eren had felt that too after he was running from his parent's dead bodies, he remembered with great vividness how they had blood running from their wounds.

He didn't like that it hurt his eyes and his stomach , it made his eyes water and his stomach empty itself at times he almost choked on an empty stomach.

He hated it since he had been having nightmares. It was very, very vivid in his opinion that at times he'd wake up crying and shaking , while he was rubbing his hands continuously.

His train of thought stopped when he saw Armin approach them with a gentle smile , he saw Armin slowly greet them and talk in an approachable manner.

Mikasa, Eren and Coria were  following him , Eren introduced himself with understanding and Mikasa approached them wordlessly and introduced herself while Coria smiled at them energetically and introduced herself as well.

The boy who was tall eased up after Armin introduced himself.

The boy with blonde hair said he was Reiner Braun , the boy who was tall said he was Bertolt Hoover and the girl was introduced by Reiner whose name was Annie Leonhardt.

Annie noticed how Reiner was looking at Coria with longing and also was there a hint of a crush on the girl, Annie didn't say anything because that was her way of observing ,watching and keeping quiet.

They all began talking about many things and they found that they could relate to each other, relatively easily .

Since Eren got to talk to Reiner about how he can relate to him and they talked well .

Armin was talking to Bertolt about music but he found out that Bertolt didn't know too much about many musicians and instruments within the walls.

Annie and Mikasa weren't talking instead they were observing their friends doing whatever they doing , they understood that they just liked looking at their friends.While Coria went off to get some food for all of them because she insisted that their tummies were rumbling so she went out to buy some food for them.

They all appreciated what Coria was doing for them, she was nice .

Soon , Eren told Reiner how he desired to protect his friends from the cruelty of the world and from the grasp of hands that wants to take his friends away. He didn't like that he couldn't protect them so he felt useless and sad.

Reiner perked up at that and offered to teach him hand to hand combat with the master, Eren wondered who the master was , but if they were going to offer themselves up to help him he was eager to learn.

So Reiner stood up and took his hands then he said in a very wise way,"I will be your master now , so now call me master"

Then Eren stood up taking his hands and said "Master I am ready for you"

Soon they begun but since Eren didn't have enough stamina to last , Reiner suggested that he takes breaks every 10 minutes. While they were doing that they were watched by the rest of their friends they were all at ease.

Reiner was describing how the techniques for throwing the opponent with different ways , Eren was listening eagerly.

And Eren said "Am glad we met and hopefully we're friends after this "

"I think we are already friends" Eren smiled and he said with widening eyes

"Let's make our own hand-shake that looks cool and stuff"

Reiner also widened his eyes and said "We should totally do that"

So they spent a few minutes making a good one and they did a cool hand-shake with much assistance from their friends .

"It's good enough" Annie said with a smirk tugging on her mouth it made Reiner and Bertolt feel better at the moment.

Reiner 's and Eren's friends were feeling relaxed as they were watching them practice since it took their mind off things.Things they'd rather forget , things that they would want to bury in back of their minds , they liked it that way.

Annie's attention was captured by Armin when he asked politely what book she was reading , she answered 'The Boy Who Learned To Fly'.

He replied that he had read it before and thought it was an engrossing read where it had realistic situations that he saw in real-life. He then climbed on a nearby branch with Mikasa's assistance since she was already up she decided to sit on a branch that a little lower.

Annie could agree to what he was saying since it was what made her drawn into the abyss of reading this book , it was a very enthralling read. Before they knew it since it was a very lovely experience.

Coria came back and everyone saw what she brought and they asked her what it was that smelled good. She said it was her aunt's cheeseburgers she added that her aunt said that she wanted her to share so she brought them.

They soon started eating especially Eren who was eating them with such enthusiasm that he was promised more from a happy Coria, everyone enjoyed them . Mikasa and Annie warmed up to the food and people around them, Coria ate them with a pleased look while Bertolt and Reiner were looking like they were in heaven.

It was a nice experience soon it was turning a bit late so Mikasa arose from her position and climbed down. She announced in a quiet voice "It's late lets go back or else we'll be late for dinner" Armin , Eren  and Coria turned to her and decided that they should go so they went towards her, and they turned to their newly made friends and said "Goodbye we hope to see you later"

They went through the dark corridors of the orphanage and outside the orphanage's gloom, they went home feeling lighter than they had in years.

A child's laughter echoed through their dreams as the memories of the day went through their minds. Eren liked those people they understood him since even though the conversation was light-hearted, he saw deep inside hid terrifying trauma.

He liked Coria as well she reminded him of someone he swore to protect but he couldn't remember , though he didnt  bother to since the warm embrace of sleep soon came.