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The little red-haired girl came running out of the tree line on the edge of the forest. She was crying and was being very quiet as she did so. The terrible screams and the growling seemed to be right behind her. She was heading towards the river and soon it came into view. Drawing nearer to it, she noticed a small dock with a couple of canoes tied up. She carefully stepped into one and untied the rope from the metal ring that held it there.
As the gentle current began pulling the canoe away from the shore, the little girl curled up on the bottom of it.

Her sobs had given way to hiccups and a thumb found its way into her mouth. Something she had not done past the age of two. She could smell blood and fear and death. With a thumb corked tightly in her mouth, her mind was trying to process everything. She was a terrified 6-year-old girl who was trying to grasp the fact that her whole pack was probably dead. She understood what death was. Even so young, she knew that was the end.

Eventually, she fell into an exhausted sleep and when she woke, a man with a kind face was carrying her away from the river to a waiting ambulance. He set her gently on the rear of the unit between the open doors. He sat next to her and for a moment just looked at her. Then he smiled and said softly, “Hi. I’m Randy, what’s your name?” “Nicole” she replied.
“That’s a pretty name,” Randy said. “Thank you” She whispered.
After Nicole had been checked by the EMT’s, Randy slipped his jacket around her shoulders and she tipped her brown eyes up to him and he could see the fear in them. He put his hat on her head and told her she could be his little Deputy. Something twisted inside of Randy as he realized that whoever had brought this little one here was almost certainly dead.
He hunkered down beside her and as they both smiled, someone snapped a picture.

Many years later, that photo would surface and be instrumental in helping Nicole solve a mystery.

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It was 4:00 on September 20th when Nicole Haught passed the “Welcome To Purgatory” sign.
She looked at the GPS on her phone and could see that she had 6.3 miles to go and she would arrive at the house that Sheriff Nedley had told her about. He said it was in good shape and very reasonable. Nicole wired him enough for the deposit and first month's rent. She had talked to the landlady on the phone and both were satisfied with the arrangements.

As she pulled into the driveway, she sighed and was really glad the ride was over.
The 2 bedroom house was mostly furnished and also had appliances. After getting the last of her boxes from the car, Nicole brought her cat, Calamity Jane in and worked on getting her settled.
After putting all of her belongings away, she decided to go and get groceries. Passing by a bar called Shorty’s Nicole seen a beautiful woman with light brown hair going inside of it.

Wow, she thought. I have to find out who that lovely lady is.
Nicole figured she could ask the Sheriff Monday when she started working as a Deputy.
After getting home and putting all the groceries away, she noticed it was almost fully dark.
She decided to go for a run. Nicole drove to the edge of the forest there and parked her car.
Stripping all of her clothes off, she tossed them in the front seat and put her keys under the floor mat. As soon as she walked between the trees she shifted quietly and painlessly.

There was a full moon, but she did not need it to shift. She raced through the forest and just enjoyed the night and all the different smells. Suddenly, she came upon a clearing and tried stopping quickly when she seen 4 wolves resting there. She skidded on the loose dirt and slid right into a brown wolf with hazel eyes. The other three were on their feet and snarling at Nicole before she knew it. The brown wolf simply met her gaze and she sensed no hostility. As she turned to face the growling alpha, Nicole lowered her head and let them know she meant no harm to anyone. Even though she too was an Alpha, she did not show aggression.


She remained that way until she felt a nose bumping hers, As she looked up, blue eyes met her brown ones and she relaxed, sensing no threat. The smaller brown wolf actually rubbed against her, resulting in scent marking. Nicole backed away and before the others could react, she turned and was running away from them.

Her scent marked me. I can’t believe that. And she smells like sunshine and lavender. I have to find out who she is.
As soon as she knew they weren’t following, Nicole threw back her head and began to howl.
She was ululating with deep loneliness. She heard an answering howl, mirroring her own lonely call and thought it might just be the brown wolf with hazel eyes. When she turned towards where she left her car, hope blossomed within her as she thought that literally running into the wolf that marked her may be a good thing.

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Nicole returned to the clearing the next night. To check and be sure no one was there, she moved silently downwind of the spot. She quickly entered it and soon got the scents of the four wolves she had encountered. The one with hazel eyes was a Beta with another scent that Nicole could not name. It was strong and pure. Like the golden sunlight streaming through her windows when the morning was still brand new. That’s what came to mind.

The blue-eyed one was an Alpha and closely related to the Beta. There was another Alpha and an Omega. The Omega was their family also. Another female. The male Alpha was not kin to the other three.
She knew that she could find them. Especially the one that had marked her.
Only a matter of time. And she could hardly wait. She returned home.
Her last thought before sleep claimed her was that she was glad to have accepted the job here in Purgatory.

Nicole’s first week flew by as she learned the way things were done and her way around town.
By the end of the second week, she was comfortable in her job and with her co-worker, Lonnie.
He was a nice guy, but a little scatterbrained.
On her way out at quitting time, Nedley stopped her and said, “Haught, you are off duty this week-end”. “Okay”, she answered.
“Go to Shorty’s tonight and mingle with some locals, ok?’ He smiled and said, “It is your homework.” Nicole returned his smile and said,” Yes, Sir”.
“Talk to the bartender, Waverly Earp; she knows this town and most of the people.”
“Super friendly, too”, He added. Nicole assured him that she would do that and left the station.

When Wynonna Earp stepped into Shorty’s a couple of hours later, the 4-6 PM Happy Hour was just ending. She spotted her sister, Waverly, wiping down the bar.
She caught her sister’s scent and looked up, giving Wynonna a subdued smile. She was glad the crowd was thinning out for awhile. The place would be packed by 9:00. Especially since it was Friday. “You okay, Baby Girl?” Waverly sighed and said, “I guess.”
She placed a bottle of whiskey and a glass in front of Wynonna. As she poured herself a drink she remarked, “You’re thinking about that Alpha again.”
“I can’t help it, Wynonna.” I get that, Waves, it’s all you’ve talked about for two weeks,” Wynonna stated.

“I can’t believe you scent marked her,” Wynonna added. “I told you why,” Waverly replied.
“It seemed like I should,” Waverly continued, “It just felt right.”
“And it is driving me crazy that I can’t find her.” More customers were trickling in and Waverly went to wait on them. Wynonna sat alone just thinking about the unknown Alpha and how enamored Waverly was with her. She would have to admit that she was curious about the strange wolf as well. She was also wondering why the Alpha was alone and if she even had a pack. And had no idea where to start looking for her.

Wynonna was so deep in thought that it took her a few seconds to realize that she had just caught the scent of the wolf she was thinking about. She looked across the bar at the people seated there. A red headed woman she’d never seen before was looking right at her, surprise and recognition on her face. Before either one of them could say anything, Waverly came back to get more drinks. She dropped the glasses she had in her hands.
Just then Waverly was grabbed roughly from behind, arms locked firmly around her waist.
Hot breath in her ear and the smell of sweat and stale alcohol.
“Get off me, Champ!”, Waverly hissed.

“Let’s go upstairs, Babe, Champ slurred. “I am not your Babe.” Suddenly, Champ was pulled away from her and Shorty had a tight grip on the back of his neck. Wynonna was on her feet and right in Champ’s face. “Touch my sister again Chump, and it will be the last thing you ever do”, she snarled. And she added, “Seems like you keep forgetting that you are the bottom of the food chain, Omega”. Champ opened his mouth to say something and Wynonna’s eyes flashed amber and he snapped it shut. Shorty started walking Champ towards the exit and said,” You’re done Hardy, never come back again”. He shoved him through the door and pulled it shut.
Nicole didn’t know what to think. She knew she would keep her eye on Champ Hardy.
Waverly’s gaze met Nicole’s and they both smiled. Shorty noticed and the thought crossed his mind that they were drawn to each other, like moths to a flame.

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Shorty walked over to Waverly and said in a low voice, “I’ll cover the rest of your shift,” he paused as he glanced at Nicole and continued, “I think you two should probably talk”. Waverly gave him a quick hug and said,”Thank You!” She whipped off her apron and tossed it in the bin with the other dirty ones. Grabbing a bottle of the better whiskey and three glasses, Waverly looked at Nicole and asked her, “Have a drink with us, please?” She flashed her dimpled smile and said, “Sure.” “Let’s grab that table over there in the corner”, Wynonna said.
She was so curious about the red head and wanted to find out whatever she could.

After getting seated at the small table, they all simply looked at each other for a moment. Waverly was sitting across from Nicole and Wynonna was in the chair to her left. Waverly reached across the table and offered her hand and said with a smile, “Waverly Earp”.
Nicole shook her hand and said , “Nicole Haught”. Wynonna snorted, “Hot? Your name is Hot?”
“Wynonna!”, Waverly chided her, “Behave!” “What? She said her name is Hot”, Wynonna retorted. Waverly looked at Nicole and said, “This is my rude sister, Wynonna”.
She smiled and said,”It’s ok, I get that a lot,” she continued, “Actually, it is spelled H-a-u-g-h-t”.

“So, Red, Wynonna began,”What brings you to Purgatory?” “Sheriff Nedley did,” she answered.
“Nedley? Why would he bring you...Waverly trailed off as it dawned on her. “Oh”, she continued, “You’re a cop”. “Yes, I am”, Nicole said. Wynonna looked surprised and just said,” A cop?”
“The Sheriff recruited me from the Academy,” Nicole told them.
“It is in Ontario and he visited me there a few times”, she added. No one spoke for a couple of minutes. Then, Wynonna asked Nicole,”Where is your pack?” She answered quietly, “They are all dead.” The Earp sisters were shocked to hear that. Before anyone could speak, Wynonna's phone dinged. She read the text and looked at Waverly. “The boys made it back ,finally”, she told her.

“They want to meet at The Homestead, Waves”, Wynnonna added,”But, I will take care of this and I’ll see you at home,” Waverly said, “Thanks, Sis”. Wynonna nodded at Nicole and said, “We’ll talk more later, Red”. After she left Nicole asked Waverly if her sister would always call her Red. Waverly sighed and said, “Probably. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do to your last name”. Nicole smiled and shrugged. Then asked, “Who are the boys?” “They are part of our pack”, Waverly answered. Nicole had to ask, “ Why did you scent mark me?” She studied Nicole for a minute and said, “It felt right”. Then she asked Nicole, “Did it upset you?”

She gave Waverly a big, dimpled smile and answered, “Absolutely not, just surprised me”.”So, Waverly, what is the story on that Champ guy”, Nicole asked. “We dated since high school”, she said. “I’m not in love with him, never have been really, so I broke up with him weeks ago”.
Nicole smiled at her and Waverly returned it. Brown eyes met hazel eyes and they both could see the desire, the want and they felt the incredible pull between them. For the next few hours, they talked easily, about many light hearted subjects that came up. Music, food, hobbies and many other things. They had things they needed to share, but not here and not tonight.

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When Nicole walked in to Shorty's, she spotted Waverly right away standing behind the bar. Her eyes were red from crying and she was talking to an older man that Nicole didn't know. It was pretty crowded which was a fitting testament to how well liked and respected Shorty was by so many people. He had been killed in a hostage situation three days before. As the man walked away from Waverly, Nicole approached her and took both of Waverly’s hands in hers and said softly,. “I’m so sorry.”. In a trembling voice, Waverly said “I can’t believe he’s gone.” Suddenly, Champ appeared and wrapped his arms around Waverly while he placed sloppy kisses on the side of her face. “I’m sorry, Baby,” he said. Waverly was struggling to get away and snapped at him, “Leave me alone!”

“Don’t touch me!”, Waverly said as she tried to step away from him. “Baby, don’t be like that, I know that you love it.” Nicole had let go of Waverly’s hands and started to walk around the end of the bar. “You heard the Lady“, Nicole snarled at Champ. He stepped back from Waverly with fear in his eyes when he saw the look on the Deputy’s face. Waverly really let him have it. “Stay away from me and never touch me again, I am not your baby, and I hate being pawed by you!” Her tone was as cold as ice.” You were banned from this bar,” Nicole said and added,”time to leave.” Champ headed for the front door, mumbling all the way. As soon as the door closed behind him, Nicole reached for Waverly’s hand. “Are you okay?” she asked quietly. Waverly
nodded and said,”Thank you.”

“Nicole?” “Yeah, Waves?”. “Will you do me a favor and stay at the Homestead with me tonight?” “Of course I will,” Nicole said. Waverly looked around the room, noticing that the crowd was starting to thin out. She turned back to Nicole and said, ”I’m heading home as soon as everyone leaves,” she continued, “I want to talk to you.” Nicole gave her hand a gentle squeeze and told her,”I’m off duty now, I have to go feed Calamity, get a shower and then I”ll grab some take out on the way,” then added, “I want to talk to you, also.”
After Nicole left, Waverly started picking up the dirty glasses and dishes. Gus met her in the kitchen and asked,”You doing okay?” “Yeah, I’m okay,” Waverly said. Gus put her arm around Waverly’s shoulders and told her, “You go on home now.” “But, what about the clean up?”,she asked. “It’s covered, I have plenty of volunteers,” Gus continued, “Now, scoot!”
An hour later, when Nicole pulled up to the Homestead, she was glad to see the familiar red jeep parked there. She sat a couple of minutes before getting out of her cruiser.
This is it, she thought. I’m ready and I am pretty sure Waverly is too.

She grabbed both of the brown paper bags from the passenger seat and opened the door.As soon as she walked across the porch, the door opened and Waverly was standing there, greeting Nicole with her beautiful smile. She couldn’t help but return it. The gold dress Waverly had on was clinging to her in all the right places. She stepped aside and asked, “Are you coming in?” Nicole went inside and Waverly’s scent hit her full force. The smell of lavender permeated the air in the house.

“I brought chinese,” Nicole said as they went in to the kitchen. “Perfect,” Waverly said.
Nicole placed the bags on the table and Waverly asked,”What’s in this one?” She opened it and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. “Canadian Club, wow.” Waverly knew how pricey it was.
“I thought we could have a drink for Shorty,” Nicole said, “And we finally have a chance to talk about what really happened.” Waverly told her,”It was Dolls, he let Shorty die.”

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Nicole was stunned. “I thought it was revenants,” she said. Waverly shook her head and turned to open a cupboard and pulled out two glasses. She poured a couple of fingers in both and gave one to Nicole. Waverly raised her glass and said,”To Shorty.” Nicole raised hers as well and they tapped them together and she said, “To Shorty.’ They tossed them back in one swallow. “That is really smooth,” Waverly said. “It sure is,” Nicole agreed.
“Wynonna would love this,” Waverly added. Then she picked up the bottle of whiskey and told Nicole to come with her to the living room. Nicole picked up their glasses and followed.

They sat on the couch close together and Waverly poured them a new drink. She gave Nicole hers and said, “ Wynonna told me what happened that day with Shorty before she left his memorial.” She took a sip from her glass and continued to recount what her sister had told her.
When she finished, Nicole could see her eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She set her glass down on the coffee table and put her arm up reaching for Waverly. “Come here,” she said.
Waverly slid over into Nicole’s side and she pulled her close with her head resting against Nicole’s chest. She released calming pheromones for Waverly.

Neither one of them could ever say how the mood shifted. From comforting touches to soft caresses full of heat and desire. Waverly raised her head and met Nicole’s heated gaze with her own. Then she sat up and they turned toward each other in sync. Nicole asked softly, “What did you want to talk to me about?” Waverly gently placed a hand against her cheek and said,”This,” as she brought her face so close to Nicole’s. Then Waverly’s lips were tenderly pressing against hers and as she returned the soft kisses, Nicole thought,”She’s tasting me.” That sent an absolutely wonderful thrill racing through her. Then, Nicole’s hands went where they had been wanting to go for so long. She plunged them in to Waverly’s hair and as she ran her fingers through it, her heartbeat sped up with Waverly’s.

Then the Beta’s tongue met her own and it was so hot, so intense that she moaned aloud and Waverly was making sounds in her throat that were driving the Alpha crazy. Waverly had slipped both arms around Nicole’s neck and her hands were tangled in the soft, red hair.
“My Alpha,” Waverly thought. So giddy at the thought of finally having Nicole in her arms.
Their scents were intermingled, wonderfully heady and intoxicating. Then Nicole’s stomach growled so loudly that they stopped kissing and looked at each other and then just started laughing. Waverly’s high, sweet laughter was something Nicole knew she would never tire of hearing. When they caught their breath and the laughing was done, Nicole said,”Maybe we should eat before that food congeals or something.”

And she added, “There are a couple of things I need to tell you, Waves.” “Uh oh,” Waverly said with a smile. “Nothing bad I hope”, she continued. “Nope, just things you should know before we go any further,” Nicole told her. Waverly raised an eyebrow at that, but just said, “Let’s Eat!”
In the kitchen, they stayed close while getting the table set and reheating the food.They worked in tandem, with perfect harmony. Their senses so heightened, so full of one another that they both were so excited to take the next step. But, Nicole wanted to make sure that Waverly knew about her lineage. When the meal was ready, they sat down and they both realized that they were pretty hungry. As they ate, Nicole began to speak, “I was born into the Radolf Clan, which is english for Red Wolf.” She paused to take a sip of her water, then continued, “My Clan is gone as you know, victims of a forest fire I have been told,” Waverly watched her intently, waiting for Nicole to keep going. “There were 27 of us killed that day, and I find that unbelievable.” She then took one of Waverly’s hands and held it in hers. “I mean, how could that many wolves die in a fire?” “Red Wolves have superior smell, they would have known there was fire long before it reached them.” “It makes sense, Huh?’ Nicole asked Waverly. She simply nodded and waited patiently to hear more.

“And it happened here, in the Ghost River Triangle” She told the Beta. The brunette frowned and said, “I have researched the entire history of the Triangle and nowhere is there anything about a forest fire.” Nicole nodded, “Yeah, that story is just crazy,” then added, “My parents have been feeding me a steady diet of lies for 20 years..” Nicole said, “They told me it is the forest here in Purgatory.” Her eyes misted over and Waverly could see sadness in them, she could feel it.
She placed a hand gently on Nicole’s forearm to just let her know, let her feel that she cared so much for her. Nicole sighed and said,”My Aunt Marie and My Uncle Denny were killed.”
“I spent more time with them than I did with my parents.” Nicole gave Waverly a little smile and added, “I loved them dearly and they loved me.”

“And after they were gone, I was left with different babysitters until I was old enough to fend for myself.” They sat for a minute in silence, then the Alpha said, “They were always going somewhere and they always left me behind.” Waverly pulled her in for a kiss, offering her comfort with the contact. Nicole then told her, “When I left for College I told them I wanted to be a cop.” She continued, “Pissed them off something fierce.” Nicole then told Waverly the consequences of becoming a Police Officer. “They cut me off financially, took my trust fund away and made it clear that they were done with me.” She added,” I haven’t seen them or spoken to them in years.” And the Beta, knowing a lot about awful parents, got up from her seat and bent down to Nicole, wrapping her arms around the red-head. Nicole hugged her back and they took sweet solace in each other’s arms. The Beta sat back down, keeping her Alpha’s hands in hers.

Nicole spoke again and said, “They thought keeping money from me was a punishment, but keeping love and affection away from me my whole life, was far worse.” Waverly squeezed her hands and said,” I am so sorry, Nicole.” She returned the gentle pressure and said, “It’s okay. It quit hurting a long time ago.” The brunette watched her for a minute and said, “You mentioned a trust fund,” Waverly then asked,”Are they rich?” Nicole stood up and bent to kiss the Beta. “I am going to get that bottle,” she said. “Be right back.” When she returned with the bottle and their glasses, she poured them both a drink. She sat down, then answered the question that Waverly asked. “You asked if they were rich,” she paused and took a sip of her whiskey, “Yes, they are. They are filthy rich.”
Waverly was stunned. “Wow,” was all she could get out. Nicole said,” I have to tell you something else.” Then she went on to say,” I am an unusual wolf.” Waverly was silent, waiting for more. “I am stronger, faster and can get a lot bigger than a regular wolf.” “Bigger?” she asked Nicole. “Yes, she answered, then added, “if I get angry or I am threatened” Then the red-head told her,”and if you were threatened it would happen then, too.”
“Okay, Waves,” Nicole said. Waverly looked at her expectantly, her mind was spinning from everything she had been told. “About once every 100 years there is a special Radolf born,” taking another sip of whiskey, she continued,” They are called Twinners. And I am one.”
“What does that mean, Nicole?" Waverly asked. “Well, it means that I have female and male attributes.” She then went on to say, “During my rut, well, if we ever wanted a family, it is certainly possible.”

Waverly was speechless for a couple of minutes. “Wait, what? You mean you grow one or something?” She asked Nicole. “Pretty much,” she answered. But then she took the Beta’s hands in hers and gently kissed the backs of both. “That is something we have to decide,” Then added, “I mean if you still want me, that is.” The brunette was absolutely reeling, but one thing she knew for sure was that she would always want Nicole. “Of course I still want you,”she said as she kissed one of the Alpha’s hands. The red-heads dimples popped out when she heard that. “I was kind of nervous about telling you, Waves.” “I can keep taking the suppressants so I don’t go into rut.” Waverly stood up, taking Nicole’s hand, she led her to the stairway. “Wait, Waves, are you sure?” She stood on the first step and wrapped her arms around the Alpha’s neck and kissed her hard. Then whispered in her ear, “Come upstairs with me and I will show you how sure I am.” Nicole didn’t need any words at the moment, she simply held on tight to her love’s hand and followed her right up the stairs.

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When they stepped through the door of Waverly’s room, Nicole shut it and turned the lock. Then she put her arms around the Beta and walked her slowly backward as they kissed until they bumped into the edge of the bed that was near the lone window in the room. The kissing was so intense with lips and tongues crashing together. It was almost frantic. Hands started roaming everywhere, fumbling with buttons and zippers. Clothes were being tossed aside as soon as they could pull them off of one another. When there were no more barriers between them, they stood still for a moment, both taking in the beauty of each other. Without taking her eyes off of Nicole, Waverly sat on the bed, turned and brought her legs up as she slid to the far side of the bed. Instead of lying down next to her, Nicole walked to the end of the bed and motioned for Waverly to move to the middle of it.

The brunette was laying on her back, watching as Nicole placed her hands on the bed and a knee. She slowly moved her other knee on to the bed and she started inching upward, between Waverly’s open legs and then she was hovering over her, face to face. She gently started lowering her body down on top of her Beta. When they were at last skin to skin, they had to catch their breath before kissing again. Gazing at each other, they both smiled. The secret smiles that only lovers share. Once more their kisses became hot and hard at times. Nicole moved her mouth away to kiss along Waverly’s jaw and down her neck. It made the brunette shiver under her and the Alpha had never been this excited. She knew that the Beta was the one for her.

When Nicole took Waverly’s earlobe into her mouth and gently tugged on it, Waverly arched her back up, pressing her body into her Alpha’s as she moaned next to Nicole’s ear.
She began kissing down Waverly’s body starting above her breasts. Nicole moved further down and cupped one breast in her hand and took the nipple of the other in her mouth.
With her other hand, she caressed Waverly’s side with feather-like touches, moving down to her thigh and back up again. The brunette was really squirming so Nicole started kissing down her stomach and abdomen, then her thighs and knowing Waverly was ready, she placed her hands under her thighs palms up and started raising them up gently.

Nicole supported Waverly’s legs with her hands to keep them up and bent at the knees. She placed a soft kiss on Waverly’s clit and she jerked involuntarily at the sensation. Nicole ran her tongue across it as well and the Beta moaned and grabbed onto the Alpha’s head, tugging her hair a little. The red-head moved her tongue to Waverly’s opening and licked it softly then plunged it inside as deep as it would go. The whimpers and moans coming from above was an absolute thrill to her. Nicole moved her tongue back to Waverly’s clit and flattened her tongue, using more pressure. She lowered the Beta’s legs and started moving a finger around her opening. Waverly said, “Please, Nicole, go inside.” The Alpha gently pushed two fingers inside and with the way her walls were contracting, she knew Waverly was close.

Waverly had never felt anything like it. She could feel it building and knew it wasn’t going to be like other orgasms she’d had. It felt like it was going to be a nuclear blast. When she thought of doing the same for Nicole, that was all it took to push her over the edge. She started coming so hard that Waverly was clutching Nicole’s head tight and pushing back against it. Moaning and yelling Nicole’s name she couldn’t believe how long it was lasting. When it was ending, Nicole curled her fingers harder and licked her clit faster and she started coming again. It was incredible. The Alpha slowed her movements as it tapered off. She pulled out of Waverly and raised her head to look at her. The brunette was laying there with her eyes closed, still breathing fast. Nicole raised up on her knees and wiped her face on the sheet. She moved up to lay beside Waverly and put an arm across her stomach.

Waverly opened her eyes and looked at Nicole. The Alpha asked,” Are you okay?” “Yeah,” the brunette answered. “I am way better than okay,” she said with a smile. “Nicole, that was awesome!” Waverly said and then added, “I never knew it could be like this.” “Neither did I, Waves.” “I am really glad it is like this,” Nicole said with a smirk. The Beta rolled on to her side facing Nicole and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

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When Nicole opened her eyes the next morning, she had to close them right away as the sun was peeking through the small gap in between the curtains and the light was hitting her in the face. She was Waverly’s big spoon and waking up like this, here with her, was everything she could ever want. Nicole pressed her face into the Beta’s hair and simply just breathed in her wonderful scent, their intermingled scents and the pungent smells from making love for hours through the night. Her bladder decided that it was time to get up and head to the bathroom. So she gently removed her arm out from under Waverly’s very slowly to make sure she didn’t wake her. She didn’t. Nicole got up and rummaged around in a drawer for some of the clothes she had left here over the last few months. She found a pair of her shorts and a tank top.

After quickly getting dressed, she walked down the hall to the bathroom, grabbing a couple of towels and a washcloth from a linen closet on the way. Nicole used a spare toothbrush, stripped off her clothes and had a quick shower. Washed, dried and dressed she headed downstairs to make coffee and see if there was anything to make for breakfast. She caught Wynonna’s scent and walked into the living room, finding the Alpha asleep on the couch, fully dressed. The reek of old whiskey wafted through the air and Nicole was relieved to see that she made it home safely. She went into the kitchen and got the coffee started. While it was brewing, she went to the fridge to see what she could find to cook. There was a couple of dozen eggs and in a drawer, she found some bacon and sausage links. Nicole gathered everything she needed and used her foot to shut the door of the fridge.

After getting the skillets and cooking utensils together, she started to fry the meat. The smell was so delicious that her stomach started growling. Nicole was ravenous. She began humming the tune of an oldie song. She loved the oldies. When a hand came down on her shoulder, she jumped and banged her hip against the counter. Turning around, she was face to face with Wynonna. Nicole said, “What the fuck, Earp!” The other Alpha was so amused that she had gotten the drop on the red-head. It was so seldom that anyone could sneak up on her.
Wynonna said, “Ha! I made you jump.” With a smirk, she asked, “Does a certain Beta have you distracted?” Nicole turned back to the stove as she said,” Don’t start with me, Earp.”
Then she asked,” What time did you get home?” And she added,”I didn’t hear you come in.”

“It’s no fucking wonder,” Wynonna said. Then added, “It sounded like an orgy was going on up there.” She continued with,” I know these walls are thin, but you guys were very, very loud!”
Nicole didn’t turn away from the stove. After a moment she said,” She’s the one Earp.”
“Yeah, I know,” Wynonna said. She couldn’t resist adding, “It sure sounded like she is the one.” Nicole didn’t respond to that. She knew the other Alpha was going to tease her unmercifully. Wynonna decided to keep it going. She loved messing with Nicole. “I thought you were running a sex marathon. Damn, Girl, you have some stamina. Wow!” “Yeah, she brings it out in me,” Nicole told her. Turning to face Wynonna, she said with a big, wolfy grin on her face,” I just can’t get enough.” “Ughh..No details, please,” she responded. “It’s bad enough that I heard you guys for like, hours.” “Hey, Earp, you started this,” Nicole stated.
Neither one of them heard Waverly as she got up and used the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and decided to take a shower later. When she went to the top of the stairs she heard Wynonna and Nicole talking. Well, she thought, they were bantering as usual. Then Wynonna asked, “Seriously though, do you love her, Haught?” Waverly was holding her breath as she heard Nicole answer, “I am hands down, ass over tea kettle, head over fucking heels in love with her.” Wynonna asked, “Have you told her?” “No, not yet,” Nicole said.
Wynonna studied the other Alpha for a moment. She could see some doubt in her eyes.
“You don’t know if she feels the same, huh?” she asked. After a pause, Nicole answered and said, “No, I don’t. But I am so hoping she does.”

Waverly faked a cough and made some noise on the stairs so they would hear her coming down. Her heart was so full of love for Nicole. Of course, she loves her too. When she got to the kitchen doorway, she was met with big smiles from both of the Alphas. “Morning, Waves,” Nicole said. “Wasup, Baby Girl?” Wynonna asked. “Good morning,” Waverly chirped at them. She had a smile on her face as well. She walked over to the stove where Nicole was finishing up the eggs. “That smells so good. I kind of worked up a big appetite,” Waverly said as she slipped an arm around Nicole’s waist. The warmth and strength of her Alpha were so comforting to her.

Wynonna was making fake gagging noises, but secretly, she was so pleased to see Waverly so happy. “Cool it, Earp, or I’ll eat your share,” Nicole said with a smirk. She divided the scrambled eggs onto the three plates on the counter. They all got their plates and when seated at the table Wynonna said, “Doc and I ran into some trouble last night.” Nicole and Waverly knew that “trouble” meant revenants. Wynonna continued, “We went for a run last night and we ended up about a hundred yards from the trailer court.” They waited patiently for Wynonna as she stuffed a whole piece of bacon into her mouth. She swallowed and said, “They caught wind of us, somehow. Before we knew it, three of those bastards were around us.”

“Oh, and we both got shot before we ripped their throats out,” Wynonna said casually.
“You got shot? Where at,” Waverly asked. “I got shot in the leg,” then she smiled and said, “But, Doc got shot right in the ass.” Noticing the looks of concern on their faces, Wynonna said, “We healed real fast. No silver involved.” “Why didn’t you call us?” Waverly asked. Her sister smirked at both of them and asked, “Would you really have heard the phone? You two were very busy when I got home.” The Beta blushed and said, “Yes, we were.” She looked at Nicole and her Alpha gave her a wink. As they were cleaning up, Wynonna’s phone went off.
Looking at the screen she said, “It’s Nedley.” She answered and almost immediately handed it to Nicole. “It’s for you,” she told her. Then added, “Sounds pissed.” The red-head ignored her and put the phone to her ear and asked, “Yes, Sheriff.”

“I have been trying to get a hold of you for an hour,” He barked. “My phone is in another room,” and she added, “I thought I was off duty today.” “Not anymore, we have a bad situation. Domestic disturbance.” The Sheriff than told her the address. Before he hung up he said.”And bring the Earps!” Nicole turned to the sisters who were watching her closely, trying to gauge by her face how bad the news was. “We have to go, there is a domestic situation and he said it is bad. It’s 1329 Prescott St.,” she told them. Waverly said, “You guys go ahead. I’ll be right behind you. I have to take a quick shower.” And Wynonna, who was never one to miss an opportunity to be a smart ass, said, “I should say so, you smell like you have been going at it all night. Oh, wait you were!” Waverly smacked her in the shoulder and said, “Stop it! We have to get ready to go.” Wynonna was rubbing her shoulder and said,” Okay, Okay.” Nicole turned away and was upstairs before Waverly was halfway there. Wynonna went to change. The two Alpha’s were ready in just a few minutes and headed to the front door. Waverly was in the shower, washing as quickly as she could. When she stepped out to dry off, she heard a car door slam, which meant the two Alphas were leaving. Brushing her hair quickly, she tied it back in a ponytail. She hurried to get dressed and she wasn’t too far behind them.

When Waverly pulled up at the scene, she hurried through the open front door and stopped as soon as she realized that there was blood all over the room. Blood soaked through the sheets that had been placed over three bodies that were on the floor. Nedley, Wynonna and Nicole all turned and looked at her as she said, “Oh, my God!” Their eyes were all full of shock and horror as she imagined hers were too. Two of the bodies on the floor were small. So very small. Then she noticed the blood on Nicole’s shirt. Finally, she moved to Nicole, to check her over, making sure she wasn’t badly hurt. When Waverly looked into the Alpha’s eyes, they were swimming with unshed tears. “It’s not mine,” she told the Beta. Waverly then noticed that Nedley and Wynonna had some blood on their clothing too.

“What..she started to ask, but they heard an ambulance pull up. Two EMTs”s rushed in and apologized for taking so long. “We were having trouble getting the rig going,” the tallest one said. The other one told them, “We called Ewan, but he said they were too busy to help”
Nedley scrubbed at his face with a hand that had blood on it. “It’s too late,” he said.
The stench of blood was overwhelming. “Can you get them to the morgue?” Nedley asked the two men. The tall one said, “We can.” and added, “Again I am so sorry for not getting here sooner.” “What’s their names?” the tall one asked. Nedley sighed and said, “The woman is Angela Tremblay. The bigger boy is Marcus and the small one is Michael. I have to get some air,” the Sheriff said as he walked out the front door. The three women came out right behind him. They were all silent and sickened.

After a couple of minutes, Nedley said to the three wolves standing with him, “The husband’s name is Gerald. He did this and he is on the run.” As the four all looked at each other, their eyes were blazing with amber fire. They were all ready for the hunt. “We’ll get him,” Nicole said with a growl in her voice. They all nodded, Then the Sheriff said, “He is mundane and we are much faster.” “Then let the hunt begin,” Wynonna said with anger. They were all determined to get him and not even God could save him from their wrath.

Chapter Text

After the bodies had been taken away, the four headed back inside to get Tremblay’s scent. Once they sifted through the smell of old sweat, old booze and blood, his scent was imprinted upon them all. When finished, they went back outside, locking the door behind them. Nicole looked at the rusted out old Toyota in the driveway, then said, “We need to find out if he has another vehicle.” Nedley shook his head and said, “That’s the only one.I have a file on him due to the disturbance calls we have answered.” Then he continued, “If only she would have pressed charges against him.” They all stood there in silence for a moment. Nicole spoke first,”
He is on foot and I can run him down.” She added, “You guys can follow my trail.”

She then went around to the back of the house. In less than a minute a huge reddish brown wolf came into view.The other three were stunned at the size of Nicole. She snuffled in the grass a bit, then raised her head to nod at the others. She looked towards the woods that were about 50 yards away. Then just like that, she was gone. “Damn, Nicole is enormous!” Wynonna said to Waverly and the Sheriff. She turned and asked Waverly, “Did you know about this?” She simply nodded in reply. “I have never seen her like this until now,” the Beta stated.
“Well, we better get moving. We have to catch up with Haught,” the Sheriff said. The two women went behind the house to change and Nedley ducked between the two cruisers parked side by side. They took cover even though the closest house was about a half mile away.

Once the three had shifted and caught Nicole’s scent, they began to follow quickly behind her.
The scent she was chasing down soon became stronger and the red-headed Alpha knew she was closing in on Tremblay. Nicole could see a clearing just ahead and she slowed to a walk. Very quietly, she circled around the area, watching as he stood in front of a makeshift altar. A black cloth was draped over a tree stump. There were five black candles burning, each one of them placed where a point would be on a pentagram. A silver chalice was on the altar next to a small glass bowl. It was transparent and Nicole could see that it was nearly full of blood. She could smell it as well and an intense, burning rage was flowing through her, like liquid fire.

While Nicole stood watching in horror, Tremblay poured some blood from the bowl into the chalice. She shivered as a cold chill ran up her spine. The Alpha wanted to know what dark ceremony he was performing and what evil creature he was paying homage to. Though she would stop him before it was completed. He raised the chalice up, holding it there while beginning to speak. “Oh, Great One, Father Of Darkness, as your humble servant, I offer this gift up to you.” Tremblay paused for a moment then continued, “Along with my fealty and my soul, I submit the blood of the innocents that I have slain for you, in your name.” Nicole had heard enough. Before he could even react, the Alpha had swept her massive paw across the altar and pinned the killer to the ground.

When he realized that his altar was destroyed and his blood offering was soaking into the ground, Tremblay screamed out,”No! No!.” Then it dawned on him that he was being held down by a gigantic wolf with eyes as red as brake lights. He felt his bladder empty as the wolf tossed her head back and let loose with a chilling howl. He had no idea that she could hear the other wolves closing in and had just let them know that the chase was over. She had their prey. Soon three more wolves entered the clearing. Though not as large as the one keeping him down, they looked just as fierce. He started to think that he was not going to live much longer.At the thought of his death, he passed out cold.

Chapter Text

After watching Tremblay fade out with fear, Nicole turned to the others with an eye roll and a huff. They nodded in agreement. The Deputy flipped the unresponsive mundane over onto his stomach. She then took the back of his shirt and the top of his jeans into her mouth. The others watched with awe as she easily picked him up. In this form, Nicole’s back would come up to Nedley’s shoulders when he was in his man form. With her massive head and jaws, she was strong enough and big enough to keep the killer’s limbs up off of the ground. The red-headed Alpha then tilted her head slightly toward the direction they would take to go back, indicating to the others that she was ready to leave. They had barely finished a nod to acknowledge Nicole, when she sped away, already out of sight. The others followed behind her.

About 10 minutes later, the other three made it back to find Nicole dressed and leaning against her cruiser while scrolling through her phone. Close to her feet lay Gerald Tremblay, on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind him. The others shifted quickly and got dressed, joining Nicole by her vehicle. Tremblay was awake and started snivelling about the ground being cold and hard. Wynonna spoke first, saying, “Shut up, Asshole. Nobody cares.” With the tone in her voice, he decided it might be safer to remain quiet. He was all about self preservation. Nedley said, “Let’s put him in my cruiser.” Wynonna helped lift him up from the ground and then walked with them to the Sheriff’s cruiser and helped stuff him into the back seat.

Waverly took Nicole’s hand and said,”Let’s go home.” Nicole nodded wearily and told her,”I’ll be right behind you.” Wynonna and Nedley stood in silence for a moment, watching the other two as they pulled their vehicles away from the house and drove off. The Sheriff spoke first and said, “What the fuck was all of that.” It was more a statement than a question. Wynonna just shook her head. She had not processed everything yet. The murders and the items they had seen in the clearing were absolutely chilling. They were all so angry at what they had found in that house. Wynonna said, “Let’s go put him away.” Nedley nodded and replied, “Good idea, I don’t want to look at him anymore today.” They rode to the station in complete silence.

After they had placed their suspect in a cell they returned to the front of the station. Nedley then asked Wynonna, “Do you need a ride home, Earp?” “No thanks,” she told him, then added, “I’m going to walk over to Shorty’s.” “Want to come along?” she asked. The Sheriff thought for a moment and answered, “I’d like to, but I need to do the paperwork and finish processing both scenes.” “Want some help?” Wynonna asked. “No,” Nedley asswered. “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll take care of everything.” “Have one for me,” He said as Wynonna was almost at the door. She turned without stopping and gave him a smile and a thumbs up right before she went out.

At the Homestead, Nicole and Waverly sat on the couch together, just trying to relax after having taken hot showers. The Alpha was flipping through channels on the TV and Waverly got up suddenly and went to the kitchen. She came back in with two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. She sat back down and poured them both a drink. She took Nicole’s hand and kissed the back of it softly. Then Waverly picked up their drinks and handed one to the Deputy.
“If all else fails, drink whiskey!” The Beta said with a smile. Nicole had to smile at that. They both downed the whiskey and Waverly refilled them. “Waves, I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.” Nicole said. “Go for it,” the brunette said as she took a sip of her drink. “Well, you’re a Beta and it is my understanding that they are made by being bitten, the Alpha said, then added, “But, I have never seen a scar anywhere on your body.” Waverly said, “ It is very rare, but I was born a Beta.” “I have always thought you were special,” Nicole said with a grin.
Waverly smiled back and leaned in for a kiss. She raised up on her knees and straddled Nicole’s lap. She reached up and cupped her Beta’s face in her hands. The intensity in Nicole’s eyes didn’t surprise Waverly at all.

She had seen her Alpha like this before at certain times. Nicole put her forehead against Waverly’s and whispered, “You are so beautiful.” Waverly moved her hands from the back of the couch to her Alpha’s shoulders. Then Nicole moved her hands away from her Beta’s face and wrapped an arm around her neck. She put a hand on the back of her head and pulled her in close. Holding onto each other, sitting in silence, the only sound was their breathing.It had been such a terrible day. Suddenly, Nicole whispered, “Waves, I tried..I couldn’t..those boys..we tried so hard.” Waverly felt her Alpha shaking and soon she could feel the wetness on her shoulder from the tears she was crying. Nicole started sobbing and Waverly’s own tears were rolling down her face unnoticed.

They cried together for awhile and as the sorrow was abating some and not for the first time Waverly thought crying released your sorrow, your rage and your pain. A pressure valve that your emotions used when you were overwhelmed. Waverly pulled away some and reached behind her to grab the tissue box. After they had wiped their faces, the Beta looked into her Alpha’s eyes. Then she spoke,” Listen to me, Nicole,” she continued, “I figured that one of those boys had a pulse and the three of you tried to save him, right?” Nicole nodded and Waverly started to speak again, “I have no doubt that you guys tried your very best and that is all anyone can do.” “We save lives, Nicole and we can’t save them all,” and she added, “That is the simple, awful truth.” Waverly was quiet for a moment then said, “Their fate was sealed long before this ever happened. With the Mother not pressing charges, they were all doomed. With every case we do our best. We lose sometimes and we can’t let that define us and we can’t let it destroy us.”

Waverly went on to say, “We have our lives and we deserve to live them, to be happy,” “And,” she went on to say, “Every loss is heartbreaking, but we can’t let them break us. We fight monsters, Nicole and the sad, awful truth is that some of them are human. The terrible things that people do to each other and their children. The horror, the absolute horror.” She leaned back into Nicole after she stopped speaking. Her Alpha hugged her tight and said, “You are so amazing, Waverly Earp.”

Chapter Text

A whispering voice in her ear, “You have to go now, run to the river, don’t make any noise and don’t look back. I love you so much. GO!” Screaming, growling, the stench of blood and fear clinging to her. The Dark Man had come and he could move so fast and was hurting people, her people and he was killing them. Suddenly, he was chasing her, she could hear him, she could feel him. At the river’s edge, she turned and the Dark Man was there and he was reaching for her, she opened her mouth to scream and suddenly she was sitting bolt upright in bed with a
startled Waverly sitting up next to her. “Nicole! You’re having a nightmare.”

“You’re trembling, Baby,” Waverly said as she laid back down pulling her Alpha with her and holding her close. “Are you ok?” Waverly asked. “Yeah,” she answered. Nicole was trying to remember the nightmare as she always did. She was not surprised that it had fragmented and blew apart once more. The only thing she could remember was the fear and a pang of deep and terrible sadness. She was calming and had stopped shaking. Nicole said. “You called me, Baby.” “I did.” Waverly said. Then asked, “Aren’t you my Baby?” Her Alpha said, “Always.” “Are you mine, Waves?” “Always,” she answered.

Their heartbeats quickened as they both realized what that meant for them. They lay in silence, simply enjoying the warmth and closeness they shared. Waverly was concerned about the issue that was causing the nightmares because they didn’t know what it was. She could feel how relaxed Nicole was from the hand she had on her back. Waverly laid awake in the dark for quite awhile after her Alpha went back to sleep. She thought about the nightmares, the last few days and Nicole. Her last thought before she drifted off was that she finally knew what it was like to be in love.

When she woke in the morning, the other side of the bed was cold and empty. Wonderful smells were drifting up the staircase and Waverly was ready to go find her Alpha and some food. Flinging the covers back, she was on her feet in an instant. She snagged something to put on and went to use the bathroom and brush her teeth. Suddenly, the front door crashed open and Waverly knew that her sister was home. When she got into the kitchen, Wynonna and Nicole were already going at it. “Wynonna! Can’t you ever come through the door without taking it off the frickin’ hinges?” She asked her sister. “Just wanted to let you guys know I was coming in, Baby Girl,” she answered. Then added, “In case you guys were, you know, busy.”

Wynonna was still grabbing at the plate of bacon that Nicole was trying to keep from her. “Back the fuck off, Earp!” The red-head told her. Then looked at Waverly and gave her a big smile, which always caused butterflies. “Hi, Baby. You hungry?” Nicole asked. “I am starving!” she said as she went up to her Alpha and gave her a searing kiss. Wynonna started making gagging noises and without opening her eyes, Nicole reached out and smacked her hand away from the plate she was still holding. “Sit down, Earp, or go hungry,” Nicole said after the good morning kiss. Wynonna dropped onto a chair like a stone. Breakfast was shared out and they were ready to eat.

When they were finished, Wynonna sat and watched as the other two cleaned up. “Nedley called me on the way home,” she said. Waverly and Nicole turned quickly and looked at her. “No murders, but he wants us to come in for awhile today.” “What for?” Nicole asked. Wynonna sighed and said, “Tremblay wants to talk and he wants us there.” “Tremblay or Nedley?” Waverly asked. “Both,” her sister said. Nicole’s eyes met Waverly’s and they just linked hands.
“Okay, let’s get ready to go,” the red-head said. “I’ll see you guys there,” Wynonna said on her way out the door. Waverly slipped her arms around Nicole’s neck and her Alpha wrapped her arms around her waist. “I’m really scared to hear what he will say,” Waverly said and continued, “I know that it will be awful.” “I know, sweetie,” Nicole said, “But I am afraid not to.” They stood in silence for a couple of minutes, so close, drawing strength from each other before heading upstairs to get ready.

Chapter Text

When Waverly and Nicole walked into the station Wynonna and Nedley were standing by the front desk. The idea of listening to Tremblay had cast a pall over this meeting. They greeted each other and then the Sheriff asked, “Shall we get this started, ladies?” They all nodded, then Nicole asked, “What do you think he wants?” “I don’t know,” Nedley answered, then added, “He is going to tell us some nasty things.” Wynonna spoke up, “I agree,” she continued, “Whatever this is all about, it really has my tail twitching.” Any other time, that statement might have been made in jest and laughed about. No one was laughing though, because they thought it was pretty close to what they were all feeling.

Nedley started walking down the hall to the interview room where Tremblay sat, shackled to a metal table that was bolted to the floor.They followed behind him. The killer was grinning at them as they filed into the room. “And here you are!” He said. Ignoring him, Nedley and Wynonna sat at the ends of the table and Nicole and Waverly took the seats across from him. No one liked the cocky look on his face. “What do you want?” The Sheriff asked. “Just to talk,” he answered. Then added, “We really, really need to talk.” He followed that up with a smirk. “Where’s the lawyer?” Nicole asked Nedley. “He didn’t want him here,” Nedley answered.

Wynonna put her arms out, palms up and said, “So talk.” “There is something coming for you. For all of you,” he said. “There is always something coming”, Waverly said. And her sister said, “This is Purgatory, dumbass,” then added, “We live over a Hellgate.” “There will be things beyond your ken,’ Tremblay said. “How do you know what will happen?” Nicole asked. “My father talks to me.” He said simply, then added, “He is talking to me right now.” “Oh Yeah?” The Sheriff asked, then went on, “What is he saying?” The killer cocked his head to the right as if listening to something or someone. “Father says that even though his opponent protects you, guides you and works through you, it will all be for naught,” Tremblay said.

He continued with a big smile on his face, “And it won’t just be you three, he will take your children also.” His words and expression sent a chill through them all. “We don’t have any kids,”
Nicole said. “You will,” Tremblay said smugly. He then winked at Nicole and asked, “Right, Twinner?” The Deputy felt Waverly’s left hand on her thigh, suddenly gripping it harder. Nicole covered the Beta’s hand with her own. “Are you finished?” Wynonna asked. “No, there is more.”
Tremblay said. Nicole didn’t like the ratty little gleam in his eyes. Something shifted in there, something dark and she felt a little sick to her stomach.

He is enjoying this, she thought, and her stomach rolled. “Why did you kill your family?” Wynonna asked. He looked at her and said, “For my Father.” “So how did you get this Father?” Waverly asked. “He came to me in a dream and said that I was one of the chosen,” Tremblay answered. Then he said, “He wanted the sacrifice of my family and my soul and said that he would reward me with immortality.” “Yet, here you are,” Nedley said. Suddenly, the killer leaned back and said with a big smile, “I am tired. You will all have to come back for more.”