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i like me better when im with you

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Namjoon sighs taking the hand resting his chest wrapping it in his own…“beautiful” he says in English, his eyes flicking to Jimin's face. The younger curled up at his side, head resting against a pillow, nuzzling against the arm of Namjoons sweatshirt as he listens to the older speak.

“Beautiful”, he repeats in Korean, whispering it quieter to the man at his side.

Jimin looks up at him. “Beautiful” he pronounces it carefully in English brushing his thumb against Namjoon's hand. “What’s the meaning of the word that they always call me again?”.

“Which one”

“Lovely?” Jimin whispers tucking himself closer into the soft scent of Namjoon as they lay on the bed together.

“Lovely”, Namjoon repeats smiling softly. “Exquisitely beautiful, it’s perfect for you.” He traces the soft fingers he’s holding in his hand following an invisible path to his wrist. Laying together like this and sharing pieces of compliments in English has become one of his favorite moments with Jimin. Namjoons stretches his left arm out enveloping the smaller one's shoulders and pulls him gently closer to his chest. Jimin lifts his head from where it was on the pillow to rest it on his shoulder grunting softly as he moves his body closer to Namjoons.

“I don’t know about that one” Jimin mutters as he gets comfortable on Joons chest. Namjoons hums in response as he traces one of Jimin's rings. Jimin feels the vibration of the sound against his ear. “What about handsome genius”, he says in Korean watching as Namjoon wraps his finger around and around his fingers.

Namjoon lets out a short laugh. “Handsome genius” he repeats in English. “Good looking and exceptionally intellectual,” he says it again in Korean with a small smile.

Jimin grins and moves himself to look at Namjoon. Pronouncing the word carefully in English, “MY handsome genius. Beautiful. Lovely. Genius.” He watches Namjoons cheeks turn into a shade of soft pink. He intertwines his hand with Namjoons and smiles at him.

“Now I don’t know about that one Mini,” Namjoon says softly intertwining his fingers together with the youngers. Jimin settles himself back down on the bed, nuzzling his face back into the other's shoulder. Burying himself into the warm space between his shoulder and chest Jimin breathes in Namjoon. The soft relaxing mixture of detergent and the candles and incense that he lights in his studio.

Jimin lets out a humph into Namjoons arm. “Trust me when I say you’re a handsome genius.” He mutters pulling his fingers out of Namjoon's hand to wrap his arm around the olders waist gripping his sweatshirt in his palm. He feels the other's hand slowly starts running through the strands of his hair. Lightly scratching his scalp and looping strands around his fingers.

“You know after hearing it all the time it almost starts becoming meaningless”, Namjoon says softly twirling a strand of Jimin's hair and pulling on it gently. “And we hear it ALL the time.”

Jimin lifts his head resting his chin against Namjoons chest eyes intense as he looks at him. “Joon, you’re handsome. And I am not saying that because it’s untrue. I am one of your closest friends, I have seen you at your grossest, not taking a shower for three days and only eating instant ramen worst, to you smelling like you just came down from heaven in your three thousand dollar suit best. You’re handsome. You're a good person. The BEST most wonderful lovely person.” He emphasizes firmly.

Pushing himself up on his elbows and then his palms he kneels on the bed. Jimin reaches toward Namjoons cheeks. Squishing them together to make his lips into a perfect pout he moves his head up eye level with him as he kneels over him.

“You're lovely”, he says softly in English releasing the other's cheeks. Namjoons eyes soften.



“Thank you”