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the party plannings went smoother than they expected and the gang was able to plan in italys most fancy mansion-they could thank dior later, but right now they found themselves at the huge front door. once they entered, the event was going to officially start

"its been so long since we went out"simina remarked

with a small snicker, max answered" talk about yourself"

"she meant all of us as a 5 person group. you really think that she didnt know you always sneak out?"spoke sinzi with a taunting tone

well the leader didnt exactly know it was so usual for them to go behind her back but now her suspicions were confirmed. she decided that this wasnt the time to talk about their internal problems and said in softer than usual voice

"lets go, im not in the mood to argue plus i have someone important i want you to meet tonight'

the other members looked at each other, confusion present on their face- they were supposed to leave their jobs aside tonight and not have meetings with such apparently "important" people but nevertheless the shrugged it off and entered with their heads held up high. they looked stunning after all and all of them knew it

when they got in the house the hentai gang took a close look around the room and came to the conclusion that everything was perfect, as it should. the only thing missing was the guests but they should be arriving any second. before any of them had a chance to mutter more than a few words' people started to pour in

"guys thanks for the invite"said one of their guests -jackson, he was a well known mafia leader in itay. he knew eveyones moves at any given time and the guy figured out people's minds like it was the easiest thing in the world but maybe that was because of the reoccurring parties he always loved to host. he had one every night in different locations through the country.

"thank you for coming!" said ioana with a toothless smile

"its so weird to attend these types of things when you dont plan the event" added the guest and everyone laughed at that. he was a real moodmaker


the party was in full swing and everything was going as smooth as it could. as it got later in the night, it was more and more uncommon to see sober people, most of them were drunk and actually quite a few were high but the drugs came straight from max so it was pretty safe. the hentai gang was no exception-all of them were fairly intoxicated especially sinzi. she was the type of girl that couldnt really handle her alcohol well.

ioana, max, sinzi and irina were sat at the bar with a rather big amount of empty glasses in front of them. to be honest they just wanted to get away from their day to day tiring life and live like normal teenagers. sometimes everything got too tiring and every once in a while they needed a night like this

"where even is simina?"questioned irina, she was the most sober out of them

"do i look like i care"answered sinzi, already calling for another shot

before anyone could voice another word, they heard a laugh and a voice say

"thanks for caring about me baby"mentioned the voice which belonged to simina

shocked, the second youngest stumbled out quick apologies but the other 3 members werent that focused on the girls exchange. they noticed that simina was together with another person, maybe she was the important person?

"and to who do we owe the pleasure?"interrupted ioana with a smirk on her face

"oh this is delia, the one i told you about. shes my best friend" the leader said blushing and pointing towards the new face

sinzi made an offended gesture and further commented in a disappointed tone"i though i was your favorite"

honestly the gangs boss was pretty content with making the other girl jealous, it was something that she didnt know she was capable of but she didnt really have a strong reason to be. sure, they shared a few kisses while they were drunk but it really didnt mean anything- they were just really really good friends.

all of a sudden someone came up to them. as soon as their face registered in their minds the mood changed. its was the leader of their rival gang-adela . the staight gang absolutely hated those 5 people since the italian government replaced them with the hentai gang and since they have been trying to take them down and regain their place. the question of what their boss was doing there emerged in everyones mind but it was quickly dismissed but adela speaking

"what the hell are you doing here delia?me and wanda have been looking for you everywhere. and why are you holding this morons hand?"finished the straight gang member

"delia whats happening?"asked simina, her gang members have never seen her so confused

"i-i..."started the leaders friend" i can explain"

"yeah explain to her how you have been telling us everywhere they were, at what time, and with who"added adela her tongue tainted with poison

"please tell me thats not true"said simina, her voice trembling

with the tension only grew irina turned to ioana and spoke loudly enough for her to be heard over the singer-puya, the best in our generation,no one was surprised he was at their party

"fuck no, im not dealing with this on our free night. want to go out for a smoke?"asked the blonde girl pushing a few strands of her out of her face

the girl nodded eagerly and turned to her right

"wanna join us,max?"she suggested chuckling a bit at how that wouldnt be the first time they had a threesome though

"uh sure. just let me get my jacket"

and thats how they found themselves outside, a thick smoke surrounding their bodies. the music was faintly playing in the background but that wasnt their main focus. it was pretty obvious that they were checking each other out but no one said anything. their gazes spoke for them.

accustomed to the situation, the boy suddenly pressed his lips against ioanas. surprised, she dropped her cigarette but she didnt seem to mind. the alcohol and the weed mixed with the atmosphere made their head spin and as each second passed things were starting to get lewder . irina was pretty into the sight too. deciding not to stand around for any longer, she pressed herself against max's back and started placing hickies all over the youngest's neck. he let out a quiet "fuck"which was muffled by ioana's mouth

"lets continue this somewhere e-"started irina but was interrupted by a loud sob

they all looked at the entrance and saw sinzi with her hands over her mouth. the 2 russian girls were pretty stunned by the sight, of course they were- the 2 of them didnt know the reason, but max did. the older sibling ran inside and the younger immediately ran after her.

"shit what was that about?"asked ioana, her breath ragged

"huh, maybe sinzi was jealous?"questioned irina, another cigarette between her lips

"can both of you stop with the feelings bullshit? she doesnt like me in that way"answered the brown haired girl quickly.

"what even was so important that he had to leave?"added the girl with a high-pitched whine

"hm i dont know about you, but im feeling kind of bad that we left simina to deal with adela"said the girl in a suggestive tone

"what are you implying?"asked ioana, but she already caught on her friends scheme

"lets apologize to her properly baby"' said the blonde with a smirk

the younger one let out a chuckle and thats how they found themselves inside with a clear destination

they found her in a spearate booth, glass of whisky and her hands and eyes almost wet, the low light of the club reflecting in them. ioana and irina plopped down on the empty seats next to their leader

"you okay?" the middle aged asked, head burried in the crook of the youngest's neck, words muttered against her skin

"yeah, it's just-" she pause for a second, voice cracking "i've known for a long time and i thought that at least she would've been honest"

despite the low mood of their conversations, the other two couldn't help two small smiles tugging at their lips

"well, it doesn't matter right now, cause u have us, right?" irina said, placing a confident hand on her thigh

simina felt herself smirk. this she knew, this she was comfortable with. she didn't hesistate to raise to her feet, confident that the others would follow her. in the end, didn't they always?

the russian girl caught up to her in no time, ioana flinging a hand around her shoulders while the blonde held her waist

"this is just like the old times" ioana told them with an excited tone

"i guess a few months passed from the last time we had a threesome" irina admitted with a few slow nods of her head

"yeah, especially since the two of you where able to put your hands on max" the youngest teased

"shut up" ioana said, but with no real bite, soon letting out an obnoxious laugh

too engrossed in their own conversation, the three failed to notice the siblings sitting down on a couch, matching frowns on their faces

"i cannot believe you kissed her. you knew how i feel, why would you do that?" sinzi asked, pissed off

"oh, come on! it was nothing but a kiss, it didn't mean anything" max argued back "besides, it's not like she doesn't do it with other people, too"

sinzi took a second to cross her arms, body stiff and filled with anger. she turned the situation over in her head. then she decided

"no, i know, i know. it's okay, max. i'm not mad about it" the girl finally concluded

"thanks" the boy said, offering her a geniuen smile

sure, both of their faces fell when they saw the three girls pass right in front of them, completly unbothered.

deep scowls took upon their features, max crossing his hands over his chest as well.

to their surprise, they spotted the girl simina presented to them earlier, delia, on the couch right across their. she had a position mirroing exactly the one of the siblings, eyes still trailing after the three gang members

the mentioned ones couldn't bring themselves to care about anything else as they entered a private room. without missing a beat, ioana quickly pressed simina against the closed door. her mouth was on the other's in no time, teeth tugging almost agressively at her bottom lip. the younger quickly gave the other access. the kiss their shared was messy, tounges grazing one another, pants and heavy breaths muffled between themselves. they parted for a while to catch their breaths, simina letting her head fall against the wooden surface, one hand playing with ioana's hair as she ducked down to suck at her neck. her eyes studied the room, only then noticing irina on the bed, leaning casually against the head board. the middle aged then decided to unbotten her dress shirt, dipping lower and lower. her train of thoughts was stopped for a moment , but she quickly regained her focus. she tugged the other back harshly by her hair.

"lets not leave anyone out" simina said looking in the girl's brown eyes. her pupils were blown wide with lust, lips red from their prevois actions.

"oh, care on if you want to, i don't mind watching" irina dismissed, but her lips fell into a satisfied grin as her friends approached her.

they placed themselves on either side of the blonde and ioana resumed her actions, but this time on irina's pale collar. the oldest turned her head, providing one girl with more expossd skin and the other with a heated kiss. their boss couldn't help a full body shudder as irina snaked a head around her hips and dipped just her fingertips under the waist band of her jeans.

"god, i haven't bottomed in such a long time" she let out when they parted for a moment

"well" ioana started with a low chuckle "you have been missing out"

"we do it the original way?" irina asked, head moving from one side to another to check the other's responses.

the youngers nodded their heads and they got into position. ioana laid back on the bed and simina settled on her thighs, draping her front over the others. irina placed herself between ioana's parted legs and right behinde the youngest, her chest pressed against their boss's back.

clothes startes to disappear as time ticked by and in almost no time they were all naked and panting against one another. simina already had one finger inside ioana's body and she was already very wet herself, but irina was taking her sweet time behinde her, bitting all over her back.

ioana left out another desperate whine, but before she could get another finger in, she felt something prodding at her entrance. she couldn't muffle the loud moan in time and she felt her body give away to pleasure, despite her tough and unbreakable facade. there was only truth when people said that irina was a skilled top.

luckly she recollected herself fast and she slipped another finger in the middle aged's tight heat. she treaced her free hand against her side, going up until it finally stopped to rest on her neck. ioana let out a small grunt from deep in her throat only at the motion. irina fisted a hand in simina's dyed turqoise locks and pulled with enough power to hurt. she added a second finger and curled them, hitting a spot inside the other that made her whole body tremble. the action made simina press her palm down ioana's throat in time with a flick of her wristst and the girl under her screamed.

the blonde gave a few nore harsh thrust and simina lowered her head on ioana's collarbone and she came with a strong bite of flash, her fingers thightening around ioana's throat and another push of her fingers. the second in comand follower their boss over the age, coming, too.

the youngest rolled from under irina and off of ioana to the other side of the bed. now only the two of them, the oldest connected her lips with the other girl's

the latter was still oversensitive from her orgasm, but she couldn't stop until irina was finished, too. she hooked her feet aroung her torso and with a quick motion she flipped them over. she looked down at the blue eyed girl on the bed, eyes widened in surprise and her blonde locks cascading around her face.

"please don't tell me you're going to top me" irina mocked with an amused smile dancing on her lips, but her hands still ended on the other's hips nonetheless.

ioana chuckled "just lay down and enjoy"

she said before she descended on hee body, head now between her thighs. she didn't miss any second to lick over irina's entrance. the latter let out a shocked yelp and thightened her fists in ioana's hair.

any other time, the younger would tease, but she knew that they were both tired. she inserted her tounge inside the other's body and worked quick, but with precise thrusts. irina came in no time with a low grunt that sounded almost like a growl.

after they were done, ioana pressed a last kiss on irina's lips and snuck under one of simina's arms, craving her warm embrace. the oldest smiled at her two best friends, but she kept a few inched of space between them before finally going to sleep herself. she was never too found of physical contact, anyways.

but if ioana opened her eyes in the middle of the night and found a body pressed against her front and one against her back well... that was no one's business but theirs.

meanwhile the party started to die down and less and less people remained. the ones that did, no matter how intoxicated they were, couldnt miss the looks on the japanese siblings faces-they were filled with disappointment and a hint of jealousy was on display. this problem could have easily been solved by a certain member, but that was for another time.