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in a dimly lit room, the most dangerous people in Europe were sitting around a large round table. to some, they might seem like a bunch of normal teenagers, but you should never judge a book by it's cover. a seemingly unbreakable silence filled the room as their mastermind,simina,was pondering about how to deal with the problem at hand-the government asked them to retrieve really important files that were stolen by a rival gang and if they ended up in the wrong hands a political warfare would take over italy.

"the art exposition is taking place tomorrow,starts at 8pm and according to my calculations the rival at 9pm sharp."said simina in a soft but commanding way.

she always was like this-planned everything to the last detail and never seized to get the job done. even if sometimes she was quite stern and threw them judgemental looks left and right, it always came down to protecting the ones she cared about. seeing as she knew the italian folk,alleys and streets like the back of her hand this girl was the most fitted for the job.

right after the introduction sinzi started to explain the plan they came up with.showing them the map of the building she started in a booming voice.

"unfortunately we couldnt put our hands on some entry tickets but..." she trailed off and her eyes landed on ioana "we can get in with your help" she said with a playful smile that gave away her way of thinking. the others were glad she was the boss' right hand-the cheerful girl usually helped simina blow off some steam in more than a friendly way, but it was common between them. after all being in one of the most dangerous gangs in the world had its pros and cons. given the circumstances, all of them deserved to have some fun and sometimes the person next to you was the perfect hookup.

"we will be checking through the security cameras if there are any tricks being played on us and announce you when we spot the target with the official papers" sinzi spoke with a tone of finality.

"this time no mistakes are affordable. if we mess this up we wont be under the governments protection anymore" the leader told them

the hentai gang has recently started working with italy and even if they were barely of age, anyone in the criminal world could see their unmatched potential. since the leaders of both parts shook hands their careers took off and their criminal records were wiped clean in exchange for insider services. this wasnt the first country to introduce the idea but i was the one who prospered the most off it.

"and even if things go sideways im always there to take care of it" ioana said with a confident voice and a charming smirk that helped through her whole short-but successful, criminal career. she manged to seduce everybody, even most of her gang members except one. that person was irina, the girl sitting right next to her with a cold stare and her lips pulled in a flat line. there was something behind those blue eyes of hers and if everyone was aware of it, no one got to the bottom of that. being a stubborn whore her next goal she made for herself was to break the ice. the thing that made her hopeful was their shared nationality and the fact they came from the same shady background in russia.

there was a bit of silence, enough for sinzi to notice the way her brother was fidgeting with his hands. the girl brought max with her when she left japan refusing to leave him behind. as soon as ioana saw the boy, she immediately became confident that she could teach him her ways of getting through life. that meant they spent enough time together- just enough for the girl to consider his sexual side developed enough for the boy to be able to come with them on missions and maybe sometimes she didnt do it only for the sake of her team. during one of their more heated sessions the girl discovered that max had plenty of connections and had to become an irreplaceable sprocket in their newfound working mechanism.

"whats wrong?"sinzi asked her brother her demeanor becoming a bit uneasy.

"what do we have to wear?"he asked in a small voice.

"oh thats always the most enjoyable part!dont worry i have already handled the outfits."ioana said giddily.

"of course you have"irina pointed out with an exasperated roll of her eyes but a small chuckle formed from her mouth but the other girl paid no mind to her remark as she hurriedly left the room to get the clothes she prepared.if you looked at the second youngest in the room for more than a split second you would have been able to notice immediately the jealousy that painted her face.

one of the main reasons sinzi agreed so easily to sleep with their boss was one of those secrets that was kept under lock and key. her insatiable desire to be the only one in ioana eyes grew stronger day by day. she regularly got fucked by simina so she would finally their leader to let her "play on field of crime". at least that way the unbearable feeling would die down when she saw the girl charm other people.

eveyones thoughts were interrupted by ioana storming in the room,panting,with a rack of designer clothes behind her.

"hurry up and try on the clothes.its getting pretty late"said simina already tired.

after the 3 active mission members got changed they stared at each other for a bit and even the informative duo was a bit taken aback too. all of them looked stunning and with a bit of makeup done by sinzi they looked like they could dominate a hollywood red carpet.

"you did an amazing job ioana but you should all go to sleep" she asked of them with a proud almost parental smile even if the 2 russian girls were older than her.

with a knowing glint in the trios eyes they said their goodnight and they didnt miss the way simina cast a not-exactly-friendly look in sinzis way.the latter girl threw a hopeless glance at her friends leaving the room and preferred this time the moment wouldnt last as long.

quickly getting out of their "business outfits" and dressed up in something more appropriate for their destination-a club.but not any club,the one that they were regulars at and, in ioanas opinion,had the hottest owner the girl had ever seen-her name was dior and she was well known as the wealthiest woman in italy. they were on their way to diors nightclub when the soft tunes on the radio were overshadowed by max's voice

"do you think simina would get mad if she caught us?" the youngest asked. he would loosen up later with some alcohol but right then his anxiety was going through the roof

"neither do i know nor do i care. if we mess up tomorrow today is our last chance to get laid and have some fun-lets not waste it. " irina said with some amusement behind her tone

"its a pity that sinzi didnt come with us"the brown eyed girl that was driving said.

taking his chance as sinzis wing-man, max asked a pretty far-fetched question

"on the topic of my sister..." for a flying second the boy thought about how he should ask such, but nevertheless he continued "is there anything going on between you two?"

as soon as she heard the question, a soft sigh escaped her lips. even if they hooked up quite a few times, the older girl never thought much of it. bottom line, it was nothing more than a few rounds of meaningless sex.

"nothing too out of place" she dismissed the question with a shrug

"maybe not for you" irina said with a tint of mischief. being the most quiet member of the gang, she often noticed the heated looks directed at her best friend.

"what do you mean?" the latter asked, a hint of confusion evident in her voice.

the passengers in the back seat both said in a loud voice: "she has fucking feelings for you!"

the driver didn't know herself the words set her off, but once they processed in her head, she pressed the acceleration way harder than needed. she never wanted feelings involved.

luckily for them, the sudden outburst made them arrive to the club faster and as soon as the car stopped and they got out, ioana threw the keys to irina and with an angry huff she said "take them, im drinking tonight. youre a better driver anyway."

with somehow disappointed eyes, max looked at the older girl "hey, at least we have tonight to ourselves."

a smirk appeared on the blonde that could mean nothing but excitement.

with a fast pace, ioana entered the club and, as if planned, she immediately spotted dior. without much thought, the woman felt the burning gaze and they looked eyes through the crowd of people and her night had instantly gotten better. even if she didn't say it out loud, she knew that the club owner was her favorite person when it came to fucking. a moment passed and they were already in front of each other.

"already back for more, baby? " she said with a coy smile and the younger couldn't help a chuckle.

meanwhile, irina couldn't spare a moment to look around her as she led max by the hand to a more quiet area. she couldn't help but feel a buzz under her skin as she took a seat on the couch that the private room they reserved offered. to be honest, if irina had to choose between the gang members regarding her sexual interests, she wouldn't hesitate to pick the boy she was currently giving hickies to. thinking further, she was glad that they chose this crowded club- no one could her the boy's moans, except her.

however the club nights were flowing, the trio would never cross the 3am mark they set without a text. in their world, they could never be too cautious, seeing as all of them where envied by the smaller organizations that were running all around the country. tonight was no different and they gathered at the entrance at the chosen hour. they managed to leave despite the complaints that left dior's side and they promised to be back in a few days.

getting home wasn't that difficult seeing as they only lived a few streets away. they didn't think much as the 3members sneaked in their own house,they never do. if the trio didn't have to be so quiet, they would've probably laughed at their own circumstances. the most dangerous people in the country had to hide the fact that they went out clubbing like teenagers, though that wasnt really far from the truth.they were pretty young themselves-the siblings were 18 and the others 19.

unfortunately their mood was ruined as soon as the light switch was flipped on. to their horror, there she was-the only person they were scared of at that ungodly hour. she looked exhausted and the bags under her eyes didnt tell a different story.

"what the fuck are you doing?"simina asked as if she didnt already know.

"what the hell you think we are doing."ioana spoke in careless tone.

the leader rolled her eyes and and the the dots immediately connected in her head. of course the second in command would come up with that rude remark. and in that moment the only way to solve her disobedience became clear.

"okay if you wanna play dirty thats fine-2 can participate in that game.seeing as tomorrow we have to accomplish one of our most important missions yet, i cant deny your involvement. from now on you wont be allowed to see dior again until i say so."the girl thinking of no better way to teach her a lesson.

no one dared to say anything else afraid of what might happen to them. usually irina would have stepped up in her friend's defense but right then she couldnt muster the courage to let out another word. their boss had strict rules and even stricter punishments.

"the decision is final. and i hope you both take this as a warning. "simina told them curtly.

with tears in her eyes ioana said strangled "fuck you" and went upstairs to her bedroom.

"now go to bed. for real this time"

irina and max couldnt do anything but obey,they had an important day tomorrow after all. they headed to their rooms with the promise that they would check up on their friend the next day.