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Wars in the Stars and Other Things the Jedi Won't Tell You

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You are the ruler of a powerful kingdom. One day, an old man in ripped clothes wanders into your throne room. When asked who he is, he simply replies with two words.

“Your son.”


Padme struggled to keep a straight face, even with the heavy makeup covering it.


The old man- who wasn’t really that old, maybe twice her age, though she was only twenty years herself, and the man’s state of dress wasn’t helping him look young- sighed.

“Look, I know it sounds crazy, okay? But do you know a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, per chance?”

Padme was starting to understand why the man had requested a private meeting- he sounded ridiculous. And it wasn’t a secret that she knew Ani- he had helped save her entire planet six years ago! Resisting the urge to sigh, she responded.

“Yes, of course. I last saw him when he left with Knight Kenobi to train as a Jedi at the Temple six years ago. Can you please expand on the part where you claimed to be my son, despite being twice my age?”

The short man ran a hand through messy, blonde-and-gray hair. What type of prosthetic was that? It was more advanced than any she had ever seen.

“Right. I probably should have had a bit more tack- but that’s Leia’s arena, not mine. Long story short, my name is Luke, and I’m from oh- just short of fifty years in the future.”

Padme stared. What he was saying was insanity. Even if he did seem to have her jaw. And the name she had chosen for her future son. And her height. And- why was she even considering this? Her instincts said that she was telling the truth, but her common sense said that she was a fool for even entertaining the idea. Well, her instincts had rarely directed her wrong.

“Do you have any way to prove this frankly absurd claim, Luke?”

The man shrugged.

“Do you have any way to take a blood test? I can do that. It would prove I’m your son at any rate.”

Padme blinked. He had a good point. That would be a great way to prove him either as a liar, an insane man, or- just maybe- her time-traveling future son.

She stood up from her throne.

“ Of course.”

She walked over to the door.


Her handmaiden bowed.

“Yes, milady?”

Padme smiled.

“Would you mind to fetch a med droid? I need a blood test taken.”

The subtle bite on her lip alerted Padme to her handmaiden’s confusion, but the other woman merely nodded.

“Of course, milady.”

Padme closed the door, than turned back to her guest.

“What now?” He asked. Padme resisted the desire to shrug, instead sitting on the ground before her throne, ignoring the way her lavish gown crumpled.

“Can you tell me about yourself? If you’re truly my son, I’d love to know you better.”

He smiled- the expression was almost sad- but he sat on the ground as well, gazing at her with familiar blue eyes.

“Of course.” He murmured kindly. “I’d be glad to.”

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A ghost that just pulls small pranks to be an asshole, like standing next to the sensor for the AC in the middle of summer so the air conditioning never kicks on.




“You know, you’re not going to endear Leia to you if you keep doing that.” Luke noted as he took a sip of his hot chocolate. The weather may be considered hot for someone raised on Alderaan, but to someone who had grown up on Tatooine it barely qualified as warm.

Anakin pouted.

“Yes, but I’ve been trying to talk to her for weeks and she keeps ignoring me! Now she’ll have no choice but to talk to me.”

Luke bit his lip, trying not to laugh.

“I’m not sure that’s going to work. She’s pretty stubborn.”

His father nodded, looking proud.

“I know. It’s a family trait.”

Luke sighed. He wasn’t going to be able to persuade his father, nor did he have the heart to.

“Alright then. Tell me if she cracks.”

Luke said, then turned to leave the room as he continued to drink his hot chocolate. He had no doubt he’d hear about this from them both anyways. Nonetheless, he heard his father respond.

“I will!”

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“Yeah, here’s the thing…I’m a time traveler, sorry to disappoint you.”

“Yeah, and?” The Jedi asked, looking rather uninterested in the information she had just divulged. Ahsoka blinked. That was not the answer she had expected. He had seemed so eager to meet a Jedi who had survived so long. She really had skipped a lot of it though. ‘It’ referring to the Galactic Civil War.

“Are you going to help me rebuild the Jedi Order or not?”

“I- well- aren’t you even a little startled?” She asked. The blonde shrugged and stood up from his desk.

“You said you were my father’s apprentice, right?”

Ahsoka nodded, thrown off not only by the fact that Skyguy had had a son, but that said son was so calm about this. The young man clearly had inherited Padmé’s calmer head. Though this was a situation that warranted surprise.

“His Padawan, yes.”

Luke’s nose wrinkled at that word. Had Master Kenobi really never called Luke that? Or whoever else had taken over Skyguy’s son’s training?

“Then you really ought to know that weird stuff tends to happen with my family. You being a time traveler really isn’t that much of a stretch. It might be more difficult to convince Han, but Leia will believe you.”

Ahsoka pinched the bridge of her nose. Of course. Skywalker. How could she forget, especially after Mortis?

“I suppose that’s fair. Do I want to know what happened to you?”

Luke shrugged.

“My crazy neighbor turned out to be a Jedi, I made a one-in-a-million shot my first time flying in space, my teachers became ghosts, my father turned out to be an evil Sith Lord, said father chopped off my hand less than a minute before informing me of this, I learned I had a secret twin, said twin turned out to literally be a princess, I became a Jedi Master with only, like, a month of training, my twin killed a notorious gangster with nothing but a chain to save her boyfriend, said boyfriend had been tortured and thrown into Carbonite by my father, actually, my father tortured my twin too. My father’s ghost also asked for her forgiveness but she denied him, I have literally killed millions, and a couple of weeks ago a force-sensitive assassin who had continuously been declaring her hatred of me and her desire to kill me saved the lives of my sister’s infant children, then proceeded to kill a clone of me, said clone was made from the hand my father had chopped off and was working under the instructions of the deranged clone of a Jedi Master who had been trying to kidnap my pregnant sister and I. So at this point why not have my father’s ex-Jedi apprentice come from the past? It adds up with the rest of the crazy.”

Ahsoka sighed.

“When you put it that way it explains a lot.”

Luke laughed.

“Yeah. So will you help?”

Ahsoka shrugged.

“Well, I assume the Force brought me here for a reason, so why not?”

“Wizard!” Luke exclaimed, “How about I introduce you to my family? I’m sure they’ll love to meet you!”

Ahsoka grinned again. Skyguy’s son was so cheerful.

“It would be my pleasure.”

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Darth Vader was furious. Absolutely furious. This wasn’t exactly an uncommon emotion for him though, being a dark Lord of the Sith. The reasoning behind it was a bit different than normal though. He had just gotten a call from his children’s school that the staff had been informed that Leia was being bullied. Leia. His sweet little daughter who looked just like her mother and shared her love of justice. Why would anyone, much less another child, ever be cruel to Leia? It was unthinkable. The children who were causing his child harm would pay, he would see to it. First things first though, he needed to check up on Leia.

He strode through the halls, black cape flowing behind him. He was worried. Was Leia alright? How severe was the bullying? Was she physically hurt? Emotionally?

He heard laughter as he neared His children’s rooms. Cautiously, he opened the door to his daughter’s room and peered in. The twins were sitting on Leia’s bed, laughing gleefully. Leia had her back to him, so Luke noticed him first.


Leia whirled around.

“Hello Father!”

Vader gaped beneath his mask. Leia was a mess. Her school uniform was ripped in at least nine different places and covered in grass stains, not to mention mud. She was absolutely filthy. Her hair was a mess, the braids only barely holding in and full of twigs. And there was blood. So much blood. Well, not really. She had a cut on her lip. But it was far too much for his daughter.

“Le- Leia? Are you alright?” He questioned worriedly, hurrying over to her and gently placing a hand on her cheek.

“I’m good.” She responded, grinning.

“Yeah!” Luke exclaimed, “There’s been a bunch of older kids picking on Leia lately but today one of them tripped her so she beat them all up! It was really cool.”

Vader blinked in astonishment under his mask.

“You did?” He asked, looking back at Leia. She nodded, still grinning.

“Yup! I am your daughter, after all.”

Vader smiled and pulled both of his children towards him, careful not to press them against the panel on his chest.

“I’m proud of you.” He murmured. After all, for as much as Leia looked like Padme, she was still very much his.

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"For the umpteenth time, I'm not helping you fake your death because you can't control your urge overthrowing monarchies."

“Seriously.” Lando complained, “What is with your family and destroying governments?”

“Sometimes they need to be destroyed.” Leia responded, unrepentant.

“Yeah!” Luke agreed, “And we’re really good at it!”

Lando groaned and collapsed on to his desk.

“I know. This is the fourteenth time since we destroyed the Empire six months ago!”

“If you want to look at the past half century, our family has destroyed a lot more!” Luke said cheerfully.

“Don’t.” Lando said glaring, holding up a finger in warning, “I do not feel like thinking about THAT right now.”

Luke shrugged.

“Are you going to help us or what?” Leia demanded. Lando leaned back in his chair, running a hand over his face.

“I can’t just help you guys fake your own deaths.” Lando pointed out, “I’m not sure you two realized, but you’re both vital members of the New Republic. The effects of losing you would have massive consequences.”

Both twins groaned.

“Seriously?” Luke whined, “I blew up a battle station when I was nineteen, and now I can’t escape!”

Lando chuckled.

“Serves you right with all the trouble you’ve caused!”

“So you won’t help us?” Leia asked, hands on her hips. Lando shook his head.

“Nope.” He responded, “I’m not sure why you two are so determined to escape anyways: everytime you do this your popularity only rises!”

“Yeah.” Luke grumbled, a blush rising on his cheeks.

“But we were specifically told not to this time.” Leia finished with embarrassment. Lando stared at the pair for a beat, then broke into peals of laughter.

“So let me get this straight.” He said after calming down some, “You two came to me, to help you fake your own deaths, because you destroyed another government after the New Republic heads specifically told you not to?”

Luke and Leia shifted uncomfortably.

“Yeah.” Luke sighed, “That’s about right.”

“You are both crazy.” Lando said, then leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling, muttering “Han you crazy bastard this is all your fault.”