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For my "Beloved" Tony

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Quentin Beck had never felt better in his entire life.

It seems life is finally moving in the direction he’s been working towards ever since Stark ripped his idea out of his hands and threw him away along with the credit he properly deserved. 

Mysterio the greatest hero to arrive after the blip!

Mysterio may be the next Iron Man! Here’s what we know so far.

What went down during the London attack and who may be savior of it all.

Press calls for Man of Mystery to explain what really wreaked havoc on London.

The news channels flashed his name and the articles caught the attention of millions as Mysterio made his way into the public eye. Press had eaten up his deceivable story and the whole incident itself, once his little video framing Spider-Man as a villain had leaked. In due time he’d reveal his identity too. Now that will most certainly give him some fame.

Their little base in London was a temporary fix. It was an old office building that had been abandoned for who knows how long. All it took was a little bit of cleaning and a few drones to mask their new work space, perfectly fine to live in for a day or two, to take over the building while they wrapped up their preparations. It was a decent enough size to run a few tests and perfectly secluded. 

The main reason, though, they happened to borrow the space was due to the underground parking garage and storage unit. It was directly underneath the London bridge, and thankfully for Beck that was exactly where they needed it to be. Their little Elemental creator had Fury biting his nails when the sudden spike of danger appeared. It was like the cherry on top to their hint of a wonderful, at least to his team, attack. 

The London attack did seem to appear different from their original script. Okay, yeah, that was a bit of an understatement and the entire thing became a bit of improvisation on Quentis part, but when he saw potential he took the opportunity to act. 

That’s exactly what Peter Parker was. Potential, and wonderful at that. 

Of course, though, he knew where he wanted to take things with the boy. His team, on the other hand, wasn’t the most confident in terms of Quentin’s new idea working out. It was a slim bet, but one Quentin was willing to make. He’d managed to pull of this whole hero gig, who’s to say he won’t be able to do the same with Peter. 

Beck was on top of things the moment his plans shifted, working towards remaining one step ahead of the world and one step ahead of Peter, who was now tied to a chair in an ominous room. 

He had called for a meeting immediately to clear things up. He'd get things set straight with the changes he needs his team to make, and then he would be off to all the press conferences and meetings government officials were asking Mysterio to appear for. 

Beck needed to get back out there soon though. Cleanup on the city had already started, and people were wondering where Mysterio had gone off to. He'd help pick up the ruble and make sure everyone who survived was safe. William had shown him the strike zones so he'd know exactly where to go and exactly who needed the help. After that he'd get Peter's friends to remain quiet with a little bit of blackmailing, and then he'd be off to the meetings where he could really get the ball rolling. 

But, of course, he needed to clear up what was going to be done with the boy. He hadn't woken up since the attack yet, and his entire team wasn't to sure why Beck had brought him into the base and demand he be restraint.

That's practically what this little meeting is about, where they're going from here. He’s assembled the main team, the heads of the main departments and the ethical workers he’s grown most attached to. 

“So you want to make Spider-Man Mysterio’s greatest threat only to turn him into a sidekick?” Janice is probably the most skeptical out of the group. It’s clear as day with her tone of voice and furrowed eyebrows. She says almost angrily, “What good will that do for us?” 

“He’s already being set up as the bad guy from the London Attack, we just need to continue to play off of that until there’s too much damage,” William states. William, on the other hand, had been the most understanding. Quentin has already told him the main plot points he wants to make when he talked to William about adjusting the video to keep Spidy's identity in the closet a little longer. He's also been Quentin’s right hand man through all of his scheming, plotting, and developing. 

After the little drone incident, Quentin has made sure William’s been keeping things in check a lot more sufficiently. He can’t risk having a big screw up like that go under his nose again. 

“Yes, I understand that part. It’s just I don’t think the kid’s gonna listen at all, ya know? You're gonna get his friends as leverage, sure, but the casualties these incidents will cause are going to far outweigh the lives of a few high schoolers and a Stark employee. Besides, what use is he compared to what we already had planned?” Janice is still very much suspicious of Quentin’s proposal. 

Her doubts are well funded and it would make much more sense to continue on with the way they've planned things out, however, Quentin is far more determined to blow everyone out of the water when he puts his plan in motion than to reconsider having them write him a new script. They had planned out so many attacks and speeches completely reliant on Mysterio, and Mysterio himself. They didn’t know how to begin or why they’d rewrite their plans for some teenager that used to live in Queens, and all because Quentin had become fond over the boy.

It’s most likely what his team saw happening, but Quentin was far above growing soft over one little mesley child. No, he just couldn’t stop thinking about the expression that’d paint Stark’s face. The idea of the man watching him from hell take his Portage with incredible abilities and turn him into an obedient sidekick defending people from nothing but illusions to their eyes. It was like frosting on a cake, the perfect way to top off his Mysterio act.

It may take a bit of time to prove such an idea could be pulled off, but he’s sure it will work. He’ll make it work. He won’t let Peter stop him from doing what he wants, after he was the one to step in on Beck’s project first.

“I think you’re both onto something there,” Quentin says with a smile.

“How so?” Victoria speaks up now. Seems she’s as baffled as everyone else that Quentin’s agreed to Janice’s statement and connected it to William’s part, a complete contradiction.

“We’ll just outweigh the values of escape with behaving. We need him to listen to us, so we make it unbelievably hopeless for him to go back. Add in a few factors to give him an extra push and he’ll be gushing over Mysterio just like everyone else,” Quentin says watching the faces of his employees light up with overall disbelief.

“He won’t have a choice.”

The room falls silent for a moment, taking in what Quentin’s said.

“The whole purpose is to get him to do what we want. Spider-Man, as a sidekick and a hero already familiar with the people, will put Mysterio even higher in the ranks. We can use his actual powers to stop any real villains that neither E.D.I.T.H or the drones could fully dispose of. He can appear to help wrap up those situations while Mysterio remains in the main spotlight and help us convince any real heroes, who won’t be as gullible as a 16 year old kid, into falling for the illusions,” Quentin hastily points out. 

“How do you suppose we do that?” Janice had asked slowly losing that unconvinced tone in her voice. Maybe Quentin’s idea is getting to her. 

Quentin’s smile grew into a twisted grin like a thorny rose petal, beautiful yet dangerous. “We do what William said, play off of what we’ve got. We can stage a lot more fights against Mysterio and Spider-Man. For the final battle, we unmask him. Exposing his identity after he becomes the world’s greatest villain we won’t only get Shield and other heroes after him, but it’ll give us a right to ‘take him into custody’ for his actions. Once we do that we can use Mysterio’s new gained trust to get the world to accept us rehabilitating Spider-Man into some hero sidekick." 

A little shaky, but Quentin would have the details worked out later. This meeting just needed to convince his team this was the right way to go. It was nothing but a small briefing.

Victoria thinks it over a bit before giving her input on the whole new operation. She softly states, “How do we get him to look like a villain?”

 William goes back to the beginning of what Quentin's said. The gears in his brain turn answering the question how are they going to do what they need to do. 

“Let's get the kid to play around with the drones while also testing any upgrades.” His voice turns into excitement as it lightens. “We can create illusions for him to see while coordinating his own moves with what he appears to see. Later we green screen the fighting and convert it into our own Mysterio battle,” he states. This makes Quentin pretty glad to hear, knowing his team is finally starting to put the pieces together. He’s sure once they all know what he’s getting at Peter will be royally screwed. 

He’s gonna wrap a noose around the kid’s neck pushing the chair under him ever so slightly. Once his time’s up he’ll kick him off for good. 

“We haven't even found a way to get there yet, and do you really think having him fight Mysterio will be enough?”

Ah there it is. The sliver of doubt they’re all experiencing. What if it won’t be enough? What if the bearing fruits of their efforts rot and decay from Peter’s refusal to give up? 

“Of course that won’t be all. Like I said, we’re going to unmask Spider-Man’s identity. Think of it, in the past, Peter has always been able to disappear from his super hero duties and hide behind his identity. Making him a villain can turn him against his friends and disappoint all those who believed in him. With the whole world aware of who he is, I doubt anyone will accept him, nor will they hold back their thoughts. 

It’s a bit far fetched, still, Janice and the rest of the team are growing a bit more intrigued. Quentin’s a smart man. They know that he wouldn’t do something that could completely destroy them. He’d planned it all out to assure it would be in everyone’s best interest by the time they get things rolling. Janice clears her throat and says, “How do you plan we keep him in line?”

Quentin already knows what he needs to do and where he’s gonna take things, he’s prepared to counterattack any feedback submerged in doubt. 

“If we break him down beforehand, it’ll be child’s play. First we isolate him. That does a lot to the human mind, so we just have to keep him confined for the time being. He may have enhanced superpowers but being deprived of any and all interaction for two weeks would make anyone restless and lonely. Starve him from human touch, and I’m sure even Spider-Man will be grateful for any company,” Quentin says smirking

To be honest Quentin isn’t 100% sure it will work, but he knows it's going to affect the kid in someway. All he needs to do is start affecting the kid. There’s more than one way to break someone and Quentin is cautious. Isolation won’t be the only thing Peter needs to worry about, and Quentin will make sure his own plans are padded with reinforcement. 

It’s just the first step. He’ll trick Peter himself into acting and giving Beck everything he needs.

Quentin’s a master when it comes to deceiving and trickery. “It’ll be a blessing in disguise when we let him out to fight off drones and run around. The isolation will pose a threat in the back of his mind, the idea he could be tossed aside and back into a world of loneliness and isolation for whoever knows how long again. Oh, and of course we can start using illusions on him to fortify his fears even after we’ve completed the video feeds.

William’s got a shine in his eyes now. Seems Quentin’s sparked an idea out of his words. Great he’s gonna need the help of everyone in this room to conjure up the perfect plan. “Yeah, I think that could work. What if once he gets a big head we show him the news afterwards? Then we can start working the illusions on him specifically,” William says pleased by his thoughts.

Quentin is too. He had only planned to show Peter the news reports simply after they were done staging enough attacks, but waiting until he tries something, and Quentin is sure he will at some point, will allow them to crush any hope he’s been able to hold on to. Show off how high praised Mysterio is and how they’ve destroyed Spider-Man. Quentin will unmask his identity then, show Peter Parker off as the villian. That way he can’t turn back. He can’t hide under his identity the same way he had before.

“It should be a solid plan. Isolate him to get the boy dependent. Use him to test out drones, staging more battles for Mysterio to gain publicity and Spider-Man to lose his credibility. Then we reveal his identity and break the news to him when he gets a bit too reckless. By then he’ll knows there’s no turning back and we can reinforce that idea by hitting him with more illusions as punishment to when he acts out. The boy will be well aware of what happens when he screws up, and we can keep his friends as a constant threat and reminder to our power the entire time,” Quentin says hopeful that this will remain his last little monologue of the day. It seems that way by how all of his employees nod and smile at the logistics of it all from his rundown. 

And it is.

They all nod, whispering around the room and finally accept the idea. They’ll began reworking parts and bits of their Mysterio script now that things have changed a bit. Having him fight Spider-Man will probably give him an extra boost in publicity as well. Fighting otherworldly creatures is cool and all, but turning one of the most profound heros into a villian and defending the innocent lives he used to protect will get far more coverage then any type of story his team could build up.

With that he stands up and states, “If that’s all I think this concludes are meeting for today? I’d like everyone to get started as soon as possible. We’ve got a lot of preparing left to do.” 

He claps his hands, as no one denies the statement, and soon his employees flock out the door to return to their work space. Next he just needs to change back into his Mysterio outfit and give the people the well deserved answers they're looking for. It'll be the first step in ensnaring Peter.

Time to give Spider-Man some well overdo publicity.