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For my "Beloved" Tony

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Beck spoke up again, staring up at the ceiling."Fire up the drone projectile and patch me through." Peter was pretty sure there was an intercom of some sort now, and Beck's team could probably hear everything Peter had said, including his breathless pants of fear when he first woke up., a sign that he was indeed aware of how defenseless he was. Beck tapped his E.D.I.T.H glasses and a large screen appeared in front of Beck, who was now facing his Back towards Peter, paying him no mind. Suddenly the screen flashed and Peter felt like he'd been thrown out of an air plain, literally moments away from death. Happy and Ned. He had contacted Happy and Ned, who turned to face the uncloaked drone that had been watching their every move, taking in every single word they said.

When Beck said he'd contact one of Peter's friends he expected it to be someone like MJ, she was the one who had discovered Beck's secret after all. The shock and horror of seeing Ned and Happy together was much worse than he'd expected. Ned was his best friend, he believed in Peter and covered for him every time something went wrong. Happy though, he was the one person Peter could rely on about this sorta stuff. He'd called Happy back in the Netherlands because he knew Happy would be the only one who could help him through this mess. He so willingly helped Peter through his little panic attack, stitched up his wounds, and got him through all his bottled up feeling that had broken free when he was hit with a train. If anyone was going to do something about Peter missing it was Happy. If Beck didn't know about one person who might be able to fix this, it was Happy.

Foolish of him to think a man who had basically stalked Peter to learn everything he possibly could about him, just to get a pair of glasses, wouldn’t know about Happy. Of course he knew. Beck knew who Happy was and he contacted the only person who was going to do something serious over Peter's missing file report. The only person who could find Peter and realize what was happening without alerting Beck. He was Peter's only shot at help from the outside, and now his only shot at freedom was practically having his hands tied behind his back with help from the tech Peter had so fiercely given away.

Ned with a face pinched and eyes full of surprise and shock, spoke up first when he and Happy had done nothing but idly stare back at the image projected from E.D.I.T.H's screen.

"Mysterio! You're holy shit... Is that oh my god...wait Peter is that you?" His thoughts were all over the place and that made sense based on what Ned could suddenly see. He could see Beck standing in front of him, he could see Beck's polished and presumptuous gaze, he could see Peter tied to a chair helplessly, and he could most certainly see his best friend's fate resting in the hands of the heroic impostor he had sworn to stop.

"Ah, glad you know me that always makes things much easier. As you can see Peter's perfectly fine, looking better by the minute if I do say so myself," he smiled sickly with a twisted look of enjoyment. 

"What have you done to him? Peter can you hear me?" Ned sounds so awfully ill with concern, much less focused on what Beck was saying than whether Peter was real. He just stares at Peter, eyes fearful at the sight. Peter stares down at the floor in unease. He's embarrassed things ended up this way and he's worried Beck will kill Ned if Peter speaks up.

Beck is more than bothered by the other boy's dumbfounded questions while he refuses to fully pay attention to him and his carefully crafted speech. "I said he's fine didn't I? I'm not gonna harm him, but I will need your cooperation as so my bad temper doesn't take control and I decide to kill him instead."

Ned bites his lower lip in worrisome anticipation and Happy, who had been proceeding to think about the situation, finally spoke up. "Okay Mysterio but why go to such lengths? Peter's just a kid. Do you really think he poses that much of a threat to you that you would need to take such desperate measures?" 

Happy's question was a valid one, but Peter could tell he wasn't truly expecting an answer. Happy more or so asked Beck to both experiment how much he could get out of the man and to see how he'd respond, whether it was all amusing or whether it'd get under his nerves. Reading his reactions was a vital step in figuring out exactly what they were working with and if there happened to be any contradictions or glaring plot holes they'd use to get around this seemingly forlorn situation.

Beck pauses for a second to process Happy's question before his responds. "Not most kids have the ability to stop Avenger level threats. You could simply consider me a man of caution."

Happy nods in agreement. There's not much he can say to deny that and it's quite clear Beck's nothing but cautious.

He gleefully smiles at that and continues his speech. "Of course I'll have to ask you to put any further questions on hold. I'd greatly prefer if we get down to business, I'm sure your a man of liability yourself Mr. Hogan."

The way Beck say's Happy's name leaves his stomach somersaulting. He'd done so much research to insure his plan wouldn't fail by all means. It was all but a reminder how little Peter knew about the knowledge Beck obtained on him and every one who's ever associated with him before. If he knows Happy so well there's no telling who else he's got eyes on. There's no telling if Peter can rely on anyone else to get him out of this hellhole.

"Alright, go on," Happy says once again nodding with a condensed tone of voice.

"Gladly," Beck says boldly fearless. Continuing his speech of mockery he says, "First I want you to lose all former connections with Peter Parker. Once this call is over I want the both of you to completely forget about past relationships with him. It'd be best for you to focus on more becoming things for your ages."

Though the message was clearly directed at Happy and Ned, Ned doesn't hesitate to speak up first. "But why?" Ned's question is of genuine concern, lacking in uneasiness of who he's asking. Happy knows this and puts his hand out in front of Ned whispering, "Easy kid," so quietly if it weren't for the enhanced speakers programmed on E.D.I.T.H, Beck wouldn't have been able to make out the words. 

"That will remain none of your concern," Beck snaps at him, showing a thin smirk somewhat glad at the discretion the other man demonstrates. "Just note if any one of my demands is failed to be met I will execute the boy on the spot."

Happy's gaze targets Beck's eyes as he starts to speak once more. "And what are these other demands?" It sounds forced, like he's about to choke on the air he's breathing. Beck's backing them into a corner and Happy knows it. If Beck does have the ability to watch them wherever they go, and he very much has demonstrated so, Happy can't do anything to retaliate that wouldn't risk his or Peter's life. If he somehow disabled the drones, Beck could instantly find out and take matters into his own hands. With E.D.I.T.H he could kill anyone he wants by a simple request. If Happy somehow miraculously found a way to slip through the cracks, and if there even were, to expose Mysterio, Beck could kill Peter as a last hurrah.

The same went for Ned. Saying anything to MJ or to someone that could offer help, would just get Beck to react in ways he nor Ned would ever want to see. Peter was leverage for Ned and Happy as was Ned and Happy leverage used against him.

Ned's displayed a pinched face of that realization, pale and dark. He felt so bad for Ned right now, worse than when he had to ditch him at Liz's party without saying anything. Worse than when he continued to cancel a countless amount of plans with him because of his Stark Internship. Worse then when Ned found out he was Spider-man and learned Peter had been lying about his reasoning behind ditching him constantly. Ned had always been so understanding of Peter, a lot more so when he found out his best friend was the Spider Man, but he'd never deserved to go through it all. Once Peter got out of this tough spot he'd build as many Lego death stars with Ned as he'd want. 

Beck smirks. "Second of all you'll have to do a certain favor for me. Edith can you send the video feed over now?" Happy's phone vibrates in his pocket and his blood seems to stop flowing at the thought of Mysterio having full access to even his own smart phone. Peter does too. That's one scary thought, and it's even scarier to think that none of this would have happened if he just hung on to Mr Stark's final gift to him.

"I've infiltrated the cameras at the bridge where me and the oh so lovely Spider-Man fought. Of course the video is fake, but I'm sure you know it will most defiantly appear real to the human eye. I simply need you to get those employed to identify the dead and clean up these sort of attacks to take a look at it. I only sent you the video so you understand what I'll be doing with it." Beck says prouder than ever. Now it's Peter's turn to turn white. Video? A video on the bridge they fought at? On the cameras? What would Beck feel the need to show the public of him and Peter on the bridge. More curiously, what had he swamped out from the security camera he needs Happy to make sure someone of value gets a hold of.

Happy had pulled out his phone and glanced at the video, skimmed through it to get a feel for what he was supposed to reveal. He's keeping an awfully composed face, so it's hard to tell what it is. When he puts his phone back in the pocket he answers back with nothing but an, "I understand."

Beck grins from ear to ear at that. "Good." He pauses momentarily. "Finally my last little condition is much more straightforward. I can't afford any suspicious actions that could lead to my identity outing, so if you do happen to expose me or Peter's little secret I won't hesitate to destroy everyone and everything you've ever loved. That is of course including Peter."

"I'm sure you understand this by now, but allow me to stress just how easy it is for me to become aware of your actions. I've got day and night surveillance you'll hardly even realize is there, so a slip of the mouth can cost you more than your life before you even register any drone supervision,” Beck says pouring salt into their wounds, and it’s like that sensation is of him dowsing them with gasoline and lighting the match.  

“I want you to know anything that seems suspicious, whether it be caught in live footage or spotted by some other source, will be thoroughly reviewed. Of course if that happens we'll be extra careful in making sure you're unaware of the countless number of eyes watching you. Needless to say there will be an increase in all our surveillance too.”

Peter knows it now because Beck’s making it so clearly obvious for him. No one is ever going to be able to reach him. Beck song give them the slightest of chances, and the threats he’s throwing at them are as sharp as his vision, the same eyes he sees the entire world he’ll be controlling through. 

Happy contemplates once more and says, “So that’s all?” Before Beck can comment back snarky, Ned interrupts.  

"Peter he's..he's gotta be lying right?" Ned blurts it out baffled and still unable to comprehend Beck's words.

"I'm sorry Ned...," is all Peter manages to say finally looking up to see his friend's tightened expression. It’s the only thing Peter has been able to bring himself to say and the moment he sees Ned Beck turns back shooting him a heavy glance. It doesn’t take any longer then a second for Peter to look down at the floor submissively again. 

“Yes Mr. Hogan, those are my demands. Your a smart man so I’m sure you can figure out what’s in your best of interests,” Beck states, confidence dripping from his voice. He then turns to look at Ned with a much less potent smile. “Same goes for you kid. Don’t get in my way again or dare to speak about this. That is unless you’ve got some life long grudge against your best friend and would prefer him dead.” He seems proud of the last part. Like bragging about how simple it would be to kill Peter made him joyous from his newfound abilities. 

“I’ll accept them,” Happy sighs, because there’s nothing else he can do. What else is he supposed to say? ‘Fuck you I’ll expose your secret and save Peter myself?’ Denying Beck out-front would probably kill his mood and kill the two of them. I't harder to deny authorities when they're the ones pointing a gun at your head. All he can manage now is a, “I’m sorry things ended up this way Peter.” 

Ned glances away from the screen awkwardly. “Same,” is all he can get out. The air seems to leave his lungs behind as he agrees to the terms. 

“Wonderful. I look forward to your continued compliance,” Beck says cutting off the communication completely. He’s gone as quickly as he appeared, no trace of him ever reaching out to Happy or Ned. No trace of Peter's whereabouts or where Mysterio will appear next.

Then Beck turns back to Peter with a smile. “Well that was easier than I thought.” He folds his arm smugly. 

It’s quite for a long moment. Peter’s eyes don’t leave the floor but he does glance away to the side of the wall. He doesn’t want to look up because at this point looking up would mean facing reality. Looking up meant seeing the face of the man who just blackmailed his friends with Peter’s life and is ready to rub it in his face.

Beck’s disappointment in Peter's silence fades away with his long exhale before he snaps his fingers. The sound makes Peter jump and his eyes dart up at Beck's patiently awaiting glare. “Now that that's taking care of I suppose it's time to get you settled in."

The agonizing fear in Peter's eyes grows wary.

 "Hmm, well, at least cleaned up a tad bit. I'll have to admit this isn't a good luck on you Peter."

Peter wonders if he's talking about his scabbed over bloody suit or the tight and guarded face which poorly hides his emotions. Sacredness, anger, and confusion all mixed into one display. The anger is what takes over though. Perhaps it's because Peter's just so agitated by Beck's tone of delight, or the fact that he's really got no way out. 

"Rot in hell"

The response is sharp, defiant, and hard to the core with enmity. Peter is looking up at Beck now, the fire in his eyes burning brighter than ever.

Beck's gaze hardens too, and the twisted face he makes causes Peter to somehow hunker down in his shell like a frightened turtle, even more so than he had before."Someone ought to have taught you manners Peter? They'd probably be so utterly disappointed to hear such rudeness directed to a host. Maybe I should wash your mouth out with soap hmm?" Beck's voice rings in his ears and is drenched in hostility. Peter realizes it's not the best idea to poke fun at the man promising to ruin his life.

"S-sorry...," Peter says biting his tongue, gaze returning to the floor. He's glad he misses the wonderfully pleased smile Beck makes at his show of obedience or else he'd probably thrown up his insides. 

"Glad to see you do have some manners," Beck says tapping his comm to command something of his team. Suddenly the ropes tightly rapped around Peter's waist slip free.

"Stand up Peter I don't want you to waste any more time gawking. There's someone waiting outside who'll help clean you up and fix those wounds."

Peter does stand up. He stands up quickly, pushes his left arm against the chair to jump out of the rope that had piled and tangled up at his feet. Beck, who is awaiting Peter begins to turn his back when Peter seems to be following. It's a sudden movement, rational as foolish as it seems, Peter high kicks the man in the face. Well he wouldn't really call it high kicking someone when they didn't happen to really be there.

Beck, an astonishingly realistic illusion of the man, blinks stunned as Peter looks at him accusingly while he stumbles back, mostly from the dizziness that's exploded in his head. Beck burst out into laughter whipping tears of hilarity from his eyes. He taps the glasses and programs something into Edith before the entire room begins to disappear. The walls that looked metal turn into plain sarky gray office walls, the floor remaining concrete. The wooden door fades into one of glass similar to what Peter had seen at the front office in his school. It's chilling how quickly it all turns from a threatening cell or iron to nothing but a disguised office. 

"Quite a show you put on Peter. How did you know I was fake?"

Peter's surprised himself by the fact he had managed to muster up enough courage to test his theory that it takes him a while to register Beck's question. "Uhm.. well I mean you uhh.. there weren't any footsteps at all. I mean like It was really odd and I knew they weren't muffled when I stood up cause I could hear my own pretty well... and uhm, besides the material of the floor isn't made to trap sound either. Plus there was a weird buzzing sound when you asked to be patched through to Happy and Ned. When it didn't disappear I figured it was probably a drone that had to be projecting something...I mean I'm sure you're pretty caught up in the whole London aftermath too so you wouldn't wanna waste any more time..." Peter's voice gets lighter and lighter as he continues rambling, the last line he barely mutters. He wants his explanation to be as detailed as possible, or at least detailed enough that Beck doesn't think he'd have actually tried to kick him in the face if Peter hadn't known he wasn't real. He's been fidgeting with his fingers as he quickly explains. 

That earns him a grin and another small laugh. "Color me impressed. Those were quite the deductive skills, but maybe next time be a little more careful. If I was here you'd have broken my jaw," Beck says taking in Peter's body movement. He's still nervously fidgeting with his arms but he manages what's become more of his signature nod in a sign of unease, slow and difficult as he meekly says, "okay" 

"No matter, my command remains the same. I just suppose there's no use in hiding my illusion. I've got a lot of work as you said yourself, so I'm gonna have to end our chat here," he continues on. He gives Peter a jaunty wave and the sick cocky expression is back. He cheekily sneers, "I expect you to do as your told. Please try not to let me down Spider-Man." 

Then in the blink of an eye he's gone. And for Peter, well he's all alone once more.In all honestly the room creeps him out. The walls are almost to plain, and the glass door is made so he can't see the other side but his senses tell him he's being watched. He feels like they're trying to pry open his mind and flush him out of his own sanity. It makes his heart pound and his blood quicken with his breath. He takes a second to breath. He inhales and exhales deeply to calm his nerves down as he focuses on the task ahead.

Clenching his hand into a fist and holding it close to his chest he takes a step forward and pushes the heavy glass doors open.