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For my "Beloved" Tony

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It wasn't until he was reminded of the rage deep down in his gut by a certain red suited man taking out his drone's from the inside of his Avengers level threat, that Beck developed a contingency. One that would turn the world against Peter, have Beck appear as a dead savior similar to Iron man, and then return marvelously to kill the villainous Spider Man. William had told Beck it was very much possible. If programming E.D.I.T.H to require a confirmation to 'execute' the drones, Peter could very easily play into their hands. They could twist his words against him, and Beck could have the attack seem staged by Peter as though Mysterio had been the hero that arose to stop him. 

If it came to that of course.

When Peter entered the bridge and Beck began preparing his illusion to get shot, he believed that contingency plan may be the path he'd have to take. That was once again if it came to such an emergency. If Peter didn't pick up on the gun and didn't take the glasses from him, only then would Beck temporarily give up and allow Peter to take back E.D.I.T.H to set that contingency plan in motion. 

And if he didn't then Beck would still continue his attack on London. Though the elemental threat had been disclosed when it's true skin shed, exposing millions of projectile drones, Beck could profess Spider-Man as the man behind the attack. Beck's team created the intentions for Spider-Man's vicious onslaught to seemingly give him a chance to fill the shoes of those claims to become the next Iron Man. Mysterio's hand in killing the webbed hero, now villain to the public eye, could turn that refined lie his team had created into reality. 

That seemed to be the case when Peter trusted another one of Beck's illusion. When the boy was inattentively blind to another one of Beck's tricks.

"So where'd that spidey sense of yours go?" he said sneering in Peter's face with an evil, malicious grin. He pressed the gun to his head hard taunting Peter, after all this he was really fed up with the boy's refusal to lay down and just give up.

Now look at where that perseverance got him, a gun to his head and second's away from death.

He finally, finally had the chance to kill Peter in a way that would guarantee he couldn't get back up. He thought the same when he watched the boy's face smack into an oncoming train, but then again he didn't see Peter's dead, motionless body. Really it was his fault for not being as cautious as he had been at the start of things.

Beck could tell he was getting antsy and a little bit too overwhelmed with his emotions. He was even more agitated by the thought of Tony's successor being able to put him on edge in the first place. If it weren't for Peter finding out, having to recalculate their procedure to shut him up, he wouldn't have been nearly as worked up about the time frame. About needing to get to the end of the long awaited mission to reassure this wasn't for nothing. He was ready to be done with things and move on, so he didn't have time to sweat the small stuff like assuring Peter had died from the impact of hitting a speeding train.  He didn't think that was something he needed to confirm.

He wanted to be rejoiced as a hero, kill Nick Fury, and move on to their next phase in world domination.

That doubt didn't matter all too much now. If a train wouldn't take the kid's life a bullet through the head would do the trick.

Beck had the advantage from the start. Peter was definitely injured from the train, so that meant he couldn't fight at full strength. Secondly, he had taken more than just a few scrawny hits from the drones at the bridge. Beck watched him be thralled into the stone wall of the bridge, drop down 100 feet ungracefully onto concrete, get back up only to be shot at as he was thrown against drones barreling past him as they tried to take him down, shot at a million times, set on fire, and crash into a car as he went tumbling down into the water. Beck had blocked himself off into a small space. The bridge acted as a barrier for Peter because it was too tiny for him to swing around in, and it was a pain in the ass for him to even enter in the first place. So screw him for thinking it was impressive that after each injury he sustained, after each beating he took, Peter still somehow managed to pick himself back up and fight. Fight against Beck because Beck was, well he was evil.

And well.. Peter was Peter. Peter was a 16 year old kid who's life he'd disassembled, inspected, and dissected until he knew practically everything the kid had seen. Like he'd studied Peter the same way a Lion masked its presence to carefully observed its pray. Until he knew Peter better than he knew himself.

It was surprising to say the least. The way he understood Peter who resembled that of a one sided coin. Even his rationality to continue rescuing those in need was unethically black and white.

It was something Beck could never comprehend, to fight for the sake of simply saving others when if he'd just kept his snot nose out of things there'd be no reason to. That Peter just wanted to make things right for the great or good, basically ignoring what he wanted to do with his own life. Fighting when he was asked to step up for others when, at least as a kid, he should have been able to spend at least some of his time getting to live his life like the average teenager he wanted to be. 

Though this time it was too late to take mercy on the boy. Pointing a gun to Spider-Man's head was a long awaited circumstance that truly filled Beck with unbelievably, satisfying pride.  

"Come on, that hard head of your's can't fathom on answer for me at a time like this?" His grin slowly bared its teeth, resembling more of a maddened smile. It was delightful to say the least. Damn kid deserved what was coming to him. He's the one who tried to stop Beck in the first place. Now Beck, waiting for Peter to amuse him, was ready for a response.

But Peter... well he just looked absolutely broken, a look that made Beck start to feel remorseful. The way Peter just stared at him, so torn between heartbreak, from the fact Beck once again lied, and sheer terror, from the gun pointed directly at his head. Beck could only imagine how panicked the kid's mind was, how fast it must have been racing, because even an ignorant fool could see the corner Peter was being backed into. One where there was absolutely no way for him to just pull himself out of this mess like he had previously.

"P-P-Please don't do this...come on Beck I thought... I thought even you could.. maybe you w-would-" His voice was shaky and his lips quivered as he spoke softly, fear eating away at him and filling his eyes with tears. His sentence, or at least the sentence he was attempting to form, stopped abruptly as if Peter was desperately trying to compose himself before continuing.

Those eyes staring into Beck's soul, the pale color of white seizing the boy's body, his words full of suffering, his voice lingered with fear all made Beck consider what he was doing. Peter's body resembled being bitten by a lethally poisonous snake, venom gradually burning away his insides with no phenomenal miracles left.

But Beck was not  in the wrong. He was not going to be convinced by an oblivious, naive hero he was in the wrong. He just felt strangely bad for Peter. That was all.

He knew the kid was already going through so much after, even before, losing Tony. As much as Beck hated the man's very existence Peter was different. He was just a teenager Stark happened to take a liking to and pull into the world of superheros. Raised to be the next Iron Man, raised to be the man's portage, Beck couldn't help but blame this situation on Tony.

For everything  Tony had done to Beck this was by far the worst. To take the life of a teenager away and shove such a massive amount of responsibility onto his shoulders. Responsibility to save the entire world, no universe even, and have Beck watch that kid fight him. To do it all for the sake of Tony. Tony who gave him a chance to succeed he would never have had on his own. A chance to use his powers for more than just stopping bike muggers or helping ladies cross the street. A chance to take away his entirety of ever having a normal life that drove the line separating Spider-Man and Peter Parker further and further away from existence. Because Tony saw potential, and Tony always got what he wanted. He didn't even think twice about taking the kid because that was just who Tony was. An egotistical bitch who took from other whenever he pleased, and spared no thought at the consequences, one's that he wouldn't have to face, that everyone else would end up shouldering. No regret, no guilt on his consciousness, and no remorse for the lives he'd ruined. 

If there was one person Beck didn't want to resemble it was Tony Stark. So if Tony had brainwashed Peter to do everything and anything he asked, Beck would reduce all of Tony's hard work into a pile of filthy dirt. And not by simple means of just shooting Peter, no he'd hold Tony fully responsible for turning Peter into a mindless super slave by everything he'd gain to benefit when Peter cooperated. He had a good deck. All he had to do was play his cards right.

It was then he took the idea that had formed in his head, and before Peter could continue Beck abruptly cut him off. "God damn it kid, way to make things harder on me." In a quick motion he pulled the gun up and hit it harshly on the back of Peter's head. A web shot from the boy's hand grazing past Beck's chest as he watched Peter's futile effort to stop himself from being hit. By the time his missed web hit the wall, however, he was falling forward as his consciousness slipped. Eyes closing against his will and his sensibility gone, Beck reached out a hand to catch Peter's body before it hit the floor. Holding his chest Beck slowly slipped his hand under the boy's shoulder and leaned him back gently till his other hand supported his back and he could lightly lay Peter against the wall.

The previous tears in Peter's eyes had streamed down his antagonizing, sweaty face, and Beck smiled much warmer than before. "Sorry kid but I can't give you another chance.... I'm sure in due time you'll be grateful for my kind merciful act"

Curses, he sounded almost apathetic, and to Stark's replacement of all people. To top it all off he was talking to an unconscious Spider-Man as if he should feel sorry for bringing Peter down. As if he would feel sorry for everything he's got planned. Peter was starting to get to him, or at least the guilt of killing him was atrocious enough to mix up his previous arrangements.

"Looks like it's time for Spider-Boy to momentarily retire,” Beck said proudly walking away from the boy and tapping his comm to make sure it was still functioning.

He would deal with Peter after he finished what he'd started. 

"William I'm gonna need a status update pronto" Beck said sternly into his mic almost as if he was annoyed by the situation he was involuntarily putting himself in.

"Yes Sir, of course. The illusions should be back up in about 34.6 seconds. If you wanna wrap things up I've already downloaded the footage you asked for on the hard drive. We'll be able to successfully twist the story and get it out to the public with a news organization willingly ready to broadcast it," he said swiftly and awaited patiently for Beck's next orders. Beck brought his hand up to cover his face as he let out a sigh. Though no one could see him, there was a noticeable hint of disappointment by the way he covered his eyes shamefully. "Great, look there's gonna be a slight change in our plans." He paused thinking through the best course of action. "Uh what exactly do you mean boss?" interrupted William. "Look I'm still gonna need that video to be released, at least framing Spider-Man. I'm gonna need you to tell Victoria to prepare a different spin on things, however, so It seems Iv'e defeated the kid as it stands not the other way around. I would also prefer not to reveal his identity. That's going to be more tedious and trivial with what I've got planned for him now, but he'll still need to remain as the cover up for this attack." His voice was cold and curt, cutting straight to the point and uncaring how the others would feel about such a major adjustment. 

William didn't argue with Beck. "If your sure about this decision sir." The man knew better than to question Beck's sudden shift in motives and was willing to follow him, which made things a lot easier on Quentin's end. Besides William would have presumably held a lot more guilt for Peter's death than anyone else, all things considered he was probably appreciative of Beck's decision not to kill the young teen. He was to be blamed for the death to begin with, and William could also see Beck had been shaking up over the idea he was initially pulling the trigger. That much was clear after their visit to the train yard, though it was not too conspicuously notable. 

"Indeed. Oh and on top of that I'd like to have a secure room prepared, preferably I wish to put that vibranium to use, if the kid can survive being hit by a train who's to say he cant break through a solid wall of concrete." Alright boss I'm alerting the team now, when your'e ready just head down the stairs to the entry way of the bridge and we'll pick you up like discussed," William spoke seemingly undeterred by the switch in gears. At least things were going smoothly. "Great," was all Beck said before switching the comm off and tapping his glasses.

"Edith dear, It'd be great if I could get an update on the target statuses," Beck said with a slight tone of frustration in his composed voice.

"Updating target Status on Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant. Strike is ready to initiate, confirmation acquired," she chirped in his ear.

For a moment Beck thought it'd be better to initiate the strike, but if he accounted to how Peter would react to such news his operations would be much more difficult on his end. He'd have to keep a close eye on those kids to keep his skeletons in the closet, get some sorta leverage. He couldn't have anything being exposed by a bunch of meddling high schoolers, so he'd make sure he was always one step ahead of them.

"Yeah go ahead and cancel that for me Edith, but don't remove them as targets. Besides that, how are we doing on Nick?" He seemed convinced he could take care of the kids, but his question was phrased doubtfully despite the positively, self-assured manner. It was alarming Fury hadn't  picked up on the drone. That man would be suspicious of his own funeral. Luckily for Beck, he learned from Peter it was in his best interest to make sure his targets were dead. 

"Reported strike on Nick Fury failed to reach target, would you like to attempt fire again?"

Well that's a shocker. Beck was right to make sure now rather than to wait until later when they couldn't find a body. Suppose he should have taken out Fury's guard dog before attempting to deal with him. Well no matter, Fury may be discreetly untrusting, but he wasn't inhuman. Fury and his assistant weren't going to be capable of fending off speeding bullets surrounding them from all exit points. "Edith camouflage the drones. I'm gonna need you to fire as many lethal strikes as spontaneously possible at Nick Fury and Maria Hill. I'll need you to report to me whether they hit their target."

"Command received," she declared with her monotone statement. A fitting enough note to end things on. 

Ahh how gratifying Beck felt to finally bring the curtains down on his long awaited show. A truly spectacular finale. As he walked slowly back to Peter, putting two fingers on his neck to check the kid's pulse, he gave Edith one last command to tranq the kid. At times like this Beck needed to be extra wary when it came to Peter. His plans were as unsteady as a house of cards, falling over by the slightest gust of wind, when Peter became a variable. Now positive he wouldn't be awake for a while, he lifted the boy up and into his arms. Holding him lightly like a child, Beck observed the boy. He watched his chest rising and sinking gently, the dis-pleasurable amount of agony on his face, and recognizing the positions in where he may need serious medical attention. He didn't worry about it too much though he could still feel a sliver of guilt creeping into his brain. Ignoring that feeling, he felt contented with his viewed strategy. All of what was arranged would fall into place very shortly too, and Peter wouldn't have much of a say in Beck's new work. 

He found it was decisively time to get some use out of the boy.