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Someone was watching him.

The hairs at the back of Kiryu’s back rose up, he stopped on his tracks and, trying to be subtle, turned his head around. The streets were mostly empty, a few students like him were going back home, smiling and chatting with others, a woman was walking her small dog who looked more interested in the bushes on the sides of an old cafè than listening to his mistress. Some cars passed beside him, they were various colours, different sizes, a few were going so fast that Kiryu had to close his eyes for a moment because the strength of the wind they made, others were gentler and far slower.

Nothing struck Kiryu, no one was giving him a double look or was stopping suspiciously.

But Kiryu knew he wasn’t making this up. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened.

It had started a month or so ago, when he was walking home with Nishiki, Kiryu had felt his heart skip a beat for no reasons, he had started to feel anxious, he had begun to sweat and couldn’t help but look at his shoulders a few times. Even Nishiki noticed something was wrong with him, but Kiryu told him he was alright. He didn’t want to trouble his friend, especially since he didn’t have proof. He didn’t want to look dumber than Nishiki already thought he was.

After that, the days passed, but the sensation remained.

Sometimes it was more subtle, but it was still there. Eyes on him, watching every of his movements, always watching .

Kiryu shuddered. He thought he was being paranoid, after all he had never seen anyone, it was only his sensation and it kept growing, like an incurable disease that crept into his mind every time he took a step out of Sunflower.

His fingers twitched and, suddenly feeling his throat to be dry, he grabbed his bag to pull out the water bottle he always kept inside. His forehead was burning with sweat, it didn’t help that it was already June and the wind was saturated with humidity making it more difficult to breathe. He took two gulps of water and grimaced, his brows furrowing when he tasted the warm liquid on his tongue. Of course, after the bottle stayed all day in his bag he shouldn’t have expected anything else.

Placing it back in his bag, Kiryu sighed. He felt so jumpy, like something could happen any time, this story was giving him too much anxiety. He didn’t say anything to Nishiki or, god forbid, Kazama. He was too afraid to look like a fool, he knew both of them would take his anxiety serious and Kiryu wasn’t ready to face the fact that it was all in his head, the embarrassment would be too much for him. Plus he didn’t want to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital or something like those places that were shown in the dramas Yumi watched.

Kiryu sighed, he started walking again, putting one foot in front of the other trying not to look back even if a voice in his mind kept telling him to do so. He hated the fact that he was alone, usually when Nishiki was here with him, he could distract himself enough, but today his friend had cleaning duty and waiting for him to finish would have made Kiryu feel even more stupid. He didn’t need a bodyguard, he could walk for twenty minutes to go from the school to his house.

It wasn’t like something was going to happen… right?

Kiryu turned to the right in a small alley filled with abandoned houses where no one went unless they were lost, but it was the quickest way to arrive at the orphanage.

It was then he heard them.


At first he thought nothing about them, it wasn’t like it was so strange to have someone walking behind him but for some reasons his heart began to beat fast.

Despite his better judgement, he began to really listen and he was shocked when he realized those footsteps where matching his perfectly, like they were trying to be subtle about it.

Something wasn’t right.

Gulping, Kiryu resisted the urge to stop and turn around. He was strong, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t only a person. He was in trouble, he knew that, he couldn’t even be happy about the fact that his sensations had been right, someone was indeed following him, but now he had to find a way to get out of this situation as fast as possible.

He quickened his steps and, like he had imagined, the footsteps behind him matched him again. He was getting scared, he didn’t know what to do. Had they waited for him to be alone all this time?

Kiryu said fuck it, he began to run, clutching the bag on his shoulder tightly. He didn’t care if they were going to follow him, his mind had gone in “survival mode”. If he could reach the orphanage, he was sure he was going to be alright.

His escape ran short.

Before he knew it, the man - he was sure the person was male - was over him but Kiryu didn’t have the time to fight him before he felt a needle on the side of his neck.

He stumbled suddenly and fell on the ground with a loud noise. Kiryu groaned, placing his hand on his neck. He was shaking and hadn’t still understood what had happened.

He tried to stand up again, but it was like his legs were made of jelly.

“S-Shit… w-what the f-fuck…” His own words sounded so far away. His bag laid on the ground a few meters from him, but the more he looked at it, the more far away it seemed.

Kiryu’s mind had started spinning, it was like he was on a rollercoaster, everything went up, right, left, but the rational part of himself knew he wasn’t moving.

The man had arrived behind him but wasn’t moving, with the little strength he had left, Kiryu tried to stand up once again, but he only ended up tumbling on the floor, hitting his chin and nearly biting his tongue.

Kiryu blinked, he knew he needed to stay awake, the voice in his mind screaming at him. He was in danger and yet… sleep sounded so good to him.

The last thing he felt was a pair of hands grabbing him by under his arms and dragging him away.


Shibusawa was full of joy.

The boy - Kazuma Kiryu, he reminded himself - was laying on his bed. He was sleeping on his back, his uniform was slightly open allowing him to take a peak of the muscles that he hid, but otherwise the clothes were hugging him perfectly in all the right places. He looked so peaceful there, like he belonged there. It was such a marvellous sight.

After all, since he had laid his eyes on him, Shibusawa had been infatuated with him.

It was all Kazama’s fault, really, it was the captain that had brought him with him in the office one day, Shibusawa hardly remembered why, but when he saw the boy for the first time, he had the urge to make him his . Kiryu looked older for his age, but the baby fat on his cheeks still hadn’t left his body and Shibusawa was sure he was going to grow taller and bigger with the years. He had that sort of built and Shibusawa could hardly wait to see that happening.

He made his lowranking men follow him, waiting for the perfect opportunity to finally make him fall into his arms. It took him nearly a month and half of waiting, but Shibusawa was a patient and clever man, he knew the occasion would soon present itself, in the meanwhile he would make plans. He was rather good at that after all.

The wait had been worth it.

When his men had paged him telling him they had Kiryu, Shibusawa had cancelled all of his meetings for the next two days, leaving his secretary to deal with everything and immediately went home, where his prize waited him.

He was even more beautiful up close.

Shibusawa paid his men for their work and silence, he was rather generous with that, he knew they were trustworthy and, if for some reasons they slipped about this, he knew how to make them disappear without anyone noticing. It wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.

Shibusawa poured himself some red wine in a round glass and sat on a chair in front of Kiryu. The boy was so beautiful, Shibusawa’s fingers twitched, wanting to touch him in every way possible. Those full lips were begging to be kissed and that body called him to it, like the most beautiful siren. Shibusawa wanted to explore it in every way possible, licking and kissing it until he had placed his marks everywhere he could.

He took another sip of wine. Alcohol was a good companion, it relaxed him and whispered to him what he should do.

Kiryu’s chest rose slightly, he was still deep asleep thanks to the drug that Shibusawa had given to his men to capture him. He didn’t care how unethical it had been, now Kiryu was on his bed at that was all that mattered.

Shibusawa placed the now empty glass on the counter before he stood up and sat beside Kiryu, wanting - and needing - to be closer to him. He still couldn’t believe Kiryu was finally here, in his room, in his bedroom. Shibusawa had every right to feel happy.

His eyes trailed on the boy’s sleeping form, Shibusawa could feel his lips twitch up into a smirk. Kiryu was going to be eighteen years old soon, a few months from now, but it was obvious his body was one of a full grown adult. He had muscles, he was tall, he was broad, he had everything a man would want. Now he knew why Kazama kept him so hidden.

A shiver of excitement ran down his spine at his thoughts.

Suddenly, he wanted to find out more about Kiryu, the boy looked like he was a gift all wrapped up for him. Shibusawa couldn't say no at such temptation.

Licking his lips to taste his own sweat, the man lifted his arms up and began to unbutton Kiryu's black uniform. Button after button, the teenager's body became to unwrap under him, the more skin Shibusawa saw, the more he became excited.

A small whimper came out from Kiryu's mouth which made Shibusawa stop for a moment, wondering if the other was starting to wake up, but by a close inspection, Shibusawa could easily see that this wasn't the case. Kiryu's face looked peaceful, his muscles weren't tensing and his breathing was normal. Maybe he was having a nightmare? Not that Shibusawa cared too much.

He returned to what he was doing and finally he finished opening up the tight shirt. Shibusawa's eyes sparkled at the sight. Kiryu looked even more gorgeous now, he had defined abs with some hairs trailing down his belly button and disappearing under his underwear, his chest was wide and, much to Shibusawa's delight, he saw how the boy's nipples were starting to harden thanks to the cold air blown in his house.

Shibusawa leaned his head down, his breath meeting Kiryu's warm skin and, with delight, he saw goosebumps forming all over Kiryu's chest. Shibusawa let out an excited breath, he couldn't help himself anymore, he opened his mouth widely, his tongue sliding out between his teeth and, slowly, it licked a stripe of skin close to Kiryu's nipple.

Shibusawa moaned loudly, drowning the sounds of whatever reaction he might have caused from the other boy, but he was too busy thinking at how salty and good Kiryu tasted to care about anything else. Shibusawa rubbed his thighs together, his dick was getting so hard in his pants he had to bring his hands down to unbuckle his belt to get some relief. Oh, what this boy was doing to him...

His fingers caressed Kiryu's skin gently, cupping his chest like it were breasts, caressing it slowly. Kiryu shifted for a moment, the movement was subtle, but Shibusawa's eyes didn't miss it. The teenager had moved his right hand slightly, nearly tightening it into a fist.

Shibusawa observed him for a moment, not wanting to miss another movement, but Kiryu seemed to have stopped moving now.

"Are you awake, Kazuma ?" Calling him with his given name gave Shibusawa a rush he didn't know he had in him. He had fantasized many times about calling him with that name and now he could do it without anyone stopping him. He felt powerful.

Of course, Kiryu didn't reply, he didn't even flinch when Shibusawa spoke with his rough voice. It seemed like the drug was working quite well into his system.

Shibusawa knew he needed to taste him again, he wouldn’t be satisfied with only this little, not when he had waited this long to have him here. Without second thoughts, Shibusawa palmed Kiryu’s crotch, feeling how the boy’s dick was starting to respond to all the ministrations he was giving to his body.

He nearly wanted Kiryu to be awake, but this was fun too.

Shibusawa unzipped Kiryu’s pants, he took his time to bring them down, rolling the soft material on his thighs before pulling it off completely while his eyes roamed hungrily on every inch of skin Kiryu was gently showing him. Even his legs were nicely toned, hairs were present but they weren’t as much as Shibusawa had thought there would be which made him actually happier. He didn’t particularly like them, he was going to make Kiryu shave them soon, but for now they could stay.

Ah… ” After finally getting rid of the annoying grey underwear, Shibusawa could fully enjoy the sight in front of him. Kiryu’s dick was twitching in interest because of Shibusawa’s touch, it was bigger than average and it was framed by a bush of dark pubic hairs. It wasn’t even half-hard but Shibusawa knew he was going to change this soon. After all he hadn’t finished to get a taste from him, he had all the intentions to run his tongue everywhere he could.

“So good, Kazuma… let me taste you…” A smirk played on Shibusawa’s lips while he ducked his head down, pressing his nose against Kiryu’s crotch, inhaling his musky scent.

He suppressed a shudder.

It was so concentrated and strong there, Shibusawa took another sniff before he moaned against Kiryu’s skin. Amazing, he could stay here all day, it was so good, so intoxicating .

But no, Shibusawa had to get a grip on himself. After all, he could do much more than smelling him right now.

“Let’s see if you taste as good as you smell…” Shibusawa chuckled darkly at his own joke, then he brushed his lips against Kiryu’s cock, running them along all the length until they arrived at the tip.

He heard Kiryu take a sharp breath, but Shibusawa only needed a glance to understand that the boy was still deep asleep and his ministrations were only modifying his dreams. By the way Kiryu’s dick was getting hard, he guessed they were turning into rather good ones. He wondered if the teen under him could give him other, nice noises if Shibusawa kept teasing him further.

His tongue darted out to lick the tip of Kiryu’s dick, tasting the saltiness of his cum before he gulped it down, enjoying having something of Kazuma inside of him.

“So good… you taste wonderful…” Shibusawa muttered, before he parted his lips to take Kiryu’s cock between them. He could feel his excitement grow but what fueled him the most were the sounds that the boy was letting slip in his sleep, like he was encouraging him, like he was begging him for more .

He didn’t know where to put his hands, he kept running them on Kiryu’s thighs, enjoying the feeling on his tonic skin under his fingertips before they rose up to grab his ass firmly. Oh, it was really soft without any bothersome hairs in the way, Shibusawa had been too busy looking at Kiryu’s dick to take a peak of his ass, but now the only thing he wanted to do was grope this masterpiece until his fingers were printed on it.

Shibusawa grunted lowly, starting to thrust his head up and down slowly to give Kiryu enough stimulation. He didn’t want him to cum now, but he was going to enjoy seeing Kiryu’s embarrassed face once he would wake up. It was going to be such a beautiful sight.

“Mh…” Kiryu moaned again, his leg twitched slightly and his brows furrowed. Shibusawa was proud of himself when he saw a light blush had crept on the boy’s face. He looked like a nice cherry ready to be eaten.

Shibusawa pulled back once he felt that Kiryu was hard enough, even if he hadn’t waken up. He adjusted his glasses on his nose and used a handkerchief to wipe the spit that had formed in the corners of his mouth. He inhaled deeply, the air in the room had gotten warm and he had to take off his overcoat before he turned to Kiryu again.

His eyes immediately fell on the boy’s lips, they were so full and had a few teeth marks on the bottom, but they had a rosey colour that made Shibusawa think he had put on a lipstick.

Without further hesitation, the man leaned down to capture Kiryu’s lips in his, but a few chaste kisses weren’t enough for him and it didn’t take him long before his tongue darted between Kazuma’s mouth, enjoying the taste as much as he could.

Of course, Kiryu didn’t respond to his kiss, but Shibusawa hardly cared. He moved his tongue in the other’s mouth, burning in his mind every inch of it, from his teeth, to his cheeks to his sensitive roof which made Kiryu shudder when Shibusawa brushed against it.

It was perfect, he was enjoying this more than he thought.

“Good…” It took all Shibusawa’s willpower to pull back, but the drug wouldn’t work forever and he had so many things to try before Kiryu woke up.

He grabbed a small bottle of lube he had placed in his pocket pants and poured it on his fingers, not wanting to hurt Kiryu too much . He could feel his heart hammering in his chest and his dick was leaking just at the thought.

Slowly, he brought them against the boy’s twitching asshole and he let out a groan. Kiryu’s skin was so warm there and, by the look of it, no one had touched him there. Shibusawa felt another rush of excitement knowing he was going to be the first to violate that place.

Slowly, not wanting to do things sloppy, he pressed one of his digit against Kiryu’s entrance sliding it inside after some resistance from the body under him. Shibusawa purred in delight, he was so warm and he knew if he prepared him right, Kiryu was going to enjoy this too.

A distressed moan caught his attention, making Shibusawa’s eyes snap towards Kiryu’s face. His thick eyebrows had started to twitch, even his mouth had begun to move more, expression how uncomfortable he was feeling in that moment even in his dreams.

“Ah… are you going to wake up soon, Kazuma ?” Shibusawa’s eyes darkened as he began to thrust his finger in and out. “That’s not good… I need to hurry… can’t have you in too much pain…”

His previous promise of being gentle was thrown out of the window when he suddenly pushed another finger inside of Kiryu. From the pained whimper that Kiryu let slip from his lips, he was going to get hurt so bad, but Shibusawa wanted to give him some preparation. Maybe he was using that little mercy he still had left, who knew.

Shibusawa kept his hand going, leaning down to kiss Kiryu’s neck, enjoying the burning sensation of his skin under his mouth. Even if it hadn’t passed long, he slit a third finger inside, Kiryu’s ass was obviously too tight and the yelp he had as an answer was clear.

But he wasn’t going to stop.

Shibusawa kept the pace of his hand quick, twisting his fingers inside to get his hole wider and wetter, but it was when he pushed against Kiryu’s prostate that he felt the other boy still under him.

He immediately stopped his ministrations and looked down, noticing how the boy’s eyes blinked a few times, probably bothered by the light as they tried to focus on what was happening.

“W-What…?” His voice was cracked, the drug was obviously still present in his system and his eyes couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Shibusawa felt his lips turning up into a broad smirk.

He slipped his fingers out of him which resulted into a distressed moan from Kiryu. He used the handkerchief to clean them roughly before his hands unfastened his belt with quick movements.

“Good morning, Kazuma , do you know who I am?” Shibusawa placed his palms on Kiryu’s knees, ducking his body down until his now free cock was now pressing against the boy’s entrance.

Kiryu blinked again. His eyes - they were of a warm chocolate that Shibusawa will never forget - met his with some difficulties, his brain still hadn’t realized in what kind of situation he was in.

“Y-You… I-I’ve seen… s-seen you with o-oya-s-san…”

Shibusawa smiled at that and patted Kiryu’s cheek gently like he was a puppy. “I’m glad you remember me… My name is Shibusawa Keiji… don’t worry, you will remember my name… we will spend so much time together.”

Kiryu blinked, confusion was written all over his face. He didn’t understand Shibusawa’s words, their meaning was lost to him, he just felt this dreading feeling suddenly come down to him, like he was doomed beyond salvation.

Then he began screaming.

Shibusawa barely blinked, he thrusted forward, biting his lower lip when he realized how tight Kiryu was. It seemed that the trouble of preparing him wasn’t worth it, at least he knew that from next time he shouldn’t lose time on it.

“S-Stop it…!” Kiryu screamed with a raspy voice, lifting his arms to push Shibusawa away, but he was too weak from the drug to actually do anything other than touch the other man lightly on the shoulders. It seemed like he was encouraging him. Kiryu nearly gagged at the thought.

Shibusawa chuckled cruelly, ducking his head down to suck the skin on Kiryu’s neck. “After all I’ve done to have you?”

A scared noise came out from the boy’s mouth but it quickly turned into a pained scream when Shibusawa came a thrust to fully enter in Kiryu’s body.

“H-Hurts… stop…! Please !” Kiryu shook his head, he could see black points in front of his eyes and he thought he was going to pass out soon. No, maybe that would be a blessing for him.

Shibusawa laughed at his pain, moving his hips slowly to pick up his pace. “Begging already? Don’t worry, I’ll give you more .”

Tears were pouring down Kiryu’s eyes on his cheeks. He wanted to go home, he wanted this to end. Why couldn’t this be a nightmare? He wanted to wake up…

He cried again, this time Shibusawa looked annoyed, his eyes turning even darker.

“U-Ugh!” Kiryu choked when a powerful hand gripped his neck, not allowing him to breathe anymore. He looked up, meeting Shibusawa’s mercilessly eyes. Any sight of enjoyment had completely disappeared, what remained was only a cold being who could murder him with a snap of his fingers.

“Stop that, I hate when you cry… should I hurt you in another way? Maybe using that pretty boy that follows you like a dog?”

At the mention of Nishiki, Kiryu froze completely. He didn’t need Shibusawa choking him, he couldn’t breathe by himself. Tears had remained on his cheek, but his eyes were now wide open, his mouth closed tightly. He was trembling, but he wasn’t making any more noise.

Shibusawa looked satisfied and a smile tugged his lips up again. He dropped his hand on his chest and flicked his nipple before his palm wrapped tightly around Kiryu’s erection.

“Good, see that you can do it?” Shibusawa smiled almost sweetly at Kiryu before he returned to thrust inside of him. It was obvious the boy was uncomfortable, but the stimulation on his dick was something even if it was shameful.

A bead of sweat trailed down Shibusawa’s neck, he grunted lowly and closed his eyes slowly, finally enjoying the sensation of Kiryu’s burning body under him. Heat burned in his lower abdomen, the more he thrusted, the powerful the sensation became.

He didn’t have to wait long.

“F-Fuck!” Shibusawa suddenly hunched forward, pressing his chest against Kiryu as he felt his orgasm washing over him. He felt lightheaded for a moment, he enjoyed the feeling while he emptied himself inside of Kiryu’s ass, before he relaxed completely and rolled off the boy, not wanting to stay inside of him now that he had finished.

He took some breaths, then he realized he felt something sticky on his abdomen. He looked down, seeing strips of cum on it. He blinked surprised, before turning towards Kiryu.

The boy was looking away, his cheeks flushed in shame, but Shibusawa only needed to roam his eyes down on his stomach to see that Kiryu had come together with him.

“Dirty boy…” Shibusawa chuckled, sitting up on the bed. He pressed a hand in Kiryu’s hair and didn’t care about the fact that the other shuddered in disgust, he simply wanted to touch him.

While they both decided not to say anything, Shibusawa lightened up a cigarette just like he did every time he finished having sex and was surprised when Kiryu was the first to break the silence.

“L-let me go…” Kiryu’s voice was small and fragile. He sounded like he was going to break soon, like a glass knocked over by a strong punch.

Shibusawa couldn’t wait for it to happen.

“Letting you go?” He pretended to think about it before he grabbed a syringe from his nightstand as quietly as possible, then he moved closer to Kiryu, turning his body slightly towards him.

The other realized too late what was happening, his eyes bulged out when he saw the syringe.

He couldn’t even move or scream before the needle was in the prominent vein of his neck.

Shibusawa smiled again, without any warm in it. He pressed a kiss against Kiryu’s parted lips, before the boy’s eyes started to get unfocused again.

“I told you… we’re going to spend so much time together, Kazuma.”

Kiryu felt like crying, but before he could do it, everything faded to darkness.


Nishiki had never seen Kazama this angry.

When he had noticed Kiryu’s disappearance, he immediately called the older man, hoping that maybe Kiryu had followed him again at work, but when he realized that wasn’t the case, Kazama was already at the orphanage looking absolutely livid.

“Are you sure he hasn’t told you he was stopping somewhere?” Kazama’s voice was cold, his eyes dark. He really screamed yakuza right now, if he had someone in his hands he would have broken all of his bones.

Nishiki shakened his head, his eyes stinging with tears. He was so worried, but he didn’t know what to do. “N-No… I’m sure.”

Kazama gritted his teeth but nodded. He didn’t want to jump at conclusions, but he knew very well that Kiryu hadn’t simply vanished. Someone had taken him while he was returning home. Kazama wasn’t going to have any mercy.

“O-Oyasan… who could… who could have done something like this?” Nishiki asked, but he was afraid in hearing the answer. He didn’t know how many enemies Kazama had, but they weren’t a few.

Kazama closed his eyes, trying to keep his anger down not to make the boy more scared than he already was, but his tone remained as sharp as a knife while he spoke.

“I don’t know… but when I’ll find out… they won’t get out with their limbs attached.”

Even if he was scared, Nishiki found himself nodding.