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do it (or else)

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Inosuke is one to never back down. He knows he's stubborn, impolite even. He knows he'll push himself to the limit to the point where he can't move any of his limbs and think properly anymore. Inosuke is raised by the boars, after all. Wild, frantic and feral.

But why, why in the world such a challenge like this one made him feel frozen? Such stupid thing as:

"I dare you to kiss Tanjiro." Zenitsu, that little shit, says with a stupid grin on his equally stupid face.

See, when they're bored, they do stupid things. Catch bugs and throw them away to fly, see who can roll down the stairs the fastest, climb trees only to end up getting bitten by bees. Tonight, though, they decided to stay a little more chill. Truth or dare, a classic.

It would be fun, they said. Inosuke has to laugh.

Inosuke tightens his grip on his pants, saying "and why would I do that?" through gritted teeth.

Zenitsu has the audacity to smirk. "Because I said so, and you chose dare. That's how the game works, you see?"

Inosuke whips his head to look at Tanjiro, who's been unnervingly quiet for a while now. Ah, so that's why. Tanjiro is an alarmingly shade of red, from his wide forehead down to his neck. He's fiddling with his hands, gaze stuck on the floor as if he's waiting for it to swallow him whole. Inosuke can relate.

"Well? Are you gonna do it or not, loser ?" Inosuke turns to glare at the blond, blood boiling as he sees the shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

Inosuke huffs, crossing his arms. "I hope you know I hate you with a passion."

Zenitsu only snickers. "Well?"

Inosuke shuts his eyes close and tries to stop himself from punching Zenitsu in the face as competitiveness takes over his system. "I'll do it."

"You will?" Tanjiro and Zenitsu say at the same time though with different expressions. Tanjiro, impossibly , turns even more red than he is before and Zenitsu looks like a kid who's been given a bucket of candies. Annoying.

Inosuke eyes Tanjiro, who becomes shy under his stare and averts his gaze somewhere else. "Tanjiro." He calls, voice thinner than usual. The red-head looks at him again, still shy. "I don't want to lose to him." He points at Zenitsu.

Tanjiro seems to soften, shoulders relaxing and face going back to its original color. "Yes, of course." He answers like the kind boy he is.

Inosuke gulps, scooting towards Tanjiro and stopping in front of him. Their knees are touching now, and suddenly Inosuke becomes more aware of his surroundings. His senses seems to heighten greatly and he doesn't know why.

Inosuke takes a deep breath and braces himself with his hands on Tanjiro's shoulders. Tanjiro is still looking at him with an unreadable expression. "I'm going to kiss you now." Inosuke says, more like demands. Inosuke gives Tanjiro a hard stare, forcing him under his gaze. Tanjiro shifts awkwardly, gaze quavering. Inosuke starts to lean in when suddenly, Zenitsu lets out a high-pitched squeal, causing him to pull back and glare at the blond. "What the fuck is it now?"

"You're actually going to do it, holy sh- squeezeballs. " Zenitsu chokes on his breath, turning around. "I- uh. Continue what you're doing. I'm just gonna, play with Nezuko." He lets out a nervous laughter and starts to walk off. Tanjiro blinks, "but Nezuko is right there-" "BYE!" Zenitsu slams the door shut.

Inosuke stares at the door for a good three seconds before turning back to Tanjiro. "Well?" Tanjiro says, sheepish. "Are you still going to do it?" He starts fiddling with his hands again. It's kinda ticking Inosuke off.

Inosuke rolls his eyes. "Even if the fucker's not here, I'm still not going to lose to him. Never."

Tanjiro nods once, and Inosuke starts leaning in again.

Inosuke, all his life, has never shared an affection with someone. Anyone. The only physical touch he shared was merciless punches and rough assaults, blood and bruises all too familiar with him it's sickening. If someone tries to even place a hand on his back, he'll instinctively push it away.

Somehow, Tanjiro is always the one who makes him experience something new. He has his hands fisted on Inosuke's robe, eyes shut tightly. Inosuke thinks he's pretty like this. Wait.

Inosuke thinks fuck it and presses his mouth harshly against the other boy who makes a sound of surprise at the back of his throat. Their lips smash uncomfortably, teeth clashing against each other and making him wince. Inosuke is about to pull away and beat the shit out of Zenitsu when a hand cups his left cheek and draws him closer. It's now Inosuke's turn to be surprised.

Inosuke snaps his eyes open and stares at Tanjiro. He has his eyes closed, and he looks peaceful. Inosuke is too overwhelmed to think now, so he follows and closes his eyes as well.

His hands drops down from Tanjiro's shoulders to his forearms, gripping it gently. Tanjiro's other hand flies up to the back of Inosuke's neck and it's almost perfect.

Kissing, Inosuke decides, is fun. With Tanjiro? Even better.

Experimentally, Inosuke tilts his head and wow. Did he just unlock a new phase just by doing that? Doing so, their lips slide against each other more smoothly than before, and he swears he hears Tanjiro sigh blissfully. Either that, or his ears are fucked up as well. Just as Inosuke is about to deepen the kiss, a voice suddenly booms from outside and the door slides open.

"It's been five minutes, are you guys d- oh shit!"

Inosuke never pulled away so fucking fast in his life. "Asshole!" He yells, glaring at Zenitsu.  Zenitsu flinches, looking scarred for life. "I- you guys continue. Again. I'm just gonna disappear and never coming back. Um, bye." The door shuts close once again.

They can faintly hear Zenitsu saying "okay God, I see what you do for others.. Fuck your favoritism and get me a significant other already."

Tanjiro snickers and Inosuke follows suit until they're laughing their hearts out. Their laughter dies down and the moon goes down along with it, fatigue taking over their bodies. Inosuke vaguely registers a weight on top of his hand and as fast as the day went by, he falls asleep with tingling lips and soft heart.

(Zenitsu sneaks in after about an hour, opening and closing the door as quietly as possible. The sight that greets him fills him up with fondness. The other two are leaning against the wall, Inosuke has his head resting on Tanjiro's shoulder and Tanjiro's resting atop of it. Adding in the fact that they're holding hands. Zenitsu has to contain his squeal or else he's dead.

Zenitsu observes them for a few more minutes and goes to sleep beside them with a fond smile.)