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Yoongi let out a whimper as he looked in the mirror, his whole body tingling with need. He smoothed out his oversized baby blue sweater, glancing at the sheer white stockings that hugged his pale legs. He pulled out his phone to text Jeongguk, a pout on his lips. He shot the boy a quick text, before walking back towards his bed and taking a seat, leaning against his headboard.

His cock twitched at the thought of being touched, of being satisfied and cared for.
When he gets needy like this, he's immediately submissive and whiny, compared to his usual calm and powerful aura. Almost as if he's a different person, he processes things differently, craves different things, and has different needs. The only person that does know how to fulfill those needs is Jeongguk.

As soon as Jeongguk read the text he could tell Yoongi needed him, that he needed to take care of him in more ways than one. In a way acting like he's older than the boy, letting Yoongi fully reach that softer, more dependent headspace.

Jeongguk hurried to the latter's apartment, letting himself in with a spare key.

"Yoongi? I'm here baby"

He heard his name mixed with faint moans, he knew it was none other than Yoongi's. He followed the breathy cries down the hall that led to his boyfriend's room. Past the doorway revealed Yoongi on his bed, the smaller boy's legs shaking as he tweaked his nipples through the thin fabric covering his torso.

"H- hyungie, I'm sorry, couldn't wait-- feels so good"

Jeongguk has always loved being called Hyung by Yoongi. It made him feel like he had control, like he could care for and satisfy him. Luckily, Yoongi was someone that needed him, needed to be satisfied and cared for.

Both boys' eyes darkened as desire consumed them. Jeongguk bit his lip as he stalked towards the older's bed, eyes trained on Yoongi's parted lips, slightly swollen from being bitten. Following his line of sight, Jeongguk let his hand ghost over Yoongi's milky white skin.

"You look so pretty, kitten. Touching yourself, moaning your hyung's name."

Yoongi visibly melted at the praise and let another shaky mewl slip from his lips. Jeongguk's cold hands caressed his thigh, the chill sending goosebumps across his body, sensitivity eating at him. All he could do was stretch his arms out to the younger, making grabby hands.

"H- hyung please, --wanna be touched'

Jeongguk littered kisses along Yoongi's jaw and trailed them down his neck, stopping at his adam's apple to give it a light suck before sitting back up.

Yoongi knew Jeongguk liked it when all of him was on display, so the younger could take his time raking his eyes over his body. It made him feel ridiculously vulnerable, but he trusted the younger, and wanted only him to be able to see this side of him. He wordlessly flipped to be on all fours with his back arched. He shivered at the cold air brushing at his bare legs along with the anticipation coursing through his body.

Just as Yoongi predicted, Jeongguk took his sweet time to admire the older. He thought every part of Yoongi was pretty. From his thin legs, to his sharp cat-like eyes paired with soft pink lips, not to mention his little pink cock and tight hole. He Jeongguk kissed along Yoongi's spine, down to the swell of his hips, and now along the back of his thighs. Ultimately inching closer and closer towards Yoongi's hole. His tongue traced along the crease of the older's ass, reaching the skin between his asshole and balls. He ghosted the tip of his tongue along the strip of skin, traveling downwards till he took Yoongi's balls into his mouth; sucking and later releasing them with a final swirl of his tongue.

Jeongguk took another second to sit back and admire the view. His boyfriend face down on his bed, sweater pooled around his waist, and the stockings he loved so much, complimenting Yoongi's skin beautifully.

The lack of touching resulted with a pouty, swollen-lipped Yoongi looking back at him letting out a deep whine. Jeongguk cooed before leaning back down, nearing the older.

Jeongguk's tongue slipped from his lips, slowly lapping at the skin around Yoongi's hole, the taste of strawberries dancing on his taste buds. His tongue flicked Yoongi's puckering hole, letting out a satisfied hum at his boyfriend's desperation. He laid his tongue flat against the hole, before quickly darting his tongue past the ring of muscle. He spread Yoongi's cheeks, allowing his tongue to prod deeper into the older. Yoongi writhed on the bed, his loud moans flooding the room.

Jeongguk adjusted his position and used the pad of his thumb to apply pressure to Yoongi's hole. The older sputtered out a blur of incoherent pleads. A deep chuckle laced with lust rumbled from Jeongguk's throat as two fingers slid into his boyfriend with ease.

"Did you already prep yourself?" Jeongguk questioned after feeling how easily the older had opened.

All Yoongi managed to respond with was a slur of mumbles, his breath pitching with every movement.

The younger quickly removed his fingers, earning desperate cries to be filled back up.

"Answer me."

Whimpers mixed with Yoongi's words, "Y- yes, I mfph-- fingered myself, wanted to be ready for you Hyungie"

Jeongguk couldn't help the way his heart swelled at his boyfriend's words, but also hardened at the thought. He imagined Yoongi's legs wide open, fucking himself with his pink glass dildo.

Without a second thought, he slipped his fingers back into Yoongi's puckering hole. His pace slowed and quickened, earning a mix of whines and pants. Jeongguk's fingers hit Yoongi's prostate, and he began curling his fingers between each thrust of his hand. At this point, Yoongi was a blubbering mess nearing his climax.

"C- close, Jeongguk hyung, mm- i'm close"

Jeongguk's gaze immediately darkened, swirling with desire at the sound of his name, he wanted, no needed, to please the older. To take care of him and make him feel good.

"Come for me, baby" slipped from Jeongguk's lips, knowing the older wouldn't last much longer.

At those words, Yoongi's stomach churned, ecstasy coursing through him. White painted his pale skin and shaky breaths shook through him. His legs trembled, still completely overtaken by the floating sensation. Jeongguk milked him through his finish, praising him in a soft voice. After Yoongi seemed to sober, Jeongguk stood to get a cloth to clean the latter.

"Hyungie," Yoongi's honey voice drew out, stopping the younger in his tracks.

"Yes, love?"

"What about you?"

"I'm satisfied taking care of you-"

A pout crossed Yoongi's features, and he quickly sat up to protest.

"Fuck me," he interrupted, "Let me make you feel good."

"Are you gonna be a good boy for your hyung, do what I say?"

Yoongi eagerly nodded and sat up straight, ready to follow the younger's orders.

"Yes hyungie, anything you want, use me."

Yoongi's trust and willinglessness in him let Jeongguk take control and allowed his dominance fuel him.

"On your hands and knees," he barked.

Yoongi quickly complied and was almost immediately by the end of the bed. He sucked in a breath as he saw Jeongguk approaching, slowly undoing his belt, visibly already semi-erect.

Yoongi was quick to undress the younger, leaving him in only his boxers. He palmed the younger through the thin fabric, using his hand to move along Jeongguk's cock. The younger hissed at the sudden contact, instinctively moving his hips closer to the smaller boy.

"Well. Make me feel good, then."

Yoongi hooked his thumbs on the boxers, pulling them down while kissing a trail down Jeongguk's stomach. His cock sprung free, hitting his stomach and Yoongi eyed it with hungry eyes. He took it into his mouth, bobbing his head down further each time. He took his time swirling his tongue around the tip and sucking in his cheeks when moving back. His hand caressed Jeongguk's strong thighs, and moved them up till his left hand held the younger's balls.

He removed his mouth, satisfied with the thin string of spit from his bottom lip connected to Jeongguk's tip. His tongue slid down the underside of his shaft, reaching his balls, taking each into his mouth one at a time. He swirled his tongue around them before returning to Jeongguk's cock, where his right hand was previously busy sliding along. His tongue darted out to retrieve the precum leaking from the tiny slit.

Jeongguk was completely hardened, his cock now throbbing, wanting to feel inside of Yoongi.

"Get back on all fours," he huffed impatiently.

The smaller boy complied, his legs spread and chest pressed on the mattress once again. Jeongguk wasted no time climbing on the bed and aligning himself up with Yoongi's entrance, which was still plenty wet from the lube and having been ate out. He slowly pressed into the boy, careful not to hurt him. He bottomed out and stayed in that position to let Yoongi adjust. Though as soon as Yoongi muttered out a satisfied grown saying he was ready, Jeongguk immediately started moving.

Yoongi walls were tight around Jeongguk not to mention his boyfriend had a rather large cock as well. Grunts and mewls echoed through the room, both boys so overcome with unstoppable lust. Warmth spread through Yoongi's stomach, he was so close. He clenched around Jeongguk, earning a strangled moan. Jeongguk has sensed the older was near his finish, he rammed into the boy, pace quickening. Within seconds, Yoongi was spilling into the sheets. His vision blurred and oversensitivity struck him considering the younger still thrusting into him. He was floating, completely satisfied. Following right after, an orgasm ripped through Jeongguk. He collapsed on top of Yoongi, cum filling his hole.

They spent a few minutes in comfortable silence, trying to steady their breathing. Once Jeongguk had enough energy, he left the room and returned with a warm washcloth and a glass of water. He gently wiped his boyfriend's skin, not forgetting to get the semen dripping out of Yoongi's hole. He proceeded to then clean himself and fetch both of them a pair of his boxers and random shirts of his.

He helped dress Yoongi, whispering praises into the sleepy boy's ear. Once they were both settled he tucked Yoongi under the covers, before climbing in next to him. His boyfriend clinged to him, tangling their limbs.

Jeongguk's hands ran through Yoongi's hair, as Yoongi traced shapes onto his collarbone. They muttered sweet nothings and I love you's to each other continuously until both fell asleep.