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Fifty Shades of Wick: Daddy's Gun

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You move within me so, natural it’s as if we share the same mental. Gentle yet hard, your stroke never fails to leave me pleasured.  My insides quiver at the thought of our last sexscapade. I find myself dreaming of you with my eyes open. I can’t get over the way you tamed my inner fiend, pretending I’m not the whore you know I am. 


I’m supposed to treat you like the rest of my tricks. Fuck them and forget them but, there’s something different about you. Your mysterious guise leaves me craving to know more. I know your name, I know you cringe when I stick the tip of my tongue in your dick, and most all I know you’re dangerous. But, I don’t truly know you. The man behind the gun...


The last time we encountered one another you had me check-in at the Continental, room 309 per usual. I arrived just as the clock struck midnight. I walked in the room and examined myself in the mirror, damn I looked good. Underneath a long black trench I wore thigh high see-through stockings and a black two piece lingerie set, just as you requested. I removed my ponytail and let my burgundy curls hang down my back, your preference of course.




I set my trench on the back of the chair and slowly spread myself across the bed. I had to take a peek at my virtue again before you arrived.  Daddy likes it clean and wet so, I naired my pussy to perfection (Mr. Clean would be jealous). Off to the side of the bed I noticed a note which read: 


“No condoms tonight.”


There are two rules a lady of the night must follow: 

rule #1- always use a condom. 

rule #2- refer back to rule #1.


But, when it comes to you, there are no rules. So, I purposely forgot about the stack of condoms Rodney’s ass made me pack that night. I think he may be jealous of you. Whenever your name comes across the hotline he sucks his teeth and says some smart-ass comment like. 


“Your boyfriends back in town.” 


I can tell he hates the way my face lights up at the mention of your name. Deep down inside he knows his pinky of a cock could never measure up to the girth of your sword. 


Just as I sat the note down, the door clicked...I looked at the clock. Thirty minutes past midnight, same time as always. Before, you came into the main area of the room you checked the bathroom and then the closet. I suppose you don’t trust me and never will. The suspense kills me every time. I looked around at the room as I laid on the bed and patiently waited for you to appear from behind the blind spot caused by bathroom wall. 


The room is relatively small, just a king bed, a bathroom to the left of the entrance and a closet to the right. The lights are always dimmed and the curtains open to reveal an amazing view of the city. I stared out the window as I always do and pretended I didn’t notice your silhouette reflected behind me. You leaned against the wall watching me ever so lovingly. Rodney never admires me the way you do. 


I continued to gaze at the stars, as you gazed at my peach. Like, the little whore I am I pulled my panties into my crack turning them into thongs. Just because, I know you love this ass. I heard you gasp, you were probably thinking of the damage you were about to cause. 


You walked over to the desk sure to lock eyes with me the entire time. I admired the details of your suit, tailored to perfection. You removed your blazer and tucked in your trousers were two pistols. You placed them on the dresser next to each other meticulously. Next, you pulled another handgun from around your ankle after removing your shoes. Again, neatly placed with the others.


You do the same shit every time and to be honest it drives me insane. Your hair is always slicked back, your attire strategically put together. This time I wanted to spice things up. So, before you could remove your pants and reveal your last gun I arose from the bed and wrapped my arms around your waist. 


You took in a deep breath of air and side-eyed me somewhat annoyed. I threw off your routine, I know I shouldn’t have, but it was time for a change. I wanted to evoke more emotions from you. I dropped to my knees, you seemed even more confused. You turned to face my direction, the print of your cock extended well beyond the length of my head. 




I couldn’t help myself so, I rubbed my cheek against your shaft and looked up at you with my puppy dog eyes and murmured:


“Please, forgive me Daddy. I want to do something different tonight”.


You pressed your hard-on against my face, softly caressed my curls, and replied:


“As you wish.''


Up and down I motioned my head, massaging your cock as it pulsated through your clothes. I desired to taste you, feel you, and drink you. I placed kisses from the tip of your print to your belt buckle and used my tongue to unhinge the latch. Your manhood protruded from your briefs. Thirsty for your love, I removed your pants. There before me, was your engorged member and fourth pistol anchored into a leg halter. 


Again, we locked eyes. You knew I was going to rush for your tender cock but, I wanted to fuck up your train of thought. I wanted to do something you would never think of. I went for the gun…


I stuck the tip of my tongue into the barrel of the gun and proceeded to lick the shaft like I would your cock. Your eyes widened with fear as I played Russian Roulette with my lips. Once, I knew I had you under my spell I reached for your monstrous cock and gently tugged as I slowly licked the trigger. You cringed in fear for my safety, I sensed your concern and abandoned the pistol and focused on your naturally attached artillery. 


Sucking your cock is always a tease for me. The more I suck, the more I want to fuck. I go crazy, my hole begs for penetration. I used my lips, rather than my tongue this time. I puckered them around your dick and with each stroke I felt your veins throb. Skin to skin, your cock to my lips formed the perfect suction. 


After a while, you took my head and began to fuck my face. Sensually, you maneuvered your hips sure to keep eye contact. I choked on a mixture of your pre-cum and my saliva. Lifting my chin, you longed into my eyes and asked:


“Are you okay?”


I simply replied “yes” and continued to gag on copious amounts of our fluids. Within my heart skipped a beat. You made me feel, dare I say it...loved. I know I’m not supposed to love you but, how can I not? 


You exude a pleasant danger. Tell me, how is it that I feel safe in the hands of the world’s most deadly assassin? In my most vulnerable moments with you, I feel protected. 


From the base of my chin you lifted me to my feet. Eye to eye, we kissed as if our lips couldn’t  get close enough. You zeroed in on my weak neck. Biting into my jugular you took a mouth full of skin and a handful of ass. My knees quivered  as you alternated between bites and kisses. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore you anchored my petite body into your arms and gently onto the bed. 


I creamed a sweet nectar, my walls uncontrollably contracted, and I could feel fluids squirt from hole. You leaned in and whispered into my ear, the deep billow of your voice rumbled in my chest. Further fueling my thirst for your, endowment. 


“I want to try something different as well...”


I was shocked that you actually wanted to shy away from the norm. What could you possibly want? I thought. 


I watched you reach for your pistol. I thought you were going to kill me. My breaths grew shallow in fear, just as the gun was fully revealed you toggled the safety on. Whew! A sigh of relief escaped my body. 

You took the barrel of the pistol and placed into my panties. Again, the shallow breaths returned against my will. My body succumbed to a tense shiver. You softly kissed my lips and insisted things would be okay.


“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” 


The barrel of the gun, met my clitoris. It was exhilarating. Fun, with daddy’s gun. I moaned as you rubbed the gun against my slippery parts and simultaneously kissed my neck. Once more you checked on me:


“Still doing okay? Do you want me to stop?”


I motioned you to continue. We locked lips with pure affection. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming amount of pressure at the brim of my front entry. The steel of the gun began to stretch inner quarters until it rested fully inhabitant between my walls. I screamed in agonizing pain, with your chamber fully loaded in my chamber. That night I got a taste of daddy’s gun




Today, I’m writing this letter to thank you. After, our rendezvous you told me you noticed my bruises. You knew Rodney wasn’t treating me right. You knew I deserved better. When I arrived at the palace and found the other girls circled around his body I knew you did the job. For that, I appreciate you. I also, thank you for the 30k you left in my trench. I used it to rent a small space uptown. There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t cross my mind. Hopefully, Some time soon I’ll see you again.




Your Pistol