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Dancing Through Armageddon

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The year is 1999, ten years after the defeat of Dio in Egypt. The high school sweethearts, Jotaro Kujo and Noriaki Kakyoin have been married for 6 years. They travel together to Morioh to investigate the strange influx of stand users in the town. Upon arriving, they meet Jotaro's spitfire uncle, Josuke Higashikata. Other stand users continue to pop up around the town, along with the appearance of a mysterious stand arrow.

Our heroes split up after the defeat of Akira Otoishi. Jotaro leaves with Josuke to investigate a rat turned stand user by Otoishi while Okuyasu joins Kakyoin to investigate rumors of a small group calling themselves "Pegasus Squad." This group was rumored to be in possession of another stand arrow around 1992. The only remnants of the group in Morioh they could find was the thirty year old Spaniard, Soko Ananashi, in her studio. The woman claimed no knowledge of the location of the arrow, only stating, "It disappeared with Kizu."

With no more information on the arrow than he had left with, Kakyoin returned to his hotel room to wait for Jotaro’s return. However, his husband was already waiting for him when he arrived. There was a small box with a note laying on the table in front of where Jotaro was sitting.


Kakyoin entered the hotel room, surprised to see Jotaro back so soon. He checked his watch. It seems awful early for him to be back. Maybe he had the same amount of luck that Okuyasu and himself had. The red headed man hung up his jacket and strolled to the larger man’s side. He gently sat down next to him, placing a small kiss on his shoulder. “I’ve missed you. How was your hunting trip?” Jotaro felt a smile creep across his face before replying. “I missed you.” He turned to wrap his arm around his husband, pulling him in for a kiss. He held him there for a moment before pulling back, chuckling. “It wasn’t what Josuke was expecting, but we did get the job done. How did you do with his friend?” Kakyoin shook his head before leaning it against Jotaro’s. “Unfortunately, no luck. The group did exist. And the did have an arrow all those years ago. But the current location is unknown to the only connection we could find.” He sighed, disappointed to say the news out loud.

“Hey.” Kakyoin looked up to see Jotaro standing above him, holding a hand out. “You couldn’t have gotten any more information if none existed.” The smaller man grabbed for his hand, being practically lifted off his feet the moment he did so. “Don’t worry too much, dear. We’ll find more information.” Jotaro pulled him closer to himself, planting his hands firmly on his hips. “The old man brought a gift from the states.” More accurately, Suzie had put it in his pocket and Joseph happened to stumble upon it. He nodded to the box and note on the table, calling Kakyoin’s attention to it. It was an empty cassette case. The red headed man smiled up to his husband. “Now why would he-”

He was cut off by the music starting. Jotaro still held him tight in his arms. Kakyoin chuckled, giving him a knowing look. “Come on, Noriaki. Dance with me.” Kakyoin smiled wide and leaned into him. “You drive a pretty hard bargain, JoJo.” The two began slowly rocking to the beat of the music. They simply let the lyrics carry them through the night.


“I could stay awake just to hear you breathing

Watch you smile while you are sleeping

While you're far away dreaming

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender

I could stay lost in this moment forever

Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes

I don't want to fall asleep

'Cause I'd miss you baby

And I don't want to miss a thing

'Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream will never do

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't want to miss a thing”