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Cross-Reality Shenanigans With Donnie(s)

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Ok so why are none of talking about the fact that ROTTMNT Donnie knows about the multiverse


valpoet: He’s become self aware


For some reason now I’m just imagining him on his computer casually chatting across realities with other Donnies. ROTTMNT: -and he went on a joyride.
2003: …Just imagining that makes me feel like the very fabric of reality just imploded.
2012: Child safety locks? That could work.
1987: Did you seriously just suggest that he should install child safety locks against Master Splinter?
ROTTMNT: That might actually work.
2007: I can not believe I’m witnessing this conversation. If I didn’t know better I’d think someone slipped something into my coffee.
2003: You’re not the only one.
(He’s staring mutely at the screen and just muttering, “Is this real life? What even?”)
IDW: Frankly, I’d put child safety locks on for all you little shits, do you even know what I’ve been through?
′90s: …How did I end up one of the calmest ones in this conversation?
ROTTMNT: Complete random dumb luck. Like how I somehow ended up the youngest yet with the most pizzazz.
2003: I think my coffee isn’t strong enough for this.

(And a special thank you to BrightLotusMoon for your addition of IDW Donnie, since I don’t know him well enough.)