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Happy Camper

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Midoriya Izuku was pretty excited to go camping with his old classmates.

It had been such a long time since any of them could get together in any capacity. Their first year as Pro Heroes had been filled with crazy hours, back to back shifts, and all-nighters. Even today, not everyone could manage to be present. They couldn’t all take off on the same weekend — villains did not stop for vacations, after all — but there was still a good turnout.

There was Uraraka, Ashido, Aoyama, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, and even Kacchan had managed to get the time off. Izuku was looking forward to catching up with his friends. Especially Kacchan. The two of them worked on opposite sides of the city and only saw each other during joint agency meetings, where the blond usually made a point to ignore him anyway.

However, Kacchan seemed intent on sticking close to Kirishima during the whole drive into the wilderness outside Tokyo. It bummed Izuku out a little but he really shouldn’t have expected much.

It was Kacchan, after all. Izuku knew Kirishima was probably the reason he’d bothered to come out at all. The two were really close, always had been. Izuku had even been hearing rumors — from journalists and friends alike — that the two had started dating.

Neither one of them confirmed it but, honestly, Izuku didn’t want to know.

He knew himself well enough to know he’d be jealous and very disappointed that he’d lost his chance.

Not that he ever had one to begin with.

Kacchan had always seen him as a nuisance. Even when they became proper rivals, there had never been any room or chance for romantic feelings to grow. Not with all the bad blood and past fights standing between them. Izuku tried to convince himself that he didn’t need Kacchan to like him or be friends with him.

It didn’t stop the ugly feelings from rising in his chest, though.

So Izuku was definitely better off not knowing who Kacchan was dating. Ever. It would lead to some inappropriate thoughts and he had enough of those as a horny teenager. He certainly didn’t need more now that he was a just as horny adult with absolutely no outlet.

“Alright,” Yaomomo announced from the front seat. She parked the van in an empty parking lot at the foot of a mountain. “From here, it’s all hiking so gather your things!”

They were in the middle of nowhere, which was exciting for Izuku. It would be so nice to get away from the sounds of the city. It reminded him of the last summer camp they had attended together in UA. It was the only one out of their three years that didn’t end in full disaster.

“Are you excited, Deku-kun?” Uraraka asked breathlessly as they tugged on their large packs. It was about a twelve-mile hike to the campsite so they all had to carry their own sleeping bags, tents, and supplies.

“I am!” Izuku said happily, tugging on straps so that his pack rested just right on his back. “I’ve been looking forward to this vacation for a while!”

“Same,” Uraraka said with a wistful sigh. “I love working as a Pro Hero but I haven’t even had time to enjoy it lately!”

“And yet you’re still down on the bottom of the rankings, Round Face,” Kacchan sneered as he came around the van, grabbing his own pack.

Uraraka puffed her cheeks out, placing her hands on her hips.

“Well, maybe rankings aren’t that important to me, Bakugou!” she said stiffly and Izuku grimaced slightly, not wanting a fight to break out. The two had gotten rather competitive during the last year of UA and that had only gotten worse since they were both working at the same agency.

“You’re just saying that because you haven’t managed to even get on the list,” Kacchan said with a smirk. “Even Deku’s managed to get a few rankings.”

“Deku-kun’s right below you!” she snapped out.

“Exactly,” Kacchan said as if it was obvious. “If Deku can manage to keep up with me, you should be able to do so also.”

Uraraka almost looked taken aback at that. It was like a backhanded compliment in a way. Even Izuku didn’t know if Kacchan meant it as encouragement or not.

“If we want to get there at a decent time, we should get moving!” Yaoyorozu shouted to the group.

Good thing too because Uraraka’s eyes had started to narrow dangerously. Izuku was certain she was one second away from deciding what Kacchan said was an insult.

“We should go!” he suggested, quickly shutting the back of the van. “Aren’t you looking forward to the hike, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, looking to change the conversation.

“No,” he bit out as he slipped on his huge backpack. “Bet none of these assholes can keep up,” he grumbled darkly.

“I don’t see why they can’t! We hiked this when we were little, after all,” Izuku said happily, thinking back on the fond memories.

“You remember that shit? We were fucking six,” Kacchan said with a wrinkle to his nose.

“Of course I remember!” Izuku exclaimed excitedly. The blond gave him a sideways glance, looking suspicious for some reason. “Hiking with you was always my favorite thing to do in the summer.”

Kacchan opened his mouth to retort something when Kirishima suddenly popped up between them, throwing an arm over his friend’s shoulders.

“Awh! You two used to go hiking together as kids? Is there pictures?”

“Shut up!” Kacchan exploded, shoving his hand into the redhead’s face. “Let’s fucking go already or we won’t make it before sundown!” he growled as he marched off, fume practically coming out of his ears.

“So manly!” Kirishima huffed good-naturedly and gave Izuku a big smile. “How you been, Midoriya?”

“Good!” Izuku chirped, pushing away his disappointment on losing his time with Kacchan so soon. “How about you?”

Kirishima delved into a long tale that was very similar to Izuku’s own Pro Hero life. Hard work and long, long nights. Meanwhile, Kacchan shoved to the front of the group to lead. Yaomomo followed closely behind with the map, though, insisting on not taking any of Kacchan’s shortcuts.

The hike was exactly what Izuku needed. There was lots of laughter and pleasant conversations amongst friends. Ashido gave out all the updates and gossip of their old classmates, including Class B.

Kendo and Tetsutetsu were finally engaged after dating since second year. Tsui and Tokoyami were dating now as well after years of mutual pining.

Aoyama happily announced that he had finally snatched Monoma as his — Izuku and Uraraka shared an uneasy look at that — but everyone congratulated him. As long as he was happy. Maybe Monoma was less of a jerk to Aoyama?

Kaminari and Shinsou had finally moved in together after years of dating as well! It sounded like everyone was happily paired off. Even Mineta! He’d met a Pro Hero that graduated a year after them. She had a hair-related quirk, like him, but her hair turned into blade-like ribbons when plucked out. She managed to keep their purple-haired classmate’s perverted antics to a minimum too, which was a miracle of itself, Ashido had exclaimed.

By the time they reached the campsite, the sun was beginning to set and Izuku felt like he knew everything about everyone he’d ever gone to school with. Ashido even had dirt on the teachers! He didn’t have time to wrap his head around all the new information, though.

Because as he was tugging off his pack, Yaomomo suddenly spoke up.

“Midoriya-kun, where’s your tent?”

Izuku froze and glanced down at his backpacking equipment. His tent should have been attached to the outside of it. And, sure enough, it wasn’t there. He realized with a groan that he’d been so distracted by Kacchan — as usual — that he’d completely forgotten to grab his tent out of the back of the van and attach it!

“Oh, uh,” Izuku laughed nervously, brushing a hand through his hair. “I guess I forgot it…”

“What the fuck, Deku?” Kacchan hissed immediately, red eyes irritated. He’d been crouched down by the makeshift fire pit. Kirishima and he were in charge of getting it hot enough to cook on before the sunset. “It figures you’d forget something as obvious as a damn tent on a camping trip.”

Izuku grimaced.

“I didn’t forget it completely! I just left it in the van. I can probably go back and get it—”

“It’ll be dark before you get back, even if you use your quirk, Midoriya-kun!” Yaomomo explained before she tugged her shirt up, nearly revealing her breasts, much to Izuku’s panic. “I can just make you a new one!”

“No!” Izuku waved his hands frantically, hoping the woman would put her shirt down. “It’s okay! I can just sleep out here! I still got my sleeping bag and it’s pretty warm tonight anyway!”

“It won’t stay that way, idiot, we’re in the mountains,” Kacchan cut in with a roll of his eyes. “Just sleep in my damn tent. It’s big enough for three people anyway. Just kick Shitty Hair in the face when he starts tossing around in his sleep.”

“Dude, that was one time,” Kirishima said pitifully, dropping a lot of dry sticks by the fire.

Ah, so they were sharing a tent. And apparently had shared a tent before this.

Of course, they had, Izuku thought bitterly.

“No, no, I wouldn’t want to impose on you and Kirishima-kun!” Izuku said, shoving down the dirty feelings rising up in his chest.

“Imposing?” Kirishima laughed with a huge grin. “How are you imposing? I don’t mind at all! And if Katsuki’s offering, he doesn’t mind too much either, though he’s got a hard time showing it!”

There was that jealousy again. Kirishima used to call Kacchan Bakugou but, apparently, they had gotten even more familiar with each other since graduation. Izuku would probably get punched in the face for calling Kacchan by his first name. It was practically confirmation of all those rumors.

“Shut the fuck up, Shitty Hair!” Kacchan snapped out angrily. “And Deku, stop fucking bitching. You’re sleeping in my tent and that’s that, got it?”

Izuku hung his head. “Okay, Kacchan. Thanks for sharing.”

“Tsk, whatever,” Kacchan said as he turned back to the sticks, stacking them in a way that they’ll easily catch fire. “Make it up to me by being useful and pitching it yourself.”

The girls and Aoyama gave Izuku sympathetic looks that he decided to ignore in favor of the tent. Pitching the tent was a decent, but quick, distraction. It was better than standing near Kirishima and Kacchan’s playful bickering, at least.

And while it seemed spacious enough, if the other two men had been planning to, um, enjoy each other's company… Well, there was no way Izuku wouldn’t be able to notice. He'd always been a light sleeper.

And as much as Izuku hoped they weren’t dating, he also didn’t want to get in their way if it was true. So, Izuku decided to place Kirishima and Kacchan’s bags inside the tent but not his own.

Kacchan usually fell asleep first. And he couldn’t very well make Izuku sleep in the tent if he was already passed out, right?

It was a brilliant plan!

After a few hours of enjoying Kacchan’s amazing food and chatting with the others, Izuku had forgotten all about it. The tension that had taken residence in his shoulders over the past year began to loosen the longer he enjoyed his friends’ company. They all needed this, he decided. They’d all been going hard since they graduated. Honestly, he couldn't under how people had time for dating. Izuku himself couldn’t even remember the last time he sat down without thinking about work

This must have been what his boss was talking about with the whole self-care lectures. Which Izuku had memorized, considering all the times he'd received it after collapsing from exhaustion.

Maybe he needed to put it into practice more often!

“Oi, Deku.”

Izuku hummed lazily in question, too at peace to bother articulating.

Which was probably why the alarm bells that usually went off for ‘Angry Kacchan’ were a second behind their normal time.

A hand shot out and jerked him backward off the log he was perched. Landing heavily on his back with a fuming blond towering over him, Izuku was certain that maybe his self-preservation was more important than self-care at the moment.

“Why the fuck isn’t your bag in the tent?” Kacchan demanded and Izuku grimaced as he pushed himself up slowly.

“Kacchan, I really don’t mind sleeping— Hey!” Izuku yelped as his childhood friend snatched him up by the shirt and hauled him away from the fire and their friends.

“I”m not going to argue with you, Deku,” he snarled as he marched Izuku over to the tent, where his pack was already near the entrance. “Get your shit in there and stop wasting my time.”

“Fine, fine,” Izuku conceded defeat as he shoved inside the tent, dragging his bag behind him dejectedly.

Kacchan followed after him and glared at Izuku as he set up his sleeping bag. He made sure to pick the furthermost corner from Kacchan, leaving plenty of space for Kirishima’s things. There was no way he was going to sleep between the two of them and be even more in their way…

“Are you sure you two don’t want to be alone?” Izuku asked softly before he could help himself. “I’m perfectly fine being outside.”

Kacchan, who had finally given up glaring to flop back on his bedding, gave him a confused look.

“Why the fuck would I wanna be alone with Shitty Hair?” he asked, shifting up onto his elbows to watch him intently once more.

Izuku blushed profusely at the out right question and turned away quickly, pretending to be very busy with his bedding even though he was already done.

"Oh, I just—uh, since that was the original plan and all, I'd just hate to, uh, disrupt any other plans that were made?" he said, voice a little high pitched in his nervousness.

He couldn't exactly tell Kacchan the truth! The man hated gossip, especially when it involved his private life.

Not that it mattered. Kacchan could always see right through him and his weak

"You read the damn tabloids and shit, don't you?" he asked flatly.

"No, I don't!" Izuku said quickly. "But I've heard… stuff. And I wasn't sure if it was true; and if it is, I'm just getting in the way and—"

"The only thing you're getting in the way of is me fucking sleeping, Deku. Either go the fuck to sleep or get the hell out," Kacchan said angrily as he burrowed down into his sleeping bag, turning his back to Izuku.

Izuku was only slightly — ha, lies — disappointed that the blond didn’t confirm or deny his status to Kirishima. But, like he said before, he really REALLY didn’t want to know.

So, after he finished setting up everyone, he stepped out of the tent without another word to Kacchan, returning to the party that was starting to liven up by the campfire.

The rest of the night was filled with roasting it s’mores, talking, laughing, playing Truth or Dare, telling ghost stories that had even Izuku jumping out of his skin. It shoved all those nasty feelings deep into his heart and he could just focus on the comradery of his friends.

Aoyama was the first to cave in around three in the morning. And, one by one, the rest followed until it was just Uraraka and Izuku sitting around a dying fire and watching the stars.

“So, how are you and Iida doing lately?” Izuku asked sleepily, wanting to use the quiet time to catch up with his best friend.

Uraraka smiled brighter than the stars.

“Tenya’s wonderful, as always! I’m actually thinking about switching to his agency next year so we can see each other more, you know,” she said lightly, twirling the engagement ring around her finger absentmindedly. “Working on opposite sides of the city is a lot harder than I thought it would be for us.”

“So you’ll finally be moving in together then?” Izuku asked with a small smile of his own, happy for his friends. Todoroki had started dating recently as well. It seemed everyone was settling down. And after all of the gossip Ashido had dumped on them earlier, Izuku realized with a jolt that he was probably the only single member of their old class left.

“Oh, Deku-kun, don’t look so down!” Uraraka said, swatting at him lightly.

“I’m not!” he complained. He probably had a bit of a down face at his realization, though he didn’t want to admit it.

“Don’t lie, you’re horrible at it,” she scoffed lightly, wrapping an arm around him. “You know, if you’d just give up on a jerk like Bakugou, you could have anyone you wanted!” Izuku blushed furiously.

“W-what?! I’m not—”

“Oh, please,” the woman said, rolling her eyes. “If you’re not hung up on Bakugou then, how about I introduce you to the newer hero at our agency? She’s super sweet and crazy into heroes like you are. You two might hit it off.”

Izuku thought about the offer. Kacchan was a lost cause, after all. Would it really be so bad to have a go somewhere else? Anywhere else, really? But the idea of dating anyone left a bad taste in his mouth. Like the universe was just wrong for even giving Izuku a suggestion of someone else.

“Uh, no thanks, Uraraka,” he sighed. “I don’t think it’d be very fair to them.”

After all, he’d loved and been attracted to Kacchan for as long as he could remember. He was all he could see sometimes. Plus, he didn’t have the time for a relationship. He had to become number one and he still needed to beat Kacchan to do that.

How could he put his attention on someone else while he was still so focused on the other man?

“Well, the offer stands if you ever want it,” she said with a pat on his shoulder before she stood up and stretched. “Well, I’m heading to bed! Get some sleep, Deku-kun!”

Yeah, more like try and fail to get some sleep. He’d probably have a better chance with sleeping on the hard ground by the fire. He dreaded to see Kirishima and Kacchan cuddled up to each other in the tent.

But, if he didn’t go, Kacchan would murder him in the morning.

Resigned to his fate, he finally dragged himself to his feet.

However, what he found in the tent was a little surprising to him. The placement of bodies had somehow shifted. Kirishima had actually taken over Izuku’s special corner and was drooling all over his sleeping bag. While this was probably due to all the alcohol the man had been drinking before bed, it was still a little nerve-wracking. Izuku was left with no other decision to sleep right in the middle.

Was it possible they done it on purpose? To make it seem like they weren’t together? Or maybe to make it a little less awkward for him?

Well, they failed miserably, he decided, scrubbing at his face in frustration.

He couldn’t very well wake up a drunk Kirishima and have him move. He was already a deep sleeper in general. And there was no way Izuku was going to take the chance of waking up Kacchan. That was a suicide mission if he ever had one.

At least, with this setup, he didn’t have to worry about the two having sex in the morning hours when they think he’s sleeping.


Too tired to try much else, he flopped onto Kirishima’s empty sleeping bag near Kacchan and closed his eyes, trying to not imagine the two having sex beside him.

When he opened his eyes next, the birds were chirping and gray morning light was starting to illuminate the world outside.

He couldn't have been asleep that long, he decided, but then why was he awake?

The answer came when he tried to shift into the sleeping bag. There was a deep rumble and something shifted against him. A weight dropped around his middle and Izuku froze.

Was it sad how quickly he knew it was Kacchan's body he was suddenly tugged against?

He knew the shapes and slopes of the man’s body too well for only having caught glimpses here and there. The blond was so close Izuku could smell the natural musk that always screamed Kacchan. Hell, even just the energy surrounding the man was recognizable to Izuku.

The green-haired hero could probably pick Kacchan out of a crowd even if he was deaf, blind, and dumb.

Not that it helped him much in this situation. If anything, his awareness of the man holding him tightly made everything so much worse.

So much worse.

At least Kacchan was asleep. Now all Izuku had to do was get out of the man's hold before he woke up to find Izuku had a chub over a simple hug.

Which that wasn't Izuku's fault either! He was a young adult virgin and the closest physical contact he's EVER had with his crush up until this very moment was during fights. His body just didn't know that now was definitely not the time for a boner.

Now, the real question was how was Izuku supposed to get out of the man’s hold. Maybe he could simply—

A sleepy sigh and the feel of the blond's nose nuzzling the back of Izuku's neck had his train of thought crashing and burning instantly.

Goosebumps bubbled up along his skin. The gentle caress of Kacchan's breath had Izuku shivering.

If he was standing, it would have been enough to bring him to his knees.

He wanted nothing more than to turn around and indulge in the hold but, no, that wasn't possible. Kacchan was asleep! And dating Kirishima! Probably.

Escaping had to be his top priority. Kacchan would probably strangle him if he woke up right now. For multiple reasons.

So Izuku reached for the blond's wrist, aiming to gently lift the arm holding him and then simply roll to safety.

However, none of that happened as planned.

As soon as Izuku moved, Kacchan shifted impossibly closer. So close, in fact, that the man's morning wood slotted perfectly between Izuku's cheeks, seemingly ignoring the shorts he was wearing altogether.

Izuku couldn't move. His mouth had gone dry. Kacchan was big. Like, he knew that already, vaguely, because, you know, locker room glances and all that. But to have it against him?!

This wasn't good — not matter what his dick said — and it only got worse when Kacchan's hand slipped further down his body.

Izuku could feel the tips of the man's fingers brush his raging hard-on with each breath.

So Izuku stopped breathing altogether. It was the only course of action that made sense.

Die before Kacchan could wake up and do it himself.

Or Kirishima. How would he react to waking up to this situation? It wasn't exactly any of their faults. Izuku was just too scared—and aroused—to figure out how to get out of this unscathed.

But Izuku couldn't stay like this. His lungs were already screaming for air. His options were dwindling fast. Should he throw caution to the wind? Run away screaming? Be stealthy? Was praying an option?

While Izuku was debating on the best course of action, slowly suffocating, Kacchan wasn’t helping the situation. In his sleep, the blond had started shifting gently and Izuku could feel that hot heat slide in a slow drag against him. And Izuku was still hyper-aware of how close the man’s hand was.

His stupid virgin body needed to calm down right now. So what if he’d fantasized about that cock being between his ass cheeks since he was into men to begin with? Kacchan was asleep. None of this was intentional and Izuku shouldn’t like it at all, he really—

A particularly hard thrust had Izuku forgetting why he was holding his breath in the first place. And at the first big gulp of air, Kacchan’s hand made full contact with Izuku’s cock. And Izuku’s body reacted instantly, arching more into the friction his lower half greatly desired. Izuku couldn’t manage to stop the small groan that escaped his lips.

And that’s when Kacchan’s rocking froze. And Izuku realized the blond’s breathing had also stopped. And that there was too much tension in those once lax muscles.

Oh, god, no.

Izuku tried to launch himself across the tent to save himself but Kacchan was faster. His other arm shot up and hooked around his neck in a headlock. Izuku gagged slightly as he was jerked back against his friend’s body once more, thick forearm pressing harshly against his windpipe.

“Morning, Deku,” Kacchan rumbled dangerously into his ear, voice still rough from sleep and nose nudging the curls at his temple.

And Izuku wanted to die. Just melt into the floor and die right then and there. He couldn’t even be happy — or disappointed — that Kacchan’s hand wasn’t on his dick anymore because the man’s fingers had taken to digging into his hip instead.

He was so dead.

“K-Kacchan,” Izuku gasped, short on air for a different reason now. “I-I can explain—”

“Oh, really?” Kacchan asked, dark amusement in his quiet voice. “I’d love to hear an explanation as to why you were grinding your cock into my hand just now.”

“I—” Izuku swallowed back his whine at Kacchan’s lips brushing against the outer shell of his ear. “It’s a big misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to.”

“Didn’t mean to what? Have a raging hard-on so early in the morning?” Kacchan asked curiously. “Or are you going to deny that this is about me?” Kacchan’s hand shifted to cup Izuku firmly through his shorts.

Izuku’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as straight electricity shot through his veins at the touch. An afterthought later, he tried to back away from the touch, which only succeeded in having Izuku rub his butt against Kacchan’s own dick.

“Kacchan,” he hissed breathlessly between his teeth, reaching down to grab ahold of the man’s wrist.

Kacchan hummed pleasantly in question, lips trailing down Izuku’s neck slowly. Izuku swallowed thickly, trying not to react but failing miserably.

But he didn’t pull away. Couldn’t. There wasn’t enough excuses or rational thinking in the world that could convince him to. The warmth and pressure of Kacchan’s hand seeping through the fabric felt so good. He felt sweat gather at his temples as he resisted the urge to thrust against it.

“What are you doing?”

The words were so breathless that he flushed in embarrassment. But, he was so turned on he could hardly stand it. All he wanted to do was turn around and kiss his childhood friend so badly.

No! he chided himself, internally freaking out. He’s got a boyfriend!

But then Kacchan loosened his headlock, tilted Izuku’s head back, and pressed his lips to Izuku’s in a passionate kiss.

And Izuku melted. Every rational thought fleeing in the face of unadulterated want. Or was it need? Izuku had never kissed anyone that made him feel simultaneously on fire and drowning. Didn’t even realize that was possible. Could barely fathom it was happening in this particular moment.

But there was no way he was going to pass it up. Fantasy or not.

Body twisting, hand grabbing a handful of blond hair, Izuku jerked Kacchan back down when he tried to pull away, pressing against those lips with tongue and teeth. He felt, heard, and tasted Kacchan’s moan as the man opened up for him under the onslaught.

Izuku wanted to hear more of Kacchan’s sounds, wanted to swallow them whole.

But Kacchan had different ideas. Izuku’s shorts were suddenly no more and then his weeping cock was held in that warm, firm grip.

“Kacchan,” Izuku gasped out, shuddering at the first drag of that palm along his length. The blond set an easy rhythm and Izuku moaned, nails scraping down exposed skin. “More,” he begged, somehow already lost.

“Fuck,” Kacchan hissed and shifted around until he was hovering above Izuku. “Deku, shirt.”

Izuku didn’t need to be told twice. He probably would have activated his quirk and ripped it off if all the blood in his body wasn’t somewhere else. He settled for tearing it up and over his head.

“Good,” Kacchan hummed pleasantly, swooping back down to claim his lips once more.

It did nothing to quell Izuku’s noises, which were steadily rising with each slicked pump of Kacchan’s hand.

He’d never had anyone touch him like this. He couldn’t stop himself, couldn’t stop the sounds, lower the volume, nothing. He was completely lost to the sensations.

“Gonna have to keep that mouth of yours quiet,” Kacchan muttered as he suddenly pulled away completely.

Izuku whimpered at the loss and reached for him. His fingers latched onto the waistband of Kacchan’s sweats and tugged insistently, unable to even voice what he wanted at this point.

He just knew he needed it so badly he could hardly breathe.

The blond merely chuckled, unperturbed by Izuku’s plea, as he began to undress.

That definitely distracted Izuku. He’d seen the blond naked before but never got the chance to appreciate it without the fear of being seen. In this situation, Kacchan wanted him to look.

And what he saw was amazing, beautiful, unmarred skin, strong shoulders laced with muscles of steel, and a thick, red flushed cock that had Izuku dreaming of all the things he wanted to do to Kacchan all over again.

Kacchan pressed forward and Izuku shifted to his elbows to meet him halfway. The red crown smeared salty precome across Izuku’s lips before he opened wide. He had absolutely no idea what to do with a dick in his mouth but the blond above him gave very helpful instructions.

Even after throwing his head back with a groan, he told Izuku exactly what he wanted.

“Good, Deku,” Kacchan panted quietly. “N-now use your tongue. F-fuck, right there,” he shuddered and Izuku closed his eyes in pure bliss, loving the noises coming from the blond. “Fuck yes, Deku, good, so good. You’ve always tried to be so good for me, haven’t you?”

Izuku sucked insistently at the praise, pressing further down the man’s shaft until it nudged the back of his throat. He swallowed the urge to gag and Kacchan groaned, fingers burying into Izuku’s hair tightly. The sounds made Izuku feel accomplished, prideful even.

Izuku only popped off Kacchan’s dick when he felt something wet slip past the first ring of muscle of his hole. Kacchan’s finger was in his ass! Was stretching him and pumping in and out of him gently. It burned a little but it also felt really, really good.

"Kacchan," Izuku whimpered, shuddering as the man went all the way up to his last knuckle. "Please, Kacchan, I need—"

"Shh," the blond hushed quietly, lovingly?!!, as he pulled Izuku up for a deep kiss. "Soon. Suck me off until then, okay, baby? You're doing so good," he whispered against his lips and Izuku's eyes rolled back in bliss.

Izuku immediately dropped back to Kacchan's dick with renewed vigor. He took the whole of it into his mouth, so deep that his nose was buried into Kacchan's light-colored pubes. He smelled amazing, as always. Caramel and that natural musk that was uniquely Kacchan.

It was delicious and Izuku wanted to devour him.

Kacchan cursed again as Izuku took him in deep again and again. A second finger squeezed in next to the first and Izuku rocked back against it as best as he could in his position. He sucked more insistently, lathering Kacchan's dick with his saliva before slurping it back into his mouth with the lewdest sounds imaginable.

If he wasn't already so gone, he probably would have been embarrassed.

Suddenly, fingers tightened in his hair, forcing Izuku to pull back and release Kacchan’s dick in pure confusion.

"D-did I do somet-"

"Yeah, almost made me come early, Deku," Kacchan groaned, kissing Izuku deeply despite the fact he just had a dick in his mouth. "So good for me. Can I make you feel good, Izuku? Please? Let me fuck you."

Izuku felt warmth along his skin and he trembled in anticipation.

"Please, Kacchan, please, yes," he begged, kissing him frantically. "Fuck me, fuck me," he chanted in between kisses.

Kacchan moaned deeply, grabbing him and pulling him into a kiss that had Izuku's toes curling. His tongue thrusting in his mouth at a steady pace, alluding to how Kacchan's dick would slide in and out of his hole. Izuku could barely take it.

He was shoved back onto the sleeping bag. Kacchan shifted in between his legs, still tongue fucking his mouth. Izuku's cock was rock hard and smearing pre-come all over his stomach. He was almost in physical pain, he needed-

Well, he didn't know what he was needing until the tip of Kacchan breached his entrance.

It stretched painfully but there was also a rush of pleasure.

It overloaded Izuku's senses. Made his eyes roll up into the back of his head, his body to tense and then relax to the point he went limp, until Kacchan's dick was seated fully inside him.

It felt amazing. Like he'd made it to cloud nine.

"You okay?" Kacchan whispered, kissing away the tears that fell from Izuku's eyes without his knowledge. "Does it hurt? Do you want me to-"

"You talk about stopping and I'll flip you over and fuck you myself," Izuki said blissfully, the threat real but breathless. His hands reached up to run from Kacchan's shoulders down to his biceps. He dug his nails in slightly as his legs curled around the back of Kacchan, pressing him forward with his heels. "Fuck me, Kacchan."

It was pretty obvious Izuku wouldn't last long.

He was a virgin and the love of his life was seated in his ass. And, yeah, he was a bit keyed up. So, he expected to come early. No big deal, nothing to be embarrassed about.

What he didn’t expect was to come from the very first thrust.

His orgasm hit him like a freight train and set every nerve in his body on fire until he was numb from pure, absolute pleasure.

His mortification when he came down nearly rivaled the strength of it.

“Oh, my god, Kacchan, I didn’t mean—”

"That's the hottest thing I've ever seen," Kacchan breathed out, leaning over him, red eyes wild and nearly blacked out. "You came untouched, Izuku. You wanted my dick that badly, huh? How about I give you more, hm?" A shallow thrust had Izuku trembling. "Keep fucking you until you can't speak? Until you're covered in your own funk and have my seed leaking out of your ass?"

Oh god, the words seemed to go straight back down to Izuku’s dick, attempting to revive the poor thing. And, hell, they just might do it.

"Please, Kacchan, please," Izuku begged, practically sobbed. His body was so sensitive but he still wanted so badly.

"Shh, I got you," Kacchan said gently, kissing his forehead.

And then he pulled back and slammed in hard enough that Izuku saw stars and planets and knew the entire universe revolved around the man above him.

He was the sun of Izuku's whole universe and he was completely lost to him.

Ready to burn up from being so close. Didn't even care if this ended him. Izuku would die happy and complete.

Kacchan sped up, hitting Izuku's prostate with each thrust, and kissed him to muffle his screams, his pleading.

It wasn't that long before Kacchan was also groaning into his mouth.

And sooner than that, Izuku could feel the man’s seed painting his insides white. It somehow even pulled a second orgasm out of Izuku’s body, smearing more white all down his chest and stomach.

And the two clung to each other during the whole thing until they finally came back down to earth.

Izuku could feel the blond's sweaty forehead pressed against his neck, hot puffs of air coming out quickly.

And he felt loved for five whole seconds before reality kicked in to ruin his afterglow.

He just had — amazing — sex with Kacchan and KIRISHIMA RIGHT THERE.

There was no way the redhead had slept through all of that.

And what about the entire camp? Izuku hadn't exactly been quiet while losing his virginity. Someone had to be awake now.

They knew. They all knew.



Izuku immediately pushed Kacchan off of him, hard enough that the blond made an ooph noise as he was knocked back on his ass. Izuku made a point to ignore the sense of loss at no longer having Kacchan against him or his dick in his ass.

He focused on spluttering apology after apology as he scrambled backward. He tried to locate his clothes. He had to get out! Explain what had happened was an accident! Make sure Kirishima and Kacchan’s friendship, let alone their relationship, wasn’t ruined forever because of him.

How stupid could he be?! Why did he—

Kacchan's hand slapped over Izuku's face hard, cutting the flow of words instantly, and slammed him down onto the floor.

"Stupid, fucking nerd," the blond sneered as he reached over his head.

Izuku squeezed his eyes close tightly, entirely expecting the blond to knock some sense into him for seducing him.

Instead, something cold and wet against his stomach had Izuku yelping in surprise.

"Shut up and hold still, Deku," Kacchan growled as he wiped Izuku’s cum off of his stomach.

Izuku watched in a mixture of confusion and shock as the blond took great care to clean everything up between the two of them. He’d even tossed the wipes into a small trash bag in the corner all the while still pinning Izuku down by his face, like he was going to escape if he moved his hand.

Izuku definitely would have full cowled out of there if he could.

Kacchan surprised him even more when he finally released Izuku’s face and merely laid down beside him.

“Uh, Kacchan?” Izuku asked tentatively when the man tugged the sleeping bag over them and attempted to zip it up. Meaning, they’d both be naked. In a sleeping bag. Together. With Kirishima right across the tent. “Kacchan, what—”

“Shut up already, Deku,” Kacchan snapped as he finished with the sleeping bag. Already heat from their combined worth surrounded Izuku. An arm slipped around Izuku’s waist, bringing his body flush against him.


“I said shut up,” Kacchan growled, red eyes glaring directly into his. “I’m tired and cold so stop thinking stupid shit and go the fuck to sleep, Izuku.”

Stupid shit?!

Before he could even demand what ‘stupid shit’ he was thinking, Kacchan buried his face into Izuku’s neck, released a deep sigh, and was asleep in an instant.

Izuku laid there, mildly terrified about the turn of events.

Had Kacchan been asleep the entire time? Had he been hit by some quirk? What other explanation was there for the man to just fall asleep after having sex with Izuku like it was nothing?

Before he could come up with a definitive answer, there was a rustle from across the tent.

Kirishima slowly rose and attempted to crawl stealthily towards the entrance.

At least, until their eyes met.

Both of their expressions were mirrored examples of horror.

“Um—” Kirishima looked away quickly. “Well, this is awkward,” he added with a small laugh.

Izuku felt like the lowest life form in existence.

"Kirishima, I'm so, so—"

"No, no," Kirishima waved his hands in front of his face, which was starting to match his hair. "I should have known this was going to happen! It was a matter of time after all—"

"What, no, it shouldn't have—"

"Just didn't expect all that unresolved sexual tension to come out like that and for me to have a front-row seat."

Izuku stopped, confused.

"What… shouldn't you be mad?"

"Mad?” Kirishima actually gave him an incredulous look. “About what? I'm happy for you guys! Thought you two would never hook up! Just didn't think it would be at my expense, heh," he said with an awkward shrug.

"Ho-hook up? But aren't you dating Kacchan?"

Kirishima’s eyes widened and then he snort laughed. He quickly covered his mouth, however, when Katsuki released a dark growl against Izuku’s skin in a warning.

“No! We’re just friends! Hell, I’m dating Mina!”

Izuku’s eyes bugged out of his head.

“WHAT—" Izuku exclaimed but was stopped by Kacchan's hand slapping over Izuku's mouth.

"What the fuck did I say, Deku?!” Kacchan snapped, raising his head to glare at him. “And get the fuck out of here, Shitty Hair!” the blond added as an afterthought over his shoulder.

The redhead winked at Izuku before he left the tent in a hurry, zipping it securely behind him.

"Kacchan! You can't just kick him out!"

The blond gave a harassed growl and unzipped the sleeping bag with harsh movements.

"Fucking Deku, you can't just calm down and let me sleep, huh? You not tired enough?" the blond demanded as he kicked off the blanket, exposing Izuku to the cold.

"What? But—" Izuku's words were cut off as his soft cock was suddenly engulfed by blissful warmth. Kacchan had sunk down to the hilt without so much as a warning.

And his red eyes laughed up at him from below as he popped off his dick with a vicious smirk.

"Guess I just gotta wear you out," Kacchan said wickedly, licking his quickly hardening dick from base to tip like a popsicle.


"Shut up and let me suck my boyfriend's dick in peace. And show you how stupid your thoughts have been.”

Izuku definitely doesn’t shut up. If anything, his protests turn into complacent sounds of pleasure and begging that the others attempt to ignore.

But, how could they with Izuku practically screaming out Kacchan’s name over and over again?