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In a world populated with quirks, Izuku had the unfortunate chance of being quirkless. As children from his preschool began manifesting theirs one by one, Izuku stayed by the sidelines and watched. His hope of gaining one so he could save others like All Might simmered as each day passed.

Suffice to say, Izuku's early life wasn't as ideal as he had hoped.

And then it became worse, his classmates began taunting, teasing, bullying him for something he couldn't even control! At the tender age of 7 he began coming back home with bruises, hiding them desperately from his mother so she wouldn't worry. He didn't want to burden her even more.

Yeah, life sucked, but Izuku wouldn't be deterred so easily.

"B-back off!" the freckled child mustered out, he stood between a classmate who was beaten up and his other peers, his limbs trembled but he was determined to help.

One of the boys sneered at him. "Get outta the way, you quirkless freak! Unless you wanna take his place?"

Izuku felt fear claw at him but he didn't budge. "... I said back off!"

Needless to say, they didn't back off.

Izuku soon found himself on the ground, covered in bruises and dirt. The child he was protecting ran off without a word, though the group of bullies were still hovering over him.

"Hey, I was exploring the forest and I saw a big well over there." one of them began, "Wanna go there? Maybe we could bring this loser with us."

Izuku didn't like the sound of that, but regardless he was forced to come. They soon arrived and saw in the middle of a clearing was a small well. Its stones covered with leaves and fungus, the wooden roof and pillars brittle with age; despite its innocent appearance, the young child couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

"Hey Midoriya, I saw something cool in there. Wanna see it?" the same child who suggested coming here asked, Izuku shook his head. He had a bad feeling. The kid ignored him, pushing him towards the well until Izuku had to grasp onto the edge of it. From there he could he that the well's hole was deep, its dark abyss lurked in the depths of it.

"I- I don't see anything..." Izuku commented, but before he could glance back at his peers he felt something push him from behind, strong enough that he found himself plunging down into the void within the well. A scream escaped from his lips and his eyes scrunched closed, the laughter of his bullies faded away the farther he went.

Please help me, help me, helpmehelpmehelpmehelpme--

And suddenly he wasn't falling.

He felt his body lay on something solid like concrete and the sound of birds chirping in the distance, he slowly creaked his eyes open and saw smooth stones aligned in a circular position surround him. The freckled child sat up straight then glanced upwards, the blue sky greeted him brightly.

Izuku was dumbfounded. Wasn't he just falling a moment ago? Why hadn't he felt the bone crushing impact? He decided to shrug it off for now and focus on getting out. "Guys! Guys! Can you help me out?" No response.

Izuku huffed in frustration, surely they wouldn't just leave him in a well by himself... right? He called out again louder. "HELLO? PLEASE HELP ME, I WANT OUT-" a small head with blonde spiked tufts, fox-like ears perched on top suddenly poked his way into his vision at the top of the well. His amber eyes pierced onto him in annoyance.

"CAN YOU SHUT UP? I'm trying to read a book!" he looked and sounded young, perhaps Izuku's age. Although, he had never seen this boy before.

"O-oh! Sorry... Um, could you please help me get out?" Izuku sheepishly asked.

"The hell? Why should I?" the blonde skeptically asked.

Izuku fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. "Um, because it's the right thing to do?"

Amber eyes squinted at him. "What if you're some kind of shape shifting yokai? You gonna eat me or what!"

Izuku scrunched up his nose in disgust. "Ew! Why would I eat you?"

"Oi! I'm not 'ew', I think I'm delectable as fuck!"

"You just said a bad word!" The greenette gasped.

"So what? I can say whatever the hell I want. Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fu- ACK!" the blonde's head suddenly bobbed down, a hand from behind had seemingly smacked him.

"Katsuki! The fuck did I say about swearing?" a female voice exclaimed.

The red eyed boy scowled and turned to the voice. "Fuck off, old hag! Mind your own business."

"Oi! Don't call me that. Who are you even talking to?"

The boy turned his attention back at Izuku, his clawed finger pointed at him. "I don't know, this random kid in the well."


"C-could you please help me, m'am?" Izuku called out desperately, he just wanted to go home. Another head suddenly popped up, female with blonde hair and ears similar to the other but longer and more tamed, red eyes found his.

She studied him for a moment before concern painted her features. "Oh goodness! How did such a small mortal get in there?" She turned to the other blonde. "Katsuki, get the rope back from home.”

"No! Don't tell me what to do!" he stubbornly responded.

"Alright fine, no fish for a month."

The younger blonde paused before growling in defeat, they both disappeared from Izuku’s vision for a few minutes until a long rope fell in the well. The woman’s head popped up and instructed Izuku on what to do, after a few minutes Izuku soon found himself panting with exhaustion as he sat on soft grass. The older woman immediately went over to the freckled boy to help him up, that's when Izuku noticed the two didn't wear clothes that were modern like his. Instead the boy wore a hakama that was velvet red while the woman wore a kimono that was snow white with floral patterns weaved around. Large ivory fluffy tails sprouted from their backs, what differentiated them was that the women had 5 tails while the other only had 1.

Izuku silently agreed that that looked like a cool quirk.

Izuku bowed to them, catching their attention. "Thank you so much! I could’ve been stuck there for days, I could've even died!" He stood back up and saw the woman softly smiling at him while the other boy didn't even glance at him.

"Oh, you're very welcome. I'm Mitsuki Bakugou by the way, this little turd over here is my son Katsuki Bakugou." she introduced, grabbing her son's head to turn towards Izuku. "Although I gotta ask, how did you even end up there in the first place?"

Izuku weakly chuckled. "Some kids pushed me in there. I wonder where they are now?" he glanced around, that's when he realized that this wasn't the same clearing they were at before he fell.

"The children from the village did that? How rotten they have become!" Mitsuki scowled.

"... Village?" Izuku felt anxiety growing within. "Um, Mrs. Bakugou, does the village have a name?"

The woman raised her eyebrow at that. "No it doesn't, it's fairly new actually. Don't you live there?"

Izuku's mind went into overdrive. New? As in just made?! Where am I? What even is this place?!

"Shut your mumbling." Katsuki grumbled, snapping Izuku from his thoughts.

"You're not from there?" Mitsuki frowned. "Hm, and you don't even know where you are."

Izuku nodded. "Will you please help me, ma'am? I know it's a lot to ask, but I just want to go back to my mom." he pleaded, he felt tears sting his eyes. Sympathy tugged at Mitsuki's heart while Katsuki couldn't care any less, she agreed and the three of them walked further into the forest. Since it was getting dark already, she decided that they would find a way back tomorrow. For now, they headed back to their home.



"He is not gonna sleep in my room!" Katsuki complained, his lips curled in a snarl though it seemed less intimidating considering his youthful appearance.

"Katsuki," Mitsuki whacked his head. "don't be rude! It's only until he gets back home, it won't take long. Now go and get him settled." the women turned back to Izuku with an apologetic smile before padded off into the kitchen. To Izuku's surprise their home was located deep within the forest, its aesthetic based off Minka homes--traditional and urban. It seemed to be a shrine of some sort, right as Izuku stepped onto their land he felt an aura of serenity. As if his anxieties wafted off with ease, he honestly wouldn’t have minded if he stayed for a while.

Katsuki huffed with irritation but regardless began walking through his house, he beckoned Izuku over with a wave to which he complied. He quickly took off his shoes and stepped onto their tatami matted floor, the two walked in silence until the greenette couldn't help but excitedly comment on their decorations. "Wow! Is that a sword?! Woah, that painting looks so pretty, and that one too!"

The blonde scoffed. "Huh? It's not that special." his tail flicked, diverting Izuku's attention.

"Bakugou, what's your quirk? Is it related to the abilities of a fox or something? Cause it looks cool!" Katsuki paused mid step and glanced back to Izuku who's eyes were glimmering with wonder.

"The hell is a quirk? I'm a Kitsune, dumbass. Of course I have similar abilities of a fox--but better!" he explained, poking Izuku on the nose.

Izuku tilted his head. "Kitsune? Hm, I think that sounds familiar..." truthfully, Izuku didn't really bother to research fantasy creatures. He spent most of his time watching All Might and studying quirks. The blonde boy bristled at that.

"Hah?! You don't know what a Kitsune is?" Katsuki then grabbed Izuku's arm and proceeded to pull him towards him room with new vigour. "I'll show your stupid ass what a Kitsune is...!"

Excitement bubbled within Izuku, even though the boy seemingly didn't know what a quirk was, him having this type of ability was like having a quirk right? The two soon arrived in his room, it was spacious with only a cream coloured futan in the middle with a stack of books in the corner, its only source of light seeped through his two windows. Katsuki slid the door closed and dropped Izuku on his futan before standing in front of him with a confident smirk.

"Watch this," he propped his right hand up into the air, smoke manifested from his palms while sparks started to fly. With an astounding boom fire exploded from his hands, it was small yet controlled. The sweet smell of nitroglycerine drifted in the air, Izuku stared in awe.

“That was--” Izuku jumped up in amazement. “--so cool! Can you do bigger ones? Can you shoot it? How long can you do those for?” he rambled, making various hand gestures to go along with his enthusiasm. His words, unbeknownst to Izuku, stroked Katsuki’s ego generously. His smirk grew wider, he liked this type of attention.

“You bet your ass I can do all of that! I can do even more; I can fly, shapeshift, summon fox fire-- the older I grow the more abilities I’ll be able to do and the more tails I’ll get.” he explained proudly. “Old hag says I’ll get more wiser and stronger too, and when I finally get my ninth tail I’ll fucking ascend and shit.”

Izuku’s eyes widened with admiration and bewilderment, he had never heard of a quirk this cool with so much abilities. “WOAH, THAT’S SO AMAZING!” Katsuki felt like he could purr at that much to his disbelief, nonetheless he still ate up that compliment like a meal. “You’re so cool, Kachuki!”

Katsuki paused at that, he blinked at the other boy before simply asking, “What the hell did you just call me?”

Izuku tilted his head in confusion. “Kachuki? Isn’t that your name?”

The amber eyed boy spluttered in disbelief. “As if! My name is Katsuki. Ka-tsu-ki, say it.”

Izuku obeyed. “Ka-chu-ki.”

“...Are you stupid? Is that it?”

The freckled child pouted. “I’m not stupid! I’m trying to say it, promise!”

Katsuki then spent the next 20 minutes trying to make Izuku say his name before Izuku gave up. “... Kacchan.” he said out loud.

The blonde whipped his head towards him. “The fuck?

Izuku let out a giggle. “Kacchan! I’ll call you Kacchan!” Katsuki turned red with embarrassment at that, Izuku laughed even more.

“Oi! Fine, I’ll call you…” his eyes glanced away in thought. “Deku! Cause your so damn bad at saying a simple thing like my name!”

Izuku stuck his tongue out playfully. “Alright, if you say so Kacchan.”

Yeah, so maybe life did suck, but maybe that could change.

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Edo period. That was the period Mitsuki had told Izuku was currently in, which was impossible. How did he even get from the year 2619 all the way to the year 1609 by falling through a well?

Heh, it’s like Inuyasha.Izuku amusingly thought as he scarfed down his tamago gohan Mitsuki had made for breakfast, they all knelt before their dining table along with Katsuki’s father, Masaru Bakugou. He had arrived late in the night when the two boys were asleep. Like the other two Bakugous, Masaru was also a Kitsune with 6 tails. His calm and gentle nature was surprising to Izuku considering the rest of his family’s behavior.

“After eating, you two could go out and play if you want. Me and Masaru here will discuss Izuku’s problem while you’re out.” Mitsuki suggested after swallowing her bite, the two boys nodded and quickly finished. They headed out after saying their goodbyes (Izuku was the only one who said it, Katsuki didn’t bother) and walked through the forest, Katsuki led the way with Izuku trailing behind him.

“Kacchan, d’you wanna play heroes?” Izuku asked, that was his favourite game but he sadly couldn’t play it as much as he would like with his classmates.

Katsuki glanced back at him. “What’s that?”

Oh, right. He doesn’t live in the age of heroes. The freckled child then began explaining life back at the year 2619, what heroes did and what quirks were. Katsuki, to Izuku’s delight and surprise, listened attentively. He seemed interested and would sometimes contribute his thoughts, albeit with vulgar words but Izuku learned to deal with it.

Kacchan is kinda nice. Izuku thought, it had been a while since he could talk to others like this who weren’t his mom.

But then Katsuki asked Izuku the question he loathed the most.

“Do you have a quirk?”

It was an innocent question, and through different circumstances Izuku would have happily answered with ease. But life was cruel, and it decided to be even crueler when Izuku unexpectedly felt his eyes sting. It caught Katsuki off guard. “W-woah, shit, uh… Why are you crying?” they both stopped walking, Katsuki awkwardly hovered around Izuku, not knowing what to do.

The greenette sniffled, rubbing the tears away from his eyes desperately. “M’sorry, I didn’t mean to… It’s just that I don’t have a q-quirk.”

There, he said it. Now Katsuki was going to be disgusted by him. He’ll first taunt him, hurt him, then walk away. He’ll either leave Izuku’s life or barge in with hurtful words and actions and--

“So?” Katsuki shrugged, interrupting Izuku from his thoughts. “Why cry about that?”

Izuku stiffened, his viridescent eyes widened in shock before slowly falling onto the confused Kitsune. “B-but, aren’t you disgusted th-that I’m a quirkless freak?”

“Tch, quirks are just a part of ya. It’s not like it defines you or anything, to me you’re still useless Deku.” his words had no bite and it may have not been the most comforting but Izuku appreciated it. So much so that he couldn’t stop his tears from leaking with relief.

“O-oi! Stop crying, sheesh what a crybaby.” Katsuki then wiped his tears using the hem of his long sleeves, he then cupped Izuku’s face while the other hiccuped. “If you really want to become powerful I’ll just train ya, but not too much ‘cause I’m always going to be more powerful!”

Izuku’s lip quivered, his admiration for Katsuki growing at an alarming rate. “R-really? So… you won’t leave me like the other kids?”

“I’m not like those lame ass kids anyways.” he let go of his face and turned back to the front. “Come on, I know a good place where we can play your hero game.”

A giant smile stretched Izuku’s small face, joy exploded from within. “Thanks Kacchan!” he ran over to walk beside him and the two went off, they spent the rest of the morning playing.



Izuku, Katsuki, and Mitsuki all stood facing the small well the freckled child had strangely appeared in. Mitsuki had explained that she and Masaru agreed that in order to find a way back home was to first check where the source of the problem began, hence the well.

Masaru couldn’t join, he was busy hunting farther away from the forest.

“Perhaps you’ll find something in there to help. I won’t be mean and push you in, but do you think you can climb down there with my rope again?” she held up her rope, it was honestly hard for Izuku’s frail 7 year old body to just climb up so he hesitantly shook his head. “That’s alright, I’ll just have my brat bring you down there.”

“Hah? Why me?” Katsuki asked.

“Because I’m too big to go in there with Izuku, with you two it’ll be fine cause you’re so small~” she cooed as she pinched Katsuki’s cheeks which he immediately batted away with a growl. Unfazed, she turned to Izuku. “You ready, kid?”

“Um, I have a question!” Izuku blurted, a bashful expression painting over his features. “Do you think… I could come back and visit if I ever find a way back home? It’s just, this place is so cool, you guys are so cool too! But- but I understand if I’m not welcomed or anything-“

“Quit your babbling!” Katsuki interrupted, he then turned to his mother. “He’s coming back no matter what, I gotta train him or he’ll get his ass kicked.”

Mitsuki watched this with amusement, she softly laughed. “If your mother allows it, Izuku, then of course! Katsuki here needs more friends anyway.” She ruffled her son’s hair before doing the same with Izuku’s who gave her a thankful grin. “Now, are you ready to go in?”

Izuku nodded determinedly while Katsuki grunted in response, the two went closer to well. The blonde climbed over the railings of the stone before hauling Izuku up with him, he grabbed onto the greenette by the arm and they both jumped down, disappearing from Mitsuki’s sight.

But something peculiar occurred as the two children fell. The black void of darkness that enveloped the bottom suddenly had started to morph into something astral like, vibrant and vivid colours swirled around them as stars twinkled and shone. The wind that flew through them harshly now grew faint, it calmly grazed their skin and hair. Izuku stared in awe, he had never seen anything like this. He glanced at Katsuki who had the same expression, his grip on Izuku grew tighter.

And then in a blink of an eye, it was over. They now sat on concrete floor, the same stones the well had surrounded them and above was the clear blue sky as their only source of light.

“Woah…” Izuku couldn’t help but say.

“Yeah,” Katsuki agreed breathlessly, he then jumped up with Izuku still in his arms and gingerly landed on the outside. The forest greeted them, but this time it was the one from Izuku’s world.

“... Old hag?” Katsuki asked as he glanced around, letting Izuku go.

“Kacchan!” the greenette’s voice drew back his attention, the child was gleaming with relief. “This is my world! It worked! That well… it’s like a portal.”

“Which means you can come back.” Katsuki nodded and Izuku smiled even brighter.

“Oh! Do you wanna see what my world is like? You can also meet my mom if you want.” the freckled child hopefully asked, though to his dismay Katsuki shook his head.

“Nah, maybe next time though. Old hag must be worried about my ass right about now.”

“Oh okay. When can I come visit?” Katsuki hummed at that before glancing around at the ground before picking up a leaf. He mumbled something unintelligible and gently blew on the leaf, the object in question then glowed a faint white. Izuku tilted his head in confusion as he watched, Katsuki then handed it to him with a proud smirk.

“Come whenever you want, just bring this with you. It’ll alert me of your presence so I can take you out from the well.”

At that the two departed, Izuku hugged his friend even as the other complained and went back to their own worlds. Once Izuku had ran back home his mother had greeted him tearfully, explaining that he had been missing for two days. That’s when he eagerly explained what had happened.

Inko Midoriya thought he had a concussion.

Needless to say, the children who pushed him were punished while Izuku was brought to a doctor. Izuku decided to not even bother to try and convince his mom that he was telling the truth.

A few days had passed since that incident when Izuku was finally allowed to go out and play by himself, he immediately went back to Katsuki’s world. That’s when Izuku’s life had changed. Every day he would go visit without his mother knowing, escaping his bullies and problems and instead spending time with his new friend. From Katsuki teaching Izuku how to toughen up to them playing and talking about everyday topics, their bond had grown stronger each day. Though, that didn’t stop Katsuki from teasing and calling him ‘Deku’. Katsuki’s parents had also welcomed Izuku with open arms, the freckled child would even join them whenever a festival occurred (filled with yokais to Izuku’s amazement). Even though life back at his world was… unfavourable, he still couldn’t help but be filled with joy. Inko Midoriya hadn’t seen Izuku this happy in years since he was deemed quirkless.



Katsuki Bakugou hadn’t thought much of the mortal child who somehow ended up in a well, disrupting his reading time. Honestly, he thought he was an annoying yokai under a disguise as a big doe eyed-green haired-freckled-child. But after all that had happened, he now saw him as this maybe not so annoying mortal child who he wouldn’t mind spending time with. The child was stupid, yes, but was amusing enough. Plus, the other Kitsunes his mother would try to make him play with were scared of him, this human wasn't for some reason.

His stupid ass may or may have not also grown closer to him as years passed.

And he may or may not have vowed to protect him under any circumstances, even if that meant death.

“Kacchan,” Izuku called out one day. Six years had passed and the two were laying on a soft grass patch on a hill, the sun’s rays gently warmed them while clouds took their time drifting through the sky. Katsuki glanced over at the other boy who was mindlessly playing with a dandelion. Izuku and him had grown since they first met, Izuku wasn’t the same small stupid doe eyed child with messy hair; he now was a bit taller with stupid doe eyes with a somewhat tamed hair, he had also lost some of his baby fat, mostly in his cheeks.

His expression was troubled, it alerted Katsuki.

“Do you think… I’ll be able to get a quirk? This late?”

Katsuki eyed him. “Why? Did those fucktards say anything during school?”

Izuku let out a small depricative smile as he nodded, his eyes downcasted. “It’s getting worse, Kacchan… I don’t know what to do, the teachers won’t listen and I don’t want to tell my mom because she’ll worry even more…!” as he talked, his hands gestured all around, the sleeve of his uniform slipping to show a bruise on his arm that Katsuki hadn’t seen before. A low growl escaped from his lips before he even knew it. Izuku stopped talking once he noticed before glancing at his friend questioningly, surprise widened his eyes. “... Kacchan?”

Katsuki ceased his growl almost at once, he felt his ear heat up but shoved it aside with a scowl. “Did they hurt you?”

The greenette averted his eyes. “Um.. Well…” the Kitsune then suddenly grabbed his arm eliciting a protest from the other, Katsuki pulled away the sleeve and studied the bruise. It looked fairly new, anger bubbled up within.

“Deku, you’re supposed to tell me whenever they do this type of shit to you!” Katsuki scolded. “Did you atleast fight back?”

Izuku nodded. “I did, but that just made them even more angry.” Katsuki started to rub the wound gingerly with his thumb, comforting Izuku. “I wish I had a quirk, Kacchan. I just want to save others like All Might.” he whispered.

Katsuki, for the life of him, didn’t know why he felt his heart ache at this. Just seeing Izuku so sad, bruised up and almost teary eyed was just a disheartening scene that Katsuki didn’t want to see. His brows furrowed and his scowl deepened, and then a thought suddenly came to mind. Albiet, a stupid one.

His mother would most definitely scold him for centuries to come, but Katsuki couldn’t find it in himself to give a fuck.

“Deku,” he began, Izuku’s viridescent eyes lifted up towards him. “I think there might be a way for you to get a quirk… But it might hurt.”

Izuku’s eyes immediately lit up, no, his whole body lit up with hope.

Too bright… Katsuki begrudgingly thought.

“Really?! Really, really?!” Izuku’s hands then both gripped Katsuki’s to which he batted away like it burned with heated cheeks, though Izuku was unfazed.

“Tch, yeah really. Are you sure you’re up to it?” the blonde asked and the freckled child nodded vigorously.



“You bit him?!” Mitsuki exasperated. Katsuki stood in their doorway with an unconscious Izuku in his arms, a bite mark present on the side of his neck still glistened with blood. Mitsuki couldn’t even form words for how angry she was, she simply watched with fisted hands as her son nonchalantly ignored her and walked in their house, removing both his and Izuku’s shoes.

“He was getting his ass beat back at home, how’s he gonna protect himself without me there?” he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, he began walking back to his room before Mistuki yanked him back by the collar. “Oi! Let go, old hag!”

“Oh hell no, Katsuki Bakugou, my fucking idiotic son! What the hell were you thinking? What would his mother say?” her grip tightened as she spat at her son, a growl escaped from him.

“Can we talk about this after I put him to bed? He’s heavy as shit.” Katsuki replied, squirming under her hold. Mitsuki glared at him for a moment before relenting, watching her son stomp his way to his room.

How did I raise such an idiot? The blonde woman silently asked, pinching the bridge of her nose in an attempt to quell her rage.

Chapter Text

Izuku stirred awake when he felt something soft tickle his cheek, he sat up and slowly opened his eyes. He sat on top of a hill filled with long golden grass that danced with the wind, the sky was a vivacious shade of pink that had clouds swirl around him in odd shapes. Izuku leaned back and felt something rough prick his back, he turned and saw a Sakura tree planted behind him. An ofuda charm hung around it.

A soft unintelligible whisper grazed his ears, he quickly glanced around to find its source. No one was there.

“Um… H-hello?” he meekly called out, that’s when he caught movement in a patch of grass in his peripheral vision. He stared at it anxiously, deciding whether or not investigate it. Before he could decide, the being within the grass drew closer, Izuku could feel cold sweat drip from his skin.

And then it stopped, instead came out a silver furred fox that had ruby red patterns line its fur. It padded closer to Izuku before standing in front of him, black beady eyes gazed straight into his soul.

The young child didn’t know why, but he let his hand gravitate towards it. He gingerly placed his hand on its soft head before sliding down to its cheek, the fox welcomed it and nuzzled into his palm tenderly. That’s when Izuku noticed it had not one but nine tails on its back.

A Kitsune, just like Kacchan!

... Izuku.” someone faintly whispered.

... Izuku.


“Izuku, wake your dumb ass up!” Katsuki exclaimed, waking the freckled child up with a start. Izuku sat straight up and quickly glanced around. His mind distorted with confusion, wasn’t he just at a hill?

“Wh- what? Where’s the Kitsune?” Izuku asked causing Katsuki to raise an eyebrow.

“Izuku, dear, how are you feeling?” Mitsuki, who Izuku now just had noticed, asked with concern furrowing her brows.

“I…” his eyes wandered around, now taking in his surroundings. He sat on Katsuki’s futon in the middle of his room, the two Bakugou’s knelt in front of him. “I think I’m okay? I’m kinda thirsty though.”

Mitsuki sighed. “Yeah, that’s to be expected after getting a fucking bite from a Kitsune.” she shot a venomous look at her son to which he returned.

“Bite?” Izuku thought for a moment before his memory flooded back in, he felt the side of his neck sting. “Does this mean… I have a quirk now?” he looked at Katsuki expectedly.

Amber red eyes stared at his neck, a small yet proud smirk quirked his lips. “Yep.”

Mitsuki smacked him on the back of his head earning a yelp out of him. “What are you smiling for, brat? Are you seriously proud? God, what the hell are you thinking.” she then turned her attention to Izuku with a sad smile. “I’m sorry this happened to you, honey. Your life might change drastically from this point on.”

Izuku tilted his head, puzzled. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Mitsuki nodded.

“You see, after getting bitten by a Kitsune on a certain part of your body, you’ll gain similar abilities but not to an extant as us. You’ll be able to do foxfire, maybe fly, shapeshift even. But your lifespan will increase— not to 900 years of course, but perhaps you’ll live up to 400 years? I don’t know, this type of thing rarely happens to humans. It shouldn’t even happen at all.” she shot Katsuki a glare before continuing. “Those things may seem great and all, but this just puts your life at risk. Certain yokais like to eat Kitsunes, so therefore they’ll be drawn to you! Yokais could pop up whenever in your life.”

Izuku was practically glowing when Mitsuki explained the abilities he would obtain, but that dissipated fast once he found out his life was in danger. “Would they hurt the people I’m around with?” he asked, he didn’t want to hurt his mother even more.

“Not exactly, they just want you. I’m so sorry.” Mitsuki apologized, her eyes soft with sympathy.

Izuku feebly waved his arms around. “N-no, no! Don’t be, I asked for this.”

Mitsuki paused, Katsuki let out a gruff “I told you so.”

“I’ll… I’ll apply the fighting skills Kacchan taught me just in case I do get attacked! Besides, this is what heroes deal with everyday. If they can handle it then I’ll adapt.” Izuku spoke, undeterred and with a shine in his eyes.

“Yeah, and he won’t be alone. I’ll go to his world and defend his weak ass.” Katsuki spoke up, Mitsuki whipped her head at this.

“Hah?! Who said you could do that?” Mitsuki asked, Katsuki growled.

“Let me go to school with him, hag! Do you want him to die?!” he demanded.

“It’s because of your stupid ass he could get killed!” Mitsuki retorted.

Izuku frettedly watched this, he didn’t want this to progress even worse. “It- it’s okay Kacchan! I can deal with this! You don’t need to come-“

Katsuki turned to him with a snarl. “Shut up! I’m coming and joining your school no matter what!”

“Hah?!” Mitsuki exclaimed. “Who the hell said?”

A knock at the door silenced all of them, their heads turned in unison as the door slid open and popped in Masaru’s head. Apprehension and nervousness clear in his facial features. “Um, are you two fighting again?”

“YES.” both replied, tension thick in the air.

“Could you guys bring it outside, why don’t we talk this out?” Masaru gently asked with a nervous smile. Mitsuki gruffly complied and practically dragged her son by the ears towards and door and out, it slid close with a loud thud. Izuku let his gaze wander to the opened window, Mitsuki’s and Katsuki’s muffled shouts faded into the background as Izuku let his thoughts run wild.

Izuku couldn’t believe it. He had powers, a quirk. He could finally fulfil his dreams to become a hero! But… his life was practically a target now to yokais, and didn’t Mitsuki say he would live to be 400 years or more?!

As long as Kacchan is with me… I don’t think I’ll mind.Izuku found himself thinking.

“Izuku?” Masaru called out, snapping Izuku back to reality. The child glanced towards him with a small smile, watching him walk towards and kneel before him. He offered a cup of water which Izuku accepted graciously. “This experience may be weird and all, but I just wanted you to know that if you have any questions or concerns that we’re here for you. We’re sorry again, I have no idea what Katsuki was thinking.” he apologized, his tone gentle and calm.

Izuku offered a soft smile to him. “It’s okay, I asked him to do this. And thank you, Mr. Bakugou. You’re very kind, you know that?” Masaru patted his head and stood back up.

“Since we don’t want you to get hurt, we’ve decided that Katsuki will be attending the same school you’ll be going to and so forth. Please teach him how to act properly, will you?” he asked. Izuku felt excitement course through his veins, he nodded with a big grin and bright eyes.



Katsuki yanked at his uniform collar, irritated by how it felt. “This feels so fucking awful, the fuck. How do you even wear this everyday?”

Izuku chuckled as he lowered Katsuki’s hands away from the cloth. “You’ll get used to it, Kacchan. What? You gonna back out now?” he playfully challenged.

The Kitsune scoffed. “I said I was gonna protect your stupid ass, didn’t I? Come on, we’re gonna be late.”

Katsuki honestly hated modern clothes, he was forced into one when his parents brought him to Izuku’s world to be enrolled into his school. Thankfully he didn’t have to cover up his fox-like attributes because of quirks, he was supposedly classified as a mutant quirk or some shit. So with his ears and tail carefully groomed by Izuku, the two set off from the well and out of the forest. They took the train (which was so fucking cramped, he couldn’t even sit properly because his stupid tail got in the way) and soon arrived at Aldera junior high.

This place looks like shit. Katsuki bitterly thought as he and Izuku walked through the entrance and into the school, he noticed a lot of eyes on him, specifically girls for some reason. He shot daggers at them but they giggled in response, what the hell? Are they stupid or something? Izuku led the way, rambling about how school worked and how he was supposed to behave.

“Don’t yell at anyone, don’t glare at anyone— oh my gosh you’re already doing it.” Izuku huffed and yanked his ear, Katsuki let out a small yelp before glaring at him. “Kacchan! People are going to think your a delinquent or something.”

“Let them think, I don’t give a fuck. I’m only here to protect you anyway.” Katsuki shrugged, Izuku sighed but a fond smile crept through his lips.

After checking in with the office, Izuku had to depart ways from his friend (much to Katsuki’s dismay and protest) and went back in class before the bell rang. He sat on his desk and began flipping through his homework binder, checking to see if he missed any when a large hand smacked on his desk, Izuku jumped at that. The hand in question then morphed into jagged stones, the greenette shakily glanced up and saw his classmate with a sneer on his face.

“Hey loser, who was that kid you were walking with?” he asked.

“M-my friend… he’s going to be in this class, p-please don’t hurt him!” Izuku pleaded, it earned a harsh laugh from his classmate.

“As long as he ain’t a loser like you, then sure! Now gimme your math homework.” Izuku defeatedly nodded and took out his page, he handed it over to him and he began quickly copying it on his paper. As soon as the bell rang he gave it back with a taunting smile and left.

Maybe he won’t smack me with his quirk today. Izuku hopefully thought as he gathered back his paper.

The door slid open and came in his teacher, he went to the front of his podium and placed a stack of paper on it. “Good morning class, I marked your history test yesterday. Can’t say I’m proud of most of you, because I’m not. Anyway, with that being said we have a new student joining us today.”

Quiet murmurs broke out, their teacher shushed them before continuing. “Let's give him a warm welcome.” he said in a rather monotonous voice. “You can come in now.”

The whole class watched quietly as Katsuki walked in, his poster a bit slouched with hands stuffed in his pockets. His large tail flickered with agitation and his ears were perked up, a bored expression evident on his marked face. As they grew older, Izuku noticed that he had red marks slowly appear on his face. It was as if two claw marks were etched onto his cheeks, Katsuki explained that it was part of his puberty or something. He stood beside their teacher, his eyes scanned the classroom before landing on Izuku. The freckled child gave him an encouraging smile.

“My name is Bakugou Katsuki. Please treat me well, I guess.” Katsuki begrudgingly greeted with a lazy bow, a few children started to whisper to each other. Izuku could’ve sworn he heard the word “Attractive.” mutter from someone’s mouth.

“Alright, Bakugou. You can choose any empty seat to sit in and then we can begin.” Katsuki nodded and immediately went over to the empty seat beside Izuku, he plopped down with his bag and glanced at his friend.

“I already hate this place.” the blonde whispered and Izuku muffled a chuckle behind his hand. Through the side of his eyes, he could see some curious students watching their exchange.

The fuck are they looking at? Do they want to fight or some shit?! He wondered as he diverted his attention towards his new teacher.

The grade 7 curriculum was a breeze for Katsuki, having already learned it during his 298 years of living from his parents. For Kitsunes he was still considered a child, around Izuku’s age. In conclusion, he was smart as fuck and could be viewed as a prodigy. Izuku didn’t have much trouble too, though he would sometimes ask Katsuki for help whenever he doubted himself which made the Kitsune’s ego grow even more.

This was Katsuki’s life now. Waking up in his world to going to school in Izuku’s world, guarding him from his bullies (who now stayed away from him because of Katsuki) and occasionally beating the shit out of a Yokai (most of the time away from Izuku’s eyes). He would walk Izuku home or sometimes go to a store or something whenever Izuku wanted to, and then go back to his world with Izuku to train or do stupid shit. Rinse and repeat. Katsuki honestly didn’t mind, he liked that he got to spend more time with Izuku (although he would never admit it) and he got to experience and learn new things. What he didn’t like was the humans in his school and that he couldn’t use his powers because of their stupid quirk law. He had to be extra careful whenever a yokai showed up because of that.

As for Izuku, he started changing. Through puberty and because of Katsuki’s bite. After a week had passed since being bitten, Izuku experienced headaches and sore hands. And in two weeks Izuku had the same red marks etched on his arms instead of his cheeks, it was longer and swirled around his limbs like veins. He didn’t acquire fox ears or a tail, but his canines did grow sharper.

“Kacchan!” Izuku had exclaimed from the inside of the well the day he started manifesting these attributes. Katsuki quickly threw a rope in and Izuku climbed up as fast as he could, landing on the grass breathlessly.

“What got you excited? Did you finally meet All Might or what the hell happened to your arms?!” Katsuki stared in bewilderment at Izuku’s arms, concern flooded his senses as he picked up the limbs and started examining it.

“It happened!” Izuku excitedly proclaimed, a wide grin on his face. “I have a quirk thanks to you!”

Katsuki mentally kicked himself, why hadn’t he noticed that those marks looked oddly similar to the ones on his cheeks? He wordlessly watched as Izuku backed away a few steps before throwing his arms out, a small ball of fire shot out and crashed onto a giant rock further away. Despite its small size, it managed to topple it down. Izuku turned towards Katsuki, his whole frame buzzing with glee. His hand still sizzled with smoke.

“And look! Look!” Izuku opened his mouth to show his canines, they were practically fangs. “See? See! Just like you!”

Katsuki dumbly blinked, his jaw was slack with surprise. It was so fucking weird to see his friend do that without any warning.


Inko Midoriya had fainted when she saw her son do that, but after waking up she cried tears of joy with Izuku.


Their classmates noticed Izuku’s new features, but didn’t bother to comment because Katsuki loomed over Izuku like a guard dog 24/7.


From then on Katsuki started training Izuku with his newly found quirk after school ended. Izuku started to exercise because he wanted to be ready for the entrance exam for U. A., Katsuki joined him as well because no way in hell was he not going to leave his side.

Chapter Text

Izuku packed his notebooks in his mustard yellow backpack as the school bell rang, Katsuki lazily groomed his tail as he stood patiently by him. The school day had just ended, they were in their last year of junior high. Throughout the three years Katsuki had experienced in this hell hole, some of his classmates had tried to befriend him. Even though the Kitsune kept harshly rejecting them, they would always come back.

Humans are so dumb. Katsuki thought, footsteps drew closer catching both of the boys attention. Two of the students who tried to befriend Katsuki stood in front of them. Speak of the devil.

“Hey Bakugou, wanna go to the arcade with us? Heard they added a new game there.” The kid with the shaggy hair whose name Katsuki couldn’t even bother to remember, asked.

“Fuck off, I don’t want to hang out with your lame asses.” Katsuki scowled at them, he felt Izuku tug the hem of his shirt and turned towards him.

“Come on, Kacchan. You can’t just hang out with me all the time, I want you to have more friends.” he offered a soft smile. “Plus, even auntie said you needed more.”

Katsuki let out a huff. “I don’t care, I don’t like any of them anyway.”

“Aw, don’t say that Bakugou!” the other student with a squared shaped face chuckled, did this dumbass really think he was kidding?

“Yeah, if you want you can bring…” shaggy hair’s eyes trailed down towards Izuku who stiffened at the attention. “... Midoriya, if it will make you come.” distaste was clear in his tone. Katsuki bristled at that.

“Oi! Don’t talk about him like that, shit face! I ain’t coming and that’s final.”

“Kacchan! It’s okay, really!” Izuku reassured, Katsuki could see hurt in his forest green eyes even though he hid it with a smile. “I don’t wanna go anyway… Just go, please?” he pleaded with doe eyes.

Katsuki glared at him for a while before relenting with a sigh. “Fucking fine, just go straight home okay? Don’t fucking die.” the other two students shared a look at each other at that.

Izuku stood up and hooked his backpack over his shoulders with a grin. “Don’t worry, I’ve been gaining better control over my quirk. Remember?”

Katsuki let out a smirk. “That’s ‘cause I’ve been training your ass.” Izuku chuckled at that and walked out of the classroom, Katsuki stared at him. He really didn’t like leaving him alone, but his puppy eyes were fucking strong enough to let him go apparently.



Izuku felt his eyes sting as he walked down the trial to his home.

I’m such a stupid crybaby, he depricativly thought. Get your act together!

Sure, the bullying may have stopped but that didn’t change how others perceived him. Izuku let out a tired sigh and pulled out his phone, tapping on his messages app he quickly sent a short text to Katsuki telling him he was fine. Ever since he started attending school with Izuku and found out about phones, he begged his parents to get one for him. Stating, “It’ll be easier to see if Deku is dead or not.”

The freckled boy smiled fondly at that. Katsuki lately had been getting more protective of him, it was quite amusing to watch but it also warmed his heart. Izuku quietly hoped that he and Katsuki could both go to U.A. together.

He pocketed his phone as he walked under an empty bridge, that’s when he felt something terrible wash over him. Izuku knew that feeling, it always occurred whenever something bad was going to happen. His senses went full on alert, his body lowered in a defensive stance. His verdant eyes flicked around, scanning the area as he concentrated on any sound. That’s when a low gurgling noise suddenly made its way into his ears, he quickly turned to the source; it was located in the shadowed corners of the bridge, though the only thing Izuku could see was a puddle.

The boy stared at it anxiously, after a while had passed Izuku cautiously began walking away when it happened. Green sludge shot at him and curled around his legs, momentarily taking away his balance and causing him to crash painfully on the cement ground. Izuku desperately clawed at the floor as the slime creature began pulling him towards it, his mind was in a hazy panic.





Don’t fucking die.





Katsuki’s voice snapped him back into reality.





Ah, that’s right! He’d kill me if I got myself killed. Izuku thought with new vigour. With gritted teeth he twisted his torso to get a better angle at the monster, the green sludge now was bigger. It stared at him with wretched hunger that made Izuku want to hurl. More of its slime shot out at him and attached itself onto his right arm and other leg, before it could latch onto more Izuku propelled his left arm towards it and aimed for the eyes, foxfire burst from within his palms and blazed through the air right before colliding with the monster’s cornea.

It shrieked with pain, squeezing its eyes shut and letting its grip on Izuku loosen. Izuku didn’t hesitate to kick away the slime and leap away, he skidded a landing a few feet away with ragged breath. As the sludge creature spat out curses at him as he regenerated, Izuku quickly took out his phone and sent Katsuki his location before pocketing it back. He silently hoped the blonde would understand his vague text.

“You little BRAT! Why can’t you be a good host and let me in?!” It’s slimy form quivered with rage before swiftly slithering towards him with blood lust. A tendril of slime shot out but Izuku quickly leapt away from it, it slammed on the empty pavement before retreating back to its body. “Stay still!”

Izuku landed near its right side, he shot out fire from his palms but to his dismay it didn’t land. Instead it subsidized once it made contact with its skin. The monster smirked at that before lashing out another tendril at him, it barely grazed Izuku as he dodged.

It seems like the only weak spot he has is his eyes, and the slime that is his body doesn’t get affected by my fox fire. Alright, aim for the eyes. Eyes only! Izuku jumped away from another shot of slime, he twisted his body midair and used the momentum to land on the narrow wall near him. Using the swiftness of a fox he had obtained, he ran up the wall before jumping off. Summoning foxfire, he redirected its power onto his leg before landing a solid kick at the monster’s slimy head, the impact so strong it sliced it all the way into its right eye, lighting it on fire. A scream of agony erupted from the creature as it latched onto his leg and threw him onto the hard pavement, Izuku fell head first and momentarily blacked out as his backpack flew away.

The smell of burning flesh brought Izuku back into reality, he groggily sat back up with a pounding headache and sore limbs. His eyes drifted towards the scent and saw with horror that the creature who was terrorizing him now shook with pain, fire blazed and burned its scrunched up eye and trailed along its body like connected riverbends. Blood oozed and gushed from its eye and splattered the floor around them. Before Izuku could do anything an abrupt gush of wind blew through them, bits and pieces of slime scattered all around. Izuku’s body rolled away from the powerful momentum with a yelp, once the wind faded away Izuku glanced up to see the source. His jaw dropped to the ground, his body frozen on the floor and his eyes bulged out of its socket.

A thunderous laugh echoed through the underside of the bridge, excitement coursed through Izuku’s veins at the sound of it. From the distance, there he saw the person he looked up to the most. His idol, his role model, his hero.

“I am here!” All Might’s voice boomed. Rather donning his iconic suit, he was plainly dressed although his smile never wavered. Izuku’s body shut down, all he could do was stare at the number one hero as he sauntered over and efficiently contained the sludge monster in a small bottle. He pocketed it in his jeans, that’s when he noticed Izuku’s small figure staring wide eyed at him. The hero crouched down in front of him and waved his hand around his face. “Hello? Kid? Are you alright?”

Izuku slapped himself hard on impulse before sitting back up and repeatedly started bowing. “A-All Might! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou--” his words slurred but gratitude was clear in his tone.

“No worries, child! Please, stop bowing.” All Might awkwardly said, rubbing the back of his neck. Izuku immediately stopped his excessive actions and straightened up like a pole, stars were practically shining in his eyes. The hero then suddenly spotted blood trail down from the back of his head. “Oh, it looks like you hit your head pretty badly. Why don’t you call the ambulance, okay? I’m kinda in a hurry here, sorry young citizen!”

“H-huh, I did?!” Izuku cautiously touched the back of his head. Huh, it was bleeding. All Might then stood up and turned his back towards him, Izuku jumped right up which was a bad idea because the pounding in his head worsened. “W-wait! All Might please wait! I have a question for you!”

“Sorry kid but I really gotta go, ask me on my website. Plus Ultra!” All Might said in a hurry, he crouched down and in that moment Izuku latched onto the hem of his pants as the hero leaped into the air, bringing Izuku along with him.




Katsuki begrudgingly followed his two classmates to the arcade, blocking out their annoying chatter. With a scowl permanently etched on his face and both hands stuffed in his pockets, he began glancing around for an escape. Izuku didn’t have to know, it’s not like those two would tell him that he ditched them. A buzz from his phone caught his attention, he quickly pocketed it out and looked at it. It showed a message from Izuku saying that he was fine and heading home.

“Are you talking to someone, Bakugou?” shaggy hair asked, butting into his personal space and taking a glance. Katsuki immediately whacked his head away with a growl.

“Who is it? Is it a girlfriend?” square face teased with a sly expression, Katsuki blinked at him.


Shaggy shrugged nonchalantly. “Ya know, special person, partner, lover?

An image of Izuku with his soft smile popped up in Katsuki’s mind.

The FUCK?!

His cheeks instantly heated and his ears turned outwardly, he felt an unknown feeling lurk in his stomach. He was so confused. His amber eyes glared at the two idiots, practically shooting daggers at them. “Dumbass, I know what a girlfriend is! Goddammit, would you two just shut up?!” that earned a snicker from the two students.

“So you do have a girlfriend! You look so red, haha!” square face pointed at him with an amused grin at the supposed revelation.

“You fucking idiot, I do not!” the Kitsune harshly denied.

“Wow dude, d’you think you can hit us up with her friends?” shaggy suggested with a pat on his back, Katsuki’s tail bristled at that.

“WOULD’JA TWO MOTHERFUCKING SHITHEAD-DUNCEFACED-BET’CHAFELLASACHILD-ASSFACE TURDS SHUT UP?! REALLY ‘BOUT TO--” Katsuki stopped screeching as soon as he felt his phone buzz in his palm, he angrily glanced at it and did a double take at Izuku’s text. The two students who were previously cowering at Katsuki’s tangent quickly recovered and looked at his phone.

“Why’s Midoriya texting you an address?” square jaw asked, Katsuki didn’t reply. Instead, he stared at it as his mind started to race.

Why only message me a location out of nowhere? This has never happened before, he didn’t even say anything. What does he want me to do with this? Go there? But why--

A horrible feeling punched Katsuki in the gut.

Without a word he raced off into the nearby alleyway, using any shortcuts to get there. The two students' protest died away as he ran, but he didn’t care. He just needed to get there now, no matter what.

He didn't notice the empty bottle that laid near a green puddle in the alleyway.




Izuku’s whole being trembled from the dangerous stunt he had just pulled, he weakly caught his breath as All Might scolded him.

“That was a very stupid thing to do, young man. Now I must really be going, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you here.” All Might quickly turned and began walking over to the rooftop railings when Izuku called out to him, desperation in his tone.

“Can someone like me, someone no one had ever believed in, become a hero just like you?”

All Might paused at that.

“I… Ever since I was a child, everyone including my mom didn’t believe in me. S-some even hurt me just because I wanted to help others. But now that I do have a quirk, could it still be possible to be a hero even after all that?” Izuku’s emerald eyes lifted up towards All Might, a hopeful smile quirked his lips. “I want to save others with a smile, just like you…!”

Steam had risen from the hero’s skin and within a blink of an eye he had transformed into a skeletal man who hacked out blood.

Izuku screamed.

The man who previously donned All Might’s structure sighed in defeat as Izuku had a mental breakdown. “Y- You’re not All Might! A-All Might d-doesn’t look like you!?”

“Kid, I am All Might--” a generous amount of blood started to pour out from his mouth, eliciting a panicked scream from Izuku.

His mind began spinning, maybe from his concussion or from the scene that played in front of him--he didn’t know. All Might let out a tired sigh and sat down in front of the kid, snapping him away from his thoughts. “Now that you’ve seen me like this, please don’t go around telling anyone.” he lifted the hem of his baggy shirt to show a scar that deformed the side of his stomach. “I got this in a fight five years ago, right now I can only work as a hero for about three hours a day.”

Izuku faltered at that.

“This fight wasn’t made public to the world, I specifically asked for that.” All Might stood up and began walking over to the rooftop door. “As for becoming a hero when no one believes in you? I say don’t be so dettered so easily, but it depends on whether you have a quirk suitable for this type of job.”

Izuku perked up at that, his eyes widened and a warm feeling blossomed and spread throughout his body. “A-All M-Might…!” he managed out, his eyes stung with the need to shed tears of happiness. Throughout his life he had been shunned and outcasted because of his lack of quirk, resulting in loneliness and whatever confidence he had to deteriorate slowly. Sure, his mom now believed in him but that didn’t erase the hurt he experienced from her when he was young, and he had Katsuki as his only friend who more or less believed in him; he was grateful and thankful for their support, honestly! But hearing his hero say he could become a hero (albeit indirectly) when the majority laughed at his ambitions… It was like a dream come true.

All Might glanced back at him, his sunken eyes studied his reaction for a moment before letting out a gentle smile. “The world and the people who live in it may be cruel, but don’t let that stop you from achieving something you want to accomplish. Instead, use their hate as a motivator.” he opened the door and began stepping in. “Believe in yourself kid, also don’t tell anybody about this and get your head checked!”


“Th-Thank you, All Might! And-- and I won’t, promise!” he sniffed and began rubbing the tears that dared to leak. God, he was such a crybaby. Replaying the conversation in his head and taking his words to heart, he made his way down the building and began walking to the nearest hospital. He felt fatigue claw at him and pressure slowly build in his head. As he crossed the street, that’s when he heard a very familiar scream in the distance. Ambulances zoomed by him in a hurry, a sunken feeling in his gut made him follow it.




Katsuki couldn’t breathe. A mouthful of putrid slime had invaded his mouth and body when he was distracted and now he was paying the consequences. The substance slithered down into his throat, choking him and invoking a painful guttural sound from him. His amber eyes burned, his limbs were engulfed and immobilized, and some of the slime had made its way into his shirt. It made contact with his star ball that was tied to his neck hidden from the world, inducing an emotion Katsuki had relentlessly tried to bury throughout all his years of living; fear.

Every Kitsune had a small orb that could be carried in a fox’s small mouth, despite its size it held a tremendous amount of power over a Kitsune. It contained his life source and his power of illusion, if separated for too long he could die. And if any mortal managed to take it from him, they essentially had power over him as much as he hated to admit.

Katsuki’s heart pounded, panic tranquilizing his mind as more air was deprived from him. He couldn’t think like this, he was stupid. So fucking stupid and weak. He couldn’t even go help Izuku, the only person he gave a damn about other than his parents. He could be dead by now and all Katsuki was doing was being a prisoner to a stupid D-lister he could’ve easily defeated if only he was more aware of his surroundings!


His heart tugged painfully at the mere thought of Izuku.

Damn idiot.... You better be fucking alive…!


Oh, fuck.

Relief flooded his body but was soon replaced with worry and anger. His previously shut eyes flicked open, viridescent eyes met crimson red.

Izuku stood in front of the crowd of citizens, fire from his explosions were littered everywhere basking the area in a hue of scarlet as ember drifted through the air. Izuku’s eyes were wide with fear, his frame rigid with trembling hands. He took a step forward and immediately Katsuki began squirming in protest with a warning glare, he wouldn’t dare let Izuku get hurt because of him.

Katsuki began letting off more explosions, he violently shook his head and bit as hard as he could through the liquid matter. Managing to get away from the slime, he spat it out with a cough and hoarsely screamed, “DEKU, DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE GET CLOSER!”

“Stop resisting! It’ll be over very quickly if you just let me in.” the sludge creature urged as it brought more slime into his mouth, choking him once more.

Katsuki’s eyes teared up in pain, his unsheathed fingers clawed at the sludge. His vision was getting blurrier by the minute, he was too weak to even summon up an illusion.

The world started to darken. That’s when the sludge villain let out a blood curdling shriek.

The Kitsune slowly opened his eyes and saw that Izuku had rammed his fist into the monster’s right eye, piercing it with a gush of blood. The greenette kept it in there when he summoned fox fire and directed it into his eye, lighting it up gruesomely on fire. Izuku yanked his bloodied fist away as he took hold of Katsuki’s arm and leaped away before a tentacle of slime shot out blindly towards them. They landed with Katsuki in Izuku’s arm on the pavement ground, Izuku directed a look of pure malice at the monster.

“...Deku,” Katsuki managed to grit out gravely, he felt disoriented and sore. Izuku’s eyes shifted down at him. “Why the fuck… you could’ve gotten hurt…!”

“Kacchan,” his face scrunched with concern, relief seeped through the edges as he gave him a shaky smile. “I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die.”

“AGAIN?! I JUST REGENERATED THIS, YOU BRAT!” the creature shrieked, snapping both of their attention back at it. Tendrils of slime convulsed from its body in pain.

Izuku ignored the monster and instead began running towards one of the heroes who were supposedly assessing the scene, he was halfway there when a horrid feeling swirled in his stomach. He abruptly stopped then spun on his heel to the opposite direction, barely missing the gush of wind that blew the sludge villain into pieces.

Izuku’s fingers gripped Katsuki tighter.




After Izuku got reprimanded by some pro heroes while Katsuki begrudgingly received medical treatment (as well as Izuku), the two headed towards the well hidden within the forest. Izuku fussed over him as they walked, increasing Katsuki’s anger especially when the freckled boy tried to touch him.

“M’fine.” Katsuki muttered, hands shoved in his pockets. He felt his star ball jiggle in his shirt, safe and away from danger.

“Kacchan, I’m serious. You don’t look fine, you’re acting even more angry than normal.” Izuku let out a concerned frown.

“You should worry about yourself, damn idiot. Didn’t you hit your head?” Katsuki’s then noticed something was missing. “Oi, where’s your backpack?”

Izuku scrunched his brows together in confusion before he let out a groan. “I think it's still back at that bridge.”

“Dumbass, c’mon let’s go get it back.” Katsuki sighed before turning the other way. Izuku grabbed his wrist, foot planted on the ground and unmoving.

“Still though, I’m worried. We’re friends right?” his lips curved into a sad smile. “You can talk to me, you know.”
Katsuki stared at him. They stood in the middle of the neighbourhood road, it was quiet and peaceful. The sun’s setting form contrasted the area and bathed them in a golden hue. It brought out Izuku’s eyes and freckles, Katsuki absentmindedly noticed.

“You want me to fucking talk? Fine.” Katsuki scowled. He shook off Izuku’s grip and lifted his hand, pointing his index finger at the freckled boy.

Couldn’t even fucking save you when you needed it, instead you saved me. I was the one supposed to save your stupid ass! Not get beaten by some d-lister…!

“I’m gonna save you instead, so don’t help me in the future.”

Izuku tilted his head, his virident eyes studied him for a moment before realization dawned on him. “... Kacchan—“

Katsuki let out a frustrated growl. “Just don’t fucking help me! I don’t need your shitty help.”

Weak, useless, so fucking useless.

Ever since Katsuki was a child, his parents constantly praised him along with other people he met in his life. He liked that attention, he liked the feeling he got, he liked being the powerful one. Perhaps it got into his head a bit too much. So when faced with a moment of weakness, Katsuki didn’t know how to deal with his thoughts and emotions quite properly. So he turned fear into anger instead, because that was way fucking easier for him.

Maybe Izuku knew that from the way a fond smile made its way onto his lips, Katsuki wasn’t sure. He watched as Izuku softly shook his head and gently placed his hand down, his gaze never leaving him. “I- I know you’re strong, stronger than me. But it’s okay to have others help you. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.”

Katsuki scowl faltered, Izuku looked so genuine and he sounded like it too.

“I met All Might today,” Izuku began, Katsuki’s eyes widened at that. “I got attacked by the same monster and he saved me. He…” his eyes drifted down to the floor with a pensive look before continuing. “... I asked him if I could become a hero even with all the things that happened in the past. He-he said yes.”

Izuku’s emerald green eyes lifted up towards him, a fire burned and flickered strongly there. It was small, but it still shined. “Kacchan, I’m going to become a hero who saves. And I wanted to save you, and I’ll continue no matter what you’ll say.”

Katsuki was stunned. He had never seen Izuku look like that… filled with so much hope and determination. The rage within him subsided a bit, but it was still there. But the look of his eyes spurred a sense of pride and resolution in him. A smirk stretched his features. “Then I guess I’ll just have to work harder to save your ass instead.”

“Then I’ll work even harder!” Izuku replied with unwavering intent.

“Hah?! Then I’ll work so hard that not even your ass could catch up!”

“Then I’ll work even more harder!”

“Dumbass! Didn’t you just hear me?!”

Chapter Text

A constant prod on his cheek woke Izuku up from his slumber. He groggily blinked his eyes open, bewildered.


“Wake up, dipshit.” Katsuki greeted with his signature frown, he still kept poking Izuku on the face.

The freckled teen let out an irritated grunt and lazily waved his finger away before burying himself deep under his covers, letting himself succumb to sleep before Katsuki rudely pinched his ear earning a yelp from Izuku. “Oi! Don’t fucking ignore me, pieace of shit. I’m tired too!”

Izuku sat up with a glare that honestly looked as intimidating as a bunny to Katsuki. “What do you even-- wait, how did you even get in?”

“Your mom, what else?” he crossed his arms and his gaze began to wander. “Nice room, by the way. Kinda creepy though.” he teased. All Might posters and memorabilia were plastered everywhere in Izuku’s room, he felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

“ S-shut up! Meanie...” he pouted. “Why are you even here?” his emerald eyes shifted to his alarm clock which read 8:16 am. “It’s too early on a Saturday, Kacchan. I could be sleeping!”

Katsuki scoffed. “Bitch and moan all you want, but that’s gonna get you nowhere if you want to ace the entrance exam.”

Izuku paused. “Entrance exam?”

The Kitsune rolled his eyes. “Yes, the entrance exam. It’s in ten months right? So get your ass out of bed and stop slacking when you could be training.”

Warmth filled Izuku’s heart. “Aw, Kacchan…” Katsuki huffed and looked away. “Were you planning on helping me? That’s actually really considerate of you.” his virident eyes softened, a smile stretched his lips. “But wait, isn’t the training we’re already doing good enough?”

“...You were sloppy yesterday. You’re also fucking scrawny but I’ll fix that. There’s no point in attending that school without you, I’m just making sure your useless ass gets even stronger so you can pass.” the blonde turned and headed towards the door. “Get ready, I’ll be waiting by the well.” with that he left.

Izuku couldn't wipe the smile off his face (despite his comments) as he got off his bed and headed for the bathroom. Katsuki was usually brute, harsh, and mean. The thought of him helping Izuku train even more when he could be doing something better with his time made the freckled teen feel light and elated, but it also spurred a twinge of discomfort. He didn’t want to trouble him and he didn’t want to be a burden. Izuku decided he would talk about that once he was done.

Once he entered the bathroom, he immediately noticed a change in his arms. The red veins he acquired from Katsuki’s bite (which still lingered on his neck, faded from time) had slowly and steadily spread out more throughout the years, today it reached down to his wrist much to Izuku’s alarm. An anxious feeling bubbled up in his stomach, he swallowed it down forcibly. Katsuki was smart, Izuku knew that. He wouldn’t have given him something so dangerous… Right?

No! Don’t think like that! He mentally cried as he aggressively shook his head. I have to trust Kacchan, he’s been nothing but a really good friend to me.

His eyes lingered on the veins, a moment passed before he felt his fingers hover above the skin. Delicately, he touched it and began tracing it. He decided he would ask Katsuki about this along with his other inner turmoil.



The greenette walked into the kitchen to see his mother excitedly chattering with a slightly uncomfortable Katsuki, he sat at their kitchen table with a plate of pancakes in front of him. They both spotted Izuku, Katsuki silently pleaded for help while Inko beamed and walked towards him.

“Good morning mom. Kacchan, I thought I was going to meet you at the well?” Izuku asked, biting his cheek to stop him from grinning at Katsuki’s exasperated sigh.

“Izuku, good morning! How come you never introduced me to Bakugou over here?” Inko asked.

Ah, that’s right. They never met before.

Ever since Inko sent him to the hospital after the well incident, Izuku never bothered to mention it again. Even when Katsuki started going to school, it never crossed his mind. Katsuki never asked if he could come over either, it was always Izuku going over to his home.

“O-oh, sorry. It slipped my mind. It’s just...” Izuku nervously chuckled, he sent a glance at Katsuki silently asking if he could tell her about his world. Mitsuki told the both of them to not tell others about their world, they didn’t want to deal with unwanted visitors. Katsuki thought for a moment before nodding. Izuku raised his eyebrow at that but continued nonetheless. “... Mom, remember when I fell into that well?”

Inko eyed him but nodded. “Of course, we even sent you to the doctors because I thought you had a concussion.”

Izuku scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, well the story I told you; the one with the Kitsunes and this guy named Kacchan… the story was actually real.”

He heard Katsuki stifle a laugh while Inko blankly stared at him. “Wha-- r-really? But what does that have to do…” she spared a glance at Katsuki and back at Izuku, her eyes wide.

“Mom, this is Kacchan. I’ve been visiting him for almost 7 years now…” Izuku mumbled the last part with a sheepish grin. “B-but he’s been going to school with me!”

Inko shakenly placed a hand on his shoulders. “S-so that’s why he’s wearing that yukata, I- I never knew…! Oh, Izuku, I’m so sorry for not believing you all these years! Oh my goodness, I just thought you hit your head a bit too hard!” her eyes glazed with tears alerting Izuku.

“No! No! It’s okay mom, I sounded crazy back then I understand! Please don’t cry!” he frantically pleaded.

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the scene before him and began eating his pancake. To his surprise, it tasted very good. He had never eaten one before.


After calming Inko down and finishing breakfast, the two left Izuku’s home and began walking down the trail to their destination.

“Your mom asks too many questions.” Katsuki grumbled, he looked worn out from all that socializing.

Izuku offered a cheeky grin. “Well, that’s what you get for coming into my home without even telling me. You could’ve just texted me, you know?”

“Back at my home? Bitch, we don’t even have indoor plumbing.”

“I meant you could’ve just went out of the well and into my world, quickly text me and either wait here or go back home.” the freckled teen explained, readjusting the backpack on his shoulders with a shrug.

“Why would I do all that shit just for a small message?! Might as well barge into your home.” the blonde scoffed.

Izuku thought for a moment before glancing back at Katsuki with amusement in his eyes. “Did you just want to see my home? Kacchan, you could have just asked.”

Katsuki pursed his lips, glancing away. “Tch, after all these years you didn’t invite me over.”

“Kacchaaan,” Izuku whined. “You never asked! I thought you didn’t want to.”

The amber eyed teen clicked his tongue. “Don’t assume things, shitty Deku.”

“Well, you can come over whenever you like if you want.” Izuku promised with a wide smile, Katsuki huffed at that before grabbing his arm and sped up their pace. The greenette’s eyes wandered down to his wrist, his black long sleeve had bundled away showcasing the scarlet veins.

Katsuki didn’t notice, he kept his eyes forward. “Whatever, lets just go. We can’t waste time.”

Izuku kept opening and closing his mouth like a fish, the words stuck on the tip of his tongue. He wanted to ask Katsuki about it.

We’re a bit busy now, just wait for a bit.

Izuku silently agreed.

They soon arrived at the clearing, in front of them stood the well. Its appearance was still the same even after all those years, which was a bit unsettling to him but he ignored it. Katsuki went first, he leaped above the stone wall with one arm and let himself fall down. Izuku followed more carefully and jumped in, a swirl of vibrant colours greeted him with a calm breeze. Seeing this never got old for Izuku. A moment passed before Izuku found himself on cement pavement, Katsuki was leaning by the wall with a bored look.

“Took you long enough.” the blonde commented as he picked Izuku up by the arm and began flying above. They gently landed on grass and Katsuki let the other teen go from his grasp.

“Have you gotten better at flying?” Izuku asked as he swiped a strand of hair away from his face.

“Of course, I think I’ll be able to reach the waterfalls from here.” he smirked.

“Woah! Really?! That’s super far, last time I flew with you, you couldn’t even reach the rice fields. But that was two months ago, so it’s expected someone as amazing as you could advance as quickly as you did. But does that mean rather than waiting until your third tail shows up, you can improve your quirk-like power by pushing yourself to your limits and by regularly training? Maybe getting another tail does power up your powers, but just by—“

“Oi, nerd. Do me a favour and shut up.” Katsuki interrupted with a pinch to his cheek, he sniggered at Izuku’s surprised squeal.

“Sorry, sorry, my bad. What I’m trying to say is, Kacchan that’s so cool! I’m proud of you!” Izuku beamed with excitement. Katsuki let out a triumphant smirk, his cream tail wagged excessively. Though, it seemed like the blonde didn’t notice.

“Damn right. Let’s head over to the mountains to train, then after that we can head into town.” Katsuki began, he crouched down in front of Izuku indicating him to come over. The other teen complied and gingerly settled himself on his back, both legs wrapped around his torso while his hands gripped the Kitsune’s shoulders. The blonde readjusted him before hovering above the earth and taking off, the clouds soon greeted them.

“Why are we going to town? Not that I’m complaining.” Izuku asked as he let his fingers graze a cloud, leaving its withered remains behind in a trail.

“Dunno, just felt like it.” he vaguely replied. Izuku went with it, he didn’t mind. He was actually a bit excited, it was very interesting to see how people and buildings looked and interacted with another during this period.

Izuku contentedly hummed. “Also, are you sure it was okay to tell my mom all that?”

“Yeah, old hag even told me to do it when there was a chance.” the blonde replied, Izuku smiled at that.

They lapsed into a comfortable silence for a while, Katsuki concentrated on flying while Izuku let himself relax and watch the clouds pass them. That’s when he remembered his question for the Kitsune, guilt slowly pooled in his gut.

“Um, Kacchan?” Izuku called out, Katsuki grunted in response. “Are you— are you sure you wanna help me? You could be doing better things like improving your power…” he hesitantly asked.

Katsuki scoffed. “The hell? I am improving my power, I can both do that while training you. I ain’t gonna watch your ass fail the entrance exam.”

“Are you sure-sure? I--”

Katsuki groaned. “I want to do it, dipshit. Stop worrying about it, it’s fine.” he assured, with a bit of bite in his tone.

Izuku conceded and stayed silent for a while before asking, “Okay, but are you really su--”

Katsuki suddenly dipped down, causing a scream to escape from Izuku while gripping on Katsuki tighter for dear life.




Katsuki couldn’t sleep last night. He tossed, turned, and did every fucking sleeping position he could think of. To his dismay nothing had worked. Sludge, explosions, blood, and the feeling of asphyxiation seeping into his lungs kept haunting him in his dreams. So he laid there on his futon wide awake, trying his damndest to not replay what had happened earlier that day. He felt pathetic. Losing sleep over some slime? Fucking weak.

So fucking weak that he had to be saved by motherfucking Deku, the boy Katsuki vowed to protect. Did the universe hate him, was that it? The thought caused his mind to spiral, questions and images from the scene ran rampant without a care. He noticed that Izuku had been a bit sloppy. Was it because he was panicking? Didn’t matter, he should’ve kept his cool if he wanted to be a fucking pro hero. He didn’t even defeat the villain, All fucking Might had showned up and blown the slimy shit to kingdom come. How could the little nerd expect to pass U.A.’s entrance exam at this rate?

How was Katsuki going to be able to protect Izuku at his current level?

It seemed like an hour had passed of pure frustration before Katsuki decided that he would wake up early and train both him and Izuku’s ass until all they sweated was blood. Katsuki would make sure to make Izuku’s scrawny body fucking buff, but Katsuki’s would be buffer of course.

This was considered as a win-win situation for the Kitsune; Izuku would be able to both defend himself efficiently enough and be able to attend his dream school, and Katsuki would get stronger and be able to protect Izuku without breaking a sweat. Satisfied, Katsuki spent the next few minutes planning a regime and diet for the both of them before trying (and failing) to sleep.

And so that now brought the two on top of a mountain filled with stone and grass, a few trees sprinkled here and there. It was an obscure place from travellers and villages, dangerous yokais barely passed here (didn’t matter, Katsuki would’ve fought them off gladly). The sky was cloudy but bright, it casted gentle warm rays of light onto them. Izuku hopped off the Kitsune’s back with a quick thanks before placing his backpack down and rummaging into it. Katsuki watched, a bit impatient. He couldn’t help but stare at how the light refracted from his dark curls, making the green shine a nice contrast. His hair looked soft, like rabbit fur. It was alluring, alarmingly so.

What the hell am I actually thinking? Did I get a concussion from that villain? Is my brain slowly degrading, is that fucking it?! Katsuki didn’t even realize that he had walked closer to Izuku’s leaning body, his hand was frozen midair and hovered above the greenette’s hair.

He panicked.

Before Izuku could turn back, Katsuki did the only thing he could think of at the moment. He harshly shoved Izuku’s head down, causing the smaller teen to fall head first into his backpack with a surprised yelp.

Hey, at least Kastuki got to touch Izuku’s hair.

Izuku hastily got up with a frazzled expression. “Kacchan, why?!”

The blonde stiffened, he felt heat cover his cheeks. He let out a scowl and furrowed brows on impulse. “F-fucking… Hurry up, the sooner you get your shit together, the sooner we can train!”

He turned and stomped further away before the other teen could reply. Why was he becoming so stupid these past few days? No, scratch that, it’s been months since similar things and thoughts had barged into Katsuki’s mind without fucking consent. The Kitsune really had no idea why and what these thoughts meant. Was it him just getting closer to Izuku? Was it a warning? He had no fucking idea and to be frank, he was tired of it. How come his chest felt like lurching like shit was messed up down there whenever he sometimes looked at Izuku?! Katsuki was so confused.

He angrily shoved those thoughts away and sat with crossed legs in the middle of a stone clearing a few feet away from Izuku, it was the perfect spot to spar with one another. It was spacious, barely had any debris in their way, and had no repercussions.

“Kacchan, stop pouting! I’m here, I’m here.” Izuku suddenly said, Katsuki glanced over his shoulder to see Izuku had changed; he was sporting black basketball shorts and a plain white t-shirt that literally had the word t-shirt written on it. He scoffed at Izuku’s weird fashion sense before standing up, he then noticed something different about Izuku’s arms.

“Goddamit I’m not pouting!” Katsuki exclaimed before flicking his crimson eyes towards the other teen’s arms. The red streaks that coursed around the skin from Katsuki’s (proudly made) bite had lengthened from what he saw last time, now reaching to his wrist. “Your arms,” he acknowledged.

Izuku halted in his step before a sheepish grin overtook him, he scratched the bite on his neck. “Y-yeah… I was meaning to ask you about it, actually. Why is it growing? Is… is that bad?!” fear was evident in his eyes.

The blonde rolled his eyes at him. “Don’t worry about it, some other Kitsune once bit a human before and they were fucking peachy.”

“Kacchan, how many other humans were bitten before?”


“Kacchan! Just because one person was okay that doesn’t mean the rest will turn out fine!” Izuku stressed.

The Kitsune sighed. “Don’t worry about it, if something bad does happen you bet your ass I’ll solve it. Maybe this just means you’re getting stronger?” he suggested with a gentle tone that even surprised Katsuki.

Izuku blinked in surprise before nodding. “Okay… I trust you Kacchan.”

Katsuki smirked. “Fucking good.” he stuck his hand into a hidden pocket in his black yukata and grabbed a scroll of paper, he shoved it in front of Izuku’s face. “Since you’re a scrawny little shit, I made a regime that you should follow if you want to get stronger.”

Izuku took the scroll from his fingers and began looking over it, his expression varying from excited, unsure, dismay, relentful, and finally accepting. “This… looks really hard but I’ll do my best! Thank you, Kacchan!”

Katsuki was about to reply when a loud thunderous sound crackled in the air nearby, Izuku jumped nearly a meter high with a surprised squeak. Katsuki, unfazed, scanned the area until he spotted a plump tanuki sitting on a large rock in the corner. Its tiny paws laid on its belly, its expression gleefully mischievous.

“Wh-wh-what?!” Izuku trembled, his grip on the paper almost tight enough to tear.

Katsuki glared daggers at the raccoon-like dog. “Oi! You little fucker, get out of here!” Izuku glanced to where Katsuki’s attention was directed at with confusion, once he saw the little creature his bewildered expression faltered.

“Aw! It’s a tanuki.” he cooed, Katsuki scrunched his nose in disgust at that.

“The fuck? Didn’t you study yokai legend? This little piece of shit right here,” he pointed at the creature who stared at him with innocent eyes. “Is like a goddamn fly who pesters you for no damn reason just because they can! They are a disgrace to humanity, a fucking menace if I do say so myself.”

“Kacchan!” Izuku gasped. “Don’t be like that, and yes. I did study it, but this one right here looks like a normal tanuki.” he defended.

Katsuki looked at him in utter disbelief. “How?! He’s the only explanation for that big ass sound. You can literally see the evil in his beady little eyes!”

Izuku’s cheeks reddened a bit, he looked to the side. “W-well… It’s because from what I studied, they’re depicted tohavebigtesticals…” he mumbled the last part.

Katsuki stiffened. “Hah?”

Izuku glared at him. “Testicals. Balls. They’re supposed to have big balls! Like, huge balls!”

A sudden laughter erupted, they both whipped their heads to the source. A young man around their age sat on the rock instead of the tanuki. His hair was a shade of chestnut, tied up into a long ponytail. Round brown ears were displayed on top of his head, almond brown eyes that glinted with mischief were currently scrunched up in laughter. The boy gripped on the belly of his of maroon kimono, his large raccoon-like tail wagged around.

“Should’ve seen your face!” he laughed, pointing at Izuku who stared in awe. “You’re a jumpy one, are you? Kinda adorable too.”

Izuku spluttered, heat shaded a red hue on his face. Katsuki growled at that, rage simmering within. “Oi, Raccoon-face! Fucking beat it!”

The tanuki feinted a sigh and fluttered his eyes closed, hand clutched against his heart. “Aw, so mean Bakugou! You never change, do ya?” he peeked one eye open and looked at Izuku with a smile. “Thanks for defending me, mortal. Hope you forgive the loud sound I made, it was a very good opportunity that I simply could not miss!”

Katsuki stepped forward with a snarl. “He wasn’t fucking defending your ass! He was just too stupid to not realize you were the real deal because-- Deku, don’t you fucking look down--”

“Thank goodness he doesn’t have big balls.” Izuku sighed with relief.

“Oh my fucking God.”

The brunette snickered. “I don’t know where you got that information from, but I can assure you that I don’t have big balls. The name’s Daisuke, by the way.” he leaped off the stone and landed in front of Izuku, he patted his head with a friendly smile. “I like this human, where’d you get him, Bakugou?”

The moment Daisuke placed his hand on Izuku’s head ignited a rageful feeling inside the Kitsune. His teeth were bared, a low growl escaping from it. Amber red eyes glared like swords ready to peirce the raccon-assed fucker. Without thinking, his hands shot out and gripped Daisuke’s arm away from the greenette. His grip was harsh, eliciting a strained smile from the tanuki. “Don’t touch him, fucker.”

Daisuke cocked his head to the side, his smile never wavering. “Oh? Heh, never knew you were the possessive type.” he yanked his hand away and backed away a few steps. “Do you do that to every being that touches him?”

“Kacchan…” Izuku warned, Katsuki ignored.

“You wanna die? Is that fucking it?! ‘Cause I’ll be fucking happy to deliever!” he crouched down into position, his hands popping with explosions.

“Kacchan! Snap out of it!” Izuku exclaimed, tugging harshly at the Kitsune’s ear. Katsuki yelped at that before directing his glare to the freckled teen.

“The fuck was that for, shitty Deku?!” he spat.

“You can’t just fight over little things! He just patted me, my mom does that!”

“You fucking idiot, that’s your mom! That’s different!”

“Geez, you’re like an angry pomeranian.” Daisuke sighed, Katsuki snapped his head at that.

“What the fuck! Did you just compare me to a dog!? I fucking hate dogs!” he barked.

The tanuki raised in defense. “Alright, alright. Note taken. But before I leave, may I give a gift to you as a sign of peace?”

“Hell no! I don’t want anything to do with your disgusting ass.” he bitterly denied.

“Hm, figured you’d say that. Oh well, I’ll just give it to the very nice boy over here then.” before Katsuki could protest, the brunette threw a bag of coins towards Izuku who clumsily caught it.

“Th-Thank you.” Izuku replied, staring at the bag.

“Burn that shit, right now!” Katsuki demanded.

“I also never got your name, would you care to tell?” Daisuke asked.

“Call me Midoriya.” Izuku simply replied, looking back up to the tanuki.

Daisuke stared at him for a moment before a cheeky grin curved his lips. “Well, it was nice to meet you, Midoriya. And, eh, I guess you too.” he addressed Katsuki.


The Tanuki ignored him then turned around, his fluffy tail greeted them. “See ya!” he leaped and morphed back into his smaller form of a creature, padding away down the mountain. The two teens stared at where the odd man had left before Izuku unceremoniously tossed the bag of coins on the ground, Katsuki glared at him questionably.

“Never accept gifts from a tanuki.” Izuku replied. A soft fizzle interrupted the quiet, the two glanced back at the bag and saw its form wavering before fully turning into a pile of beetles. Izuku quickly looked at his hands with revolt before running to a small pond a few feet away from them. Katsuki let out a disgusted scoff at the bugs who were now scattering away.

“Fucking Daisuke.” he muttered. He had met the tanuki at the tender age of 164, barely considered a child for Kitsunes. He had been playing in the woods and accidentally gone farther than he should, there he met the young tanuki disguised as a dog, admitally scaring Katsuki. Since then a somewhat kind of rivalry had formed.

Katsuki fucking hated his guts.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt exhaustion flood over his entire body. His breath was ragged as he panted, his face burned and sweat trailed down his skin without a care. He eagerly collapsed down and landed on a soft patch of grass, his back faced against the sod while his eyes glazed the cloudy sky above. The teen sprawled his limbs around, hoping to ease the soreness. Katsuki then suddenly popped into his view, his crimson eyes stared down at him with a raised brow.

“Get up, we ain’t done.”

Izuku let out a whine. “Kacchan, can’t you see I’m dying?”

The Kitsune rolled his eyes. “Stop being so dramatic. How are you gonna get into U.A. like this, huh?”

“Can’t we take a little break though? We just did 12 rounds.” the freckled teen pleaded with folded hands. “Humans don’t have the same stamina as you Kitsunes do.”

“Well, you should at least have a bit more considering I practically gave your weak ass some of my power.” Katsuki muttered but regardless he placed himself beside Izuku and laid. Their eyes watched the clouds pass by in a gentle drift.

“...Maybe I do.” Izuku turned his head a bit towards his friend, the grass lightly scratched his freckled cheek. “Do you think humans can last as long as I did fighting you?”

The blonde scoffed. “Hell no.”

“Well, there you go.” he responded with a satisfied smile before turning his gaze back towards the sky, he spotted a cloud that was oddly shaped like a dog.

“Oi, Deku,” Katsuki began, Izuku hummed in response. “have you been practicing that trick with foxfire?”

Izuku blinked before his mind was suddenly reminded of it, a mixture of excitement and disappointment clustered in him. A few months ago, Izuku had the sudden idea of controlling foxfire without using his hands, inspired by his mother’s quirk.

“Wouldn’t that be cool, Kacchan?” Izuku had asked as they trudged through a forest one day.

“Yeah, if you can actually do it.” Katsuki deadpanned. “I haven’t heard of any Kitsunes using their foxfire like that, I don’t even know if it’s possible to do so.”

Izuku, the embodiment of sheer determination and stubbornness, decided to try and somehow figure it out for the next couple of months. By asking his mother for tips and with the help of articles and books on telekinesis quirks, he finally managed to lift the fire from his palm up into the air for a few seconds before it dissipated after countless weeks of practicing.

Katsuki called his attempt pathetic (though his eyes betrayed that).

Izuku chalked it up as a victory, even if it was weak it still meant that there was a possibility that his idea wasn’t as far-fetched.

“Yeah, but I’m not progressing as fast as I would like.” Izuku lifted his right hand up into the air, summoning foxfire, it ignited a small flame on his palm. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, mentally imagining the blazing heat, he grasped onto it and urged it to go up high. He bit his lip in concentration and soon felt the fire hover above and detach from his skin, his eyes flicked open and saw that it floated higher than when he first did it. Katsuki watched intently.

Izuku gently waved his hand to the left, the ball of fire followed. Cold sweat slid from his forehead.

“I can only move it around near me but it tires me out a bit. I can only do it for about 2 or 3 minutes before it’s too much.” The freckled teen huffed in dissatisfaction. “I was hoping I would be able to at least do move more than one flame by now but I can barely keep this one alive, I need to train harder.” he waved it around some more before flicking it and sending it flying to a nearby pond, its speed was fast but was quelled once it made contact with water. “At least I can throw it around.”

He glanced at Katsuki, to his surprise the blonde didn’t display his usual grumpy expression. Instead he looked pensive, his creased brow was now relaxed although he still sported a frown. “It’s better than when you first did it.” he averted his eyes. “So, good fuckin’ job I guess.”

Izuku beamed at that, his emerald eyes shined practically with stars. “Really?! Thanks, Kacchan! I’ll train harder!” Katsuki grunted in response and the two went back to staring at the sky in comfortable silence. A sudden thought occurred to Izuku. “Kacchan, why don’t you ever use your fox form?”

Katsuki made a face at that. “Cause’ why not?”

The greenette turned his head at him. “No, really. How come?”

Katsuki’s cheek tinted a slight pink, his eyes never leaving the sky. “Fucking…! Why does it matter?” he defensively asked.

“N-no! It’s just— I was just curious. Sorry.” Katsuki scoffed at that. “... can I see it though?”

The blonde let out a long sigh. Izuku waited with baited interest, but after a while he didn’t receive a reply. He shrugged it off and went back to cloud gazing, that’s when a soft puff echoed the area. Izuku whipped his head at it, a large grin stretched his face once he saw a small cream furred fox standing where Katsuki used to lay. It had tufts of white fur in his ears and on his puffed chest, scarlet veins marked its face and body in sleek patterns, amber eyes were scrunched in a glare directed at the boy. Izuku silently thought his appearance was rather cute, but mystical in a way.

The Kitsune let out a low growl with a flick of his tail, the creature padded towards Izuku and hopped onto his stomach. Katsuki scowled at him before laying down, his fluffy tail curling around his body comfortably. “Suffocate.” he deadpanned.

Izuku let out a chuckle, his chest vibrating against the Kitsune. “You look cool! What’s it like being a fox?”

“It’s like being a four-legged midget, you’re fucking huge.”



Izuku uncomfortably tugged at the collar of his kimono that Katsuki had given him, it was a soft shade of green with black patterns decorating it. The Kitsune always made him wear one whenever they went out in public, they didn’t want Izuku’s modern clothes to attract attention. Katsuki’s fox-like features were hidden away, his expression a bit strained from keeping the illusion going.

“I can only keep this up for about 1 to 2 hours, so make the most out of it.” Katsuki reminded him, the two walked side by side and from a distance Izuku could see and hear the bustling village.

“Okay, could we visit a shrine as well? Our history project wants some information on it and I’d like to get first hand experience!” the freckled teen asked, a sudden aroma of delicious food hit him like a truck. “... And maybe buy some food?”

Katsuki grunted in response and Izuku let out an elated smile, he then felt a hand grip his wrist. He questionably glanced at Katsuki, the blonde kept a stoic face that didn’t meet his eyes. “Your dumb ass might get loss, don’t think too much of it.”

Izuku rolled his eyes at that but his lips tugged slightly at the corners. The two soon arrived, commoners roamed around exuberantly as merchants called out to others to try their food or buy their products in their stands. Simple traditional buildings stood amongst others while in the distance, beautiful mountains were peppered around. Sakura trees were lively and vibrant this season, its pink petals danced around Izuku calmingly, eliciting a soft smile to curve his lips.

A sudden group of children ran past them, their tiny bodies bumping into the two teens while they laughed without a care. Katsuki let out an irritated growl, though his gentle grip never wavered. “Oi! Fucking brats.” one of the children turned back then stuck his tongue out at him before running away, the blonde bristled.

Izuku giggled. “Ignore them, they’re just kids.” he began guiding the Kitsune away to a nearby vendor, Katsuki scowl deflated a bit.

“Goddamn brats, didn’t their parents teach them manners?” he muttered. Izuku stopped in front of the stand, fried tofu was presented on the table. It’s aroma beckoning him and others all around.

“Fried tofu! Come and get a delicious fried tofu!” an old man boisterously called out. Upon seeing Izuku and Katsuki walking up, his head whipped towards them eagerly. “Hello young man! Would you care to buy my fried tofu? I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.”

“Ooh! Do you want some, Kacchan—“ Izuku turned to look at his friend but saw that his attention was directed to the venu beside them, it had a merchant selling various books. Some were fairly new while others were scarred with age. “Kacchan?”

Izuku walked closer then peeked over his shoulder to see what he was looking at with curiosity, it was a small book that had a simple painting of a purple pearl with a title that read The Wonders of the Sacred Jewel. The freckled teen cocked his head at that. “Do you want that book?”

Katsuki shrugged. “Dunno, it just caught my eye.”

Izuku eyes him, Katsuki eyes looked distant. As if he was wracking his brain for something. The blonde suddenly blinked before returning back to Izuku with his signature expression, his eyes wandered over to where fried tofu laid. “Let’s get some then head over to the shrine, I want to get this over with and take a nap.”



Katsuki mind kept wandering back to the odd book he saw in town, he wasn’t sure why the name and picture felt so familiar. He wasn’t even sure he had ever seen it before, but it felt as if it was calling out to him and that disturbed the blonde.

Passing by stalls, buildings, and street performances, the two finally found themselves walking up the stairs of a shrine perched on top of a quaint hill. Katsuki’s hand never leaving Izuku’s wrist. Bowing slightly before a large vermilion torii gate, they crossed it and stepped onto sacred ground, there were only a few mortals that wandered around. Izuku then spotted a small pavilion that had a bowl of water and began dragging Katsuki with him there, doing the (rather boring) procedure of purifying themselves -- thankfully Katsuki’s Kitsune type was classified as the Inari, so he didn’t suffer any burns -- before being dragged by Izuku again to the shrine. The greenette turned to Katsuki with an excited grin.

“Do I have to do this?” Katsuki asked with boredom.

Izuku nodded. “Make a wish with me, Kacchan!”

The blonde sighed but obliged. They bowed then tossed a coin hidden from their pockets into a small box, Katsuki silently racked his brain for something to wish for.

But what could he wish for? More powers? To get more stronger? He could do those through hard work, so should he wish for good fortune or some shit? He was currently content with his life; he had an okay family, a dumb but good friend, strong ass powers, and excelled anything that was given to him.

His amber eyes subconsciously drifted towards the other teen, his eyes were peacefully closed and his smile was warm and soft. The spring wind feathered his dark green hued hair, the sun’s rays were gently cascaded down and showered his features delicately.

I wish to stay with this idiot.

Katsuki was abruptly interrupted from his thoughts when Izuku grabbed the bell that hovered beside them and yanked it down twice, its bellow sound echoing through the area. They both deeply bowed then clapped their hands together two times, that’s when he felt a lurching feeling grasp onto his very being. He whipped his head and glanced around, absentmindedly doing the last few steps that completed their wishes. His eyes found the building that stood a few feet behind the shrine.

He sensed a powerful aura that lurked in there, it seemed through the cracks and prowled towards the Kitsune with alluring temptation. It was as if invisible tendrils wrapped itself around him and pulled him closer, clouding his mind with only one thought.

He needed it.

But what was it? Katsuki honestly didn’t know and didn’t care at the moment. The urge was insatiable, the noise all around him faded into white, the distance between the door and himself closed.

He didn’t even register that he had slid the door open despite someone’s — who he couldn’t remember — protest, and entered the building. His amber eyes immediately locked onto the source, there lay in the back of a spacious room was a table that held a necklaced lavender tinted pearl. The orb glimmered and glowed, its presence mystified the Kitsune and made him yearn for more.

Take it.

His slipper cladded feet creaked the tatami wooden floor with pressure as he slowly walked towards the jewel.

Take it…!

He heard a faint call from behind, but the whisper that wrapped around his head was louder.


He stretched his arm out, his hand greedily open and ready.

That’s when an arrow pierced through the air like a sword, a millimeter away from his fingertips.

Instincts took over, he backed away with a feral scowl and glared to where the arrow was shot. There stood a young girl with long ebony hair dressed in a scarlet miko, her arms stretched out as she held a bow and another arrow, her jet black eyes zeroed on to him with an icy glare.

Overwhelmed by the presence of the jewel and the near death experience, Katsuki’s fight or flight instincts kicked in; as per usual he chose to fight. He unsheathed his claws, an animalistic growl ripped from his throat as he lurched forward with bloodlust. A hand suddenly took hold of his wrist and yanked him back violently.


Katsuki staggered back, the haze in his mind slowly dissipating.

“Kacchan— Kacchan, stop! Why’re acting like this?!” Izuku forcefully turned the blonde by the shoulders to face the freckled teen, Izuku’s expression bewildered and concerned.

Katsuki’s heart pounded loudly in his ears, he furiously shook his head as the mist that clouded his thoughts cleared.

“The… the fuck?”

“Step away from him.” A feminim voice spoke, her tone was calm yet cold, hidden beneath it was a warning.

The two boys turned their heads in unison towards the woman, scrutinized under her stoic gaze. Her bow and arrow were propped up and ready. “He gives off a dangerous aura.”

“And that gives you the right to almost kill him? Just because you have a bad feeling about him?!” Izuku yelled with anger, his hands tightly clutched the blonde’s shoulders.

“He was about to touch the Shikon jewel.” the lady stated. “Only yokais and those who are consumed by darkness yearn for that.”

“Fuck off! I don’t even remember getting here.” Katsuki argued, he glanced at Izuku. “All I remember is almost getting killed by that bastard!”

“Leave now or die by the hands of my arrow.” the priestess threatened, ignoring the Kitsune.

Katsuki felt rage bubble up and threaten to spill, a low snarl escaped his lips. How fucking dare she try and kill his ass over a purple marble ball? He felt Izuku tug his sleeves, he turned and redirected his glare over to the other teen.

“Kacchan, let’s just go. We aren't even allowed to be here anyway.” he sighed, though his brows were scrunched with frustration.

“Hell no! This bitch can’t just go scott-free after doing shit like that to me!” he aggressively shrugged Izuku’s hands off then took a few steps closer to the woman, he cocked his head and lividly sneered. “The fuck does that ping-pong ball even do? Why are you even wasting time protecting that piece of shit, huh?”

The woman’s expression grew colder with disdain at him. “I don’t just give out information like that to random passerbyers, especially those who try to take it.”

“I don’t even fucking want it!”

Izuku muttered something under his breath as he took it upon himself and whisked Kastuki away by the hand, he dragged the blonde towards the open door as he protested and cursed. “Sorry, m’am! We won’t do it again.” the greenette fiend a smile before stepping onto the outside world and sliding the wooden door shut behind them.

“Oi dickwad! I had that under control.” Katsuki growled immediately, jerking his hand away from the other.

Izuku mentally rolled his eyes at that. “Sure you did. Just leave it, Kacchan. What even happened to you? You just left and ignored me.”

The blonde shrugged, looking away. “Fuck if I know. I told you, all I remember is almost getting killed by that bitch. I don’t even know how I got in there.”

He felt Izuku’s eyes linger on him for a while before he relented with a sigh. “Maybe it has to do with that necklace? It did look magical…” he lightly gasped. “Didn’t you see that book in the market? Something called— the sacred jewel or something?! The drawing of it looked the same too!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened a fraction, no wonder it felt familiar. Curiosity took hold of him, he wanted to know why that marble was so important that he had almost died because of it. And since that priestess wouldn’t tell him about it, why not just read about it?

He grabbed hold of Izuku’s wrist and began to saunter out of the area, a small smirk curved his lips. “Let’s get that book then.”



The two still trained rigorously everyday after that. Izuku began to gain more muscle mass and got better control of his borrowed power. Katsuki had passed his birthday, he was 300 years old now and had gained his second tail. He was stronger and more powerful than before, Izuku showered compliments and celebrated his birthday with the other Bakugous.



During their free time, the two would read the book. Feeding them more knowledge about this mysterious jewel. It was called the Shikon no Tama, or the sacred jewel if you prefer. Inside of the orb was a battle between a priestess’s soul and other yokais that raged on for thousands of years. It was believed that the jewel would grant immense power and a wish to the individual who had the jewel in their possession.


Katsuki was intrigued.



Izuku felt sweat dribble down his entire being despite the cold air, panic slowly but steadily rising as he stood and waited by the well in the forest. The sky was bathed in a dark purple, faint lights peppered around early in the morning. Today was the entrance exam. The last few months were hell itself, but he made it. They made it. Izuku was thankful for his friend’s help, to others he may seem cruel and uncaring, but to Izuku he was the greatest friend anyone could ever have.

Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts when a figure dropped down onto the ground beside him. He turned to see Katsuki unexpectedly wearing a black tracksuit that was adorned with white stripes that suspiciously looked like the one Izuku had — wait, that is Izuku’s! He noticed it was a bit tight around his body, showcasing his muscles and curves. Izuku felt his face heat up.

“Kacchan…! Isn’t that mine?!” he asked, confounded.

Katsuki shrugged nonchalantly. “Yeah. So what?”

Izuku spluttered. “You can’t just steal things from my wardrobe, we’re not even the same size!” he sighed. “No wonder I couldn’t find it earlier.”

The Kitsune smirked and leaned closer. “You’re the one who taught me that friends share. Plus, I ain’t gonna wear my kimonos and shit during the exam.” he sauntered pass the boy, adjusting his backpack that hung from one side of his shoulder. “You’re fucking tiny and I’m cold.”

Izuku quickly made his way over beside the boy and hooked off his mustard backpack. “You should’ve just worn your uniform. Here,” he took out a neatly folded coat and handed it over to the blonde before putting his backpack on. “My mom wanted me to give you this incase you didn’t have one.”

Katsuki took it with a muttered “Thanks.” and wore it. “Your mom ain’t that bad.”

Izuku beamed. “Ever since you started joining us for breakfast, she took a liking to you. She’s even getting used to your swearing.” they started walking down the path, avoiding trees and bushes. “Your mom should come and visit mine, I think they’ll be great friends.”

“I guess. The old hag did mention she wanted to anyway.”

Izuku smiled at that, he then remembered the exam that they were about to face. His nerves kicked in and made his mind dizzy with panic. A gentle calloused hand placed itself on his shoulder.

“Hey nerd, stop panicking. I trained you, didn’t I? There’s no way in hell you're gonna fail.” Katsuki’s usual irritated amber eyes were soft, it surprised Izuku. The greenette gulped but nodded determinedly.

“Thanks, Kacchan.”


The two soon arrived at the entrance gate of U.A. Highschool, Izuku couldn’t help but pause and stare awestruck while Katsuki briskly walked past him until he realized the greenette wasn’t beside him. He halted and glanced over to Izuku with a raised brow.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late.” he reminded, his words forming a cloud of cold air.

Snapped out of his trance, Izuku hastily nodded and quickly made his way beside him. The two resumed, though Izuku’s movements were rather rigid. His thoughts were like a whirlwind, various emotions and scenarios (good and bad) bounced around. He didn’t even notice that he had tripped himself and was falling face first until Katsuki vehemently rushed down to grab him and that he felt somewhat lighter than normal. He rapidly blinked and glanced around as his friend’s arms that were wrapped around him grew tighter, he spotted a girl about his age that had short chestnut hair beside them. She gave him a weary but friendly smile, both of her hands fingertips were clasped together as she muttered a small “release.”

Izuku found himself falling but was abruptly caught and placed on his feet by Katsuki. Izuku dumbly blinked.

“Heh, sorry for not asking you first but I just used my quirk on you.” she explained. “My name’s Uraraka Ochaco! What’s yours?”

“Mind your own business, chubby cheeks.” Katsuki growled, shouldering past Izuku and looming over the girl. She shrunk a bit but her eyebrows immediately furrowed.

“Kacchan! Don’t be like that!” Izuku scolded, pinching one of his fox ears. The blonde winced and whipped his head back at the greenette with a scowl, Izuku ignored and peered over his shoulder with a grateful smile directed at Uraraka. “My name is Midoriya Izuku, thank you for helping me! Don’t mind my friend, he’s usually like this to everyone.”

Uraraka let out a giggle. “Don’t worry about it. Well, goodluck on the exam!” she turned on her heel and left with a wave. Izuku waved back as Katsuki grumbled incoherent things with crossed arms. Izuku glanced back at the blonde.

“Thanks for helping me too, Kacchan.” the Kitsune just grunted. “I know it may be difficult, but please at least try to be polite to others? Please?” Izuku asked with a gentle smile.

Katsuki shrugged and began to walk, Izuku followed. “Fine, I’ll try. Keyword: try.” he let out a sinister smirk. “But it’ll be a different story on the battlefield.”

After checking in and entering the building and sitting in their designated seats beside each other, they read the small note that was placed on the table in front of them. Katsuki clicked his tongue after he took a glance at Izuku’s. “We won’t be fighting in the same area. Damn, we could’ve teamed up.”

Before the greenette could respond, a loud exuberant yell filtered the room, startling some including Izuku. All the lights dimmed down except for one. The boy looked up and to his excitement saw a hero who he regularly tuned in for his radio shows: Present Mic! He stood behind a podium at the front of the room, a spotlight shone down on him. He had a gleeful smile and sported his iconic long blonde gelled up hair, he waved his arms around before placing a hand near his ear. “CAN I HEAR YA SAY HEY—!?”

deathly silence was all he got in response, Katsuki’s scoff echoed loudly.

The voice hero dramatically sighed. “Tough crowd, huh? That’s alright, let's get back to the main show, shall we? Welcome to U.A high’s entrance exam! Will you thrive and earn a place or fail miserably?! Well, that depends on you!”

Izuku’s stomach churned at that.

Present Mic than began explaining what both written and physical exam would be like. Izuku wasn’t really that worried about the written one, he and Katsuki studied and reviewed until they could practically say it in their sleep. No, Izuku was worried about the physical. What if he failed miserably? What if he wasn’t strong enough? What if all that training was for nothing and he had just wasted Katsuki’s time? What if—

“... That is unacceptable for U.A high! And you, with the unkempt hair!” Izuku snapped back into reality when a teen with jet blue hair who wore glasses addressed him with his index finger, his expression and tone oozed with seriousness. “Stop with your muttering, you have been doing that this whole time! If you’re not going to take this seriously then leave, you’re distracting the rest of us.”

Izuku clasped his hand over his mouth with embarrassment and a muffled “Sorry.”

“Fuck off, four-eyes!” Katsuki exclaimed, that earned an offended gasp from the blue haired teen.

“Language, young man!”

“Who are you callin’ young man—“

“Ay, little listeners! Settle down, settle down!” Present Mic cut in, Katsuki huffed at that while the other teen immediately clamped his mouth shut and sat down. “Now back onto that question— that fourth robot is worth zero points! It’s just an obstacle we’re throwing in your way. Since there’s no reason to interfere with it, just avoid it!”

The blue haired teen stood up once again and deeply bowed. “Thank you and I’m sorry for the interference. Please continue.” he sat back down as he pushed his glasses back.

“Welp, that’s all I have for you guys today. As the great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said, 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' “ he raised his arms up in the air with a big grin. “With that in mind, break a leg everyone! PLUS ULTRA!”

The lights in the auditorium flickered back on as students began rising up from their seats. Izuku took one last glimpse at his paper, area B was where he was supposed to go.

“Good luck, Kacchan! I know you’ll ace it!” Izuku exclaimed, both of his hands were clenched and hovered near his chest.

Katsuki smirked and playfully ruffled Izuku’s curly hair, making it more messy. “You better fucking pass, Deku.”

Chapter Text

Izuku nervously bounced on the heels of his feet, students from various high schools were gathered all around him. They’re tall frames made it harder for the smaller teen to see. He felt panic rise within him, he desperately tried to quell it with the thoughts of Katsuki, his mother, and the Bakugou’s encouragements. It was instantly met with the thought of failing and disappointing them.

Someone bumped his shoulder and he staggered away from the impact, he then caught a glimpse of the same girl he had met today and lit up. Maybe he could go and talk with her until the exam started? She did seem like a nice person, and the thought of making a new friend made him feel bubbly on the inside. Izuku mentally nodded then made his way before a tall figure blocked his path and loomed over him. It was the blue haired boy back at the auditorium.

His glasses glinted intimidatingly as he looked down on him. “Were you about to disruptive that lady from her concentration?” he accused.

Izuku blinked. “... Huh--”

The boy silenced him with the chop of his extended arm, he kept slicing the air as he spoke. Izuku thought it looked rather amusing. “If you plan on being a student of U.A High, you should learn to respect others and leave them be. You’d only distract her.” he reprimanded.

Izuku could feel eyes on him, his slightly advanced ear caught wind of others muttering how weak he looked or that he was at a disadvantage. A spark of anger lit in him, but was subsidized by the rational part of his brain. Did they assume he was weak just because he was... albeit, smaller and had a meek structure? He furrowed his brows and tuned out the blue haired boy, thinking back to his training and all the tactics he learned.

Izuku felt determination stir. He didn’t want to disappoint Katsuki and the others. He wanted to pass and become a hero to save those in need. He wasn’t useless, quirkless Izuku anymore.

He wasn’t.

A loud horn blared through the speakers and the gate that sealed off the battle centre had opened, a cheering Present Mic stood at the top of the wall and flailed his arms around. “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO, GO, GO!”

The large body of students quickly began running into the fake city, Izuku gritted his teeth and followed. The panic he had felt earlier was still present, but the feeling of resolve drowned it, fiery resolve.

What would Kacchan do? The question suddenly popped into his mind, it was instantly met with a barrage of swearing and the image of Kastuki barreling through the arena and exploding everything that came into his way.

It was reckless, but perhaps doing something similar would work.

He began sprinting, letting his quirk course through his body. Running faster than the average human, he sped through as foxfire cackled at his palm, he spotted a nearby two pointer and hurled a flame of ball at it and watched as it exploded into satisfying pieces. His ears picked up movement at his side and quickly whipped his head towards it, instincts kicked in and he leaped up into the air as a beam of laser shot at him. He quickly shot at the robot whilst still in the air and rolled into a landing as it suffered the same fate as the other.

Huffing, he stood back up and summoned a ball of flame in his palms. He disconnected it and let it drift beside him with ease, over the past few months he had gained better control of his power, the thought made him feel proud. His virident eyes began to scan the area and beyond an alleyway was a three pointer that wandered aimlessly around a few feet away from him, he zeroed on it and swiftly leapt onto the nearby walls. Using the momentum, he bounced and meandered on the two walls before launching himself in front of the machine. He maneuvered his hands, his fiery ball split into two, and aimed. Foxfire crashed into the metallic skin of the robot and detonated inside. He skidded a landing and lured the ball of fire back towards him, it merged into one being again and took its place beside him. A sudden beam of blinding light zipped past him, he glanced and saw another teen who had a frustrated expression. His hands cradled a large intricate belt.

“Sacré bleu, you’re fast! That was my kill you took!” he cried. Izuku gave him an apologetic smile.

“S-sorry…” he shrugged before glancing around. “There’s one over there, if you want it.” he pointed and the other teen took off with a quick “Merci!”.

Izuku nodded and ran the other way, excitement lit his body ablaze. Using his power and destroying those robots were… exhilarating. And it showed how much Izuku had progressed, a wide grin etched itself onto his face. The panic he had felt had dissipated completely, leaving determination in its wake.

Izuku continued on fighting, his grin never wavering.



Katsuki let out a cackle as he jumped from one robot to another, leaving explosions in his wake. Adrenaline pumped his body, causing his control over his powers to slightly waver. He rolled into a landing and let out a blast to a robot near him that was stronger than what he had intended, his palm faintly throbbed but he shook it off and continued. He just couldn’t help himself, the yokais he faced were rather weak and back then his powers weren’t as powerful. But now? Oh, it was sweet relief. These robots were stronger (but not as strong as Katsuki) and his attacks were more impactful. And he saw how the other students in his group were having trouble while Katsuki was breezing through this, this made him feel more superior. More powerful.

He fucking liked it.

He eagerly glanced around for more robots, his eyes met with a pink skinned girl whose pitch dark eyes widened at him. “Jesus, you’re lookin’ scary.” she muttered.

“Oi! How fucking dare you say that, alien-assed bitch!” he spat.

The girl blinked in surprise at him hearing her before giving him a cheeky grin and leaving, Katsuki grumbled a curse under his breath and continued his streak of destruction. U.A. High’s entrance exam was so fucking easy, what was he even worrying about? If Katsuki could do this then Izuku could too.



Izuku wiped sweat away from his forehead as he stood in front of a three pointer he had just exploded, mentally counting up his points.

43… 46… 48… 51! Izuku grinned at that. With only a few minutes left, he had already accumulated so many points! He was doing better than what he had expected, honestly this entrance exam was a bit fun to the greenette, but it was tense too. But that was okay, Izuku found that he worked better under stress anyway.

A low moan echoed in the air, Izuku snapped his head towards it and his eyes widened. In the distance, he saw a gigantic robot that’s height dominated all the towers combined in the city. Its steps shook and rattled the earth, he heard others screaming as it loomed closer. Students began running past him and he decided to follow, remembering Present’s Mic’s words. He glanced back at it with the intent of seeing its proximity and did a double take. The girl he had met earlier, the sweet and kind girl was trapped under large rubble that lay in front of the robot a few feet away.

… Uraraka?!

Her hands were weakly grasping onto anything for escape, her face scrunched in pain.


Izuku was moving before he even realized.


His mind went into overdrive, he scrambled for ideas as he ran.


Mentally kicking himself for not thinking before acting, he swiftly jumped onto a nearby building whilst foxfire sparked into life in his palms. Izuku kicked off the building and lunged forward as he gathered a large ball of flame and split it into four, his veins protested in pain but he ignored it. With a cry he shot the flames at the robot, one after another repeatedly its force dented the metal heavily. The robot staggered back further but still kept its composure, much to Izuku’s dismay. His teeth gritted with irritation as the momentum from his jump deflated, he quickly shot out his right arm behind him and blasted an explosion before he could fall, propelling him up and forward.

Visualizing the fire that flickered inside him, he grasped onto the feeling and redirected it into his leg. It lit ablaze, bits of ember drifted away. With vigour, he used the momentum from his explosion and kicked the zero pointer with all his might. In that exact moment he let go of the fire, allowing it to spread and seep into the cracks of the machinery.

His arms ached, his vision blurred and blood roared in his ears, he shoved that all away despite the pain and grasped onto the feeling of the flames that were hidden within the robot. With a flick of his hand, the robot exploded. It’s sound bellowed loudly, scraps of metal flew all around and grazed his body. But Izuku barely registered that, all his senses were focused on the searing pain that had abruptly jolted from his fingertips and convulsed his every limb.

A strangled cry ripped from his throat. He was falling, and he couldn’t do anything about it through all this pain! His vision began flickering, he couldn’t think straight.

He welcomed sleep without a second thought.



Katsuki barreled through the infirmary door with little to no care, shoving innocent bystanders with no mercy. He frantically flicked his eyes around before spotting a mop of green hair hidden behind a curtain, he yanked it away and was met by a startled Izuku who laid on a hospital bed with bandages covered all around. He let out a sheepish grin while Katsuki was suddenly overcome with the urge to whack the idiot’s head, he refrained in fear of causing more harm.

“Deku… what the fuck?!” he incredulously exclaimed.

Izuku nervously giggled. “W-well you see, when the zero pointer came, this girl — the one we met earlier — she got stuck under some rubble and I couldn’t just let her get squished! S-so then I overexerted my quirk trying to help her…”

“Dumbass, U.A. wouldn’t let some kid get killed in their entrance exam! They’re heroes!” Katsuki interjected.

Izuku meekly shrugged. “Heh, you’re right. I guess I panicked?”

Katsuki’s pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to quell his frustration. Did this idiot think he could become a hero by hurting himself and being careless? Fuck, Katsuki didn’t like that. He was supposed to protect this dunce!

His amber eyes glazed over his body, it lingered on his arms. They were tightly wrapped with bandages that were tinted with faint copper. He sighed and grabbed a nearby chair, he pulled it closer to the bed and sat on it. He gingerly placed his hand on his forehead before running his hand through his green curls. Izuku curiously glanced over at the blonde before his eyes fluttered closed at the sensation.

“You’re so fucking stupid.” Katsuki said, but it had no bite.


“Your veins could’ve popped or some shit.”

“Sorry, Kacchan.” Izuku opened then casted his virident eyes towards him, a pout on his lips. “I’ll try to be more careful next time, promise!”

“Fucking better.”

His ears picked up footsteps heading towards them and he hastily took his hand away from Izuku’s hair as if it burned, he glanced behind him and saw a rather small old woman dressed as a mock doctor. She held a clipboard in her frail hands and gave a kind smile once she caught sight of the Kitsune. “Well hello there, young man. Is Midoriya a friend of yours?” she greeted.

“Unfortunately.” he replied and bit back a snigger when Izuku whined.

“My name is Recovery Girl, I work at U.A.’s infirmary. Did you participate in the entrance exam?” she asked, standing beside Katsuki.

The blonde nodded. “It was a breeze.” he bragged nonchalantly.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Recovery girl praised before turning her attention towards the bed ridden teen. “Are you feeling less tired now, dear?”

Izuku nodded and Recovery Girl hummed in response before her lips sprouted out almost cartoonishly and kissed his freckled cheek. Izuku blanched, Katsuki’s eye twitched.


“Mwah! There, that should do it.” she said in approval, Izuku gagged. Recovery Girl then took out two pieces of gummies from her pocket and handed it over to Izuku to which he accepted. “Eat these, it will bring back your energy since my quirk drains it.”

Izuku weakly nodded and began lifting himself off the bed, Katsuki rushed over to help, a scowl prominent on his lips. “Nasty ass mortals…” he grumbled under his breath.

“Kacchan, be nice.” Izuku scolded as he stood up, he then turned and bowed at the elder. “Thank you so much for the help.”

“You’re welcome dear, you better not cause any more harm.” she chided. Izuku nodded and bid her farewell while Katsuki followed him, not bothering to even look at the woman. The two began walking towards the nearest station to get back home, Izuku quickly texted who Katsuki assumed was his mother before pocketing it back. Katsuki gently whacked the other teen’s head.

“You gonna keep hurting yourself like that when we’re in U.A.?”

“I’ll try not to!” he cheekly grinned and popped the two gummies in his mouth.

Katsuki scoffed and rolled his eyes. He couldn’t find it in himself to believe him, he mentally vowed to watch over his ass even when he became a Pro Hero. “How was the exam?”

“It… went better than what I expected! Except for the last part, but it was great! I applied everything you taught me and it really improved my fighting, I think I got around 50 points?” Izuku excitedly responded, his hands gestured around and his eyes shone like stars.

Katsuki smirked, pride swelled in him. “See? Told you that you didn’t need to worry.”

Izuku beamed. “How about you? I bet you did amazing as always.”

Katsuki subtly puffed his chest out at that. “Of fucking course, it was too easy. I kept stealing people’s kills, I kept killing those robots, and I didn’t even get a single scratch on me, unlike you.”

“Kacchan…!” Izuku whined and Katsuki chuckled. “Well, I’m glad you did great! You’ll definitely pass. I’m not so sure about myself though…”

Katsuki whacked him on the head with more pressure. “Stop your worrying, you fucking passed!”

Izuku rubbed his head, doubt still clouded his mind. “What if I did something wrong by attacking that zero pointer? What if I didn’t get enough points!?”

“Holy shit, shut up! You passed, the end!”



Izuku spent the next week mulling about the exam. It replayed in his mind, nitpicking every single mistake he had made. He really wanted to study at U.A. and become a hero who helped those in need with a smile, and the thought of it not happening tugged his heart painfully.

Then the day came when U.A. sent out letters to inform whether they accept applicants or not. Izuku’s mom had frantically flailed on the floor with the letter in hand as Izuku lifted weights, sudden dread was all he felt.

“Izuku, whatever happens, know that I’ll always be proud of you.” his mother said with a heart warming smile, Izuku returned it weakly. He took the letter and shut himself in his dark bedroom, he placed it on his desk and slumped in his chair, staring at the piece of paper as if it was about to do something.

With a defeated sigh, he grabbed the paper and gently opened it, a metal disk fell onto the desk. Izuku leaned in to inspect it before a bright beam of light flashed upwards to reveal a hologram of All Might. Izuku’s jaw dropped.

“A-All Might…!?”

The number one hero’s laugh filled the room, goosebumps pricked Izuku’s skin. “I am here, as a projection! Now, you may be wondering why I’m here. Well, that’s because I will be working as a teacher this year!”

“All Might? At U.A.?! No way!” Izuku gasped, the thought of being All Might’s student was a dream come true.

“Young Midoriya, I am pleased to tell you that you passed the written exam with flying colours! As for the physical exam,” trepidation settled in the depths of his stomach, his hands gripped the hem of his shirt anxiously. “You scored 51 villain points! But that exam doesn’t just count that, it also does rescue points. Because of your heroic deed you have accumulated,”

The screen abruptly showed a scoreboard, Izuku was placed in fourth much to his disbelief. “--60 rescue points! “ the screen cut back to All Might who was now standing in front of the screen with extended arms that welcomed him, his iconic grin stretched his face. “Welcome to your hero academia.”

A sharp inhale drew from him, his mouth agape. He couldn’t believe it. He just couldn’t. After years of denial, he was accepted into the hero course…! He was going to study at U.A., he was going to become a hero. He was going to be a hero along side Katsuki.

Izuku felt tears run down his cheeks.



Katsuki and Izuku were both accepted with flying colours. The Kitsune’s parents were very delighted and fed his ego, and from what he heard from Izuku, he and his mother both cried for hours once they found out. Mitsuki then excitedly nagged Katsuki to invite Izuku and his mother over to their home to celebrate, Mitsuki claimed she had always wanted to meet her and what better time than now?

The cicadas chirped quietly in the distance, both Katsuki and Izuku sat on the swings that were located in a park that was near Izuku’s apartment. The wind cooly grazed their skin, letting them inhale the pure night air that brought a sense of calm to them. Their only source of light was a nearby lamp post and the stars that glittered across the night sky. It was a few hours after Katsuki had found out he had been accepted, Izuku had jumped into his world after his cry-fest and dragged Katsuki to his neighbourhood park.

Izuku gently swung himself while Katsuki gazed at the stars. There weren’t as many stars in Izuku’s world than Katsuki’s because of pollution, Katsuki noted with distaste.

“I can’t believe it.” Izuku whispered, but it was loud enough to catch the blonde’s attention. His amber eyes flicked down at Izuku, he expression was thoughtful but content.

Katsuki huffed. “Believe it. You worked your ass for this, you deserve it.”

Izuku turned his head at Katsuki, he could see tears practically forming. “Kacchan, thank you…!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

The greenette feverishly shook his head. “No! Actually! You… you helped me in more ways than you know.” his emerald eyes drifted down to the sand filled ground, a soft smile on his lips.

Katsuki tilted his head. “All I did was train you, no need to get all dramatic.”

“Kacchan, you did more than just train me.” the blonde noticed that the other teen’s grip on the chains grew tighter. “You were my first friend. The only one other than my mom to accept a quirkless loser like me.” gratitude was evident in his tone, but sadness laced it.

Those words tugged Katsuki’s heart, the urge to pull the other boy in a hug unfurled and grew but anger ignited and outweighed it. What the fuck? Did this idiot still think of himself like that? “Deku, don’t fucking call yourself that!”

Izuku blinked and glanced back up, his eyes shined and refracted the moon’s light. “B-but—“

“You’re such a dumbass, honestly.” the blonde sighed. “Do you really still believe those bastards? All they care about is some dumb powers! That’s fucking stupid. You were never a quirkless loser, Deku.”

Izuku’s stared at him with surprise before looking back at the ground. He didn’t respond for a while, and it ticked Katsuki.

“... Thank you, Kacchan.” he finally responded. “I’ll prove my worth, I promise.” fiery determination blazed his tone, threatening to spill and light up everything else in his path. Katsuki turned his gaze towards the boy, he liked the tone and expression he showed. It sparked a feeling of pride, he wanted Izuku to stomp on all those who detested him and show their pitiful asses who they were dealing with.

“I know you will.”

Chapter Text

Mitsuki swiftly went from room to room, cleaning her house as Masaru’s delicious cooking filtered the air around them. Katsuki sat near the living room windows, idly watching the scenery in front of him before Mitsuki dragged him into his bedroom and told him to clean up. Katsuki’s room had changed over the years, ever since being exposed to Izuku and his modern world the freckled teen had given him gifts that ranged from All Might merchandise to blankets and hats that Inko had sewn for him. The memory of Izuku’s mother gifting him a soft burgundy blanket (that was admitally his favourite thing to sleep with) when he ate breakfast with the Midoriya’s unfurled a warm fluffy feeling that he immediately stomped down on. He didn’t want to get giddy over a shitty blanket.

He began picking up books from his and Izuku’s world and placed it in a neat stack on his small wooden desk, folded his futan and placed it in the corner of his room, and arranged his clothes in his closet. He prided himself in being a generally clean person, he liked being tidy and having everything in place. Because of that, he was done cleaning in no time and began making his way back into the living room. It seemed like he got the trait from his mother because the house looked spotless and presentable. Katsuki sat back down at his spot at the window and took a glance at his phone, the Midoriya’s would be arriving in a few minutes.

“Oh, I just can’t wait to meet Mrs. Midoriya!” Mitsuki sang as she set the dining table. “After what? 8 years of hearing about her from Izuku? It’s about damn time!”

“Try to refrain from using any foul language, dear.” Masaru reminded from the kitchen.

Katsuki scoffed. “I’ve been having breakfast with her for months now, she’s used to it.”

His mother sighed. “Goddamit Katsuki, you’re lucky she’s such a nice person like Izuku. That poor woman had to deal with your ass…”

The blonde teenager glared daggers at her. “Shut the fuck up, old hag!” his mother cheekly stuck her tongue at him and padded into the kitchen, disappearing from his sight. His mother and him always had a strange relationship, she was a dick to him and he reciprocated gladly. But he knew her words didn’t mean any harm, she just had a shitty filter, but Katsuki had an even shitteir filter so who’s he to judge?

An invisible tug jolted him from his thoughts, it was a familiar feeling he had always felt whenever Izuku entered his world because of the enchanted leaf he had given to him as a child. Katsuki left his home without a word and began flying over to the well above the forest, his eyes scanned the area before spotting Izuku helping his frazzled mother out of the well. Ever since Izuku got the hang of his power, he didn’t really need Katsuki’s help getting out of the well. But regardless, he still kept bringing the leaf. Perhaps he forgot it was stashed in his pocket or was it out of habit? Katsuki didn’t know and he never bothered asking.

The Kitsune gently landed on a patch of grass in front of the two mortals, Izuku greeted him with a wide grin while Inko settled for a nervous yet kind smile.

“Good afternoon, Katsuki.” Inko greeted, some of her hair was unkempt from falling in the well and he noticed that her hands slightly trembled. The blonde softened his features in an attempt to calm her. Would flying her to his home frighten her even more? Perhaps they should just walk, it wasn’t that far anyway.

Katsuki grunted in response and turned to walk back into the forest, Izuku and Inko followed from behind. Izuku began telling his mother stories of when they were kids, playing in the forest and the adventures they had (minus all the dangerous things like random yokais popping up and attacking them). Katsuki would sometimes add onto the conversation and Inko would listen, amused. This continued on until they reached the Bakugou residence, Katsuki glanced back and saw Inko stare in awe. He smirked at that and slid the door open. “Old hag! They’re here.” he unceremoniously yelled.

Mitsuki’s head popped up from the kitchen with a scowl before spotting the two and instantly lit up. She walked over, her ruby eyes taking in Inko’s appearance with a friendly smile. “Goodness — hello there! My name is Bakugou Mitsuki, Katsuki’s mother. You can call me Mitsuki if you want.” her eyes flickered over to Izuku. “Hello there, Izuku!”

Inko and Izuku politely bowed. “Thank you for having us over. I’m Midoriya Inko, I’ve heard lots from my little Izuku.” she greeted warmly. Mitsuki gestured them in and slid the door closed.

“I’ve heard stuff from Katsuki too, sorry you had to deal with my brat.” she playfully ruffled Katsuki’s hair causing him to snarl and yank away.

Inko laughed as the two took off their shoes. “Oh it’s fine! Katsuki is a very nice boy once you get to know him.”

The younger Kitsune scoffed and grabbed Izuku’s wrist before dragging him away from their two mothers. Mitsuki paused and turned her head towards them. “Oi! Where are you taking him? Dinner’s almost ready.”

“To my room. You two go ahead and chit chat.” he gruffly responded and went back to his task before Mitsuki grabbed the hem of his black haori with a surprising amount of strength and plopped the two boys by the dining table. Izuku blinked dumbly while Kastuki grinded his teeth in annoyance and defeat. The blonde let go of Izuku’s wrist and instead propped his elbows on the table and placed his face in his palm, quietly listening to their mothers chatting. It seemed that Inko had gotten more comfortable the more she talked with his rather boisterous mother, the green haired woman was timid like her son so it was amusing for Katsuki to see how their personalities clashed.

A loud clunk diverted all their attention, Masaru had placed large bowls containing dishes of all sorts, it’s aroma was alluring. “Dinner’s ready!”

“Thank you for the meal!” they all said in unison before digging in.

“Wow, this is really good, Mr. Bakugou.” Inko praised, her eyes shined and awfully reminded Katsuki of Izuku’s.

“Oh, thank you very much.” his father replied, a bit bashful. “Please, call me Masaru.”

“Man, I’m so proud of our boys for getting into… U.A. High, right?” his mother began after swallowing a big bite of chicken. “Especially Izuku, I remember him always talking about becoming a hero when he first came here.” she said with a fond smile.

Katsuki took a glance at Izuku, his cheeks were tinted with red and he had a bashful smile. “Th-thank you!”

Inko enthusiastically nodded. “Ever since he saw All Might that’s all he’s been dreaming of, but then we found out he was quirkless and it broke my heart.” her emerald eyes briefly flickered over to Izuku before returning back to his parents. “But from what I heard, Katsuki gave him his quirk. Oh, he was so happy and I cried and then he cried…!” to Katsuki’s alarm, her eyes started to shine with tears.

“Oh, Inko.” Mitsuki gently comforted her by placing her hand on her shoulder.

“I just wanted to say thank you. Especially to you, Katsuki.” a grateful smile made its way onto her lips as she turned to look at him. From the corner of his eye, he saw Mitsuki’s smile strain slightly.

“Sorry to interrupt, but did Izuku ever say how he got the quirk and what would happen after…?” Mitsuki asked, Katsuki’s frown deepened.

“Uh, w-well…” Izuku stuttered, his eyes averted the two adults.

“He said Katsuki, being a powerful creature and all, let him borrow some of his power. It also made him live a few more hundred years too, but I have already come to terms with that. Was there more?” Inko’s eyes widened, Katsuki pursed his lips in contemplation. If Inko found out that he basically made Izuku a walking yokai target, would she get angry? From what he’d seen, she was pretty protective over her son. He didn’t like it when Izuku got mad at him, the teen was a fucking dwarf in comparison to Katsuki but surprisingly was scary as shit when he got mad. Truthfully, he didn’t want to wait and see if Inko was similar.

“Katsuki,” he could feel his mother’s glare pierce his skin and he stiffened. Should he run for it? But that’s a cowardly move and he was no coward. “Would you please tell Inko dear the rest of it? She deserves to know.”

His amber eyes darted over to Izuku’s, the other teen had agitation paint his features but nonetheless nodded hesitantly.

Katsuki sighed, casting his eyes down at his plate. “Fuckin’... I actually bit him cause that’s the only way to transfer my power and cause of that, his mortal scent mingled with my scent or some shit causing yokais to want to…” he mulled over a way to sugarcoat his sentence for a bit before giving up. “... Eat him. But I’ve been guarding his ass since then and taught him how to fight. Didn’t get a single scratch.”

“I-it’s true!” Izuku piped in. “I’ve never gotten hurt, not that many yokais even try to eat me because of Kacchan! Please don’t get mad at him, please—“

“Katsuki,” Inko’s stern, yet composed voice silenced Izuku. Katsuki abruptly lifted his eyes to meet hers, his hands wrung the hem of his kimono underneath the table. “Is that right?”

Her virident eyes pierced through the air and struck him, leaving him planted on the spot. Did she really doubt him? Did she really doubt the Katsuki fucking Bakugou? He prided himself as the type to keep promises and he promised to protect Izuku, especially after that sludge incident. Undeterred, he replied. “Yes.”

She studied him for a while before returning back into her happy self, losing all the seriousness she displayed on her features in an instant. She gently clapped her hands and a kind smile broke out from her face. “Thank you, Katsuki! You’ll be there to protect my Izuku, right?”

“Mom…!” the teen in question cried.

Katsuki nodded determinedly, Mitsuki raised an amused eyebrow at that. “Of fucking course.”



Izuku woke up 20 minutes earlier than his alarm. He laid on his rather comfortable bed, limbs sprawled and a dazed look on his face. He couldn’t believe it, today he would start high school as a student at U.A. to become a hero. A friggin hero.

This is real, right? His All Might themed alarm soon blared but didn’t break his thoughts, instead he turned it off and walked into the bathroom on auto pilot.

This really is real… warm droplets of water sprayed heavenly against his bare skin, steam clouding the shower he stood in. He mindlessly squeezed and washed his green curls with lavender scented shampoo before scrubbing himself clean.

He padded into the kitchen after getting dressed in his uniform, there he spotted Katsuki eating a stack of waffles that had an ungodly amount of syrup drenching it. Instead of his usual kimono, he wore U.A.’s iconic uniform. Izuku thought it looked good on him. Inko was at the counter looking over some mail while humming a gentle tune, her eyes lit up as soon as she noticed her son walking in. “Good morning, Izuku dear!”

She walked over with a trembling smile and glossy eyes, Katsuki abruptly looked up from the food he was scarfing and greeted him with a grunt. His gaze lingered for a bit before going back to his waffles. His mother engulfed him in a hug which he returned, surprised. “Mom?”

She sniffed, her eyes shined with pride. “Oh, I’m sorry I just— I’m so proud of you! This has always been your dream and seeing you take your first steps toward it is just…!” Izuku felt warmth flood into his heart and overflow, letting tears leak and slowly trail his freckled cheeks.


“Fucking hell…” Katsuki muttered with an eye roll before biting off a particularly big chunk of his breakfast.

Inko, upon seeing her son cry, let her tears flow as well. She fumbled with her words. “A-an-and I- ah- I-”

“M-mom y-you d-did- didn’t h-ave to-”

This went on for a few minutes, the two trying to communicate through their tears like a badminton game before Katsuki had enough and separated them. “You both are happy for each other. Got it? Can we fucking go now? We’ll be late.”

Inko nodded, wiping away the tears with her sweater sleeves. “Okay, okay. But first, I need to take pictures!”

Katsuki let out a long sigh.




The two stood in the moving bullet train, holding onto the straps while others crowded the rest of the space, squishing them together.

“Ow! What the hell-- get away from my tail!” Katsuki exclaimed, whirling his head to look behind him and to find the perpetrator who stepped onto one of his tails.

“Are you okay, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, pocketing his phone.

The blonde clicked his tongue. “I will be once we get out of this damn train. Why didn't we just fly over there?”

“Remember quirk laws?”

Katsuki huffed. One of the things he didn’t like about the modern world was the trains and the bustling people that came with it, he still wasn’t used to being in contact with that many mortals before but he could deal with it like he had been doing since joining Izuku’s middle school.

A low growl snapped him from his thoughts, the sound made his hair stand on end and a chill ran up his spine. He slowly drifted his eyes over and saw the thing he hated the fucking most. A small Pomeranian, barley 2 feet tall, stared at him as if he was a fucking squirrle. Then the disgusting creature had the audacity to try and leap forwards to him but its owner thankfully grabbed onto it with both arms. Katsuki had abruptly jerked back and bumped into Izuku.

“Wha--! Kacchan?”

Just looking at the ball of fur made him want to jump off the train, he hastily looked back at Izuku and gruffly manhandled him to switch places. Izuku gave him a perplexed expression before his eyes fell onto the mutt, realization dawned on him. “Oh, don’t worry Kacchan. I’ll protect you!” Izuku playfully said.

Katsuki lightly whacked the other teen’s head. “Shut up, you’re just the dog’s new target. That’s it.” Izuku laughed at that and Katsuki silently thanked his friend.

As soon as the train stopped to their destination, Katsuki bolted out without any hesitation. He waited for Izuku a few feet away before continuing on. Upon seeing the U.A. building, Izuku paused and let out a shaky breath. Various students walked by and into the building, some of their quirks looked obvious while some looked quite normal.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late.” Katsuki reminded him, the greenette glanced back at him and visibly gulped. His hands gripped the straps of his backpack tightly like a lifeline.

“Kacchan, what if they don’t…” he trailed off, he bashfully averted his eyes and anxiously chewed his lip before continuing. “What if they don’t like me, like back then in middle school and before that? I- I know I’m here to become a hero, but it would be nice if I could make some friends…”

Katsuki’s amber eyes softened at that, he let out a sigh before flicking his finger at Izuku’s forehead. The other teen stared at him with confusion. “Those retards back then could rot for all I care. All they cared about was quirks, and if these people here only cared about that as well and not the person itself, they’re not fucking worth it.” Katsuki began striding past him, the memories of Izuku’s bullies souring his mood. “They’re all fucking extras, I’ll beat their asses if I have to.”

After a few moments of walking alone, Katsuki was about to turn his head back to see where Izuku went before the boy in question ran up beside him. He beamed a grateful smile at the Kitsune, something warm filled his heart. “Thanks, Kacchan. You’re amazing as always!”

A smirk curled his lips. “Of course. Now come on, if we’re late you’re taking the blame.”

After entering the building and helping each other figure out where to go, they finally made it to the large door that led into their classroom, class 1-A. Izuku fidgeted and Katsuki rolled his eyes and opened the door first, the freckled teen followed from behind. He felt all eyes turn towards them the second they stepped in, eliciting a reaction for the Kitsune to stay alert. His vermillion eyes scanned the room and it’s inhibitors, students his age milled around. A familiar pink skinned girl caught his eyes and she brightened.

“Hey! It’s explodey!” she waved enthusiastically.

“Oi! Don’t call me that!”

“Oh, did you make a new friend already?” Izuku curiously asked.

“I don’t even know her.” Katsuki grumbled before sitting at his assigned seat and propping his legs up on the desk, not a care in the world.

“Excuse me!” another familiar voice boomed, Katsuki ignored it and watched as Izuku paused by the doorway and look behind him.

“Excuse me!” it said again, louder. Katsuki drew out a long sigh and glanced over to the person beside him. It was four eyes, he didn’t look too pleased at the moment.


“Would you please remove your legs off the desk? You’re contaminating and disrespecting U.A. property! As students of U.A. we must do our best to...” Katsuki tuned him out and diverted his attention back at Izuku, to his dismay he saw him talking to the same girl they met before the entrance exam. The blonde skeptically narrowed his eyes at them, why were the two so chummy all of a sudden?

“... Excuse me! Are you even listening?” four eye’s voice cut through his ears, irritation prickled his expression.

“Can you just shut the fuck up and leave me alone?” Katsuki asked, his tone cheerfully fake.

The blue haired man gasped too dramatically for Katsuki’s taste.

“Fuckin square…” the Kitsune muttered.

Suddenly, two pair of pink tinted hands slammed on Katsuki’s desk. Surprising the two of them. Katsuki whipped his head up towards the pink girl, a scowl etched his face.

“Hi! I’m Ashido Mina, by the way!” she greeted with a bright smile, two other males accompanied her on each side. On her right had red hair that was ridiculously spiked with rather sharp teeth and the one on her left had blonde hair with a black bolt streak, his face just screamed dunce to Katsuki’s eyes. No, scratch that. All of them looked stupid to Katsuki.

Four eyes sighed in defeat and walked away, Katsuki contemplated on leaving as well.

“Hi, I don’t care.” Katsuki deadpanned. His eyes flicked back to Izuku, four eyes was now chatting with him and round cheeks. His ears twitched in annoyance, why was Izuku taking so long? Why couldn’t he just say hi and leave to save Katsuki from this social interaction?

“Aw, you meanie~!” Ashido playfully whined.

“Hey, my name is Kirishima Eijirou! You’re the one who got first place on the exam right? I think that’s super manly!” the red head greeted with a big grin.

“And I’m Kaminari Denki! You good, man? You look grumpy.” the blonde teased.

Hasn’t even been ten fucking minutes and I already want to go home. Katsuki bitterly thought. This is like middle school but worse, at least the kids back then left me alone. Are these three stupid?

“Gee, I wonder why.” Katsuki glared, the three stooges didn’t falter.

“Lighten up, we’re in U.A. now! Aw man, I can’t believe I made it.” Kirishima began. “That test was kinda hard.”

“Yeah, especially since explodey here kept stealing everyone’s kills. Including mine!” Ashido exclaimed, pointing at Katsuki.

The blonde‘s eyes lit up with challenge. “Damn right, you’re all just extras who can’t keep up.” he silently hoped that saying that would offend them and leave him be, but no. They all started to protest, leaning closer into his space.

“Aw come on, don’t be like that!”

“Let’s have a match! Let’s see if you’re as manly as I think you are!”

“Boo! You big bully~!”

“If you’re going to just stand there and chit-chat, then I suggest that you leave.” A cynical yet monotonous voice cut through the cheerful atmosphere like a knife, silencing everyone all at once. Katsuki glanced at the source, an older man that looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep in his life was oddly situated in a bright yellow sleeping bag. Despite his serious demeanour, he looked ridiculous.

Katsuki noticed that he was talking to Izuku and the other two who were still at the doorway, they quickly parted and went to their assigned seats without a word. To his delight, the three dunces that were pestering him did the same.

The older man then somehow stood up, even with his arms both basically incapacitated because of the sleeping bag, and promptly took a sip of his juice box that was hidden underneath it. “My name is Aizawa Sensei, you might know me as EraserHead.” he could practically feel Izuku vibrating with excitement from behind him. “Go change into your gym clothes, we’re going to do a quirk assessment test.”

“Huh? But what about orientation?” he heard Uraraka murmur as they all stood up.

Apparently, Aizawa Sensei heard her as well. “U.A. welcomes any form of teaching as long as it is efficient. In my class, we do it my way. Orientation is just a waste of time.” he unzipped his sleeping bag and stepped out to reveal his black suit that was adorned with a lengthy white scarf. He walked out of the room and the rest followed, Katsuki waited until Izuku was beside him before following their teacher.

“I can’t believe EraserHead is teaching us, so cool…!” Izuku gushed.

Katsuki shouldered him. “Nerd.”

Izuku pouted. “You never cared for heroes, don't you?”

“The only hero I’ll care about is you. Your dumbass might be the death of you.” Katsuki snorted.

“Not what I meant.”

Ever since Izuku introduced him to the concept of heroes, he found it amusing but not something worth worshiping over. The only hero he liked though, was All Might. But not to the degree of Izuku, that shit was creepy.



Izuku felt light with glee. He got to talk with Uraraka again! She seemed so friendly with him, and the guy who had reprimanded him in the exam had apologized to him stating, “I misjudged your character and the entrance exam.” After that, he treated him with kindness... in an odd way but nonetheless he seemed friendly as well.

Maybe they could all be friends…? The thought sent a blissful feeling to Izuku, he couldn’t help but let his lips curl into a smile. The group had just finished changing and now we’re standing in the middle of a field filled with gym equipment, Aizawa walked up in front of them with a bored yet stern look. His eyes gazed everyone slowly, as if he were studying each individual, Izuku’s earlier mood quickly dissolved into nervousness.

“You all did physical assessments in middle school, correct?” their teacher turned his gaze towards Katsuki, who’s expression mirrored Aizawa’s. “Bakugou, what was your best result for soft ball throw?”

Katsuki thought for a moment. “72 meters.”

“Now do that with your quirk,” Aizawa stepped aside and watched along with the whole class as the Kitsune walked up and took the ball from their teacher’s hand. He took position behind the line that was painted on the ground and reeled his arms before catapulting it with a fiery explosion, the force causing enough wind to blast the crowd.

“Die!” Katsuki exclaimed with a feral grin. Izuku heard others bemusedly murmur with one another, the greenette just grinned in awe.

Aizawa turned back to the class and held up a device that read 715.2 meters. “By doing this type of test with the usage of quirks, this is the most rational way to form the foundation of a hero.” A chorus of disbelief rang through the crowd, Izuku cheered.

“Good job, Kacchan!”

“Wait, Kacchan?” a blonde with a black streak shaped like a lightning bolt paused, he looked at Izuku with an amused expression. “Did you just call that scary guy, Kacchan?”

Izuku innocently nodded. “It’s what I’ve been calling him since we were kids.”

A cheeky grin curved the blonde’s lips, he whipped his head back at the returning Kitsune and gave a thumbs up. “That was awesome, Kacchan!”

Katsuki’s bored look quickly contorted into pure malice, his glare sharp and directed into the other blonde. “The fuck did you just call me, dunce face?”

The blonde shrank under his glare. “Uhh—“

“Kacchan, remember you said you were going to be nice?” Izuku butted in, the Kitsune’s expression slacked.

“Shit, my bad.” he walked back to his place beside Izuku without another word, leaving the blonde stranger bewildered.

“We’ll be have 8 tests in total. Who ever comes last in all 8 will be judged to have no potential, in other words they will be expulsed.” Aizawa’s voice cut through the class chatter, his last statement ran a feeling of dread amongst Izuku’s peers.

Izuku wrung the hem of his gym shirt anxiously. What if he was the one who failed? He vehemently shook his head at that. No, he couldn’t fail, not this far! Katsuki and his family helped him, he wasn’t going to waste theirs and his efforts so easily.


The first test was the 50 meter dash, surprisingly he was paired with Katsuki.

“Remember to use the agility you gained to your full potential, this isn’t a real battle so you don’t have to worry about overexerting yourself.” Katsuki reminded as they both watched two of their classmates race. One of them was the French guy Izuku met at the entrance exam, the other was a pink skinned girl Katsuki seemed to be familiar with. Katsuki barked out a laugh when the French student fell on his butt after his laser beam ran out of gas.

“Okay, and don’t go easy on me!” Izuku replied with a weary yet determined grin. The two took their places once it was their turn and crouched into position. A robotic voice counted down, and once it said “Go!” the two teens blasted off.

Both Izuku and Katsuki let out large explosions from their palms — although Izuku’s wasn’t as powerful — and swiftly sailed through the air.

Because of how similar their powers were, the two had previously discussed a plan. Katsuki would focus his powers more on exploding and his Kitsune abilities while Izuku would use more of foxfire and his use of telekinesis.

Katsuki barreled through, allowing himself to fly while letting out explosions and foul words. Izuku summoned foxfire and let it course through his arms and legs, using telekinesis to propel and force him forwards as he ran, letting out a small burst of fire here and there.

“4.07 seconds!” the robotic voice announced as Katsuki sped past the finish line. “4.15 seconds!” it said once Izuku arrived. The greenette panted and let foxfire dissipate from his limbs as Katsuki let out a huff of breath and wiped his forehead.

“You improved a lot, huh?” Izuku commented with a smile as the blonde walked up to him.

“You better catch up, Deku.” he smirked.

This went on for the next 6 assessments; Katsuki would give tips and pointers, Izuku would reply with gratitude and advice for the blonde, and they’d do the test with or without each other. Rinse and repeat.

“Huh, never knew that jerk could be so helpful.” Uraraka commented during their grip test, Izuku snorted.

“He may seem like a jerk… and well, kinda is. But underneath all that he’s a really good friend!”

And finally they soon reached their last test, the softball throw. Katsuki got to stay out of this one because he had already done it, he stood beside Izuku and watched as the rest of the class went ahead and did it. Izuku found it fascinating how his classmates handled each test using their quirks, they were so creative!

“Midoriya, you’re next.” Aizawa said after Tenya did his.

Izuku felt all eyes bore into him as he walked up and took the ball from his teacher’s hand, he rubbed his thumb against its soft texture in an effort to ease his anxiety. He stood behind the white line and exhaled, he had come up with an idea on how to approach this. What if it failed? God, Izuku wished these types of thoughts could just leave him be.

He couldn’t help but turn his gaze back at the crowd, his eyes caught Katsuki’s. The Kitsune’s expression was solemn, but his amber eyes glinted at him. He nodded his head and the freckled teen returned it. He turned back to the field and reeled his arm back, he could see his scarlet veins, its patterns prominent. He summoned foxfire within him and shut his eyes, visualizing it like a candle, it’s flame bright and blazing. He let it detach and crawl it’s way onto the softball and linger before hurling it forwards with all his might, foxfire lighting its way. It’s force not as strong as Katsuki’s but enough that wind blew in everyone’s faces. He brought up his hand and vehemently flicked it, a small explosion of fire popped and propelled it, quickening its pace until it was just a small speck in the distance.

A moment or two passed before the device his teacher held beeped, he brought it up in front of everyone to see. It read 717.1 meters.

Katsuki’s was 715.2 meters.

Izuku’s jaw went slack from disbelief, he stared at the device as his classmates broke into chatter.

“Woah, good job Midoriya!”

“Your quirk’s pretty cool.”

“Wow, you did better than mr. grumpy over here!” the blonde stranger — who introduced himself as Kamanari during one of their tests — teased, earning a whack on his shoulder from Katsuki.

Aizawa had his attention at the greenette, his gaze calculating. “You did well. Try to not doubt yourself as much, I saw you hesitate. When being a hero, a hesitation could cost you immensely, depending on the situation.” he advised, his tone had a bit of an edge to it at that last statement. Izuku shrank and nodded before walking back to his spot, Katsuki gave him a proud smirk.

“Good effort, for a nerd. I’ll do better than you though, next time.” he challenged.

Izuku rolled his eyes but a smile crept onto his lips. “Thanks, Kacchan.”


Class 1-A stood in front of a holographic board, their eyes searching for their names. Izuku caught sight of his, he was in 5th place!

Not bad… thank goodness I wasn’t last!

He immediately searched for Katsuki’s next, he found him at second place. Izuku blinked in surprise, he didn’t expect that. First place went to a girl named Yaoyorozu Momo… Oh! She was the one with the quirk that could create things from her body fat, Izuku supposed it made sense.

He glanced at Katsuki, his expression didn’t look pleased. “I slacked.”

Izuku comforted him by patting his shoulder. “You did great. At least you didn’t get last.”

“Oh by the way,” their teacher suddenly announced, an unnerving grin on his face. “There is no expulsion. It was just a tactical ruse.”

The class erupted.



The sky had slowly turned into an orange tint, showering everything beneath it in a golden hue. The two walked out of the U.A. building, their first day had come to an end. Katsuki heard Izuku let out a sigh of relief.

“We did it…” the greenette looked a bit tired, yet glowed with joy.

The Kitsune snorted. “Did all that worrying for nothing.”

“I couldn’t help it…!”

“Hey!” A feminine voice called from behind, they both turned around and saw round cheeks along with four eyes walking up to them. Katsuki’s eyes caught chubby cheeks’, they both glared at each other.

“Chubby cheeks, four eyes.” Katsuki greeted, blue haired guy spluttered.


“Ugh, fine. Hey… what’s your name again?” truthfully, Katsuki was shit with names. He coped by using nicknames and playing it off as if he intentionally didn’t bother to remember.

“Sorry, he’s actually bad with names.” Izuku spilled, Katsuki shot a glare at him.

“Uraraka Ochako. U-ra-ra-ka.” she annunciated.

“I am Tenya Iida!” four eyes greeted with the chop of his hand.

“...‘Kay.” Katsuki turned and began to leave before Izuku caught him by the hem of his shirt and dragged him back.

“His name is Bakugou Katsuki, I call him Kacchan. Anyway, why were you calling?” Izuku asked, Katsuki muttered a curse under his breath.

“We should all walk home together!” Uraraka suggested with a friendly grin.

He could feel Izuku radiate glee. “Sure!... that is, if Kacchan wants to.”

Katsuki paused, he glanced at Izuku and saw him waiting for his reply. Izuku knew Katsuki didn’t really like to socialize that much, regardless of how many people approach him for some goddamn reason. Izuku wasn’t the type of person to make others go through situations they weren’t comfortable with, even if it was something Izuku really wanted to do. Knowing this sent a wave of gratitude to Katsuki, but… Katsuki knew that Izuku always had a hard time making friends back in middle school.

Sure, they could always hang out tomorrow and the day after, but this seemed like the perfect chance for Izuku to start getting closer with these two idiots. In all honesty, Katsuki didn’t want him to lose that chance just because he was an introverted piece of shit.

Katsuki let out what seemed to be the hundredth sigh of the day before nodding.

“Are you sure…?” Izuku asked again, not convinced.

“Yeah, don’t care.” Katsuki nodded.

Izuku beamed at him, the Kitsune scoffed.

“How do those two even get along with each other?” he heard Uraraka ask Tenya to which he shrugged.