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they know each other?

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The screen showed Izuku (or Deku, as he goes by online) gesticulating wildly as he spoke fervently about the hero Chemica. Shelves surrounded him with years worth of hero merchandise, most noticeably from All Might’s glory days. Izuku was flooded with dozens of questions about his quirk daily; it made sense, Izuku was so dedicated to studying quirks and the people who have them. Unfortunately, he had to state repeatedly that no, he did not have a quirk.


“That’s all for this video, guys! I hope you enjoyed learning about Chemica’s quirk, and if Chemica herself is watching this… hi! You know, while researching for this video, I realised that this quirk could very easily take out Ground Zero for the count! His quirk is activated through igniting the nitroglycerin that is in his sweat, so she’d be able to just touch his hands and boom! No more explosions! Oh Ground Zero, wouldn’t that just be oh so terrible? Plus Ultra!”


The man winked, before waving cheekily and the video suddenly flipped to the endscreen, with links to his channel and his most recent videos, not so subtly also including his video on Ground Zero’s quirk.


Katsuki grimaced at the screen, tapping his finger on his desk at a breakneck pace. He had been tweeted by a “fan” about Deku mentioning him in a video, and he just had to see what dear old Deku had to say about him in a random video about some extra who he had never met. He hadn’t even talked to Deku since middle school, and here he was talking about him offhandedly in some video. And that idiot had even made another video just dedicated to him? How obsessed was he with “Kacchan”?



stupid deku, her quirk couldn’t fucking touch me!


Satisfied with his well written response, he tapped off the YouTube app and began to scroll through his Twitter feed, only to find a tweet that another one of his “fans” had tagged him in.

“What the fuck…?” he grumbled under his breath, tapping on the photo, only to see that idiot Deku in a selfie with Chemica. The caption read, “i met chemica!! she said she’ll watch the video! i hope she comments a reaction (≧∇≦)/”

Angrily typing a response to another one of Deku’s “shenanigans”, Katsuki stopped before tapping on the inviting blue Tweet button. Why the fuck was he so invested in getting involved in Deku’s life now, after all these years? It made no sense. Deku had always been the one who wanted to get all up in his business, and now Katsuki was the one invading his life. But it was to protect his pride. His pride as a hero! It was something he had to do, really.


Ground Zero aka #1 Hero (@GroundZero)

@Deku of course you of all people would make her watch your video instead of like… being a normal person and asking for an autograph or some shit


Deku (・◇・) (@Deku)

@GroundZero (≖ ‿ ≖)


Notifications began to come flooding in from his YouTube app, and Katsuki wondered what the fuck could even be going on that he was getting YouTube spam of all things. He wasn’t really all that active on social media, but when he was, it annoyed him to no end with all these stupid notifications drowning out the actual important stuff that he needed to know.



+GroundZero omg!!! why is ground zero watching a deku video, thats so cute i cant believe he watches deku (❁´▽`❁)


+GroundZero ground zero watching a deku video?? spicy


+GroundZero woahhh ground zero for real?? lol its probably a fake account


+DeadInside lol no look he’s got like 700k subs and a couple promotional videos. no fakes here, buddy

Deku Hero Analysis

+GroundZero haha idk why everyone is freaking out… ground zero loves heroes as much as i do!!


More notifications, now from his Twitter. PR was going to be pissed with him after this whole fiasco.


heroes can eat my ass (@hoforheroes)

@GroundZero @Deku woah what is UP with all the hero + hero analyser interaction today lol!!! do y’all know each other or smth???? conspiracy theory????


gay??? yeah (@lgbtuwu)

@GroundZero @Deku sooooo how do you two know each other?? we need an EXPLANATION!!


kill me blease (@timetodie)

@GroundZero @Deku ground zero interacting with someone????? this is a historic occasion xD


Katsuki turned down the screen brightness after scrolling through dozens of notifications and put his phone on Do Not Disturb before tossing it onto his desk. He stood, leaned down, effortlessly reaching his toes, trying to ignore the device.

The day passed with not another peep from Katsuki online, and all of social media was stunned at the radio silence from the number one hero. Where had he gone? What was he doing? Why wasn’t he responding to any questions from his adoring fanbase? During all of this chaos, Katsuki was enjoying the sweet life of endless paperwork. He had self regulated breaks every so often, but for the majority of the day, he was busy as fuck with all the goddamn paperwork he had to do after all the constant villian attacks. There had been too much collateral damage from the extras who worked under him, and his agency was beginning to come under fire for it. He needed to show that even if it fucking sucked, he was willing to do the shitty paperwork if it meant being able to get back to doing real hero work.


Finally turning his phone over after a few hours of hell, he cleared his notifications with a tap, only to be instantly flooded with tags from his Twitter, and was that Instagram now, too?


While he was opening Instagram, Katsuki realised he had been tagged in hundreds of comments on one photo. What, did one of his coworkers decide to take a random ass photo of him and post it on Instagram? That would be dumb as fuck. Were they really that stupid? Katsuki made a mental note to beat up Kirishima later.


The caption of the photo read:


#throwbackthursday to my lonely bday parties. love you mom for making that day great! and kacchan, for eating ghost peppers even though i told you not to (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵)


What. The. Fuck.

The photo is, objectively, adorable. It’s the tiny version of Izuku with his arm around Katsuki’s shoulders, and their smiles are both as wide as they can be for such little kids. Katsuki’s left palm is open and there are small sparks coming from it, and his other hand is busy ruffling Izuku’s hair, his arm resting on Izuku’s shoulders. In the corner, there is a small birthday cake with a candle shaped in the number 4, and it was lit with Katsuki’s newly forming quirk; made obvious by the scorch marks near the top of the candle. The pure joy in their eyes is palpable-- only Katsuki’s eyes are slightly off the mark, but that was only due to the ghost peppers he had just subjected himself too on a self inflicted dare. It’s implied in the caption, but Izuku’s mother is behind the camera, taking a photo of her son and his best friend at his lonely party.

Had this really been what Katsuki had been like at the age of 4? It seemed so long ago, the only part of that age that he could clearly remember was getting his quirk. He could barely even recall those birthday parties he had gone too-- had this picture been the last of them together, as friends? After his quirk had manifested, him and Izuku had… grown apart. More than grown apart, really; but then, Katsuki had gone to U.A., he hadn’t thought about Izuku in years. They had never gotten a chance to go through all the shit that Katsuki had done to him as kids, and now they were adults; wow, Katsuki had been shitty to Izuku. What the fuck, 6 year old Katsuki. What the fuck, elementary and middle school aged Katsuki, you little fucking bitch! 


Katsuki grimaced before opening a new message to Izuku.



hey izuku


I’m sorry, for all the shitty stuff I did as a kid. That wasn’t something a fucking hero should have been doing.


oh kacchan… you were pretty shitty. but we’re adults now, yes? im glad that you felt like you could actually apologise


is all the violent stuff just your hero persona now, or are you still as ragey as ever?


Pretty much still the same.


pity about that then. gone to therapy?


...yes. They require it now, for heroes.




Um… sorry if this is out of the blue but. Um. Would you want to go out for coffee sometime?


sure! you could be in one of my videos ;o


No. Way.


we’ll see about that :)