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Are They Worthy?

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Early Sunday morning, a middle-aged Chinese man gets off his plane at Charles de Gaulle. He is dressed in a black turtleneck, with black pants, black boots, and black gloves. He goes to pick up his black bag and leaves the airport.

Later in the day, Marinette left the bakery. “I’m going to meet with some friends” Marinette said.

“Take care sweetie,” Tom said.

A few minutes after Marinette left, the middle-aged Chinese man walked in. “Yes? Can I help you?” Sabine asked.

“I’d like a croissant please” the man said.

“Sure thing” Sabine said. She left to get one.

The man pulled a golden compass-like thing and looks behind the counter. “Is there someone here with you two?” he asked.

“Not right now” Sabine said. “Here’s your croissant. Can I help you with anything else?”

The man stared her and her husband down. “No” he said. “He paid for his croissant. “Thank you very much.” He started to eat it as he left.

Marinette met with Vlad and Adrien in a secret place, away from prying eyes. “So, what’s this information you have?”

“I don’t have it yet,” Vlad said. “I need to check with my source first. But I do want to know about Mayura.”

Marinette and Adrien looked at each other. “Well, Mayura wields the peacock miraculous” Marinette explained. “It has the power of emotion. She works alongside Hawk Moth sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Vlad said.

“She’s not there all the time” Adrien elaborated. “She first appeared during the Hero’s Day attack. We had Hawk Moth cornered, but then she came in and made an amok to save him.”

“I see” Vlad said.

“We, kind of wanted to ask about something else” Adrien said.

“What is it?” Vlad asked.

“Well, Adrien wants to know who all the other heroes are” Marinette explained. “I want to go and ask them all first.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” Vlad said. “I can help. My source is one of those heroes anyway.”

Great, so it’s settled” Marinette exclaimed. “I will talk to some of the heroes, Vlad you take the ones I don’t get, and Adrien, can you patrol around as Cat Noir? We could disguise our true intent by passing it off as a patrol.”

Adrien smiled. “Of course Marinette.” Marinette and Vlad split up who got who and then they all transformed. “Plagg! Claws Out!”

“TIkki! Spots on!”

“Beyyo! Fangs Sharpen!” They then split off.

Marinette’s first stop was Kagami’s. Since both she and her mom knew about their secret, she just knocked on the door. Kagami answered. “Ladybug?”

“Hi. Mind if I talk to you for a second?” Ladybug asked.

“Sure” Kagami said. “What’s this about?”

“Well, Cat Noir wants to know your secret. Is that OK?” Ladybug said.

Kagami was stunned. “Well, of course. But why haven’t you told him already? You two are practically dating, right?”

Ladybug blushed. “Ah, yeah, well, we’ve only recently figured out our own secret identities. We’re still trying to figure things out.”

“I see” Kagami said. “Hey, did Judgement Wolf talk to you about allowing Marinette to have a miraculous?”

Ladybug froze. “Yes, well, I’m not allowed to divulge who gets a miraculous without express permission.”

“I see” Kagami said. “Well, I still think she’d be good.

“I’ll keep that in mind” Ladybug said. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome” Kagami said. She closed the door.

“Phw” Ladybug said. She left.

Max was playing some video games when he got a knock at his window. He turned to see it was Judgement Wolf. Max opened the window and let him in. “So, what’s this information?”

“Well, it’s not much…” Max said. “But anything is helpful.”

“Go on…” Judgement Wolf said.

“See, here’s the thing. Carter remembers being controlled by a female Hawk Moth” Max said.

“And?” Judgement Wolf said. He then realized what Max was getting at. “Oh. I see.”

“Yeah…” Max said.

Judgement Wolf smiled. “Well, like you say, any little bit helps. By the way, I have something I need to ask of you. Is it OK for Cat Noir to know that you’re Pegasus?”

“Huh?” Max said. “Uh, sure, I guess? Why?”

“He wants to know” Judgement Wolf said.

“Did something happen between him and Ladybug?” Max asked.

“…You could say that” Judgement Wolf said.

“Well…OK” Max said.

“Max! Katelyn’s here!” his mom called.

Max looked at Judgement Wolf, but before he could say anything, Judgement Wolf said “I understand” and left. Max closed the window.

Ladybug and Judgement Wolf kept asking everyone. During one of Ladybug’s trips, she passed by that middle-aged Chinese man. “Ladybug” he said. He started chasing after her. Cat Noir saw Ladybug taking off. He also saw the man chasing her. “Ladybug!” he screamed.

“That can’t be good” Cat Noir said. He jumped into the middle of the street to meet this man. “Hey, what’s the big idea? Don’t you know there’s only one man in black for Ladybug, and that’s me?”

“Cat Noir” the man said. “Please! Take me to Wang Fu!”

Master Fu? This could be a problem. “Why should I?” Cat Noir asked. “He keeps off the radar for a reason.”

“And yet, I know of him,” the man said. “I figured asking one of Paris’s superheroes would be easier than relying on this.” He pulled out his compass-like device.

“What’s that?” asked Cat Noir.

“It’s a kwami tracker,” the man said. “It can detect kwami energy. But it seems to be on the fritz. It reacted in a bakery, but the couple their didn’t have miraculouses, and they said they were alone in the place.”

Marinette’s bakery? This is bad. Cat Noir stared him down. “Again, why should I take you to Master Fu?”

“Doesn’t my knowledge proceed me?” the man asked.

“You could be using that knowledge against us” Cat Noir exclaimed.

“How rude” The man said. “Maybe Ladybug will be much more kind.”

He tried running past Cat Noir, but he blocked him. “Sorry. Not gonna happen.”

Alya and Nino were chilling in Alya’s room when they got a knock at the window. “Ladybug?” Alya said. She opened the window.

“Hi” Ladybug said.

“What’s up?” Nino asked.

“Well…” Ladybug said. “Would it be alright if I told Cat Noir about you two?”

Alya and Nino were stunned. Still, they had an answer. “Sure Ladybug” Nino said.

“IF you tell us who you are” Alya said.

“That includes Cat Noir!” Nino concluded.

“What?” Ladybug said.

“We’re full-time superheroes too, you know” Alya said.

“If Cat Noir gets to be in the loop, so do we” Nino said. Ladybug was shaken.

The man got mad with Cat Noir. “I guess I have no choice” he said. He opened up his bag and took out an antique sword.

“Woah! I don’t want to fight you” Cat Noir said.

“Unfortunately, that shoe has already dropped” the man said. He charged at Cat Noir. Cat Noir blocked it.

Judgement Wolf was standing on a building. “Where are they?” he said to himself. “I’ll have a look around. If they get here while I’m out, they were late anyway.” He left. He searched the area and found Cat Noir clashing with the man. Cat Noir had pushed the man back and that’s when Judgement Wolf went to meet him. “So, where’s the akuma?” he asked.

“There isn’t one” Cat Noir responded.

“What?” questioned Judgement Wolf.

“Maybe you’ll be a bit nicer,” the man said. “Though I doubt it. Take me to Wang Fu!”

“What?” Judgement Wolf said, even more confused.

“He won’t tell me what’s up” Cat Noir said. “He has intricate knowledge of miraculous stuff.”

“How intricate?” Judgement Wolf asked.

“He has a kwami tracker” Cat Noir said.

“Oh!” Judgement Wolf said.

“This is your final warning before I get serious,” the man said.

“You pulled a sword out! How are you not serious already?!” Cat Noir exclaimed.

The man growled. In Hawk Moth’s lair, Hawk Moth delighted at a new emotion he’s found. “There’s nothing quite like the determination of a man on a mission. Fly away my little akuma, and evilize him!”

The akuma flew off and fused with the kwami tracker. “Hunter Dragon. I am Hawk Moth. You want to meet with the Guardian of the Miraculous? Well, as it turns out, so do I. With the powers I’m giving you, you can push your way past these heroes!”

“Yes Hawk Moth” the man said. A purple-black aura formed around him.

“This is really bad” Cat Noir said. The aura dissipated and out of it came a man wearing golden armor in the image of a Chinese dragon. He retained his sword, which looked a lot more elaborate now, and the kwami tracker. “Get Ladybug!” Cat Noir exclaimed. He charged in, but Hunter Dragon blocked his attack. Judgement Wolf feverishly called Ladybug.

Ladybug got the call. “Ladybug!” Judgement Wolf said. “We have a major situation!”

Ladybug noted the urgency in his voice. “On it! I’m with Rena and Carapace! We’ll come meet with you!” She hung up.

Alya and Nino nodded. “Trixx! Let’s Pounce!”

“Wayzz! Shell On!”

Soon, the three heroes joined Cat Noir and Judgement Wolf. “This guy’s difficult!” Cat Noir said.

“Ah! Ladybug!” Hunter Dragon said. “Take me to Wang Fu!”

“That’s also a problem” Cat Noir said.

“I see!” Ladybug said. “What do you want?”

“I want to meet with Wang Fu!” Hunter Dragon said.

“Not good enough!” Ladybug said. “And there’s no way you’re getting passed all five of us!”

“You’re right, Ladybug!” Hawk Moth said, communicating with Hunter Dragon. “Perhaps we ought to level the playing field.”

Mayura was waiting in the shadows. She plucked a feather from her fan and infused it with energy. The feather flew and hit the kwami tracker, fusing with it as well. “Hunter Dragon. Let your determination create a beast to stop those heroes from getting in your way.”

“Of course” Hunter Dragon agreed. Above him formed a giant, gold, Chinese dragon, that let out a loud and disturbing roar. The heroes looked at Golden Dragon. “Go!” Hunter Dragon called. Golden Dragon swooped down.

Just as it was about to tackle Ladybug, Rena Rouge pushed her out of the way, taking the blow instead. “RENA!” Carapace called out.

Hunter Dragon left the scene. “Cat Noir! Judgement Wolf! Rena, Carapace, and I will take care of the sentimonster! You two keep Hunter Dragon distracted until I get back to you!”

Cat Noir nodded. “Be safe.”

“I will” Ladybug said.

“Judgement Wolf. Let’s go!” Cat Noir said. He followed Hunter Dragon. Judgement Wolf was not far behind. Ladybug and Carapace went in the direction of Golden Dragon.

Rena Rouge was being carried off in Golden Dragon’s mouth. Rena took her flute and struck Golden Dragon in the eye, causing it to let go of her.  She began to fall. “Gotcha!” Carapace said, catching Rena. They landed safely, with Ladybug landing soon after.

“I could have landed on my own, you know” Rena Rouge said. “But thanks.”

“Don’t mention it” Carapace said.

“We need to focus” Ladybug said. Golden Dragon let out another vicious roar. It went in for another tackle, but all three heroes dodged it.

Carapace took note of its large sweeping movements as it came around. Golden Dragon tried to strike again, but again they dodged. “I have an idea,” he said. “It’s a bit risky, it should work. I need it centralized around something though.”

Rena got a look at the creature. “It’s big, but not too big… What about the Luxor Obelisk?”

“Perfect!” Carapace said.

“So, now we have a plan” Ladybug said. “All we need to do is get it to Place de la Concorde.”

“I think I can help with that” Rena said, readying her flute.

Meanwhile, Hunter Dragon was alone on a rooftop. Hawk Moth contacted him. “Hunter Dragon. I don’t know where the Master is exactly, but I know where to start looking. Check the right bank of the Seine.”

“On it Hawk Moth” Hunter Dragon said. He continued his trek to find Master Fu.

While he was jumping from building to building on the right bank, Cat Noir smacked him down. “Gotcha!” Cat Noir said.

“Did you?” Hunter Dragon said. He took out his kwami tracker. “Because it looks to me like Wang Fu is nearby.”

Uh oh Cat Noir thought.

“Maybe he is” Judgement Wolf said. But we won’t let you meet him. Especially like this.” He drew his sword and began charging. Hunter Dragon did the same. Before the two clashed swords, Judgement Wolf let go of his sword with his right hand. “Reveal Claw!” The swords clashed. Hunter Dragon pushed down on Judgement Wolf, but that’s exactly what he wanted. “Why do you want to meet with Wang Fu?” He thrust the Reveal Claw into Hunter Dragon.

“I. I want to apologize” he said.

Judgement Wolf was confused. He unlocked his blade and backed up. “Alright, so he may have good intentions” Judgement Wolf said. “But we can’t let him meet the Master like this,” he explained.

“Right” Cat Noir said. The two charged at Hunter Dragon. Hunter Dragon blocked both attacks.

Meanwhile, Golden Dragon was chasing Ladybug, Rena Rouge, and Carapace. “Hey! Over here!” Ladybug said. Golden Dragon charged. However, the heroes they were following were illusions. The real heroes took turns striking it to wear it down, while Golden Dragon was distracted with the mirages.

Eventually, they all made their way to Place de la Concorde. The fake Ladybug  went to the top of the Luxor Obelisk, while the fake Rena and Carapace jumped up. Golden Dragon rushed in and wrapped its body around the Obelisk, destroying the fake Rena and Carapace. It then uses its hand to grab the fake Ladybug at the top, only to be confused when it disappeared.

“So, what’s the plan?” Ladybug asked.

Carapace looked determined. “Well, nothing can penetrate my shield” he said. He ran up to the Luxor Obelisk, got as close as possible, and called “Shell-ter!” A shield appeared, surrounding Carapace and Golden Dragon.

“Carapace!” Ladybug called out.

Golden Dragon got irritated. They tried to move, but because they were wrapped around the Obelisk and the shield was present, Golden Dragon couldn’t move. “Yes! It worked! It can’t move because it’s too tight!” Carapace said. “Ladybug! Go help Judgement Wolf and Cat Noir! We should be fine, so long as you can purify the amok and akuma in time!”

Ladybug nodded. “Thanks Carapace! Rena Rouge!” Ladybug left.

Judgement Wolf and Hunter Dragon locked blades again. This time Judgement Wolf was holding his own. They unlocked, and Judgement Wolf jumped up to make way for Cat Noir to strike. However, Hunter Dragon blocked it. Judgement Wolf came down to try and strike from above, but Hunter Dragon dodged. “ENOUGH!” Hunter Dragon said. You will not interrupt my search any longer!” He tried to jump. But Ladybug’ yo-yo caught his foot and he fell to the ground.

“Ladybug!” Cat Noir said. “Is everything OK?”

“For now. But we have to act fast!” Ladybug said. “Lucky Charm!” Ladybug got confused when she got a box that the miraculous are usually kept in. “I don’t get it.” She looked around and saw nothing. “I feel like it’s telling me to go to Master Fu’s, but that seems like a bad idea.”

“Do you know what to do when you get there?” Judgement Wolf said. “Because I’m almost out. I can do it.” Ladybug nodded. She went up to Judgement Wolf and whispered in his ear. “Ah. Clever. Now, you just need to keep him busy!” Judgement Wolf left.

Hunter Dragon tried to follow Judgement Wolf, but Ladybug tied him up again. “Sorry, but you’re going to have to deal with us now.”

“What can you do that the wolf miraculous user can’t?” Hunter Dragon asked.

“Simple. We’ve been a team longer. We know how to move fast and more efficiently” Cat Noir said. “Ready, bugaboo?”

“Ready kitty” Ladybug said. They both ran up together. Cat Noir charged ahead to strike, but Hunter Dragon blocked it. That left Ladybug an opening, which she used to slam her yo-yo into Hunter Dragon.

Hunter Dragon slide back. Ladybug threw her yo-yo , but Hunter Dragon blocked it with his sword. Cat Noir came up and slammed him in the face once he was open. Ladybug realigned her yo-yo and grabbed Hunter Dragon’s sword and yanked it out of his hands.

Hunter Dragon felt his kwami tracker going off. “It appears your efforts were all in vain. The kwami tracker is picking up a huge signal. I see that Wang Fu has appeared.”

Ladybug smiled. “Why don’t you give it a second look?”

Hunter Dragon looked down. The strong signal he once saw split up into many different signals. “Wha?” Kwamis were darting all around him. He turned to face whichever was closest, but he failed to keep up.

“Cat Noir!” Ladybug called.

“On it! Cataclysm!” He ran up and destroyed the kwami tracker. The akuma and amok were set free.

“No more evil doing for the both of you” Ladybug said. She caught both of them “Gotcha! Bye bye you two. Miraculous Ladybug!” she threw the box into the air. The ladybugs fixed all of the damage caused by the incident. The man deakumatized.

At the Place de la Concorde, Carapace was just about to lose endurance while Golden Dragon flailed about. Soon after though, Golden Dragon disappeared. He let his shield down and started breathing heavily. “Hey” Rena said, approaching him. “You did good.” Carapace smiled.

“You may have ruined my hunt this time, Ladybug!” Hawk Moth lamented. “But rest assured, one day I will get your miraculous, and then I will be golden!”

The man got up. “What happened?” he asked.

“Pound it” said the original duo. Both of their miraculouses started to beep.

“I’ll take it from here” Judgement Wolf said, appearing on the scene.

Ladybug and Cat Noir nodded. “Bug out!” Ladybug said. They left together.

Once the two were hidden, they released their transformations. They handed their kwami something to munch on. “Well, that certainly was something” Adrien said.

“Yeah” Marinette said. “Hey, um, about telling you who everyone is… “ Adrien was puzzled. “Rena Rouge and Carapace want to know who we are. Is that alright?”

Adrien smiled. “Of course.” He smiled.

Meanwhile, Judgement Wolf approached the man. “So, might I ask what you want to apologize about?” he asked. The man was confused. “When you were akumatized, I hit you with my power. You said you wanted to apologize to Master Fu.”

The man chuckled. “I guess I can’t keep my pride after all” He said. “Many years ago, my grandfather befriended Wang Fu as a trick to help him and his gang to steal the miraculous and use it for themselves.”

“He’s told me that story” Judgement Wolf said.

“In order to make up for his transgressions, I became an archaeologist, specializing in the miraculous, the Guardians, and all of that,” the man said. “Well, I taught myself all of that. There really isn’t a field of archaeology about all of that.”

“Yeah, I’m not entirely sure why that is” Judgement Wolf said. “It seems to be prevalent throughout history.”

“ During my studies, I learned many things,” the man said. “I was studying one such thing for a while, so I only recently learned about Paris’s superheroes. Based on what I learned, the last Guardian, Wang Fu, had to be there.”

“I see” Judgement Wolf said.

“I was hoping we could team up and figure out what to do from there,” the man said. “But the first thing that happens when I get to Paris is I get akumatized. What luck.”

“It’s alright” Judgement Wolf said. “It can happen to anyone.”

“Except you” the man said.

“You really know your stuff” Judgement Wolf said. He gave Ladybug a call.

“Yeah?” Ladybug answered.

“Meet us at Master Fu’s” Judgement Wolf said. “Our former victim is good.”

“Wow. That means a lot coming from you” Ladybug said. “Hey, listen. One of the caveats to letting Cat Noir in on it is Rena Rouge and Carapace want to know who we are. Is that alright?”

Judgement Wolf smiled. “Fine by me. Have them meet us there as well. We’re going to go over a few things.”

“Right” Ladybug said. She hung up. She looked at Adrien. “Well you know where to go then.”

“Right” Adrien said. Ladybug took off. Adrien walked off.

Alya and Nino were walking down the Champs Elysees. “Man, today was rough” Alya said.

“Tell me about it” Nino said. The two were then grabbed by Ladybug’s yo-yo and dragged into an ally. “Woah!”

“What gives?” Alya asked. She saw Ladybug. “Oh.”

Ladybug took a deep breath. “Tikki! Spots off!” She transformed back into Marinette.

Both of them were stunned. “Marinette…” Nino said.

Alya stared at her. “I can’t believe it…” she said. “My best friend is LADYBUG! Come here, you!” She dashed to Marinette, lifted her up, spun her around, and gave her a hug. She set Marinette down. “I don’t know what to say” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Sorry I had to hide it from you for so long” Marinette said.

“Don’t be” Alya said. “I get it. I completely get it.”

“Thanks” Marinette said.

“So, what about Cat Noir and Judgement Wolf?” Nino asked.

“Follow me” Marinette said. The three walked to Master Fu’s. “Master. I’m here with Rena Rouge and Carapace. Is everyone here?”

“Yes. The kwamis returned safely as well” Master Fu said.

“Great” Marinette said. “Are you ready?” Alya and Nino nodded. Marinette opened the door to reveal Master Fu, the previously akumatized man, Adrien, Plagg, Vlad, and Beyyo. “Now we all know” Marinette said.

“Adrien?! You’re Cat Noir?!” Nino said.

“Yeah” Adrien said.

“WOW!” Alya said.

“I’m here too” Vlad said.

Alya shook her head. “I’m almost not surprised you’re Judgement Wolf” she said. “I felt it when you first tested me.”

Vlad pouted. “Don’t worry, she figured me out right away as well” Nino said.

“Anyway, Zhang Hao-yu here was just explaining to me his situation” Master Fu said. “Please continue.”

“Right…” Hao-yu said. Everyone sat down and listened to his story.

“That’s…a lot” Alya said.

“Indeed” Master Fu said. “I will accept your deal and forgive you,” he said.

“Thank you” Hao-yu said. “Maybe we can work together to take down Hawk Moth!”

“I would like that” Master Fu said.

“Speaking of,” Adrien said, “Vlad, you say you had some info on Hawk Moth?”

“Right” Vlad said. “So, according to Max, Carter distinctly remembers a female Hawk Moth. Not sure what it means.”

Marinette and Adrien looked at each other. “You don’t think…?” Adrien said.

“It could be…” Marinette said.

“Mayura!” they concluded.

Alya giggled. “You two compliment each other so well.”

“Wait, how does Max know who you are?” Nino asked.

Vlad sighed. “Now, it’s time for the juicy stuff,” he said. “Promise you won’t tell anybody!” Alya and Nino nodded. Vlad gave Marinette a look and she nodded. They let out all of the identities of the other heroes.

“Well, as much as I would like to continue, I would actually like Zhang Hao-yu’s help with something” Master Fu said.

“Really?” Hao-yu said.

“Of course. This might take a while, and it is a school night for all of you. So, it might be best for you to leave” Master Fu said.

Marinette nodded. “Thanks Master.”

“By the way, those were her parents you met earlier” Adrien said.

“What?” Marinette said.

“I stopped by a bakery while I was out” Hao-yu said. “My kwami tracker pick up Tikki’s presence. I guess I must have missed you.”

“Oh, I see…” Marinette said.

“The croissant I got was really good. I might have to stop by again” Hao-yu said.

“Thanks” Marinette said. “Bye!” The five teens walked out, unified and stronger than ever.