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Are They Worthy?

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Before he went home, Vlad stopped by Master Fu’s place. “What is it?” he asked.

“I believe they’re ready to know” Vlad said.

Master Fu looked at him. Beyyo nodded. “Very well” he said. Vlad left.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Ziggy asked.

“If the holder of the wolf miraculous and the kwami of doubt are ready to reveal it to them, then I don’t see that much of a problem” Master Fu said.

Ziggy looked at him. “You know, as guardian, you have some level of authority over him. You seem to be letting him boss you around.”

“That is true, but you could tell the level of conviction he had” Master Fu said. “If I had said no, he still would have done it anyway.”

“I guess that’s true” Ziggy said.

“It is wise to learn to pick your battles” Master Fu said. “Otherwise, you’ll end up losing whatever power you have.”

“I see” Ziggy said.

The next day at school, there was a noticeable distance between Adrien and Marinette. Both of them wanted to say something, but neither knew what to say. Marinette knew that anything she said wouldn’t speed up Adrien’s answer and Adrien wants to say ‘yes’ but needed to talk with Ladybug.

Once it was time for a break, Vlad pulled Nino and Alya aside. Beyyo left to take care of something else. “Alya. Nino. I need your help” Vlad said.

“With what?” Alya said.

“Isn’t obvious?” Vlad asked. “Marinette and Adrien.”

“Oh” Alya said.

“I have a plan that will get them together tonight. However, that’s going to be time consuming. So I’m going to need you to set up the rest of the evening. Plus, you know them better” Vlad said. “Can you do that?”

“Sure sure” Nino said. “But, what makes you so sure that they’ll even talk to each other, let alone go on this date?”

Vlad put a hand of each of their shoulders. “That… is a story for another time. And worst case scenario, it doesn’t work, and you guys can use the date. Deal?”

Nino and Alya looked at each other, smiled, and said “Deal!”

Meanwhile, Beyyo had gathered Tikki and Plagg. “What’s this about?” Tikki asked.

“Yeah, I was just about to take a nice nap, you know” Plagg said.

“My user and I are working on telling Ladybug and Cat Noir who they are to each other” Beyyo said. Both of the other kwamis were stunned silent. Beyyo continued “I just needed to see if both of you were on board for it.”

“Well, I’m on board” Plagg said. “I’m sick of him not doing anything when it comes to women. Besides, I told him yesterday not to visit Ladybug, but he didn’t listen.”

“Is that true?” Tikki asked.

“Of course” Plagg said.

Tikki glared at him. She then broke the glare and said, “Well, I have some concerns. Do you think Ladybug would be able to handle it?”

Beyyo smiled “We wouldn’t be doing this if we thought she couldn’t.”

Tikki now glared at him. “Very well. But if things go wrong, I’m taking it out on you.”

“By all means” Beyyo said. The three went back to their owners. Tikki and Plagg hid, while Beyyo conversed with Vlad before hiding. “I got their OK” he said “Although, if things go wrong, TIkki’s going to beat me up.”

“Well, let’s hope this goes without a hitch,” Vlad said. “I got Alya and Nino to plan the night. Things are going well so far.” Vlad then got a text message. “‘Party at Chloe’s tomorrow night! Don’t tell anyone if you got this message.’ Huh? Good thing it’s not tonight.”

“Yeah, that’s lucky” Beyyo said.

“It looks like our plans are coming together nicely, huh?” Vlad said. The bell rang. “Hide Beyyo.”

After school, before Adrien left, Vlad caught him. “Adrien!” He pulled him aside. “I can get Ladybug to talk to you. Tonight at 6 at the Place des Vosges.”

“Really? But how?” Adrien asked.

“You leave that to me” Vlad said.

“Well, thanks” Adrien said. He had a confused look on his face, but as he kept walking, it turned to a smile.

Marinette and Vlad walked up to each other and Marinette asked “What was that about?”

Vlad smiled. “I got Adrien to agree to meet with you so he can give you his answer. Tonight at 6 at the Place des Vosges. Can you make it?”

“Of course” Marinette said. “But, how did you get him to do it?”

“Well, we’re friends. I have ways of being persuasive” Vlad said. “Anyway, seeya.” Vlad took off.

Marinette grabbed Alya and asked “Hey Alya, can you come and talk with me?”

Alya noticed her friend’s nervousness, but she also knew that blowing her off was for her in the end. So she said “Sorry girl. I promised Nino we would do something this afternoon.” Marinette looked disappointed. “Relax girl. You got this! You’ve already confessed to him. That’s the biggest hurdle.”

Marinette smiled. “Thanks Alya.” Alya left with Nino, and Marinette went off by herself.

“What are you going to do?” TIkki asked.

“Well, I’m going to meet Adrien tonight” Marinette said. “But I need something to take my mind off of it until then. So, maybe we can head over to Kagami’s and see what her mother has?”

“Whatever you want, Marinette” Tikki said.

“Tikki! Spots on!” Marinette called, transforming into Ladybug. She then left for Kagami’s.

“Really? Thank you SO much!” Alya said on the phone. She hung up. “Alright, I found a nice little bistro that had tables available. Their online ranking is about 3 ½ stars, so it should be good.”

“And done” Nino said, dripping the last of the cookie dough on the baking pan. “Now we just gotta put it in, and we’ll have a nice gift for the two of them as well.”

“Now all we gotta do is find out where Andre is going to be tonight” Alya said.

“It’s so nice of you to do this all for your friends” Trixx said.

“Indeed. I believe it’s, how you say, radical” Wayzz said. Nino and Alya rolled their eyes. “By the way, can we get a helping of that cookie dough?” 

“Yeah. Can we? Please?!” Trixx joined in.

“OK you two, but save some for us” Alya said. The two kwamis began to chow down. Nino was writing something down. “And what are you doing?”

“I’m writing them a note” Nino said. “To send with the cookies. Wanna say something?”

Alya looked at her boyfriend. “Sure” she said. She took the pen and began writing.

Ladybug arrived at the Tsurugi household and rang the bell. Tomoe answered. “Hello?”

“Hi ma’m. It’s Ladybug” she said.

“Come on in” Tomoe said. Ladybug entered.

Ladybug heard a song playing. “…Frustration is getting bigger! Bang! Bang Bang! Pull my Devil Trigger…”

“Um, what’s that?” Ladybug asked.

“Oh , that? My daughter recently convinced me to let her play video games. She’s been enamored with that one since she got it” Tomoe said.

“I see” Ladybug said. “Anyway, my friend told me you have stuff for me?”

“Yes” Tomoe said. She grabbed some of the artifacts. “Here.” She gave them to Ladybug. “They might not be much, but it’s what I’ve got.”

Ladybug took them. “Really. Any little bit helps. I’ll take them to the guardian.”

“There’s a guardian in Paris?” Tomoe said. “I thought they were all wiped out.”

“Well, mostly” Ladybug said, sadly. “But there is one. And he thanks you for these.”

Tomoe smiled. “When you see him, please give him my gratitude.”

“Will do” Ladybug said. She left with the artifacts.

Alya got an alert on her phone while Nino was taking the cookies out of the oven. “Woah!” she said.

“What is it?” Nino asked.

“Look where Andre is going to be tonight” Alya said, sharing her phone with him.

Nino looked. “Woah!”

Trixx and Wayzz were sitting on top of the fridge. “So, how do you think Vlad is managing to get them both there?” Trixx asked.

“Well, this is just a guess, but I think he’s using his secret” Wayzz said, tapping the front of his face.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. That makes sense” Trixx said. “Wait, do you think that that means…?”

“I do” Wayzz said.

“Woah!” Trixx replied.

“What are you two talking about?” Alya asked.

“Nothing!” Trixx said. Alya was curious.

“Wayzz. Come on bro. What’s up?” Nino asked.

“We’re just talking kwami stuff” Wayzz answered.

Nino sighed. “Well, whatever. We’ll figure it out eventually.”

“Especially from you Trixx. You’re pretty bad at lying” Alya said.

Trixx pouted “I’m the kwami of illusion. I’m better at lying with images than words.”

“Alright, I’m sorry” Alya said.

Marinette arrived at Master Fu’s with the artifacts. “Master Fu! These are some artifacts that someone gave to me regarding kwamis and stuff” Marinette said, setting them down.

“Thanks Marinette” Master Fu said.

“She also told me to tell you thanks for being a guardian” Marinette said.

“I see” Master Fu said. “She’s very welcome.”

“Anyway, can you look through this by yourself? I’ve got an important meeting tonight, and I have to get ready.”

“Of course” Master Fu said.

“Great. Seeya!” Marinette ran out the door.

Ziggy popped out and said “You don’t even need my power to tell how she’s feeling.”

“That’s what makes her a good Ladybug” Master Fu said. “She projects an earnest truth wherever she goes. That way, people can know what she’s like and trust her right away.”

“Of course” Ziggy said.

Marinette finished preparing herself. “Tikki, how do I look?”

“You look great!” TIkki said. “And Alya’s right. You don’t have anything to be so nervous about.”

“Thanks Tikki” Marinette said. “I just hope it goes right.” She headed downstairs. “I’m meeting someone. Be back tonight.”

“Very well” Sabine said.

“Take care now,” Tom said.

“I will. Bye momon. By papa” Marinette said. She left her building.

Adiren was walking down stairs. “Where are you going?” Gabriel asked.

Adrien turned to meet his father. “I’m meeting someone in the Place des Vosges. It’s kind of important.”

Gabriel nodded his head. “Very well. You know the rules. Just be back by midnight.”

Adrien smiled. “Thanks father!” He ran out the door. He continued running until he found a place to hide. “Plagg! Claws out!” He transformed into Cat Noir.

Marinette was in the Place des Vosges, looking around for any sign of Adrien. Cat Noir lept into the area and started to look for Ladybug. That’s when he saw Marinette. “Marinette?” he said.

“Cat Noir?!” Marinette said. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m supposed to meet Ladybug here” Cat Noir said.

“Oh” Marinette said. “Well, what if she doesn’t show?”

“That’s impossible. Judgement Wolf said she’d be here” Cat Noir said. “Well, what about you. What are you doing here?”

Marinette was confused, but answered honestly. “I’m supposed to be meeting this guy I like. My friend Vlad said he’d be here.” Cat Noir looked equally confused.

“Allow me to explain” Vlad said, coming out of the woodwork. He walked up to Marinette, put his arm around her shoulder and said “Marinette. Meet Adrien.” He then did the same to Cat Noir. “Cat Noir. Meet Ladybug.”

Marinette can Cat Noir stared at each other blankly for a few seconds. Cat Noir then said “Plagg! Claws in!” Turning back into Adrien.

“Adrien?” Marinette said. Tikki then appeared in front of her.

“Ladybug?” Adrien replied.

“I don’t understand” Marinette said.

“It’s simple” Vlad said. “You two are Paris’s premiere superhero duo.”

“So, I was in love with you this whole time?” Adrien said. “Just my luck. The girl of my dreams was a lot closer than I realized, and I didn’t notice.”

“You were, in love with me?” Marinette said.

“Well, yeah…As Ladybug…” Adrien said.

“Oh” Marinette said. “If I had known, I might have said yes to you all those times.”

Adrien smiled. “It’s OK Marinette. This gives me a chance to say yes to you.”

“You mean?!” Marinette said.

“Of course” Adrien said. “I’d like to go out with you.” He gave her a hug. Marinette started blushing uncontrollably. She eventually gave him a hug back.

“Good” Vlad said. “Your first date is tonight.”

“Tonight?!” Marinette said.

“But, I haven’t prepared anything” Adrien said.

“Relax. I got Nino and Alya to help out” Vlad said. “They also sent you these cookies and a card.” He handed the cookies to Marinette.

“Wait, do THEY know?” Marinette asked. “You know… About…” she gestured to Tikki and Plagg.

“Of course not. I was very careful about that” Vlad said. Marnette sighed.

Adrien took the card and opened it. Marinette looked on. “Hey dude. I assume if you’re you’re reading this, you’ve at least agreed to go out. Congratulations dude and dudette! I knew you’d get there eventually. Well, as soon as I figured it out. You two make a good couple. I hope things go well for you tonight and for the rest of time. -Nino.”

“Hey girl. You finally did it! You finally got Adrien to go out with you. I am so proud of you! And Adrien, if you break her heart, I will beat you up. But I know you won’t. You’re such a good person, and I know that you’ll cherish her forever. -Alya.”

“We have such good friends” Adrien said.

“Anyway, you have reservations at a restaurant at 7” Vlad said. “Here’s the address.”

Marinette read the address. “That’s not too far from here. Ready?”

“For you? Always” Adrien said. The two walked hand in hand, sharing the cookies along the way.

Vlad watched on. “Well, my work here is done.”

“I gotta say, that went well” Beyyo said.

Marinette and Adrien arrived at the bistro. They asked about their table, and the waiter lead them there and took their order. The two were sitting opposite of each other. “I’ve gotta say, this isn’t exactly how I imagined our first date would go” Marinette said.

“Me either. But I’m glad we have friends like Alya, Nino, and Vlad to push us” Adrien said. “Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be having this date at all. We’d still be caught up in out own little fantasies.”

“Yeah. You’re right” Marinette said. She took a sip of her water. “So, might I ask, what made you fall in love with Ladybug?”

Adrien smiled. “I fell in love almost instantly. It was during the second Stoneheart fight. They way you were concerned. The way you saved everybody. The way you challenged Hawk Moth when he tried to spin things. You were amazing.”

Marinette blushed. “Thanks” she said. “To tell the truth, after I had failed to capture the Akuma the first time, I almost considered giving up on being Ladybug.”

This took Adrien by surprise. “What made you change your mind?”

Marinette smiled. “Alya was in trouble. I needed to help.”

Adrien smiled. “That’s so like you.” He paused for a moment. “So, when did you fall in love with me?”

Marinette was shocked. She then answered. “It was when you gave me that umbrella and apologized to me. I could see just how sweet you were then. After I got mad and wrote you off you talked to me anyway. You were still nice to me. I admire how you always make people feel at ease.”

“I see” Adrien said. “Well, Nino was the one who encouraged me to talk to you after that.”

“It sounds like our friends were setting us up before they even knew it” Marinette said.

“You’re right” Adrien chuckled.

The two continued their date and talked about all of the trouble they seemed to cause themselves because of this secret. Evillistrator. Horrificator. Simon Says. Santa Claws. Riposte. Glaciator. Gorizilla. Zombizou. Frozer. Style Queen. Backwarder. Weredad. Homewrecker. Despite the amount of embarrassment that caused for them, they had fun anyway.

“I’m having a lot of fun tonight” Adrien said.

“Me too” Marinette said.

“Do you think this is how we felt during the Oblivio attack?” Adrien asked.

“Oh no” Marinette said. She started banging her head on the table.

“What’s wrong?” Adrien asked.

“I just realized that when we kiss, it’ll be our THIRD kiss” Marinette said. “Once to break you from Dark Cupid’s spell, and the Oblivio kiss.”

Adrien laughed. “Well at least it won’t be our fourth” he said, reminding her of the incident at the wax museum. Marinette groaned. “Don’t worry Marinette. When we kiss, it’ll be one we know and cherish for all time. Promise.”

Marinette stopped banging her head on the table. “Thanks.”

They finished their dinner and Adrien footed the bill. He smiled, looking at Marinette. “What?” she said.

“Nothing” Adrien said. “I just love you.” Marinette blushed.

They then got an alert on their phones. Marinette got one from Alya, and Adrien got one from Nino. Despite this, they said the same thing, and Marinette and Adrien knew it. “The night’s not over yet!” with a picture of Andre’s in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“Well, shall we?” Adrien said.

“We shall” Marinette replied. The two headed out of the restaurant and to Andre’s.

Once they got there, Andre got a good look at the two of them and said “Oh my! Such love! Such passion! I can only assume you’re coming here for sweethearts ice cream as a couple!”

Marinette and Adrine looked at each other. Marinette said. “We are.”

“My! How wonderful!” Andre said. He got out his ice cream scoop. “Peach pink like his lips, and mint like his eyes. Don’t think Andre can’t see through your lies.” He handed Marinette her ice cream.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. I was just a little upset and embarrassed” Marinette said.

“It’s alright, cause in the end, I really cherish you AND your boyfriend!” Andre said.

“Thanks” Marinette said.

“Woah. Was that about me?” Adrien asked.

“Yes! And now for you” Andre said. “Strawberry with black chocolate chip! Blackberries for her hair! And blueberry ice cream, just like her sky-blue stare!”

“Thanks” Adrien said.

Andre looked a little confused. “I can see the blackberry and blueberry, but the strawberry puzzles me. I know it to be true, but is there something I don’t see?”

Marinette froze. Adrien answered. “It resembles how I fell in love with her. I usually refer to her as our Everyday Ladybug. She’s so kind and helpful that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.”

“Ah! How wonderfully delightful!” Andre said.

The couple went to enjoy their ice cream. The fed some to their kwamis. Adrien stopped eating his for a little bit. “Is something wrong?” Marinette asked.

“No” Adrien said. “For once, everything is right.” He looked at his new girlfriend. “And it’s all because of you.” Marinette smiled.

They finished their ice cream and started heading out. Adrien stopped Marinette and said. “I had a wonderful night.”

“Me too” Marinette replied.

“Wanna make it even more wonderful?” Adrien said. Marinette knew what was about to happen. Their faces grew closer. Their eyes closed. Their lips locked.

Tikki and Plagg were watching from the sidelines. “Isn’t this sweet?” Tikki said. She looked at Plagg. “Are you crying?”

“No!’ Plagg said. Tikki giggled.

An onlooker recognized Adrien and snapped a photo of the kiss. Pretty soon,it was all over the internet. When Alya and Nino saw it, they both smiled and Alya said “Way to go!” The rest of the class saw it and had a similar reaction, except for Lila, who was seething. She expected Hawk Moth to Akumatize her.

But he didn’t. Instead, Gabriel saw the picture and smiled. “Nathalie. Find whoever took that photo.”

“What are you going to do?” Nathalie asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll think of something” Gabriel said.

“Are you happy for Adrien?” Nathalie asked.

Gabriel said. “Of course Nathalie. I’m over the moon.”

“Very well, sir” Nathalie said.

When Tom and Sabine saw the photo, the collectively went “Awwwwww!”

Tom then said “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Sabine answered “Make a cake with that picture on it for their next date?”

“You know it!” Tom said.

Luka was playing his guitar when he got the photo. He laughed to himself and started playing an upbeat melody. “This is how you feel now.”

Kagami was just got done practice when she saw the photo. She smiled smugly and said “I’m glad it’s to her. I won’t lose next time.”

Master Fu saw the photo and said “Well done Ladybug. Cat Noir.”

The kiss ended. “Wow” Marinette said.

“Wow” Adrien said. “Shall I take you home?” Marinette took Adrien’s hand and they walked to Marinette’s.

When they got there, Tom and Sabine gave the two a big hug. “What’s this about?” Sabine held up her phone and showed them the picture. “Oh no.” Marinette said.

“Cheer up Marinette” Adrien said. “It’s a lovely photo.”

“It is” Sabine said.

“I’m so happy for you two,” Tom said, wiping a tear out of his eye.

Adrien and Marinette walked upstairs to Marinette’s room. “How about one just for us?” Adrien asked. They shared another kiss. “Goodnight” Adrien said, leaving.

“Goodnight” Marinette said back, moments after the door was closed.

Adrien staggered home after midnight. His dad was there waiting for him. “I can explain,” he said.

“You don’t have to” Gabriel said, smiling.

Adiren smiled back. “Thanks father!”