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Baby, Let's Get Lazy

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“Baby.” Jungkook’s voice is a soft whisper spoken into a quiet room. He’s speaking carefully, like he’s afraid of waking Jimin up.

Jimin kind of wants to smack him with a pillow. He knows that Jungkook is fully aware that he’s awake right now. Jimin’s eyes may be closed, and he may not want to be awake, but he is. He’s all sleepy and sated, indulging in a pleasant post-orgasm haze, and all he wants is to stay suspended in this dreamlike state for a bit longer before letting himself drift back into a peaceful and well-earned slumber.

There’s a heavy warmth spreading to all parts of his body, from the tips of his fingers down to his toes. Jimin is so tempted to succumb to that warmth, to let it pull him under, to just breathe in deep and breathe out slow, to pull the sheets up a little higher over his naked torso, and to sink further into the softness of the mattress–

“Baby,” Jungkook tries again when Jimin doesn’t give any sort of response to him. There’s a teasing lilt to the word this time, and Jimin can hear his smirk. “It’s seven forty-five.”

A feeble huff escapes Jimin’s slightly parted lips, offended that Jungkook won’t just let him sleep. “What’s your point?” He mumbles. Jungkook’s bed is exceptionally well worn-in; it’s way too comfortable, and makes Jimin’s desire to open his eyes practically non-existent.

“Don’t you have class at eight?” Jungkook’s husky morning voice is laced with amusement, and the only reason that Jimin hasn’t actually sat up and whacked him over the head with a pillow is because he’s too lazy to spend that kind of energy at the moment.

“Sure, you act all considerate of my class schedule now.” Jimin mutters, burying his face deeper into the pillow, like he’s trying to hide from the mere thought of having to get up and go to class. “Why weren’t you this considerate an hour ago when you decided to wake me up?”

Jungkook chuckles softly. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Horny, Jungkook.” Even though Jimin’s words are muffled in the pillow, and even though his face is hidden, it’s easy to hear his deadpan expression. “You were horny.”

“Yeah. And because I was horny, I couldn’t sleep.”

“Well now I’m all sleepy.”

“I don’t really know why.” Jungkook muses. “I was the one who did all the work.”

Now that wakes Jimin right up. “Are you kidding me?” Abandoning his pillow, Jimin lifts his head and immediately fixes Jungkook with a wide-eyed, incredulous stare. “I was riding you!”

Jungkook appears to be more than pleased with Jimin’s reaction, and he doesn’t bother to hide the way that his cockiness seeps into his crooked grin. “Yeah, for like, two minutes.”

“It was not two minutes.” Jimin is quick to counter. “And even if it was, that’s still a lot of work at seven in the morning!” In truth, Jimin isn’t all that offended right now – he just wants to keep playing into it, and to keep pretending as if he’s seriously insulted by Jungkook’s playful dig at his endurance. But Jungkook is grinning at him so widely and so adorably that the scowl threatening to take over Jimin’s face melts into something softer instead.

Jimin shakes his head as if he’s disappointed, but the fondness in his eyes tells a completely different story. “Why are you so annoying?” He says with a smile.

“Why are you so fun to annoy?” Jungkook retorts, and Jimin repays him with a half-hearted shove.

Considering the sex they just had, and considering how early Jungkook woke him up for it, Jimin is lacking most of his strength and nearly all of his motivation. He doesn’t want to go to class. He doesn’t want to get out of bed at all. They don’t always get to partake in morning sex, in fact, it’s actually quite rare for them. And that’s probably a good thing.

This particular morning just happened to be one of those rare, special mornings where they actually had the chance to do it, because Jungkook’s roommate happened to be out of town for a while, so there was no need to worry about being too loud and accidentally waking him up. Yeah, Jungkook is considerate of his roommate…but Jimin wishes that Jungkook had spared that same consideration for him, because now he’s going to be exceptionally late to class, and will probably end up spending the day dozing off in his lectures.

It’s not that Jimin is complaining about the sex – he just wishes that he could go back to sleep for a few more hours, and that he didn’t have such an early class today.

Sighing, Jimin pushes a hand through his hair in a vain attempt to tame it, stray blonde strands sticking up every which way. “I’m gonna be so late, and then everyone’s gonna stare at me when I walk in. And it’s gonna be super awkward.” He turns onto his side to fully face Jungkook, propping himself up on an elbow with his head leaning against his hand. His lower lip sticks out like it wants to turn into a pout, and when he opens his mouth to speak, his voice is soft. “I really don’t wanna go…”

“Then don’t go.” Jungkook murmurs, leaning closer so that he can kiss Jimin’s shoulder. “Stay in bed with me.”

“I can’t.” Jimin bites the edge of his lip, eyes sweeping over Jungkook. “I should really go to class…” But there’s no conviction to back his words.

“Stay with me…” Jungkook knows exactly what he’s doing. He presses another kiss to Jimin’s shoulder. “I’ll skip my lecture at ten,” and he doesn’t stop there, leaves a trail of kisses down the length of Jimin’s arm. "We can stay in bed all morning,” and he finishes with a final kiss on Jimin’s wrist before he deems it sufficient, and lays his head back down on his pillow.

Jungkook’s dark hair falls messily over his eyes, and he’s wearing a lazy half-smile, and the gentle stream of sunlight filtering in through the half-open blinds makes his skin looks so soft and smooth, and Jimin would happily spend forever just lying there and admiring how beautiful Jungkook is.

He has absolutely no desire to say no to him.

Playfully flicking Jungkook’s forehead, Jimin shakes his head. “You’re a terrible influence on me, you know that?” The second that Jimin says those words – the second that he gives in – Jungkook’s arms are wrapping around him and pulling him down, so that he’s forced to lay against his chest. And Jimin doesn’t mind at all.

“You’re very easily influenced.”

“Only by you.”

A lopsided grin stretches across Jungkook’s face, and it’s so incredibly smug yet so insanely cute that it has Jimin leaning in to give him a peck right on that grin of his.

And, when Jimin pulls away after the little kiss, Jungkook’s grin only widens that much more. They’ve been together for over a year now, and every day, Jimin finds another reason to fall for him. There are countless reasons to love Jungkook, so many reasons that he’d have to spend more than one lifetime on this earth to fully appreciate him. There are so many reasons for Jimin to want to shower Jungkook in all of his love and all of his affection, and Jimin does it just as easily as the morning sun showers them in golden rays.

It’s probably a good thing that both Jimin and Jungkook live separately, and each have a roommate of their own, because if they didn’t, then they’d probably end up having a lot more mornings like this one, and they’d probably end up missing a lot more classes. And even though morning like these are wonderful, and even though Jimin wishes he could spend all day every day just lazing around in bed with Jungkook, he knows it would be totally irresponsible to do that.

Jimin knows they won’t be doing this all the time…so he figures he should enjoy it to the fullest.

Seeking out more of Jungkook’s lovely warmth, Jimin nuzzles his face into the crook of his neck. He hums softly, contentedly, letting his breath dance across Jungkook’s skin while Jungkook starts idly trailing his fingertips up and down his back. They’re both stripped down to nothing but their boxers, and Jimin likes how close he feels to Jungkook, likes how easily they can share their warmth, likes that he can feel Jungkook’s love radiating through him the same way that his body heat soaks into his own skin.

Jungkook is always so warm, and being with him is always so comforting, and he always smells so good, and everything about him is so perfect, so perfectly tailored to suit each of Jimin’s needs. Jimin often finds himself falling so hard for him that it feels like he might just fall right into him.

The steady rise and fall of Jungkook’s chest lulls Jimin even further into a state of ease, and his body practically melts into Jungkook’s, eyelids growing droopy as curls up against him, but just before Jimin’s eyes can fully close, Jungkook starts talking, his voice keeping Jimin's eyes open.

“We’re already skipping one class today.” Jungkook says, and Jimin can feel his words vibrating deep in his chest. “What’s stopping us from saying  fuck it, and not going to any of our classes?”

Jimin’s mouth twitches into a smile. “Our consciences.”

“Jimin,” Jungkook’s starts in a tone that Jimin knows all too well. “Baby.” He leans down while he pulls Jimin up, and soon, he’s scattering coaxing little kisses along the side of Jimin’s neck. “Let’s just stay in bed all day.” His hot breath tickles over Jimin’s skin, and Jimin has to resist the urge to giggle. “We can watch movies…cuddle, fuck, sleep,” Jungkook pauses for a moment, but keeps leaving his sweet, lazy kisses. “Fuck.”

“You’re such a sweet talker.” Jimin snickers.

“It’s why you fell for me.” Jungkook teases right back, a playful little quirk to his lips.

“Mm.” Jimin nods. “That, and your big–”


Jimin laughs, bright enough to rival the morning sun. “Heart, baby.” He lightly pats Jungkook on the chest, “I was gonna say your heart.”

“Ugh,” Jungkook rolls his eyes. “That’s such a you thing to say.”

“Your dick is pretty nice, though.”

The amount of fondness evident in Jungkook’s gaze after Jimin says those particular words is almost comical. Jungkook reaches out, delicately brushing back Jimin’s hair from his eyes. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

Jimin can’t tame his smile, can’t ever control it when it comes to Jungkook and his silliness. Leave it to Jungkook to respond with something like that when he gets a compliment about his dick. Jungkook is ridiculous…and Jimin loves that about him.

“You might’ve mentioned it once or twice.” Jimin muses teasingly.

Jungkook considers that for a moment, but his brief pause doesn’t do anything to hinder the playful atmosphere that they’d created for themselves. “So you’re probably getting tired of me saying it, then…”

Lower lip jutting out, Jimin puts his pout on full display. “No,” he whines, making sure to draw the out. He presses himself closer to Jungkook’s side, practically clinging to him. “Tell me you love me.” He’s heard it more times than he can count, but he’ll never get tired of hearing Jungkook say it. Ever.

“You really want me to?” Jungkook cocks an eyebrow, teasing as always, and Jimin nods his head fervently.

“Tell me.” Jimin says softly, almost pleadingly.

“You sure?”

“Please, baby.”

Despite all their teasing, and despite just how ridiculous they can sometimes get, Jungkook’s eyes are still alight with genuine affection as he sits up and leans over Jimin, and Jimin lets the adoration in his eyes wrap around him in a blanket of warmth.

“I love you.” Jungkook says, and those words have Jimin smiling the second that they leave his lips. “I love you, Jimin” he repeats, following it up with a kiss to Jimin’s forehead. “Always will,” and this time Jimin is rewarded with a kiss right on the tip of his nose.

Jungkook says I love you again, and kisses the corner of Jimin’s mouth, but he doesn’t stop there. He does it again and again until he’s covered every inch of Jimin’s face in a precious little kiss. Each kiss leaves Jimin dizzy, each one has his smile growing bigger and his heart feeling fuller to the point where it feels like it’s on the brink of bursting with love. Once Jungkook seems satisfied with his attack of affection, he pulls back, just enough so that he can get a good look at Jimin’s smiling, flushed face.

Jimin looks up at Jungkook, openly admiring his big bright eyes and his charming smile and his fluffy hair. He’s just as smitten with him now as he was when they first started dating, and Jimin knows he’ll spend the rest of his life completely and utterly smitten with Jeon Jungkook.

“So,” Jungkook hums, lifting his chin expectantly. “I gave you what you wanted. Now aren’t you gonna say it back?”

Those kisses from Jungkook were so sweet that now Jimin finds himself in the middle of a sugar rush, finding himself to be more energetic than he’d been before. “Make me.” Jimin fires back daringly, a jolt of giddy excitement running straight through him, feeling like a little kid that just splashed in a rain puddle after his mother warned him not to.

“Make you?” Jungkook raises his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth lifting challengingly. “Yeah? You really want me to?”

Jimin doesn’t even get a chance to reply. There’s no time for him to offer up any more words of defiance. Before Jimin even knows what’s happening, he’s lying flat on his back, pinned down to the mattress. Jungkook sits on his legs, effectively immobilizing them, and he uses one hand to hold Jimin’s wrists together, while his other hand goes to work tickling him.

Jungkook spares no mercy. He’s relentless in his attack – tickling Jimin’s stomach and sides – all of his most sensitive spots are exposed, and consequentially exploited. Jimin throws his head back, his laughter squeaking its way out of his open mouth as he squirms around in the sheets.

“Say it.”  Jungkook’s voice shakes with laughter of his own, and even though Jimin’s eyes are squeezed shut right now, he knows that if he were to open them, he’d see Jungkook smiling down at him.

“N-no!” Jimin barely manages to speak, practically drowning in his own giggles at this point, but he’s determined not to surrender, wants to hold out as long as he can.

“Say it.” Jungkook urges once again, finding a new place to focus on, and he starts to tickle underneath Jimin’s chin, causing him to tuck it to his chest and clamp down on Jungkook’s fingers.

It doesn’t deter Jungkook, though. He keeps at it, tickling Jimin like he’s being paid to do it, and Jimin is still trapped underneath him, unable to do anything but wriggle around helplessly. It doesn’t take long for Jimin’s stomach to start aching, and for his jaw to grow sore from all the laughing and excessively big smiling, and he can’t take a single second more of it.

“Okay – okay!” Jimin gives in, breathless as he finally submits. “I love you, I love you!”

Jungkook backs off immediately, and when Jimin peeks his eyes open, the first thing he sees is an incredibly smug looking Jungkook.

“There.” Jungkook rolls over onto his own side of the bed, and Jimin finally gets a chance to properly breathe. “Was that so hard?”

“Harder than it should’ve been.” Jimin quips, still trying to catch his breath and recover from all the excitement. “You seriously almost made me pee your bed.” 

“Wouldn’t be the first time your bodily fluids ended up in my bed.” Jungkook points out.

His suggestive remarks never fail to simultaneously amaze and amuse Jimin. Jungkook is certainly one of a kind.

Such a romantic.” Jimin notes, not bothering to conceal his sarcasm.  

“Add that to the list of reasons why you love me.”

“Jungkook, if I actually had to write out a list of all the reasons why I love you, I’d never be able to finish it.” Jimin flutters his eyelashes in a show of exaggerated sweetness. “There’s not enough paper or ink in the world.”

“Well it’s a good thing we live in the twenty-first century, so you don’t have to rely on quill pens and parchment to write stuff down.” Jungkook shrugs. “You have a notes app on your phone.”

Jimin doesn’t say anything for a moment. He just blinks at Jungkook, allowing the silence that settles between them to stretch on long enough for it to become a little uncomfortable. And only then does he finally speak. “I just said something super cute to you, and that’s how you respond?”

There’s not even the faintest trace of remorse on Jungkook’s face as he regards Jimin. “I couldn’t resist.” He admits, amusement twinkling in his dark eyes.

“Is that so?” Jimin begins rather haughtily, and even though he isn’t actually upset, he still crosses his arms over his chest and pretends to be. “Well now you have to say something cute to make up for it.”

The playful spark in Jungkook’s gaze never wavers, and there’s still that same little smile on his lips, staying there like it never wants to leave. “Jimin.”

Jimin waits patiently for Jungkook to continue on and say something more, but after a few moments of nothing more than silent staring, he figures that Jungkook is drawing a blank, and needs some sort of prompting. Jimin raises his eyebrows expectantly. “Well?”

“You said that I have to say something cute, and I did.” Jungkook answers simply. At first, Jimin doesn’t quite understand what Jungkook is trying to get at, but it’s only a couple seconds before a lightbulb goes off in his head, and now he has to press his hand against his mouth to keep himself from bursting out into laughter. “You’re like, the embodiment of cute.” Jungkook sits up a bit and slides his arm around Jimin’s waist, pulling him closer, and Jimin doesn’t resist as he readjusts their positions. “Nothing that I, or anyone else can say, will ever be cuter than Jimin.”

Seemingly satisfied with his own explanation, Jungkook lays back once more, bringing Jimin down with him, and Jimin willingly snuggles in against to his side, eager to feel his body heat once more as if he hadn’t just been cuddling up to him mere moments prior.

“I want to be mad at you, but I can’t be. I’m mad that I can’t be mad at you.” Jimin murmurs, lazily draping his arm over Jungkook’s stomach. “You’re impossible to be mad at, I hope you’re happy.”

“What are you talking about?” Jungkook snorts. “You get mad at me all the time.”

“Do not.”

“Do too.”

“Yeah?” Jimin is skeptical. “Like when?” He’s honestly interested to hear what Jungkook has to say, because he can’t ever remember a time when he’s been seriously mad at him. Jungkook really is impossible to be upset with.

“When I wouldn’t tell you what I wanted for Christmas, you pretty much ignored me for a whole entire day.” Jungkook answers, a certain smugness colouring his tone.

“Because you were being annoying, and you wouldn’t give me any gift ideas.” Jimin points out quickly, before Jungkook can get too cocky and start thinking that he’d won their little argument. “You avoided the question every time I asked. And all I wanted to do was get you the perfect present.”

“Or when I pulled a couple all nighters to finish my paper last semester, you sent me some very strongly worded text messages.”

“I just wanted you to get some sleep – I wanted to make sure that you were taking care of yourself.”

“Or when I don’t add a heart emoji when I send you my goodnight texts, you get kinda pissy.”

“Okay, but only as a joke. I don’t get seriously mad at that.” Jimin glances off to the side, mumbling his next words underneath his breath. “Just slightly bothered.”

Jungkook shakes his head, smiling. “Or when you tripped and fell in the cafeteria that one time, you got mad at me.”

Jimin lifts his head from where it had been resting against Jungkook’s chest, just so he can properly narrow his eyes at him. “That’s because you were laughing at me, and you took a picture of me sprawled out on the floor before you came over to help me up. And then you made that picture your phone’s background.”

“It was a funny picture – I smiled every time I looked at my phone.”

Nibbling at his lower lip in thought, Jimin quiets down as he relives that one particular memory. The emotional scars from that day hadn’t fully healed over yet. “Are you trying to make me mad right now? Because it’s kind of working.”

Jungkook’s eyes are bright as he laughs, and as if to appease Jimin, he wraps his arms around him, squeezing him so that both Jimin’s own arms are pinned to his sides, and he has no choice but to be pulled in tight against Jungkook’s chest once more. “You’re so grumpy in the morning.” He coos.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”


“Prove it, then.” Jungkook taunts.

“Prove it?” Jimin raises his eyebrows, and despite his best efforts to contain his smile, when he sees the grin stretching across Jungkook’s lips, Jimin can’t help but mirror it. “How?” Jungkook’s hold on him loosens, giving Jimin a chance to roll off Jungkook and turn over onto his side to face him.

“Give me a kiss.”

“A kiss?” It’s a serious struggle for Jimin to stop himself from giggling at how adorable his boyfriend is.


Now, Jungkook is laying on his side so that they’re facing one another, and the way he’s staring at Jimin while smiling has Jimin’s heart fluttering in his chest. There’s so much affection shining in Jungkook’s pretty eyes that Jimin feels his heart melt, and he can’t help but think how lucky he is that he’s the object of Jungkook’s affection.

Just him.

Tilting his head to the side, Jimin lets out a soft hum. “And what if I don’t want to give you a kiss?” When Jungkook cocks a brow, Jimin smiles sweetly. “What if I want to give you two kisses?” He leans in, getting rid of what little space had been between them, so that they’re breathing each other’s air, so that he can nearly feel the brush of Jungkook’s lips on his own as he speaks. “Or three?”

Jungkook’s faint chuckle rumbles soft and low in his chest. “If you’re gonna give me three, then you might as well just give me a fourth one, too.”

“Now you’re just getting greedy.” Jimin teases, and when another smile breaks out over Jungkook’s face, Jimin makes sure to plant a kiss right on that beautiful smile of his. “One.” Jimin counts out loud, and doesn’t waste any time before going in for another. "Two,” he kisses Jungkook again, and this time pauses just long enough to pull and back observe the way that Jungkook has his eyes closed and lips puckered as he waits for the press of Jimin’s lips on his own.

Jimin takes a mental picture, knows he’ll cherish this memory forever, just as much as he cherishes all of his other memories with Jungkook. “Three,” Jimin’s next kiss is as sweet as the other two were, and even though each of these kisses are nothing more than a quick peck, they’re all filled with an endless amount of his love. With his chest so full of affection that it feels like it may just burst, Jimin leans in once more, eyelids fluttering shut. “Four,” he murmurs as he gives Jungkook his fourth and final kiss.

At least, Jimin intended it to be the final kiss.

Jungkook seemed to have other plans, though. Before Jimin can pull away, Jungkook reaches out, taking Jimin’s face in both his hands, keeping him close.

“Five,” Jungkook says against his lips, the heat of his palms warming Jimin’s already rosy cheeks. “Six,” Jungkook gives him another one, “seven,” and another, “eight,” and another. By the time he’s giving Jimin a ninth kiss, Jimin is smiling so big that he’s pretty much just kissing Jimin’s teeth.

Jungkook draws back, letting go of Jimin, appearing more than pleased with the effect his kisses had on him. Because damn, did they ever have an effect.

“Why’d you stop at nine?” Jimin finds it in himself to whine, but the smile adorning his lips makes it impossible to pout. “That’s an uneven number,” he bats his lashes innocently, “you gotta give me one more.”

Jungkook snickers, but he doesn’t hesitate to oblige. He kisses the edge of Jimin’s smile, which of course only causes that smile to grow that much wider, and his heart to feel that much fuller. “Ten.” Jungkook parts from him, eyes staying fixed on Jimin and only Jimin, even as he slowly lowers himself down so that he’s lying on his back once more.


“We’re so sappy.” Jungkook wrinkles his nose a little. “It’s gross.” But the notion of their sappiness seems to have him more amused than sickened.

“Disgusting.” Jimin agrees with a nod, and when Jungkook opens up his arms a little, Jimin takes the hint and immediately cuddles up next to him.

An easy silence soon settles around them, and Jimin enjoys the quiet sweetness of this moment. He enjoys the sunlight trickling in through the half-opened blinds so that it bathes the room in a soft golden glow, enjoys the gentle sound of Jungkook’s breathing as his chest rises and falls steadily, and he enjoys the feeling that surrounds him now – the feeling of warmth and comfort, the feeling that he and Jungkook are the only two people on this planet. They’re off in their own little world – they often find themselves lost in it – and Jimin absolutely adores the world that they’ve created for themselves.

Jimin’s gaze wanders up to Jungkook’s face, and he notices that his eyelids have slipped shut. Smiling softly, Jimin delicately traces his fingertips over Jungkook’s jawline, freely admiring just how beautiful he is. And he wonders if his beautiful boyfriend has already fallen asleep.

“Jungkook?” Jimin whispers, still lightly grazing over Jungkook’s skin. “Baby, are you tired?”

“Mm.” Jungkook doesn’t open his eyes when he gives his hum of affirmation.

And while Jungkook seems to be tired, Jimin on the other hand, is feeling rather playful.

“Okay…” Jimin says slowly. And even though Jungkook’s eyes are closed right now and he can’t see what sort of expression Jimin is wearing, Jimin still digs his teeth into his lower lip to try to hide the smile that threatens to take over his face. “So I guess that means no round two?” He asks, calculated innocence lacing his tone.

Jungkook’s reaction is instantaneous. His eyes snap open, and he sits up so fast that it startles Jimin. “I said I’m tired.” Jungkook says pointedly, moving to lean back against the headboard. “Not dead.”

Jimin doesn’t even try to stifle his laughter. He lets it spill into the room, lets Jungkook and his silliness sweep him away. “I love you.”

Jungkook clicks his tongue. “Are you just saying that to get into my pants?” 

“Totally.” Jimin rolls his eyes, but his smile remains on his face as he crawls into Jungkook’s lap.

“Knew it.” Jungkook hesitates, eyes doing a slow sweep over Jimin’s face before he leans in and kisses his forehead. “Love you too.”

“You’re so sweet in the mornings.” Jimin muses, head tilting to the side as he carefully pushes Jungkook’s hair back, out of his eyes.

“What’re you talking about? I’m always sweet.”

“I know, but right now you’re extra sweet. And right now, everything just feels so much…” Jimin trails off, sighing dreamily. “I don’t know. Softer.”

“Softer?” Jungkook repeats, raising his eyebrows. “Okay, well enjoy it while it lasts, ‘cause I’m about to get hard here real quick.”

“Jungkook.” Jimin laughs breathily, arms wrapping around Jungkook’s neck so that he doesn’t lose his balance and fall when he tips his back and looks up at the ceiling. He hears Jungkook snickering, and the sound of it makes Jimin feel even giddier, makes him giggle even more, surrendering himself to the happiness that Jungkook blesses him with wherever they happen to be.

The sun has only just risen, and Jimin’s already smiled more times than he can count, already laughed so much that his stomach is nearly aching. The sun has only just risen, and Jimin already can’t help but feel like today’s been one of the best days of his life.

Then again…every day is the best day if it’s a day spent with Jungkook.