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Teen Wolf Alphabet

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Hello, this is my second book. My first book is "I Choose You", check it out. The idea for this book came from reading a lot fan fiction on Dark Angel curious? It is a Cyberpunk TV series with Jessica Alba's character as Max - a genetic enhance super human. A few stories center around the Alphabet challenge and I enjoyed them. Check it out on 

So for this book is about the Teen Wolf characters and it will be in alphabetical order. Each letters will be one shot with different pack members. It varies from fiction, AU, humor and maybe to a little bit historical-ish. I hope you enjoy this and don't forget to give your thoughts as the book continues on. 

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Scott groans and throws the pen on the desk and lean back on his chair. He is in the home office; going over his work. He sighs and looks around the office; his eyes drawing to the photo frames around the room. It’s been twenty years since the pack defeated Monroe’s army.

He looks around and admires how far the pack has come all these years. Scott smiles at a photo of the pack then. Stiles, Scott, Malia and Lydia at their senior year in High School right before the Ghost Riders. His eyes wander to a single a shot of Malia, his heart swell at the photo. It was a month after the Anuk-Ite and they were in New Mexico chasing a lead on a werewolf and they were sleeping in a motel. Scott woke up to a sleeping Malia with sheets wrapped around her. Couldn’t resist; Scott took out his phone and took a picture, before she woke up and attacked him. They are still going on strong.

His eyes move to the next photo; this one of his mom and Chris on their wedding day. Scott remembers that it was the happiness time he had seen his mother. They got married five years ago and it was a tearful day. Even Malia shed a tear. The next photo is of Stiles and Lydia’s wedding day; Scott chuckle at the photo. Stiles in his suit; dipped Lydia down for a kiss. She was wearing a white dress and she wrapped her left leg around Stiles’ leg, Malia in her lilac bride maid’s dress and a visible baby bump stood next to Lydia with the bouquet of flowers held up in front of her face and Scott in his best man suit smirked at the couple.

At the next photos, Scott’s smile widens. It is full with the kids of the pack; McCall kids, Stilinski Kids, Hale kids, Dunbar Kids, Raeken kids and kids of the other member of the pack. The photos are from their different stages of their lives; birth, first birthday, first day of school, Halloween costumes and so on. Whenever they get together, it will always be a noisy affairs and Scott couldn’t imagine his life without them.

Photos of families and friends scatter around the room; Scott took a moment to appreciate the moment frozen in time and its memory behind it. These are his family, his pack and he couldn’t trade them for anything else. For the one thing remind constant throughout the years; is that without them, Scott wouldn’t be what he is now and for that he is grateful.




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Stiles sputter out the coffee in his mouth and turn towards the person sitting on his right at the table.

“What?” Stiles exclaimed; eyes wide open.

Noah Junior; his eleven years old son sigh and repeat his question slowly.  “How are babies made?”

They were having breakfast in the kitchen, Lydia is busy in her office and Natalie; his six years old daughter is outside playing with the family dog. Stiles put down his cup slowly and tap his fingers on the table. He suddenly feels hot and sweaty. He never thought he would answer this question now! He clears his throat, trying to find the right words.

“Well you remember how the story goes, right?” Not giving a chance for his son to reply, he continues.

“See when mummy and daddy decided to have a baby so um…….,” Stiles pause and thought it over; so far so good.

“They sent a letter to the storks and they bring the baby to mummy and daddy,” Stiles finished; feeling satisfy with himself.

Noah frown and narrow his eyes at his dad. “Hey, that’s a movie!”

Stiles nervously loosen his tie and run his hands through his hair. “Well, it’s the same.”

“Dad, it’s a cartoon to entertain kids when they are bore. I want to know how babies are really made,” Noah sighed.

Stiles groans inward, there’s a downside of been a smart parent – your own kid is smarter than you. Stiles mentally prepare himself and try to explain again.

“,” Stiles stalked.

“It’s like a small seed…..remember your flower seeds mom asked you to plant?” Stiles asked. Noah nods.

“Just like that,” Stiles proclaimed. Noah stares in confusion. “That’s it?”

Stiles nod his head and drink his lukewarm coffee. Noah continues to stare at him, his mind working.

“Am going to ask mom,” Noah proclaims and stand up. Stiles hold up his hands to stop him.

“Hang on, I think I’ve explain everything.”

“Dad, you didn’t make sense. Maybe you don’t know. I’ll just ask mom and she will tell me,” Noah said.

Stiles opens and closes his mouth. He is really bad at this. “Ok, tuck in your shirt before you go see your mom,” he caution.

After he run off for her mother’s office, Stile sigh and drop his head on the table. He is so sleeping on the couch tonight.


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Derek groaned as the morning sunlight hits his face. He turned on his right and sighed contently. A warm snuggle into him, hair tickling his nose. Derek grinned with his eyes close and pulls the body close to him.

“Careful werewolf am only human,” a soft feminine voice announced.

Derek chuckle and open his eyes to stare into a pair of chocolate eyes set off with caramel skin color, black hair falling over her shoulders and sheets drape over her waist.

“Good morning, hon,” Derek greeted.

“Good morning,” Braeden answered back.

Derek grinned at her and lower his head to kiss her. Braeden push up to meet him half way. Lips meet greedily, hands moving along bodies. Finally Braeden break the kiss and push Derek off gently.

“Hold it wolf, we’re not alone,” she reminded him. Derek groaned.

“Don’t remind me,” Derek said. Braeden laughed at him.

It’s been ten years after the war, eight years into their marriages, six years into handling their roles as parents and Derek wouldn’t dream of changing it for the anything in the world.

Derek though back to when he met the ex-mercenary, a badass woman who give no bullshit to anyone. She survived an attack from the alpha pack; go through hunter’s territory to save Derek and Peter. He also remembers the first time they slept together.

It was so intense; it’s a wonder that the loft remind standing. He remembers walking up with her in his arms around her. It was a moment that Derek felt regret and happiness at the simple gesture of holding her in his arms and cuddling with her. He was feeling regret because he will never get to hold someone this close again. Happiness because he got to enjoyed it with someone he actually trusted.

His memories are interrupted when Braeden cuddle into his arms.

“What are you thinking of?” she asked.

“Our first cuddle,” Derek smiled against her hair.

Braeden snorted.  Derek chuckled at her and press her into his body; perfectly moulding her body to his and tighten his arms.

“Snort all you want but I am very fond of that memory,” Derek said.

Braeden kiss his bare chest and chuckle. “Mine too.”

“I love you,” Derek whispered.

“I love you too,” she whispered back.

Just then there are feet running on the floor outside their bedroom door. 

“Mom! Dad!” a voice shouted outside the door.

Derek sighed and pull Braeden into his embrace.

“Uncle Derek!” another voice called out.

“Let’s get out of here before they break down the door,” Braeden chuckled.

“One more cuddle,” Derek suggested and kiss her.