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Up All Night - Impure Fantasies

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"Miss Gordon, I'm surprised to see you in a club, are you even old enough to be here?" I ask half-teasing her, but I need desperately to know.

"Are you here alone, or...?" I ask glancing quickly around.

"Yes, I'm here alone, Dad's not here, please don't say anything to him about seeing me here, please? I just had to get out of the house for a while."

There's a lot that her father doesn't know, and I would never honestly tell Jim what his daughter is up to, it would compromise my own secret, because honestly, how else would I know?

"Feels like house arrest?" I joke, but that makes her frown.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Let me buy you another soda," I grin.

I signal to the bartender and get two sodas. My playboy smile works wonders and she shyly smiles.

"No, that's not it, well, not completely," she hesitates, then blushes.

"It's about a guy," she confessed and her face glows even redder, "One I probably shouldn't even like, but I can't help but think about him all the time, especially when, um, oh never mind."

Her voice gets soft, she's feeling embarrassed.

She looks adorable. 

That same blush she gets when she's looking at...

Batman - me? I'm the guy?

She's thinking about Batman?

This is too close, I didn't think it had gone this far, but apparently, it had.

I thought it was merely a girlish crush that could just work it's way out and disappear.

"Does he know how you feel about him?" I ask, trying hard to keep from losing my shit, but how can I not if it's me she's thinking about.

"I'm not sure if he notices me at all, he doesn't seem to, but he can be, well, really silent and mysterious."

She looks sad once again.

It pains me to watch.

She seems to need someone to talk to, and me and my weakness for redheads...

Oh boy, I'm in big trouble.

I can't help but continue, "Is this guy worth it, I mean, would your father approve?"

"Yes, I know he's worth it, even if it breaks my heart, and hell no, dad wouldn't approve of anyone, even if the guy comes across as a perfect man."

She sighs. "My Dad treats me like I might shatter easily, as if I'm a china doll, even though I've taken self defense for years. He refuses to let me see any guy over the age of six."

"Fathers are always overprotective, especially in Gotham, it's a dangerous city. If I had a daughter, I'd probably do the same thing to keep her safe."

"I know he means well, but I want a social life too, I'm only human. You're actually pretty nice, Mister Wayne, thanks for letting me unload a little. You won't tell him?"

"I never saw you tonight, I was drinking and chasing women over at the Iceberg Lounge, I was never here at all," I grin.

She laughs in agreement with me, it's a happy sound, finally.

My skirt-chasing reputation precedes me.

"You wouldn't want to dance with an old dude like me, would you?"

Why did I just say that?

"You're not that old, Mister Wayne, you're much younger than my dad, anyway. Sure, I think I will dance with you, I can use the distraction."

"Please, don't call me Mister Wayne, that sounds like my father, call me Bruce," I say as I escort her to the dance floor.

What am I doing?

Why did I ask her to dance?

Because I'm dying to be near her, though I shouldn't be.


It's a slow song and I place my hand on her waist and lead her smoothly across the floor.

She smiles and follows the steps perfectly.

Of course, she's as light on her feet as she ever is, and her steps are smooth and graceful. 


The song ends much too soon, she felt so good in my arms.

A faster song begins, she smiles at me and looks like she wants to continue to dance, so we do.

I'm enjoying this.


It's getting late so I ask if she wants me to drive her home. It's dark out, and this is Gotham City.

I happen to know she has school tomorrow, but I can't speak of that.

I shouldn't know, but I do.

I always have to know everything about my allies.

She considers it for a moment, and agrees, asking me to drop her off at the end of her block.

After she leaves, I spy on her, watching her climb up the fire escape and into her bedroom window.

I now know just where it is, and I'm feeling tempted, but I leave quickly before I change into my uniform and climb up after her. Her legs looked great in a dress.

I wonder how she'd react if Batman came in through her window?

She's so beautiful, she's perfect.

But I'm not supposed to know her identity.

I think about her as I drive home and then I realize I never found a companion for the night.


I'm still so aroused, I turn the car around and head to a particular gentleman's club where I'm a member.

It's clean, lively, and the ladies there are totally friendly.

I can't go home blue-balled.

Not tonight.

I have needs that must be satisfied.