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Up All Night - I Can't Sleep Thinking of Him

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Being seventeen and filled with lustful dirty fantasies keeps her awake tonight. 

Her thoughts turn to Batman. 

She shouldn't want him.

She shouldn't fantasize about him.  

She shouldn't lust after him.

But she does.

He's attractive, of course, but it seems that he doesn't even notice her. Or does he?

Either that, or he tries to ignore her.
She wants him bad, and wishes that he would do something.... something wonderful.

Like ... Kiss her. 

Ravish her.

Make wild love to her 

But he doesn't. Probably never will. 

He's probably too old for her.

She shouldn't desire him, but she can't help it. 

That rock-solid body, that chiseled chin, and those dark brooding eyes set her aflame. 

Not to mention his tightly fitted costume. All of those muscles, and that gorgeous ass!

It makes her burn for him.

There's only one solution... she's gonna have to do something very soon, or explode!




I need some sleep tonight, but sleep is toying with me. It's been like this for weeks on end... 

I'm too aroused to sleep.

The more I try, the more my thoughts run around in my mind like they're laughing at and teasing me enough to keep me wide awake.

And, God, I'm so horny!

Okay, okay, the thrills I got from earlier, and the adrenaline rush from catching those criminals tonight with Batman next to me might have something to do with this, and I do love the feeling I get from it...


There's still a part of me that needs to get approval from Batman.

He somehow acts as if it might kill him if he ever gave out a compliment on my work.

An occasional word, saying, 'Good job, Batgirl", would go a long way to making him appear more human.

That man must be made of stone.

He can be so harsh and insensitive.

The other thing I should have resolved by now is that lustful fascination I still have for him.

I can't control it lately. At. All.

Just standing near him gets me so hot and horny.

He never admits he's aware of it, but Batman never misses anything.

How can he know how I feel and yet act so cold?

He behaves indifferently, of course, but me?

Well, I'm not very good at hiding my emotions at all!

I blush so easily.

I never was as good at hiding my feelings as he is, that's his skillset, not mine.

We're such opposites.

Oh, I want him so much! Need him!

So why do I begin fantasizing about him when I'm too wound up to sleep, even though he barely bothers to give me a glance?

It's always all about the mission with him.

Why do I keep hoping he would finally pull me against him and kiss me some night after our patrols?

I sure wouldn't avoid him.

Should I make the first move? Any move?

Kiss him just because, I -- well...

Just because I want to.

Because I need to.

So the question is, if he's aware of how I feel about him, why doesn't he do anything, say anything besides, "Focus, Batgirl"?

Of course, he must be aware, he knows everything about everyone, he's the God-Damned Batman!

He's probably aware of when I eat, sleep, or pee, for God's sake, because he must know everything about his allies at all times.

He probably knows my identity from our first meeting. Or maybe I just hope he knows. 

He doesn't trust others easily. Sometimes doesn't trust anyone. Working together all this time and he acts like a complete stranger.

Doesn't he realize how much I desire him, wanting him to shove me up against a wall and fuck the living shit out of me?

Just ... Use me like a damned sex toy and screw me hard until I scream!

That's what I want, I want him to fuck me relentlessly hard and fast until we both come, screaming!


All right, well, at least I have my rabbit vibrator stashed under the bed. 

I suppose that it's time to relieve the aching need in my cunt, the need that will go unfulfilled by him, at least, tonight.

But he can be a part of my fantasy world, he can't control that part of my world, that's all mine!

I imagine I'm stripping my clothes off slowly for him.

I remove my things one piece at a time, gradually, teasing him as I imagine he's watching me. Closely. 

He's staring, powerless to look away. Memorizing my body.

His eyes squint and narrow, he presses his lips together and stares hard at me, as his heart beats faster.

Then he bites his lip. Trying to stay in control. 

He's scrutinizing me, he's mesmerized and becoming obviously aroused.

His cock grows harder, larger, and I'm staring at him now, too.

His hand heads for his erect member.

I continue to strip down deliberately for him.

I give him a great performance.

My bra and panties follow, and now I'm fully revealed.



He's definitely staring hotly now, gnawing and sucking at his lips.

Panting faster with lust.

He yearns for me, my strip-tease has him heated up, and his self-control is becoming hard, really hard, uh, to maintain, that is.

I turn on my rabbit and slather my cunt with lube, and tease the outer lips of my pussy.

I imagine that it's his tongue teasing me, refusing to satisfy me too soon.

I turn up the dial on my vibrator and feel those sweet vibrations penetrating my core and soon they're going through my entire body, making delicious sensations shoot from my toy as it touches my throbbing pussy, I'm rubbing sweet slow torturous circles around the very edges of my clit.

In my trance it's his huge callused fingers that are stroking me, he knows exactly how I want to be touched --  firmly, deliberately, intensely, and kinda rough, too.

 I'm beginning to pulse and throb in all of the right places as my walls start to pulse and contract, and I feel those thrills build and I begin to moan softly...

"Oh, Batman, that feels soo good, please, please, don't stop yet."

Oh yes!

I'm gasping in pleasure as he touches me, as one of his meaty fingers slips inside, curling and doing something delicious to me, pumping in time with his strokes and teasing licks..




I imagine that he's creating nice lazy circles around my slippery pink lips and clit, I'm so wet thinking about him...

His eyes are aflame as I begin to fall apart, while my whole body climaxes beneath him  from his skilled fingers.

He nudges my thighs apart and samples my juices, licking me like I'm an ice cream cone, and he doesn't want to waste a single sweet drop.

Oh, that tongue!

He's so talented, so good...

His fingers roll my hard nipples between them, driving me wild with desire and need.

"Oh, Batman, yes, YES!"  I cry out.


He murmurs in my ear, "Come for me now, Batgirl", as he slowly teases my pussy rubbing his huge hard cock against me, and I can't help but obey his orders.

As I'm climaxing he enters me with one hard thrust, and oh, I feel so full, he's ginormous!

He's pumping me so hard.

In, out, in, out, in, out ...

My bed is shaking with his every thrust.

My body is trembling, throbbing, dripping...

I'm crying out again, all my self  control is gone...

I'm climaxing again -- and again ... and I scream,

"Oh, oh, OH, yeah!!!"

My body convulses, my toes curl from all the pleasure he gives me, oh, fuck me... Oh!

I'm wet, I'm sweating, dripping, gasping for breath!

God, I needed that release... I wonder if the real thing will even compare with my own dirty little fantasy?

As soon as my heart stops pounding, and my body stops spasming and settles again I go to the bathroom and clean myself up, now I'm ready for a sleep, gotta love those sex endorphins!

Now, I can finally fall asleep as my eyes begin to dreamily close, I'm still feeling all of those delicious aftershocks...

Throbbing,  pulsating, falling...

Goodnight, my Dark Knight, you'll never return my feelings, will you, but I really wish you would. I'd bone you any time, any place!

I could give you so much happiness. I'll make you cum like a fountain over, and over. 

You could make me so happy too.

Just screw me good, Batman, fuck me now!

If only you'd try.

Perhaps both of us will be together one day.

If the stars align perfectly...

Sharing a bed, screwing each others brains out...

I need you so bad...


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I needed to escape my head for a while, so I headed to a bar downtown that always features live music.

I sat at the bar and ordered a Coke.

At least they don't need to check my I.D. for a soda.

My toes were tapping against the footrest when my peripheral vision caught someone kind of nice looking and very tall approaching.

I was not planning on getting hit on or picked up, so I turned around to tell this dude that I really wasn't interested.

But this wasn't any stranger, to my surprise it was my Dad's friend, Bruce Wayne.

I had suspected he could be Batman for a while, but he somehow seemed too different, too foppish, too weak, too much of a womanizer.

Or, was that all just a clever ruse? That would be a clever cover, after all, wouldn't it?

It would have been nice if it really was him, though, huh.

He has that same kind of muscular build that drives me wild, but that's just impossible, he drinks too much, and doesn't seem to actually apply himself to anything.

It is impossible, isn't it?!

He's so different...

He's just too wrong...

He started to say something flirtatious to me, and then it seemed that he must have mistaken me for somebody else.

Someone older, I guess. 

Anyone else.

I'm not exactly the kind of female that attracts his type.

I certainly wasn't the type a guy like him went for, no matter how much he drank. 

He recognized me by name, it wasn't like I'd never been Dad's plus one over the years, so we'd already been introduced socially.

He'd even visited Dad sometimes when he had some new WayneTech goodies for the force, almost on the level of Batman's, which apparently sometimes got stolen now and then from Wayne's warehouses.

You'd think a guy that rich would have better security, right?

Then again, Batman would find some way to break in. They should just make some business deal, right?

As bad as his reputation made him seem, he had a secret side that tried to fix this corrupt city, and I admired the contributions he gave away for free.

A tax write off, sure, but I sensed something more. Something good deep down. 

Dad explained that some of his weird quirks probably stemmed from his childhood.

That, I understood, I'd lost my birth parents in an accident, too. 

Well, he started to talk to me anyway.

Oh, why the hell not, I figured he was good-looking, you know, for an older man, and Dad was friends with him since he was about twelve.

And I had to talk to someone soon, or I would burst.

I begged him, "Please dont tell my dad that you'd seen me out at a bar, he would would have a heart attack." 

Surprisingly, he smiled at me and agreed, "Sure," and even bought us both a couple of Cokes.

My crush story partially spilled out, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a complete secret.

He's really easy to talk to, and I felt i could trust him.

I told him a little about the "mystery man" I liked, well, sort of.

(Why did I do that? That big mouth of mine!)

I said he was quiet and mysterious and handsomely built.

It was a little embarrassing to admit my inner feelings and I was probably blushing-- a lot!

He listened as I talked, and asked me if this 'guy' I was interested in was worth all this, and I replied, "I'm sure he is. Very much worth it."

"But my Father won't let me date anyone at all, he's so strict." 

Bruce was incredibly sympathetic, then he surprised me and asked me to dance.

I had been dying to dance all evening and agreed, "Yes, I'd love to, thanks."



It was strange how dancing with him felt oddly familiar.

Incredibly familiar.

Sense memories felt so powerful.

The way he moved soundlessly, the exact way his hand felt firmly on my waist.

I remembered Batman training me how to navigate the roofs, with him at my side promising he wouldn't let fall as we were grappling from one roof to another, with one hand steadying me exactly like this.

This was mind-blowing!

I coyly glanced up to his face, he was genuinely smiling.

It was almost unnerving.

Batman never smiled, but Bruce was really smiling.

I wasn't sure if he knew my secret, but then again... well, I supposed I could play along.

We stayed on the dance floor for a second song, and time was flying by as we danced and talked.

Bruce checked his watch and remarked that it was getting late, and offered me a ride home.

I realized he was right, it was after 11pm. Oops!

Besides, I had school in the morning.

I accepted a ride, and even if he wasn't Batman, he wouldn't pull something weird on his friend's daughter.

Well, I kinda hoped he might be Batman, if my suspicions were correct.

I asked him to drop her off at the end of the block, so I could sneak back in my bedroom by climbing the fire escape.

I wondered again, he seemed to have such a strong sense of familiarity as we danced.

Did he share my feelings? Did he figure out my identity like I'd imagined?

Was that why he was smiling? Was he into me like I was into him?

Would he brashly change into his costume and climb up to my bedroom window?

If he was Batman and followed me that would be fantastic, I wouldn't put it past him doing something like that if he had feelings for me, too.

Batman took what he wanted without asking

I wouldn't mind if he did. 

Not one little bit.

I noticed him watching me climb from the shadows. He had a good view, and i had on a dress.

Sneaky. Oh yeah, that had to be him!

That clever bastard!

I pulled off my dress and put on a nightshirt, really just an oversized tee.

I waited and listened for him, but then his car drove off after a few minutes.

Damn it.

Suddenly he turned back and made a U-turn, did he reconsider?

No, he passed the house and headed back downtown.

Damn it again. 

Back to my trusty vibrator.


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Our patrol began as it normally did, except that he seemed a bit more preoccupied and on edge tonight.

And it wasn't like Batman to just talk his feelings out.

Either he would bring something up or just turn it into rage, as usual. 

Rage was one emotion he embraced. 

We'd been following a henchman from a distance for a couple of hours, and it wasn't giving us any more intel then we already had.

It was frustrating, but detective work wasn't all fistfights and flying from roof to roof.

Sometimes an hours-long surveillance just sucked all the energy out of things, it was necessary but boring, and there was no idle banter to break up the endless stretches of silence.

Not from him, that's for sure.

He'd been side-eyeing me a lot tonight, was there something in my teeth, did I screw something up, cough too loudly and give away our position?

Who knew with mister tall, dark, and silent around?

It was so frustrating.

He turned to face me so suddenly that his cape cracked in the evening's silence like thunder, startling me.

"We need to get to the cave, something's wrong, this is all wrong," he stated.

The rage.

No arguing.

His word was law, so I followed him. 

He ran to the roof's far edge and shot his grapple, and I did the same. We covered the rooftops until we came to where he'd parked and camouflaged the Batmobile.

"Get in," his gruff voice commanded. It was an order, and I obeyed, besides, I was kind of curious.

I'd rarely been to his secret headquarters and wondered what clues he'd suddenly recalled that might help us crack this case.

He was always ten steps ahead of everyone else, he was amazing like that.

He seemed to have more on his mind than usual, if that were even remotely possible. Very preoccupied. 

I started feeling uneasy as though I anticipated something big was waiting there, but couldn't quite place my finger on it.

I looked myself over, no blood on me, we hadn't done much more than observation tonight, but my nipples were hard from anticipation of... well, something. 

Wait, wasn't he going to blindfold me? 

He always blindfolded me on trips to his secret headquarters.

I asked, "Um, Batman, no blindfold?" I couldn't believe he'd forgotten something this important, he really was distracted tonight. 

He grumbled under his breath and dug one out of the glovebox, handing it to me.


That was different. And at least a little bit weird. 

I suppose he trusted me enough to put it on myself.

As we drove I recalled my hot fantasy of a few nights ago and I began smiling to myself, and then I remembered dancing the other night with Bruce.

Was I only imagining what I wished was true?

Had I correctly gleaned his secret identity, or did he want me to figure it out? Or was the whole thing a misdirection? I didn't think it was. But then, he's probably got a plan for that. He's got a plan for everything. 

Oh lord, if it's true he must know now how hard I'm crushing on him!

I wasn't as quiet as I should've been, in hindsight I practically mentally begged to have his babies. I grinned too much and my heart was pounding so hard I could swear he could hear it loud and clear. 


I became uncomfortable with the thoughts running through my brain and my breathing sped up from anxiety. And lust.

I was embarrassed and nervous, was I in for some uncomfortable lecture about my sexual needs now?

Oh, no, no! I couldn't listen to that! Embarrassing. 

His voice softly cut into my thoughts,

"Hey, are you alright?"

He sounded concerned. 


I would've blinked fast if I hadn't been wearing a blindfold.

"Oh, I'm just lost in thought, ots been a long night, I'm --- I'm alright -- I think."

The last I'd muttered to myself, but I swear he heard me, and gave a long, soft exhale. 

And since when does he speak to anyone gently?

I played it over in my head, those were the exact words Bruce had said to Barbara the other night, just like that. 




"Umm...?" I mumbled.

Oh jeez...

I thought hard, did I really figure out his secret, and he had known mine?

A part of me kind of hoped he did, The Great Detective and all. 

But it seemed too easy, like he was practically feeding me the information.

I wanted to say something, I wanted to ask, no, I wanted to declare that he was...

- that he did,

- but I was frozen. 

"Is something bothering you? Want to talk?" he asked again. 

Fuck, I was right.

"Oh! It is you, isn't it?" I questioned. 

I shivered involuntarily.

I felt so exposed, my crotch was damp, and my nipples were scraping against my clothes. 

He merely went "Mm," in agreement.

Almost tenderly.

Should I say more? Take off the blindfold?

I felt nervous and confused.

As if reading my mind, he reached over and took my blindfold from me, carelessly tossing it into the back.

I nervously glanced at him, a half smile was in the corner of his mouth.


Before I realized it we'd entered a long tunnel and stopped in the middle of the Batcave. 

He leaped out, and I followed. 

But I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say or do here now.

He walked, well it kinda felt like he stalked up to me, physically tenting me in with his arms against the computer console.

He was standing so close to me that I had to lean back a little to see his face. 

With one hand he pulled off his mask, and the other lifted my chin...  then he kissed my lips, so gently.

Nice, oh, god, it felt so nice!

I forced his mouth open and dueled his tongue with mine.

I needed more.

He pulled my body against his and there was no mistaking what was hot and hard against my stomach. 

It certainly wasn't a cup... had he meant not to wear one?

Oh, yeah, he was hard for me, so very hard.


His hands roamed my body slowly, experimentally, as if asking permission.

I rubbed myself up against him, and felt his manhood quiver between our bodies. 

This had to be another wet dream of mine, this couldn't be happening. No way could this be real. 

His kissing became hungrier, his hands became bolder, gliding over my costume and teasing me until I could barely breathe. 

I abruptly pushed his lips off mine to catch my breath. 

I was panting and flushed with desire. 

"If I've gone too far," he began to say. 

"No, no, thats not it, I just need to breathe before I faint... your kisses are so ... so...  intoxicating," I panted.

He grinned and just held me close.

I was falling hard and fast.


Batman was seducing me!

Finally.  . .


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His kisses made my head spin. I was completely aroused, and even fully in costume I could feel his body heat burning me, I wanted more... God, I really did!

I needed to know and finally got up the courage and asked him.

"So, um, the other night, in the bar, what was that? I asked rather boldly. 

"That," he replied, "was not something I'd planned, I was looking to satisfy some, ah, urges, and was attracted by your red hair, thinking of finding some solace for a few hours," he said unapologetically. 

I knew he had a huge sex drive, probably another channel for his rage. It was his business who he had satisfied it with, not mine.

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, maybe Harley Quinn and more.

And Bruce the playboy always had a gorgeously attractive woman on his arm, and I highly doubted that his nights ended at the front door, more than likely ended in bed. 

"So, what happened later that night after you dropped me off?  I was kind of hoping you would climb up the fire escape after me," I teased him. "Did you look up my dress?"

"Yes, and I liked what I saw," he growled.

"And then you left, I watched through the window.  You made a U-turn but then kept driving?"

"Yes, I still had ... some unfulfilled needs."

I needed a peek into his private life, so I continued and asked unashamedly,

"And did you ... fulfill those needs?" I asked as I softly nipped his earlobe, making him shiver. Note to self, those earlobes!

"Partially, but it wasn't... it wasn't you, Barbara. I, uh, went to a certain club."

He stammered as I licked his outer ear.

"Mm, what kind of club, exactly?" I was interrogating him, teasing. 

"It was, a gentleman's club, I have ... a membership there, I needed... someone to, to, damn it, Barbara, someone to  Oh, that feels wonderful!"  He shuddered as the tip of my tongue continued stroking the shell of his ear.

"Hm, and did you, mm, fulfill your ah, your needs?" I continued. I was shameless and curious of his proclivities and desires.


"Did she look like me?"

"They were redheads, one was nearly your double."

"They? Two?!"

"Three. Three women to try to satisfy my needs, but it wasn't you. It wasn't enough."

I was licking the salty sweat from his cheek. His scent was in my nostrils, I inhaled it deeply.

"That's exciting me, give me details!" I was so horny thinking of him screwing me by proxy, I wanted to hear more.

It was such a big turn on.

"I'd rather just show you how much you arouse me. I want to take you to my bed, I want you naked beneath me, I want to make you scream with passion, I want to watch you climax, over and over, I want to pleasure you, is that something you want from me, Barbara?  Because if you agree, I won't ask the next time, I'll just take it."

I closed my eyes and imagined having sex with him, pleasuring him, being pleasured, the only answer in my mind, in my heart, was an enthusiastic,

"Yes, but with protection, please?"

"Of course," he replied as he grabbed my thighs, wrapping my legs around his middle as he carried me, I assumed, to his bedroom.

His manhood throbbed between us, like it didn't, it couldn't be denied.

I wouldn't be denied tonight either. 



Chapter Text

My legs were wrapped around him, as he carried my up to his room and tossed me down onto his mattress. 

I couldn't help letting out a whoop of excitement and happiness. 

I'd been fantasizing about this moment forever. 

I wanted to strip for him but he stopped me. 

"Let me, please," he begged. 

"But I wanted to strip for you," I replied.

"Next time, need you now, can't wait," he replied tersely. 

He stripped me faster than I could myself, wow.

Then, an unspoken question, his brow lifted a fraction, looking at the restraints, I nodded and he strapped me in.

So excited!

He fastened them around my wrists and ankles, then added a blindfold.


"Mm, blind as a bat," I grinned. The pun was not lost on me. 

I was in my underwear, a tiny triangle bra with matching panties decorated with little bats. 

I wore them for him, just in case. A girl should always be prepared!

I felt myself gushing, God, I was so wet for him... 

"Bats?" he asked.

"Uh huh, you like?" 

He groaned deeply, I took that for a yes.

His answer was physical, I felt his hot breath on my skin, he sucked a nipple into his mouth, teasing and licking it as I bucked.

This was so hot, hotter than my daydreams.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, and a clenching in my cunt as he did this thing with my tits.

I felt ...  omigod ... So horny!

So good!


Chapter Text

I was bound to his huge, luxurious bed by my wrists and ankles, blindfolded as he laved my nipples with his lips, mouth, and tongue. 

And he sure knew his way around a girl's body, I was already bucking and arching off the bed, and I could swear there was a direct connection between my breasts and my pussy, because it was pulsing without yet being touched.

It was so hot, what he did to me. The muscle strain from the restraints added an extra something to make it more... more... I can't think... my brain is in a fog -- so good.

I moaned when he released my breast from his mouth with an audible pop, like a cork.

I missed his touch on me, but his hot mouth was against mine, taking charge of me, demanding me to open for him to plunder mine.

He was as demanding in the bedroom as in the field, but I didn't mind it here, because it was giving me all this pleasure. 

He lightly bit my lips, then licked them to soothe the pain, it was weirdly arousing, especially with the blindfold. 

Not knowing where his kiss or touch would turn up was so sensual, mmm!

His touch returned on my thighs and it was enough to make me groan in frustration. 

He was so close but still really teasing me.

I wanted to beg him to put his mouth or hands where I really needed them, I was so hot and I craved relief,  he teased my body so skillfully keeping me just on short of an orgasm.

God, I'm so hot, so horny...

I feel his hand sliding back to my breasts  squeezing and teasing me and he pulled my bra up exposing my tits.

"Beautiful, perfectly gorgeous tits," he whispers to me as he mouths and sucks on them like a starved man.

I always thought they were kind of small, myself, but he made me feel sexy and voluptuous.

His mouth dipped lower and began licking my belly and it hit like an electric shock when his tongue dipped into my bellybutton.

I shuddered.

I moaned. 

"Eat me out, please, everywhere," I whispered, I was so turned on, his teasing touch was getting me crazy.

I wanted his hot mouth on my clit, licking me, sucking me, kissing me.

I was so hot, I felt like I needed just the smallest stimulation to come hard and in a gush.

 I wanted penetration, i wanted him so deep inside of me, like he meant to stay there forever.

I wanted my ass rimmed, with his finger up my ass while he fucked me hard.

This was my chance to have my fantasy. 

"Bruce, I want you to, to.."

His mouth suddenly engulfed my cunt as his tongue snaked up and down barely touching me, but even that slight touch had me arching off the bed, whimpering for fulfillment. 

He hummed as he had me in his mouth, it was more intense than my Rabbit.

I gasped as the vibrations traveled to my core.

"Finger... in my ass... p-please... "

His mouth still on me, but his finger dipped into my wetness and traveled slowly to my ass, rimming me as I flopped around in pleasure as helplessly as a goldfish out of water. 

That meaty finger found it's target and slowly, so slowly wriggled up my ass.

I gasped in pleasure, mmm, he felt so good, his huge fricken finger was as big as a cock up there.

Oh my god, yes!